Saturday, April 21, 2012

How To Approach Women Anytime, Anywhere: Acing The Approach

Almost EVERY MAN, When He Sees A Gorgeous
Woman He Would Like To Approach, Is Asking 
Himself The SAME Questions:  

"What do I do IMMEDIATELY right this SECOND
to be COOL? To SHOW her that I’m not like every
OTHER guy who is just staring at her?

The fact is, these are GOOD questions.
You DO have to be different.
You DO have to make emotional impact FAST.

She DOES have choices, a LOT of them, when it
comes to men.

It’s for this reason that I created my latest program that
focuses on only ONE thing: ACING THE APPROACH.

If you are going to pursue the women you really want,
you can’t hope to attract a woman by BORING her to
death.  And yet, this is exactly what most men do. 

From the way most men dress, to the way they behave,
the way they talk, the entire interaction most men have
with women has this boring “doldrums” feel that just
spirals down, down, down, into nothingness...

At best, it ends with a mutual, “Well, have a nice day!”
and that disappointing feeling that lasts for hours,
sometimes days and even weeks.

Then, just as soon as the frustrating feeling goes away,
**BOOM!** Another even HOTTER woman suddenly
appears, in the least expected of places, from the
bus seat next to you to the local coin laundromat!

These are all GOLDEN opportunities that no man should allow to slip through his fingers due to being unprepared.

By the way, there are a few guys who KNOW that you can’t
hope to BORE a woman into attraction, and what they do

And yet, this "high energy" approach doesn’t work either,
as it comes across as desperate, like a court jester trying
to ENTERTAIN the King, as if the jester’s life depended on
making sure the King was laughing and happy.

Attracting a woman, especially a woman who is a stranger that you are approaching totally randomly, takes SKILL and KNOW-HOW.

Most men are simply too egotistical to LEARN these skills,
they like to THINK they know it all, until of course that moment
of reality kicks in when a woman is right in front of them that
they want to meet.

And then they go home with that frustrated, disappointed feeling.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

In my latest program, called “Acing The Approach”, I show you my absolute LATEST strategies for QUICKLY and SUCCESSFULLY approaching and attracting women ANYWHERE you find them.  

As usual with all my programs, this program is PURE content. 
No “filler”.
No gimmicks.

This audio program is over one hour long, and is JAM-PACKED with hard-hitting, CONCRETE STRATEGIES that you can put to use EASILY and IMMEDIATELY to attract women you see ANYWHERE.

This program is NOT a rehash of my other programs, it contains
TONS and TONS of ALL-NEW material.    

Here Are Just SOME Of The Immediately-Applicable
Strategies For Acing The Skill Of How To Approach
Women Anywhere, Anytime, That You Will Learn
From This Important Audio Program:

Rescuing The Conversation

What to do when you feel you are LOSING momentum
in a conversation with a woman, or even if you feel you
have totally LOST all momentum – in this program you’ll
learn HOW to RE-IGNITE the conversation in a way that
is GUARANTEED to make it COME ALIVE so that
she will be EXCITED to keep on talking to you.

In-Depth Real Life Examples

In this program, I also include my DETAILED answers to
several “approaching women” questions that came from
tons of REAL-LIFE situations where men wrote to me
after they approached women and wanted to know exactly
what they did right, as well as wanting to know where they
went OFF track, and what to do to CORRECT these
situations for future approaches.

Learning from real-life, in-depth examples is 
TREMENDOUSLY useful, because these are 
situations you will find very familiar, and it’s the 
DETAILS that make the difference between
success and failure in attracting women. 

For example, we all know we are SUPPOSED to be
confident, to be playful, to be challenging, to be intriguing,
but the question is HOW EXACTLY, DOWN TO THE
, do we SHOW this spontaneously,
especially in all kinds of situations that are ALREADY
tough for having a conversation with a woman?

I also answer how to do all this even when UNEXPECTED
things come up in the conversation between you and a woman. 

In my DETAILED replies, you will be able to apply everything
about these situations to your OWN approaches with women
as well.

You will learn how to FIX conversations with women that
go off track in any way, you will learn how to PREVENT
these interactions from “staling out”, you will learn how to
increase the vibes of sexuality in the conversation and
how to create a stronger level of attraction in the women
you approach.

Plus, you will learn how to take any interaction much
FURTHER with any woman.  Most men quit after a few
minutes, thinking they are lucky if they got an email or

I will show you how to take things further WITHIN the
conversation, so that she will already be thinking much
deeper down the line than just giving you her number.

She will already be considering what it is like to be
sexual with you and to be your girlfriend. 

To make this section of the program even more effective,
I made sure to not only include letters that were all totally
from real life scenarios that all actually happened, but also
they represent the kinds of situations that happen a LOT
to almost ALL men when approaching women.

How To Use Sexual State To Your Advantage

You’ll also learn the RIGHT way to be “turned on” when
approaching women, so that you AMPLIFY her attraction
as well.

It is crucial to do this right, as doing it wrong will BACKFIRE
and will just creep her out.  Do it RIGHT however, and you
create a “STATE TRANSFER” where she starts to ALSO
feel sexual by being around you.

New Insights On "Minimum Energy" Attraction Strategy

You will also learn my latest strategies on applying what
I call “minimum energy”. I will reveal when is the RIGHT time
to go into an interaction with HIGHER energy.

This is a CRUCIAL section of this program.  A lot of men
MISINTERPRET my teachings on “minimum energy”
thinking it’s okay to go into an interaction and be BORING!

Minimum energy is NOT about being boring. 

In this program, you’ll learn how to use minimum energy
to SUPERCHARGE the vibe of the interaction.

Plus, you’ll learn how to do this in away where the vibe
snowballs and keeps getting more and more powerful,
till she is so deep into connecting with you that no one
else exists in her world EXCEPT you.

The One Time To Break A Particularly Crucial Attraction Rule

In this program, you’ll also learn the ONE time I suggest you
temporarily BREAK the rule of “minimum energy” in
order to speed up your attraction skills with women.

Using Color To Intensify Women's Attraction To You

You will also discover the BEST color to wear to attract
women AND to let women know you are the kind of man
that is ultra SEXUAL. It’s NOT what 99% of men THINK.

The great thing about this strategy is it’s so easy to use and
it kicks in to attract women before you even say a WORD.

Redirecting Negative Energy Into Attraction

You’ll also learn how to take any NEGATIVE reaction
from a woman in an initial flirt or approach, and make it work
in your FAVOR.

It’s important to realize that in fact a lot of times, women
are NOT being ‘mean’ when they CHALLENGE your
“pick up”/flirt/teasing/approach and say to you something
like, “You’re so mean!” 

If you don’t know how to best HANDLE this, you will be
LOSING out to women who actually WANT to get to know
you but who are simply trying to show they are not ‘easy’.

What you will learn here is absolutely VITAL, this is
NOT a gimmick, and you are going to learn how to take
a woman’s NEGATIVE response and take all that
intensity and turn it into ATTRACTION.

In fact, this strategy is so powerful that even if a woman was
and angry at you, it will often STILL
turn her around into being attracted to you!

Establishing The "Frame"

How to set the psychological perspective, i.e. the “FRAME”,
as you being a sexual MAN, so that she NEVER considers
you as just “friend” material, and ONLY sees you as desirable
“sexual material”.

How To Get Her To Keep On Thinking About You

How and what to WHISPER to a girl that will totally make
her feel you are EXCITING AND UNPREDICTABLE so that
she is constantly THINKING about you and excitedly trying
to ANTICIPATE what you are going to do with her next!

The Most Effective Way To Communicate For Attracting Women

The most EFFECTIVE way to communicate with a woman to capture her heart, that goes completely “against the grain” and is the opposite of what every OTHER guy uses with women!

The "Prime Rule" To Follow To Ensure Attraction

A powerful “model of reality” you must use when interacting
with women, and the “PRIME RULE” to guide you in your
interactions with women ANYTIME you ever feel CONFUSED
on what to DO!

The Effective Way To USE Sexual Innuendo With Women

How to use SEXUAL INNUENDO with women in a CLASSY
way that gets women turned on and simultaneously also
makes women want to WORK HARD for your attention!

Detecting Women's "Green Light" Signals

DETECTING women’s “GREEN LIGHT” signals, AND
what to DO when you get them!  This is an absolutely
ESSENTIAL skill to have, because when a woman is
interested in you, she will almost ALWAYS be SUBTLE
in the way she lets you KNOW.

At the same time, once you understand how women
give these signals, you will NEVER miss them again.

It’s one of the great tragedies how so often many men
COMPLETELY MISS the signals that women are giving
them, and men go home wishing they could get these
women, when these women are ALREADY interested
and trying to SHOW it in their own way, hoping that
these men will GET the signals!

It is absolutely CRAZY to be allowing ignorance to lead
to losing out on these super-easy opportunities of
women who are already crazy about you. 

Here’s the other side of this as well, which is that if
a woman does give you the signal, and you don’t
realize she is trying to get sexual with you, she will
often TOTALLY SHUT DOWN on you, as it’s
embarrassing for her to have to continually try to
make it clearer, and she becomes unsure if the guy
 is just clueless, which in itself is unattractive, or if the
guy is simply not interested in her.  

Building "Attraction Momentum"

In this program, I also reveal SEVERAL ultra-powerful
actions you can do and things you can SAY (I give you
the exact word-for-word statements of what to say) to
any woman when you DO detect any interest from her,
that will amplify her attraction to you TEN-FOLD. 

I call this process "Attraction Momentum".

You’ll learn how to show you her you SEE her signal, and
you will learn how to set the vibe to “sexual mode”,
plus still KEEP being a playful challenge at the same time!

Again, you will learn this in a way where you can’t make
a mistake, because I will show you what to do and say
WORD FOR WORD, so even if you are a TOTAL beginner
this works PERFECTLY.

Most of the time, when a man finally DOES see that a
woman is attracted to him, he RUINS the “sexual tension”,
ruins all the fun, and ruins all her desire, by doing all the
wrong things, rather than AMPING UP THE SEXUAL
TENSION EVEN FURTHER, which is what women
really want you to do.    

This is NOT about “acting hard to get” as that can
actually make a woman think she is wasting her time
and force her to just leave and forget about you- this
is about how to make her desire even STRONGER.

This is also NOT about “kissing up” either.

I’ll show you the RIGHT things to do and say to make
her want you even more.  

How To Ensure She Wants To Get Physically Intimate

You will learn two powerful strategies to ensure a woman
feels GOOD about escalating to a sexual level with you,
so she doesn’t feel she is behaving in a way that is “cheap”
or “being a slut”.

Plus, you’ll learn how to how to use the words she is saying
to you as a PERFECT BRIDGE to actually transitioning into
easily making physical contact with her in a way that she
really WANTS.

How To Set Yourself Apart As Intriguing

I’ll also share with you an easy way to INSTANTLY set
yourself apart as being INTRIGUING.  The great bonus
to this strategy is that it SIMULTANEOUSLY also sparks
her desire to open up to you and tell you about herself in
a  meaningful way!

When a woman opens up to you about herself, it allows
you to have a MEANINGFUL conversation with her since
you will be dealing with the “real” her on a deep level,
instead of the trivial and forgettable types of conversations
that most men have with her.

This means you can be the man she REMEMBERS
long after that first conversation, the man she can’t 
wait to hear from again!

Detecting Important Details About Her Personality

You will also learn the best way to detect important details
about her personality so that you can give her a meaningful
compliment that she earned, as opposed to “you are so beautiful”
which she has probably heard a million times before.

The Ten Personality Traits Women Are Most Attracted To In Men

These are the ten absolutely CRUCIAL traits that women
can’t HELP but feel attracted to in men, and you’ll learn
how to develop these traits!

These include not only the traits that a woman sees the
MOMENT you approach her, but also traits that she can
detect in you once she is around you a little longer, i.e.
on a first date as well, and definitely in a relationship
as well. 

A lot of men think it’s only confidence and playfulness,
but I SWEAR to you, it’s far MORE than this, and the
great thing about these traits is that they are NOT
complicated for you to SHOW them.

A New, Crucial Key To Determining Her Values And Ethics

You’ll ALSO learn a new KEY to determining a woman’s
MAJOR VALUES and ETHICS or lack of ethics, BEFORE
getting involved with her- the great thing about this strategy
is that it is so subtle, so easy, and so quick, that it doesn’t
ruin the flow of the conversation and does not seem
uncomfortable to her, in fact she will be GLAD you did this!

Intensifying Vibes Of Eroticism And Intimacy

I’ll also show you an easy and powerful way to increase
the vibes of EROTICISM and intimacy between you and
a woman, and SIMULTANEOUSLY physically touch a
woman at once, and the coolest thing about this is that
you can do this within MINUTES of first meeting
ANY woman!

Secrets Of Style For Men

PLUS, I’ll ALSO show you a secret about STYLE and
fashion that 99% of men will NEVER understand, but
that EVERY WOMAN will immediately notice about you
that lets her know you are one of those 1% of men that
she can get SEXUAL with and you will be COOL about it.

This makes her see you as part of the “insider” group of
men who truly UNDERSTAND what women want.

A Secret About What Women Want In Bed

You’ll also discover a secret about what women want in
BED that most men never realize and never apply!

How To Answer "Your History With Women" Questions

How to BEST deal with the question if a woman EVER
asks you about your history with women- most guys mess
this up, I’ll show you how to answer this question in
a way that AMPLIFIES her attraction to you.

How To Change Her State Of Mind Immediately

How to get a woman from a stressed-out state into an
IDEAL mood for being approached and “picked up”!

Often, you will see women who are in situations where
they are stressed out, i.e. a long day at work, and wonder
how to get a woman into the right MOOD. 

In this program, I reveal a super effective and EASY to use
strategy to get a woman into a GREAT state of mind that
is totally calm, upbeat, and warm to your pick up!

In fact, just doing this alone will often overwhelm her with
a feeling of you being MAGICAL, mysterious, intriguing,
and the kind of man she MUST get to know more!

Plus tons, and I do mean TONS more, of FANTASTIC
strategies and insights that will SKYROCKET your
success with women- strategies that you can use
IMMEDIATELY when you see women ANYWHERE.

You Can Be Using This Program In Minutes From Now!

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As you can tell, this program is PACKED with
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Till next time,

Michael Marks