Sunday, January 31, 2010

A TIME For Everything

There's a song "Turn, Turn, Turn"
that explains there is a time for

It's the same concept with attracting
a woman:

There's a time for being DOMINANT,
a time for being SENSITIVE, a time
for playfulness, a time for building
trust, a time to break rapport and
a time to deepen it.

Use the right thing at the WRONG
time, and it becomes warped and

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Create MEANING In Women's Lives

Today's newsletter goes DEEP,
this is not KOOL-AID drink here,

One of the coolest things to me is the fact
that a man CAN attract virtually any woman
by the power of his PERSONALITY.

This personality is really a combination of
high level, and these skills have nothing to
do with controlling HER, they have to do
with accessing parts of your mind you
mat not even realize you HAVE.

Three fundamental components of
these skills involve:

1. Creating MEANING in her life.

2. Creating HUMOR through emotional




Help give a woman MEANING in her life,
and she will be yours forever. Especially
if this meaning is linked to improving her
self-esteem on a very deep level.

Of course, step one in this is practicing
what you preach.

We are currently living in a time where there
is almost ZERO pressure on anyone to have
ANY values whatsoever.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that more
people are depressed and find their lives
meaningless, ESPECIALLY attractive
women, than ever before, during a time
when there is very very VERY little
moral code being enforced socially.

So, because there is no moral code to live BY,
there is very little for people to life FOR.

Let me be specific:

In previous generations, there was a value
on various different things, for example,
things like FAMILY, things like LOYALTY,
things like FIDELITY, things like EXPERIENCE,
things like INTELLIGENCE.

These were actually promoted.

Today, however the OBSESSION is with

Craig Ferguson the talk show host has actually
TALKED about this, which is very cool:

It’s all because of societal changes, and how
everything became about "me" and making
money rather than anything else.

It's not a conspiracy though, it's just business
gone out of control because there aren't any
many competing forces or competing values

Companies know that if they can get the
KIDS, they can have them for LIFE, and
milk them financially for LIFE.  And
a lot of parents are themselves the product
of these values, so they aren't helping.

Also, kids and youth have LESS EXPERIENCE,
are LESS WISE, and are easily manipulated
by their EMOTIONS, especially by appealing
to violence and to the most basic sexual things.

So for example, the vast majority of the movies
that come out are focused on youth, to get the
youth audience, they are also focused on
violence and sex in the most non-creative,
non-artistic, and primitive ways, because
to a bunch of teenagers whose hormones
just kicked in, this appeals to them, it’s
all a new thing to them.

But while in the past this was just one part
of what was available in our culture, now it’s
virtually EVERYTHING.

In the 1950’s, Superman was played by
an actor in his 40’s. A couple of years ago,
Superman was played by an actor in his
20s or 30s.

In the 1950’s, sure, a woman’s beauty was
attractive, but today it’s her YOUTH that is
the main thing. In fact, I would say that if
you took a sample of the women who were
in billboards, movies, tv shows in the 50’s
and 60’s, and 70’s, they were on average
MORE beautiful than the women being
celebrated today, but they weren’t as
young in general.

In even the recent past, Cindy Crawford and Madonna
were hitting their prime only PAST the age of 25, while
today it’s gone nuts with Britney Spears priming at 18,
Miley Cirus, etc.

And the obsession with the sexual,
as soon as any celebrity gets any
fame whatsoever, it’s BOOM
straight to the maximum graphic
display immediately.

It’s not just movies, it’s almost everything that is
being advertised- and that totals BILLIONS of
dollars a year, billions worth of MESSAGES
being bombarded everywhere telling us it’s
only about youth.

So of course women are uptight and nervous,
especially the ones who think they have a chance,
i.e. the attractive ones, because other ones have
to let go of this illusion fantasy and are probably
happier for it, learning the lesson early that
self-esteem is not about being under 20 years old.

This obsession with youth stems from
marketing efforts by companies, and on a
smaller level, there is nothing that is
considered TABOO now- so there are
companies that sell dating sites on cheating
on your spouse with other cheating people,
companies will do whatever they need to
do to SELL, period, regardless of the
moral questions involved, in fact they
will turn things around and try to make
it seem like a morally good thing.

It’s not a coincidence that more women than
ever are on PROZAC. It’s not a coincidence
that relationships are disintegrating while the
obsession with material and youth is on the
rise. People are chasing after what they
hope will bring them MEANING, but
they ain’t getting it no matter how high
they climb.

If you want to attract a woman on the
deepest level, then you need to have
than most people have. And this means
a stronger sense of VALUES than most
of our society has.

This requires taking a RISK, it means that
you have to NOT be afraid of going
AGAINST social convention in this
respect and in fact you should be
PROUD of it.

This is part of what I mean by the difference
between a GREAT MAN and a “nice guy”.
“Nice guy” seems to have a weak connotation
to it, while a great man does everything in
his life out of genuine CONVICTION, he doesn’t
do things out of PRESSURE to “fit in”.

Next time, you’re chatting to a woman,
see if you can make a comment or lend
a perspective that ILLUSTRATES that
in fact you HAVE MEANING in your
life and that it shows through the things
you say.

If you’re in a bookstore and a woman
is reading VOGUE in the magazine
section or whatever, maybe TELL
her, with a sense of HUMOR, “I hope
you don’t take those articles seriously.

They’re just trying to make women
insecure, in fact there’s a big conspiracy
where the men’s and women’s magazines
just share the same articles but change
the titles so they can sell them to each

And when you say this, COMMIT to it
with your voice tonality, don’t say it
with a namby-pamby attitude. Make
it REAL.

This is TRUTH mixed with HUMOR
mixed with a sense of VALUES,
particularly the value of SELF-ESTEEM!



The reality is that humor makes a woman
FEEL good, and women are often MORE
affected by FEELINGS when it comes to
most things than men are. Men DO
get emotional about CERTAIN things,
but not as MANY things as women
do, in general. So humor is VERY
POWERFUL with women.

The irony of making humor work is that
you have to say the very things that most
people would NOT say, and the things
you say have to have TRUTH behind
them, AND the things have to be said
in a way that is not mean-spirited.

Most guys don’t want to take the
emotional RISK that there won’t
be a laugh, they’re too afraid of
their own ego.

But as Robin Williams says, this is
COMEDY, this isn’t about you having
to jump off a building, it’s about TALKING,
the worst thing is that they don’t LAUGH,
so what??????

You can actually learn to get an
adrenaline RUSH from this risk,
and get ADDICTED to it in a
good way, which will make you

And again, there has to be truth to it.
Like when Robin Williams talks about
how UNREALISTIC beer commercials
are and how people “get sucked into
drinking beer by believing it’s a healthy
thing! All these beer commercials
usually show BIG MEN, MANLY MEN,
doing manly things! ‘You’ve just killed
a small animal, it’s time for light beer!

Why not have a REALISTIC beer commercial
show a REALISTIC thing about beer? –
It’s 5 o’clock in the morning, you’ve just
pissed on a dumpster- IT’S MILLER TIME!’

Or when Dave Chappelle makes the comment,
“Chivalry is dead. And women killed it!”

This is FUNNY, because it takes guts
to say, and it TRUE in many ways
because FEMINISM tried to make
women and men the SAME, thereby
destroying things like chivalry.

So you have to take the comedy RISK,
and you also have to be VULNERABLE,
you can’t be afraid to BRING OUT WHO

Yes, the irony is that being courageous enough
to bring out the perspectives that you see, that
other people won’t say, INCLUDING THE
are actually very often the things that everyone
has on their mind but are just afraid to say,
and so now you have her RESPECT as well,
and she sees all this as STRENGTH.

So you are revealing your identity, you are
being strong, you are being vulnerable, you
are being honest, and you are being FUNNY
all at once. No wonder humor is such a
powerful drug when used right.



This is a HUGELY important concept you
want to put into action when socializing
or interacting with any woman.

The other day I happened to see something
on television. Talk show host Jimmy Fallon
had a certain guest on, she was talking about
one of her many luxurious homes, and how
she was enjoying FISHING from the very
backyard of one of her homes, how it connects
right to a POND, etc, etc.

Now, I know everyone knows these people
are wealthy, but really, do people WANT to
know about all of her homes? Do people
want to hear HER talking about her luxury
life? The answer is NO, it’s not cool to talk
about this and no one is interested really in this-
and Jimmy Fallon KNOWS that this is
not making the audience feel better, so
what does he do?

He says how he just went ICE FISHING
LOCALLY and froze his butt off, and how
he didn’t even HAVE THE TALENT OR
SKILL to make the hole himself and how
he and his friend just froze out in the
cold trying to catch a fish but ended
up getting NOTHING.

Ahhh, now the audience LAUGHS and
feels GREAT. It’s winter now and they
are all freezing their butt off too.

Normally, he won't be so self-deprecating,
but in the MOMENT it was the right thing
to do because he tapped into the VIBE
of the audience and he knew where they
were at emotionally at that moment.

This is exactly what you want to be doing
with women, you have to know what's
going on and how to adjust for the

And do they think that Jimmy Fallon is a
loser for this?  Of course not.

If anything, they like him even more from
all this, and it’s obvious from the audience

When chatting up a woman, don’t kiss up
to her, but definitely think about HER emotions,
and realize that showing off is basically
NEVER the right thing to do, and I’m not
just talking morally, it’s actually NOT cool.

It makes you seem needy and insecure.

By the way, I’m sure the guest didn’t
intend anything negative at all, and that in reality
she IS a cool person who was just nervous at
the moment. Just like a lot of guys who are
decent guys UNINTENTIONALLY sabotage
their results with women. And I used to be
the KING of these mistakes, thinking to
myself “I really want to impress this woman,
so I’ll tell her the most impressive things
about myself possible”. I cringe to think
about the mistakes I made even if they
were years ago.

And if you’re reading this right now, and
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with women, and especially the right way
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interested in creating JERKS, and
being a JERK doesn't get you great
results with women.

However, I know that I myself, and many
other men, were BRAINWASHED to put
all women on pedestals and that type
of thinking will get you DEMOLISHED
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Creating Attraction From SCRATCH

What you're about to read is
pure GOLD, so make sure you're
ready to fully digest this one.

The one thing everyone wants more of
is this thing known as “feeling good”.

No one gets enough of this thing,
and anyone that can GIVE IT
rules the world.

It boils down to the release of
endorphins into the bloodstream.

It’s the reason the ENTERTAINMENT
industry is a billion dollar industry.

And obviously, things like COCAINE.

It's all about FEELING AWESOME.

People will do anything to feel
awesome, unfortunately some people
even resort to drugs that will

Ask someone if they remember five
things they learned in college and
they’ll usually STRUGGLE and FAIL
to give you an INSTANT answer, but
ask them who Homer Simpson or
Bart Simpson is, and you'll get an
INSTANT answer.

Same thing if you ask the last word
to the name of the band called
The Rolling ______ .

Think of your favorite movie or song
or singer, and I bet you can list the lyrics,
or what the story is about down to the details,
etc, etc.  All because it's FUN for you.

Now, when it comes to attracting a woman,
most guys tend to approach women and
they try to IMPRESS her by listing cool
things about themselves, or by sounding
important, etc.

None of this really fires off the FEELING
GOOD chemicals in her system, none of this
fires off ENDORPHINS.

And this is especially true when a woman
is particularly attractive and has seen it
all before.

The worst sin is feeling needy, that actual
FEELING of insecurity and neediness is
a huge problem in itself, because it
makes it impossible for you to give
off the right vibes.

Neediness and insecurity are the
the fun vibes from surrounding
human beings. They REPEL women.

So if you are feeling needy, the first thing
I must tell you is to SMACK YOURSELF
SILLY and not BEHAVE that way at least
when you are approaching and chatting up
a woman.

If you are feeling needy, at least don’t
ACT upon that neediness.

This is the difference between a compliment
you give to a woman that comes from your
confidence and the kind of compliment
you give to a woman that comes from
feeling like “oh my god I better give her
a compliment and let her know my entire
emotions are at risk on whether she likes
me or not”.

So, for example, a compliment given
from CONFIDENCE might take the
following form:

Let’s say you’re at a supermarket, and
there’s a striking woman checking out
the cookies section. So you roll up
to her, and you give her this serious
look, instead of this big toothy smile
that would look like you’re a puddle
of wuss, that is totally needy for her.

So you give her this look, fake serious,
(which will make the humor have more
impact coming up, and this is important
because you don’t want to let on that
a joke is coming or you ruin the whole
thing) and you say:

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Say it almost accusingly, as if she’s in
TROUBLE for something.

Don’t go psycho, just say it with a bit
of a “you’re in trouble” kind of vibe
to your voice.

Then, she’ll say something like
“What do you mean?” and she’ll be
all serious.

Then you can say, “Well, you shouldn’t
be here. There are no attractive women
in this area. Not for at least 40 miles,
you shouldn’t be here, it’s not allowed.”

Now, remember, you say this all with
a mock serious face, which has way
more impact, because it takes her a
sec for her to get it, she won’t see
it coming.

Now, when she smiles, don’t start
smiling and laughing, that will ruin it.


"Yeah, it’s dangerous in fact, you
shouldn’t even be here. Seriously.”

Now, at this point, and it’s just a
beginning, you’re at least showing:




This is a huge thing, by the way,
because by having the serious
expression and tonality, you
can get away with giving a
HUGE compliment that basically
is saying she is very attractive,
without at all seeming like you’re
week in the knees for her and
all needy.

But it’s not over yet, there’s more.
That's just OPENING her up.

You must COOK this INTERACTION till it’s
really heated UP.

So for example, at this point, you
could say “Hi, I’m Joe (or whatever your name is)
and extend your hand, and she will likely
do the same and tell you her name.

Give a firm handshake and solid
eye contact as you do this.

Then, time for some more fun:

For example, now that you’re both
in front of the cookies, you can say:

"You can tell a lot about a person
from what kind of junk food they
like. In your case, you love chocolate
cookies, and chocolate is sinful,
so you’re the kind of person that
really is going to enjoy life and
the kind of people that are definitely
going to party in hell, that’s my
type for sure.”

There are subtle undertones to all this.
The idea of being naughty and having
fun and being sinful, is giving her
permission to relax, and yet it’s
all being done in such an INNOCENT
way here, after all, we’re talking

Something like this is guaranteed to
get her responding, and agreeing, and
you want to be building a YES ladder
as soon as possible, the more things
she is truly saying YES to the better.

Now, I give this example on purpose
because you don’t have to be a party
animal to do this, you don’t have to
hang out at nightclubs, you don’t
have to even go outside your normal
environment, EVERYONE needs
to go basic shopping.

You can turn up the dial even more,
so for example, as you and her are
chatting, and reaching the checkout
aisle, you can tell the clerk that
this woman has been STALKING you
the entire time, and thank God that
now finally someone is here to see it,
to save you from the harassment
of this woman.

She’s going to smile at this, plus she’s
going to love the fact you are so not
needy for her, so confident, that you
are FOR SURE not going to be like
all the other guys she has met that
were so needy for her, that had no
MASCULINITY left, they gave
all their ‘mojo’ away to her,
while YOU have it in SPADES.

Now, remember, this is all coming from
a place of CONFIDENCE, not maliciousness,
and not insecurity, there is a fine yet supremely
important difference between these things.

There are endless things you can
playfully tease her on as well, even
at the checkout counter. For example,
let’s say you need bags and she has
her own environmentally friendly bag.

So you can pretend you are the evil
corporate guy and she is the hippie
saving the world, and that you’re
far too evil for a girl like her, (which
is again the opposite of most guys
trying to convince her of why they
are the right guy for her, out of neediness).

Then, let’s say she ends up needing one
extra bag so she needs an actual plastic
bag and has to buy one, (which is pretty
common because often we don’t perfectly
estimate how much stuff we’re going
to have), so then you can playfully
comment that you are already having
an evil influence on her, turning her
to your evil ways.

So, during this interaction she has had with
you, she has seen that you are gutsy, you
are funny, you are not afraid to give a
compliment, you are spontaneous, you
are social, and that you understand
the magical thing called “sexual tension”
and how to create it.

Most men have no clue what this even
is, and why women want it so badly.

And you will have done this all in
a very BRIEF amount of time, which
is all the more cool.

At THIS point, you can do whatever
you want, you can chat with her some
more, you can take her number, the
point is that you have TRIGGERED
HER EMOTIONS and shown that
you are a man in the right way.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This material runs DEEP. It's about
the most PRIMAL elements of how women
respond to men that GIVE OFF THE

The things I described above are
MANIFESTATIONS of the traits of
MEN WHO SURVIVE, and therefore
ignite ATTRACTION in her on
a primal, sexual, level.

If you’d like to get the complete
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This book is the very FIRST
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down the foundation on which
all my more advanced programs
build upon.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Women And "Looks, Money, Power"


If you’re like most guys, you probably think
that unless you have THOSE things, you
can’t attract a beautiful woman.

So let me be the guy who gives you the
TRUTH on these things.

The reality is that if you are a man, you
can make UP what you lack in one area
by being really awesome in ANOTHER

In fact, even if you DON’T have “looks” “money”
or “power” you can attract a woman based
on something else:


This is how to attract a woman, through using
"Identity Based Attraction."

And most guys never realize that this stuff is REAL.

Now, the crazy thing is, that once you have
THIS identity developed, you actually become
far more empowered, creative, and resourceful,
and soon you’re making money and gaining power
as well, all as a by-product of this personality

It's not a coincidence that guys that do well
with women can easily make money if they
ever decide to apply that part of their brain,
because it all boils down to the same traits.

The positive sexual energy you get from being
with a woman you are attracted to, it's like suddenly
your entire internal being is CHARGED with
electricity and you can do anything, and it doesn’t
even take being a jerk to do it, in fact this is
another secret, that you can succeed without
being a jerk, all as a byproduct of this charisma.

That’s the way life works, things are all connected.

So let’s get into HOW TO DISPLAY THESE

These are the CORE COMPONENTS of what
it takes to be successful with women, even if
you DON’T have looks, money, power, etc.


The number one thing is that your attitude
must FLIP from “how do I avoid PAIN here
from approaching her, or from being rejected,
or from anything else” to “BRING IT ON!!!”

because the "pain" is BULLSHIT.

Trust me, next to the REAL kinds of
pain in this world, that kind of pain
is a JOKE.

Ninety-nine percent of guys want to avoid pain
so badly that even if they happen to look like
they will do almost ANYTHING to avoid
the possibility of pain. That’s why they don’t
tend to APPROACH women, they’d rather just
take whichever women happen to come THEIR

Think about it, it’s just human nature to always
take the path of LEAST RESISTANCE.


So, if you are willing to RESIST that temptation,
you already bring yourself into a WAY HIGHER
category of gains for yourself when it comes to

Stallone said it best in his latest Rocky- “Life isn’t
about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you
can GET hit, and keep on moving forward”.

So, while it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE that women
who are attractive get “hit on” a LOT, a lot of this
“getting hit on” happens in very pathetic ways, i.e.
on the internet, where it takes less guts to approach
a woman, and why most women who are attractive
don’t take the internet seriously for dating because
they get overwhelmed with THOUSANDS of
responses from guys, (the last survey reported
1296 hits a DAY for a new woman) so the reality
though is:


So, this BRING IT ON attitude is extremely important
and it also attractive in and of itself!!!

Let me give you another example of how the
BRING IT ON attitude is a huge key to being
successful with women.

For the reason I just mentioned before, a woman
who is attractive already gets a lot of attention,
mostly by guys who do NOT have the attractive
identity- and I assure you, that all the money
and power in the world will not go very far
with a woman who is attractive if the guy
doesn’t ALSO have the charismatic personality.

So, if you chat her up, and you ask for her
number, or her email, or you are about to meet
for your first date, you have to EXPECT that
she is going to test you to see if you are truly
“THE MAN” or not. What I mean by this,
is that she gets so much attention, she needs
to know if you really mean business or not.

She needs to determine if she is just the latest
woman you’ve done this on, and you’re not
really serious about pursuing HER, or if
you ARE indeed interested in pursuing HER,
as opposed to every woman you meet.

So, she might give you a bogus email.

You have to expect she might do this,
so if you actually TELL HER “hey, is this
a REAL email?” that in itself shows that
you are not afraid of checking to make sure
that you are not being treated like a fool,
you are also showing that you have
EXPERIENCE which itself shows that
you are NOT A QUITTER, etc.

Remember, if this woman is attractive, she is
BOMBARDED with the wrong attention.

She needs to screen guys OUT, and if you’re
the weak type who avoids all potential pain,
then you’ll never get a CHANCE even.

And it’s not her fault.
It’s NOT the same thing for men and women.
For whatever reason, a woman who is attractive
Gets BOMBARDED with attention, most of it

It’s also part of the culture that men actively
do the pursuing in the initial stages of the
dating process. So if you complain to the
gods above that life isn’t fair, this isn’t
going to help you, this is just the way it

Things even out though, later, because
really hard for women, so a great woman
will work hard to keep a great guy as well.

The problem for her is FINDING a great
guy and SCREENING him out from the
THOUSANDS of guys pursuing her.

So, as a man, you have to EMBRACE the
"emotional risk” of approaching a woman,
you have to EMBRACE the risk of looking
“stupid” or whatever else your mind is
making you FEAR or think about a lot.

The truth is, in my years of approaching
women, I’ve had approaches that went
wrong. And there were times that I had
ALL THE FEARS and MORE that every
guy out there can THINK of, from thinking
that everyone on the train was watching
me, to thinking that maybe somehow the
cops were going to arrest me for chatting
to a woman.

And I actually over the YEARS had a few
really nasty women that clearly had issues
of their own.

But I EMBRACED IT ALL because any negative
EVEN MORE, and the reality also is that one
interaction has ZERO to do with the next. This
really happened so many times in personal experience
and even in bootcamps it’s not funny.

So for example one approach CRASHES, then
the VERY NEXT approach with a different group
of women that are even more attractive LIGHTS UP
and goes AMAZING , where the women are so into it,
that it ends up WE have to get going because we still
have more bootcamp training to do (of course, first
we get the numbers of the women and plan for a
future meet-up of course.)

Imagine if we had decided to quit after the
first time things didn't go right.

So change your attitude from “How do I avoid
this emotional risk?” to BRING IT ON.



Related to the above, if a woman who you barely
know and just met does any of the following

So for example, she gives you a real number
and she talks to you on the phone, and then she
doesn’t show up for the first date.

REMEMBER, you’re a TOTAL stranger who
managed to get her interested enough to give
her real number to you.

By the time the date came around, it’s possible
she’s wondering if she’s crazy for doing this.

This is why you should always CONFIRM
the meet-up the night before, so that she sees
you are taking it genuinely, and it also gives
you more leverage, after all she doesn’t want
to seem like a flake in case you ARE that
cool guy she initially thought you were.

CONFIRMING this also shows a bit of leadership
that you are not just waiting back passively.
It also allows you to give her another dosage
of your personality by having an emotionally
relevant message that you left on her email
or voice mail, etc, to refresh her mind of
how cool of a guy you are. (especially if
it's compelling or humoros as I explain
how to do in my materials).

If you don’t confirm, she will often take this
to mean you are not serious about meeting
up with her.

Here’s another example:

When a woman meets a guy who is a total stranger,
she may give him an old email address, in case he
turns out not to be a cool guy, this way she can
ignore him later – (remember, she’s dealing
with HUNDREDS of strangers who are trying
to get into her pants, okay? And she has no real
solid idea bout you yet, she just met you)

So if the email bounces or whatever, don’t hit the
roof just yet. If you meet her again, calmly bring
it up. Make fun of it, telling her that she’s a great
actress or that she must be a criminal with several
identities and aliases and that you’re a NARC
undercover, and she’s under arrest.

Keep it playful, this shows you indeed ARE
THE MAN who has other things going on in his
life besides framing his whole schedule around one
woman’s email, a woman who is a total stranger.

You will probably notice that indeed NOTHING
nasty was meant by it, and that she didn’t even
know that your messages were getting bounced.

The thing to be KEEPING IN MIND is that until
a woman really KNOWS you, you are just one
of MANY MANY GUYS out there, many of
whom are CREEPY GUYS. So if you get
UPSET at any of this process, you’ll just
seem like yet another one of those creepy guys.

However, if you stay totally UNAFFECTED and
in fact have a sense of humor about it, then this
in ITSELF shows her that indeed you are probably
a desirable guy with many options with women
yourself, and that you just happened to find HER
a little more interesting than perhaps some of
the other women you already know.

THAT makes her feel a lot more attracted to
you, knowing that you have already been
screened out as DESIRABLE by other women.

So you have to know how important it is to
have the RIGHT REACTIONS internally
and externally to the initial things that
don’t go “smooth” in the very beginning of
the dating process.


It’s very DIFFERENT once she already knows
you and you know her- at that point, you should
both be treating each other the way you treat
a real friend. And more, of course, if you’re
getting intimate and physical with each other.


If you’re not living a compelling life,
then you need to change that right now.

Think about the things you care about,
and start IMMERSING yourself in those

This doesn’t have to be limited to your career.
If it is, that’s great, but if it isn’t that’s fine too.

Whether it’s a fascination with art, science,
literature, even cooking, the reality is that

In fact, if you are immersed into anything
that you are passionate about, you BECOME
that thing to others.

So for example, if you love comedy, then
it’s not just that you say jokes, it’s that you
yourself actually BECOME an entity of
good vibes.

If you love cooking desserts, you can probably
talk about some chocolate soufflé in a way
that makes her mouth water.

If you are into helping the planet earth, that’s
cool too of course. The thing is, that you must
truly ENJOY IT, don’t just do it for brownie
points with her- that would not work and in
fact is a form of kissing up and making yourself
inferior. The idea is to be so compelling that you
actually suck her into a VORTEX of your reality,
a reality that is so charged and feels so good,
so exciting, so different, that she doesn’t want
to ever leave.

If you feel you have very few things you're interested
in, then definitely it's time you started exploring different
hobbies.  Keep an open mind, an open mind is also
something more women wish men had.

This way, you’ll have tons of things to talk
about that separate you from everyone else.


It’s often a knee-jerk reaction when seeing
a woman who is so beautiful you feel like
you’re being connected to a billion volts
of electric energy, that you just start talking
too fast.  

if you have to. You’ll find this helps you
not only SOUND better, but also helps you
regain EMOTIONAL CONTROL over your
own state of mind.

This way, you also won’t end up saying things
that make absolutely no sense (which is what
guys actually do very often when talking to
a woman who is attractive, the guy loses
half his mental capacities and starts to
actually screw up the grammatical
syntax of whatever he’s talking about).

Believe me, it’s much much better if you
can avoid the “tongue tied because she’s
so beautiful” thing.


YOU are the MAN.
The last thing she wants is to feel SHE is
the one who must lead the show or to help
YOU calm down.

So here’s another thing to help you stay calm:

Realize that as beautiful as she is, you really
have NO IDEA about the rest of her.

And as a man with STANDARDS, YOU SHOULD

You have no idea if she has an interesting
personality. You have no idea if she is
a gold-digger, you have no idea if she
is incompatible with you in so many ways.

So why approach her as if she’s PERFECT when
in reality she’s probably not PERFECT. No one
is perfect, so knowing this should help you speak
to her like she’s a real person and not an angel
sent from heaven to rescue you from anything.

In fact, if you need “rescuing” from anything,
you’ll have LESS chances of succeeding with
her. When I finally got rid of ALL my neediness
for women’s attention, it helped me so much
because I knew that women were just one
part of life, and that they could not give me
all the other things I value.

No woman wants to be THE MEANING of your
entire life, as if you would be a VACUUM of
nothingness without her, and I mean a vacuum
emotionally, internally, and a vacuum externally,
where you have not developed a lifestyle for
yourself that you find interesting and compelling.

The more unique you are, the better.

Think about the celebrities who captured our
imaginations the most- it was always and is
always the ones who were DIFFERENT, they
were not just carbon-copy cookie-cutter cutouts,
from Michael Jackson to Elton John.

Is it any wonder “Lady GaGa” is currently
smoking out the likes of Britney Spears?
It’s because LG is DIFFERENT.

Green Day, same thing, they aren’t the same
cookie-cutter boy’s band.  They are DISTINCT.

So, once you learn how to project your best self,
your unique qualities will then serve you to make
you BETTER than any other guy.

And if you’re reading this right now, you’re
just seeing the tip of the iceberg. To be at your
BEST and put it all into action, it really helps
to get all the DETAILS on what to do, so that
you have an exact PLAN for what to do when
you meet that striking woman, anywhere, and
for what to do to KEEP her interested in you.

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