Saturday, July 20, 2013

How To Use Humor To Succeed With Women

In a world of confusion and lies, I would
like to spread some TRUTH when it comes
to attracting women.  I’m on a break right
now, so I only have a few minutes before
I have to get back to the real thing, so
this is going to be “short and sweet” today.

Have you ever heard women say they like
a guy who is FUNNY?

This is one of those things you have to be
careful of, because there are plenty of guys
who are funny that don’t seem to get the
women, but then again there are other
guys who are funny who seem to get
incredible women. 

So allow me to explain what is going on.

Humor can be used to convey different things.

For example, it can be used to convey

If a woman asks you about where you live,
or what you do, and you can tell she is asking
it just to make conversation and not because
it really is a serious question, or if you can
tell how most guys try so hard to qualify
themselves and try to impress women
with their answers, you can instead say
something like:

“I live in a cardboard box and I am very
ambitious, as I plan to move into a huge
cardboard box as soon as I get one from
someone throwing out their cardboard box for
a big-screen TV.”

So you are being funny and you are simultaneously
showing you don’t feel a need to qualify yourself,
so you are showing confidence.

At the same time, humor of ANY sort can be
powerful when you are trying to break through
the barriers of being a TOTAL STRANGER when
you see a woman out in public somewhere that
you would like to meet.

If you can get a woman LAUGHING, you
OVER-RIDE the part of her brain that plays
the TOO-CAUTIOUS role and in general works
to shut DOWN the guys who approach her.

But since you got her LAUGHING, she
can’t help but feel DIFFERENTLY and
feel more POSITIVE about this whole

So humor does not always have to be about
order to be of MASSIVE VALUE when
meeting and approaching women, especially
women who are total strangers.

With all the stories on the news regarding
psychos, it sure helps if you can get a woman
RELAXED when you are approaching her.

Studies have shown that it is hard to NOT LIKE
someone who had just made you laugh three times.

A lot of men worry about coming across in some
creepy  way to women.  Well, one SIMPLE answer
to this problem is to get her laughing, because if
she is laughing, she SIMPLY CANNOT HELP

So now, at that point, you can NOW unleash
ALL of your skills that you have learned on
attracting women, because she is now OPEN
to the DISCUSSION with you. 

So humor can OPEN THE DOORS for you
to allow you to work your magic.

By the way, there's one last element
regarding humor that I didn't mention
here, that is in a way the most
IMPORTANT of all, and it is something
that just about all women realize:

Powerful humor also conveys INTELLIGENCE.

So, in a world where so many men seem to
only be able to whistle cat-calls at women,
and who seem to only have the one-dimension
of being interested in the physical, it
to women that in addition to having a
already knows if she is attractive),

Intelligence is one of those things that
you don't want to convey in a dry CEREBRAL
way, but rather in a JUICY EMOTIONAL WAY.

And powerful humor allows you to do
exactly that- it PROVES your intelligence
and it does it without sounding BORING
and without sounding as if you are insecure
and have to explain it directly.

INDIRECT and EMOTIONAL is the way to
CONVEY what you want to convey, and
HUMOR conveys intelligence in an

And if you would like to learn MORE about
humor, I suggest you check out a special
audio program I conducted with a man who
I personally met several times, and who I
can verify is fantastic with women and who
even once served as a guest instructor and
speaker at one of my bootcamps.

He had no real experience with women until
he was 26 years old, and then he decided to
change everything around for himself when it
came to women.  He learned it all from scratch,
and his story is even described in a best-selling

One of the big things about this man is that he
also happens to be INCREDIBLY FUNNY.

In fact, just about everything regarding his style
with attracting women involves humor.  

I got a chance to conduct a special interview with
him where all we did was focus on one topic, and
that topic is HUMOR.


It is very rare to get a chance to get “into the mind”
of a guy like this, who really “gets it” when it comes
to humor.

Download this special program IMMEDIATELY and
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Prepare For Ultimate Success When Approaching Women

Today I want to share with you a super EASY and
yet super EFFECTIVE strategy for improving your
success when it comes to approaching women

The key is to do what I am about to say LONG BEFORE
the moment of opportunity arises, so that you don’t have
to start THINKING and the strategy can then go into
effect almost instinctively since you put the work in
long before.  In other words, you will be prepared for
when that gorgeous beauty appears.

You can do this at night so that you are ready for
approaching women the next day.

What you should do is VISUALIZE in your mind a
situation where you may realistically find a woman
you’d like to chat to.  Choose one specific location
that has a high chance of you finding a woman there,
and that has some opportunity for conversation.

So it could be some kind of local market, it could be
a bookstore, it could be a coffee shop, it could be
some fun event, etc, etc. Choose one and make it
as specific as possible. 

Making it as specific as possible helps take 
out the UNKNOWN factors, so that you are 
as truly prepared psychologically as possible
for when the real event occurs, since none of 
it will be shocking because you already  
pictured it all.

Then, think about EVERYTHING you might say
to her as an opening to the conversation, whether
it’s a comment on something she is doing or on
the situation she is in, or even a comment that
is intriguing or playful about something UPBEAT
or fun that is in the news.

DECIDE on what it will be, make it SPECIFIC.

Now, visualize her REACTION, think about all
the different things she MIGHT say.  Remember
that most women are in fact VERY social and
are NOT mean-spirited, even if she does feel
the need to test whether you are serious or not.

And think about all the DETAILS now, including
how you are FEELING. Often, just PICTURING
all this is enough to get your heart racing, and
that’s OKAY.  The idea is to experience it all
BEFORE it happens, so that you will NOT be
overwhelmed when indeed the REAL approach happens.

Picture how you might react to what SHE says
back to you, and what you might say in return.

It doesn’t MATTER if what you PICTURE ends
up being DIFFERENT from what actually happens,
whether what you pictured is different from what
she says or from what you say. 

The more work you do beforehand, the less
work it will be later.  Again, this is
not just about "what to say" but rather
it also about going through all the
EMOTIONS you may experience.

The more vivid the picture you create in
your mind beforehand, the more you will
GENUINELY experience the emotions.

So remember to also picture what she might
LOOK like, what she might be WEARING,
and remember what the details of the
environment around you might be, and
what it might sound like.  For example,
there might be the sound of a crowded
bus or train or cafe humming with activity
and people chatting in the background.

Be READY for all this. 

The real key here is to both prepare yourself
psychologically  as well as technically in
terms of having SOMETHING in mind that you
can work with as the theme for your conversation
with her.

Also, THINK about how you might incorporate
some of the powerful things you learn from my
material.  For example, SLOWING down your
pace of delivering the words. Focusing on
LISTENING to the real meaning behind her
words, so you can give a powerful response.
Starting casually, and building to a deeper

Remembering also that humor requires a bit
of risk-taking, but it should be INTELLIGENT
risk-taking.  LEADING the interaction and not
expecting the woman to be the one to ask for
your number, and not expecting the woman to
be the one to suggest you continue the conversation
over a coffee, remember it has to be YOU leading
the INITIAL "courtship" between you and a woman.

These are just SOME of the important things
that you might keep in MIND as you mentally
PREPARE long before the actual moment
of opportunity arises.

It’s also important, that if you are anxious that
things might somehow go "WRONG" (I put
wrong in quotes, because there is no wrong,
in the same way a sports athlete is not "wrong"
if he doesn’t score a goal, he is only "wrong" if
he doesn’t play his best) you should actually

Picture it ALL. If you fear that you might panic,
get that panicky feeling NOW rather than later.
Soak in that feeling again and again and again,
picturing it all, till you burn up all the panic
energy you got inside of you and you start
to feel calm again.

The key to success with women is not to leave
it all up to LUCK.  Instead, you must be prepared
from long BEFOREHAND. 

What you have just read is POWERFUL advice,
and yet it barely scratches the SURFACE of
all the incredible strategies you will find in my

As you can see from this newsletter, the MIND
is the most POWERFUL resource you have for
skyrocketing your success with women.  Most
men NEVER learn how to best USE their mind,
so instead of using their mind, their mind instead
controls THEM and takes over, and often
SABOTAGES their results with women.

Become the master of your MIND in all the
ways that apply to attracting women, or your
mind will control YOU.

Unless a man understands that, he is destined
to suffer infinitely. If he does NOT understand
this, it doesn't even matter if he HAS a harem
of women, eventually he will LOSE them all, and
not only this, he will drop to the depths of the
abyss when it comes to loneliness, neediness, and

If you can fully appreciate the GRAVITY of
these words, I seriously suggest you get my
most powerful program on this topic of how
to ensure your MIND is programmed
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The program is called WARRIOR WITHIN because
it's about developing your self WITHIN for
success with women.

This program is especially important for attracting
a woman long-term, because there is no way to
FAKE the right behaviors with a woman long-term.
Instead, you have to really BE "THE MAN" on
this deepest level. A quality woman is searching
out your personality for this from the first
instant she meets you. She’s going to be looking
for the things you will learn in this program.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sometimes The Best Costs More

There are a few things that I think you’d
like to know when it comes to getting the
best knowledge on self-improvement, on
attracting women, and on getting the kind
of quality woman that would make for
a fantastic girlfriend.

Honesty and integrity are hard things to find.
In fact, when it comes to really important  
things, most people agree that there should
be certain laws, a certain amount of

So, for example, doctors are not allowed to
turn their practices into typical businesses
with things like “SALE WEEK, ALL
SERVICES 20% OFF!” or anything like

The reason is because we want to prevent
a deterioration of services, where everything
becomes about who is the cheapest, or who
is the best at marketing or fooling people, and
it is no longer about who is truly serving
people’s needs the best.

If you remember the movie ROBOCOP,
the POLICE force became a business,
it was privatized into a corporate entity,
and we can see how dangerous that would
be as well.

CORRUPTION sets into any human endeavor
whenever it CAN.

There needs to be RULES in order to
keep corruption in check.

Everything in life has RULES.
Without it, there is total chaos
and corruption.

When it comes to the FINANCIAL
SYSTEM, we can now see how horrifying
of a mistake it was to allow so many of the
various players in that system to be
SELF-REGULATED, as it is kind of like
allowing DRACULA to be the one to
regulate the RED CROSS.

There was no REAL regulating power to
keep corruption in check.

The bottom line is, BUSINESS is not always
the same as HELPING PEOPLE.

Have you noticed that things don't tend to
LAST AS LONG as they used to, when it comes
to many, many things you purchase?

This is because companies figured out that
CHEAP is the way to go, since most people
won't KNOW how poor the quality is till
it's too late after they bought whatever
it is they bought.

A long time ago, things were made of the
highest quality, ironically, because there
was LESS competition so a GOOD company didn't
have to worry about a competitor creating a
CHEAPER but INFERIOR version, which ends
up creating a RACE TO THE BOTTOM to see
who can create the crappier product for
CHEAPER in order to win the customer
who was ignorant to how inferior it was.  


but being paid FAIRLY for it so that the person
providing the help is still motivated to help rather
than go starving because he or she is helping

Okay, so when it comes to the DATING ADVICE
field, there is basically ZERO REGULATION.

So, all the most shady business practices that can apply
to any other business most definitely apply to the
dating advice field as well.  Strategies like half-truths,
misleading video footage, misleading articles,
manipulative tactics, and preying on those who are
IGNORANT runs rampant.

Trust me, if I cared only about making money I
would be engaging in all the same tactics that
you see out there, from misleading video footage
of pick-ups, to half-truths mixed with lots of
lies, to endless talk about how every day is
somehow the “last day” to get some product of
mine at some “low” price.

I don’t engage in that manipulative b.s.
My programs have pretty much stayed at the same
prices since day one. 

My personal coaching programs stayed at the same
price for a long time, but because my time is extremely
valuable and because of supply and demand, I have
had no choice but to raise the cost of my one-on-one
personal consultations or I would be doing nothing
but consultations, and I actually have other commitments
that I need to give my time toward as well. 

And I gave a long advance notice of this, possibly
a year or two ago, that my live programs would go up,
but that this was not some “sales” tactic or “scare” tactic.  
It was a genuine advance warning for anyone who wanted
To get the benefit of those services while they were still
at the same price.

It is important to also realize that I started helping men
in this field long before it became trendy.  My first book
came out in 2003, and I was being covered in the news
and media long before the vast, vast, vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast
majority of any dating coaches out there.  It was
also long before the book “The Game” was ever
even published.
What this should signify to you is that this field
is something that  I naturally gravitated toward
because it was my passion, it was not something
that I saw everyone else doing, and it was not that
I thought it would be some type of thing to mimic
for sh*ts and giggles.

The bottom line is this: I don’t engage in the
manipulative b.s.  because I don’t care for it,
I would rather focus on being the BEST.

But not everyone out there can appreciate the
difference between the best and the mediocre.   
It takes some KNOWLEDGE in the first place
to even be able to TELL.  

To a starving person, a Mickey Dee’s CHEESEBURGER
is just as good as a STEAK.

And I understand that most guys are so starving
when it comes to how to be successful with women,
they go for the CHEESEBURGER advice thinking
it is the greatest thing on earth.

So rather than selling a BILLION cheeseburgers,
I instead sell GRADE A STEAKS.

I don’t sell a billion cheeseburgers.
I don’t have 'over one billion served'.
I only sell the best, to people who can TELL
the difference.

And that’s just a small group of people, to be honest.
And for that reason, I need to charge more, because
I am only dealing with the BEST.

I don't sell a TON.
I sell the BEST quality.

A Rolls Royce will cost more than your average car,
but if you can afford it, you will see it is better.

My time is valuable, and there is nobody out there
offering the same quality of my live coaching
programs, including my personal consultations.

Many years of my life went into mastering this
knowledge, and getting the personal private
coaching from me indeed will cost you more
than getting the coaching from some guy
who is trying to imitate me.

If you can’t buy my live coaching programs right
now, you can always get my home study programs,
and if that is also beyond your reach at the moment,
you can always keep on reading my free newsletters,
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the programs of all my competitors combined.

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Michael Marks

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Women Are Attracted To Men With PRIDE, And REPULSED By Men Who SMILE Too Much

Since day one, the biggest thing to me has
been to stay AWAY from all gimmicks.


And MAN, do I have a BIG one for you today. 

In fact, if you read my very first book,
The Dating Wizard, which was published
in 2003, you can see that I was against the
use of all sorts of gimmicks back then, and
that this book teaches how you can truly
BECOME the man that women want instead
of how to put on an "act".

One of the biggest things I have been teaching
throughout the years are things that fly in the
face of "accepted practice", and that’s because
"accepted practices" such as smiling at women
and showing them how NICE I could be got me
NOWHERE with women.

On the other hand, as I started to become far
noticed way, way, WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY 

better results.

This used to drive me nuts, and I couldn’t figure
it out, as I used to think women loved MEAN men.

Then, I finally realized that it was all about a
tiny SUBTLETY – it was about the SUBTLE
messages being given off by all that smiling
and niceness.

The message was:

And women, across ALL cultures and geographic
regions of the PLANET, are not attracted to men
who behave with LOW confidence, men who
behave as if they have no POWER.

In other words, men with no PRIDE.
So, you COULD smile at a woman, but the fact
is, the way MOST men smile at women who
are hot is a SUBMISSIVE smile.

It is not the kind of smile that says YOU want ME.
It’s a smile that says the following:

"I want YOU but I don't have the value to be
WORTHY of you. Therefore, I am going to SHOW
you through this smile how much I will SERVE
you, be
submissive to you, and do whatever
you want, because I feel that is a
fair deal

since YOU have the value and I don't'."

And, ultimately, a woman feels far more DESIRABLE
when the desire is coming from a man who KNOWS
he is wanted and who ALSO wants HER.

After all, if a man feels he has no value, then his
desire for her is NOT as flattering as it would be
if he KNEW and FELT and BEHAVED like he
was the ULTIMATE man.

Yes, women DO want to be lusted after, but it has
to be by a man who isn't behaving as if HE has
no worth.

So, for example, you could even TELL a woman
a compliment IF that compliment is delivered
in a way that shows you BELIEVE she will be
FLATTERED by it, rather than if you believe
you NEED to do those kinds of things to
get her to "agree" to be with you. 

And I have received an important email from a cool guy
with yet even MORE RESEARCH that PROVES
every thing I have been saying.

In fact, not only is MALE PRIDE something that is
viewed by women as making men MORE attractive,
but FEMALE PRIDE is viewed by men as making
women seem LESS attractive, and also men SMILING
seems to HURT men's "attractiveness" while WOMEN
SMILING seems to IMPROVE women's attractiveness.

So much for the B.S. advice that boys have been brainwashed
to believe by politically correct forces of how women just
want a "SMILING NICE guy".     

This doesn't mean that you should never smile.
That would be insane advice for me to give.
What it means is that men should stop TRYING SO HARD

There is a REASON that in all of CLINT EASTWOOD'S
MOVIES, he almost NEVER smiles, and it is not a
COINCIDENCE that he was (and probably still is by
many women) considered so absolutely DESIRABLE.

His characters were NOT the SMILEY types
His characters DID have TONS of pride.

Same thing with the BOND character.
He doesn't smile much, but he sure has LOADS of PRIDE.


And also, when you think of the WOMEN that men have
stereotype is a woman who SMILES GENUINELY
and who does NOT come across as having too much
pride or arrogance.

Think of, for example, MARILYN MONROE.

This is UNIVERSAL across cultures.

It is HOGWASH when SOME feminists say that
"it’s just a matter of "culture" and environment that
makes men prefer women who DO smile, who DO 
behave friendly." 

Men do NOT get turned on by the same behaviors
in women as women get turned on by in MEN.

It makes SENSE, that men, who have more TESTOSTERONE,
won't be SMILING as much as women.  It makes sense, that
a man with PRIDE in fact WOULD be more attractive to
a woman, because it would mean he is a man who is an

It makes SENSE that a man would find a woman who seemed
she would be WARM to him, she would be TRUSTWORTHY
to be the MOTHER of his children and to be a CARING
MOTHER and more than just a sexual companion but
rather a sexual companion that would be loyal.   

Men should exhibit PROUD expressions and
women should exhibit FRIENDLY expressions
IF they want to be at their "sexiest".

Here are some quotes from a recent study by
Jessica L. Tracy and Alec T. Beall from the
University of British Columbia concerning
"The Impact of Emotion Expressions on Sexual


"Across two studies using different images
and samples ranging broadly in age (total N _ 1041),
a large gender difference emerged in the sexual
attractiveness of happy displays: happiness was
the most attractive female emotion expression,
and one of the least attractive in males.

In contrast, pride showed the reverse pattern;
it was the most attractive male expression, and
one of the least attractive in women."

The study also goes on to say that while smiling
may be SOCIALLY the right thing to do for
both men and women, it HARMS men’s initial
attractiveness to women, but it INCREASES
women’s attractiveness.

This is why for MEN, not exactly trying to "fit in"
is often PART of what makes a man attractive, even
though it costs him some social points with the
rest of society.

So now you can understand why so many women
LOVE "bad boys" but why most men don't find
"bad girls" to be sexy.

But you don’t HAVE to be a "bad boy", you just
have to behave with DOMINANCE.

Going too far with being a "bad boy" will
DESTROY your relationships. Ultimately,
if your behavior makes her feel WORSE
rather than better, then you're going
too far.

And if you are reading this right now, I would
love to show you the RIGHT WAY on HOW to
incorporate this vital concept for attraction,
as well as TONS of other essentials for
attracting the women of your choice. 

will learn TONS of pure GOLD for
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This program contains TONS of strategies and
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E-Book called "Get A Great Girl" then
DEFINITELY do that as well. A lot of guys
out there take the "don't be a nice guy" advice
OUT OF CONTEXT and end up destroying
their relationships.

If you plan on actually getting a quality
girlfriend, and KEEPING her, you NEED to
read this book as well. 

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Michael Marks

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Want Women To Treat You Well? Read This NOW.

If you are ready for the truth, you are about to get a BOAT LOAD of it regarding women, dating, and relationships.

ONE: A Bit Of FEAR Is Required

What I mean by this, is that in ANY situation where
someone VALUES something, there is a bit of
FEAR regarding losing that thing.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is full of crap.

Even great martial artists have SOME fear in them,
but they learn to HARNESS their fear and use it
to their advantage.

A bit of FEAR regarding being IMMORAL is a
DRIVING force for EXCELLENCE and prevents
CORRUPTION as well. (In ALL areas of life,
not just in dating.)

Similarly, if a woman has ZERO FEAR of losing you,
if she feels SOOOOOOOO at ease around you that she
feels NOTHING could possibly be bad about LOSING
you, she is going to be a HORRIBLE GIRLFRIEND

There NEEDS to be a bit of fear to keep the human
at bay.

Usually, the greatest performers in their respective fields
feel the same way.  I believe Steven Spielberg has mentioned
that he STILL feels a bit of fear every time he gets on set
to direct a movie. He also feels that this is a GOOD sign
that the movie will turn out right.

Great fighters often will tell you that it is not true that they
have NO FEAR, it is just that they have learned to USE
their fears.

Similarly, a QUALITY WOMAN is the kind of woman
who APPRECIATES a GOOD MAN so much, that she
has just a BIT of FEAR inside her regarding wanting to

Now how many attractive women like this are there out there?    

They do exist, and you ABSOLUTELY CAN find them with
persistence and know-how, but the answer to the question is
that these kinds of women are VERY RARE. 

This is because things like morality, family, long-term thinking,
dedication, and sensitivity are not as popular as promiscuity,
selfishness, and thinking only about the short-term.

There are very few men and women who really CARE

So, as SOON as you detect a woman is a little TOO
CONFIDENT around you, I suggest you get the heck
OUT of that situation. (Obviously if you are married
or have kids with this woman or if you have been
together for a long time, I would suggest you try
to fix the situation first.)

I don’t mean to say that a woman should be shivering
around you in fear.

What I DO mean is, that the same way YOU would
not want to screw things up with a great woman,
so too SHE should show some signs of this caution
as well.

Here’s something else I need to tell you:


The REAL TRUTH is that most people, both men and
women, KNOW when they are mistreating someone,
but CORRUPTION sets in when there is too much
power, and those who are corrupted will try to

So, with women who are spoiled, they will PUSH
when YOU call them on their CRAPPY BEHAVIOR,
especially if you do this with TOTAL CONFIDENCE

Suddenly, such a woman, for the first time in her LIFE,
is being told in no uncertain terms that she is behaving
in a WRONG WAY, by a man who has NO FEAR in leaving her.

This is FRIGHTENING for a spoiled woman, and
it also TEMPORARILY sets her BACK ON THE


To all this, I say SCREW IT, DON’T GO THERE,
AND GET THE HECK AWAY, unless she did something
SUPER MINOR that cannot be considered an insult,
and even then, you should still call her on it.

So many men, they take my materials, they use them
only a DROP, and they see how women IMPROVE,
but they don’t take my FULL ADVICE, which is

When I talk about BEING THE MAN and not
taking B.S. from women, I really MEAN IT,
it is not some TEMPORARY TACTIC just
to get a woman into bed.  If you use it as a
TACTIC and are somehow willing to sleep
with a woman  just because calling her on
her b.s. was enough to get her to have sex
with you, you still haven’t learned the
BIGGER LESSON, which is that this is
not about tricks to get women into bed,
MIND STRONG to not get involved with
the WRONG women.

Just because you CAN get a woman who is
attractive into bed does not mean you SHOULD.
You will lose your CONVICTION AND DEEP
SEATED BELIEF in the VALUE of only being
with quality, trustworthy, decent women if you
allow yourself to also be in the circle of corrupt

And then, when you lose your INNER GAME
In this sense, you lose EVERYTHING, including
your ability to even get the selfish and corrupt

So, to get back to the main point, you WANT
a woman who indeed has just a bit of fear
around you in the sense that she does not

She does not and should not feel this fear
ALL THE TIME, and it should not be
overwhelming, but she MUST have some
of this fear, or the relationship WILL be
headed for DESTRUCTION.

Now, even a good woman is human, and she might
do something super MINOR, and in those situations,
you should just call her on her behavior, tell
her it was wrong, and she should immediately
improve permanently on that issue.  If she
does not, then she is not a quality woman
and you should leave her.



There are endless debates about whether it is
possible or natural for a man and woman to
be faithful to each other for life.

The truth is, on one hand, it is NOT natural.
We will always feel SOME attraction to
gorgeous members of the opposite sex,
no matter how much we love and are
attracted to the person we are with.

On the other hand, it IS natural, in the same
sense that human beings have succeeded in
doing all kinds of challenging things.

So, for example, plumbing and toilets are NOT
natural. Should we, therefore, crap on the floor?

Instead, human beings make the CHOICE to
elevate themselves, through philosophy, through
science, through spirituality, and through discipline,

Going to the MOON is not natural, but most
people would argue that human beings exploring
space is something that human civilization

And to really focus in on the issue of faithfulness,
there really is one key question, which is HOW
to do it, right?

And the answer to the HOW is simple:

One makes the CHOICE.

If you want to become a DOCTOR, you are
going to have to do a lot of studying.  More
studying than might feel “natural”.

But if one makes the CHOICE to become a
doctor, they ACCEPT all the studying they
will have to do, and suddenly it no longer feels
like a BURDEN, but rather a way of LIFE
that is meaningful.

It is the same thing with FAITHFULNESS
and monogamy.

I’m not telling anyone they shouldn’t date
more than one woman, and I’m not telling
any woman they shouldn’t date more than
one man.

What I AM saying is that if you are already
the kind of man who knows HE can be faithful
to one woman, you need to meet a woman who
already has made the CONSCIOUS CHOICE
to live a life of faithfulness.

If she has never thought about these things,
you should NOT date her.  You CANNOT
make someone faithful or feel that fidelity
is right for them. 


It has to be the way they APPROACH the
whole CONCEPT. 

A woman should make it clear to you
through conversation and through actions
that she has already made that choice.

This concept goes back to the concept of
EXISTENTIALISM, which in a nutshell
means that an individual can DEFINE his
own reality by CHOOSING what meaning
he gives to his own reality or situation.

Faithfulness can be looked at as a burden,
or it can be looked at as a special act of love,
a joyful form of giving, a reflection of  one’s
character, and a constantly growing bond
between a man and a woman.

But you can’t go around trying to TEACH
a woman any of this. She must already BE
that woman.

If you have any questions, I do have a personal
consultation service, and I do have the most
powerful programs on the planet for helping
you meet and attract a quality woman.

Consultations are at:

A catalogue with all my special programs for
meeting and attracting quality women is at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Breaking Past The "Stranger Factor" When Meeting Women

Today’s newsletter really should come with
a huge orchestra to introduce it, because it’s
THAT monumental, it’s THAT crucial to
your success with women, ESPECIALLY
when it comes to approaching and attracting
women who are total strangers that you
might happen to see ANYWHERE.

The good thing for you from all this is that
what you read here comes from the real world,
where something either WORKS or DOESN’T,
and I only give you what has been tested to

So here is the first thing for today:

When Approaching Women Who Are Strangers
In Places That Are NOT Clubs, Lounges, Or
Otherwise “Officially” For Socializing, You
Can BREAK THROUGH The “Stranger-Barrier”

The EXCEPTION to this is if you KNOW you
have something to say that is a SURE-FIRE way
to get her LAUGHING.

So why is this the case?
The reason starting off ULTRA SERIOUS in your
TONE is important, is because the fact is that women
are subconsciously a bit WEARY of talking to total
strangers in places that are not especially “APPROVED”
as places for socializing with strangers, i.e. a club
or lounge or whatever i.e. a party somewhere.

So her MIND-SET is “watch out for strangers”.
Is this the case EVERY SINGLE time?
No, but it OFTEN is, and even when it ISN’T,
this “caution alarm” can STILL go off even
AFTER you’re already in a conversation if
you seem untrustworthy or creepy in some way
which is usually the product of somehow seeming
as if you are not telling her the truth.

But back to the very FIRST MOMENT, the first
thing you say to her.  Her “caution” alarm is ON.

So, by starting the conversation with ULTRA-SERIOUS
voice tonality and facial expression, you are subconsciously
sending the message to her that this is URGENT, and you
bypass the “caution alarm”.

This has to be done right.  Don’t start with a huge long
speech that is serious.

Keep it BRIEF.
If you've studied my "Chats From Scratch"
program, you know that I teach that LESS is more.
You should always do the MINIMUM that needs to
be done to get the job done.     
So even if you were to start with the words:
“Excuse me”, this would be FINE, even though
I’m not the biggest fan of having to excuse yourself
with anything, but the fact of the matter is that your
TONALITY is more important than the words
when it comes to this especially.

So it’s not like you are saying these words in
some kind of weak, submissive way, but rather
you are saying them with AUTHORITY and

“But Michael, don’t you talk about being upbeat
and all those other things”?  I can hear you saying
this possibly right about now.

And the answer is YES, because your MINDSET
WHEN YOU SAY i.e. “Excuse me” to her in fact
is NOT bitter, upset, or depressed.  You CAN feel
good about all this.

Plus, this entire SKILL of approaching and attracting
women really has different PARTS to it, and in those
first few MILLISECONDS a LOT  happens just from
your TONALITY alone.

This is why I LOVE teaching guys this IN PERSON on
It all is very subtle and happens very fast, so it helps

Plus, since I’ve been teaching this for over ten YEARS,
I understand not only how to do it, but how to TEACH
it, I have sifted through the THOUSANDS of action-reactions
to see which ACTIONS are actually the ones that get
the results with women, and which actions are superfluous
and are simply wasting your energy or time so that you
ONLY do what works.

So in that first INSTANT, your tonality is GRIM
serious, it’s authoritative, it may even be almost
ACCUSATORY. (I said ALMOST, remember.)

THIS is what’s important to BREAK through her

Now, PLEASE get me right here, when I say that I think

I do NOT think that most women are bi*&^es!!!!
They MUST protect themselves, otherwise they
will spend every friggen’ SECOND of their day
dealing with the WRONG guys.

From THERE, you can then go on with whatever
you were going to say, whether it’s getting her
perspective on some recent topic in popular culture
from rock stars to movie stars to some other
fun entertainment news, or you could be even
just tell her anything really interesting that
just happened to you or even that you read
in a magazine or book lately.

So this leads to part TWO:

The idea here in part TWO is REALLY to build toward
getting FEEDBACK from her.

And, more importantly, not just getting FEEDBACK,
but LISTENING so damn, damn WELL to her that
you start to learn a lot about HER.
And this leads to part THREE:

Part THREE is about finding something that you
truly RESPECT and/or ADMIRE in her deepest
sense of IDENTITY, and then VALIDATING
that identity.

One thing I can’t understand is laziness when it comes
to getting something AMAZING.

To me, personally, women that I find attractive is
really not just “nice”, it’s FREAKIN' AMAZING.

I freaking LOVE it.

And whether people want to admit it or not, the
truth is, sex, love, and connection COMBINED
are what make the world go ROUND.

When it comes right down to it, most people
couldn't give a rat’s ass about money for it’s
own sake of the "things" it could buy for

If a guy thought he could have a thousand of the
most gorgeous women on earth including the one
he loved the most, ALL of whom were all totally
IN LOVE with him and couldn’t get enough of him,
would he really be feeling "down in the gutter"
because he didn’t wear a Rolex or live in a castle?

I mean, the fact is, these women are with him,
and think that HE is the man, not anyone ELSE.

Most men want power simply because they want
to REASSURE themselves that THEY are “the man”,
and of course getting the WOMEN is the ultimate
way for most men to know they are the man.

I’m not saying whether this is HEALTHY, I’m
just saying what actually IS for the most part.

So, if a guy doesn’t want to LEARN how to do
this stuff, that is FINE, it simply means that
either he doesn’t believe it will work, or he
simply doesn’t REALLY want to get good
when it comes to attracting women.

And as far as believing, the proof is as simple
as SEEING it with his own eyes.  And to be
honest, I have had clients in the past who
were blind who ALSO did amazing with
women, so FEELING that woman on you
is probably the ULTIMATE proof, or having
that woman communicate her passion for you
is the ultimate proof.

So, the proof is there.  The only thing that
remains is whether you really WANT to
get good at this skill or not.

Now, back to the point about VALIDATING
her identity.

This is a HUGE topic.  In fact, my program
called Attraction MASTERY begins with the
words "If you can give a woman the gift of
self-esteem, she will be yours FOREVER".

(It's at )

I seriously suggest you get my Attraction
Mastery program if you want to master this

The idea of validating her identity is NOT
about just complimenting her, but rather it
is about validating what she feels is an
INTEGRAL part of who she is.

This is why it’s so important to LISTEN to
what she is saying, and to PROPERLY read
between the lines as well.

The truth is, you ALREADY do this kind of
thing with your BEST friends, you understand
them beyond just what they are SAYING, you
also understand what they MEAN from every
slight detail in their tonality, expression, etc.

But with your friends, it’s EASY, because you
already have become an EXPERT over time

But I can hear many of you saying that you
don't just want to be FRIENDS with a woman,
and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND that!  But if you
are meeting a woman who is a TOTAL STRANGER
and you want to get her to go from being
TOTAL STRANGER to being with you on the most
intimate physical and emotional level, it
is damn important to learn this skill.  

You have to learn to get to know a woman
who is a total stranger, and get to know
her in just a few MINUTES.

The good news is that if you are listening
CAREFULLY, you will often get right to her
CORE in just a few MOMENTS.

And women will NOT be creeped out by this,
they will instead by APPRECIATIVE on the
most POWERFUL level.

PLUS, doing this also allows YOU to figure out
if a woman is the RIGHT match for you or if
would be better off spending your time on
ANOTHER woman.

Many men spend MONTHS or even YEARS
with a woman until they find out she was
the WRONG match.

These skills will allow you to SAVE all that
energy, emotion, and TIME.
But again, I want to stick to the MAIN point
of this newsletter, which is the SUCCESSFUL
start of the chat with a woman who is a
TOTAL stranger.

Just because a woman who is a stranger doesn’t tell
you to get out of her sight right away, does not mean
you are doing the approach RIGHT.

She could be just tolerating it out of courtesy,
but the ticking on the countdown has already
begun as she looks for a way out, IF you
are doing it WRONG.

So starting it off serious, allows you to immediately
bypass her “Guy who is a goofball” ALARMS.

A lot of men start conversations with women in
ways that are PURPOSELY “goofy” and laughable
but not really funny.  The reason for being intentionally
goofy is because this way, there is now an EXCUSE
for “rejection”.

Being GOOFY, a guy can say to himself:

“Well, I was OBVIOUSLY being goofy, that was not
really ME she rejected, she doesn’t know the REAL me,
she rejected me because I WANTED to get rejected
by acting GOOFY and just having “fun”.

This is, obviously, all the product of INSECURITY.

And insecurity always ends up looking much worse
than just insecurity.  It looks DUMBASS.  It looks
JUVENILE.  It looks UNCOOL and reeks of being
a boy, and NOT of being a MAN.

So that’s ANOTHER reason for the grim serious
opening to the chat.

Plus, by delivering it with AUTHORITY, you also
command more immediate respect and attention.

The key is to then SMOOTHLY shift gears a bit,
to a SLIGHTLY more laid back “normal” state
of mind, because at THIS point, you have already
but you have to still exude confidence, and some
fun or at least some intrigue.  

Now, if you remember, earlier in this article I did
say that if you have something that is guaranteed
to get her LAUGHING IMMEDIATELY, that is
cool too.

The reason this works is because emotions are
more powerful than logic,  and if she is laughing,
she is NOT holding up her “SHIELD”, and she
is automatically going to be RECEPTIVE to some

The thing is, that I know from experience that you
won’t ALWAYS have something perfect to say
for every situation, that is always funny.

And that’s why I developed the ULTRA-SERIOUS
opening style for places that are NOT clubs, lounges,

Please keep in mind, that this is ONE part of a larger
skill set for attracting women, but it is DEFINITELY
a part of that set of skills that deserves RESPECT

Think of how a race car driver of the Indy 500 or Formula 1
who is racing at about 200 miles per hour, and how every
TINY little movement on the steering, on the accelerator
is actually ULTRA refined, and the result of MASSIVE skill.

SUBTLETIES are where it’s all at, otherwise every
idiot would be AMAZING at this stuff, whether it’s
racing cars or attracting women.

Now, I want to slightly change topics, but it’s still
related quite a bit: BEING CONGRUENT is KEY.

What do I mean by congruent?
You’ve heard me say this before, right?
But I KNOW it needs to be said again,
and I want to take it further this time:

Congruent means that ALL your behaviors, mannerisms,
tonalities, expressions, etc., are all CONSISTENT in
your approach, in your interaction with her.

You often hear the advice of “be yourself” when
it comes to women, but most guys THINK they
are being themselves and then they wonder why
they are NOT getting the results they want.

This is because being YOURSELF actually takes
PRACTICE and INSIGHT when it comes to anytime
you are NOT alone, and this goes QUADRUPLE
when it comes to interacting with and attracting women.

This is NOT a joke.
When it comes to wanting to attract women, we
ALL start out thinking that maybe we are NOT
good enough. So we start to try to DO things

You’ll notice that in my teachings, when it comes to
your actual CONNECTION with a woman, it’s
all about developing the skills to get to know the
REAL her, and to help communicate to HER
who is the REAL YOU, and how to do this

It’s not about memorizing pick up lines from
someone else to make you SEEM to be cool.

Plus, it’s about actually developing your
INNER CONCEPT to make it unbreakable.

And, on top of all that, I ALSO teach you the
strategies for BREAKING THROUGH the 
REAL LIES, which is the LIE that we are

The REAL lie, the REAL fakery, is the EVERYDAY

And vice-versa as well, women have to put on an
ACT of not being interested, in order to protect
themselves from all the dumbasses out there.

Women will actually APPRECIATE the fact that
you learned a way PAST all this b.s. because you
are actually a great guy.

So back to my main point here, which is how not
feeling good enough about our own value to women
makes us either SABOTAGE our results with women,
or makes us give into insecurity which makes us act
in all kinds of ways that destroy attraction, or whether
not feeling good enough about ourselves makes us
put on an ACT because we don’t think we are good
enough, all this stuff is one MAJOR issue.

Being great with women involves mastering
a UNIQUE set of skills as well as a unique
form of self-development.

And the IRONY is that most men on Earth
only WISH for those other things so they
can GET the women of their dreams!

If you want to get great with women, then it’s
time to master the REAL SKILLS and self-development
that actually WORKS for attracting women.

My Attraction Mastery program contains over
ten HOURS of absolute GOLD for mastering
these skills on attracting women:

To check out ALL my programs, go here:

I know that you will find ALL of these
programs to be worth at least TEN TIMES
your investment. You'll see how these
programs are the most genuine, powerful
resources on the planet for attracting
women of the highest quality.  

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, July 5, 2013

Do You Want A "Serious Relationship" With A Woman? If You Do, READ THIS NOW.

If you are the kind of man who is serious
about finding a woman who is loyal, not
promiscuous, who has the highest standards
of fidelity, who is truly loving, who is
not just into the superficial or into money, 
you can start to really feel like things are
HOPELESS quite easily.

Take a quick look around and you know what
I mean.

Well, I want to help you see REALITY, which
is a little better than you might think.

It's certainly not all sunshine and rainbows,
to quote Rocky, but it's not all Sodom and
Gomorrah either.

Here's what I mean:
The truth is, when it comes to personalities,
people, both men and women, tend to fall into
DIFFERENT categories.

And not everyone is MOTIVATED by love.
Sure, just about every straight woman WANTS a
man to love her, and just about every straight
man WANTS a woman to love him, there are different
DEGREES to how IMPORTANT this is to each individual.


So, for example, if you meet a woman, and she likes
you, and you like her, you might think all is great.

But then, pretty soon, you might start finding that
you are feeling she is not treating you the way
you thought she would, because when she told you
she liked you, or loved you, or was attracted
to you, you interpreted those words to mean
what YOU think those words mean to YOU.

But it's very possible a woman might be attracted
to you, but have a very different set of NEEDS
than you when it comes to relationships, and
more importantly, when it comes to what
MOTIVATES her in life.

People tend to give others what they themselves
appreciate, because often they don't even realize
that anyone else can BE different from them.

It is important not to make value judgements here
and to simply just see things for what they ARE.

So a woman who doesn't really need a really close
intimate relationship, but who DOES need a lot of
adventure, who is paired up with a man who DOES
want and need a really intimate relationship,
is not going to be happy for long.

Sure, she will enjoy the loyalty stuff, but not
so much that it's worth the cost of her having to
give back the same level of loyalty and seriousness.

This is not even so much a man woman thing as it is
a HUMAN thing. 

People are different, and so it is important that
as a man you find a woman who SHARES the same
NEEDS as you to a large extent.  You don't have
to be carbon copies of each other and that would
not even be fun or good, but you do have to share
CORE needs, so that you can passionately connect
to each other.

When you yourself really NEED something relationship wise,
you are PASSIONATE about it, you can understand it,
you can really RELATE, you can GIVE it.

When you yourself don't really need that thing, then
you can never be as passionate about that thing.

So you can't train a woman to give you what you need,
she has to NEED it herself, if you want her to be
PASSIONATE about it.

Are there exceptions to this rule? Yes, but I'm
trying to make life easy for you instead of you
having to reinvent the wheel.

You must date TONS OF WOMEN and find the women who
SHARE your PARTICULAR sense of what is a NEED
and not just a "nice" thing.

And if you want to date tons of women, you
better learn how to APPROACH tons of women
in the most effective way possible.

Life doesn't meet you half-way, to paraphrase
another line from a Stallone movie (Over the Top).
You want to meet the right woman? Then get out
there and meet TONS of women, and find the one

And I can think of no better way for you to get
STARTED on that than by downloading my program

Till next time,

Michael Marks

3 Key Strategies You Must Pursue To Attract Women

Do you care about TRUTH when it comes
to dating advice on how to attract women? 

Great, because that’s what you’re about to get.


There are plenty of times when a guy gets a
phone number from a woman he approached
but it means nothing, and there are plenty of
times a guy doesn’t get a phone number but
she was attracted.

So, for example, if a woman is drunk, desperate,
confused, unfamiliar with local customs, or just
plain promiscuous, she may very well give a guy
her phone number, but this could hardly be called
the product of a special “skill-set” of a man.  

The internet is FULL of these kinds of “video-recorded”
situations that are supposed to be “proof” of attraction.

On the other hand, a woman might genuinely feel
attraction for a man based on his perfect approach,
his perfect conversation,  his perfect ability to connect
with her, even the way he looks, etc., but she may be
an extra-cautious woman when it comes to giving out
her number, and she may need more time to feel comfortable,
she may be the kind of woman who is very careful and the
complete opposite of promiscuous.

A video of this, of course, would not be “popular” even
though it would have shown a lot MORE of what to
do RIGHT .

But how would you know if she was attracted, if you
were the guy in the situation?

The fact is, you can’t know for sure. All you can
do is use that experience now, which has POLISHED
your skills even further, on the NEXT woman you
meet, to attract HER.

So, if you want to be good at this skill, you must
be more focused on doing the best job you can every
time, rather than just being obsessed about the


This means your ability to get along with people,
including of course the WOMAN you just

Just to get to the point on this one, some people have 
lots of this naturally, some people have very little.

Unless you are only looking for a one night stand with
a woman who is drunk out of her mind, emotional
intelligence is crucial to develop.

To improve your social intelligence, start focusing
your thoughts on how SHE might be perceiving the
situation of your approach.

Although I do NOT suggest asking her a bunch
of QUESTIONS, (this would come across as
interrogative, boring, or creepy), I DO suggest
making HER the focus of the conversation, but
in a non ass-kissing way.  For example, you
can playfully make a comment about her,
whether it is what she is reading, wearing,
eating, etc.

You can then take what she says back to your
playful comment as the MATERIAL for your
NEXT comment about her.

So if you tell her, for example, that she looks
REALLLY hungry as she’s eating, and then
she tells you that she IS, you can tell her that
you like it when a woman isn’t afraid to eat,
or you can tell her that you love how when
a woman is hungry, all the etiquette rules
go out the window, etc.

The fact is, the conversation is about HER,
rather than yourself, although the very fact
you are being PLAYFUL says TONS about
YOU as well, which is very cool.

You can then slowly lead the conversation
toward a more “meaningful” connection,
because as she talks to you she will reveal
some information that you can compliment
her on and THEN you can ask her a related
question about herself, as long as it’s not TOO
deep yet and not too prying, because at that point
you are already well into a conversation.

So for example, if she tells you she is a huge fan
of the particular food she is eating and that she
first tried it when she was vacationing in a certain
part of the world, you can then ask her what her
favorite place to visit in the world is, and why,
and this would then give you MORE information
about her that would help you learn about her
character and provide more fuel for the conversation.

The key is to find the right BALANCE between
humor, connection, sensitivity, showing your confidence
and masculinity, etc.

Finding the right BALANCE is part of social intelligence.

A big part of social intelligence is EMPATHY.
You are socializing with her, and she is a total stranger. 
So be attentive to her.       
You can also improve your social intelligence by
learning how to UNDERSTAND the signals she is
giving you. 

This is essential for creating that awesome situation
where the conversation FLOWS. 

In order to do this, pay attention to her
facial expressions, to the actual vocabulary
and tone she is using, and to any other relevant
factors such as her background, her culture,
even her ethnicity. 

All these things help you UNDERSTAND what
she is really trying to convey to you.

A lot of guys UNINTENTIONALLY end up offending
the women they want to attract, and of course
vice-versa as well, but I am here dealing with
how to attract women.

By learning to pay attention to all the cues,
you will be able to understand women better
and make them much more likely to want to
open up to you and get to know you.

Another thing you can do is learn to be
AWARE of your own conditioning or habits
in terms of how you react to things
women say or do. If you have a habit
of blurting things out that are
inappropriate, then learn to pause
and think first.


One of my favorite things to do when meeting
a new woman is to actually LIBERATE her from
all the conventional “fake” behavior that
people often engage in when they meet someone

I will often tell a woman something like this:
“Okay, let’s cut past all this stuff.  A lot of times
people are always trying to put their best foot
forward when they meet someone new, which
seems nice, but I would rather they put their
best foot forward ALWAYS, so if this is not the
real you, or the real me, we are wasting our time.

So what are your greatest flaws? I have no problem
talking about mine, I’m an open book.”

MANY times, women are so RELIEVED and
happy to hear this from me.  It allows them to
TOTALLY relax and actually open up and I
have no problem doing the same.

Within moments, we go from being strangers to
truly communicating on an intimate level, and
once things are on this level, it is VERY easy
to escalate to physical intimacy if you WANT to,
if you have still been “manly” since the beginning
by initiating the meeting/approach, leading the way,

It makes total sense because it is so unusual for
a woman to experience that level of sexuality,
trust, and intimacy so FAST.

So while other guys are trying to impress her
with all sorts of superficial stuff, you are actually
getting to the CORE of what gets her going on
the deepest level. 

And if you appreciate the truth of what you have
been reading, I promise you this is just the tip of
the iceberg of what you will find in my programs. 

I have been dedicated to truth in this field since
I started, which was over 12 YEARS ago. Every week 
I receive heartfelt and thankful emails, and they come from
all types of guys in all types of situations. 

They range from guys who are just getting into dating
and who have used my programs to learn how to approach
women who are total strangers and who have used my materials
to get their first girlfriends, to guys who have been using
my materials for years and who have met amazing  women, and
who have even gotten married to fantastic women and have
started families, which is inspiring for me to read as well. 

I don’t like to be arrogant, and I’m not. 
It is a simple fact, however, that my programs
and services are the best on this Earth, period.
They’ve stood the test of time. 

My programs cost more, and they are worth it.
If you’d like to learn about my home study programs,
go here:

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