Monday, August 31, 2009

Relationships Keep Breaking Up?

I recently received an interesting letter from
a reader:

"Hey Michael,

Quote: "When the right girl comes you will know"
or "What's meant to happen will happen".

Can you spend some time talking about "feelings"?

I know it's a huge subject so let me give you
something specific.

I have been noticing that I consistently cannot
hold a relationship for longer then 3 months
and this is with a reasonably good girl, for
some reason my attraction fuse burns out FAST!

I know I have attraction to the girl when I
first meet her and I know i'm attracted to her
while we're dating but then the feelings go away.

I have been following your material for a few
years now and getting better at picking the
right type of ladies but for some reason I get
this strong gut feeling that I am not suppose
to be with this girl and my attraction is
poof just gone.

Once that occurs I look for a way to get out
of the relationship. I can honestly say that
I have been crazy attracted to girls who
wouldn't give me the attention I so craved
for and I was able to withstand years of
torture and heartache.

I have learned and maybe its wrong, but
I have learned to use my feelings as a
compass or guidance system, i get a thought
and then I feel that thought, if that thought
makes me feel good I go for it but if it feels
bad I think about it for a while, ask the
right questions and in the end I act on it
- the feeling is sooo strong that I must
obey and address it or I just CANNOT function
through the day until its satisfied.

My question is this...why the hack is it
that when we find a good girl who fits all
the criteria we get bored of them?

I just broke up with one amazing girl but
she just didn't "do it" for me, how can
this be I keep asking myself over and over?

I truly thought and hoped it would work out
and wanted it to but then it (my feelings)
went completely south.

Is it the lack of sexual/mind stimulation?
is it because we (men) like the chase or
is it because it just didn't feel right
which, in turn makes you act up on it?

I want to stop hurting women and stop breaking
their heart's, I feel so bad when it happens
but I also know its part of the dating process.

I spent 2yrs and still do working on myself
and being secure in myself so if and when
i do get my heart broken I could deal with it
and wont be destruct by the breakup.

With girls once you have sex with them
they think that's it, this is the guy
I will be with for ever.

I don't want to be an old lonely man who's
been breaking hearts all over the city
(my community is small and everyone knows
one another, due to my rep if I keep doing
this I will need to move to a new city
or country lol).

Hope to get some feedback..."

Kyle T, Miami

***MY REPLY***

Okay, there's a ton of things to respond to
in your email, so I'll hit the MAIN points:

1. The only way to KNOW when the right girl
comes, is by knowing what you REALLY value,
and this comes from some deep soul-searching.

Trust me, once you do this work, and you
THEN meet such a woman, you KNOW.

You KNOW because it's a RARE occasion,
and you fully realize how precious that
occasion is.

This is not the same thing as just getting
another attractive girl, it's a girl who
truly is compatible with your values and
who is also someone you feel attraction
for on all levels.

Sexual attraction in many ways actually
becomes DEEPER over time when you can
look in her eyes and know that this woman
is truly a woman of valor and always
has been in your life.

There is no such thing as love at first
sight, as I'm sure you already know,
however it doesn't take that long
to know what values a woman has,
if you are keeping your eyes and
ears open to everything she is doing.

"What's meant to happen will happen".

I know what you mean by this saying,
and my thoughts on this are that this
saying has done a bit more damage
than good, because it makes a lot
of people PASSIVE rather than active
in finding and being with the right

It will only happen if you do your
part to make it happen. The rest
is like sitting around waiting
to win the lottery.

3. You mention that relationships fizzle
out after 3 months. I'm wondering how
long you are spending with this person
BEFORE entering into a relationship
with them.

How well are you getting to know them
BEFORE getting into a relationship?

Taking the time to determine a woman's
values can often help you avoid wasting
time on women who will not work out
to be good matches.

Could it be that the attraction and
chemistry you felt, then made you
fall for the "halo effect" thinking
that these women were more virtuous
than they actually were?

You mentioned "a reasonably good girl",
why go for reasonably good? Why spend
your precious time with a woman you
deep down only feel is REASONABLY
good? This doesn't sound like you
truly feel this is FANTASTIC person.

That sounds like a time-bomb waiting
to happen. If it STARTS out as only
reasonably good, then that's not going
to sustain the relationship long term.

The feelings go away because they
are not truly based on something
solid to begin with.

This "strong gut feeling that I am not suppose
to be with this girl and my attraction is
poof just gone" sounds like the reality is
that you SENSED this on a level even at
the beginning.

Imagine telling your future children,
"Yes, your mother, she was a reasonably
good girl, so I married her and had you

I'm not saying you have to go this far,
to this extreme, but I'm trying to make
my point clear, that the reality is that
you actually KNEW right away, that these
girls are only SO-SO, they are not, at
least in your heart, truly GREAT GIRLS.

The craving the affection of girls that
wouldn't give you the time of day is
something you want to EXORCISE out
of your system, and the best way
to do that is to REFUSE to go with
women that you know really deep
down you aren't that passionate
about, they aren't truly what you
believe in. They are only
"reasonably good".

Right now, though, your feelings
and instincts have been distorted,
as a result of giving into the
temptation to go out with women
you really know you shouldn't
be going out with. This makes
you feel weaker and you then
are more likely to do it again,
and again, and this is why
right now you need to NOT
your emotions now are not
in the right state.

STOP going out with women you
know in your gut are not really
the right ones, and you will
see your state of mind become
infinitely more powerful, and
your instincts far more sharp,
they will be SCREAMING out
the right messages on who
to date and who not to date,
and THEN you can rely on your
emotions and feelings.

But right now, you have to do
some re-wiring by changing your
behaviors, and forcing yourself
to NOT go with the women you
know you shouldn't be going
with. This will build you up.

The wrong feelings are right now
so strong because you have given
into these wrong feelings a lot.
Each time you do it, they get stronger.

But each time you resist, you get
stronger to CONQUER those feelings
and you will soon feel REPELLED
by the wrong behaviors in women,
rather than feeling tempted,
no matter how "hot" she seems.

No more "reasonably" good girls, only
GREAT girls for you.

When you're passionate about your love
and your desire for a woman, you never
feel that she is "reasonably good".

You would feel she's GREAT.

You will not get bored when you find
the right woman who fits all the criteria,
however, if you let low-self esteem creep
into your soul, then you will feel the
need to validate yourself by seeing if
you can get other women.

When your self-esteem is skyrocketing,
however, you never feel the need to
get validation that way, because you
ALREADY feel validated.

This is why 99% of "players" refer to
women in very robotic terms, that strips
the emotion out of it, it's because they
are afraid of emotions, and it all becomes
a game of numbers, it's got nothing to
do with women, it's to do with ego
and low self-esteem.

So, in conclusion, you must figure out
exactly what your own values are, and
decide if those are the values you want,
and if they are, you must then find a
woman who is compatible with them.

Regarding girls, there are definitely
many promiscuous girls, that won't expect
a relationship just because you slept
with them. It's not my cup of tea,
but there are definitely women out
there like that, so you don't have
to feel the pressure to lie to women
or hurt them if this is what you want.

Finally, regarding:

"I spent 2yrs and still do working on myself
and being secure in myself so if and when
i do get my heart broken I could deal with it
and wont be destruct by the breakup" I think
that working on yourself is a GREAT THING,
but the purpose of this is not just to
prevent DISASTER, but it's a more positive
thing as well- so that you can be the kind
of man that can make the BEST of a GREAT
relationship and a great woman!

Being secure doesn't just protect you
from pain of a breakup, it is what
NOURISHES a great relationship!

Being insecure will destroy a great

I'm absolutely not judging you here, as
I have been through great pain as well,
I'm just saying that from the way you
are speaking, it might be a sign that
you have been through IMMENSE pain with women,
and again, I must say that I TOTALLY
UNDERSTAND THAT and went through
the same thing.

However, I think that pain is the REAL issue
here, and it's possibly interfering with
your behaviors with women now.

I can't say for sure without speaking to
you more, but I think that maybe these
fears are affecting your decisions to
go out with women that you know aren't
going to work out anyway. It's almost
as if you are SETTLING for women that
are not GREAT, because deep down you
feel there are NO great women out there
anyway, so you figure you may as well
go out with these "reasonably good"
women instead.

Don't settle when it comes to CHARACTER,

When it comes to other things, it's cool
to have some flexibility to some degree,
but when it comes to matters of PRINCIPLE
in their CHARACTER and VALUES, then

Hope this helps...



Sunday, August 30, 2009

How To Meet The Right Woman

Finding the RIGHT woman for something
long term means first realizing the importance
of values such as:

Emotional Maturity
Being Able To See The Other Perspective
High Self-Esteem
The Ability To Think Long Term VS The Moment
Mutual Appreciation
Being Happy With Yourself And Your Life
Feeling A Purpose To Your Life
Emotional Balance
Not Afraid To Do What Is Right

Today, the combination of these values
is very rare, and it’s because everyone
is caught up in thinking that they can
get something “better”, no matter
HOW MANY CHOICES they have, as a result
of endless campaigning by companies
selling stuff.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of jeans, a car,
a house, a snack, a meal, a vacation, or a
loving partner.

It would actually RADICALLY CHANGE our entire
system and way of life if we as a society ever
woke up to this insanity.

Think about it:
How many kinds of toothpaste are there?
How many kinds of jeans?
How many kinds of cars?
How many kinds of colognes?
How many kinds of vacation packages?
How many kinds of fast food?
How many kinds of restaurants?

Has this led to anyone being happier than
before? Notice, by the way, how much of
this stuff is also associated with being “sexy”.

And you will be CRUCIFIED by many, if you
dare to say that relationships that are long term
should be CHAMPIONED.

This is because so many people are so scared
of changing their own attitudes, because it
would mean running the risk of possibly getting
emotionally HURT, or possibly losing out on
all that “better stuff out there” that exists in
their imagination.

Long term relationships and being happy also
doesn’t sell more jeans, or commercials.
So there is no media incentive to promote this.

Only discontent and stimulating a sense of
lack and the need for something more, only
THAT sells.

Of course, in the end, it seems that even
the party girls and the Hugh Hefners all
want something more, but they only realize
this when they are stripped of their youth.

I’m not saying the answer is to have low
standards and not seek to improve your life.

But there needs to be a wise sense of what
is an IMPROVEMENT and what is HARMFUL.

So if you’re looking for a great woman who
will be fantastic long term, you need to be
the kind of man that can APPRECIATE what
he has, and to be with a woman that shows
she APPRECIATES what she has, and does
not slowly start to take you for granted.

Most men don’t screen for this, they just
go for the first woman they find attractive
on the outside who also finds them attractive
as well. This is like hiring a guy who likes the
way a rocket ship LOOKS to actually FLY it.

If you want a quality woman, the first step
is to put some serious time into thinking
which VALUES are truly crucial to you
long-term, and then not only must you
stay congruent to those values, you
must screen the women you date for
having these values as well.

If you are with a woman, and dating her,
screen to see if she is willing to work
hard or is the type of person who seeks
"short-cuts" that don't exist in real
life, be it in work or relationships.

What type of friends does she have?
People are not friends with others
because they DESPISE that person's
qualities, they are with them
because they LIKE that person

So if a woman's friends are not
exactly the best when it comes
to morals and fidelity and
not being light-headed about
relationships, then that tells
you a lot about the woman.

Find out also just how logical
she is vs irrational. No one
is 100% logical, we all have
our own quirks, but the question
becomes how logical will she be
when it comes to the things that
actually matter, i.e. regarding
respecting you, working together
to build a future, etc.

What values does she have regarding
lifestyle and health?

If you value a healthy lifestyle
and she's a chain smoker, that's
simply not going to work.

Screen, screen, and screen some
more, till you find the woman
that shares your values.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Should You Try To Get Her Back?

You might have noticed that I have never spoken about
using my technology and self-development towards
getting back an ex-girlfriend or wife, etc, etc.

This is not because I don't know what it feels like
or how much you might LOVE a woman with every
last breath of your soul.

It's because usually there is a REASON for why things
did not work out.

Either you, or her, or both of you, have more work to do on
developing internally, OR possibly your personalities are both
so different that it's simply an incompatible match.

And 99% of the time, the very URGE, the very PAIN, that
makes you feel you must go back, blinds you emotionally
to all the very real issues that you need to work on

It's kind of like wanting to win the weightlifting contest
but you never actually worked out. You can't just
expect to go in there and win because you WANT to.

There are things that need to be DONE first.

well THEN, then you will be ABLE to truly make the right
decision of whether you should pursue this woman or not,
plus you will be far more ABLE to attract her if the answer
is that you should.

If she is a great woman, she would be doing the same thing
as you are, working on herself. If she isn't, that tells you
all you need to know about her.

To learn more about the deeper aspects on attraction,
(as opposed to the "one night stand" crowd) go to


Michael Marks

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Advanced Strategies On Approaching Women

There's nothing like having the KNOW-HOW
of exactly what to do when you see a woman
or group of women you'd like to approach.

One of the greatest mistakes that guys make
when approaching women is regarding WHEN to
start flirting. And by flirting, I mean
things like playfully teasing her in a
non-malicious way, things like looking her
over, things like having a certain James Bond
tonality in your voice, etc.

Most men either NEVER FLIRT in the original
conversation (thinking "that can come later")
or even worse, they start flirting TOO EARLY.

Timing is CRUCIAL.

Flirting too EARLY is especially disastrous when
dealing with women that are of a higher quality
inside and out, the kind of women who aren't
promiscuous party girls.

The problem with flirting too early, is
that it triggers all the WRONG things:

1. It makes you come on TOO STRONG, trying
TOO hard, which actually makes her feel that
you are not acting “normal”.

2. This in turn, sets off her alarms for thinking
you are probably just trying to get in her pants.

3. Because she’s met about a million guys that JUST
want to get into her pants and don’t care about anything
ELSE in life, she has thus been conditioned to SHUT
GUYS DOWN when she senses this.

At the same time, this does NOT mean that
you should start a conversation in a
BORING way, but the reality is that unless
you are in a club where the energy is high
and the music is blaring, you are going to
do WORSE if you start the interaction in
any way that seems like an obvious “pick up”.

A club IS for pick-up, so it’s practically
EXPECTED there, but in a normal place like
a gas station or book store or food court,
it’s NOT designed especially for men and
women to meet each other for the first

So the key is to start in a way that is NOT a clear
“flirt” or “pick-up”, but is still fun or cool.

If you start in a way that seems too flirty,
she will often actually act insulted, as if
in her mind she is saying to you "You think
I’m easy, you think I'm that kind of woman?”

Similarly, even if she is studying by herself somewhere
like a cafe, just because she is by herself does not
mean she should be treated like an "easy" choice,
because you still need to respect the steps involved.

So start with something that is still EMOTIONALLY
RELEVANT, i.e. interesting, funny, intriguing, etc,
but that does not have heavy “PICK-UP" connotations.

Here' an example:
Let’s say you meet her at the gas station while
you’re filling up your car, you can make a playful
comment about the cost of fuel or playfully accuse
her of harming the environment by driving rather
than walking, and if she says, “How about you?” then
you can playfully say back, “This isn’t about me,
don’t change the topic!”.

Notice though, how this conversation did not start
off as an obvious FLIRT. It started LOWER key,
it was NOT about PICKING HER UP.

Now, after a bit more small talk, i.e. 30 seconds
to a minute's worth of small talk, where you were
responding to whatever her reply was to you about
the driving, THEN at this new point, you can
transition into more FLIRTY conversation, (i.e.
"I bet you come to the gas station just in hopes
of meeting a cool guy like me") because NOW you
are in an actual CONVERSATION.

Once you are in a CONVERSATION, it’s now more
socially acceptable to flirt with them, and they'll
love it now.

It's crucial to do things RIGHT.

You want to have as much GOING
for you as possible, right?

You don’t want to make things
harder for yourself or miss out
on potential opportunities with
the right woman or women.

If you want to learn to ACE the skill of
how to attract and keep a fantastic woman,
I suggest you download my book,
"Get A Great Girl" immediately at:

To find out about ALL my programs for
helping you meet and keep the woman
of your dreams, go here:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The TRUTH On How To "Pick Up" A Woman

The most important thing to me is to
deliver the truth on what is the best
course of action to meet and attract
a quality woman.

What you are about to read goes down
in real life every day, and I prove it in
real life in my bootcamps all year-round.

So let's get straight to some crucial
tips and insights:


When you see a woman you'd like to
chat to, what's the first thought that
goes through your mind, especially
if she is attractive?

You're probably thinking, how can I
show "VALUE", right?

As soon as this thought goes into your
mind, you're already on the wrong track.

That's because you're already internally
thinking that you have to prove something,
and this thought will show in a concrete
physical form as well- it will show in
your body language and tonality, it will
show that you feel inferior to her.

The best thing you can say is whatever
the heck is the FIRST thing that comes
into your mind.

I mean the very first INSTANT.

The longer you wait, the more you screw
yourself up.

So let's say you are a fan of super-hero
movies, and you see a woman wearing a
BATMAN t-shirt, and the first thought
you have is that BATMAN is great, but
that SPIDERMAN is cooler, and you
immediately ACT on that and you
playfully say "hey, why are you wearing
a BATMAN t-shirt, SPIDERMAN is
way cooler!"

The reality is that if this is what you really
feel, and you are also feeling playful for real,
then this will work BEAUTIFULLY,
because you will be CONGRUENT to
it. By congruent I mean you will clearly
come across as being playful and as
enjoying super-heros.

This CONGRUENCY comes through in
your smile, your vocal tonality, your
eyebrows, EVERYTHING, including
things you aren't conscious of, but
a woman detects unconsciously as well.

I could go into an entire dissertation of
why this is, but for right now, just realize
that the human brain is already SUPER
ADVANCED, and super-powerful,
and already has powerful instincts for
this mating process, and that the more
you interfere with it through thinking,
the more you are actually stripping
yourself of your best instincts and power.

You end up questioning everything you
are doing ,because you start becoming
CONSCIOUS of it all, when in reality
it works best on an unconscious level.

However, since most of us already HAVE
been thinking too much and thus affected
our good wiring, there is good news- you
can GET BACK THAT POWER by following
the things I am teaching you.

So let's say, you DO start thinking
those negative thoughts, those thoughts
of "How do I show value? How do I
show I'm cool?"

Well then, at first, CONSCIOUSLY make
sure to not "sell" yourself. Don't try to stick
into the conversation your accomplishments,
your great education, great job, or anything
like that.

By the way, notice how in real life,
the most powerful people usually
NEVER try to show off about who
they are, and they never try to prove
anything. And the few of them who
DO try to qualify themselves NEVER
gain interest from anyone from this
behavior, it's never a good thing.

Now, it's different if a woman really wants
to know the details of your life, but before
that, she wants to know your PERSONALITY.

This is what "vibing" is all about.
It's about just manifesting the best elements

So if you have a great sense of humor, then
you will find opportunities to USE that in
your conversation with her, no matter what,
because it's WHO you are.

And if you're not a really funny guy, that's
okay, too. You don't have to be. Maybe
you're an INTRIGUING guy, and you
will find a way to make the conversation
INTRIGUING because it's who you ARE.

You see, unlike the pick up artists, I don't
try to mold you into something that you're
not, because that will never work long term,
and I'm all about getting a woman for the
real thing, not just for playing games.

The irony is that what I teach actually
works better than the pick up artist
games anyway, because a woman
can always sense if you are being
yourself or not, and when you try
to be someone else, it comes across
as insecure.

So, instead of trying to prove how cool
you are, instead just actually REVEL in
the elements of your personality that are
already strong, and bring THAT out in
your conversation.

So whatever you are passionate about,
as long as it's POSITIVE, you can always
find an angle to bring that up in your
conversation. Even if the only thing
you are passionate about is TELEVISION
SHOWS, I promise you this can work
as well, in fact just for fun I often
show clients in bootcamps how chatting
with women about childhood tv shows
like the FLINTSTONES almost ALWAYS
works, because it's something that is
funny, innocent, and easily relatable.

Yup, right out of the blue, asking a woman who
is a total stranger, about her thoughts on the
FLINTSTONES, and whether Barney or Fred
would make a better husband!

Of course, after this, you then transition
to more meaningful conversation.

But for now, remember to NEVER qualify
yourself in your early conversation.

Also, realize that the reason qualifying yourself
Is so harmful is because it lets a woman know
not only that you are insecure, but it also tells
her that you are not revealing your real
personality, and that instead you are just
trying to tell her what you think she wants
to hear, so she is still wondering who the
heck you REALLY are, and that is what
she is genuinely interested in.


What I mean by this, is that whenever
you are out with your buddies and you
want to chat to a woman or group of
women, realize that the dynamic should
always be MORE women than men.
So, if you would like to meet a woman
who is by herself, and you are with your
"wingman", then just approach her by

Don't have your "wingman" hover in the
vicinity either, to check out the action.

In my bootcamps, I am able to work through
this issue for the sake of teaching, but it's not
something that you want to be doing normally.

Being a woman is not all easy, the reality
is that safety and avoiding "creepy-ness"
counts, so it's fine if you are one guy
approaching a GROUP of women, or
two guys approaching two women or
a huge group of women, that's all fine.

It shows the women that you have guts,
and also allows the women the comfort
of numbers and safety.

So keep the ratio equal guys to women,
or MORE women than guys.


This is part of how a woman
believe in yourself or not.

A woman wants you, as a man,
to be OOZING this confidence.

She doesn't need you to look
like a model, but she does
need you to be THE MAN.

Do NOT eject or leave a conversation
with a woman just because there is
a moment of silence, or because you
feel nervous, or because you don't know
what to say.

In the beginning of learning the skill of
starting and keeping a great conversation
going with a woman who is a total
stranger, you will feel very awkward.

You will sometimes get some great feedback,
the woman seems interested and friendly,
and then you run out of things to say, or
maybe she says something to you that
seems to ruining everything, and you
will want to just GET OUT of there.

DON'T DO THIS, unless the woman
has made it clear she is not interested
in chatting.

For example, let's say you are chatting
with a woman, and then after your intro,
she says something like this:

"That was really smooth, is that your act?
Do you do this a lot?"

This is actually NOT necessarily her being
rude at all! This might just be a woman
wondering if you are a player or if you are
actually interested in knowing her for real.

Most guys will think this is some kind of
insult, or some kind of message that is
saying "go away", when in reality this
kind of message is not that at all.

So, STAY in the interaction!
Don't go anywhere, don't leave!

Similarly, don't leave out of your OWN
negative thoughts!

Sometimes guys will feel that it was cool
enough that the woman was friendly for
a few moments, and that they better leave
before the woman changes her mind!

DON'T do that!

Keep the interaction going conversation-wise
for as long as it naturally can go, as you two
get to know each other better.

THEN, tell her it was nice meeting her and
that you'd like to chat with her again, and
you can then ask for her email, number,
etc. Don't worry if she doesn't give you
all her contact info right away. "Step by
step" is a healthy attitude for both of you.

And for those awkward pauses, just take
a deep breath, chill out, and you can
even give her a wink and playfully say
that these kinds of moments are where
the drama of life unfolds.

The truth is, if you are listening well to
her, then you will have emotionally
meaningful questions and comments
all regarding what she is communicating
to you about, and you will never have
to have an awkward silence again.

This is a SKILL, you can LEARN how
to do all this.


Sometimes listening well not only means
avoiding judging her for what she says,
but even on a more basic level, just
actually HEARING her!

This can be a challenge in a loud club.

I'm not a huge fan of meeting women in clubs,
because I find that clubs tend to attract a lot
of heavy drinkers and smokers, something I
don't do, and it also tends to attract people who
aren't really all that serious about relationships,
but it occasionally does happen.

If you are in a club, even if the music is loud,
and it's hard to hear a woman, do whatever you
need to do to hear her:

Step in closer, put your ear next to her lips,
this is actually a way to build a bit of intimacy
although it's kind of premature. It definitely
shows confidence no matter what, though.

Standing there not knowing what she's saying
and just nodding like a robot, is not cool,
so by making an effort to hear her, you're
showing that you have the right to actually
KNOW what she's saying rather than just
nodding to everything she says no matter
what, and it also shows confidence that
you believe she WILL make the effort
for you and it also shows you care enough
to want to know what she really said.

If you can't hear what she's saying, you
won't be able to create a connection with
her. CONNECTION is crucial, it's what
takes things beyond a superficial level
and into the level of trust and real intimacy
where things can truly simmer and heat up


Don't go around giving false or superficial
compliments, it only shows a woman you
have no standards and it reeks of desperation,
and besides, it's not even logical- why would
you want a woman who has nothing besides
her looks that you like?

Only a wuss acts that way.
And being a wuss is not cool.

Have higher standards for yourself and for others.

If a woman is saying nothing that appeals to
your personality or your values, then move
on to someone else. This action in itself
fills you with a greater sense of empowerment.

When a woman really DOES do something cool
or says something you can really appreciate,
THEN you can authentically and genuinely
give her a meaningful compliment, i.e. telling
her how awesome it is that she is creative and
that she composes her own music, etc, etc.


When a woman asks you about yourself,
such as "what you do like to do" or "what
is your goal in life", etc, etc, she is not
asking for DRY FACTS, she is asking
behind those facts.

So for examples, if a woman asks you what
you do, and you say you study Finance, and
that your goal is to be financially independent,
that's fine, but you can add so much more
JUICE to this by giving her the EMOTIONAL
relevance behind these things:

In this example, you might instead focus on
how you find it an ADRENALINE rush to
make investments and STAY IN there when
everyone else is trying to sell because they
are scared of prices dropping, but you know
that this is the best time to BUY, and that
the whole pressure and stress is actually
something you enjoy, you find it really
tests your inner strength and guts and
courage and also your sense of the market.

Do you see how this is better than just
saying you study finance?

And rather than just saying you want to be
financially independent, ask yourself WHY
this matters to you.

If, for example, it's because it means you
would be able to help OTHERS too, as well
as to enjoy the excitement of investing on
a BIGGER level, then EXPLAIN that!


So for example, you might tell a true story
of how you gave money to a veteran once,
and even though it wasn't a lot of money,
it felt great to be giving something BACK
to the people who gave us the freedom
to live in our country today.

Do you see how this makes facts come ALIVE?

There is no need to ever LIE, you just have
to first ask these questions to yourSELF.


Training your voice to be able to project
even in places where there is a lot of
loud music will not only help you in
those places, it will allow you to easily
project your voice in quieter environments
so that it seems like a joke how easy it is.

If you can't be HEARD, then you can't
expect to ever get the girl.

One exercise for strengthening your vocal
projection is to imagine that your voice
is coming from your abdomen, not your
throat. This will help, as will actually
forcing yourself to speak to women even
in loud clubs, not for the sake of meeting
them necessarily but for the sake of
building up your vocal projection.

This has nothing to do with having a deep
or high voice, it's about PROJECTION, and
finding it EASY to make yourself heard no
matter where you are, and this also gives you
a ton of extra confidence.


If you have both had a great conversation that's
lasted anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, don't try
to turn it into a marriage proposal or a one night
stand either.

Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but
in general, a 20 minute conversation is PLENTY
for her to remember you if you've done it right.

That's a good time to go and then you can
always chat to her later with her number
or email or text, etc, that she gave you.

Think about it:
What are you going to gain by staying there?

You're not going to stay there all day or night no
matter what, and you have already established that
you are a cool guy, and you have bonded to a degree
as well.

Build more later, but for now, if you stay there
all day, you will usually just look like you
have nothing else to do in your life, and the
truth is, you SHOULD have other IMPORTANT
things to do in your life.

By leaving after a brief but SOLID 10-20
minute chat, you also give the woman time
to FANTASIZE and think about you long
after the meeting with you has ended, where
her feelings for you can grow and gel into

Much better than the clueless guys who
just keep going on and on and end up
ruining all the good vibes they built up.

As you can see, what you have read are
SOLID insights that work in the REAL
WORLD. This is not just "act positive"
or "be confident" advice, it's the best
actual course of action to take in the
real world, if you want to attract a
quality woman TODAY.

If you want to take your success with women
to the next level, then I suggest you download
my book, "Get A Great Girl", IMMEDIATELY.

It's at:

And if you haven't yet taken advantage of
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REAL WORLD BOOTCAMP, where you will
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In the Real World Bootcamp, I will show
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Here's what the most recent graduate of
my Real World Bootcamp had to say,
from the program this past weekend:

"All in all, it was a great experience and having mike
by your side is priceless. Mike helps keep you in a
state that is ready to talk to girls which is crucial to
your success.

He will also push you to your max and remind you
that no matter what happens you can't eject from the
interaction and the ironic part is that girls love this

I saw in this bootcamp in real life how this attitude
is what really turns women on!!!

SEEING is believing!

It's not the looks, the money, or your car but your
attitude about yourself and the emotions you create
in her. And without mike by my side I probably
would have been like all the other guys and would
have wussed out in the presence of a beautiful woman.

But because mike was there to help push me I was
able to portray that attitude and that belief and was
able to attract beautiful women and get emails
and numbers - something i haven't been able to do
before the Bootcamp!"

Check out the details of the Bootcamp here:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Don't Hold Back!

We're currently living in an era where
far too many good men and women act
apologetic for their great values.

As if there is something wrong with
fidelity, honesty, integrity, and
life-long commitment and dedication.

Far too many people are scared of
giving a great relationship their
all, they are holding back out of

I say, to all men and women, DON'T

If someone does not appreciate your
great values, no one is telling you
to stay with them.

But let's say you meet a GREAT woman,
and you hold back with her, out of
fear, now she will do the same thing,
and presto, there goes another
potentially great relationship
down the drain.


Morality and Fun

Ever since I can remember, a lot of things
just made sense to me very early on when
it came to the whole man and woman thing.

The problems started when I got brainwashed
by all sorts of influences.

Anyway, to get right to the point, there is
clearly a lack of common sense going on today
when it comes to dating and relationships,
especially people who say they want a real

For example, there are still tons of men
and women who don't get tested for STDs,
which is hard to understand considering
that even if you're really serious and
not promiscuous, how do you know what
your previous partners have been?

And even if you know your partners are
not promiscuous, how do you and they know
that all THEIR partners were not promiscuous
and always used condoms, etc, etc, etc.

And still today, there are many women
out there who you will find that will
not put pressure on you to wear a condom,
and it must be YOU who puts on the pressure
to make sure to wear a condom.

Okay, so that's one example.
Probably because in the movies and media
and culture, everyone just magically melts
into wonderful perfect sex without ever
so much as even mentioning the word condom.

#2 Light Headed Attitude Toward Fidelity

There's also a light headed attitude toward
fidelity amongst so many people.

So for example, a lot of people think they
are "innocent" when in a relationship and
flirting around and fooling around, as
long as no actual sex occurs.

Then these same people wonder why the only
people who are "fine" with this attitude,
end up being the same people who cheat on
them or hang out at strip clubs, etc.

Again, common sense- if you want a partner
that takes you and fidelity to you seriously,
you better have a serious attitude toward
that as well.

#3 Not Realizing The Preciousness Of Time

I could never understand how people have
the time to twitter every ten minutes,
do they have nothing else to do?

Is it a constant need for attention?

Is it an ego-boost to see lots of "friends"
on their list?

Or is it the innocent mistake of thinking
that this is actually a good way to stir
up business?????

4. Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd

You are your environment, pure and simple.

As soon as you join a gym, and see everyone
working out around you, you start to take
working out more seriously.

Is it a coincidence that so many people who
are NOT on drugs suddenly end up on drugs
once they reach Hollywood? Yes, I know
there are people in Hollywood who are
not on drugs, and those people tend to
AVOID the entire "scene" as much as

If you have friends that are immature, that
do not cherish things like fidelity, honor,
integrity, honesty, and love, then they will
rub off on you.

And the moment you CHANGE your environment
for the BETTER, is the INSTANT you change
your LIFE as well.

You have to make decisions in life, and
decide who will be your close friends
and who will not.

You often CAN judge a person by the
company they keep. Sooner or later,
if a person is different enough from
his friends or her friends, they will
not be a part of that group.

So the bottom line, is that good morals,
they're not something for "heaven",
they're for right here, on this Earth,
at this time, right now.

You can do anything for love, but
you can't sacrifice your principles,
otherwise the only thing you
have got for yourself is an
illusion, or in the words of
Bruce Springsteen, a
"Brilliant Disguise":

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cherish The Truth Is Born!

I just started a blog for the purpose of promoting truth,
it's called Cherish The Truth, it's at:

Feel free to send me your comments or questions!

And enjoy...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Conviction In Your GOOD VALUES

I hate the term "Nice Guys".
There's nothing NICE about being "weak" about
your convictions in GOOD.

I prefer a term such as "A FEW GOOD MEN".

Because when we hear that, we think of

No weakness internally.

You must have FULL CONVICTION in your

A man who says he is a good guy but
is willing to compromise his values
in order to get with a beautiful
woman is not a good guy at all.

He is weak.
And by the way, a great woman with
GREAT values will sense this right
away and be repelled anyway.

I heard some music today which
somehow embodies the feeling of

Saturday, August 1, 2009

So, You Want A Quality Woman?

In today's blog, I'm going to share some
information that isn't the kind of thing
I would put in my newsletter, because
I really don't know if most guys would
appreciate the level this is on.

So it's going here, where I know only
the die-hards come.

Ok, so what is the thing that most guys
want? They want a woman who is attractive
and faithful and fun to be around.

Well, then here are the things you have to
watch out for:


A LOT of women believe in things that
have zero logic or evidence. Although
many men do lots of illogical things
of their own, here are a list of things
that are statistically more likely to
be things that women are into as opposed
to men:

#1 Astrology

Yup, a lot of women take this stuff a little
too seriously. There are many women who will
make decisions based on their horoscope.

It's a bit difficult to try to have a
genuine conversation with a woman who
seriously believes in this stuff.

#2 Infinite "Feelly Goody" "Self Help" Books

So, for example, the Law of Attraction, this
is a nice idea. Or "The Secret", it's all

And the general principle of you attract
what you are YES is something I believe
in, however this is not an EXACT law
of science either.

So for example, a woman who has suffered
rape HAS NOT "attracted" this into her
life any more than a millionaire who wins
the lottery.

Similarly, a man who has suffered from
the way women have treated him has NOT
necessarily "attracted" that either.

To believe in this craziness as if it's
a science is morally barbaric.

That would assume insane things such as
blaming the children in Africa for their
own starvation, or blaming all genocides
on the victims!

That's INSANE, yet MILLIONS of women
will somehow not SEE this insanity and
still WORSHIP books like The Law of Attraction
or books like "The Secret".

The truth about the "The Secret" is that
it's not secret that if you want something,
OF COURSE you have to seriously WANT it,
but WANTING it is NOT enough, you have
to ALSO bust your ASS in order to get it.

The REAL REASON, or rather the most COMMON
reason for why people fail to achieve
their goals is because they DO NOT BUST
THEIR ASS LONG-TERM to get their goal.

Instead, they would prefer to read books
like The Secret that make it seem all you
have to do is just "want" it and then you
can go back to your astrology books and
other "feeeely goody" books that don't
require you to actually be logical and
bust your ass working and being smart
as well about achieving your goals.

Bill Gates didn't read "The Secret" to
build Microsoft. Instead, he slept at
his own desk for years because he was
so ambitious and driven and he loved
what he did.

Sylvester Stallone didn't read "The Secret"
to become a movie star. Instead, while
his friends were busy getting suntans,
he would be writing, script after script,
auditioning after auditioning and being
turned down by every agent in New York,

He kept trying different avenues, until
FINALLY he broke through.

But all this LOGICAL stuff isn't as "feely
goody" as the books which appeal to the
human LAZY factor.


Today, maybe because of things like
Sex and the City or maybe because of
screwed up men with poor morals themselves,
or maybe because of mass confusion in an
era where no one but the religious stand
up for things like fidelity (and even
there there is much corruption), many
women today refuse to see how they
are exhibiting low moral standards.

This is related to having lack of logic
as well.

So, for example, women will complain that
they have dated so many men who were unfaithful,
who cheated on them, etc.

And yet, many of these women will refuse to
date men with higher moral standards because
these higher moral standards require being
different than the majority of society.

What I mean by this is that today, everything
is up for grabs morally. So many men and women
think it's fine to be in a relationship but
still flirt with others. They will be flirting
in person, they will be flirting on twitter,
they will be flirting on facebook, etc.

When they meet a man who does NOT do those
things, they are not prepared to ALSO be
like that.

Suddenly, they now label those good men as

In reality, this is not control, it's mutual
SELF control. Both the man and the woman should
be doing this, instinctively, not as a result of
anybody forcing them to do this.

Similarly, hanging out with ex-girlfriend or
girls hanging out with ex-boyfriends, this
kind of thing usually does not breed the
best foundation for the kind of serious
level of trust and commitment that is
required for a long term relationship.

Having your partner not hanging out with
ex girlfriends or girls hanging out with
ex-boyfriends has nothing to do with trust,
it has to do with being the kind of person
the person they are committed to.

This person you are committed to has been
chosen by you as your soul-mate, is this
not something to ELEVATE above the rest?

And no matter how much each partner trusts
each other, is it really NORMAL and HEALTHY
to try to force ourselves to feel NOTHING?

I have found that the only people who truly
feel "nothing" or nothing major if a boyfriend
or girlfriend is hanging out with an ex or
is hanging out with some "platonic" friend
of the opposite gender to always be the
SAME types of people who themselves would
find it perfectly morally fine to be hanging
out at strip clubs, flirting with others,

So in other words, the only people who are
so "cool" and "trusting" are the people who
have lower moral standards in this department,
they are the same people who will find it
fine to be flirting and going to strip clubs
and in general not making the relationship

So of course, if that's what you want as
a man, then you can have that as a woman.

And if that's what a woman wants, she can
have that.

But if you want your relationship to be
special and you want to know that your
partner is not flirting behind your back,
then all this stuff of higher moral standards
should be NATURAL and instinctive to the
woman you meet.

If she feels this is an issue of "control"
you can be sure she IS flirting behind
your back, and she does NOT have the
same concept of what it means to treat
fidelity as something sacred in a relationship,
and that her friends are the same way.

In fact, her friends will accuse you of
being the worst evil on earth.

And then, of course, when they date a man
who DOES cheat on them, they will cry and
say that all men are terrible cheaters.

Again, this whole thing goes back to
having poor logic and not seeing
the consequences of behaviors long term.

There is more, but for today, I think that's
enough ;)