Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Power Of "No" To A Woman

I need to make something clear about the power
of saying "NO" to a woman and what this has
to do with how to attract a quality girlfriend.

We all know that YES is a great word, it's
a positive thing, and we should be positive, etc.

However, in a world that kisses up to the
superficial, and in a world that kisses up to
beautiful women JUST because they are
beautiful, it's crucial to understand that
saying NO is not only important for your
own self-respect, but it's also an integral
part of attraction.

HOWEVER, this has nothing to do with being
a hard-ass or being "hard to get" or playing
games like the dating gurus and pick up artists
preach with acting arrogant and giving subtle
back-handed compliments that are disguised
as jokes but really are subtle insults designed
to lower a woman's self-esteem.

In fact, the ONLY way that saying NO works,
is when you are actually DEFENDING and saying

So you must say NO to a woman when she
is going against your moral code or if you
sense that your dignity is not being respected,
but this has NOTHING to do with the
"I'm playing hard to get" game.

And so it's kind of vomit-inducing to hear
pick up artist and typical dating gurus give
advice to men telling them to say NO to
women, when it has no counterbalancing
force of what actual GOOD things are
being defended and being said YES to.

It's just another 'TRICK' style mentality
designed to get "all the penthouse babes"
which of course is 100% superficial based,
and of course is inconsistent with real
confidence, as it's not GENUINELY
flowing from one's real beliefs about
what they say "YES" vs "NO" to,
it's still "playing the game"  and a
quality woman who is truly faithful
and beautiful both on the outside and
in and who is intelligent and looking
for a real man for her long term future,
by them.

To get a quality girlfriend the REAL way,
the ONLY way that works, maybe it makes
sense to go to someone who focuses on

And that's what Get A Great Girl is all about,
not all the women, just a GREAT ONE.

To get a GREAT girl, go here:

And if you haven't yet downloaded my book,
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For now, and for always, be the one thing I
have kept on saying to be since my first book
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Michael Marks

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Step Up 3-D

If you're looking for a great movie to see with a woman,
or if you just want some positive entertainment,then
step up to "Step Up 3-D".

Recently, with chick flick movies like "Sex and the City 2"
and "Eat Pray Love", that in my opinion teach women the
wrong message, ("you don't need a man", and "go fly away
somewhere rather than address your real issues") it's a
rare occassion when a movie comes along that makes for
a great night out for both you and the woman.

And the name for this special occasion is "Step Up 3-D".

Fantastic movie in terms of the positive energy
and the fun factor, this movie also captures the
spirit of what a great connection between a guy
and girl is all about.

It's not just sexual, it's also that feeling of you being
the best person you can be as a result of this other
person, and vice versa.

Even though usually I'm into more "serious" stuff, and
obviously I loved Avatar, the use of 3-D here is also
a perfect match, because the visuals and the dance moves
truly warrant the 3-D treatment.

Also, it's cool how the girl in the movie ends up becoming
a better person BECAUSE of the guy, and she's already
a pretty good person.

It's also unusual in that the male lead in this movie
is not some arrogant jerk that reforms himself
in some total B.S. fashion that seems to happen
so often in typical chick-flicks.

Maybe because this movie is not a "chick flick",
but women will love this movie anyway.

In this movie, it's not the guy who needs to learn
from the girl about how to be a better person.
And it's not really the girl who needs the guy
to learn how to be a better person.

The woman is already a pretty good woman.
And the guy is already a pretty good man.

What he does though, is bring out the best in her
and she learns who SHE really is in a great way
from him, plus she of course also inspires him as well
to be all that he can be.

This movie is colourful, it's CHARGED with an upbeat
dynamic visual as well as a story that is not just "fluff".

The film feels like a PARTY in the very best sense of that word.

And obviously, because of all the dancing, 99% of women
will like it too. But this isn't some kind of sissy movie, it's
FUN, and the acting is better than you expect for these
kinds of things.

This is a movie you and the girl will leave feeling
better about and feeling enriched.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Advice On Attracting Women: Time Will Tell

The FUTURE is often the ONLY place
to determine if something is true or not,
and this includes pick up artist style
advice on how to attract women
and especially when it comes to
how to get a quality girlfriend.

The great thing is that what was once
the FUTURE is now the PRESENT,
and we can see whether the pick up artist
 stuff works to get a quality girlfriend or not.

The "future" that was talked about years ago
is now HERE.

One of the ways people sometimes
get fooled into believing things is
with a concept known as “social proof”.

Social proof is a concept, that states if a person
knows that OTHER people like something, then
he too will more likely feel that this thing is desirable,
based simply on the fact that others like it.

Maybe you've already heard of the phrase:
"Fifty million French men can't be wrong."

The same concept takes various forms, so for
example it could just be ONE person exuding
social proof on something, if that person is
deemed desirable or important.

This is why you see a lot of celebrity endorsements
for everything from soft drinks to where to go for college.

And it doesn't have to be a THING, it can be
a PERSON that people like, or that someone
important likes, and this now makes that
PERSON seem more desirable.

On one hand, this means for example that
if you walked into a room with two women
who were drop-dead gorgeous, and they
seemed really interested in you, it would
increase your attractiveness to all the
OTHER women in the room.

The two women on your arms are providing
you with “social proof”.

Now, this is not the method that I prefer
to use to get results for guys, because it’s
external to yourself, it’s short-lived, (as
social proof this way is very fragile
and you can't rely on others to provide
it for you, in fact these same girls
can turn and social proof someone
else) AND there are far more
powerful ways of creating attraction
that actually exude from YOU
and not from “social proof”.

This brings us what GENUINE confidence
really is all about.

When you truly exude confidence, it’s
as powerful as an exploding STAR, a
SUPERNOVA, if you will.

It draws in everything in it's path and it
clears everything that is blocking its path.

A woman, especially a woman of quality
who is thinking about the future, but in
truth ANY woman will MELT under a man
exuding this confidence, because it’s

The reason it’s hardwired as part of survival
psychology in women and the reason it triggers
deep feelings of raw attraction in women is
because CONFIDENCE has very TANGIBLE
consequences that make the difference

In fact, it also makes the difference between
for scraps.

Now, I get into the deepest levels of this in
my Mastery Program, but for here let me
briefly say a few things about confidence:


If the whole WORLD thinks someone is great,
but when you meet that person, you see that
this person genuinely believes that he is NOT
great, then it DESTROYS all the social proof


The other cool thing is that infinite confidence
also IMPLIES that you are desirable to others
as well, because, “How on earth could you be
so confident otherwise?”

So you get IMPLIED social proof from all this.
Subtlety when it comes to this is far more
powerful than you trying to SAY “Hey I’m
desired by others” or even you trying to
“show” by having others do the work for you
by trying to make you look popular.


The greatest COMMON trait that the most
successful men in the world, and I’m
talking about in EVERY sphere, in
arts, in science, in commerce, in sports,
in medicine, their greatest COMMON
trait is NOT having the highest intellectual
IQ. Now, they are smart, don’t get me
wrong, but the people who men who get
the farthest have a super strong
is right up there at the top of emotions
of emotional intelligence.

Otherwise, without this, the greatest genius
cannot reach even close to his potential,
the greatest athlete can’t be even close to
his best.

THE EMOTIONS of the MIND are where
being a WINNER is truly at.

Now, a quality woman doesn’t just FEEL
this AS MASSIVE DESIRE, she also KNOWS it,
so she has TWO engines driving her toward

But even a woman who is not a quality
woman, a woman with all sorts of issues,
she is ALSO attracted to this confidence
SENSE OF SURVIVAL, it’s not conscious
at ALL.

Now, are you ready for some IRONY?

The reality is that one of the SIGNS of
confidence is the ability to WITHSTAND
social proof.

But it takes TIME for this to be EVIDENT,
that in fact you could withstand it, because
at the time it's happening, the thing that is
being "socially proven" makes most people
brainwashed to even SEE beyond the

This is part of where a quality woman is
a quality woman, and trust me, a quality
woman CAN indeed see through the
illusion in a nanosecond.

The book "The Game" and the pick up artists
managed to artificially engineer so much
“social proof” not among GIRLS but from
that many guys BELIEVED that for SURE
it had to all be great.

In fact, I used to be on a message board
that was all about how to attract women,
and at the TIME, my message was often

Anything that smacked of "relationship
material" information was viewed as

Now, suddenly, these same guys who
kept saying, "A woman won't feel attraction
unless you act arrogant and negate her
self-esteem and PUT HER DOWN
by the use of "cleverly disguised insults that
resemble jokes", are now trying to ALSO SAY
that "Ummm, the SECRET is that a woman
must be able to see you as RELATIONSHIP

The complete incongruency of this is one
sure way to drive away ALL women,
the women who are not serious about
relationships and ALSO the women
who are promiscuous and just out
to get physical and NOT have a

From back then when the advice you
read in my materials was once mocked,
to fast forward several years, and today
my most ARDENT readers are none
other than the pick up artists and dating
gurus themselves!

If imitation is the sincerest form of
flattery, I'm blushing.

But make no mistake about it, mixing
pick up artist advice and how to get
a quality girlfriend advice is a formula
for getting NOTHING.

TIME has proven that in fact the once
“popular” advice was actually NOT
very good and in fact will DESTROY
your chances with a quality woman.

Otherwise, the pick up artist craze would
still be on TV, it would still be making
major books, it would be everywhere,
but it's NOT.

On the OTHER hand:

Time has ALSO proven that the things
I teach actually WORK. (And yes, I’ve
proven it, not only have I been followed
by journalists, but the men I’ve worked
with have given their OWN details to these
journalists, and have had their success
stories printed, and these men were NOT
even my clients, it was the NEWSPAPER
that chose these men, so I had nothing to
do with having ANY sort of friendship or
connection with them – these men owed
me NOTHING. Just scroll to the bottom
of this url to see the photo: )

Now, I could have easily “sold out” during
the pick up artist craze, as I had all the
connections to those channels, and could
have easily “cashed in” on it.

But when you have FULL CONFIDENCE
in the TRUTH AND POWER of what you
teach, you can withstand all this stuff
because you have true CONVICTION in
what you say.

This kind of conviction is what is crucial
to carry over into all your interactions
with women, including when you decide
to say NO to her if she is going against
your values. 

Or when you say NO to her for other things.

Or when you say NO to things in your OWN
life that will just bring you down, no matter
how tempting it might be in the short term.

Yes is a great word, and I believe in positivity,
but I also believe that NO is a great word as
well, and can be even more positive than yes.
I often speak about having
GENUINE conviction in every
syllable of everything you
say to a woman, and the
importance of being congruent
and consistent, not just in your
words but in your ACTIONS.

Otherwise you set off her alarm bells
that say, "Sketchy guy!"

Time is the living proof for things, and
I knew eventually that fallacy of the
pick up artist and dating guru craze
would make itself massively apparent.

What you will learn from my materials
is not only the TRUTH on what attracts
a woman, but also the best way to GO

Now, confidence is a HUGE part of all
this, but it’s definitely not ALL if you’re
looking to also KEEP a woman and if
you’re looking to also SUSTAIN your
own success and power as a man in
ALL aspects of your life, which of course
is all part of the big picture that makes
you attractive.

It’s critical that there is zero ARROGANCE
in your confidence, and it’s critical that
there is total RESPECT for a good woman
all at the same time that your confidence
is exploding through the roof.

It’s also crucial to understand the link
between sex, love, and dedication.

Tiger Woods had reached ZENITH levels
of performance, but unfortunately was
his own worst enemy by losing control
when it came to women. I’m not judging
him, by the way, as his dedication to
his sport is truly an inspiration to all
who pursue excellence.

I’m just saying what HAPPENS, with the
same accuracy of math and science,
when you don’t treat the entities of
sex and love and dedication with
infinite respect.

Sylvester Stallone, born with partially
paralyzed facial muscles and mocked
for his first name as being a cartoon
cat, and put down by his father as
having no real talent, and born in
Hell’s Kitchen, ended up not only
PERSONIFYING the action hero,
and embodying the icon of masculinity,
and REINVENTING the action hero
for an entire generation, but then brought
it back for ANOTHER generation
that had never even been ALIVE
during his first “prime”.

He also proved how WRONG everyone
was not only the first time around when
no studio wanted to put him in his own
film he wrote, called "Rocky" in case
anyone here has been living on another
solar system and never heard of it,
but he also made the COMEBACK
of his life just a couple of years ago.

Everyone thought he couldn't do it,
no studio wanted to invest in him,
he had almost ZERO SOCIAL PROOF
going at the time, but he had HIS
AT FULL BLAST, which got the
attention of the QUALITY people
who are the decision makers.

Although his road from the begining was never
easy, along the way, even after success, he
AGAIN went through a massive challenge,
as he almost lost it all and lost his career,
and it seems hard to deny that losing control
with women and losing the RIGHT WOMAN
and then going for the WRONG woman played
a massive role in this part of his life where his
incredible career hit a low point.

Again, I am NOT judging and I truly
ADMIRE this man as one of the greatest
movie makers of all time, and it’s for this
reason that I have been so passionate
about understanding what is it that
causes failure and success, and it’s
mind-blowing that the very thing that
SKYROCKETS men’s success can also
be the thing that RUINS them- I’m talking
about women. The right one, you skyrocket,
the wrong one, you crash in an inferno
of destruction.

In my materials, I’m not interested

Only the very BEST information that’s critical
for your success in getting the right woman.

I’m also not interested in gross over-generalizations.

The truth is that success with women is about
the SUBTLETIES you display, a mixture of
burning confidence, dominance, and yet it’s
also about warmth, humor, and inspiration.

You will find what separates my material from
others is the painstaking attention to subtlety
and detail.

Anyone can just go through the GENERAL
idea of something, for example, anyone
can get the basics of a golf swing, but all
the tiny differences in angles, all the
SUBTLETIES are what make ALL the
difference between success and failure.

So I’m going to give you a quick rundown
of all my materials right here, and how they
fit in to your success with women:

1. The Dating Wizard E-Book

This is the very first book I wrote,
and it’s for every single guy out
there who is too “NICE” – and
trust me, I PERSONIFIED this,
which is why I understand how
HARD IT CAN BE to turn on the
“MAN” part of you when interacting
with women.

We are brainwashed from birth to believe
that all women are immaculate saints
who just want a “nice guy” and then we
get PUMMELED when we show this “nice”
stuff to women.

So this book is for solving that once and
for all. It’s at:

2. The Mastery Program

This takes you into the FULL DEPTH level
beyond the Dating Wizard book, it will
show you in absolute detail how to unleash
the sexual, masculine, dominant part of
your personality, and will even give you
an exact play-by-play A-Z roadmap you can
follow as a blueprint for what to do from
meeting a woman to getting her isolated
and getting physical with her.

You can check it out here:

3. The Get A Great Girl E-Book

This book is an absolute MUST for getting
a quality girlfriend, it will show you the
secrets that will make ALL the difference
between a woman feeling you’re just
another guy who’s “okay”, and you being
the kind of man that she wants to be with
for life.

This book is absolutely required reading
in a world full of TOXIC brainwashing
regarding attraction, dating, and love.

4. Actions For Attraction CD Set

This CD Set will arm you with the most
advanced APPLICATIONS of my concepts.

So for example, you’ve probably heard
a million times that you need to have
CONFIDENCE when approaching women,
or even that you MUST approach women
to get good at it, but the question on
your lips is probably “YEAH, BUT I

Well, just on this topic alone, you will
learn REVOLUTIONARY breakthrough
strategies that will OBLITERATE this
‘approach anxiety’ forever. I go into
full detail on HOW to do this, for over
an HOUR of detailed strategies and
how to apply them.

You’ll also learn how to break the ice
with women by getting them laughing
without you having to become a clown,
you’ll learn insights I got from a master
comedian who at one time was a 26
year old VIRGIN who had never even
KISSED a girl, and then became one
of the most successful men in the world
with women and even served as a guest
instructor at one of my real world bootcamps
where men approach women and attract
them in real life in real time.

You’ll hear the interview I conducted with him!
And you'll how to have the most effective chats
with women, making instant impact on women,
how to master all the crucial moments, and
much, MUCH more.
Having this information gives you an almost
UNFAIR advantage over other men when it comes
to meeting and attracting a quality girlfriend.

It’s at:

Get the dating life you want by getting your
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Be cool,

Michael Marks

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Truth On How To Get A Quality Girlfriend

Today, we're going to get into crucial insights
on how to get a quality girlfriend, starting from the
very first step, before you even know whether
or not she is a great girl because she is a total

So this could be anywhere, the bus, the post
office, the bank, the pizza shop, or the gym.


There's nothing more frustrating than seeing
a woman you'd like to approach and not
knowing what to say, right? Even if you've
done it successfully before, but then you've
been out of it for a few days, it can seem
tough if you aren't experienced.

The key to solving this is to COMBINE the
following two things:

Not only must you start approaching women
every day, but you must also build up a
repertoire of things to say that are NOT
cheeseball pick up lines that make her
feel cheap.

So, to make this process EASY, the first
step doesn't even require you to actually

Yes, I want you to walk up close to her,
just to acclimate yourself to the IDEA
and get calm about it, but you don't

For one entire week, don't even worry about
actually SAYING ANYTHING to her, instead,
every time you see a woman, try walking
past her, and then WRITE DOWN on paper
something you could say to her. Even if
takes you ten minutes to figure out what
to say, or what you could have said,

And then take it a step UP by writing down
RELEVANCE (read, are not BORING)

So if you're going to use humor, it
should be PLAYFUL, not mean-spirited
or trying to negate her self-esteem
even one tiny drop. (Yes, I'll give
you examples below!)

This might happen while going grocery shopping,
it may happen while you're at school, it may
happen while in line at the bank, while at the
post-office, it can happen ANYWHERE.

And EACH TIME you see a woman in a
different situation, you should write down
what you COULD have said to her.

So, for example, if she is filling up her car
with gas, and you're just walking by, you
can playfully tease her for polluting the
environment instead of being a good green
citizen like you who walks to save the earth.
(women tend to be MORE into saving the
environment than men, so she will NOT
get pissed, she will KNOW you are joking,
this will NOT hurt her feelings one drop.)

WRITE IT DOWN, so next time you know
what to say in that kind of situation.

all the different things you could have
said to her.

Keep the things interesting, playful, and upbeat.

If she's at the pizza shop, you can playfully
congratulate her for taking the message of
the movie "Eat Pray Love" to heart!  Tell
her you love a woman who isn't afraid of

You'll be READY for these situations the next
time they happen!

You'll see that it's much EASIER to do this
when there's no PRESSURE to actually have to
SAY anything. In fact, you'll start to WANT
these situations to happen again so you can
TAKE ACTION because now you are
mentally PREPARED and have been
WANTING it to happen!

By doing this, you are also training your mind
to start becoming RESOURCEFUL and
FAST so that you in fact WON'T need
any "lines", you will become a TRUE
"James Bond" type, in the sense your
mind will have the ability to GENUINELY
use the actual situation and environment
with this woman to have an interesting,
meaningful, and charismatic conversation.

All skills involve STEPS, and this is a
first important step.

If you're at the post office, waiting in line
and you want to chat to the woman in front
of you or behind you, etc, then you can
say something like, "With the line up this
long, by the time we get to the clerk, the
cost of postage is going to go up."

Or you can say something like:
"Not sure if the person I'm sending
this letter to will have moved by the
time I get to the clerk handling my
letter here". Then you can ask her if
she can hold your place in line for a
sec as you get a drink from the store.

The key is to write all this stuff down, and
to make it CONSISTENT with your personality.

In a week, you will have DOZENS of perfect
things to get a conversation started, all that
make sense for the situation and that are
consistent with your personality- and guess

You probably WON'T NEED TO USE THEM!

At the very LEAST, you'll need them LESS

Your mind will be trained from doing this
so much that you will find you keep
getting faster and NOT needing anything
you had actually stocked up on!


Here's the cool side-effect of doing this-
by writing down all these conversation
starters as back up in case you don't know
what to say, you will NOT ONLY actually be
training your mind to come UP with MORE stuff
on the SPOT, because you are stimulating the
creative flow of your mind in this way,

But you will also notice something ELSE:

As a result of of knowing what to say,
you will be able to RELAX more, so
you will be able to focus on the two
things that REALLY COUNT to successfully
attracting a woman:

1. The DELIVERY of the words you say.
(Even more important than the actual
words themselves.)

2. You will also be able to focus on LISTENING
to HER more than on worrying about what to SAY
to get the ball rolling.

Yes, LISTENING to the woman's
responses to what you are saying is
far more important than most guys
will EVER realize- this is a huge key
in having a great conversation that
actually ATTRACTS a woman rather
than just getting a polite response.

Since you will be relaxed on the "What
do I say?" issue, you will stop worrying
about "picking her up", and instead you
will now instinctively begin to focus
more on picking up *ON* what she's saying.

So now, you can have an effective, meaningful
conversation where you actually understand
her better and can give better feedback to
what she says to you.


This is the kind of thing that goes
beyond the "quick fix" mentality of
the "dating guru/pick up" scene:

When a woman tells you something, she wants
to feel understood. However, too often, as guys
we think that all we have to do is say, "Yeah,
me too, I did that too" to show we understand

Let me illustrate with an example:

When a woman tells you that she was
born in a really tough country where
poverty was everywhere, the best thing
you can do is probably be quiet and just
let her keep explaining things.

If you just interrupt her before she's finished
and you interject that you had the same experience,
you're almost taking away from the pain of her
experience by making her feel like it's not special.

Now, this doesn't mean that you should not explain
what you went through, if you went through something
similar, it just means that you shouldn't JUMP to
saying something like that right away, because too
often that type of thinking comes from ego and
from self-validation rather than trying to make
the other person feel special. So let the other
person truly express themselves, and ask
questions to try to understand.

And those questions should get to the emotional
core. Let's take a more happy example, let's
say she says she used to be a singer- don't say,
"Oh I used to be a singer too," or, "Oh, I used to
play the drums in a band".

Instead, you should truly seek info to understand,
so for example a good question to ask might be:
"What did it FEEL like to sing?" or "What made you want
to sing?" "What were some of the most powerful
emotional songs that you ever sang- the ones you
really felt ALIVE on???"

This is what leads to her wanting to meet you AGAIN
and take things to the next level.

This type of conversation is infinitely better
than superficial questions such as:
"Where did you perform?"
"What kind of money did you get paid?"
"Did you tour on a bus?"
"Did you get a lot of fan mail?"
Etc, etc.

You want to get to the emotional CRUX of the situation.


Too often, we are our own worst enemies.
Our own insecurities make us see insults and
pain and mean behavior where it doesn't even

So for example, you might start a conversation
with a woman, the woman might say "I can't
believe they let you in this store with that
shirt you're wearing" and you might feel
the woman is making fun of you, when in
reality she might be saying that your
shirt takes so much guts to wear because
the message or logo or picture or
WHATEVER was too much for
most people.

So you AGREE with whatever she said
and INTERPRET this as a compliment-
by saying, for example:

"Yeah, with this shirt on, no girls will
read any books, they'll just be eyeing
me instead!" And then give her a
mischievous wink and smile.

The wonderful thing about this 'interpret
everything as a compliment' is that you
can NEVER go wrong with it:

If the woman was truly being innocent
and good to you, then you come across
as a guy who with a great sense of humor.

However, even if the woman was being a little
nasty with attitude it will make her get that
"deer in headlights" look that comes from
being shocked that you are so UNTOUCHED and
completely unaffected by her- and THIS IN
ITSELF will often attract her, which will
give you the confidence to know you

This kind of confidence will allow you to
easily DROP this particular nasty one even
though she wants you, and you can MOVE ON
easily to a BETTER woman.

Knowing you have WORTH like this
helps you NOT go for just any
woman who shows she is attracted
to you, no matter how good looking
she seems.

Staying with a woman who chips away at
your self-esteem is NEVER a good idea,
and in fact it screws with your head
in such a way that you end up radiating
negative beliefs about women that you
end up showing to ALL women.

And that includes those women who
are the rare GEMS that are actually GREAT
quality women, and then from your
behavior, these quality women figure
you'll be nasty to them and so they run
away before you even get a chance to find
out what kind of quality women they
really are.


The reason most guys fail in their initial
conversations with women is NOT because
they aren't so funny or exciting, as a first
conversation doesn't always have to be
a big spectacle - a woman will sometimes
forgive all that, knowing that it's just
a first conversation, and that maybe she
needs to get to know you better.

HOWEVER, what you MUST do right away,
and do well, is be absolutely CONGRUENT.

This means don't pretend to be something
that you're NOT. If you don't have a healthy
lifestyle, don't pretend that you work out
everyday- she'll notice the cigarette box
in your pocket.

If you are a health nut, don't try to act
like you think drinking is "cool," and
don't pretend you drink at parties a lot
or that you visit the "hottest clubs",
just to show you are cool.

If you are going to say something, then
make sure you MEAN it, because if
you say stuff you don't really feel
in your heart, it will often SHOW up
as false from your body language
and from inconsistencies in your
stories, etc.

The inconsistencies will especially
make a quality woman sense a RED ALERT,
that is screaming out:"THIS GUY IS SKETCHY!"

The reason for this is because a quality
woman who is truly willing to invest herself
emotionally in a man, has a lot more at stake
than a woman who is not serious about a

A woman who is not serious about a relationship
is not worried about getting emotionally hurt,
since she is not invested emotionally.

However, a woman who IS serious about a
relationship has so much at stake, so much
at risk, that she is going to pay particular
attention to how CONGRUENT (consistent) a
man's actions and words are, and if they
aren't congruent, she's going to be out
of there at light speed.

Be consistent with who you really are,
(most guys instinctively HIDE this and
it backfires with the best women) and if
you don't like who you are in terms of
the things you are doing, then CHANGE
those things.

You have no idea of the power of delivering


This is one reason why you should also
speak SLOWER and utter every syllable
of your words, don't swallow them or
rush them.


When we are nervous, our body movements
are jittery. So take a deep breath and
consciously control your arms from
dangling around, stop tapping your
fingers nervously, stop your foot from
tapping nervously.

We are all created by the same Source,
so realize that you have every right and
every bit of worth to warrant calming down.


Too often, when trying to have a conversation
with a woman, it's almost an impulse to ask her
"leeching" questions- questions that just TAKE info,
questions that almost feel like an interrogation:

"What is your name?"

"Do you live around here?"

"What are you doing here?"

"How often do you come here?"

Why should a woman, especially a woman
who knows she has a lot to offer a guy,
want to give this info away when she
has received nothing from him?

Instead, start a conversation that sparks EMOTIONS:

You can comment playfully on what she is
reading. You can tell her a really interesting
thing that just happened to you a few moments
ago and THEN ask her for her opinion on why
these things keep happening to you.

The time to ask questions is once a woman
is already interested in you, because then
your questions are welcomed, and even then
your questions should be as described above,
they should help you understand her emotional
core much better.

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Friday, August 6, 2010


On the Get A Great Girl Forum (a great place to visit!),
a question was raised:


"Don't you hate it when you really want to approach a
beautiful woman but you find that there is some reason
that you're not able to? Is it because she looks too
occupied herself or is it cause of reasons on your half?

Cause right now what keeps happening to me is that I
see a beautiful woman somewhere but yet I can't seem to
switch my mindset to the approach etc because of other things."


First of all, there are some GREAT answers that other
cool guys on the forum posted as well, which I suggest you
check out at

Here is my immediate feedback:

Don't worry about the outcome, don't even focus
on getting anything out of all this.

Instead, just see how much IMPACT you can squeeze
out of just 30 SECONDS with the woman you're chatting to!!


So you don't have to feel like you have to even think
about dates, sex, marriage, or even beyond the next
30 seconds!

See how much fun you can infuse into your vibe,
even if it's just for 30 seconds.

How much intrigue, fun, charisma, etc.

So for just 30 seconds, use your TONALITY
the best you can.  For just 30 seconds, draw
up from your inner soul the best VIBE you can,
for just 30 seconds be THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

The great thing about this of course is that once
you've done 30 seconds, you won't want to quit,
because states of mind are catchy and addictive
and you'll want to do more and more!
Check out this discussion on the FORUM at:

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