Saturday, February 22, 2014

How To Be The Winner Women Want

Women want winners.
It’s as simple as that.

Women are HARDWIRED to
be ATTRACTED to winners.

Winners will ensure their own
survival, the survival of their
children, and will continue the
GENES that create the INTELLIGENCE
and other essential traits that
ENSURE survival in the children.

This is all HARDWIRED into a
woman's brain.  She is not
even consciously THINKING about
this stuff unless she happens
to be a PhD in this area.

The bottom line is, women can
SENSE winners, and size up a
man QUICKLY to see if he indeed
IS a winner.

And they feel OVERWHELMING
ATTRACTION to men who are

So today, I want to share with you
some KEY points about being a winner.

A winner is not necessarily someone
with lots of money, but it is ALWAYS
someone who shares the following traits: 


The real truth is that most people would all
LOVE to get certain things or achieve certain
things, but they are NOT prepared to actually
put in the EFFORT.   

So they don’t want success THAT BADLY.
They just want success, they just want to win,
if it doesn’t have to really require MASSIVE

So instead of putting in EFFORT, they instead
TALK A LOT.  They talk, and talk, and friggen

They TALK about everything that is “kind of,
sort of, in a way, maybe, possibly RELATED
to” what they want to do or achieve or get,
but they don’t actually TAKE DIRECT ACTION.

And it’s not even that TALKING is all that bad,
per se, the PROBLEM WITH TALKING is that
it takes up all your FRIGGEN' PRECIOUS TIME!!!!!

This is the reason that successful people actually
don’t do a lot of “hanging out to party with other
successful people” UNLESS THAT IS PART OF
THE JOB, they instead are busy WORKING

People also TALK a lot about success because
it makes them FEEL that they are making progress
toward success, since they FEEL they put in a
TALKING effort.

It’s all BULL, though.

It’s funny, because sometimes COMEDIANS
are the only ones NOT SCARED TO TELL

And Sarah Silverman once said as soon as
we say “I’m thinking about”, then that means
we actually are NEVER going to do it.

So, if you say “I’m thinking about doing
x, y, or z”, you are NOT taking ACTION,
and ACTION is the only way to GET there.

Instead, take up NIKE’S slogan:

This doesn’t mean you don’t need to THINK.

Thinking is actually the MOST IMPORTANT
the same as actually THINKING AND PLANNING,
and then TAKING ACTION to carry out that thinking
and planning.

If you want to be successful, take ACTION,
STOP THE TALKING, and also stop letting
your time get wasted by people who prefer
to TALK rather than take ACTION.

Keep the talking part to about 10%, and the
ACTION PART to about 90%. And that
talking part is only to communicate the
and those actions are the result of THINKING,

 Every second is PRECIOUS, and TALKING
is so often just THROWING OUT TIME FROM
the DOING.

See how different your life is when you stop talking
for ONE WEEK, and instead start DOING.


You can’t get anywhere if you want to be in
two OPPOSITE places at the same time, or
even if you want TOO MANY THINGS at ONCE.

Let's say you want a great relationship
with a faithful woman, but you also want
to date dozens of other women.

You have to make up your mind.
You have to make sure your actions
are all CONGRUENT, or consistent,
with your goal.

Let's say you want to start a company,
but you also want to have lots of time
with your relationship.

You have to make up your mind.

You want to be healthy, but you also want to
eat junk food, or work in a place where everyone
smokes, etc.

You have to make up your mind.

You want to make LOTS of money, quickly, but you
also want to have a job you LOVE that gives you
creative freedom.

You have to make up your mind.

In order to WIN, you have to be FOCUSED.
You can’t split your energy and focus into
too many directions, and the more you
can focus it all in ONE direction, the

This is why it’s so important to know what

This leads to the next super-important point:


Again, another comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, recently
mentioned yet another crucial truth on success.

Anyone who thinks success is going to be EASY
is out of their MIND.

Even if you LOVE something, whether it is art,
music, business, math, engineering, medicine,
writing, sports, the fact is THEY ALL STILL
to be SUCCESSFUL in.  

is that even the TORTURE is something you
love as well.

actually ENJOYS THE TORTURE of the burn
of each rep and each set.


A person who TRULY LOVES performing stand up
comedy is ALWAYS working on new material, and
the process, LOVES the beauty of that process, and
is in a way ADDICTED to the EFFORT as well.

A great writer is TORTURED to find NEW IDEAS,
ideas that INSPIRE him or her, and will search to
the ends of the earth for something that really
SPARKS his or her soul.  But there is a JOY
even in that endless work, because again, there
is an appreciation for the process and of course
there is so much motivation for the FRUIT
of all this work, which is the art that gets
created, that inspires.

You have to love something enough to

But, again, when you choose a goal that
INSPIRES YOU, it is no longer something
you HATE,  rather it is something you LOVE,
including the ‘torture’ part.


We are, in many ways, still living in the
STONE AGE when it comes to our
appreciation of emotional and mental
health issues.

Just like the BODY can get a millions
things that affect it, from a cold, to
a flu, to a broken bone, etc, etc, so
too the MIND and the EMOTIONS
are JUST as susceptible to “injury”
and illnesses, that require HEALING

If you are constantly feeling depressed,
angry, or any other destructive emotion,
it’s IMPERATIVE that you get the
proper help so that you are in control
of your emotions again.

It’s damn hard to find qualified professionals
who truly CARE and who truly KNOW
what is best for you.

I suggest you start by reading a TON of
in the fields of psychology and medicine,
because once you are armed with the
right information from the books, you
can then tell whether any human professionals
you meet are actually measuring up to
what they are supposed to be doing for you,
based on what you read in the books.
One great book out there, by the way,
is called “Feeling Good” by David Burns.


It is INSANE how people who claim to
want to be successful will then spend
TIME talking about how successful people
out there only got there because they are lucky,
are connected, etc, etc, etc.


However, USUALLY the great successes
BUNS OFF, in order to GET successful.

Bill Gates used to SLEEP at his desk from
working such long  hours while building
the company.  Today, he gives the money
away to make the world a better place.
THAT is man driven by a lot more than
MONEY, it is a man DRIVEN to
BETTER.  But he may very well have
been driven just by money  in the
beginning, and that’s totally cool too,
because he was willing to go through
the WORK, the TORTURE.

Steve Jobs (Apple) was so PASSIONATE
about his work instead of just the money,
that even once he was SUCCESSFUL, it
took SOMEONE ELSE to remind him that
he could hire a COOK instead of having
a fridge and freezer full of TV DINNERS.

James Cameron, the director of Titanic,
Avatar, Terminator, and Aliens, was so
poor and so driven when he started that
instead of film school, he learned about
filming by PHOTOCOPYING books from
the LIBRARY on film techniques, while
working as a truck driver, and he DISASSEMBLED
cameras to learn how they worked by reverse
engineering them.

So, when people HATE on successful people,
they are subconsciously ENSURING their
OWN failures, because they are telling themselves
that success is this IMPOSSIBLE thing unless
there is something FISHY going on.

Also, it implies that each individual has NO LUCK.
The truth is, most people are FAR MORE LUCKY
than they friggen REALIZE.

They are too lazy to even REALIZE how much
POTENTIAL they have if they just GOT OFF
their BUTTS and stopped TALKING and started
taking ACTION based on REAL THINKING. 


In his book “David and Goliath”,
Malcolm Gladwell explains how so
often, people with various EXTREME
CHALLENGES end up becoming
who seem to have it all.

And the reason is, because these people
if they looked at things THE SAME WAY
as everyone else. 

It was ONLY because they were already
in such a TOUGH, “impossible to succeed”
situation because of their challenges, that

They KNEW that success would be

So they had to start thinking of COMPLETELY
APPROACHES would suggest.

In other words, just being a little challenged
was not ENOUGH to convince most people
that they had to start thinking OUTSIDE
THE BOX, in a fresh, innovative way.

But having a MAJOR challenge is what
forces many people to HAVE to think
outside the box.

Hence, the example of David and Goliath,
which is that David KNEW there was
absolutely NO WAY he could defeath
GOLIATH according to NORMAL ways,


But GOLIATH, huge, bulky and slow, was not
prepared for an expert with a SLING-SHOT.


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Michael Marks

Friday, February 21, 2014

Attracting and Approaching Women: Stop Worrying About Being A "Psycho"

When it comes to success in approaching women 
who are total strangers, i.e. when it comes to "picking
up women" and attracting women who are total strangers,
there is ONE thing I need to make ABSOLUTELY CLEAR:


I have a strong feeling that it is THIS fear, the fear of
seeming “weird” or possibly even seeming like a PSYCHO,
that STOPS most men from approaching a woman somewhere
who is a total stranger, whether it’s on public transportation,
or on the sidewalk, or in a mall, or in a café, or just
about ANYWHERE else.

And I desperately want anyone reading this to
know that I truly understand this fear, for it used
to be the number one thing that screwed me up
when it came to approaching random but gorgeous
women in public.


One of the many reasons that it was so hard for me
to approach women the right way was because I had
been brainwashed not only by popular culture and
the general feminism and all the daytime talk shows
like Oprah that made it seem that all men were rapists,
women abusers, molesters, etc, etc, but I ALSO was
super-brainwashed by ANOTHER force:

This force was the effect of certain political
science courses I had taken in university, where
according to certain feminist professors, just
about EVERYthing in our society was ALL
aimed at subjugating women, including even
the very ACT of sex itself, was somehow
“anti-women” because somehow the woman
was made “passive” in this act, while the
man was the “active one” and the “aggressor”
in this act!

So, at the time, even though I was SURROUNDED
by gorgeous young women EVERYWHERE, I
was also kind of NEUTRALIZED by all this insane

I became SUPER CONCERNED with making sure
that any approach I made with women was super
politically correct, I made sure NOT to escalate
unless at least one TRILLION green lights were
present, which means that basically unless the
WOMAN was being aggressive about wanting
to push things, I would NEVER escalate.

And in general, women don't START aggressively.
So unless a guy really is a rock star or famous
celebrity or athlete, if he waits for some woman
to just come up to him and aggressively pursue
him, he is going to have very few options.

It happens, but just not often.  It happens sometimes
when a woman just really likes a guy for some reason
even she might not be aware of, without even knowing him.

You DON'T want to rely on this, you want to be ACTIVE about
attracting women and have access to the pool of MILLIONS
of attractive women out there.

THIS is a big problem that GOOD GUYS have.
Good guys are so concerned with RESPECTING
women, with not hurting women, that they end
up being SO CAREFUL to the point that they

And yet, if you, as a good guy, CONVEY the
sexual vibe, convey the masculinity, and you
convey the playfulness, then a woman will
be ECSTATIC about you, as you will  have
THE MAGIC COMBO of being a sexy
fun naughty guy
who ALSO has the vibes
of warmth and caring as well.   

It took me YEARS to realize that just about every
attractive girl on campus did NOT want any man
to actually BELIEVE in the “all men are rapists”
and did NOT want any man to approach them
in the politically correct way where  basically
NOTHING happens unless the WOMAN does all
the escalating, which goes against just about
EVERYTHING that is actually hard-wired into
female sexuality and female fantasy.

The TRUTH about female fantasy is that they
actually want men to behave like men!

So my point is this: The next time you see a woman
ANYWHERE that you would like to approach,
if the thing stopping you from taking action is
that you think it is somehow WEIRD for men
to approach women who are strangers, then
DEFINITELY go approach her anyway.

It is NOT weird.

Women WANT men to approach them, and the
thing that screws up most approaches that men
do on women has NOTHING to do with coming
across as a PSYCHO for making the approach.

Often, in fact, the thing that screws men up is
coming across as so CAUTIOUS that there is
no ZEST, no FUN, no LIFE to the interaction.

Instead, throw caution to the wind and have
some FUN with the interaction.  Infuse the
interaction with some sexuality, some spice,
some warmth, some excitement.

Let me give you an example of something
that I learned from a cool friend of mine
named Barry, (some of you know him from
my interview with him on the power of
comedy and humor) who adapted it from
a game by Howard Stern.

Now, the following game is slightly more adapted
for a party environment, but you can use it anywhere
by toning it down a bit.

So let’s say I’m walking into a lounge on a Saturday
night,  and I see TONS of gorgeous women, all of
whom are total strangers to me.

I might walk up to a woman I like, and tell her
“Hey, have you ever played the game F**K,

That is the point, the point is to NOT come across
as a boring, anti-septic, non-sexual person.

She will most likely ask:
“What is that???
I don’t know if that game is for me.”

Trust me, this game is WAY more for her
and she KNOWS it, this is just her way of   
showing she is not a tramp.

So I (or you, if you are playing the game with her)
explain to her:

What happens is you point to a woman, and I
tell you whether I would want to F**K her, 
marry her, or kill her, and then, you point
out two more women where again I tell you
what I would do, at which point we then switch 
the game up,  and **I** point to three guys and 
you tell me if you’d rather F**k them, marry them, 
or kill them.”

Now, this game is a GAME.
It’s not meant to be REAL.
But it can have some pretty DEEP impact
and do a lot of powerful things if you
play it right.

So, for example, if she points to a woman,
and I say IMMEDIATELY, “Oh her??? KILL, for sure.”

Now, you DON’T say this loud to offend anyone,
the point is that now the woman you are with will
probably say, “Why??? Why would you kill her so fast??”

And HERE is where it is FUNNY, and you show
that you have HIGH STANDARDS:

So I might reply that the reason is because I
can’t STAND her dress, or her purse, or her
choice of drink,
or ANYTHING super trivial
that is really NOT a real reason for wanting
to kill ANYONE.

The point here is to show that of course this has
NOTHING to do with violence, but to show through

In fact, the more trivial the reason for choosing “kill her”
the more this works.

On the other hand, if I genuinely see something
attractive about the PERSONALITY
of one of the
three women she points out, then I might very well
say I would MARRY that woman,
and when the
woman I’m playing the game with asks “why”,
(which she likely would ask, and if she doesn’t
ask, you can always volunteer the reason why
anyway) I (or you, if you are playing the game)
would EXPLAIN, that it’s because
you can see that the particular woman was
doing something you liked, for example:

-She was dressed tastefully not slutty.
-She was in middle of giving a compliment to her friend.
-She wasn’t rudely shoving through the crowd but instead was politely moving through.     
-Etc., etc., etc.

You could even LATER use this "marry" topic
as a way to sprinkle in a little more info
on the GOOD QUALITIES you seek in a woman,
all without getting TOO serious in the
conversation, as you can then playfully
go back to the more naughty elements of
the conversation, and then finally
just focus on chilling out together
without chatting much at all, which
is the final level before getting
all-out physical together.

The reasons you choose for your decisions in this game
are what create the humor and also what convey information
about YOUR cool character.   
Then, you flip the game, and YOU point out three guys,
and you can always learn more about her from HER
reasons for her decisions on whether to f, marry, or kill
the guy, PLUS you can tease her on her answers.

This gives her a chance to express her OWN sexuality
and her own preferences for what is important to her
in relationships as well, you are getting a woman to
lower her guard and be EXTREMELY revealing
sexually with you in terms of what turns her on, 
and if you ask the right questions and lead her
properly, you are also learning what makes her feel
loved as well, all of which is PURE GOLD that
you can use to attract her, seduce her, and make
her crazy in love with you.

And you can MODIFY this game so you can play
it anywhere, by changing the “f**k” to “sleep with”,
and you can change the “kill” to “punch” or “slap”,
etc ,etc.  And you can CERTAINLY play this game
after breaking the ice with something a little more
neutral like a comment on the magazine she is
reading or something else she is doing or something
else that is going on in the environment.

But overall, compare playing THIS GAME with
a woman you just met, with the TYPICAL approach
that a guy will do, if he even approaches her at all,
with the all-too-common, “So, you come here often?”

How much CHARACTER and personality does
that reveal, by just asking a woman “So, come
here often?” 

It reveals NOTHING, plus it’s BORING.

The fact of the matter is, men and women ARE
sexual.  We DO have passions, we DO want to
laugh, we DO want to have fun, we also have
things we can’t STAND, and it FEELS good
to be able to CONNECT with the opposite
sex in a way that is IMMEDIATELY
relevant!  It feels good not only for YOU,
but it feels good also for HER!

For once, she can talk about sexual things,
she can talk about passionate things, she      
can LAUGH, she can tell you the things
about a guy she can’t STAND, she can
do all this within MOMENTS with YOU,
a total stranger, because you have MADE
IT EASY for her to do so.

Plus, by doing all this, you IMMEDIATELY
convey that you are a man who UNDERSTANDS
women, who understands the whole sexual
, and that you are a guy who is so
comfortable with all this that clearly you
must have an abundance of choice of
women in your life.

And that in itself is attractive as well, since
it implies you are already “chosen” by
women; it gives you the all powerful
“social proof”.

On the OTHER HAND, if you are so worried
about not coming across as a psycho, you will
NEVER do any of this!!  You might not even make
any APPROACH to any woman whatsoever!

Trust me, just because most men do not do the
random approaches, does NOT mean that it
doesn’t work.

Let me PROVE it to you:
If a total STRANGER came up to you on the
street, with a huge CHUNK of PURE GOLD,
and told you he is GIVING it to you, and then
he gave it to you, and then he left, would you
somehow THROW OUT that gold????????

Would you say to yourself, “This isn’t TYPICAL,
this MUST be fake gold, so I am going to
throw it OUT”????????????????????????????

You would NOT do that.
You MIGHT be a bit skeptical, you might even
be suspicious, but you would WANT the gold
in case it IS gold, right?

It’s the EXACT SAME THING with approaching
women, but even EASIER because it’s not so
out of the ordinary as most guys think.

The truth is, especially with attractive women,
over the course of their lives they HAVE
been approached many times, and
attractive FRIENDS have been approached
many times, and between them and their
friends, they KNOW of several success stories
where the men and women ended up not only
hooking up, but often having great relationships
as well.

These women just don’t go AROUND telling
everyone that the men they met were total
strangers, but all their BEST friends know!

This is yet again another example of how some
guys are “inside” the circle of knowledge of
what REALLY goes on, and other guys are on
the “outside” and have no clue.  I used to be
on the outside, and it SUCKED.

And once you’re in, you realize how crazy it
is to be living on the outside in ignorance.   

However, just like the GOLD example, there
needs to be a certain amount of TRUST built
up in the interaction to OVERCOME the
perfectly normal CAUTIOUSNESS that
most women have regarding meeting men
who are total strangers.

THIS is a huge part of the ART of learning
how to successfully approach women, it’s
not just the act of approaching them, but also
the art of building up a connection, a sense
of trust as well.

But this is NOT that hard to learn, (stay tuned
to the end of this newsletter for more on how
to learn how to do this as well as learn the
ENTIRE "nitty gritty" of pick-up) and it CERTAINLY
is not a reason to let MILLIONS of gorgeous women
just slip through your fingers!

A woman having a bit of CAUTION is very
different from a woman not being OPEN to
the idea.

In fact, meeting the seductive mysterious stranger
is one of the BIGGEST FANTASIES  that women

Do the approach right, and you are catering
to her biggest desire,
and she is now rooting
for you and will do everything in HER power
to help you SUCCEED in picking her up!

For example, if she is around friends, she will
ask her friends for some privacy, or even
find a reason for you and her to move away
from her friends for more privacy.

So don’t let the fear of coming across as a
psycho stop you from making the approach,
and don’t let it stop you from making your
approach have a fun, sexual, intriguing
VIBE to it!

By incorporating some sexual vibe to your
conversation,  and by doing it playfully
as described in the example above, you are
allowing her to bridge into becoming sexual
with you in a very SMOOTH WAY.

It allows you to get closer to her without her
wondering what is going on.  She will KNOW
what is going on, she will KNOW the dynamic

It allows you to do things like graze your leg
against hers lightly if she is sitting across
from you in the next bar stool, it allows
you to touch her hair and compliment her
on how soft it is, without seeming creepy,
because you have already got her laughing
and having a good time and not feeling
like she needs to pretend that she is not
a sexual person with you.

Plus, another advantage of that game I
explained is that you can WALK AROUND
the location as you play and as you look
for people, and as you walk around, you
can ALSO find a great place for BOTH of
you to sit to then CONTINUE the chat
and continue to escalate the interaction
in a sexual way.

And that is just one fantastic example of a great
strategy applying the concept of being more sexual,
more playful, and leading the way in the pick-up.

So what you have just read, as you can tell,
comes from REAL WORLD experience.

This isn’t stuff I dreamed up that just sounds nice.
It’s what works to get men and women together
EFFECTIVELY, even if they were total strangers
when they met.  

This is the true NITTY GRITTY of “pick–up”.

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Michael Marks

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A MAJOR Secret On How To Approach Women

I have something VERY important to tell you
about approaching women. It is something
most men get WRONG, and understanding this
will make a MASSIVE difference in your
approaches on women!

If you see a woman you would like to approach,
for example, at a food court somewhere, do any
of the options below provide the best solution?

Answer A:
You take a few minutes to decide the best thing
to say, and then you walk over to her and say it.

Answer B:
You take a few minutes to decide what to say,
and then you carefully walk over but you make
sure she does NOT see you coming, so it can
look like you just happened to be walking
in that direction toward her for something else
and not as if SHE was the main reason you
were walking that way.

Answer C:
You go over right away, directly toward her,
even though this means she can see you coming.
However, you then try to make sure it does NOT
seem as if you are actually interested in her in a
way that has to do with sex.  You chat to her
for an hour about something intelligent so that
it seems this is not about sex.

Answer D:
You go over right away, and you decide to
make it CLEAR you are interested in her
in a way that does have to do with attraction
and with her as a woman,  and you decide
to do this  by TELLING her that you think she
is very sexy and that you would like to go
out with her.  

And the BEST ANSWER is:
NONE of the above.

The REAL answer is to approach her DIRECTLY
even if she sees you walking toward her, and
then when you approach her to chat, you
should NOT verbally start with telling her
that you are attracted to her, and you ALSO
should not try to make it seem as if you
are NOT interested in her either.

Just keep it upbeat.
So, for example, you could go right into
something like this:

"That looks REALLLLLLLLY GOOD! That is what
I like in a woman, someone who enjoys life
and does not deprive herself!"

In this example, you are delivering the
message with flair, with fun, and you
are giving her a playful compliment
without kissing up AT ALL.

Also, the comment is totally spontaneous,
it is not a memorized pick-up line, it
is something born of, and in, the MOMENT,
which makes it feel more REAL instead of

It is also the kind of topic that can easily
lead into a fun chat about guilty pleasures
like chocolate or television watching, plus
it can give you a lead-in to enjoying food
more with some company and you sitting there
with her for your lunch. 

She might comment that actually the food
she is eating is healthy, it is not a
guilty thing, and you can playfully
respond with something like "Let me guess,
you're a lawyer, right?" with a smirk
as you say it. 

Then she might tell you whatever it is
she really is, or she might ask you
about yourself, all this is good

Then, after just a few moments of this,
you can chill out more and slowly get
to a DEEPER CONNECTION based on shared
VALUES, which also only takes a few

And THEN, if you connect, you let her
know that you want to see her again. 
So, to recap what happened here is:
First, you DIRECTLY approach her.
You walk right up to her, even if she
sees you from far away.  It is a good
thing anyway if she sees this, as I
will explain below.

Then, when you reach her, you chat about anything
that is fun, upbeat, intriguing, or playful,
as long as you ARE ACTUALLY being either fun,
upbeat, intriguing, or playful.  (This gets
back to being congruent, which is an important
topic in itself.)

Allow me to explain WHY this is the best way to
approach a woman, especially if this is NOT a
nightclub or a party environment.

It all stems from the fact that women FEEL a
tremendous pressure to not even ACCIDENTALLY
appear promiscuous.

This newsletter could go on for several YEARS
giving you the entire history of the perceptions
of men about female sexuality, so I will just
give a few serious examples:

For MANY years, even into the modern era or psychology
and psychiatry, most men thought that women did not
even HAVE orgasms!  In other words, most men thought
that women were not even really sexual  beings!

Then, on TOP of that, any woman who WAS perceived
as promiscuous was viewed as the absolute LOWEST,
the very BOTTOM of the totem pole of status in society.

Of course, the men who get lots of women are often
viewed as COOL, i.e. Hugh Hefner, or at least viewed
as POWERFUL, i.e. many kings who had tons of women.

And even today, the fact is, most men would like
to have sex with lots of women, but they do not
want a girlfriend who is promiscuous or who even
WAS promiscuous.

Meanwhile, the TRUTH is, that women indeed DO
have urges and desires just as INTENSE as men,
if not even MORE intense than men.

So women are not looking to screw up their lives
and their reputations.   If a guy approaches a woman
and seems OVERLY into the superficial, especially
if he does this RIGHT OFF THE BAT with the following
kind of comment:

****You are so beautiful.****

The BIGGEST REASON that FAILS (unless delivered
in a SUPER CONFIDENT way) is NOT just because
it seems like a form of kissing up.

Rather, the WRECKAGE left by such a comment
is also because it makes a woman feel that if she
REWARDS this kind of approach by even TALKING
to him, she feels she will be viewed by him as a SLUT.

She also figures that anyone who FINDS OUT she
talked to him will ALSO feel she is a slut.

This is why women will IMMEDIATELY shut down
ANY guy who shows he is IGNORANT of this issue.
Women are RUTHLESS in this regard, and if you
understand the massive repercussions women pay
if they are not careful about this, it makes

Ahhhh, but some guys have GROWN WISE to this,
or so they think.

And PRESTO, such is born the OVERLY NICE GUY

So you have these guys that do EVERYTHING in
their power to NOT come across as interested in
sex. The guy approaches the woman indirectly,
he pretends to be walking the same way as her,
he pretends to be interested in her choice of
stationary, books, purse, movies, etc, etc.

Now, a TINY bit of the NICE GUY stuff is not
the end of the world.

But the TRUTH  is, if you ever used the Overly
Nice Guy approach and ended up attracting a
woman who was  a stranger, and you ended up
sleeping with her, and she became your girlfriend
or whatever, it was not because you approached
her with the NICE GUY stuff.

It was because you managed to chat with her WITHOUT
triggering her WORRY of being labelled a SLUT.

Then you got her number or something like that,
and then you met up, and ALL ALONG she WANTED
to have sex with you, and you managed to NOT
trigger fears in this regard.

She was THINKING about how WILD it would be
to go NUTS with you in bed from pretty much the
FIRST MOMENT you approached her.

And the problem is that a lot of guys FORGET THIS,
they pour on so much NICE GUY APPROACH that the
woman figures maybe this guy is NOT into women,
maybe this guy is going to take FOREVER to get
physical with, maybe this guy does not REALIZE
how women have mind-blowing fantasies that
would make most men BLUSH.

So just because women do not want to be labelled sluts,
does NOT mean to in ANY way pretend you are NOT
a sexual person.

And the WAY to demonstrate that you are a MAN,
while SIMULTANEOUSLY showing you understand
women have these sensitivities and concerns,
is to simply APPROACH WOMEN DIRECTLY, yet at
the same time keep the INITIAL CONVERSATION
simply a POSITIVE experience that is NOT
too overtly sexual.

(In a club, though, the sexual can happen
a lot faster since the whole POINT of
a club is really about PARTY TIME.)

She KNOWS the reason you approached her!
She is GLAD you approached her.

She is MORE happy that you approached her
DIRECTLY rather than conveying that you
think you need to be SNEAKY about it by
going in some kind of strange circle or
zig-zag pattern or somehow coming up
behind her.

The most BRILLIANT path toward her is
DIRECTLY toward her in terms of your
actual physical WALK UP to her.

But in terms of the conversation, you convey
masculinity, you convey interest, you convey
your insight into women, by actually NOT
talking about the physical stuff too much
if at ALL, not until you FIRST establish
more of a FLOW of a conversation and
more of a CONNECTION.

So you APPROACH directly.

However, your CHAT should convey your
interest INDIRECTLY, because your APPROACH
already makes it pretty darn clear why
you are chatting to her, and any more
runs the risk of overdoing it and
triggering her fears of being labelled
a slut and SHUTTING you down..

The calmness of your demeanor, the
COMFORT you feel and display while
chatting with her, all THAT is what shows
the right stuff about you and your
intentions in the beginning.

It is even okay to say something this:

***I just wanted to chat with you and
see what you are about.***

Then, you actually see if for REAL
you two can have FUN chatting together,
being playful together.

This is why you should NOT go on for
an hour about something too deep or
intelligent, because the first part
of the chat is about PLAYFULNESS
or at least about some kind of

Before you can play in the bedroom,
you have to be able to play outside
the bedroom.

If you go on for an hour about something
serious, you VAPORIZE the sexual and fun
vibes and you instead create the boring
vibe of an old, empty, dusty, lecture hall.

And THEN, you ALSO test to see if you
both have something ELSE important in
common BESIDES just wanting to go wild
on each other.

And THAT provides the ULTIMATE solution
on how to ensure you do not trigger her
fears of being labelled a slut, because
if there is a REAL connection between
you two, then she cannot BE a slut.

And THEN, you can ALSO tell her once that
she is cute, attractive, or whatever.

Remember, though, that she KNEW that is what
you thought all along when you approached her,
but you can tell her once, (after you two have
connected) just to make it absolutely clear
to her that you intend to pursue this all
the way to the end, for REAL, as a man.

What you have just read is so important, that
it will play a MAJOR role in EVERY SINGLE
interaction you ever have with any woman you
approach that you want to attract.

And yet, as POWERFUL as it is, it is also the
TIP of the iceberg of TONS of other VITAL
insights and strategies on attracting the women
of your choice that you will find in my special
program, known as: Attraction Accelerators.

I did not sit at HOME coming up with this program.
Instead, I learned it all on the FIELD, through
years of experience, and then only AFTER that,
and after SEEING it WORK for OTHER guys
as well, did I finally record this program.

Plus, I went into the BONKERS zone by pricing
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You can download this program in MINUTES from
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

VITAL Tips for Approaching and Attracting Women

I've been coaching several guys over
the past few days, from really advanced
guys to guys who are beginners, and
it's brought a few things to my attention
that I really want to make clear.

So here we go:

If you are starting out, and trying to
approach women, you ABSOLUTELY MUST

It does not need to be for a long
amount of TIME per day, but it must
be something that happens at LEAST
several times a week, for a few MINUTES
each time.

So what I mean is, all you have to do
is approach women for about FIVE TO TEN
MINUTES per day, for at least about
THREE or FOUR DAYS a week.

even for just a FEW MINUTES, that is
more important than doing it once
for several hours, and then not
doing it again for a few weeks.

Please trust me on this, I have been
in this for over a DECADE and I know
how these skills are learned.

Now, regarding the "what do I say to her"
part, here is what you can do:

You have two choices.
One, is you simply APPROACH and say "hi",
and in the beginning, YES YOU MIGHT FEEL
discomfort which makes you freeze up
and not know what to say.

So your first few conversations might suck,
yeah, totally.

going to the gym the first time and
not being able to lift a lot of weight.

But, as you make the approaches, each time
you will be working your way to getting
allowing your brain to now operate the
executive level functions and allowing
you to tap into your subconscious creativity
so you will NEVER need pick up lines.

In fact, let's say you approach a
woman and you even say "Hi, I saw you
from far away, and as a man, I had to
come over and say hello".

So that's FINE, if you say it with confidence
and not apologizing for being a man.

Then, she might say thank you, she might blush,
she might not say much.

In the beginning, you might not know what to
say next.  Your mind might be racing.  But
as you practice, you will calm down and then
you can apply all the strategies, such as

If she is reading a book about history, or
psychology, or a magazine about entertainment,
or if she is doing her college schoolwork,
you might make a COMMENT on it that will
spark HER feedback, and once SHE is talking,
you are home-free, because you can keep on
getting her to talk more about HERSELF,
which is always better than going on and
on about yourself, unless she ASKS YOU
about yourself, which is what will happen
after she talks to you for a while anyway.

Keep in mind, women are not expecting you to
be some MAGICIAN or ENTERTAINER, all they
are expecting is that you can convey that
you are a cool dude with some social skills,
a sense of humor, and goals and a life of his

Now, if you are not prepared to have to go
through the process of getting desensitized
and having a few original conversations in
the beginning that suck, there is the
alternative strategy, but please keep in
mind that one of the reasons I PROMOTE
it FORCES you to realize, after doing
a bunch of approaches and you start to
calm down, that women DON'T NEED ANY
B.S. TRICKS FROM YOU.  They don't
need to be manipulated. They ARE
going to talk to you if you are
is strong enough. 

Maybe not EVERY woman.  Just like guys,
some women are nasty, but most women
are not.  Hey, some of them might be
spoiled, but the vast majority of them
actually have very good social skills
and if they are single will be quite
open to chatting.

And I think it's important for your INNER
GAME to be trained WITHOUT using too many
crutches.  I prefer that men focus on
learning how to IMPROVE THEMSELVES,
their communications skills, their sense
of humor, their insights into women,
rather than learning "pick up tricks"
because when you think it is your
pick up tricks that gets you women
and not YOU that is getting you women,
you become very insecure, which ultimately
spells disaster for relationships because
you can't fake it forever.

However, if you use a MINIMUM of external
tactics, and you try to keep it as non
"gamey" as possible, that can be okay too.

So, another strategy is to keep abreast
since it's a light and fluffy topic and
not depressing. 

So, for example, you can always start a
light conversation with a woman by
mentioning something in the popular
culture.  For example, right now there
is a LEGO MOVIE.  I hear it's actually
a great movie, but I might joke with
a woman about it, because I do find it
genuinely funny, by asking her what
she thinks of all these movies based
on things that are already products. 

It might go like this:
"Hey there, I've been thinking about
something and curious what you might
think. Everything is so commercialized
now, that even movies are commercials,
so we start the movie with commercials
for other things and other movies, and
then the movie itself is a commercial
for something, like the new LEGO movie,
or a movie based on a kid's toy, pretty
soon there will be MCDONALD'S THE MOVIE,
or COCA COLA THE MOVIE!!!! You know
what I mean?"

Now, something like this will probably
at least get a chuckle and some response,
so now you are in a CONVERSATION, and
whatever she says you can now RESPOND

Remember, this whole dynamic ultimately
is about sex, and men and women, and
she is NOT expecting you to be a
some interstellar world-famous comedian,
she is expecting you to be a MAN with
the social skills to meet her.

This gets me to the next thing, which is
regarding the physical stuff. 

It's  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO important to understand
that even good girls have the same drives
physically in the bedroom as any other woman,
and in fact in general what goes on in the
bedroom and what turns people on tends to
NOT be politically correct. 

So, if you come across as too anti-septic,
you actually are telling her SUBSONSCIOUS
mind that YOU are "too nice" for the bedroom,
which would make HER feel UNCOMFORTABLE
being NAUGHTY in the bedroom.


You don't need to be a BADBOY to just

So women DON'T WANT JERKS, but they DO
want men who can make them feel

If you come across as too much of a PREACHER
or PERFECT, or TOO SELFLESS, she figures you
are probably going to want things to be all
NICEY NICEY IN THE BEDROOM, or that you might

This is the great irony, where the good girls
are good people, but they can't find good guys

So that's why you MUST behave with assertiveness,
with confidence, with women, so they can
get the subconscious message that just like

Let the great quality women know they
are not going to be entering a world
of MR. ROGERS with you.

Finally, I want to mention one last thing
regarding quality LOYAL women.

LOYALTY is a trait that spills over into

If a woman is giving you signs that she is
not loyal to her FRIENDS, to her WORKPLACE,
etc, then she is NOT GOING TO BE LOYAL TO

I thought that was an important tip to
share with you, and it's just ONE of
TONS of PURE GOLD TIPS in my program
"Attracting the Ultra-Hotties," at:

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, February 16, 2014

How To Attract The ULTRA HOT Ones

You know how people tell you that success
with women is just about "CONFIDENCE"?

The fact of the matter is, just hearing the words
"be confident" doesn’t help a guy when a gorgeous,
mouth-watering, smoking-hot woman is right in
front of him... 

Just telling a guy to “be confident” doesn’t help
EXPLAIN how to actually get a gorgeous woman
from being a total stranger to being in your bed
“begging you for more” and screaming your name
out in ecstasy.

And just telling a man to “be confident” doesn’t
explain how to actually make a woman want
to be the greatest girlfriend in the world to you.

That's why I created my latest program, "Attracting The Ultra-Hotties: Raising Your Game On Attraction, Humor, Screening, And Deep Connections."
Attracting Women Is About A Lot MORE Than Just Having Confidence

Plus, even if a man DOES have confidence, there
is MORE to attracting a woman than just being
CONFIDENT.  Mastering the conversation skills,
the skills of humor, of style, of HOW to physically
escalate, and of HOW to build a deep connection
all require SPECIFIC knowledge, training, and

These areas of success with women involve a lot
more than JUST “being confident”.

There is KNOW-HOW and there is IGNORANCE.

When the moment of truth arises, and that gorgeous
woman is right in front of you, just thinking "be confident"
is not enough. 

Plus, even learning just how to truly UNLEASH the
FULL extreme of one’s confidence is ALSO a
skill in itself.

The ULTIMATE level of success with women comes
when you learn how to COMBINE all these different

A Real-Life Example Of A COMBINATION Of Attractive Skills

In just a few moments, I’m going to give you a REAL LIFE example of how to COMBINE confidence, wit, humor, and social intelligence when interacting with a bona fide HOTTIE.

This comes from a real life example where SNOOP
was teasing a beautiful woman who is an
actress and a comedian. Her name is Whitney
Cummings. By the way, I have no idea if Snoop
himself wrote what he said or if he had a writer,
but there is no denying that he delivered it perfectly.

Now, keep in mind, when it comes to interacting
with women, everything is about ADJUSTING to
the SITUATION and to the WOMAN you are with.

Why You Must "Raise The Bar" With The Hotties

So, in general, when dealing with women who are
SUPER HOT, and who are CONFIDENT, you

Although it is true that for the really gorgeous women,
most men won’t even approach them,  the fact also
is that these women, over the course of their lives,
have had just about EVERY TYPE OF "PICK UP"
attempt thrown their way.

They are DESENSITIZED to most approaches.
They have seen so many pathetic attempts at
FAKING confidence, that to really convey
confidence to a woman you have to go
BEYOND what you think is confidence.

So, right now, IMAGINE what a confident and
playful statement to a woman might be.

I’m here to tell you that if you are like most guys,
what you just imagined is NOT enough.

You have to take it UP by a THOUSAND notches.

these super hot women feel in terms of their LOOKS.

If you can really imagine this, you will start to realize
that what is perceived as a PLAYFUL TEASE for these
women might NOT be fun for a less confident woman.

If you’re THE HULK, you need a little more of a
challenge than if you’re a "mere mortal" and 
these SUPER HOTTIES are like HULKS when
it comes to their CONFIDENCE.

And the TRUTH is, that just TELLING A MAN
TO BE CONFIDENT, is not enough, because
most men have no CLUE what this level of
BALLS and CONFIDENCE actually is supposed
to SOUND LIKE and how to MANIFEST that
confidence through WORDS and through tonality.

The reason why it’s so tough to even FATHOM
how much CONFIDENCE these women have
is because unless a man EXPERIENCES what
life is like for these women, it’s very difficult to
just IMAGINE it.

That’s why I’m going to give you a real example.

I’m going to give you an idea of just HOW
confident these ULTRA HOTTIES really are,
and what kind of EQUAL CONFIDENCE you
must exert in order to be on the SAME emotional
WAVELENGTH that they are on.

            Here Is The Detailed Example:

So here we go, this is a playful TEASE that
Snoop Dogg said to this gorgeous actress who
is ALSO a comedian:

“Whitney Cummings, look at your fine little skinny
ass sitting up there.  I’ve rolled blunts fatter than you!
But you’ve been passed around a little bit more.”

Now, I must explain also that the EMPHASIS
significance if you are going to make the most

      The Analysis Part I: It's SEXUAL

Before I even say one more word, let's point out
the fact that this is SEXUAL humor, used in a
brilliant way.  

If you can get a woman feeling COMFORTABLE 
about sexual things to the point she is actually
LAUGHING  about something DIRECTLY 
sexual regarding HERSELF, you are ALREADY 
well on the way to success.

Compare THAT to a guy who spends three
dates with a woman and is still trying to just
get the KISS!!!!!

So that's the first thing immediately to keep
in mind, which is using humor to break the
SEXUAL barrier ASAP.

This is a great way to ensure you stay OUT
of the "friends zone" and that you stay on her
mind in a very explicit, sexual, and enjoyable
way that she can't help but keep thinking about.

By the way, she was laughing her HEAD OFF
at all this, and clearly ENJOYED IT LIKE CRAZY.

And I'm not saying that every guy has to do the
SAME thing, or use the SAME kind of jokes; it
is important to be congruent to yourself, but
it is ALSO important to understand just how
INSANELY confident most attractive women
really ARE about all this stuff.

humor when interacting with women who are
ULTRA CONFIDENT with men, and who are
DESENSITIZED to the style of most men's 
  The Analysis Part II: The PAUSE
In the tease above, the emphasis was:

“Whitney Cummings.

By taking a PAUSE, he shows he is not in a RUSH
to just get the words over with.

He shows he KNOWS he has VALUE to his words.
He wants to make sure everyone is LISTENING.

Instead of saying verbally "I'm confident", he is
actually SHOWING it through his BEHAVIOR.

Plus, by taking a PAUSE after saying her name, he

in his statement.

This is what she’s wondering:
"What the HECK is he going to say about me?"

And getting her more involved takes MORE CONFIDENCE because it shows he feels that his message is going to totally WORK on her.

So just in that one move, he has shown confidence,
AND he has increased her emotional involvement
by building anticipation.
                The Analysis Part III:  

Adjusting The Tease For The Specific Woman, And COMBINING Emotions For Greater Impact

“Look at your fine little skinny ass up there”.

The bottom line is that being SLIM is something
that is more POSITIVE than negative, so this isn’t

It’s VERY IMPORTANT that your teases to a woman
are never MEAN-SPIRITED, otherwise you just come
across as a guy who is bitter and who is NOT cool
and who is not already “in demand” by women.

Yet, at the same time, he is STILL TEASING her
on being SUPER slim, as if to say she’s TOO slim,
by saying:

“I’ve rolled BLUNTS fatter than you!”

Upon hearing this, she is simultaneously SHOCKED
at the guts it takes to say this and she is also LAUGHING hysterically at the HUMOR at the SAME time.

COMBINING emotions makes for GREATER

It’s not just true with humor, but actually is true
for ALL emotions.  This is why great movies, by
the way, are very COMPLEX.  The situation the
hero is in is often a COMBINATION of emotions,
including being exciting, dangerous, humorous,
passionate, intriguing, romantic, etc.

Music does this as well, i.e. the song lyrics
“I’ll KISS you when it’s DANGEROUS”, the
love, the lust, the danger, when mixed together,
makes each of those separate emotions feel even
MORE powerful than each emotion would feel
on its own. 

Back to our example with Snoop, this is a great
example of combining shock from experiencing
this comment that takes GUTS to say, yet it is
also FUNNY as heck.

And of course, it’s obvious from her reaction that
she is this combination of IMPRESSED and she

Remember, for the most part of her LIFE, she only
meets men that BORE HER TO SLEEP.

                      The Analysis Part IV:
The Humor Has It's Own LOGIC, Plus The
Humor Creates A Powerful IMAGE In Her Mind

But Snoop isn’t finished, he’s just warming up
with that one.

He goes on to FURTHER floor her with:


This is the kind of thing that you can ONLY
get away with because it’s a COMBINATION
of being CLEARLY UNTRUE (so it’s not mean)
yet also insanely FUNNY because it’s such an easy
INSTINCT to THINK that she is that type because
of the fact she is not only super hot but also a
comedian who jokes about sex all the time.

Plus, the obvious connection to a blunt that is
“passed around” is a potential for humor that is
BEGGING to be expressed.  It also creates a
VISUAL of her being just an object like a blunt,
and the joke is that she is viewed and used in a
similar way for similar purposes of sheer pleasure,
which, in a crazy way, is STILL to some extent
an actual COMPLIMENT, because it means she

This is POWERFUL stuff all crammed into a
BRIEF couple of sentences of humor!

Again, she was laughing so hard, her sides were
splitting from laughter.

                    The Analysis Part V: 
The Humor Is UNPREDICTABLE, And Yet It
All Makes PERFECT SENSE In Its Own Way

Then, he goes for the close with:

“But right now, things are popping for Whitney y’all.
Everybody in HOLLYWOOD is talking about her,
and they’re all saying the same thing:

I think that b*&^% gave me HERPES!”

And to this, he has delivered the KNOCKOUT,
she is almost hysterical with laughter, not in
of, but BECAUSE of the fact he is busting
on her BIG time.

Again, NOT ONLY does this take GUTS to say,
but it also takes SKILL to come up with this.

First, Snoop takes the comment in one direction,
saying all these NICE things about her, i.e. that
she’s popular, that everyone is talking about her,
and THEN he says something that we DON’T
expect. It’s the complete OPPOSITE direction
when he says that the thing they’re all saying is:

“I think that b*&^% gave me HERPES!”

To be specific, the reason
this works so well,
is because it
MIXES five things together:

                           The Truth

He says the truth, that she is super popular.
So we find ourselves believing and our
minds ACCEPTING what he says.

         He Says What Is NOT Predictable

When he says, "I think that b*&^% gave me HERPES!"
there is no way for her to see that comment coming,
so it takes her by surprise.

Most women are totally DESENSITIZED by all the
things that most men say to them again and again
a billion times a day.

The key is to say something women are NOT expecting,
that is still PLAYFUL and not MEAN, but is also
CHALLENGING at the same time.  

The “Twist” At The End Is Not Just A Surprise,
It’s Actually The PERFECT Conclusion To The
PREVIOUS Line He Said To Her!  

The best 'twist' with humor almost always obeys the
following rule:

It's not only a "surprise", but it's a surprise which makes
PERFECT SENSE from the humor perspective.

So the humor doesn't feel forced, it feels like a perfect fit.

It's the PERFECT Conclusion To The PREVIOUS
Line That Was Said, Even Though It Was NOT
What She Expected!  

His final line, even though at first it seems to go
completely in the OPPOSITE direction to what he
said before, ends up still being PERFECTLY
CONSISTENT with what he first said before.

In other words, everyone IS talking about her,
her name IS popping up all over Hollywood,
it’s just NOT in a GOOD WAY!

      He Creates A Powerful Visual

It’s also FUNNY because theoretically
this is the kind of thing that CAN happen in
real life, but more importantly the VISUAL
of all these guys who got SCREWED by her
and are now paying for it, but who at least
are also all finding comfort in sharing
their misery with each other.

You can picture a bunch of guys at a bar all
sharing their misery about her.

It’s Never MEAN, Because It Is Perfectly
Customized For A Woman Of HER Looks
And HER Wit, And HER Confidence  

We also realize that this whole story
is actually NOT the truth, that she did not
give anyone herpes or anything, which makes
the whole thing FUNNY and not MEAN.

It’s OBVIOUS that it is a JOKE, but it’s
a joke that still takes GUTS.

Plus, most importantly, she is a woman who
is HOT and WITTY and who is likely to
ENJOY this kind of communication.

      It Takes INTELLIGENT Risks

Saying this tease STILL required an
element of RISK, it still took GUTS, and
COURAGEOUS jokes are always funnier
than jokes that take ZERO risks, jokes that
are totally purely safe and anti-septic.

Part of what MAKES a woman react so strongly
to the joke is that it TOOK courage and balls
to say it.  Just remember that it’s not ONLY
about the guts, it’s ALSO about the WIT
and everything else I explained above.

The key with humor is to take INTELLIGENT
risks and to use STRATEGY as outlined above.
By the way, this is just 1% of what you will learn
in this program that is JAM-PACKED with pure
gold on attracting women. In fact, it’s only one
small part of ONE section on HUMOR.

This program ALSO goes into TONS of OTHER vital skills for ensuring success in getting the most fantastic women, skills that have nothing to do with humor, as you will see below.
Here Is ANOTHER Sample On Mastering Humor From The Program:

Before going on, allow me to give ONE more example and analysis regarding HUMOR with women:

At the same event, Seth MacFarlane also demonstrated
super wit, teasing Whitney as well with the following

“She’s got the body of a crack whore, BUT
she’s got the razor sharp wit of a crack whore.”

So, again, he FIRST says something that is mostly a
compliment, as being SLIM is mostly a COMPLIMENT
in our society, especially with women, and he also
uses the PAUSE to build anticipation when he says
the word “BUT”.

So again, we have the confidence and the use of

The next thing, after his pause, is PERFECT calibration

“But she’s got the razor sharp WIT of a crack whore!”

So it’s PERFECT symmetry, it’s consistent, it’s NOT WHAT WE EXPECT, so we DON’T SEE IT COMING which is what makes it more powerful as a SURPRISE.

And yet, even though it’s a SURPRISE, we

And, because she is in fact CONFIDENT about her
looks and is sharp and witty herself, like most
hot women, there is no big dumb risk of the
comments HURTING her feelings, because
she KNOWS those things said about her are

These particular skills with attracting women
include SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE, so that you
can quickly UNDERSTAND what level of confidence
and self-esteem a woman is at so that you can make
things EXCITING and challenging for her without
HURTING her feelings.

In this special, jam-packed 1-hour audio program, I go into this topic FAR MORE with greater detail and explanation and more examples of how to actually MASTER these skills that make women for you.

Just this part of the program ALONE is worth
ten times the cost of the ENTIRE program.

But there’s MORE, and I mean WAY MORE
to this program as well, as you will see below...

Like ALL my programs, this program is PURE content.
Absolutely no “filler”.
Absolutely no gimmicks.

This audio program is over one hour long, and is PACKED with hard-hitting, CONCRETE STRATEGIES that you can put to use EASILY and IMMEDIATELY to attract women
you see ANYWHERE.

Instead of just having a vague idea of "be confident", you will actually learn the SKILLS to get her MELTING for you.

This program is NOT a rehash of my other programs, it contains TONS and TONS of ALL-NEW material. 

Here are just SOME of the OTHER crucial strategies, insights, and concepts for attracting fantastic women that you will learn from this important audio program: 

The EFFECTIVE Way To "Make Something Happen" 

Most men are trying to “make something happen”
when they see a woman they want to meet. Ironically,
this is the WORST strategy to take, because it puts
far too much pressure on yourself and ruins your

I’ll show you a FAR MORE POWERFUL alternative
that allows you to succeed with something as CASUAL
as, “How are you doing?”

At the same time, this program will show you
MORE SOPHISTICATED ways of capturing
a woman’s interest, but by having this super
easy “back-up” plan in your mind, you will
NEVER miss out another opportunity to
meet any woman you see.

New Strategies For Humor That Swallow Women Up Into Your World And Keep Them Chasing You

I’ll also show you TONS of new powerful insights
for using HUMOR with women in a way that
SWALLOWS WOMEN UP into your “vibe” and
makes them want to STAY in your presence.

What you’ve read about humor in this column
barely scratches the SURFACE of what you
will learn in the actual PROGRAM itself.

What’s especially great about this style of humor
is that you are not only getting a woman laughing,
but you are also simultaneously SHOWING your
POWER, your WIT, and your absolute TOTAL

Remember, in this program, I don’t “tell you” to be
confident or intriguing or humorous or witty or
anything else. Instead, I actually

I need to repeat something: When humor is used
PROPERLY with women, it’s not just effective
for rapport and for starting conversations. It
ALSO is actually massively effective for
ATTRACTING a woman in the most powerful
and primal way, because it SHOWS POWER,
and much MORE.

How To Avoid "Messing Up" When It Comes To Humor

I’ll also show you how to AVOID the mistakes
that most men make when it comes to humor,
because there’s nothing worse than a guy who
is TRYING to be funny but is just coming across
as LAME.    

    How To Use Humor To "Neutralize" Jerks  

Plus, I’ll even show you how to use HUMOR to
effectively NEUTRALIZE anyone who ever tries
to be NASTY to you with a MEAN joke.

This one strategy ALONE is something that is
worth the entire cost of this program, and it
also will convey  your own power and social
intelligence, AND it will simultaneously
attract women as they see you so smoothly
handle jerks in this strategic way.

New, Ultra-Effective Strategies On Quickly SCREENING Women Properly And On Detecting A Woman's Values And Personality

 One of the BIGGEST things that I also focus
on here at “Get A Great Girl” is how to actually
"SCREEN" women for quality, by learning how
to detect a woman's values and personality traits
as quickly as possible so you don’t waste time
on the wrong women.

Well, in this program, you’re going to learn
my most powerful new strategies for "screening"

women and for detecting a woman’s character, 
personality, and values, and how to do this QUICKLY.
Conversation Topics That Are "Ultra-Juicy And Addictive To Women" 

In this program, you are ALSO going to get a
some of my favorite “ULTRA-JUICY” topics that
you can use for opening up conversations with

WARNING: These “ultra-juicy” topics are so
COMPELLING to women that you may find women
WON’T STOP TALKING once you get them started
on these topics!

       Building A Deep Connection With A Woman

These topics are not only the perfect “chick bait”
but they also will allow you the perfect chance to use
these SAME topics to actually BUILD a deep connection!

These topics work GREAT as playful conversation
STARTERS and yet their very nature ALSO is extremely
conducive for leading into more meaningful conversation
that allows you to build a DEEP CONNECTION with
any woman.  

Determine If A Woman Is Likely To Be FAITHFUL Or If She Is The Kind Who Will Likely BETRAY

Included in these conversations are particular topics
that will also allow you to secretly discover very
QUICKLY if she is the kind of woman who will
be LOYAL or who is likely to BETRAY and be

Key New Insights On How To KEEP A Woman Loyal

Plus, in this program, you will ALSO learn valuable
strategies and insights on how to KEEP a woman
loyal to you. Personally, I think this information
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relationship or getting a serious girlfriend.

The Top Ten Traits That Women Who Are Gorgeous Inside And Out Seek In A Man

PLUS, this program will ALSO reveal to you
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In this program, I not only REVEAL these
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How To Get A Woman Who Is Even A Total Stranger Hugging You Within MOMENTS Of Meeting Her!

PLUS, I’ll also show you a NEW way to
get a woman HAPPILY HUGGING you
within MOMENTS of meeting you, and
NONE of this is some kind of “trick”
and NONE of this is some kind of lie
or deception that you tell her.

She will WANT to do this and she will

How To Make A Woman Feel Closer To You In MINUTES, Than Any Other Man She Has Ever Known In Her Life

PLUS, in this program you will also learn a
powerful secret to making a woman feel
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connection to YOU in just MINUTES
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entire LIFE.

on absolutely ENSURING
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DREAM about. 

You are going to use what you learn in this
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