Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sexual Tension And The TRUTH About Things Like Valentine's Day, Romance, And Giving Women What They Really Want

Today is Valentine’s Day and everywhere you
look now, you hear the word “romance” and
romantic, etc, etc.

But what REALLY is “romance”?

What makes women really FEEL that they are
experiencing an earth-shaking ROMANCE?

One of the MAJOR keys to this is something

Sexual tension is the FOUNDATION for every
effective romantic story from the beginning of
time right up till today.

The best way to understand sexual tension is
to see it as the OBSTACLE between FEELING
sexual desire and being able to FULFILL that

The OBSTACLE is what actually makes the
desire even STRONGER.

In the classic story of Romeo and Juliet, the
OBSTACLE between them is that they come
from enemy families.

In the movie Titanic, Jack and Rose are
separated by CLASS.

The element of sexual tension is so powerful
that TONS of stories incorporate it into their
MAIN story. 

Of course, this is the case as well in the
story and film 50 Shades of Grey - in fact
the whole ESSENCE of the male lead in the
story is that he's  is not "a hearts and flowers
kind of guy".

He is the proverbial guy referred to by the quote:
"I'm the guy your mother warned you about."

Since he's NOT a "hearts and flowers guy",
he is NOT easy to get.  Thus, there is

Plus, of course, rather than be politically correct,
he actually is assertive in bed and not into things
like typical feminism, to say the least.

And women vote with their wallets, since this book
has been a best-seller for women and has been
translated into over 50 languages.

Of course, the press and most media and of course
feminist groups will say how horrible it all is, but
in the end, actions speak, and they the truth speaks

Ironically, it is the feminist brainwashing of men
to KISS UP and to do the OPPOSITE of sexual
tension that actually ROBS women of the chance
to feel DESIRE for most men!

Now don't get me wrong, it's not about being
ABUSIVE, just about making things INTERESTING
enough to get a woman LONGING for you,
CRAVING for you.

In the film Top Gun, the chemistry between Maverick
and the sexy older female flight instructor (Charlie)
is HEATED UP by the fact they should NOT
be engaging in a non-professional relationship.

This obstacle makes it HARDER for them to
get together, so that when they finally DO,
they are EVEN MORE nuts about each
other and the passion then explodes in
full force!

Sexual tension always works because we always 
APPRECIATE something MORE when we 
DON’T get it easily.

In fact, today I saw an interview with a couple that
has been happily married for over 40 years. They
are still in love and still hold hands.

When asked what he thinks is the reason so many
people can’t make relationships work today, his
answer was simple: “They have it too good”.

He and his wife met after having both their families
entirely wiped out during WWII. They were so
happy to both have a chance to live a life, that they
both APPRECIATED the opportunity enough to
never take it for granted.

By the way, of course, this is NOT to say that you should
STICK with someone who is not treating you right or
where there's genuinely no compatibility. 

And, I’m not saying that everyone has to put
themselves through SUFFERING in order to
really PUMP UP the maximum amount of
DESIRE, however it IS crucial to understand
that the more POWER someone has, the LESS
likely he or she is to think something is so great.

So, if you take a typical attractive woman who grew up
in a feminist society, the fact is, when it comes to
CHOICE of men, she feels NO TENSION AT ALL
because men are KISSING UP ALL THE TIME to her. 

Most men make it SO easy for women, that it’s 
not FUN for these women.

There’s no DYNAMIC in place to help these hotties
experience the CHALLENGE so that they can then
ENJOY the REWARD of getting that man!

So THAT is why it’s so important that IF you want
to get a super-hottie, you have to step OUT of your
mind set and into HER mind-set, just to EXPERIENCE
what that really FEELS like and MEANS.

Listen, I really LOVE the idea of being in a
great relationship. I LOVE romance.

The problem is most men think of ROMANCE in terms
of how good it would be to GET the woman, not in terms
of how much fun it would be make the PROCESS exciting.

That’s because the typical guy’s mindset is that
just GETTING her would be ENOUGH!

There is such a SCARCITY mindset, that indeed,
he WOULD appreciate her and be happy!

He's flying on a different mental ALTITUDE
than the woman is!  They are on two different
dimensions, different plains of existence, they 
can't VIBE with each other.

However, if he really KNEW he could get
LOTS of women, then he would make the
PROCESS of getting a woman a lot more
FUN for both her AND him.

This would be because he would not feel
the need to try to ACCELERATE the process
of “winning her over”, and IRONICALLY
this in itself IS the accelerator of getting her
won over!

So what are some examples of OBSTACLES
that you can create that BLOCK a woman from
“getting you” even as you also simultaneously
chase her?

One example includes PLAYFUL TEASING.

Now, it’s important to calibrate this properly:
If you meet a woman who is not very confident,
you will HURT her feelings and make her feel

If you meet a woman who is SUPER CONFIDENT,
she will EAT IT UP and love you for it because
she finally feels that element of challenge.

So for example, I remember being on the bus once
and this super hottie got on, and she was taking
forever to find her change for the fare.

So while their was this awkward silence, I just
had fun with it, and told her that I bet she does
this on every route, stalling till it’s time to get
off the bus, and that she hasn’t paid the fare in

She went from having this uncomfortable look on
her face, to at first having her jaw drop, then look
at me, then protest that it’s not true, and then she
MELTED into a smile and I told her that I’d
be willing to sit with her to keep her company
since no one else really wanted to talk to her

This was a MIXED type of message, since on
one hand OBVIOUSLY I am not being mean
because it’s not TRUE, but on the other hand
it’s the kind of thing that is NOT what most
guys’ INSTINCT tells them to do.

Their INSTINCT tells them to try to HELP her,
i.e. possibly pay her fare for her, or to try to
console her and help her NOT get embarrassed.

But they forget that this woman is in many ways

Yes, she has feelings.
Yes, she should not be mistreated.

However, when you are dealing with a POWERHOUSE,

It’s not FUN for her.

Imagine if you were Superman and the only sports
teams you could play against were HUMAN.

It wouldn’t be FUN.
You wouldn’t enjoy WINNING.
You’d want to play against some SUPER BAD-ASSES.

That way, WINNING would MEAN something.

Here’s another point about sexual tension:
It’s not just in your WORDS.

Rather, it is applied to EVERYTHING you do.

So, for example, if you are on a date with a woman,
there can be SUBTLE sexual tension simply by
sitting together on the edge of your bed, and talking

The mere fact you and her are on the BED together
while you DON’T try to jump her bones is actually
a lot HOTTER than if you immediately tried to
get all naked with her.

It’s a subtle look on your expression, in your tonality,
that implies you KNOW things are sexual, but that
you are not going to tell her exactly when it’s going
to happen.

You aren’t making yourself that EASY.
It's 'so close, yet so far'.

The fact that physical intimacy is so CLOSE
but that you are NOT jumping on the opportunity
makes it all the more DESIRABLE.

Of course, this only works if it's ALSO clear that
you are not lacking the CONFIDENCE to make
a move.

It must be clear from your overall behavior
with her that it is your DECISION to hold
back, and it's not the fear of rejection.

It's you being in control of your desire
and not a slave to it.

By the way, I learned some of this from women
a long time ago.

I remember one girl who would be in middle of
making out, and then PURPOSELY talk about
something completely different, and playfully
say, “Want to play CHESS? Chess is a good game!”

She KNEW that by STOPPING the physical,
it only made the desire STRONGER and
made me even MORE NUTS about her.

It's a "sweet torture", and most women really
DO love to GET this.

I doubt that she knew that there is actually a term
for this proven psychological principle at play here,
and it is called FRACTIONATION.

Fractionation is when you split up the sexual actions
over TIME rather than going for it all at ONCE.

By STOPPING, and then RE-ENGAGING a few
minutes LATER, or even a few MOMENTS later,
especially when you make it so that she can’t fully
KNOW when you are going to start again, you
INTENSIFY the sexual experience for her.

Of course, once she is GRINDING against you
hard-core, you should probably dive into sex
with her with wild abandon!

You can incorporate this into your initial
approach with her as well. For example,
giving her a HUG when she tells you
something that you approve of, i.e. that
she has the entire ROCKY collection at
home! Then, in middle of the hug, you
can STOP it before she can expect, and
say, “WAIT! I don’t KNOW you yet!
Slow down!”

The key here is to be operating from a standpoint
and FUN.

This is NOT about how to HURT a woman.
Remember, in order to make this all work, you
must be careful to GAUGE her reactions and
ADJUST to what actually makes it FUN for her.

Here’s the other thing:
The more that YOU YOURSELF can enter the
same kind of POWERHOUSE mentality that
SHE has, the BETTER you will do, and the
life too!

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Secret To Starting And KEEPING UP Effective Conversations With Women

Approaching a woman who is a total stranger
in some random place that is not where
she is expecting to meet a man, can seem
like a daunting task, especially when you're
not sure what to even say.

The answer, however, to the most effective
approach is not to memorize a pick-up line,
but rather to learn to use the particulars
of the moment and the environment so that
you can truly customize your approach to
make it the most appropriate for that

So, let's say some woman is doing some
exercise beside you at the gym, or let's
say she is in line reading a book at the
bank, or let's say she is scrambling to
find her ticket as she boards the bus,
ANY of these things are true spontaneous
events that you could easily comment on.

And here's the thing: Even if your first
comment is not AMAZING, you STILL have
an opportunity to do AMAZING because there
are almost INFINITE opportunities that
can follow INSTANTLY after that.

And, women aren't expecting the first words
out of your mouth to be Shakespeare - it's
more important to not creep a woman out
than it is to come across like Mr. Ultra Smooth
Pickup Artist who has the most hilarious
or cool story or comment to say from the
first moment he opens his mouth.

In fact, the 'not creeping out a woman'
is ACTUALLY one of the BIGGEST skills
when it comes to meeting a woman in
random places that are not designed for
socializing- this is actually more important,
in the first moment, than saying something
that sounds cool but somehow is being
delivered in a way that is still creeping
her out- i.e. using nervous tonality,
being too in her face, seeming too
eager/desperate, not being chilled out
enough, etc.

Now, don't get me wrong, it IS GOOD
of the interaction, and by that I mean
if you can start to pick up steam where
you and her are both really getting
comfortable and enjoying the vibe of
the conversation, and here is how you
can do that:

Rather than having some detailed plan
memorized for the conversation, you
actually treat the conversation more
like you would with a REAL friend-
in the sense of you wouldn't PLAN
ahead of time the details of what
you are going to chat about with
your FRIEND, right????

You would just HAVE A GOOD TIME
chatting to your friend, right?
About whatever- it might be some
movie you saw, it might be just to
joke around, it might be some
comment on something you learned,
it might not even be much talking
at all, but rather just chilling
out- and ALL these things are good
things to apply in the interaction
with the woman you approached!

You're probably wondering how this
is possible, since you don't know
the woman, you might figure that
you can't KNOW what to talk about-
but that's just IT- if you keep
the conversation a positive experience,
you really CAN'T go wrong.

AND, all you really need at any moment
is about a MINUTE'S worth of conversation!


You see, if you can get the conversation
going for even ONE MINUTE, during that
minute a WHOLE UNIVERSE opens up of
opportunities for you.

One thing that happens is that she can
COMMENT on what YOU said during that minute
where you were talking, and YOU can then
comment on what SHE just said, and so on
and so forth.

But even if she doesn't say anything
back after your first MINUTE of conversation,
that still gives you an entire MINUTE to
create a MILLION possible conversation threads
related to YOUR conversation topic.

The best analogy I can give of this is
what happens when you view a YouTube
video- you will notice that at the end
of the video, are a TON of related videos,
plus of course on the side of the screen
are the related videos. 

So, for example, if you are chatting
with a woman at the gas station as
she is filling up or paying for gas,
you can playfully chat about how
you have a billion points in whatever
rewards program the store has, and
how that is good for about one pack
of gum, and this might prompt a
playful reply from her along the
same lines, to which you might
respond that the two of you could
pool your points together and then
you could get half a sandwich together.

Even if it doesn't prompt a response
from her, you might continue with
talking about how driving in snow
should require a special license,
or the talk about the sandwich
could lead to a conversation about
cooking instead of eating on the run,
which could prompt you to ask if she
is a good cook, and you can joke
about whether you would marry her
or divorce her right on the spot
based on that.

The more conversation THREADS you
have at your disposal, the more
opportunities you have and the more
likely it is that she is going to
instinctively engage in the conversation
with you.

And then, when you combine THAT
with what SHE contributes to the
conversation, you then have exponentially
MORE options on where to take the

So all you really need is just a few
moments, perhaps a MINUTE as I said
earlier, and usually it's not even
a whole minute that you need.

This method works BETTER than memorizing
a whole pick up line and a whole pick up
routine, because it allows you to be more
REAL in the moment, and women can sense
that you are not just practicing some
rehearsed line, they can sense that you
are actually engaging them very much
in the moment, that you are being what
is known as 'PRESENT' with them.

Being present means you are not on auto-pilot
with your mind distracted on something else.

You are, instead, fully in the moment as
you communicate with her.

This method takes a lot of guts in the
beginning, because it FEELS like you
are jumping out of a plane withOUT
a parachute, without a safety of
having a whole speech memorized,
but this method is much, MUCH
better than the memorization
method because it allows you
to do all that I described above.

What you have just read is the tip
of the iceberg. I LOVE this stuff,
I love doing it, I love teaching it,
I love demonstrating it.

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Don't push off learning this skill-set.
The right woman will give you TEN TIMES
the energy you currently have, so if
it's time or money you are concerned
about, just remember that this is an
investment that will pay dividends
for you for the rest of your life.


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Till next time,

Michael Marks