Monday, March 26, 2012

Attraction GENESIS

The most incredible thing to me is witnessing
the BIRTH of attraction.  Seeing how a woman
goes from thinking "you are a stranger" to
"I want to get CLOSER to this stranger".

I call this process Attraction GENESIS,
and I get to help men make it happen with
women in my "Beyond PUA Bootcamps" 
so there are a lot of real-life details that
I can share with you that make all the
difference between success and failure. 

One of the factors that makes the whole process
of triggering attraction in a woman complex is that
our OWN emotions get in the way of us being able
to effectively trigger HER emotion of attraction.

So, for example, the only reason a guy does NOT
approach a woman when he knows he should, is
because of the way it makes him FEEL.

The emotion of "should approach her" is not as strong
as even the POTENTIAL emotion of "feeling like a
LOSER for being rejected".

I say POTENTIAL, because the guy doesn't even know
that he will be rejected, but the POSSIBILITY of it
is enough. IN fact, the IMAGINED POSSIBILITY
of it is actually WORSE than a rejection itself.

Extreme FEAR of things is the REAL enemy, it's
far bigger of a destroyer than whatever thing
itself is being feared.

And that's just talking about making the DECISION
to APPROACH a woman.

But how about the ACTUAL conversation itself?

The success or failure of this is ALSO massively
affected by which emotional state you are in.

You see, EMOTIONS feel more TRUE, more
IMPORTANT than facts.

People like to say that women are more emotional
than men, but the fact is that human BEINGS
are emotional, or none of us would BE human.

Emotions are our evolutionary predecessors
to things like logic, they helped us take
ACTION when we didn't have TIME to think
because we were being chased by some
tiger or whatever else was the urgent issue.

These ancient emotions have not had time to
evolve and adapt to our current realities in the
year 2012.

So, for example, we see THREATS in a lot of
situations where they don't exist. Maybe
a hundred thousand years ago, going up
to a woman and not getting instantaneous
cartwheels and physical action was
a major catastrophe, maybe in those days
since we lived in small tribes, EVERYONE
found out and somehow it really DID
affect your luck with women in the future.


It does NOT affect you!
The other 3 BILLION women on the planet
will NOT know about your little fun you
had when chatting to some woman, whether
or not you got her number or got in bed etc.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can CONTROL
which emotions you want to experience,
you can CHOOSE which emotions will
serve you BEST for your goal, and it
all starts with awareness.

The next key, after awareness, is CHANGING 
THE MEANING of the event so that it creates
the RIGHT emotional state in you.

And since you already KNOW that
many of the current meanings you
associate to the various elements
of pick-up are FACTUALLY WRONG
and are ABSURD today, then you
should be very OPEN to the idea
of REFRAMING those situations
to have DIFFERENT meanings,
meanings that are more in tune

So for example, going up to a woman
to chat with her, no matter what,
should be viewed as an opportunity
to prove to yourself that YOU
control your own actions, and NOT
some outdated programming from
a hundred thousand years ago.

View it as a chance to exercise your FREEDOM.
Are you a slave to your evolutionary past?
Or can you control your destiny?

Remember too, that on top of any evolutionary
hard-wiring, we have also been brainwashed
to think that in fact we SHOULD be looking at
picking up a woman as something SUPER
SERIOUS, where everything is on the line.

So it's an ENVIRONMENTAL influence that
is also having a huge effect on us, but the
REALLY GOOD news is that we can
TOTALLY change our environment!

Get friends that actually ENCOURAGE
you! Get a personal coach like me
to be there for you! Start ACTIVELY 
filtering the messages you get from people
with the wrong beliefs.

We get the wrong type of brainwashing
from friends, from media, from family,
because the whole "Am I Good with Women"
thing is blown out of proportion so
that we think OUR IDENTITY is based
on it. So of COURSE we become way
too serious about it.

We are FEELING that going up to a woman
is DANGEROUS, and even though it's really
NOT, the fact is that EMOTIONS feel more

And the crazy thing, the irony, is that being
SERIOUS in the sense of feeling FEAR is
the WORST emotion for triggering attraction!

It FREEZES up all the OTHER emotional states,
it paralyzes them, and yet it's those OTHER
states that make you SUCCESSFUL with women.

You don't have to BECOME confident.
You just have to get RID of the negative stuff.

When you get rid of the DOZENS of variations
of insecurities, all of a sudden you really
are true. And the only reason you BELIEVE
this is because of the way you FEEL.

And yet, because you FEEL this NEW way,
you are now able to ACCESS those NEW
parts of your emotions that you haven't
felt before in these situations. And you
will behave in a TOTALLY different
way than before, right down to the
tiniest subtleties which count BIG TIME.

If you can FEEL playful, you can also BE
PLAYFUL, because the FEELING actually
CHANGES the way you PERCEIVE reality,
so you will start to SEE THINGS IN A

You will REALLY MEAN IT when you
say something funny, it WON'T be
some contrived line. You will be
CERTAIN it's funny, because YOU
will FEEL it to be funny. You will
be convinced that it's funny and
that there is NO WAY anyone can
argue that it's NOT, because again,
you FEEL it, and a FEELING always

So the problem is not emotions, it's just
making sure you are feeling the RIGHT
emotions that will serve you productively.

So, if you want to, for example, be more
PLAYFUL and actually be FUNNY, then
STATE is for you to start LOOKING AT
THINGS from playful perspectives, for

Again, the key is to do this for your OWN
AMUSEMENT, this way, you will actually
FEEL it. And that will make your delivery
PERFECT. You won't seem like the guy
who is nervously trying to be funny.

If you take the train to work, don't just
sit there, think about things you see
in NEW WAYS, ways that are FUNNY.

CHANGE the meaning of the situation
by looking the situation with new
perspectives. Maybe you notice
how many people wear running shoes
even though it's winter and snowing.
Isn't the point of running shoes to be
comfortable? How comfortable is it
to have soaking wet socks from the
snow that leaks in the running shoe?

Now, share that with the woman next
to you!

Your environment gives you INFINITE material.

Learn at first to do this stuff for your
OWN enjoyment.

Then, SHARE it with the woman you want to chat to!

If you want to become more interesting and
intriguing, then YOU YOURSELF HAVE
things, you have to allow your mind to
open up and you have to start taking in
a better mental and emotional diet when
it comes to what you read, what you watch
on TV, etc. Maybe it's time to visit the
museum again, or the zoo, or the exhibit
on whatever fascinating topic it might be.
Find what intrigues you.

And there are SO MANY important and powerful
emotions that all have their proper place and time
when you are interacting with a woman. From
dominance, to being challenging, to intimacy
and bonding and trust, to sexual arousal, to
playfulness, to moments of seriousness, to
unpredictability, to creating curiosity,
and more.

And beyond ALL THIS STUFF, is how you
STEER the interaction while CHATTING
to a woman, as you gauge HER emotional
state. Because you see, the point is that
you want to lead her into ever better states
as well, from the fun to the appropriately
sexual for the situation, to the intriguing,
to the deeper levels of trust and intimacy.

Of course, to do that, you have to actually
FEEL that it's important, so if you really
just want to USE a woman and you don't
really care about her, then I guess that
type of guy is going to be up a creek
without a paddle.

And to actually get a woman to feel so good
that she becomes ADDICTED to you, you need
to have the deepest understanding of how
your OWN emotions work, as well as how
a WOMAN'S emotions work. Remember,
men and women are not conditioned the same.

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MASTER at creating compelling emotions in
women to the point they are ADDICTED to you,
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, March 24, 2012

How To Approach Women: Seeing INTO Women On A Deep Level

If you're sick and tired of being CONFUSED
as to what the hell to DO to succeed at
attracting women from directly approaching
them, then you are in for a TREAT.

So let's get straight to it:


The single greatest mistake that beginners make
is that they view a pick-up as a SPRINT.

What guys tend to do is work themselves into
a FRENZY in order to get the adrenaline to get
themselves to go up to the girl.

That feeling of seeing a girl and being FROZEN,
it's hard to get out the gates, it's as if it takes the
booster rockets of the space shuttle to launch out.

Then, after all that pressure they exert on themselves,
the tendency is to finally BLURT out something,
whether it's natural or something "canned"
(something memorized). They pray for a good
response, hoping that they have done their
own part of the pick-up, and that maybe
the woman will now carry the rest of
the interaction.

Well, what happens is that this frenetic
approach not only does not look cool,
(because it looks like the guy is not
comfortable with women) but it actually
makes the GIRL nervous as well, since
emotional states are CATCHY.

There's a LOT to know, but the FIRST thing
a woman is judging you on, INSTINCTIVELY,
is your DEMEANOR, the way you seem composed
and calm and cool and collect or the lack of
all this.

And even on THIS point, there are subtleties,
because you COULD enter into a conversation
with higher energy as well, IF the environment
is appropriate for that, like a club, and IF
you are having the high energy from your
own upbeat state as opposed to from being
jittery and nervous.


Then, on top of all this, the guy is looking for
any excuse he can to EXIT the situation because
he feels like a MORON or a CRIMINAL or

He doesn't want to be made fun of, so if the
woman is not doing CARTWHEELS, he
immediately JETS off.

Don't do this.

Sometimes, the woman is only matching
instinctively to the very states you exuded
onto her - i.e. frenzy, nerves, discomfort.

So, if you're not getting the best response,
and you feel NERVOUS, then rather than
EJECT, instead, SLOW DOWN your entire
system, your movements, your thoughts,
your breathing, etc. It WILL help you
calm down and help her calm down as

This will also help you become more resourceful
in terms of being able to be more fun, witty,
secure, etc.

Slow it all d-o-w-n.


The problem is that too many guys want to
have to not actually GET "DIRTY" by
AN INTERACTION. They would prefer
to just do the whole thing by "remote control",
in the sense of doing this one magic thing
or saying something that then allows
the guy to coast and watch the woman
jump into his arms.

They want to avoid any emotional risk,
(even though most women are NOT
mean, so there really is not a problem
of some kind of bitter rejection or
anything) almost as if they are not really there,
instead some mask is there in the form
of a memorized line, or in the form of
some hyped "one magic move" that appeals
to the lazy tendency of human beings.

But to get good at this stuff, you have to
get into it, you have to be actually listening
and responding, and giving back good energies
to her energies, and not getting frazzled just
because it doesn't always start with a blast.

This takes practice, but it also develops
SPONTANEITY, it develops quick wit,
it develops your ability to respond with
natural stuff very quickly rather than
feeling stuck or at a loss for words. It
enables you to also get a better feel
for what she is EMOTIONALLY
SAYING and not just verbally
saying. All this stuff is HUGELY


Do I have to even say this?
Ten years of teaching guys in person tells me
YES, I should still mention this.

I've seen guys memorize HOURS of canned
material but fail to actually make solid eye contact
for even 30 seconds, which is far more important.

This doesn't mean non-stop never-breaking eye contact.
It means that you are comfortable looking right into
her eyes. When you need to constantly be darting
around your eyes away from her, it makes her
feel you are either a sketchy character or lacking

Notice, by the way, if you saw the movie 'Avatar',
the constant repetition of the Na'vi greeting
"I see you" which really means "I see INTO you,
I see who you ARE, and I ACCEPT you."

When it comes to women, INDIRECT communication
is much more powerful than just coming right
out and saying "I LIKE YOU!" because indirect
communication causes her mind and emotions
to become much more ENGAGED.

Eye contact that implies "I see and confirm
your SOUL" is COOL. Women DIG it!!!!!!!!!!

When you look into her eyes and give her that
eye contact, you are giving her a powerful
feeling, you are 'seeing her soul' so to speak,
and if you are doing it with good vibes, you
are confirming her identity on a very deep level,
and confirming one's identity is the most
powerful and primal of all forms of human

Every situation is slightly different, and this is
where CALIBRATION comes in, a topic I
go into further detail in my advanced materials.

So, for example, doing pick-up at a nightclub
where girls are with their girlfriends means
that the girls are most likely slightly tipsy
from a few drinks, concerned about how
they will appear in front of their friends,
and also concerned with making sure
their friends are having a good time,
and also they are all slightly on guard
against guys even though they do want
to meet guys or they probably wouldn't
be there in the first place.

So, taking this into account means:

You can be MORE playful and sexual because
this is not the workplace or the library. This
is the party zone.

You can make more light physical contact.

You need to not ignore her friends when starting
the conversation with them. You need to understand
that if one of the girls who is her friend is not all
that stereotypically hot, that friend probably
feels BAD that her friend gets all the attention.

So it's cool of you to show that friend some
respect, such as by giving that friend a compliment,
even though you also have to make sure that you
are not trying to lead her on either.

The conversation should start with anything
not too serious, such as who would win in
a fight, Mighty Mouse or Wonder Woman,
whereas in a library you could start a convo
with something that is a lot more intriguing,
such as if you bump into her in the ancient
history section, you could ask her if she
has ever been to Egypt to see the pyramids,
and then get into that if that is a topic you
really know about and are interested in, etc.

There are TONS of other factors to take into
account - is this woman in university? Is
she in her 30s? 40s? 50's, etc? Is she
a party girl? Calibrating for all this properly
falls under the topic of social intelligence,
which is another important topic.


Too many guys go into these pick-ups after
hearing how to be all alpha and how to be the
boss, in a very confrontational way.

There is this feeling of it's "me against her",
and she has to see who's the boss.

You want to be making her feel GOOD.

The reason that most compliments don't work
is that the guy seems to have nothing ELSE
fun, interesting, upbeat, or playful to say.

So a compliment can't be a substitute for
not demonstrating the best aspects of

Also, regarding compliments, if a woman is
showing repeated INTEREST in you, then
of course you should make her feel good
about that.



Too many guys have a MELTDOWN
occur when the woman is showing
INTEREST or even just giving good
signals like giggling at your jokes, etc.

The guy becomes TOO AFFECTED by
the fact she is interested.

Now, it's not that you are supposed to
WITHHOLD good emotions from her,
it's not that you are supposed to act
cold, it's that if you seem to be
woman you HARDLY KNOW
just because she seems to like you,
it's like acting SURPRISED that you
got the job after being interviewed.

If you were interviewing someone for
for a job, and you liked them for the job,
and you then hired them, and suddenly
they seemed to be MELTING DOWN
in thanks, in being ecstatic, you might
wonder if maybe this person had never
been accepted for a job before and you
might start to wonder if maybe you
made a mistake.

it's just that you should wait till she
BE SO ECSTATIC. So far, all she
has done is shown interest in you,
you don't even KNOW her that well

So, again, by being more SUBDUED,
you are actually showing greater
MATURITY, and showing greater
value on your part as well than if
you were too impacted by the whole

This is part of where the whole
"be cool" thing came from, and
this idea of being cool has been
totally warped by most people.


Man-oh-man, ever since day ONE I
was against the use of these "clever
subtle insults" such as "Is that really
your hair or a wig?" or "What kind
of coat is THAT?" or any type of
rude behavior such as blowing your
nose right up close to her face.

There are so many fricken reasons I was
against this that I can write a whole book
on that alone.

The bottom line is they IMPEDE your progress.
Sure, it might get you some immediate

But, they send the wrong message to YOUR
mind about women, and they set up the
vibe between the woman and you in
a way that lacks trust, which means
the whole thing is a ticking time bomb.
Sometimes an IMMEDIATE explosion

All that stuff comes from lacking the right
understanding of what triggers attraction
in the first place. If you need to use that stuff,
you are only showing what WEAK "game"
you have. I said this years ago even when
it was popular among "experts" to use these
insults. That's me, the rebel who preaches
love and not hate.


Man, this is a huge one. I believe that memorized
material should ONLY be used when you are
absolutely STUCK and frozen and have no
clue what to say. The more you rely on it
as a crutch, the weaker your real skills will be.

So yes, I will have a guy memorize some stuff,
but it's his EMERGENCY CHUTE that is
only to be used in an URGENT pick-up crisis,
and ONLY to be used SPARINGLY!

The need for canned material comes from
lacking internal development. From the
wrong thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives
of women and of attraction and emotion
itself, and of your own identity. In my
live programs, this is the FIRST area
I work through with a guy. I find out
what he currently believes and thinks,
and I find out exactly where he is going
off track and then I put on the RIGHT

Again, I said this way back, even years ago
when the book The Game was popularizing
the use of memorized material - the problem
of course was that millions of guys THOUGHT
canned stuff was good since before they had
nothing to say at all, but the reality is that just
opening up your mouth to a woman is not going
to attract her. And in fact, most guys that
use canned material do worse than guys
who don't.

For example, the typical thing that a rookie
at this game does when he learns memorized
material is he starts to RAPID FIRE all
the things he has memorized to say.

Why does he do this?
He does this because he is relying on the words,
and not on his actual skill to enter the specific
combination of states of mind that he needs,
and he is also ignoring the larger context of
the situation, meaning he is not LISTENING
to the woman! He is too busy trying to get
his words out--and because this all comes
out WEIRD to the woman, she does not
give him a FAVORABLE response--
which makes the guy feel like he is
begins to spurt out his NEXT memorized
line, hoping to Dear God that maybe
THIS will get a better response, which
of course it doesn't because his entire
FRAME of how attraction works is
all wrong.

And of course since all his memorized stuff
isn't working, he then commits two cardinal
pick-up sins by ALSO speaking too fast
since he is nervous, so he now sounds like
a guy literally reading a script, and reading
it FAST. Like a desperate salesman trying
to get something to stick.

At that point, he's totally not listening to her
at all, when listening is what he really needs
to do to get his finger on the pulse of the
moment. He's just ready to fire away
with another memorized line.

And it's not his fault!!!
He has been INSTRUCTED to do this!
By someone claiming to be an expert!


And by the way, just because memorizing
a script is not the way to attraction, does
NOT mean that the answer is to just
go right up to a woman and say "I like you!".

When you go up to a woman and you go
that fast and that direct, you are FORCING
a woman to make a decision about you on
the SPOT, without having ANY time to
really "feel" your personality, so in that
case you are forcing her to judge you on
superficial things, since that is all she
knows about you.

It's worse actually, she DOES know that
apparently YOU don't need to know much
about HER, and that says a LOT about
you and your personality and your
values and your priorities in life and
your lack of internal development.

So forget that "direct" stuff as well, it's
actually not cool.

You have to instead develop the skills to
create awesome emotions in yourself
and in her, AND you have to learn how to
create that all-important CONNECTION.

And that's where I come in.
I just happen to LOVE the ART of creating
love the science of human communication.

My friends, what you've read so far is a
GLIMPSE into a whole other UNIVERSE.
And as valuable as this information here is,
I assure you that what you get from my
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emotion itself.

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Michael Marks

Friday, March 23, 2012

To Attract A Gorgeous Woman, Be The Man Who Can HANDLE Her Full Power

The reason why most men don't succeed in attracting
the women they want is because they make these
women feel the need to have to RESTRAIN their
sexual power.

All the ass-kissing behavior toward hot women makes
these women feel the need to be "polite" to men,
which ironically is almost the opposite of all that is

All that 'nice' style behavior leads to being in the
FRIEND zone, where you get lots of POLITE
behavior from women.

What you WANT is to actually ENCOURAGE women
to let loose ALL THE POWER that women have, and 
then SHOW women that not only can you HANDLE it, 
but that you are actually living in an even MORE 
powerful emotional plane of existence.      

This is a plane of existence that WOMEN will have to
fight to keep UP with, which is what these super
hot women have NEVER experienced before.

Allow me to elaborate on this whole dynamic:

"Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought."
The above is a famous quote Sun Tsu: The Art of War,
and there are definitely parallels to the art of
attracting women.

Now, I don't like to only look at attraction
and pick up as a "battle" because pick up can
actually be a lot of FUN, and ultimately win-win
for both you and the woman, but the fact is, if
the 'pick-up' has a chance of succeeding in the
first place, then it is usually won or lost before
it even begins.

This is because so much must already be
going on internally before you start, whether
you are new and CONSCIOUS of it at first,
or whether you are experienced and it's all
internalized and automatic.

A woman, just like a man, wants the best.
And immediately, when a guy starts
an interaction with a woman, if he is
controlling the frame and maintaining
the frame that he is superior, even if
done playfully, she will very often TRY
onto HIM.

For example, she will try to get him to kiss
up, or she will try to show him she is in the
superior position, whether she does
this playfully, explicitly, or even brutally.

Now, let me say, if a woman ever acts in
a way that is TRULY insensitive, then
I would just SKIP her, but it's important
to realize that in a FIRST encounter with
a total stranger, a woman who is really
attractive can simply NOT make it TOO
easy, or she'd have to go out with
EVERY guy on Earth who talks to her!  

PLUS, for a super smoking-hot attractive
woman, being a bit CHALLENGING is simply
her mode of FLIRTATION. 

Remember, she is living in a reality where her
FRAME of existence, her PERSPECTIVE 
on things is DIFFERENT from most people
when it comes to DATING.

She's not trying to be MEAN.  She is coming
from a SUPER SECURE perspective, it's like
any guy by saying the wrong words unless she is
very careful.

Hence, she is often acting POLITE, with the guys
who kiss her ass.  Not sexual, and not honest, but

When she meets a man who seems like he CAN
to unleash and be playful and fun and challenging
BACK to him, but MOST MEN, if these men
even HAVE the guts to START being challenging
with her, these same men usually just BUCKLE
in "defeat" when she CONTINUES to be challenging
back, even in playful flirting form!

she can TAKE the challenge, she ENJOYS it all,
she is on a SUPERWOMAN level of confidence. 

When it comes to her communication with most men,
she has to "PULL her punches".

She is like a RACE-CAR that ENJOYS
super challenging SPEED, and is actually
MORE COMFORTABLE in that reality
of power and speed, and so when you flirt
back with EQUAL power, you are conveying
the message that you are in the SAME reality.

However, since most guys are only
experiencing an emotional perspective
that is more like a GO-KART than a
FERRARI, they can't psychologically
FATHOM how this type of challenging
behavior is actually an attractive
woman's way of FLIRTING.

So most men resort to GO-KART light style
"kiss ass" communication, and then she responds
with POLITE and NON SEXUAL interest,
as she RESTRAINS her full power.

But if you show a lot more POWER, you
then begin to turn her ON, as she ENGAGES
you as an EQUAL and starts to LET LOOSE
her full power.

For example, a woman may tell a guy, in response
to his challenging comment to her, she may say,
"Does this work for you? This jerk act?"

So, the guy who is in GO KART perspective, 

he feels intimidated, or hurt, or insecure.

The FERRARI perspective feels, 
"IT'S ON!" with her, the FLIRTATION
dance has begun, the first step toward physical
intimacy is the playful vibes that ping-pong
back and forth between her and the man
who 'GETS' this on a deep internal level.

Here's another example:

Let's say you tease her on something about
her playfully.
She may say something
back to you that seems to be in her
, i.e. if she is younger, she might
say, "Thanks, but I'm busy and you
are much older than me, bye grandpa!".

But REMEMBER, if she REALLY didn't want
to talk to you, she would SHUT DOWN, she
would not say ANYTHING to invite FURTHER
response from you.

Or she may say something like:
"So are these other girls that you know
(if you were at a club and chatting
with a bunch of women rather than
being a "Nice" guy who is sitting and
waiting for HER to finish talking to
HER entourage of guys)
around you to
make you seem more impressive? I
think it's just sleazy."

Do you get the picture here? The basic
idea is that when you do the RIGHT
things to attract a woman, she may not
SHOW it with her WORDS, and in fact she
may RESIST what you are doing, and it's
even possible she might NOT LOVE it
at first.

On one hand, she doesn't LIKE it because
it means she is LOSING ground.

She is used to being the superior.
And it feels COMFORTABLE being
the superior.

She feels COMFORTABLE around the
guys who kiss her ass. She LIKES them.

Yet, you have to REALIZE that
LIKING is not the same as

Not the same thing at ALL.

You don't want a woman liking you.
You want her attracted to you.

Liking is what she feels for her GIRLFRIENDS.

That's not what you want.


And she can ONLY feel attraction to a
man she can RESPECT.

And she can't respect the men who just
MELT for her.

Ultimately, from an ATTRACTION standpoint,
she WANTS you to be the man that FLIPS
the script on her normal routine of,
"I'm the hot woman here, I'm the one
who RULES!".

She wants to feel that YOU are the one
with SUPERIOR power, because only THEN
can she go into FULL FERRARI MODE,
and really feel free to FLOOR the accelerator
and challenge her FULL potential. 

With all the guys who MELT around her,
she's forcing herself to constantly
have to RESTRAIN her full power,
to almost act like a GO KART with
all the 'nice guys' and be POLITE
with them, since they are GO KARTS.

With the man who understands all this,
and is emotionally feeling and behaving
she can finally LET LOOSE and be
the FERRARI that she really IS! 

And that includes being that crazy wild 
FERRARI in the BEDROOM with you!

I know, I know, it all sounds politically
incorrect. But keep in mind, this does
NOT mean that she wants you to be MEAN
to her, especially AFTER she falls for you. 

It does not mean that you can't show
sensitivity to her. In fact, my book
"Get A Great Girl" is CRUCIAL for
understanding exactly HOW all of THAT
fits into the context of pick up,
dating, and relationships.

it's about behaving as one with superior value.

So, it's damn crucial that when she
RESISTS your frame of superiority,
you do not BUCKLE under her pressure.

So, for example, when she says,
"Does this work for you?" your
reply MUST be the REPLY of

So, if you are superior, I ask you
this - would you even TRY to
answer? If you knew you were
MORE desirable than her, would
you feel NERVOUS, would you
feel a need to prove your worth?

So here's an example of a reply that
shows your superiority:

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

You've FLIPPED it around here,
because the FRAME she was trying
to force on the situation was:
"You, mister, are a loser, because
you are just putting on an act and
in fact are not superior at all."

The non spoken verbal from her, is:
"And by the way, I see this act from
a lot of guys, and they are really little
ass-kissers as soon as I give them a
little attention- I OWN them."

So when you say back to her, with
congruency that flows from your
real beliefs, "Wouldn't you like to
know", you are implying that she
would like to know, and the only
reason anyone wants to know
anything is because they CARE.

And you can't CARE unless something
has VALUE. So the implication is that

And even if she at first DIDN'T, the fact
is, your CONGRUENCY (which means the level
of ONGOING consistency between the messages
of superiority from your words, your beliefs,
your tonality, your sense of humor, and your
actions at even the most microscopic levels
at all times is 100% ) by KEEPING UP THE
under her pressure will cause her to SHIFT
her feelings about you VERY QUICKLY.

This is why if you are needy, you can't
make it work, because if you are needy
for approval and affection, you simply
will buckle in one way or another,
even if it's not in your actual words.

For example, if you are needy for approval,
and she challenges your behavior, you
might start an ARGUMENT with her,
i.e. about how all women will SAY
that they don't want this behavior,
but that in reality they do respond to
this, and that you INSIST this is the
truth, and how it pisses you off that
women don't admit it.

And having such an argument is proof
that you are NOT superior, because it
shows you are losing control and getting
pissed for not getting what you want,
because you want it so badly, because
in fact you are not getting approval
from women. THIS IS WHAT
WOMEN WILL FEEL if you respond
with such a logical argument
-they will
feel that you are not superior because
you have proved that they matter
so much as to get you all emotional
and in need of an argument to prove

So, notice how the reply of:
"Wouldn't you like to know" is also

Less words means you put less EFFORT
into it. And that means you are not trying
hard. And that means superiority.

So that's just ONE example of a response
to her question/comment of, "So does this
jerk act work for you".

As opposed to getting all nervous and
laughing nervously and saying ,"Why
not, I'm experimenting with new
things". And even THAT to be honest
CAN work once you understand the
power of delivery and how the words
themselves don't matter because
the delivery implies most of the
message. But still, I think that
understanding the power of the
wording of something like,
"Wouldn't you like to know"
really helps you understand the
GOAL you are shooting for in terms
of the message you want to be

You will notice an IMMEDIATE change
in her demeanor toward you if you
MAINTAIN your frame of superiority
while under her pressure and efforts to
destroy your frame. Keep in mind,
she is doing most of this subconsciously.

It's as simple as her wanting to cling
to her position of being in charge, which
is what she gets from most guys. And
all that she gets is a feeling of comfort,
but not attraction.
But she does not
want to willingly give up the comfort for

This is why no woman wants to have to
EXPLAIN to you how to be the man
that turns her on.  If she has to explain
it, she feels you are NOT that man!
You MUST truly embrace this fact, she does
not WANT to give up the comfort of having
CONTROL. Human nature is such that
we work harder to prevent loss than we do
to achieve a gain.

So once you understand that she will
NEVER give up power unless she feels
ATTRACTION, and once you realize
that no matter how much you try to
get her to be ATTRACTED to you
by appealing to her sense of NICENESS
all that does is just make her feel even
MORE likely to want to keep you as
a FRIEND for comfort and not as a
MAN for attraction, you are then
ready to now take the RIGHT action. 

You MUST realize that there is NO
POINT to trying to make her LIKE
you, (not yet anyway, that comes
after, the liking part comes AFTER
she is attracted, and it's important
then, but that's another topic) as
a method for getting her attracted.

You must instead ONLY focus at first
on getting her ATTRACTED. And that
has nothing to do, at first, with getting her

to LIKE you.

And if you keep up the frame of superiority,
she WILL feel attracted to you, whether she
WANTS TO OR NOT. In fact, she probably
WON'T WANT TO FEEL it and it may even
piss her off that she IS feeling attracted!!!

This is where some of the classic
movies have scenes where the
leading lady says something like,
"I hate you" and then she grabs
the guy and starts making out
with him hardcore.

Similarly, for the other situations
I mentioned, i.e. the "grandpa"
comment, it's crucial to immediately
reframe things by giving the response
that is congruent to the response
of a guy who is superior, which
sometimes is no response at all,
by the way.

But in the grandpa case, you could do
a whole lot of things, like,
"Well the
whole reason I came over was because
in that hat you're wearing I thought you
WERE my granny. Anyway, I gotta get going
and eat some prunes, see ya!" And turn
around to walk away.

You see, this is the kind of thing you
would REALLY do if you FELT YOU
HAD THE VALUE. Number one,
you flip the frame around on her
and get her to question HER SELF.
After all, those who can dish it out
should be able to take it right back?

The only reason you previously thought
that you can't dish it back is because
you previously felt she was so precious
and so holy that you felt it was "unthinkable"
to dish it back.

But the part I think is even BETTER is
THE FOLLOW-UP, because when you
say you "have to eat some prunes", you
are TOTALLY SHOWING that you
are NOT AFFECTED at all, (you are
GOING with it rather than trying
to get all defensive) and that
in fact it's kinda FUNNY that she
would even say that to you!

And then, turning around to walk away,
is golden, because you are clearly not
walking away with your tail between
your legs, but rather walking away
laughing as if life is a barrel of fun,
which it IS for you, and you clearly
are on your way to have some more
fun and most likely meet a cooler
chick that GETS it.

And SHE realizes this as well, and I promise

OF CASES, especially if the girl is HOT,
she will then start to chase YOU.

How do I know this stuff?
Because none of what I have mentioned
here in this newsletter is made up-
it's all real stuff that has actually
happened. I'm so absolutely confident
about it, that I urge you to go out
and try it.

You should actually look FORWARD to
situations where women are giving
you the CHANCE to show how awesome
you are by REFRAMING any challenging
comment in such a way that it reflects
YOUR superiority, because it's THIS
"reframing" that turns women ON.

What you've just read here is important
stuff, and yet it's just the TIP OF THE

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Michael Marks

Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Ensure A Woman Is LOYAL To You

One of the biggest things, obviously, about
having a great girlfriend, is that you can
truly TRUST her to be FAITHFUL to you no
matter WHAT. 

That she can  handle any temptation from any
man, anywhere, at any time.

You don't have to worry about her getting drunk
and losing control at some party, you don't
have to worry that she is going to lose
attraction for you, you don't have to worry
about her falling for some manipulative
tactics by someone else who is trying to
make you look bad, etc, etc.

Now the thing is, if you want a woman like this,
it's a very CAREFUL balance you have to find,
between being very SELECTIVE about what kind
of women you date, and it's ALSO important
that you show the RIGHT kind of behavior
that makes her WANT to STAY faithful to you.

And here is one of the BIGGEST IRONIES:

If you meet a really GREAT girl, a woman who
has all the qualities on the outside AND on
the inside, including her appreciation for
mutual LOYALTY,  one of the WORST things you
could do is to PUT PRESSURE ON HER from the
BEGINNING of your interaction and relationship
with her to be "faithful".

on a woman to be faithful.

Don't even bring up the subject unless YOU
are already feeling very confident and relaxed
and even playful, otherwise it's OBVIOUS to her
that you FEAR being cheated on, and the signal
being sent to a woman then is that you are
going to have this chip on your shoulder about
cheating, and that you are going to be suspicious
of her, and that she is going to feel pressure

Plus, obsession with loyalty unfortunately IMPLIES
(whether it's true or not) that one doesn't feel
he has the VALUE to keep a woman attracted.

And if a woman thinks that a guy thinks this low
about HIMSELF, then why should she feel he is worth
MORE than he himself thinks?


By the way, I learned this stuff from WOMEN
who were smoking hot who would playfully
encourage me to chat up other women and
who NEVER showed signs of jealousy. 

When a woman feels TOTALLY FREE to do whatever
she wants, that in ITSELF takes care of 99 per
cent of any other DESIRE, and then when she
compares that one percent to the MASSIVE
desire she feels for you, you will TOTALLY
be the only man she obsesses about.

However, when you make a woman feel RESTRICTED,
then she suddenly wants to do one hundred percent of
what she is NOT 'supposed' to do!


The desire for freedom is the strongest human
desire in the world.  People will go through
just about ANYTHING to feel FREE.

So it's absolutely ESSENTIAL that all the
desire for being FAITHFUL to you that a
woman feels, she feels she is coming up

She CAN'T feel that any of this loyalty is
the result of some kind of FEAR or pressure.

So, ironically, by being too obsessed with
loyalty, you can actually drive a great
woman AWAY.

And here's the ULTIMATE KICKER:
By NOT pressuring a woman to be FAITHFUL at ALL,
what ends up happening is that she ends up KNOWING
on the deepest level that the ONLY reason she is with
you is because SHE wants to be with you.

This then SKYROCKETS her attraction even 
FURTHER, as she justifies the reason she has 
been loyal to you must be because she is 

So this makes her only want to be even MORE loyal to you.

And this of course starts a never-ending POSITIVE 
loop, where she keeps on being more loyal, keeps on
rationalizing that the reason is because SHE is nuts 
about you, which of course makes her even MORE 
loyal, etc, etc. 

HOWEVER....and this is a BIG however, you
must ALSO make sure to SCREEN for a woman
who is the RIGHT kind of woman in the FIRST
place, because some women WILL cheat no
matter WHAT.

And if you want to learn the FULL PICTURE
on getting a great girl (including how to
screen for the right woman) and how to KEEP
a great girl, then I suggest you get my
WARRIOR WITHIN program. This DVD Set
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you succeed with attracting and keeping a
fantastic quality woman.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, March 12, 2012

How To Overcome Approach Anxiety, Attract Women, And Reach Your Full Potential As A Man

Today's article deals with some real BIG topics,
from overcoming approach anxiety, to attracting
women in general, to being all you can be as a man.

Right now, I want you to draw a picture in
your mind of a woman so beautiful, so striking,
it OBLITERATES any other thought.

Make her as STUNNING as you possibly can.
Look her up and down, from head to toe.

Her smile, her hair, her every sexy curve.
Even think of the way she smells.

The way she sounds.
And she’s looking at you right now, giving
you a smile that feels like it’s sending out
golden rays of sunshine…

Now, all that awesome emotion you are feeling,
all that desire, that love, all that ENERGY, all
that focus, I want you to CAPTURE THAT,

The problem is that guys don’t do this.
They take all this awesome emotion, all this
FOCUS, all this ENERGY, all this INFINITE
POWER, and they not only GIVE IT AWAY

they actually FORCE FEED IT to these women,

All that awesome emotion is POTENTIAL POWER.
But it gets LOST when you just give it away, rather
than HARNESSING it for yourself.

And the irony is, it is only by harnessing it that
you create the kind of ATTRACTION POWER
YOU the same way you felt about HER.

Now, imagine you took that ENERGY and
and DETERMINATION and you used it to
live your life to the MAX.

See, most guys feel the desire and then basically
tell a woman without saying it in words :

“Hey, I feel massively attracted to you, will
you PLEASE do something about this to

And then if a woman says “No”, the guy then
tries HARDER to PLEAD with her, basically
saying “Oh but I will be EXTRA NICE TO YOU”
as if she’s doing HIM a favor, and he will
give her some COMPENSATION for this

It’s clear that SHE is the one getting the
WORSE deal, from his perspective, that’s
in fact the REASON he keeps telling her
through his ACTIONS even if not his words
that he will do anything for her.

Now, obviously the solution is not to become
a JERK either. Becoming a JERK doesn’t
truly increase your value on it’s own, it’s
only because jerks are ALSO making sure
ENERGY on trying to get a woman by

So “jerks” are using this energy to increase
their attractive power through the following

Rather than thinking of ways to kiss up to women,
they think of ways to make more money, get more
fame, or to get OTHER women so that this woman
becomes more jealous and wants him more.

Also, the lack of neediness is IN ITSELF attractive
as well, because it creates a perception of greater
SCARCITY. After all, he is not pushing himself
on her, so the instinctive thought process on her
part is that he is more in demand than a guy who
is trying so hard to sell himself.

Now, imagine a guy who is NOT a jerk, and
who is ALSO focuses his primal “mating”
energy on increasing his value, his skills,
his prestige, his confidence, rather than
on trying to just be extra extra nice.

Being nice is easy, he can always do that
as well, but never INSTEAD of disciplining
his desires. Most guys don’t want to discipline
their desires, they just want to get the woman

The reality is that often, if you are just
looking for something short term, you
CAN get this pretty fast. But keeping
a woman attracted long term takes
something else.

Attraction is about making the most of
yourself, in whatever ways that specifically
apply to you. Whether you are an athlete,
artist, entertainer, comedian, craftsman,
businessman, communicator, or you are the
best at WHATEVER skill you have, all that
is extremely attractive.  And then mix that
with great social skills and masculinity.

It all boils down to survival and the way
emotions including attraction are related
to survival.

Start getting used to standing up for yourself.

It’s the first step to LOVING YOURSELF.

If you’re at the movie theater, or club, or
concert, or whatever, and someone
buds you in line, speak up. I can’t take
responsibility for what happens to you,
obviously, but the bottom line here is
that we’re all on earth for a short time,
so you need to learn to value YOUR
time here as well.

You’d be surprised what this does for your
self-esteem and also it sends a message out
that you ARE desirable. You are the
comes to your own “image”.

If YOU don’t believe in you, then no one
else will.

No one told Bill Gates he would have Microsoft one day.
When Sly Stallone was almost starving and no agency
would hire him and he was sleeping in subways stations
rather than live a “normal life” in order to continue
his goal of eventually becoming an actor and making
movies, nobody told him, “Hey man, keep going, you’re
going to make ROCKY one day and be a huge star.”

THING ELSE. They didn’t wait for some
woman to give them approval first.

This is why NEEDINESS must be
OBLITERATED from your thoughts.

If a woman that hasn’t even done anything MAJOR
to earn your affection sees you are so needy for her,
she already knows you are not the man for her.

After all, how can you be?
You’re going to be losing too much energy to
this weakness rather than become the kind
of man who is powerful enough to provide,
to protect, to stand up for himself and her.


I'm not saying not to love OTHERS as well,
but the reality is that if you don’t love yourself,
you won’t be able to help others too much either.

You’ll be too weak and too messed up.

SHOW this mentality through your behaviors
and the things you say. So for example, let’s say
you’re driving and a woman pulls up beside you
in her car at a red light, don’t wait for the perfect
thing to say, just ASSUME YOU ARE THE BEST
whatever FLOWS from that frame of mind:
i.e. “Are you following me? You should
at least introduce yourself!”

If you’re at the gym, and on the bikes, and
a woman is about to get on a bike next to
you, don’t be afraid to be playful and say
something like “I’m using that bike too!”

The truth is, you could say ANYTHING
OWN WORTH. And if you’re not
sure of your own worth, then read the
following words:


People pay for cigarettes, that kill them.
Fashion trends come and go.
One year it’s the rage, the next it’s ugly.

People do ALL KINDS OF THINGS with
passion, that make no sense.

The key is to have CONVICTION in whatever
you do and do it REPEATEDLY till it becomes
automatic instinct.

If you still think you have things to FEAR
regarding approaching women, then remember

You can’t try TALKING to your fears.
Your fears won’t HEAR you.

The more you try to TALK to your fear,
the more your fears will take what you
say and try to DISTORT it into yet

The fear will TRANSFORM your words and
recombine their 'DNA' content into
something emotionally TOXIC.

So for example, if you see a woman,
and you're hesitating to approach,
because you fear that maybe you will
get rejected, and and you start to
talk to the fear, i.e. by saying

"Okay, Let me find something COOL
to say"....your fear will then say
something like, "NAHHH that's not
cool enough!"

The only solution is ACTION and confronting
your fears. OVER AND OVER AGAIN,
till they finally get TIRED OF WASTING

Your fears don’t hear words, they only
understand ACTION, when done AGAIN

So if you’re afraid of approaching women
or kissing a woman or taking things further
with women in any sense, you’re going to
have to TAKE ACTION and do it, not just
think about it.

Every time you see a woman and you want
to talk to her, and you give yourself an excuse,
it only makes it HARDER to do it in the future.


Start loving YOURSELF with the same
DRIVE that you USED to spend on women
who didn’t earn it from you.

This applies in your interactions with EVERYONE.

STOP talking to your fears with words, instead

See a woman you want to chat to?

Remember she doesn’t WANT a man
who is trying to kiss up to her, she wants
a man who believes in HIMSELF first.
So BE that man, and SHOW it.

And if you’re reading this right now, I
suggest you take your success with women
to the next level by downloading my program
"Obliterating Approach Anxiety".

This program will ENSURE you take action
when you see women anywhere in the future.

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How To Overcome "Approach Anxiety"

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

What Turns Women ON

If you can make a woman feel intense
PLEASURE, she will be yours.

Pleasure is the reason we are attracted

Now, the human mind is pretty sophisticated,
including women's minds. We are not going
to be attracted to just anything.

This goes back to evolution, because by
feeling the emotion of attraction toward
things that would help us survive, it gave
us an advantage.  It motivated us.

And being repulsed by things that were
bad for us also helped us survive.  It
kept us away from the wrong things.

i.e. Bad spoiled food. So by developing
an AVERSION to spoiled food.  So those
who felt it tasted HORRIBLE were more
likely to survive and replicate.

We also evolved to be ATTRACTED to foods
that were GOOD for us. So, for example,
those who had genes that enabled them to
perceiving fruit as tasting "sweet", were
motivated to find it and eat it.  And so
they too were more likely to survive
and replicate.

Of course, it doesn't always work perfectly,
as candy bars also taste good to us, because
candy bars are relatively new in human history,
and our brains haven't evolved yet to "NOT
enjoy candy bars but still enjoy fruit".

But the fact is, our brains have evolved in a
way where now we are HARDWIRED to be
attracted to certain things.  To perceive
them as "sweet".  And to be repulsed
by other things, to perceive them as
"yucky".  And everything in between.

So, the KEY to attracting a WOMAN is to do
EVERYTHING in your POWER to come
across as BEING DESIRABLE, according
to the emotional part of her brain.
So you have to INTERACT with a woman by
behaving in a way that CONVEYS MASSIVE
VALUE to her.

Most guys TRY to do this but do it all wrong,
so let's get clear on what value REALLY
looks like, sounds like, and feels like.

Behavior is not just your ACTIONS.
It's not just your words.

It's not just your voice tonality.

It's not just your clothing.

It's not just your attitude.

It's not just your BODY LANGUAGE.

It's not just your sense of humor.

It's not just the way you REACT to her.

It's not just the people she sees you
hang out with or don't hang out with.

It's not just the way you feel about sex,
i.e. comfortable or not.

It's not just how you make her mind
race trying to figure you out, or
wondering or fantasizing what might
come next.

It's not just how slow or fast you are
to validate her or to withhold validating

It's not just how you touch her and how
calm or confident you are about it.

It's not just how MUCH you can control
THE FRAME of the situation.


Every single thing about you, and every
single thing about the situation you are in
with a woman, can be used to make her
feel you are MORE DESIRABLE, or
if done wrong, to make her feel that
you are LESS desirable.

And the more desirable you seem, the
MORE PLEASURE she feels from getting
closer to you.  

This is why I am so ADAMANT about not
just sticking to ONE thing to over-simplify
the process. This is not the McDonald's of

To be THE BEST, you have to understand
how ALL the components of attraction play
a role and you have to USE these components.

If you want the McDonald's style pick up
and attraction advice, there are a billion
other guys out there. If you want the
Rolls Royce, this is the place.

EVERYTHING, in fact, that happens while
you are chatting to a woman to pick her up,
or even if you've known her a long time
and she is your girlfriend, EVERYTHING
that is happening in the situation can be used

If a woman is acting 'hard to get', that's not a bad thing!

If you react the way a guy who is DESIRABLE acts,
then you become MORE ATTRACTIVE.

I'm not saying you have to LOVE a
woman who is acting like a b****,
but the fact is, a GREAT woman has
to be CAREFUL about which guy she
goes for, so she can't be EASY.

Your REACTION to her 'hard to get'
behavior tells her ALL the important
things she needs to know about your
CHARACTER, and your reaction will
THE WORLD to her attraction to you.

If you act the way a guy who is NOT
DESIRABLE acts, then you become

Here's an example: A woman says something
like, "We don't talk to guys at clubs, we just
get free drinks from them!", and your reaction
is, "Cool, maybe you can work for me then,
I'm looking for some hustlers that have
ambition. But first, let's see how good you
are and get me and my buddy some drinks."

So her "act of superiority" backfires, because
the way you framed it, it's just a way that she
can possibly EARN your interest, but she has
to PROVE her worth to you still, and in fact
you're still the one with greater value in the
situation. And yet it's all fun and playful too,
which ALSO feels good. So there's attraction
pleasure going on, and fun times as well.

All this makes her attraction more intense,
because emotions feed energy into each
other. Not bad, and all done in a few seconds.
And she set herself up for it. And she's
feeling way more pleasure with YOU than
she is with all those guys who were kissing up
and trying so hard and being so serious.

A GIRL and STILL pick her up SUPER EASILY.

Teasing is just ONE EFFECTIVE method,
because it's a natural OUTGROWTH of

Because you are feeling an abundance of
good vibes internally and feeling you are
so desirable, that energy shows and is
ATTRACTIVE. This makes you not
worried about women's reactions to you,
so you become PLAYFUL with women,
instead of being so serious and formal.

This is why a mean spirited tease doesn't work.
Because it's not a sign of value, it's a sign of
an angry guy or a socially retarded guy.
Anger is usually a sign of loss or fear
or insecurity as well. All signs of
LACK OF VALUE. So the hard-wiring
in her brain is REPULSED by it.

It's a fine line between feeling value, and feeling
arrogant to the point of being a prick - which is not
attractive. Practice on real women makes perfect,
as you get a better feel for it and your calibration
skills grow.

But in general, guys are trying SO HARD to
VALIDATE a woman that hasn't done anything
to deserve that, she simply LOOKS BEAUTIFUL.
And a woman senses that a guy that behaves that
way must be LOW VALUE. It's her EMOTIONS
that sense this, not her logic so much.

This is why NOT VALIDATING a woman
who is attractive is such a powerful thing.
It creates a TENSION, the same kind of
tension that YOU feel regarding the fact
that a woman who is beautiful is HARD
to get.

Believe me, if it was raining women
who were gorgeous on you everyday
and they just wanted to kiss up to you,
you would get bored. You actually
value women more because they are
hard to get, because they don't try to
validate you. Of course, there is a limit
to this, as too much is too much, there
has to a PAYOFF, where she DOES show
some interest, where you DO get the girl,
or she is JUST a tease.

Similarly, when you tease a girl, literally or
figuratively, it's not to tease her permanently,
it's to create the tension in her so now she
WANTS to be validated by you. That way,
your interest in her feels good for her.

THAT'S what leads to her interest and sexual
desire, etc. Similar to what makes YOU want
to be with her.

So that's why when you don't give a woman
who is attractive what she wants so fast, it's
cool. The idea though is to do it matter of factly,
not MEANLY. Or do it in a humorous way.

So, if she asks you for the time and you
are at the bus stop, you say how much do you
want to give me for it, etc. If she's at the
gym and she's all hot after a workout and
buying herself a water bottle, you make fun
of her for pouring water on herself to make it
look like she's trying to workout. And it's
not done with "vengeance", it's done out of

When you don't validate a girl easily,
it's FUN for her, her hard-wiring feels
there's something of VALUE here,
i.e. YOU. And she wants to get it.
Again, a fine line between doing this
too much and doing it too little.

And the thing is, I don't even think about
it anymore. It's just a form of communication,
I'm not even trying to always pick up a girl,
it's just the way I feel.

So for example, I was at the bank, and this
hottie teller who's not even my teller but far
away, is being consulted by my teller for
something. So the hottie makes a mistake
and the hottie tells me all the way from where
she is that she made a mistake, and she says
she's so dizzy, hearing voices in her head.

So I tell her, loud enough so that everyone
can hear, "must be those recreational drugs
you keep on using" and I say it with a serious
face, but she KINDA KNOWS I'm joking
because the tonality is so matter of fact
that for sure I'm NOT being serious.
Her jaw drops, THEN she laughs, and she
says, "Don't say that! These people
don't know, they think you're serious!"
But as she says it, you can tell she's

So I go "Who's joking?" AGAIN
in a deadpan serious way. Which
is actually funnier, because it's
more extreme of an accusation
which makes the whole thing
NOT true. She gives that big
smile, and she "GETS IT".

I'm just like this all the time, it
translates into everything I do,
including when I decide to dabble
for fun on the net and have some
fun with women on dating sites.
I put up a profile, usually without
even putting a picture, and I get
"hot listed" usually by women who
are the most attractive on the site.
Because the profile is just me being
this same way, from my profile name
to my description to whatever I write.

Instead of SAYING "I am great and sexy
and fun" they FEEL it from reading it.
i.e. I make jokes about how I have an
eternal erection and that it's really tough
and that every girl thinks I like her, even
if I don't, and that I have to tell her
"It's not you, it's ME". Stuff like that.

Because they FEEL the vibe of value,
of non-neediness, of sexuality, of playfulness,
the message behind the message.
it, instead of reading "I am great".

And, in a way, even with guys I know, i.e.
at the gym, I'm just a playful, confident, fun
dude. No, not because I'm trying to pick them
up, although we actually bust on each other
about that stuff too,- i.e. "You hardly spot me
anymore! You don't like my spots? I saw you
spotting a few other guys- you're a
SPOT-WHORE!" because we are SECURE
in our masculinity, unlike most guys.

This is the VIBE.
And women pick up on it when they
are around us, it's ATTRACTIVE
to women, even though we really
aren't even TRYING.

It works because we are secure, and because
we are having FUN. We are not looking
for approval, but we are not jerks, in
fact we actually have a certain amount
of trust going on. Like at the gym,
we bust on each other all the time.

So the same vibes of security, feeling
trust and confidence that the other person
will "GET it", and the playfulness is there,
all this is the same stuff that works on
women, except you also add the PHYSICAL
ESCALATION with women and the sexual
vibes state that you need to be in, and you
add just the right amount of DOMINANCE
at the right time - at the beginning, and when
transitioning things to the next level of

And that's just a BEGINNING of an
interaction. But the beginning COUNTS,
because you are ESTABLISHING
THE FRAME. So if I open a set of girls
ANYWHERE, coffee shop, club, store,
anywhere, the very FIRST words are
ALSO said with the tonality that makes
the frame CLEAR: "This is my world,
it's a great world, I'm laid back, and
I'm inviting you in by the mere fact I'm
talking to you, without making it a formal
ass-kissing invitation."

Sometimes, the girls seem a bit confused
at that VERY FIRST second, because this
doesn't happen to them everyday, so they
aren't sure what's going on. I don't abandon
ship. I STAY ON COURSE, and just KEEP
ON GOING with it, and they "get on board"

What a lot of guys do is they try to
act cool with a tease, but have nothing
to follow it up with. Because they are
too focused on the ACT of teasing, and
not focused on the PRINCIPLE of
feeling secure and SUPERIOR SELF
VALUE. The mere act of WORRYING
about what she thinks so much so that
you can come up with the perfect thing t
o say next is something she CAN DETECT
because she has seen the various forms of
insecurity a million times in other guys.

And she detects that you are trying so hard
for her, TOO HARD, too fast before even
KNOWING HER AT ALL, before she has
done anything to DESERVE that effort.
So THAT implies to her subconscious
that you are NOT WORTH MUCH.

So her brain feels NO PLEASURE.

At EVERY point in an interaction with
a woman from meeting her the first time
all the way to sex and beyond and even
into a serious relationship, there is the way
a guy with VALUE would act and the way
a guy without value would act.

So if you are at a club and have gone up
to a girl or group of girls and teased them
and then you are chatting with the girl
you like most, and you tell her to come
sit down with you where it's quieter,
and she resists, how do you react?

Does it AFFECT your sense of self-worth?
Or are you COMPLETELY COOL and still
feeling the sexual vibes inside of you and
feeling good and you chat her up some more
and then GO FOR IT AGAIN? That would
be a decent strategy. Or, another strategy
that would be cool would be to just be
more dominant in your OWN FRAME
about the idea of her going with you.

Because if YOU think it's a big deal, that
VALUE, so when she resists going, you think
she is actually doing the RIGHT THING for
herself, since you don't feel you have the value!
So you actually feel GUILTY about trying to
get her to come sit down with you!

then you would feel it's in HER interest to come
with you! Because SHE would be having a great
time. So then instead of feeling GUILTY, you
would be smiling and maybe wink at her, and
take her hand while looking in her EYES and
say "don't deprive yourself!"


And when you DO take her hand, don't take
it like a GIRL. Take it like a MAN.
I used to be scared I might crush a girl's
hand because I work out so much, but then
I realized that the worst thing that ever happens
if I DO hold her too firmly is the girl thinks
I'm JOKING and she tries to SQUEEZE
BACK as hard as she can and laughs.
So it's all good, as they say, since it only
adds to the FUN vibes.

Superiority. Value. Fun. Sexuality.

These are actually ALL FORMS OF
PLEASURE for a woman when you
convey them.

And that is what you want to give a woman.

Another important note on pleasure:

SEX is obviously one of the HIGHEST forms
of pleasure. So, do you realize how
by avoiding any sexual undertones to your
interaction? Or by COMING ACROSS
as "too NICE for HARDCORE sex"?

A woman ALREADY has to deal with cultural
brainwashing of feeling like a slut if she is
too "easy", so if you are going to ALSO
have "issues" with sex, by not being in
a sexual state yourself, or by avoiding
any sexual content to your conversation,
she will feel that things are going to be

And of course, when you DO get to
to the bedroom part, you have to
realize that all that "not wanting to
be a slut" fear is something that
goes out the window - if you have
issues in the bedroom, if you feel
bad about sex, how the heck is
SHE going to feel good about it???

So you see, at EVERY stage of the interaction,
it's ALWAYS about increasing the PLEASURE,
it's about making her feel greater and more
INTENSE emotions- this is why creating
that CONNECTION with her is also important,
because it makes the experience of being with
you MORE INTIMATE, more meaningful.

But don't think for one SECOND it's
connection for connection's sake. It's
about how that can make the whole experience
even more of a RUSH. Sex with a girl you
are not only ATTRACTED to, but who you
also feel CONNECTED TO, feels WAY

It's the same for a girl when it comes to how
SHE feels.

One last point on pleasure for now- in general,
we want MORE AND MORE of it, not less
and less. So, once things are heating up with
a woman, whether it's your opening up of the
conversation, the teases, the contact, don't
RUIN it by going backwards into INFERIOR
GUY MODE, i.e. "playing it emotionally
safe for yourself"

This is what happens with so many guys,
they are finally making progress and getting
somewhere, they are getting how all this works,
the girl is getting attracted, but then the guy
starts to get TOO DEPENDENT ON THE
OUTCOME and he starts to get needy for
it, and he displays the characteristics of
inferiority instead of BEING THE MAN!

So, if she's laughing, she's sitting down
with you, you're holding her hand, kissing,
whatever it is, KEEP IT GOING to the
NEXT LEVEL as much as possible.

That doesn't mean to make out with her
non stop at the bar, and it doesn't mean
to KEEP ON TEASING her non-stop.
That's not what I mean at all. What I
mean is take things to the NEXT level
of the interaction. You kind of KNOW
in your gut when it's time to move on
from the opener, when it's time to
go into rapport, when it's time to
hold her hand, when it's time to
kiss her, when it's time to escalate
to sex. You have to MAKE it
happen, and not stay in the
"emotional zero-risk zone".

But like I said, what happens is that guys
have this guy idea in their minds that their
VALUE is at stake, so they don't want
to screw up. That's just more society
brainwashing though, because in fact
going for it is the way to get good.

But guys let the ego control them, they are
AFRAID of getting rejected by going for
the NEXT STAGE, be it leaving with her,
or kissing her, or whatever it is that comes
next. But the whole way you GOT to the
good situation in the first place was by
NOT following your fears, but rather
following what you DO WANT.

You CAN'T WIN by adopting the
"fear" strategy of "staying where
you are because you got somewhere
and you don't want to RUIN it".

The WORST THING that happens from
GOING for it is that maybe she resists.
THAT'S FINE. First of all, it's usually
only TEMPORARY, it just means she's
not ready to escalate right that SECOND.
In three minutes from that time, she may
to your escalation again.

And no matter what, you'll improve your
calibration and sense of timing for next time.

And the best thing that happens, is that you
get EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT and have the time
of your life. And the reality is that with
this technology that I am teaching, it's
actually FAR MORE LIKELY to get what you want,
than to get the opposite reaction.

This newsletter has touched on a TON of
CRUCIAL elements of attraction. And as you
can tell, ONE of the BIG ones is developing
the SKILL of a super-confident sense of HUMOR.

To do that, I seriously suggest you download my
program on how to develop confident humor now.

In this program, I interview a man who used
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and superiority and fun and triggers those
awesome emotions in her. To how your
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Detecting And Attracting A Great Girlfriend aka "A Quality Woman"

Today I want to share with you a TON of absolutely
CRUCIAL insights on attracting a quality woman that
has it going on both on the OUTSIDE and on the INSIDE.

Most men fall for the "HALO effect" from beautiful
women and this makes it impossible for most men
to see if a woman REALLY is a great person or not. 

The first half of this newsletter is about how to
DETECT a woman's character so you can know
if she is worth pursuing, and the second half focuses
on how to ATTRACT women in the most powerful way.


1. See if she speaks negatively about many other people,
including all her ex boyfriends. If she only has bad things to say
about everyone else, chances are she won't think fondly of you
after a while either.

On the other hand, if she tends to focus on the positive about
people, she will probably be a much better girlfriend for you as well. 

2.Be on the lookout to see how she treats others.
For example, if you two are out at a cafe, restaurant,
or coffee shop, how does she treat the employees,
waiters and waitresses? Is she abusive or is she
sensitive? Kindness is free, so there is no excuse
to be a miser with it.

3. Ask her what are her top values in life, and ask
her to be specific.

If she focuses on things that are purely superficial, like fame
and wealth, chances are she won't stick it out through the
rough patches in life with anyone when she is in a relationship
with them.

On the flip side, if she values loyalty, honesty, trust, and health,
chances are she will appreciate a good man who treats her well.

4. Behave in a casual relaxed manner.

This is important, because in order to get a woman to reveal
her character, it's essential that you don't make her feel judged
for being herself.

So try to be as relaxed as possible when interacting
with a woman. Asking her about her values must be done
in a way where she does not feel like there is a right
or wrong answer.  

Don't come across as being too serious, or she will
only present to you her "formal" self which is more
of an act, rather than who she really is naturally.

5. Make note if she is the kind of person who is able to
apologize and own up to making a mistake.

If she is not able to do this, she will be a horrible person to
have a relationship with, for her ego is so big that she can't
admit her mistakes or learn from them.

6. Pay particular attention to how she behaves when she
 is under stress.

If she is still behaving in a way that is kind and honest
and sensitive, she is proving to be an amazing woman.

However, if she becomes spiteful, hateful, or abusive,
this is an indicator of how she will be in the future when
under any type of stress. And life definitely will have its
stressful moments, so you can be sure such a woman
will behave badly again in the future.

7.  Listen very carefully when she speaks, because most
people give away their personalities very quickly without
realizing it. 

This is because most people don't consciously try to behave badly,
so they all think they are great even if in fact they are abusive or cruel.

8. Take note of how hard she is trying to understand you.  
One of the greatest signs of a woman's personality is
if she makes great efforts to accomplish this goal.

If she makes a consistent effort to try to understand you
and to make you feel respected, this is definitely a
reason to continue dating her.

WARNING: It's crucial to pick up ON what a woman is saying rather than just being focused on "picking up" women, if you want to actually get a woman that is the right match for you as a great long-term girlfriend.

Okay, so now you know some CRUCIAL tips on how to
DETECT a quality woman.  It's ALSO important to know
how to ATTRACT her!

Most guys try too hard to "prove" themselves to a woman,
and all this ends up doing is make a woman feel PRESSURE
to have to like the guy.

When a woman feels PRESSURE, she puts up her natural wall
of resistance.

This is human nature.

But you can't block or resist what ISN'T there.

By eradicating the neediness from yourself, 
you remove the PRESSURE on a woman.

When a woman senses this lack of pressure,
it's like a HUGE weight is lifted off her
shoulders,since she can immediately RELAX
with you. You are not trying to GET anything
from her, you are not trying to GET her to
DO anything, or BECOME anything.

So, now that she is free from worrying
about a needy guy, now she is worried
that YOU might not be interested in
HER. She worries about this, because
she is now interested in YOU.

This is the REAL definition of cool.
MINIMUM "GAME", because it's

When it comes to getting more "touchy feely", CLUBS 

At clubs, you can REALLY escalate the
physical contact. And if you are new at
this, it can seem strange. But you can
grow in this area as well, as a recent
reader wrote in. It was a long letter,
so let me get straight to the part on


..."After a couple of months, I was starting
to really get this stuff. The matrix was opening,
and I really began to understand what is going on.

However, I was becoming discouraged because
I wasn't getting desired results. One night, I was
flirting with a girl, lol, she came up to me and
licked my ear. Shortly after, it hit me. I wasn't
comfortable with being a sexual person. So the
next week, I flirted and made physical contact
with girls everyday. And to my surprise, they
loved it, and so did I (mind you it's not like I
grabbed their ***** or ***).

I actually really believed girls don't like when
guys flirt with them and gently touch them on
the arm, back, waist, or hands. Boy was I
wrong. They are really, really, really receptive
to it. Man that stuff is so addicting.

Zack O.


Really, that says it all.
You grow internally, from doing it, taking
little steps everyday till it's not only easy,
it's ADDICTIVE in a good way!

And it's not about being some kind of
alpha "mean guy", it's about being
COMFORTABLE with this stuff,
and that makes the girl comfortable
too, so she can enjoy it and you
can too.

And now, on to our final letter:


First of all, let me say that everything that
you've written about women and dating has
been thought provoking, encouraging and
very motivating. I've been to a lot of similar
websites but few offers anything as good as
yours. Needless to say, you articles are a
gem in the art of dating and seduction. I'm
from ******* and would like to purchase
your e-book. How can I do that?

I came across a profile of a woman on a
dating website and here's how she describes
her ideal match:-

"i had a dream. i met a guy -avg height, avg
build. his face was disfigured and disturbing.
the part of the nose that connects the two
nostrils was burned and misshapen. about .5 cm
of the outside corners of both eyes were puffy,
slanted and looked as though they were welded
together. not only was he "not attractive," he was
viscerally frightening.

we exchanged words - and though i don't
remember the content of our conversation,
i remember he exuded this confidence. a
kind of confidence that is memorable and

he was assertive, unassuming, witty, sardonic,
genuine, and he held this conversation and my
interest as if unaware of his deformity. he held
no feelings of inadequacy, and i knew we'd never
waste our energy fighting over petty squabbles.

he'd never misinterpret my words or actions as
a slight against him - and never harbor resentment.
he was too classy. he was chill, calm-and incredibly
keen. he got all my jokes. AND bantered back. "

What are your thoughts on this?


Yes, it's quite cool when we get to the
SUBCONSCIOUS, that part that doesn't
lie or get bogged down with logic.

Now, in any dream there will sometimes be
one of the elements that might not be applicable
to real life, the fact is, dreams tell us a LOT
about what is going on in someone's mind.

And the cool thing here, is this woman is
verifying every single component of
what she is attracted to, and every component
gets back to this idea of MINIMUM
GAME, of NATURAL attraction.

So let's get to it:

This guy has the inner behaviors and beliefs of
security, confidence, and warmth, and embodies
the personality of attraction. 

I also think that the "viscerally frightening" 
might very well be a turn on in the sense of it
highlights his CHARACTER since the focus 
is OFF his looks.

Also, a little of  "Beauty and the Beast" type thing
going on here.

Also, you can see that the words of the conversation
aren't the main thing, as she can't remember the
words but rather remembers the VIBE, i.e. that
"he exuded this confidence. a kind of confidence
that is memorable and COMFORTING." 

Your MOOD Is KEY To Setting The Right VIBE.

Also, in her description of this man, it is clear 
that he will be masculine and LEAD the way
because "he was assertive" and he was NOT a jerk,
as he was "unassuming", and "genuine".

Be Assertive, Masculine, And Lead The Way

He's also got "wit", and since sexual attraction
is the subtext of her message, it's not a leap
of faith to say that what she probably also
means is that he "gets it" when it comes to
sexual flirtation, teasing, etc. And of course,
that he's a witty guy in general doesn't hurt.

Flirt Using WIT With Women.

He has witty remarks, often with sexual undertones.
Also HE himself is so in his own reality and
confident, it is as if he is not even aware of his
deformity. This is particularly attractive, by
the way, because it shows a purity of
emotion/thought, i.e. that somehow the world
has NOT polluted his mind with insecurities and
by association has therefore not polluted his
mind with other absurd negativities that most
people are burdened with.

And in fact, I too by the way love it when
a girl is comfortable with her "flaws" and in
fact I find it a turn-on if she finds herself
sexy, including her "flaws". 


High self esteem is HOT.

He has "no feelings of inadequacy", which
means he is secure and will not take things
that she says the wrong way, "i knew we'd
never waste our energy fighting over petty
squabbles. he'd never misinterpret my words
or actions as a slight against him - and
never harbor resentment."

All because she senses he is SECURE, and
so too in reality most women will often test
a guy to see if he is the kind of guy that can
handle life with her, to see if he is the insecure
type, to see if he is the kind of guy that will
explode over trivial things, etc.

And his sense of confident witty humor is
sooo important, as she says, "and he got all
my jokes. AND bantered back.", meaning
he could ping that energy back to her when
she ponged it, like ping pong, the energy
and fun going back and forth.

What she meant by "assertive", is the
confidence in every aspect, ESPECIALLY
considering that he was "viscerally frightening",
but still had SO MUCH confidence, this is
especially admirable and inspiring and attractive.

And also, I'm sure that the assertiveness
in her mind, at least subconsciously, also
included being assertive in bed, for SURE.

Be Assertive In Bed .

This then gives women the permission to
ALLOW THEMSELVES to be ultra sexual,
since they can feel okay about it since
the guy is so assertive. Otherwise, if the
woman has to be the assertive one, she
feels "guilty" about it because of culture
and the anti-slut defense shield etc, etc.

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