Thursday, December 23, 2010

How To Meet And Attract A QUALITY Woman


Hey Michael,

I know you're not a big fan of the nightclubs
for meeting a quality woman, but I think you'll
agree that what I have to say only proves your
point even more. All I can say is that I wish
I had your materials before this disaster went

So this past weekend my buddies and I went
down to the club and near closing time, up
beside me comes this pretty little number that
I was chatting up inside with her friends and
just being playful in that innocent way you
describe. Let me backtrack on what happened
inside the club a bit-

I started the convo with some stuff that I took
directly from your book- telling her that the only
reason I was talking to her was because she
reminded me of Barney Rubble's wife-Betty,
from the Flintstones! And that she was so much
cooler than Wilma because Barney never had a
real job and that it was cool by her!

She was eating it all up, and then on top of
that I told her that if she was a good girl,
I might take her out for a Brontosaurus burger
one day because I know the only reason she
puts up with Barney is because she can't
cook! I had her playfully punching me in
the arm and grazing against me the whole

Everything was going great, I was following
the principles in your book and never trying
to prove how great I was or trying to get the
"upper hand", and keeping the vibe warm,
confident and playful, knowing that she could
never get insulted from a comment that the
cartoon version of herself could not cook.

And I also remembered your point in the book
about "the teasing cycle" and how important it
is to not just joke around but to naturally progress
into a real conversation to see where you share
important values in common- she's the kind of
person who appreciates life's little treasures
that most people overlook, and that's really
important to me because it means that you never
take life for granted.

But here's the thing, I refused to believe that
this was actually working because of what
you had taught, I kept thinking that it was actually
happening in SPITE of what you taught. After all,
this girl was gorgeous, and I mean head to toe,
and I started to let the fear creep in, that I needed
to show her that I wasn't kissing up to her. I started
to think that the reason for my success so far was
that I had the "player vibe" about me.

So let me fast forward - I felt that I was
trying too hard to talk to her, (I realize now
that I wasn't) and I gave in to my "pick up
artist" training from all those "experts" out
there, and I decided to do a "take away"
and talk to some other girls just to make
sure that she knew I wasn't desperate for
her, and that this would get her to chase
me even harder.

Well, when I did that, she had this confused,
disappointed look on her face when I told her
I had to talk to some other friends, but she said
okay and then I never heard from her for the rest
of the night! I don't know where these "pick up
artists" get their crazy ideas from.

But I felt like since she wasn't chasing me, that
it would be even worse now if I came running
back to her. And I wasn't interested in any of
the other girls as much.

Anyway, the thing was that on my way out
of the club around closing time with my buddies,
I see her roll up beside me, her girlfriends not
far away, and she remembers our convo, saying
to me "How about that Brontosauraus burger?"

Michael, my heart was pounding, I wasn't sure
if she was joking or serious that she wanted to
join me, so I said "sure Betty, but remember
I expect you to clean the house!" And then
I find myself with this knockout walking
beside me and my friends suddenly in luck
as her girlfriends are now talking to my

We reach the burger joint, and I'm feeling
so much pressure and conflicting thoughts.

I'm thinking "Is this girl trying to use me
to buy her food? I'm not going to be abused
by those tricks just because she's got the
looks" and my mind just keeps thinking
worse and worse and worse thoughts about
her, that this is all just another way for her
to use men for a free meal or something.

And then it happens- we reach the cash
register, and I blurt out "I don't believe
in prostitution" to which she seems
really confused (of course, I totally get
it and understand why now). So I then
make it even worse by EXPLAINING
it all to her, telling her that women use
men all the time, and she starts to feel
defensive, telling me that I have some
issues against women, which makes me
even angrier, and now the whole vibe
is going to hell. And in my gut, I knew
I was destroying the whole thing, but
somehow I felt that otherwise, if I didn't
"show her that I was tough" she would
eventually take advantage of me.

The crazy thing Michael, is that I don't
even know she wasn't going to pay! It's
possible she would have. The whole
argument though made me seem petty
and before I knew it she was hailing a
cab and high-tailing out of there, gone
forever. And the other thing that drove
me nuts is that I realize looking back
that I actually showed weakness, not
toughness at all, but being so petty.

I was so pissed off about the whole thing,
I couldn't sleep all night. All I could think
about was how I let this fantastic creature slip
through my fingers, and how I had committed
an error so clearly explained in your book-
I had allowed black and white thinking to
let me turn a little question about this woman
into an indictment on her, and sentencing
her to the verdict of being guilty, all
because I could not take the uncertainty
of the pressure in that situation.

I took a perfectly good woman and turned
her into some type of threat that didn't exist.

So for all your readers out there, they should
know that even in a club, where the atmosphere
is so casual, a better quality woman will run out
the door when you fall prey to "pick up artist"
tactics, then I can only imagine how much
MORE important it is to show a great woman
that you get to know in a more normal "date"
situation will expect that you show superior
character, class, and confidence.

Daniel T.,
Houston, Texas


First of all, thank you for the huge props
for my book and for your honesty. A lot
of the lessons in my book come from years
of misery and mistakes and from listening
to the advice of some really, really wise
people that I had the good fortune of

Regarding the emotions you were feeling
when things were going well, I understand
them, as I used to make the same mistakes.

What happens is that we want to protect
ourselves, and we start to focus on how to
protect ourselves from the bad stuff, from
the pain, rather than focus on how to get to
the good stuff. So we become obsessed
with preventing pain- we focus on pain
avoidance. And that type of attitude
feeds images in our mind of all types
of horrible things, we start to think of
all the times we had bad experiences with
women, we start to think of all the horrible
possibilities, so we then revert to INSECURE
behavior. Also known as "pick up artist games"
behavior, ironic as that seems, but true.

So for example, how much does a burger
cost? Five bucks? It's trivial, unless the
woman gives you reason to believe she
is not respecting you in general. And
it's very possible she would have paid
it anyway, like you said.

The whole thing reminds me of something
that Wayner Dyer (a very cool and wise man)
once articulated: "All of us are like oranges.
And just like the only thing that comes out of
oranges under pressure is orange juice, the
only thing that pressure can bring out in
you is what's already there- you can't
blame some external source for what's
bringing it out in you".

So in other words, it's not that girl that was
making you feel all those horrible emotions,
those fears and insecurities were already there
inside, most likely made much WORSE by the
"pick up artists" and wannabe "dating gurus"
and SHE simply created the moment of what
you felt was the "squeeze", even though this
squeeze or pressure was actually the product
of something GOOD- i.e. SHE LIKED YOU.

So the key is to realize that as soon as you
catch yourself wanting to give in to insecurities
you can always follow the principle of the
24 hour rule- don't react to the negative feelings
inside of you at the moment, you can always
do it 24 hours later- and guess what? 24 hours
later you almost ALWAYS realize there was
nothing to react to in the first place, and it
would have just made you seem insecure,
needy, and uncool.

The best part of this 24 hour training rule,
is that it actually MAKES YOU MORE
SECURE in the first place, it trains your
mind and emotions to not give in to fears.

The more you follow this 24 hour rule, the
FASTER you will see the truth about the
situation, the faster you will see that it
was actually a toxic negative emotion-
you'll start to get over these things
INSTANTLY. It won't take 24 hours

Another good rule of thumb to remember
is that if you are feeling any type of EXTREME
reactionary feeling when a woman does
something, it's probably not an accurate
emotion, and certainly it's a mistake to
base your behavior on that extreme emotion.

The great thing though about this situation
is that you LEARNED from it, if you let that
pain be a reminder to NOT give in to pick up
artist tactics that tell you to "put her in her place"
or to use "cleverly disguised" put downs on her.

It sounds like all you have to do is get back out
there and meeting women, and just stick to what
you know WORKS, what you read inside the
book- the great news is that this is all about
real inner growth and development and not
some type of pick up artist "disguise" of your

I look forward to hearing from you again
as you continue put the materials to work-
just make sure that next time you get the
girl, BELIEVE her! When a woman is making
herself that available to you, it's because
she WANTS you!


Master Mike!!!

Do you realize what power you are giving guys?
I got your book almost two weeks ago, and couldn't
put it down once I started. And then my damn work
schedule kicked in- I've been really busy with work
lately, even working weekends, (I work in IT and
often have to be on call) but I made sure to read
your book during every break I had. And then this
past Friday I got the chance to leave work early
and that's when I had the opportunity to put your
stuff to the test:

I decided to relax and visit the bookstore on my way
home- as soon as I entered, I almost lost my breath
as I saw this gorgeous curly brunette, athletic looking,
in the section of the store selling gift-wrap.

Now, normally in the past, I would just stand there
and watch, tormenting myself on what to do. But
after reading your book, I realized what my pattern
always was - I would picture the absolute worse scenario
which to me was the idea of everyone looking at
me thinking I was a fool, or the idea of her thinking
to herself "why is this guy bothering me, I hate

It's amazing, that I never even realized I HAD this
pattern, and so I could never stop it, and I could never
stop the automatic feelings of indignity that followed.
And your book made me realize not only my pattern,
but also how I unconsciously was allowing this pattern
to create a guaranteed "failure to take action" response
every time, because I would let the pattern of thoughts
keep going and growing, and my conditioned response
to that was to prevent a disaster by not talking to her.

Of course, as you explain in your book, that never
really worked for long to make me feel any more secure,
it just gave me that momentary escape and relief from
having to take action, and the next time I would see
a woman the fear would be even worse, since I had
never had to actually stare it down.

This time, though, I was ready. I was ready with your
strategy- for the first time, I knew that any excuse I
would give myself would not only not bring me any
closer to this woman, but I also knew from your book
that in fact if I did not take action, I was actually
making it even harder for my emotions and brain
to take action in the future. I made the decision
that all the pain in the world from her potential
reaction was still better than a life of fearing
her reaction and never approaching women.

So I went over to her and followed your advice
of not trying to be "mr. gangsta" and not imitating
the arrogant put downs that the pick up artists
and dating gurus tell us all to do. Instead, I
focused on injecting some dominance, upbeatness,
and sensuality in my voice and gave her the
chance to "come into my world" as you say.

And I observed the situation so that what I
could say would be connected to the situation.

So instead of the put downs and arrogance,
I decided to genuinely give her some of the
infinite abundance of "good vibes" that I
have - and told her that someone who's thinking
that hard of the right wrapping paper must have
a really good friend! And I really said it with
a confident feeling, because I knew I was not
kissing up, I was genuinely complimenting
her on something that I thought was a sign
of her own goodness.

She seemed a bit surprised, I guess she didn't
realize I was right there, but she turned around
and gave me a warm smile and told me that she
was going to a friend's birthday and then I
couldn't even make out what she was saying
because my heart was pounding so hard and
all I could do was see her lips, her gorgeous

I wanted to just say thanks and leave so badly,
because it felt so good to not have this thing
crash, but I knew that would be the wrong thing.
I managed to make out a few words that she
was saying, something about "she's a good friend"
and "helped her so much with rides to work"
so I just kept on sharing the vibe and actually
making a connection because I also really
value great and deep friendship, and I started
telling her that we are lucky if we have even
one great friend, and how what is the whole
point of life if we are just to enjoy it alone.

And that's when even though my heart was
still beating like crazy, I felt myself knowing
that this woman was enjoying being with me,
and it felt like a ton of bricks was being lifted
off my shoulder. Feeling that good, I started
to unleash the playful stuff, I knew it would
be interpreted right because it was coming
from a place inside of me that was real,
and because I knew she would know that
I meant it with love and not anger.

So I told her, "you know, we're having
a pretty good conversation here, and it's
all without being mean, nasty, or vulgar.
It's kinda nice, isn't it?" And she laughed
and said yes it was, and then she wanted
to know if I did this to "all the women in
the bookstore".

In the past, this would have been a major
catastrophe, as if I was "found out" and had
to cover my moves.

But now, after reading your book, I just
realized that women, especially a great woman
looking for quality connection with a man,
wants to know what type of guy she is dealing
with. This is a good thing in reality, otherwise
it would mean that no women had any standards.

So I was honest and secure, I told her calmly
that I didn't, but that we'd both be lucky if we
were to have these kinds of convos every day,
to which she of course agreed.

Man, Michael, this is so absolutely different
from the whole pick up artist and dating guru
advice, this whole interaction was beautiful man.

You really mean it when you describe how it's
up to us to bring out the best in a woman.

I got her number and when I called her on
Saturday afternoon, she didn't avoid the call
or play games, we spent 15 minutes on the
phone, and we're supposed to meet for coffee
this week.

Thank you man!!! This really is the stronger
way, the way of the truly confident, classy,
"Man", and not the games of a boy who thinks
in terms of insecure, immature notions and
thinks of making love as "scoring" and whose
concept of interacting on a deep level with a
woman is either putting her down, acting
arrogant, or on the other extreme, kissing up
to her with superficial compliments.

You'll be hearing from me this week for a
consultation, because I want to ace this!

Matthew S., New York.


There's nothing like seeing guys who have
taken the words I have written down and truly
GET IT and are putting it into action. When
you really get it, you start to see results

One key point I want to emphasize is the
idea from the book that you applied brilliantly-
and that is the idea of bringing out the BEST
in a woman.

This is the RIGHT way to approach
a quality woman.

By leading the interaction from the very
beginning in a morally strong way, you led
the pathway to only lead to good places.

You started by talking about friendships,
and valuing them, and not about how men
and women cheat and who cheats more
or other negative stuff that things like
certain shows on TV try to pretend are cool.

In reality, no one thinks those things are
cool, but many men and women don't want to
appear uncool by being the one to stand up
against it. And yet, the very fact that you
outset actually shows that you have more

This stuff is massively important, as the
reality is that the pain of other people is
never a joke, and when try to be cool by
appealing to that type of conversation
and gossip, as many pick up artists try
to teach, you are destroying the fabric
of the interaction in terms of having
a foundation of trust. So even if the
woman does talk to you, she is in the
back of her mind feeling uneasy, and
sooner or later the whole thing falls
to pieces.

That type of type of "I'm so cool" attitude is
kamikaze and suicide to any future relationship
with the woman, because it fosters a belief that
the interaction is based on manipulation, and
how much trust can that lead to? Without trust,
the whole thing is a fragile house of cards that
is guaranteed to fall apart.

But what you did, was you LED the way,
you showed a totally different attitude, and
you weren't apologetic for NOT being the
abrasive "I'm so cool” style approach
to women.

And this is what she REALLY WANTS and
can't find. She can either only find
pushover "nice guys" or weird guys with
their pick up artist games, when all she
really wants is a MAN. A man with
class and who is emotionally mature,
whose sense of what is cool does not
depend on what OTHERS think, no
matter HOW much the TV might try
to change his attitude.


Hey Michael,

There's this girl that I met and I'm wondering
what to do. We went out once so far.

The first time we went out for coffee, and
I tried to keep the conversation light and relaxed,
but her cell phone rang three different times, and
she also noticed some guy inside at the coffee
shop she recognized and she went right over
to him and gave him a hug and I just felt the
whole thing was too much for me so I just
told her that I had to meet some friends and
cut the date short.

Now, here's my question, I read a lot of
dating guru advice and they all seem to say that
I should not have made a big deal to show
that it bothered me, and the pick up artists
say that I should have ignored it and kept
on escalating the interaction and tried to
take her home if I could, and that once
I slept with her, it would make her treat
me very differently.

The thing is though that even in the
conversation, it was a bit strange, I was
telling her that I could tell a lot about a
person from the way they talk about
things, and she said to me that she
can tell a lot about a guy's personality
from the way he is having sex with

This whole thing seemed bizarre to
me. Was this woman testing me? Was
the way she went over to the guy to hug
him some kind of test?

Can you clear any of this up????

Kevin R., Miami

>>>MY REPLY<<<

See, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing
that the supposed dating gurus and pick
up artists screw up good guys on.

Trust me, this woman has SERIOUS issues
and is the kind of person who will MESS
with your head big-time.

The pick up artists are willing to sell your
soul for the sake of getting sex with a woman,
so of course THEY will say "just ignore" it
all, and to "keep escalating" toward the

Let me tell you the REALITY:

While you SHOULD try to progress an interaction
with a woman from stage to stage, DEFINITELY,
you should NOT do this when you detect the
woman has ISSUES.
In fact, you should run like hell away from this
woman, and most likely this woman has had her
own heart torn to shreds and is now out taking
vengeance out on all kinds of innocent men like

She is hurting and needs help.

The first red flag was when her cell phone went
off repeatedly while she was out on the date with
you. The fact it happened repeatedly is already
not good. The fact that she clearly did not make
a serious effort to APOLOGIZE for it just shows
how not serious she is, and shows how she is
simply playing around and seeing how far
she can push.

But don't think of this as a "test", she is not
testing anything any more than a bully tests a
victim. i.e. Yeah, it might be a test, but the only
way to WIN this test is to ERADICATE her from
your life, before you allow her to poison your
image of all women, including all the women
with fantastic morals, high self-esteem, and
integrity who are out there.

Think of this test as actually a woman showing
you her TRUE COLOURS and so she is actually
FAILING a test- she is failing YOUR test of
a quality woman!!!!

And the answer to the question that I'm sure
is burning in your mind regarding "Would
she treat me differently if I just got
past the "sex" stage with her?" is NO.

She would NOT be different with you.

She would STILL be the same person
with the SAME attitude.

The NEXT red flag was this hug business that
she actually LEFT you to go and make sure to
do the big warm fuzzies to some dude while
out on a date to you, and again, apparently
she made NO EXPLANATION of this at all
to you.

The crazy thing, is that this would be super
obvious to you if you read my book and that
by following the "pick up artist" advice, you
actually DEGRADE yourself and your own
personal standards that you start to think that
maybe you SHOULD put up with this vile
filth of messed up behavior.

Finally, you need to ALSO realize that
it's important that you DO NOT WASTE
energy on these kinds of women IF you
want a quality woman for a long term
healthy relationship: The reason is because
the only way you will have the strength
to BE the kind of man with great integrity
and with feeling secure is if you spend your
time in the company of good people.

Staying with or pursuing those with spoiled
values will only mess up your internal compass
of what is normal and what is not, and then when
you meet a GREAT woman, you will be doing
all the WRONG things. Things that might
be normal for those with inferior values, but
that are ABNORMAL for those with superior

And one more thing- a great woman will want
to KNOW that you are totally clear on what YOU
want in life. She is not looking for a namby-pamby
insecure guy who is willing to buckle his own values
just for some approval from any woman with the
looks who comes his way.

It's very hard to truly mask your identity, it comes
out in tiny subtleties in your behavior and intonation
of voice and mannerisms, so if you ARE the kind
of guy that doesn't have his own values and self-esteem
together and WILL buckle under pressure and will
pursue the wrong type of woman, well then I
can assure you that a great woman will DETECT
this in you, and you will not stand a chance with

On the other hand, if you are absolutely clear on
what you want, and you BECOME the kind of guy
that would never even THINK of putting up with
any woman that chips away at his self-esteem
no matter how beautiful she is, no matter how
slight that self-esteem damage is, then a great
woman will be far MORE attracted to you.

If you want to get a great woman, you need
to focus on that, and not on the WRONG women
that will drain you of everything precious -
your energy, your time, and your emotions.

And I can think of no better path for you to
take than by getting my DVD Training Program
for becoming the kind of man that attracts the
very BEST type of woman.

It's called WARRIOR WITHIN, and it's at:

And if you haven't yet downloaded my book,
'Get A Great Girl', then do that immediately at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

P.S. To find out about all my programs for
getting a fantastic woman, go here:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The only way that attraction can have any
LONG LASTING impact, is if it is accompanied
by GOOD VIBES towards the woman you
are interacting with.

And that's not always an easy thing to
do, especially if you are in a scarcity
mindset when it comes to women,
or if you have some picture of all
women as being "bad" or "mean".

Even if you don't picture women as being
"mean", it's still easy to feel intimidated
because a woman of great beauty radiates
ENERGY and makes most guys MELT.

But good vibes are CRITICAL.

In fact, the need for these kinds of vibes
is PRIMAL, which goes contrary to
popular belief about how being a JERK
is supposedly primal and attractive
to women.

The REAL truth is that GOOD VIBES
are so important and primal for attraction,
that even many ANIMALS have this

THAT'S how important it is.

There are a LOT of reasons I am bringing
up this point of giving off GOOD vibes, and
ONE of them is because SO MANY guys
TOTALLY warp the idea of what it means
to come across as "superior/excellent/vitality"
which is the essence of attraction. For
example, so many guys when they TEASE
a woman at the outset of the interaction,
they are just being MEAN.

They are not being PLAYFUL, they are
not being FUNNY. So their words are
coming across as MALICIOUS.

Look, no matter WHO you are, coming
across as MEAN is ALWAYS bad, because
it means that you are going to use WHATEVER
worth you have in a way to put her DOWN.

No one on earth wants that, aside from a few
sick people who you really should feel sorry
for rather than be sick yourself by trying to
exploit that.

When a guy is doing pickup, he should be
filter his teases to sound MEAN.

This is often why a guy who is ALREADY
in a relationship where he is HAPPY so
often is able to unconsciously ATTRACT
so many women. It's because his sense of
SECURITY filters his behavior, so for
example if he teases a woman, it's
ALWAYS from a place of GOOD VIBES
and not BITTER vibes or MEAN vibes.

And women can TELL the difference, I assure

But then the day his relationship ends, if it ends,
when he goes out to meet new women, and he
teases them, it's not working all of a sudden.

It's because his words are being filtered through
his own insecurities, so the message comes across
as defensive and not playful or "good vibes" at
ALL. And of course, this actually implies his
INFERIORITY, because a superior guy would
never need to behave in an insecure way.

So her potential to feel attraction SHUTS DOWN.
Instead, she feels revulsion.

Now, of course, if a guy has learned to not
base his entire IDENTITY and SELF-CONCEPT
on his relationship, he will NOT be so vulnerable
to such an internal crash if his relationship ends.

But if he did make that mistake, which is perfectly
normal when you are starting out, he then needs
to learn to get back his sense of security before
he can start to get his groove back and exude
again all the attractive energies of his game that
he once had.

Once he starts to get that back, very quickly
his game will start to skyrocket again.

Another thing I should mention is that a lot
of the bad advice out there is written by guys
that hate or CAN'T connect with ANYONE.

For some guys, it really IS hard to have
genuinely "good vibes", they have to fake it.

You see, some guys are so selfish, or so sick,
that they really don't have much of an ability
to bond or care about anyone besides themselves.

Wait, though, I can hear it now:

"So are you telling us to be NICE???""

"Isn't that how nice guys get ABUSED????"

"Don't nice guys get BURNED for being

"Don't you have to be a "Bad Boy" to
attract a woman?"

In fact, a recent email asks a similar
question, along with another question:


I read your emails religiously.

I have two important questions to ask you
Michael. First of all, I know women go for
bad boys, players, and guys who challenge
them. But don't women want to get married
someday? I've always thought it was their dream
to get married. I've read somewhere that women
go for bad boys while their young. But while in
their late 20's they go for the good guys who's
willing to stay and commit to MARRY them.

Tell me the truth, Michael.

Is it true and tell me why?

Question No.2

Why are lesbian women so sexual towards
other lesbian women. Why aren't straight women
as sexual lesbian women. I'm a man and i love it
when a woman express her sexuality. I think it's
unfair that straight women are not as sexual as
lesbian women.

Tom K.

>>>MY REPLY<<<

The reason why women want the "bad boy"
is because he's the only guy that doesn't

He's also not afraid to be HIMSELF.

And also, he's not afraid to reveal SEXUALITY.
And he does it in a stylish way without having
too VERBALIZE it too much.

in the beginning of an interaction sets off
a woman's ALARMS and she goes into
AUTO-SHUTDOWN to prevent the
safe from being illegally opened.

You catch my drift here?

This whole "be a badboy" thing reminds me
a bit of that movie "The Mask" with Jim Carrey.

When he puts on the mask, his REAL
self comes out, and it's not a bad boy,
it's just a REALLY FUN guy, that is
CONFIDENT and full of LIFE.

And he's sexual as well.

And it's the guy's REAL personality.
It's all the cool stuff that is REALLY
inside of him.

In fact, when he is NOT wearing the
mask, in many ways THAT is the
only time he is being "fake".

I would argue that most guys are actually
being FAKE all day long!!! They are
not being the fun, unique individuals
they really are in any way - from the
way they dress, to the way they talk,
to the activities they do, to the way
they walk! They are SUBMERGED
into some kind of restricted, inferior
ROLE play! They feel they must
PLAY this role, and they practice
all day long till they get real
damn CONGRUENT being these
carbon copy cutouts!!!

And then, if a guy finally DOES get to
see a bit of the "light" about women
and shown to him, it's often from misguided
sources who turn him from a fakely NICE
guy into a fakely JERKO guy!

Which is just about equally unproductive.

You don't have to be the bad boy to attract
a woman, whether she is 21, or whether she
is older, and in fact you can do BETTER than any
"bad boy" if you take the effective stuff about
"bad boys" (which has nothing to do with
being "bad" per se) and THROW AWAY

For example, their inability to emotionally
CONNECT. That would be an example of
something that is not only useless, but
counterproductive about "bad boys".

This is a big part of the problem, that guys
they even get a bit of the truth.

The learn from misguided experts who tell
him only the BAD stuff about some women,
how "all women are evil", and how it's all
about bossing women around and not actually
caring at all.

It's OKAY to WANT A WOMAN as long as
that "wanting" is not a DESPERATE kind
of want. A woman can know you LIKE
her, as long as you are still a challenge,
you are still PUSHING all the right
dramatic exciting fun playful and
sexual "buttons" at the right times.

A "confident" want is VERY different
from a "needy" want. In fact, this want can
even be flattering to a woman, since it's
backed up by massive self-worth, which
inherently is a compliment to HER, since
it implies you believe you have VALUE
to get whatever is great in life that you
want. So therefore SHE feels that SHE
must be great too.

I do need to say however that for SOME
women, they simply DO find it immensely
attractive when a guy does NOT want them.
I'm not saying this is MOST women, but
it is SOME. Obviously, a relationship with
such a woman would be VERY unstable,
unless it was something that worked just
in roleplay in the bedroom.

And regarding the marriage part, you
don't want a woman to be with you
simply because she knows you will
COMMIT: This is the problem with
the "nice" guy - he does only the
"practical" things, he doesn't do

The things that trigger her EMOTIONS.

And he does all his "nice" stuff,
TO THE WOMAN, as if he alone is NOT
worth her affection. So he feels he needs
to do EXTRA stuff, like being willing to
commit EVEN if deep down he might
not commit if we wasn't so needy.

It's not the commitment of a guy who is secure.
So even that commitment that he offers her
is far less validating for her than if it were
from a guy who had many choices and wasn't

So she may even take him for granted,
and he STILL is willing to commit,
because he feels INFERIOR.

So all his commitment comes with creepy/needy
vibes instead of loving/giving/secure vibes.

So it's a totally different story if a guy
is not needy and he COMMITS to a woman
who clearly is COMMITTED to him and has
been committed to him all along as well.

Look, there are plenty of "bad" women,
but they don't have a monopoly on being
bad, plenty of men are just as messed
up and "bad" as those "bad" women.

(I put the word "bad" in quotes, because
seriously once you realize how ridiculous
and low self-esteem such "bad" behaviours
are, you really feel sorry for the "bad"
women. Cruel behaviours are ALWAYS
a symptom of insecurities. You just want
them to get emotionally healed. )

One of the biggest things that DOES
make women different from men is the
fact that women are taught (or maybe it's
biological, it doesn't matter) to be
more "hard to get" in order to not
be even REMOTELY labeled

Which brings me to the answer to your
second question, about wanting straight
women to be as sexual as lesbian women,
I can guarantee you some GOOD news:

Straight women ARE just as sexual!
They are MASSIVELY sexual!!!

But in general, unless you are dealing with
the wild party girl type, the sexuality MAX
only is going to happen if you properly
warm a woman up with the right vibes
beforehand, as I explain in my books and
in further depth in my DVDs and CDs.

If you want a woman to kiss her inhibitions
goodbye, all you have to do is make her
feel COMPLETELY psychologically
comfortable and TOTALLY able to trust

This requires a combination of being sensitive
to her, listening to her, and yet also being A MAN
by taking responsibility for FULL ESCALATION,
so she can shirk off any feelings of guilt onto you!
(as in "HE was the one who made it happen" even
though of course they WANTED it to happen and
did everything in their passive power to make
it happen.)

Yeah, society is crazy for making women feel guilty
about sex, even when it's with the guy they LIKE!

But once again, let me assure you, straight
women very much are INSANELY sexual.

They just come with very sensitive "how to
heat and re-heat" instructions! ;)

Part of those instructions also means that when
you first approach a woman and you begin
chatting, you make sure not to get TOO
overtly sexual too fast, not too verbally sexual
too fast, or you will raise her ANTI-SLUT
ALARMS that cause her to go into
AUTO-SHUTDOWN. If she goes into
auto-shutdown, she will simply be
COMPLETELY unresponsive to any
further attempts to continue the pickup.

So if you just KNOW these things, you can
avoid these problems, and you will be able
to PROGRESS the interaction further, till
she has been properly warmed up psychologically
and she feels READY to go sexual to the max.

And while we're on that topic of good news
and good vibes, I have some other news:

You know how you hear all the bad news
about how horrible relationships are, and
how everyone is breaking up, and how
supposedly this is natural? Because
supposedly, we all have these "chemicals"
that make us selfish and hormonally

Well, it's not exactly like that.

Because if it's CHEMICALS in our bodies
like hormones that they are referring to,
the reality is that there are OTHER
chemicals (such as oxytocin) in our bodies
that are JUST as PRIMAL, JUST as
"CONTROLLING" our behaviors and
just as "natural" that makes men and women
want to BOND and LOVE and treat other

A good friend of mine brought a great
book on this to me: Social Intelligence,
by Daniel Goleman.

I'm not going to reprint the book here,
but some amazing stuff is in there. In fact,
these "good vibes" are so PRIMAL that
they indeed exist even in ANIMALS,
not just in humans.

Monkeys would rather protect a fellow
monkey than get lots of food by pressing
a button that would also give an electric
shock to their fellow monkey. Yup,
they didn't want their friendly fellow
monkey to get zapped, even though
it meant sacrificing lots of free good
food. They preferred to protect the
monkey, and survive on far less

And similar cool stuff with vampire bats,
and mice too! Vampire bats shared regurgitated
"food" with the "socially friendly" other bats
that were hungry, and the mice worked to
rescue a fellow mouse from a web on a line.

Also, long term relationship success it seems
can be PREDICTED with 90% accuracy,
and it's no surprise that the couples who
gave each other the most good vibes
were the ones who would almost certainly
have long term success.

In fact, because of the good vibes, what
happened was that even THINKING about
the other person was enough to trigger
oxytocin releases into the system.

And just BEING in each other's PRESENCE
would release oxytocin. (of course, it's
important not to SMOTHER each other,
that way, you both get to APPRECIATE
being with each other again.)

And of course this would result in each
of them genuinely validating each other,
raising each other's self esteem constantly,
and naturally unleashing the flood of great
feeling chemicals that ensues.

Can you imagine the NEVER ENDING
LOOP of positive bonding emotions that
go on in such a couple???

Over SEVEN ago, before all the
"official" research could back me up,
I already knew from my own research
and experiences that relationship
success was partially based on the idea
of having two people who took on the
perspective of appreciation and finding

I knew that this would trigger the
powerful emotions of desire and affection
simply by the THOUGHT of each other,
not only in the short term, but in the LONG
term as well, because in fact the more
it was done, the stronger the associations
would become linked between the thought
of that person and the chemical release.

You are what you think and do, and if two
people adopt this philosophy of seeking and
finding greater value in each other, they will
get better and better at finding value in each
other, and usually have a fantastic relationship.

And now, EVEN MORE evidence from
other researchers is pouring in to support
what I knew based on the couples I had
interviewed and met with.

By the way, people who had oxytocin blocked
became SELFISH and repulsive socially.
So jerks are either insecure or have a
serious deficiency of oxytocin in their
system. It's nothing to be proud of.

So you see, being a JERK and all "alpha bossy"
is just plain STUPID.

Don't be a JERK.
Don't be a NICE GUY.

And if you'd like to learn EXACTLY how
to put it ALL together, from the first moment
you SEE her, to the actual APPROACH, all the
way to "getting physical", and beyond, into a
meaningful relationship if you so desire, then
you owe it to yourself to get the most powerful
resource on earth for achieving all this:

The Warrior Within Program DVD Set.

This special DVD Set contains all my most advanced,
revolutionary, real-world strategies and insights on
how to attract a FANTASTIC quality woman and
KEEP her attracted for as long as you want.

From the very first SECOND, you will see this program
is about making women feel GOOD.

It's at:

And if you haven't already downloaded my eBook,
The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women,
then definitely do that NOW. This book is
especially important if you find yourself
constantly being "nice" in the WRONG way
that your gut knows is not right.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Attraction Skill Vs. Attraction Gimmicks

If you're SERIOUS about mastering the skill of
attracting a woman, then you have to know the
difference between the "gimmicks" approach to
this whole topic, or the approach that actually

One of the biggest things to me is being REAL.
That means real in many different ways.

For one thing, I hate gimmicks.

So that’s why I was never into learning memorized
routines for approaching women, memorized lines,
or using “props” such as magic tricks, cards, or
anything at all like that in order to “impress” a woman.

In my gut instinct, I always knew that somehow,
the REALLY cool guys did NOT use gimmicks
to attract women.

The reason why gimmicks are popular, however,
is because they cater to the desire for an EASY

But in real life, in order to master something,
so that in fact you CAN excel at that thing
and make it look “easy”, requires some
REAL learning, some REAL input, before
you can get the beneficial OUTPUT.

Again, this does not just apply to attracting women.

So, for example, speak to any TRUE bodybuilder
who does not use steroids or growth hormone,
and he will tell you just how much EFFORT
goes into achieving results. Proper nutrition,
proper rest, gut-busting workouts. Heck, even
the STEROID champs will also tell you how
much real work goes into it, and how there
just AINT NO GIMMICKS to substitute for
all the work that goes into it.

If you want to become a doctor, you have to

I have never resorted to the gimmicks approach,
even though it really DOES sell.

When I think of GIMMICKS, I think of
the old campy TV show of Batman, where
he always was able to save his hide or
save the day thanks to something in his

I used to think to myself, “If that dude
ever didn’t have this utility belt on, he’d

I know the show was meant to be campy,
but even as a kid, it really pissed me off.

On the other hand, let’s take a character
like James Bond and the ease with which he
chats up women using a combination of
humor, sexuality, intrigue.

The truth is, there are REAL people
out there like this, and you don't
have to actually even BE "James Bond"
to master this.

The key is the ability to be compelling
through SKILL, not through gimmicks.

The truth is that it is MUCH MUCH MUCH
cooler, a trillion times cooler, to be able to
actually have the SKILLS deep inside of
you so that you can attract women and
be able to say the right things and do the
right things because you UNDERSTAND what
to do, not because you have just MEMORIZED
like a robot some lines or routines on what
to do.

Women can EASILY tell the difference.

Without actually developing the SKILLS, a guy will
be conveying the WRONG message about himself,
no matter HOW "cool" his memorized words or magic
tricks or routines or 'stage props' are.

He will be off in his timing, in his
delivery, in his body language, in
his choice of WHEN to do WHAT.

And yet, when you actually MASTER
these skills, it actually IS
easy and instinctive- that's the
difference between real skill and
looking for easy way out gimmicks-
the gimmicks NEVER really work,
but "seem easy", whereas the real
skills take some work, but then
the results DO come easy.

To me, attracting a woman you seriously want
is not something to be joked about or toyed
around with. I want you to get RESULTS,
not just scraps of attention from women.

So, for example, when it comes to the art
of actually getting a woman laughing,
I didn’t just say “tell jokes”, I actually
interviewed one of the only men alive
that actually is BOTH a comedian AND
for many years went out into the FIELD
with guys to approach women and show
them how to create attraction.

I actually could be a real witness to the
truth about what he was saying, as I
myself hung out with him and he even
served as a guest instructor together
with myself at one of my own bootcamps.

And guess what? In my interview with him,
(that is part of the Actions For Attraction Set )
you will NOT get any GIMMICKS.

Rather, you get an actual FEEL for the
BIG PICTURE of comedy and the skills
involved as well as instructions on what
you can do to enhance your SKILL at this
art. He actually GETS YOU LAUGHING
AS YOU LISTEN, and then after he is finished,
I actually BREAK DOWN, step by step, exactly
what is going on psychologically and HOW he is
making all this happen.

It’s a lot more to take in than just “here do this
1, 2, 3, and she is yours!”.

I don’t pretend that my subscribers are less
intelligent than myself, if anything, I always
aim HIGHER, because personally, that’s what
is interesting to ME. Honestly, I get a personal
satisfaction from knowing that guys that get
my material are getting the very BEST.

Similarly, for conquering “Approach Anxiety”,
I absolutely do NOT give you some “motivational
speech”. Nope, in fact, that can sometimes have
the OPPOSITE effect, by the way, as a guy
will get all PUMPED about this thing called
approaching women and make it a far bigger
deal than it needs to be, which will be uncool
to the woman, and also will create even more
stress for the guy.

Instead, I actually give you a DETAILED
step by step COMPREHENSIVE plan to

Now, when it comes to “inner game”,
which really IS important to your success
with women, some guys like to oversimplify
this by saying “just be confident” and others
try to make it overly complicated by making
it seem almost impossible.

I just care about solving the issue as efficiently
as possible, so that your inner game actually
is strong, without adding any kind of hocus
pocus gimmicks to make me sound smart.

So, this is the difference between me and
what’s out there.

Similarly, I’ve decided to focus on how to
get the kind of girl that most guys really
want- the kind of girl that is attractive
and would be a great girlfriend.

So, that’s a bit different than just trying
to get a girl into bed.

Now, just because you are looking for a
“great girl” doesn’t mean that she isn’t
attracted to a man that has the ANIMAL
WILD SIDE to him.

I’ve noticed that there is some advice
floating out there that tries to make it
seem like if you are trying to attract
a quality woman, that it’s all ONLY
about being a man of integrity, etc.

OF COURSE, these thing are CRUCIAL,
including developing the skill to truly understand
her point of view and to develop a super strong
connection, and I go DEEP into these things in
my programs, but the trick is to COMBINE
all this with ALSO conveying sexuality, fun,
dominance, and even a bit of the unpredictable.

Getting a great girl is not about finding a girl
who is going to be CHARITABLE to you
or have SYMPATHY on you and be with you
because you are a nice guy.

It’s about ATTRACTING a super high
quality woman that you are making

So she’s got all the great physical and deeper
personality traits, including loyalty and
honesty and being a fun person, and she

Let me give you an example:

A guy who thinks that since she is a great girl,
so now he doesn’t have to know anything or
be anything, since, after all, she is so nice,
might make the tragic mistake of thinking
that he doesn’t have to DO anything or
KNOW anything, since she is so kind,
she will just treat him great, right?


Because even if she IS a great person,
you want her to be with you because
she is ATTRACTED, not because she
feels she is doing “the right thing”.

Otherwise, there will be problems eventually.

So, let’s say you’re dating a woman, a woman
who is attractive, a great personality, and is
obviously a woman “in demand”.

And after a few weeks, let’s just say, she tells
you about the fact that her ex-boyfriend called
her, or she tells you that she’s concerned that
maybe you and her are moving a little “too fast”,
etc, etc and that maybe you should both slow

Now, most guys, they would feel insecure
about all this.

And that’s not so bad, really, it’s not the
worst thing in the world. We’re all human.


See, at this point, the woman really did nothing
WRONG. You were only dating her a few weeks,
and she didn’t do anything morally wrong here.

Now, in this situation, there are two roads
available to take:

One road is to try to STOP her from calling
the ex-boyfriend by telling her how much you
dislike it.

The same road might also suggest that you
say to her “Honey, what do you mean moving
too fast?? You want to slow things down????”

Now, let’s ask ourselves what this accomplishes:

It sends the message to her brain that you
want her to be with you as a FAVOR for YOU.

After all, it’s YOU who you are concerned
about here, right?

So, now, we have that already established.

On top of this, we have also established that
you feel that YOU are not CLEARLY the
superior value.

If you DID, you would LAUGH at this whole
thing, right?

Now, again, I’m not saying that it’s always
EASY to feel this confident, especially if
you have not been doing your inner game

But at the very least, you can control your

So, let’s go a bit deeper here:

What’s REALLY going on here?

What’s going on, for whatever reason, is
either this woman is testing you, which means
she is no good, or she is honestly not feeling
enough attraction.

And if she's not feeling enough attractin, this MIGHT
mean that you were giving off needy vibes or controlling
vibes etc, etc, or simply not being fun, that caused this.

I'm not saying FOR SURE, because there are
infinite possibilities, but assuming that she WAS
originally interested, and things WERE going
great, usually there is some explanation for
why things went off course.

If she WAS feeling enough attraction, she would
have told you about the ex-boyfriend in such a way
where it was CLEAR that she was NOT
interested, and regarding the “moving
too fast” thing she would have NOT
said that.

So, your goal is always simple:


And you ALWAYS have choices available.
Some choices LOWER attraction, some
choices INCREASE attraction.

When you’re dealing with interactions
with women, it’s like you’re driving
a RACE car, where the gears are all

You have to know where to put the gear.

So, if she is showing signs of LACK of
attraction, you must do what INCREASES

Which means take the OTHER road:

So, for example, telling her “You should call
him back, he sounds lonely, it’s probably
been a long time since he’s talked to a girl,
and I guess you still qualify as a girl”

And say it with a WARM SMILE!!!!!!!!

This sends ALL the RIGHT messages and
WHAMMO SKYROCKETS the attraction.

Now, she’s thinking to herself, on a SUBCONSCIOUS
LEVEL, “there’s no FUN in that now”.

You DRANIED the “FUN” potential in her
mind of calling the ex-boyfriend because
you’ve SIMULTANEOUSLY demonstrated
SUPERIOR value in your obvious sense of
security, and you’ve subtly LOWERED his
status by explaining how lonely he is and
you’ve EVEN shown in a playful way that
she “might do” as a girl!!!!!

How many guys do you think would respond
this CORRECT way????

That’s right, about ZERO percent.

And THAT makes your response even MORE
powerful if you’ve chosen the right response-
because not only is it the right response, but
since so few guys do it right, it makes you
stand out even MORE.

Now, she’s suddenly telling you things like
“No way, I wasn’t going to call him, I was
just telling you what a weirdo he is”.

And regarding the “slow down we’re moving
too fast” if you would respond with something
if you say it with a calm smile, she will KNOW
that you are kidding around with her, but at the
SAME TIME, she will also know the most important

Again, WHAMMO, 99 percent of the time, this
results in an INSTANT reframing on her part,
she suddenly views the situation as something
other than her original perception: Now, she’s
thinking of the issues involved in LOSING you.

Before, she was thinking of the issues involved
in having MORE CHOICES.

The brain really can’t be in two places at once.

Now, I do not believe in having to constantly
be doing these kinds of things, however, in
the RARE times when these things DO come
up, (as we are all human and they will come up),
you QUASH these issues damn well, and that
way, they will NOT arise again.

If they DO, well THEN you should definitely
NOT be with such a woman.

However, the occasional time these things happen
PREVENT these kinds of things from happening
much in the future, if at all.

This is ESPECIALLY true the FIRST times these
things happen, because FIRST impressions hit

First impressions hit so hard, in fact, that this is
the reason why it's SO HARD to get over the
FIRST woman that you ever were crazy about.

Since she was the FIRST, your brain actually
puts her into a very powerful category that
gets a MASSIVE  "publicity in your own mind"
campaign.  Your brain RAISES her level of
value and importance and all other women
seem like poor imitations.

Eventually, we get over it, and we can appreciate
other women again.  But it takes time.

In a similar way, if you meet a woman and deliver
the right impression the FIRST time, it will be very
HARD for ANYONE to LESSEN her attraction
to you!!

But if you screw up on the first impression, it
will be very hard to FIX this damage.

Whether it's fair or not fair, the reality is the
brain really gets impacted on an emotional
level by the FIRST impression.

So, if a woman sees the RIGHT reactions and
the right behaviors in you the FIRST time, she
will REALLY “get the message” and I don’t
mean this in a nasty way- when I say “get the
message” I mean she will feel ATTRACTED.

Let’s be honest, this ENTIRE life is pretty
much about people trying to have more

As guys, we are interested in attractive women
because they turn us ON.

It feels AWESOME.

So, do you not want to GIVE that same feeling
to the woman you’re attracted to?

These kinds of right responses, reactions, behaviors,
GIVE a woman MORE of that attracted feeling to you.

And when you approach a woman who is
a stranger, if she is walking along the
sidewalk and it’s night time, for example,
she might be a bit more cautious than if
it were daytime and there were lots of
people around.

So by keeping that in mind, it makes sense
to get her LAUGHING as soon as possible.

In fact, this is not just attractive, it’s REQUIRED
to help her relax and not be worried, because
if she’s laughing, it’s hard for her to feel
fear or worry.

So getting a woman and attracting her and
keeping her is about mastering far deeper
things than GIMMICKS or memorized lines.

And THAT’S what my programs are all

My latest programs include the Actions
For Attraction CD Set, at:

As well as my Warrior Within DVD Program,

Till next time,

Michael Marks

P.S. To find out about all my programs,
go to:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Skyrocketing The Sexual

One of the crazy things about attracting a woman
is that you probably already KNOW in your gut
what IS attractive- for examples, things like
CONFIDENCE, things like being more SEXUAL,
and things like being INTERESTING in general.

The REAL question is, how do you SHOW these
things to a woman? Sometimes a guy CAN be
confident in many OTHER areas of his life, but
not feel confident in approaching a woman who
is a total stranger. Sometimes a guy can be an
interesting person, but when he’s talking to
a woman, he doesn’t know how to show it.

And, how do you show more SEXUALITY to a
woman who is a total stranger???

So let me get into answering ALL this right
here, right now. Please keep in mind that
you can apply it all IMMEDIATELY and
see for yourself how quickly it works.

First off, I totally understand that most guys
are NOT Bill Gates, not wealthy, not models,
and not necessarily living an “Indiana Jones”

And guess what? THAT’S NOT A PROBLEM.

Because the TRUTH is that, WHEREVER you
are in life, whatever your situation is, you can
STILL apply everything I’m talking about to
demonstrate all the cool things about yourself.

Let me give you an example: Let’s say you
have a really CRAPPY job, okay?

And you’re at that part of the conversation
where she’s talking about her stressful job or
whatever, and you know that if you don’t mention
what you do, it’s going to sound like you’re hiding

The reality is, you’re FAR BETTER OFF
literally telling a woman “my job is crap”
than trying to DISGUISE it in any way.

I mean LITERALLY telling her those words.

The key though, is to say those words without
trying to be CUTE when you say it.

If you say it trying to be “cute” or smiling,
it almost seems as if you’re smiling out of
HOPE that she will “forgive” it.

But if you are totally OWNING it, and not
seeking to try to get her FORGIVENESS
for it, it makes a FREAKING HUMONGOUS

You can even be a bit PISSED OFF in your
tonality about the crappy job.

The reasons for all this are subconscious:

By NOT hiding it, you show the following
things, and I’ll explain why:


Most guys will sacrifice truth and anything else
if they think it will get them ahead, but here you
are clearly showing you are not affected by what
other people think, including HER.

You show that you stick to your principles.

You also show that you aren't ARROGANT, which
is what a lot of guys end up coming across as in their
efforts to try to sound cool. 

Arrogant is actually the opposite of cool and often
shows an inability to be intimate.


You are also demonstrating confidence because
you clearly think that you STILL have a chance
with this girl ANYWAY otherwise why would
you be talking to her, especially in this non-apologetic
and non-deceptive way?????

The other thing is that by OWNING up to your
reality, and not DENYING it, you are far more
likely to be the kind of guy who is going to

So in a way you’re also showing AMBITION.
If you’re not SATISFIED with where you
are, and you want to move UP in the world.

And when a man of confidence puts his mind
to work and his body into action, he can achieve
a HECK of a lot, and he won’t be down in the
gutter for long.

Now, if you have INTEGRITY and you also
have CONFIDENCE, she realizes that you
probably ALSO have integrity in your other
connections with people, including relationships.

This translates into SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE

She also subconsciously realizes that if you
can handle THIS kind of awkward uncomfortable
situation, you can probably also handle the part
about you LEADING the interaction smoothly
to the SEXUAL with her.

After all, you don’t seem to be bogged down
by the OTHER things that most guys would be
bogged down by psychologically.

So that’s just ONE example of how you can
convey confidence as well as many other
attractive traits, even if your situation isn’t
that GREAT, and you might have previously
THOUGHT you don’t have anything to be
confident ABOUT.

And you can use this same principle to show
confidence in ANY situation where you think
you are LACKING or not doing so great compared
to other people.

In fact, that “lack” is your opportunity to show
that you WILL NOT BE CRUSHED by it,
that you will not lose integrity by it, and that
you will not lose confidence by it.

Remember, MOST of the guys she is going
to meet are going to do the OPPOSITE of
this, including even guys who you might think
on the surface HAVE SO MUCH GOING

Yup, the vast majority of guys ALL end up
QUALIFYING themselves to a woman they
are attracted to. The guys, out of a desire to
impress the woman, quickly end up telling
her about their fancy job, their car, their
fancy trip, etc, etc, etc.

And the irony of all this is that this “impressive”
stuff, by being used as a crutch, shows INSECURITY
to a woman and is REPULSIVE.

So, now it’s almost as if the guy would be
better off NOT having the fancy stuff, since
he ends up just using it to convey insecurity.

A woman figures that such a guy actually
thinks that he should be with her because
of his CAR or JOB, and that’s not only
uncool, it’s the trademark of a real a-hole,
and trust me, THAT’S NOT the cool kind
of “jerk” at all.

So you can ALWAYS be showing confidence,


How about something like sexuality?

Well, here too, you can ALWAYS be more
sexual with a woman, it doesn’t have to JUST
be at a nightclub, where it’s easy to do this
because the women are there to meet guys.

I prefer to meet women in places OTHER than
nightclubs, simply because the most attractive
women at nightclubs definitely DON’T need
to go there to meet guys, so if they are there,
chances are they are just party girls.

Of course, there ARE great girl at nightclubs,
but FINDING them is like finding a needle
in a haystack, and the noise makes it hard
to truly dig deeper into conversation to
determine character.

However, all women need to do the everyday
things like shopping, grocery shopping, going
to the bank, etc, and so these “regular” places
are far better for actually meeting women with
more “long term girlfriend” potential.

How can you show more sexuality with a
woman you happen to see at the coffee
shop or supermarket?

Simple: Through using TOUCH AND TONALITY.

Words have been around for only a smidgeon
of human evolution, while TOUCH has been
around since the very beginning.

Human communication has been using
TOUCH since day one.

And it’s STILL AROUND, we just tend to
REPRESS this primal force.

So, stop worrying about being called a pervert
and look for PLAYFUL ways to make HUMAN

And I’m talking FAST.

The reality is that women are FAR more
comfortable with this than you think.

When I was in university the first time, I
got BRAINWASHED by all these political
science courses including on feminism,
where I was taught how just about EVERYTHING
was a form of male harassment against women.

So I did everything I could when interacting
with women to NOT touch them, and to
NOT show dominance, and to just wait
for THEM to take all the action and to
get sexual.

Of course, that all led to ZERO results with women.

Then, I finally found out the TRUTH of
what was going on, on campus, and how
RAMPANT the sexuality was, and how
there were TWO realities, the one that
existed in the lecture hall, to which of
course NO ONE WOULD ARGUE lest
they be labeled EVIL CAVE-MEN, and
then there was the reality of what ACTUALLY
HAPPENED on a regular basis within just
METERS of these lectures halls, things that
would make Sodom and Gomorah BLUSH.

Seeing the TRUTH helped me a lot.

not only getting more “physical” with women,
but also being more PLAYFUL in general
with women, because I realized that women
were MOSTLY NOT like the stereotype
portrayed in my political science course
descriptions, in reality women LOVED
GETTING PHYSICAL, probably even
MORE SO than men.

Have FUN with women, from the moment
you first see a woman you’d like to talk to.

HUMAN CONTACT is a normal form of
human communication, it's perverted to think
that it's NOT.

So you aren't a "perv" for making contact,
AND RATHER it's perverted to think that
human contact is evil.
It's important to LIGHTEN UP and have more FUN.

Forget being serious, instead LIVE IT UP
and take “chances” with your sense of humor,
it’s BETTER than being too serious, FOR SURE.

It’s GOOD for a woman to think you
really want to get PHYSICAL with her
and that you have NO SHAME about it,
and that you LOVE the idea of physical
and you love having fun with women-
it’s just that socially, you can’t literally
SAY THIS as your first words to her,
it through your MANNERISMS!

If you’re not having a good time doing this
with women, you’re doing it wrong.

And when I say a “good time” I don’t mean
to act “cutesy” with women – a lot of times
“cutesy” is this kind of toothy smile that
is really a form of seeking rapport.

Instead, your “having a good time” while
interacting and approaching women should
be coming from a place of STRENGTH

One of the best example I can think of that
resembles the REAL LIFE way of doing it, is
“Captain Kirk”, and if you’ve seen the way
he is with women, it’s a pretty accurate of
what I mean by playful but strong and not
needing a woman’s approval, while still
liking her nonetheless.

The more DEEPLY confident you are, the more
you can get away with compliments because she
will KNOW you are not using the compliments
in a needy way, she will know that you are just
a confident, fun, sexual guy.

So I assure you, you should go for playful
hugs, high-fives, taps on the shoulder, etc,
and if a woman has a problem with this,
you are NOT harming your chances, you are
only finding out that she is a waste of
your time.

Now, you should ALSO be conveying
sexuality, by speaking to a woman in
the same kind of tonality that you would
have right after making passionate love
to a woman. Your voice would be calm,
comfortable, no more pretenses of
sounding like CLARK KENT instead
of the real SUPERMAN inside of you.

There’s also nothing wrong with a dirty
joke or two if they are actually FUNNY
and not GROSS. This helps establish
the right mentality that this is a male
female interaction and not just some
cerebral conversation between two men.

Here’s ANOTHER important strategy:


Most guys are so caught up in trying to
impress a woman, that this very act of
trying to impress ends up causing the
OPPOSITE and repels her.

Instead, what I do and have clients do is
to focus on learning more about HER.

After a playful comment or two to get the
conversation started, I get into wanting to
know what HER STORY IS.

In fact, I might even say those words:

“What’s YOUR Story?”

This has TONS of benefits for you:

It shows her that you aren’t all arrogant
and don’t need to talk all about YOURSELF.

It allows her a chance to actually BOND with
you by talking to you about herself.

It teaches you more about her, so that you can
have the right things to say to her that are actually

It’s easier anyway, because instead of having
to be this big talker, you can chill out and

The less you talk, the more cool you seem, as you
might remember from my discussions on
“Minimum Game” and how less is more, the
sign of a true master. A true master uses only
what is required for each situation, and never

PLUS, after she has spoken to you about herself,
SHE HERSELF will ask you about yourself,
so NOW when you talk to her, even about
yourself, you will NOT seem like you are
qualifying yourself!!!! You really WILL
impress her.

And what you’ve just read is the TIP of the
the moment you see her.

In my Actions For Attraction CD Set,
I show you exact word-for-word examples
of how to go from the MOMENT you
SEE a woman in a “normal” place like
a supermarket or mall, all the way to getting
her back to your place in anticipation of
getting physical with you.

And this is not just about how to get
some kind of promiscuous woman-
NOPE, I’m talking about the kind of woman
that is the full package, which means
that I also show you how to make a
powerful CONNECTION with her
as WELL as igniting sexual attraction
in her.

Here’s just SOME of what you’ll learn
in this incredible CD Set:

*The BEST ways of approaching women in
“regular” places like supermarkets.

*The FULL PICTURE on how to “OWN” any
“undesirable” part of your reality and transform
it into an ATTRACTIVE part of your identity.

*Three powerful ways to SIMULTANEOUSLY
create both ATTRACTION and RAPPORT!

This will ACCELERATE your results, which
is crucial especially in those situations where
you don’t have much TIME to speak to a woman!

*Four powerful ways to increase the
EROTIC nature of your interaction with
a woman so that you can SMOOTHLY
escalate to getting PHYSICAL later.

There’s nothing worse than having a series
of dates with a woman where NOTHING
physical happened, as this makes it even
MORE awkward and less likely for anything
physical to occur. You’ll never have this
problem, by using THESE strategies revealed
in this CD Set!

ANALYSIS of an entire real-world approach
with a total knockout, while she was shopping for
groceries! The level of detail here will be
EXTREMELY useful in your interactions with
women, in fact you can even use it as a model
example to follow for your own interactions with

*How to deal with other guys that may try
to interrupt your interaction with a woman.

Ever have this happen to you? Often, in
real life, the same guys that had no guts
to approach a woman will now try to
talk to a woman when they see that you
have already “opened her up”, and they
will try to swoop in.

I’ll show you how to STOP THESE TURKEYS,
and make these guys LOSE all status INSTANTLY.

*I’ll show you the best ways to get a woman
talking about herself so that you can learn the
best way to connect with her!

*How to come across as far more INTERESTING,
without the use of ANY lies- in fact, you
will hardly have to even SPEAK at all!

*I’ll even show you the best way to follow
up that first conversation and how to transition
it into date where things ESCALATE very
quickly. I’ll show you the best way to email,
text, and speak to her after that first chat
so that she can’t WAIT to meet you in person!

*You’ll even discover a great way to use
any environment you meet a woman in,
to make her feel as if you two have known
each other a long time.

*How to quickly find out if a woman is single
or if she’s with somebody, if she’s interested
in meeting a guy, and even how to quickly detect
if a woman will separate from the rest of her group
to be with you.

And much, MUCH more!

This Set of 10 Audio CDs is JAMMED with
strategies you can use IMMEDIATELY
to attract the women of your choice!

It’s at:

I can promise you one thing: These strategies
WORK to attract the women you WANT.

I wish I knew the things that I now teach,
long ago. I could have been enjoying life
rather than being in misery and being
jealous of the guys that HAD the girl.

These CDs are LOADED with actions you can
IMMEDIATELY apply with women and see
results from INSTANTLY.

It’s at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Attraction Martini

A lot of guys think that attraction is all about
“looks”. Some guys think it’s all about money.


Yes, looks HELP, for sure, especially the part
about taking care of the things that are within
one's control, like proper diet, exercise, grooming,
and hygiene. 

These things show self-esteem.
But unless you are talking about ABSOLUTELY
INSANELY EXTREME differences between the
man and the woman, (and even THEN, I’ve
seen plenty of examples of beautiful women
with these guys, and it had nothing to do with
money) what is FAR MORE VITAL is you

And before you think “oh no way”, let me tell
you something: BEING IN THE RIGHT MOOD

It’s especially rare to be a guy that can be in the
right mood withOUT the assistance of things like
alcohol or addictive, illegal drugs.

The right mood is like a special cocktail, a mix
of very specific emotional states I will describe
below. Since James Bond is cool, we'll call this
the "Attraction Martini."

Without this mix, without being able to produce
these states of mind in yourself, no amount of
good looks or money will make a woman feel
attracted to you.

Have you ever thought about the guys that DO
seem to have EVERYTHING going for them,
but yet STILL aren’t doing that great in attracting
the women that they want?

And trust me, there are many of these guys.

I was watching a talk show late last night where
this woman who was an escort (and not even
that hot) was paid tons of cash (supposedly,
2000 bucks an hour) to go on dates with some
SUPER successful guys, many of them ALSO
good looking! Can you imagine how pathetic
she must have felt these guys are?

And when I say “dates” I MEAN dates,
like spending time together NOT having sex!!!!

Most of these guys wanted the feeling of it
being a girlfriend, i.e. a date, etc, etc. If these
guys just wanted sex, they could have easily
just ordered a normal hooker. They actually
wanted the simulated feeling of a woman being
ATTRACTED to them, not just a woman who
was being paid for sex, although in essence she
was being paid for the date, and of course often
eventually she would have sex with the guy.

The same night, earlier on, was a dating
show, where some woman was basically
having the upper hand with some dude
the entire date, and she really intimidated
the guy, and she wasn’t even that hot,
honestly. She wasn’t BAD, but not HOT.

And the guy was honestly just as “good looking”
on a typical scale of looks, as she was, if not
better. But as the date went on, you could
see his body language and how he was
almost squirming as she was intimidating him.

There was one scene where she was asking him
to photograph her with just her lingerie on, and
it was freaking him out. Then she got HIM to be
the photo subject and it was even WORSE.

Personally I think the woman was a bi^% who he
should have dumped anyway, but still it was
PAINFUL to watch the abuse he was taking.

So what gives??????

These are not the kind of guys you tend to
picture as being the kind that women like
to “prey on”.

But yet that’s EXACTLY what was happening.
The “looks” argument goes out the window here.

These guys HAD the looks, they HAD the
success, so why were they so easily being

When it comes to a guy, looks can help him
a lot, for sure, but there truly is something that
is even MORE important, and I honestly believe
this, and what’s more, you can SEE it for yourself
and TEST it and OBSERVE it for yourself, is

Your mood has to be a COMBINATION
SEXUAL, with a sprinkling of INTELLIGENCE.

And you have to know WHEN to EMPHASIZE
each SPECIFIC element.

This is where so many guys go wrong.

They get caught up on ONE of these moods only,
and for a while they think that THAT is the “secret”.

For example, the guy becomes too nice and
then learns not to be so nice, but then he goes
ALL THE WAY to ONLY being dominant and
not at all playful or fun, so he kills the “vibe”
that way. Sure, he protects himself from abuse,
but his interactions with women go nowhere either.

Women don’t want a TRULY arrogant guy, they want
the PLAYFUL yet HEROIC confident man who is not
REALLY a “bastard”, he’s just so confident that women
ENJOY CALLING HIM a “devil” or “bastard”.

This is a similar thing to how when a woman likes
you, and you playfully tease her, she will give you
a punch in the arm BECAUSE she is attracted to you.

And yes, there are times when as a MAN, you need
to not be playful at all and just LAY DOWN THE LAW
with PURE DOMINANCE, but most of the time you
don’t want to have to go there- if you DO, then the
woman you are with is NOT a great woman.

HUGE difference between THIS and being arrogant,
or being one-dimensionally dominant.

When a guy becomes OVERLY “tough”,
he becomes an asshole, and trust me, MOST women,
the ones with FUN personalities, do
NOT want an asshole. Only the low
self esteem miserable women want
to be treated badly. And low self esteem
women are not fun to be with, as they
hate themselves and will think lowly
of you for treating them decently.

The idea with dominance is to be MASCULINE
and take leadership, it’s NOT about being obsessed
with bossing her around.

The idea with being “hard to get” is to make yourself
MORE ATTRACTIVE through being challenging,
but only to the point that it’s still FUN for her to pursue
you because she wants you and she enjoys the excitement,
as opposed to the guys that give it all up so damn easy
and seem so pathetic and inferior because of it.

by going too far, by not having BALANCE
in these emotions. I remember when I used
to think I had to ALWAYS be challenging
even when a woman was giving me MASSIVE
SIGNALS OF INTEREST. I can laugh now,
but I was KICKING myself when I first
realized this for all the awesome women
I had basically “challenged” out of my life, lol.

For example, I was at a bar once casually
ordering a club soda because I don’t drink,
especially when playing game, and this
beautiful girl who was chatting with the bartender
basically was flirting with me, making
teasing comments on my drink, to which
I ignored her as if not interested in, so she
UPPED THE ANTE and turns to me and
starts playing with my pendant, giving
my flirty eye contact and an excuse to
make physical contact by saying my
pendant needed to be adjusted, as
she smiles, and so I tell her, trying to be
“challenging” and “funny”, to “slow
down” and “not to be so forward”,
thinking all of this was funny and

But she looked very uneasy all of a sudden, and
uncomfortable, and she turned away.

Well, you live and learn, and the lesson
is if a woman is INITIATING contact
with you, and she is SERIOUSLY giving
you interest and touching you and approaching
you, and conversing with you, and trying
to find a classy non slutty way to do it,
you MUST NOT be “challenging”
till you are already going out!

POINT IS: You need to balance all these
aspects to yourself. If a girl is ALREADY
seriously INTO YOU, and has gone through
the work of trying to get you, and you make
yourself “challenging” at THAT moment,
it’s like a slap in the face to her.

It’s being “IMPOSSIBLE to get”.

Remember, for a beautiful WOMAN to
approach you is a MUCH bigger step than
for a man to approach a woman.

Another mistake is when the guy acts
TOO DORKY and like a CLOWN,
and then when he finally learns this
is a mistake, he then becomes TOO SERIOUS,
INTELLIGENT, and though he is not being
a dork anymore, he is not exactly making
the atmosphere conducive to sexual vibrations
either, which is no good.

It’s about having FUN, which stems from
being in a TRULY good mood. Dorkiness
tends to come from actually being INSECURE
and acting over the top because the guy
is too nervous to accurately and emotionally
emotional barometer is OFF, (hey, we were
ALL this way, so I’m not on an ego trip here)
so he just goes OVER THE TOP even though
he knows this is too much deep down.

But he figures it’s better than being serious.
Well, it’s not any better.

I can go on forever trying to describe
what the perfect description of a “playful”
action is, but the truth is that it all DEPENDS
on the situation, so the REAL answer is
for the guy to GET INTO THE RIGHT
STATE of mind so that it all comes
naturally. And the way to do that
comes from taking THE PRINCIPLES
that you learn here in my materials and
services, and then PUTTING THEM

State of mind is HUGE, and it means MORE
than confidence, although confidence is a
necessary FUEL for all the OTHER states
of mind you need to be in.

Before worrying about what state SHE
must be in and what state you want to get

Now, the better and more experienced
you get, the more you’ll be able to
kind of fake the right state and do
everything with your eyes closed, but
don’t worry about that for now.

(Also, even if you are at that level, it’s more fun
to actually BE ENJOYING the process anyway,
it’s more enjoyable to actually FEEL those states.)

State of mind is SOOOOOOOOO important.

Think about how much EFFORT a club
or lounge, for example, puts into creating
its “ambience”: They want to create
EMOTIONS in you through the INVITING
environment, through the IMAGE, through
their choice of décor furniture, and design,
and through the choice of their club name
as well as through their choice of music
and lighting.

Have you noticed a pattern to those things?

A décor that is sensual, vibrant, often playful
and even erotic (take a closer look next
time at everything from the lights to
the sofas next time you are in a club), a name
that is sensual or erotic, or even a name that
is just plain FUN. If you’ve noticed, some
clubs have a “mature”, more INTELLIGENT
angle to go along with their sensuality or
their image of fun or party. A touch of

These clubs know that THEY have to be
sending out the right vibes if they are going
to get YOU or others that they desire into
the right state of mind to WANT to come in.

It’s not that different with YOU.

YOU yourself must be conveying the right
“inner décor” i.e. EMOTIONAL STATE,
to get a woman into a similar state and to
want to get closer to you.

When I think back to the women whose
company I personally most enjoyed, it
was their EMOTIONAL STATE that
separated them from other women and
made me more attracted to them. Women
that were playful, fun, who knew how and
when to be intelligent and when to just let loose.

I can even think of one example of a woman
who would naturally just do a kind of dance
IN THE CAR when the radio played.


Of course, women are encouraged to show
their emotions, negative and positive, but
when it’s positive, it’s an attractive thing.

Dancing is just conveying emotion in
physical form. So it could be fun, playful,
sexual, you just NAME it. Notice the
effect it has on men.

But dancing is just ONE form of showing
your inner attractive emotions, because
when you are really in the right state of
mind, you show it through EVERYTHING
you do.

with a sexual state of mind, only ENHANCE
the vibes you give off, and the sexually
attractive vibes you give off.

That’s a GOOD THING.

I personally find myself FAR more
sexually attracted to a girl who is FUN
and playful, and who knows WHEN
to be serious and when not to.

And it doesn’t have to be over the top,
in fact over the top is often fake,
it can be subtle as well.

YOU have to learn to be in the right states
as well, and SHOW it.

Of course, if you are a miserable person,
you probably want a miserable woman,
and vice versa, but miserable people in
general just prefer to stay away from
all people. SO, if you are reading this,
you probably are NOT a miserable
person, so you probably want a woman
who is fun to be with, a woman who
is or at least most of time is high
self esteem.

And that means YOU have to be the
name, YOU have to be high self esteem,
YOU have to be in a state of mind that
is playful/fun, sexual, intelligent, dominant,
and genuine. Unless you are going for drunk
girls who are out of their mind.

By the way, when I use the word “intelligent”
to describe a certain state of mind, what
I mean is witty/astute/deep, etc.

So if you are GENUINE but DOMINANT
and FUN, then you could actually go up to a woman
and strike up a conversation that consists
of WORDS that are POSITIVE to her, such as:

“You seem to have a good vibe to you”
(if you really felt this) but your TONALITY
makes it clear that you are NOT saying this
in an ass-kissing way. You can say this in
a way that it’s a compliment, but the
compliment is because it’s YOU that said it,
because YOU have standards and YOU have
intelligence to see these things.

It’s a compliment to her because it comes
from YOU.

See what I mean?

In addition, there is a sexual spin
on this as well, by the mere fact you
are confident in saying this and going
right up to her and saying this so
calmly. Also, the look on your face
can be sexual as well, the tone of
your voice, the way you walk.

Then if you add OTHER POSITIVE
emotions to this sexuality, the sexual
vibes she will feel from you will

The problem is when guys HIDE their sexuality
and act all apologetic and ANTISEPTIC about it.

He is not apologetic or ashamed of his sexuality.

i.e. if you were to then go on for five minutes
about energy patterns you read in a science textbook,
obviously you would KILL the sexual energy there-
ESPECIALLY since the reason for talking about
it was not your interest in it, but rather as a way
of AVOIDING sexuality.

That’s the WRONG kind of intelligence
to be using.

On the subject of intelligence, a good
example might be where you are
already talking to a woman for
a few minutes, and she is obviously
into you so far, and she brings up
some situation or story that happened
to her, and you are able to RELATE
to the situation by drawing from YOUR
understandings of things, and you
are able to articulate this, which makes
her feel that you are able to understand
HER, thus INCREASING the connection
with her.

Again, I have higher personal standards
than most guys and most gurus who simply
promote the idea of mass lays. I’m not
impressed with low self esteem women
that need to get drunk or high to sleep with
a guy and then say how they regret it so
that they can excuse themselves. With
those kind of women, really, honestly,
you don’t need much “game” or much

What you DO NEED in those situations
is to be CONGRUENT to those values,
because if you are NOT into that lifestyle,
she will sense it and you will make her feel
like a slut by your most subtle micro-behaviours
that her subconscious will tell her that you
are judging her. And she will run away.

That’s when I realized that the guys who do
BEST with these kind of women are the guys
who themselves have similar personal values
and LIKE these kind of women.


You have to go for the kind of women that
you REALLY want, not the kind that
deep down you despise, or it will show.

If you are going to be in the RIGHT state of
mind, it DEFINITELY is crucial that you
pursue the kind of women you ARE interested in.

Otherwise, how motivated of a state can you
be in about a woman who really repulses you?

Ok, back to this magical combination of
dominant, sexual, playful, genuine,
and intelligent.

The reality is that during the interaction
you have with a woman, there are
TIMES when you need to focus
more on CERTAIN states of mind
than others.

For example, in the FIRST moments
of your interaction, being PLAYFUL
helps ENHANCE the chances of her
being MORE RECEPTIVE. The truth
is, that this “playfulness” is really
nothing more than typical NORMAL

Because if you are NOT playful, if you are
TOO SERIOUS, if you don’t seem in
a GOOD STATE of mind, why are
you STARTING a conversation with
a complete stranger? That’s just
plain ridiculous. At the very least,
your CONFIDENCE in your own
VALUE should put you in an UPBEAT
if not PLAYFUL state.

Think about it from her point of view,
why would she want to get DEPRESSED
by talking to a guy who is a loser with no
confidence or no value and who is in
a bad mood?????????

Would YOU want that?

Also, let’s say she just had a rough day,
and she is NOT in the best frame of
mind that second. By making her
LAUGH with your playfulness,
you have put her in a state that
is far more likely to make her RECEPTIVE
to whatever ELSE you do after that
moment, as long as you don’t do anything
stupid and continue to be a cool guy.

The time when you want to emphasize
a BIT MORE SEXUALITY is once you
are already “IN”, i.e. you are talking
for a few minutes and she has given
you a sign that she is being receptive
to you, (i.e. smiling, being really
friendly, etc) so it’s fine to flirt a bit,
i.e. yes it’s OKAY and even GOOD
that she sees you “checked her out”,
(i.e. gave her a look up and down) as
long as you don’t do it like a stalker.

In fact, you’ll see with practice that
you’ll begin to do this very naturally,
other versions include making TASTEFUL
sexual innuendo or even saying a dirty
joke that is not going to make her puke
but make her LAUGH.

In your interaction with a woman and attracting
her and building up a connection and getting
physical, there is a TIME for each state of mind
that you need to be in.

So before you worry about HER state
of mind, start focusing on your OWN.

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