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How You Attract A Woman Who Is A Ten (Updated, February 22, 2012)

Attracting A Woman Who Is A 'Ten' Means That
Your "Inner Concept" Is A Ten Out Of Ten!

A quick point before we start- regarding the idea of
"unexpected and perfect" and how it applies for
intensifying any emotion, including HUMOR!

I recently heard Jay Leno make a joke about
how strippers in LA are getting affected by the
economy, so they are charging half-price (or something
like that) for lap dances.....and...."You know what
that means?"   It means you get a HALF-ASSED job!!!!

The audience exploded into laughter, because this
is a CLASSIC example of UNEXPECTED, yet PERFECT.

When he says/asks,  "You know what this means?"
people are thinking "hmmmm maybe more people
coming, maybe less enthusiastic strippers, maybe
more enthusiastic because they appreciate the money,
etc, etc, etc."

But then, they get the answer: A HALF-ASSED JOB!

The answer is PERFECT, in many ways it makes TOTAL sense,

This is a great example of getting women laughing
by using this combo of UNEXPECTED and PERFECT.

The SECOND point I wanted to make is that when it comes to
attraction, as men, we BUILD attraction, unless we are already
a supermodel with billions in the bank.  And yet, rather than
building attraction, we often DO THINGS ON OUR OWN
to HARM our own attractiveness.

In the film "She's Out of My League", this guy meets this
knockout, and the one thing he has about himself is that
he doesn't try to impress the woman by being someone
ELSE.  That's what he has going for him.

Also, he has a bit of a sense of humor and he can
OWN his own lack of perfection, he can talk about
his own flaws in a way that takes out the steam
from them because once he's said it, it takes away
the power from that flaw since it's already been
expressed by him himself.   He can speak about
"the elephant in the room" which gets rid of the
POWER of that "elephant".

This is a strong quality, that if you have any flaws
that are massively evident, rather than trying to hide
them, let them be exposed by yourself, it shows
a lot more social intelligence that way, especially
if you aren't going on a rant about it, and you
seem pretty calm about it.

HOWEVER, the one DISASTROUS thing he does,

So, based on this belief, he interprets EVERYTHING
as a reason why this girl will not want to be with him.

So, while the girl is slowly getting more attracted to him
as the movie goes on, there is a point where his FEARS
start to screw things up with her, and one of the biggest
examples is when he SERIOUSLY HOPES she has
some MAJOR FLAW of her own, so that this way
he can feel she will more likely want to stay with him.

Think about that for a second- why on earth would
a man who is attracted to a woman who is treating
him RIGHT, and who is a KNOCKOUT, why
would he WISH that she actually had to have
some kind of DEFECT to her?

The insecurity says, "Well, if she has a flaw, then
maybe she will accept my flaws."

The NEEDINESS says that, "I can't feel good without
her, so I must find some way to KEEP her regardless
of what's good for her or not, in fact let's start WISHING
she had some problems, some DEFECT in fact!!
YEAH, that would be perfect!"

And this is not just a movie thing, it's very common
to REAL LIFE.  When feeling insecure and needy,
it's quite HUMAN to almost wish there was SOME
flaw to the "perfectness" of the other person, the
woman who we think is "OUT OF OUR LEAGUE".

Now, think about it from the woman's point of view:
How can she love a man who SERIOUSLY WISHES SHE

Just because HE is afraid that he is not good enough for her.

The point of all this, is that INSECURITY AND NEEDINESS
can turn a guy who is slowly growing on a woman into being
a guy who went from being a 5 or 6 into being an 8, 9, or 10,
and then this INSECURITY AND NEEDINESS constantly

Each time you RESIST the urge to give into insecurities,
your GAIN a point on the attraction scale.

But in this movie, he does the opposite, and each time he
allows himself to give IN to his insecurities, he LOSES another
point on the attraction scale to the woman.

And THAT is how he ends up as a "5", when he was
at one point more of a 9 on his way to being a TEN.

That is, until near the end of the movie, when he realizes
how SCREWED UP his own thinking has been and
how he IS indeed a "10"!

And here's the OTHER major news:  EVEN THE GUYS

And the movie actually reflects this reality, as the very
guy he is jealous of, who used to date the knockout
as well!!!!  He just puts on a show in front of the rest
of the world that he is really secure, but when it came
to being with the knockout, he screwed things up
just as bad, all because he thought the woman
would ultimately dump him.

This happens in real life all the time!!!

It doesn't matter if you're an "A LIST" ACTOR,
BILLIONAIRE, the bottom line is that EVERYONE
has insecurities, and if you let those insecurites and
neediness affect your ACTIONS, it will harm the
attraction a woman feels for you.

Yet the crucial thing to remember is that if you
RESIST the urge to give in to those insecurities,
you keep on RISING on the bar of attraction.

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*The proper DISTANCE you should actually be when
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*You’ll also learn how to START the conversation
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*You’ll ALSO learn the most effective things to be doing
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stand and talk for as long as possible and hopefully this
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I’ll show you a way of handling these kinds of environments
at creating attraction and also at making her see you as
someone she would like to know beyond just this party
or club, etc.

*You’ll also learn how to make the environment of
a party, lounge, or social situation work in your favor.
So the fact there are lots of people there walking around,
the fact that she may be going for a drink and walking
away, the fact she may be looking for her friends,
ALL THESE THINGS can actually be turned around
and work in your FAVOR- I’LL SHOW YOU HOW!!!

*When it’s CRITICAL that you tell a woman that you LIKE
her, really FAST! This has absolutely nothing to do with
“kissing up”, and in fact not telling her you like her will
be seen by her as you being massively insecure or even
worse, clueless about sexuality.

*How to say what’s on your mind (rather than
Just talking about “safe” topics that are boring)
in a way that gets women filling in the rest of
the conversation for you!

This way, you not only lead the conversation,
which gets the woman to become more feminine
in your presence and follow you, but it also
sets up the best sexual dynamic between the
two of you.

It ALSO allows you to do less work, because
since you started the conversation, that in
itself shows you have plenty to say, but it
also allows you to chill out and lean back
and now just listen to what she has to say—
Which of course gives you tons more things
to talk about and gives you the ability to
also give her a genuine compliment which
she will value!

I’ll show you exactly how this all works!

*You’ll learn the RIGHT amount of body contact
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*How to build ACTION MOMENTUM in your
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*How to use a proven principle from psychology
no matter what you do otherwise!

This principle is PROVEN, again and again, to WORK.
A top university in the United States has proven
this principle to be very effective, and I’m going
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*You’ll also learn to bring yourself to a higher level
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women, from first seeing her, to chatting, to getting
her laughing, to getting under the sheets, to even
getting into a relationship and keeping things going-
by adopting a subtle yet crucial distinction for yourself:

Most people say they will “try” to succeed.
That’s not good enough.

However, we also know that lying to ourselves
isn’t good either.

There is something else, a different mindset, that
is based on TRUTH, that is more empowering,
and I’ll share that with you as well.

*If a woman contacts you with voice mail, email,
or text, I’ll show the best way to RESPOND to these
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*As the very ORIGINAL guy who knew that the
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women, I’ll show you one of the most powerful
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I’ll show you the GENUINE way to truly “qualify”
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chewing gum? So do I! That’s awesome! ”

Qualifying a woman in a MEANINGFUL way is the
final stage before getting physical with her, and
99% of men out there are STILL doing this wrong.

This is why most of the guys who follow pick up
artist advice end up confused, because they got
the woman’s attention, but then she flaked out
later on. There’s a reason she flaked out, and
it’s called lack of meaningful qualifying.

*You’ll also learn how to get the very women
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women who seem “difficult” initially are often
the BEST KINDS OF WOMEN because they know
they have high worth and self esteem, and they
don’t sleep around much.

Now, there is a fine line between difficult and
being a spoiled b****. I’ll show you how to
get those “difficult” women.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

"Unexpected Yet Perfect"

Are you ready for some serious mind-blowing
insight on how to instantly capture a woman’s
interest? Today is something revolutionary.

The reality is that attraction requires one
MAIN thing beyond everything else –
and that MAIN thing is that you

It doesn’t have to start with SEXUAL
emotions. If you trigger ANY addictive
emotion, then the mere fact that it is
coming from YOU, as a MAN, will
MAKE it sexual automatically.


To create EMOTION, you need to follow
this formula that I discovered through years
of painstaking research and testing:

Communicate a message that is simultaneously
UNEXPECTED and yet is MORE TRUE than
any EXPECTED message.

The more UNEXPECTED, and the more TRUE
your message is, (it has to be BOTH), the more
intense the emotion in her you create.

Let me be clear here- if you do this, you will have
MORE women throwing themselves at you, taking
their clothes off for you, loving you, being nice
to you, forgiving you, bending over backwards
for you, being ADDICTED to you, than you
could ever handle in a lifetime.

And I’m not talking about just any women, I’m
talking about the kind of women that make your
jaw DROP.

This formula is the essence of CHARISMA,
and it is ALSO the essence of what makes
ALL emotional impact, including even the
emotion of humor.

Let me give you some examples from real life:

At a lounge with a client during one of my bootcamps,
I made barking sounds to a woman far away,
she came up and said “Are you BARKING at me??”

I replied with a mischievous smile,
‘Yes, my friend and I were chatting about
how communication is all tonality and
body language, so the way you say
something counts EVEN more than
the words!”

She put this shocked look on her face, AND
said something like “F- you!”

Did I get all apologetic in my response?

No, because I knew that would be EXPECTED,
and also would assume I had done something
wrong, and I knew deep down that she understood
my whole point, but that it was NORMAL in her
world to have guys acting all apologetic in response
to ANY little complaint she had, even PLAYFUL
COMPLAINTS, because she is so “valuable”.

So instead, I had this genuinely warm smile,
and came up to within an inch of her nose,
and said LOVINGLY “Noooooooooo.

In an INSTANT, she MELTED, smiled,
laughed, and suddenly became the warmest
woman in the entire place!

any OTHER response.

By STICKING to the whole idea I had explained
to her about the WAY you say something rather
than the words themselves, I was actually being
and yet the actual message of course just
seemed totally UNEXPECTED.

You don’t try to win women over to you normally
with a swear word, right? That’s pretty unexpected.

Why is Yoda (the way he was portrayed
in Empire Strikes Back) such a cool character?

Because he is full of UNEXPECTED things
that actually make PERFECT SENSE even
though you expected the OPPOSITE.

Yoda is this Jedi MASTER, yet he’s this old
little green guy who talks funny and hobbles
along with a cane.

When we first meet this character, we don’t
EXPECT he is the Jedi master.

But if the force is truly about the power WITHIN,
then none of these things should matter a BIT,
and they DON’T.

So it makes SENSE that the greatest Jedi Master
does NOT ‘appear’ powerful or intimidating.

I bring this point up because again, it’s not a
COINCIDENCE this iconic character that is
engrained into millions of people’s consciousness
exhibits the SAME pattern I keep describing.

Now, think of some of the coolest ROCK BANDS:

For example, a rock band named KISS.
Usually, a name or word like KISS is something
we think is associated more with WOMEN.

Think of women’s makeup, and images or symbols
of LIPS, it’s usually a FEMININE thing.

So then, here comes this ROCK BAND that
is called KISS.


Yet, it also makes PERFECT SENSE, because
they love women, and because they also have
songs like “I was Made for Loving You.”

Same thing with a band named Guns N’ Roses.

By the way, all this goes even DEEPER
when you also factor in the LYRICS
to effective songs as well.

The rock band ‘Poison’ has a memorable song,
“Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, the Rose is the
opposite of the Thorn, but it’s ALSO the truth
that they are both part of the same thing, and the
lyrics “Like a knife that cuts you, the wound
HEALS but the SCAR REMAINS” so in one
way the wound is GONE, but in another way
the wound stays FOREVER.

This is something to keep in mind when
creating your ONLINE profile if you decide
to also use the internet to meet women,
so for example, coming up with a SCREEN
NAME for yourself that is UNEXPECTED
yet also MAKES PERFECT SENSE for you.

For example, “SPIRITUAL BAD BOY”
would be a cool name for a guy whose
profile description shows that he has
depth yet is also bad-ass.

THIS is the kind of thing that GETS

Otherwise, you’re just boring her.

And again, this works for creating ALL
as described in the very first example.

When chatting to a woman, look for the things
that are going on in the situation that most people
OVERLOOK. The reality is that life is FULL
of opportunities for this.

In the movie “Good Will Hunting”, when Matt
Damon’s character Will is in a college bar and
there’s this rich academic JERK trying to make Will’s
friend (Ben Affleck) look “ignorant” in front of
this girl, by quoting obscure passages from
intelligent authors that most people don’t know,
and pretending they are his own.

Will not only reveals the jerk to actually be a
guy who is just stealing other people’s ideas
and pawning them off as his own to impress girls
and embarrass his friend, but he does it in the way
that delivers IMPACT- by making his point in
a way where the message is unexpected yet
perfectly accurate.

Will tells the jerk, after pointing out the jerk’s theft of
other people’s ideas:

“The sad thing about a guy like you is that in 50 years
you’re gonna start doing some thinking on your own,
and you're gonna come up with the fact that there are
two certainties in life:

One, don’t do that.

And two, you dropped a HUNDRED AND FIFTY GRAND
on a f*ckin education you could've got for a DOLLAR-FIFTY
in late charges at the public library!"

‘Hundred and fifty grand’ does not seem like it
will be followed by "A DOLLAR FIFTY", but it
makes TOTAL sense and is perfectly true.

It’s not only perfectly true, and totally unexpected,
but it’s really the ONLY thing to say, anything
ELSE would be avoiding the REAL point.

He also creates humor when the girl is now
attracted to him, and when he is chatting
with her and she suggests they can meet for
coffee some time, he says ‘Alright, yeah,
maybe we can just get together and eat a
bunch of caramels! When you think about it,
it’s just as arbitrary as drinking coffee.”

Again, perfectly true, and unexpected, and
delivers humor.

Start looking for the TRUTH about any situation,
any thing she is doing, anything going on in the
environment, and notice how so the TRUTH is
full of irony, the unexpected, or opposites.

And remember, NONE of this is about
you CHANGING who you ARE, it’s
about you learning how to be MORE TRUE
ever before, but doing this with STRATEGY!

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