Monday, July 25, 2011

Approaching Women: Clubs Vs. "Daytime" Places

Today, I'm going to share with you a ton of  crucial
points on the differences between meeting women
in clubs and normal everyday places like bookstores
and coffee shops.

The most important distinction to understand is that
bars and clubs are DESIGNED for singles to MEET
each other.

This is really the whole POINT of these places.
It's not some kind of secret or conspiracy.

Women who go out to these places usually WANT
to meet men.

Factor in the alcohol, the music, the atmosphere,
and the fact it's the weekend, and you have a
FANTASTIC opportunity to meet women
VERY easily.

The women are HOPING that men will approach them,
if the men have their basic act together.

So, when you approach a woman, or a group of women,
at a bar or night club, it makes SENSE to go in with
a very fun attitude, with your vocal projection loud
to overpower the music, and it also makes sense
that you can establish a lot more physical contact
as well.


I'm not into the one night stand myself, for a
vast amount of reasons, including the fact
that there is no way to know if a woman is
free of STD's and STI's no matter WHAT
she says, and condoms aren't perfect.

On top of that, there are enough ways to
meet a lot of women, and get to know them
over time, so that you indeed have a huge
pool of women at your fingertips at any
time if this is what you really desire.

And on top of all that, I honestly don't
enjoy getting physical with a woman
if I don't also know she is a really
cool person as well.

I don't like rewarding beauty if it has no character.

But I know that this is still an area that a lot
of men are curious about, or want to know
about, so I'll just answer it right here,
as IGNORANCE is never bliss, and
KNOWING the reality actually makes
people less needy for it:

There is a CERTAIN percentage of women
at a nightclub or bar on any given night, that
indeed ARE looking for a one night stand.

The exact percentage depends on the place
and the time, but let's just give a very rough
estimate of 15%-30% of the women at the
bar or nightclub.

They aren't usually going to have a HUGE
SIGN on their shirt or face that SAYS they
are looking for a one night stand, or that
SAYS they want to go home with some guy
that night, but you can find out pretty fast how
receptive a woman IS to a one night stand or
to go home with you that night, by escalating
to the physical level of kissing and making out
relatively quickly in the pick-up.

And if she isn't up for that, you would be
wise to move on to the NEXT woman
who IS- IF you are into that sort of thing.

Now, even the women who ARE looking for
a one night stand, usually aren't going to just
JUMP into your car or cab the moment you
make it clear that you are up for it.

Not at all.

It's pretty normal even for the women who are
indeed up for a one night stand to basically
slow you down. She might stop the making
out, she might decline the suggestion to
go home with you right then and there-
but at the same time she will make it
clear that she is really into you and
she is not leaving your side.

And to ALL of this, if you just permanently
stop, you will not get anywhere.

Instead, you just chill out with her, then
attempt to escalate again with her a few
minutes later, and see if she is up for it
that time. 

And this process can repeat itself several
times till she is totally up for it and she is
smiling about it and nodding and gesturing
to get with you right then and there.

Also, this physical escalation may not happen
in the actual club.  It might happen when you
both leave the club for a bite to eat, at the
cafe/fallafel/pizza joint, for example.

It might happen as you are walking to your
place, which, if you want a one night stand,
better be close by the club or bar, as driving
for three hours in your car or in a cab makes
it a lot harder for a woman to stay in the state
of mind that is conducive to the one night
stand thing or the same-night sex thing.

The hard-core physical escalation might not
happen till you are both alone in your place
or her place.

But the main thing, if a guy wants to have
sex with a woman the same night he met
her at the club, he is going to have to
escalate and progress the interaction at
every opportunity, since there is no time
to just let the pickup stay in "one stage"
for too long, as there are only so many
hours till the night is over.

So you have to keep progressing the
interaction forward as much as possible
and not STALL out of fear of rejection
at ALL. 

And you have to sense if SHE is into it as well,
so that you are not wasting your time. And if
she IS, you may STILL have to be persistent.
And for the love of humanity, at the very least,
use it PROPERLY.

So that's the women who want to get physical
and want to sleep with a guy on the same night
they met him at the club.


So, from my perspective, the one night stand
thing is a lot of work, for very little reward,
and in fact you are opening yourself up to
a host of potential problems as well.

Plus, like I said, I don't like the idea of
rewarding a woman just because she is
beautiful.  I find it contributes to the
problem of certain women thinking
that they can get by just on their
looks alone.

Plus, you can get to know a lot of QUALITY
women over time, who are attractive and have
the character as well, so that if getting physical is
what you want, you will have plenty of options
at any given moment.  

So, that's where the other women come into context.

Some of the women in the club/bar/lounge/pub
really are there to meet men, but not to
neccessarily go home with them that night.

And in fact, if a guy keeps on trying to
escalate with a woman who clearly is
NOT into that, he rightfully deserves
to get his ass thrown out the door.

There's a lot of women, just like a lot of men,
who want to actually MEET the right person,
and since the regular ways of meeting haven't
worked out, they are trying the clubs avenue.

By and large, in clubs, you don't have to worry
about how to CALIBRATE your OPENING.

You can open up a conversation with almost


Meeting women in "normal" places like bookstores and
coffee shops and even on the city bus or city commuter
train, and right on the street, require MORES calibration
than a club.

So you might be asking, "Then why bother with
"normal" places?"

And the answer is that, unfortunately, usually in the
clubs, the most attractive women tend to be smokers,
drinkers, and wannabe actresses/singers/dancers.

Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be
an actress, singer, or dancer.  And a drink now
and then can be healthy.

HOWEVER, it's not a COINCIDENCE that
so often, the ATTRACTIVE girls decide they
want to become actresses, etc.

It seems to them to be the "easy way" to get
by and to get what they want in life.

"I'm hot, so therefore I will leverage THAT
and will not bother with hard work, developing
my mind, developing my character."

Now, obviously, there ARE some really hard
working actresses who are massively talented,
like Meryl Streep.  But I can assure you that
most of the wannabe actresses at clubs who
are smoking it up and drinking it up and dressing
to the nines aren't USUALLY going to be
"girlfriend" material.

Seriously, a lot of these women WILL sleep with
any guy who can get them ahead, and will cheat
on any guy at the slightest chance of hooking up
with some other guy who they think will get
them ahead.

I also left one other reason why some women

So, meeting these women, is very different from
meeting women who have potential to be an actual

Now, this doesn't mean that all the women you
meet in the REGULAR places in life are going
to have great potential for being a girlfriend.

It just means that the fantastic women who ARE
great girlfriend potential have to get out and about
and do all the things that everyone has to do,
like getting groceries, going shopping, getting
a Starbucks, and enjoying the weather.

In addition, the attractive women who also have
the OTHER quality traits of CHARACTER tend
to not be too addicted to the clubs, because
they already KNOW that clubs tend to bring
out the wrong guys to them, and these women
certainly don't need to go to clubs in order
to get ATTENTION from men.

They get plenty of attention ANYWHERE they
go anyway, so the last thing they need to do
is spend the night in a place full of guys who
are drunk and who think they have a license
to now do anything they want.

This is why, I think clubs might be a good place
to PRACTICE for beginners, but the "real world"
is the better place to actually meet the kinds of
women that are the "total package".

And, getting back to my original point, meeting women
in regular places requires MORE CALIBRATION
of your skills.

For example, if a woman is reading a book in the
aisles of a bookstore, and you just go right up
to her head-on, without warning, you will often
catch her off-guard in a way that is NOT cool
and will seem a little creepy.

However, if you first establish your presence there
so she can see you with her peripheral vision,
and you allow a moment or two for her
subconscious or her conscious mind to
detect that you are there, and THEN
you approach her, this is much wiser.

Also, you would be wise to GRADUALLY
build up the proximity and the body language,
and this is NOT because you are trying to
play a "game" on women, but because it
could CREEP her out if you come on too
strong in an environment that is not ESPECIALLY
about socializing.  It's a bookstore, not a club.

So, for example, you might be facing the books
yourself, and she would be to your side.

And rather than turning your whole body to
face her, you would just turn your face toward
her.  Your chest and the rest of your body
would still be facing the stacks of books.

When you start talking to her, she will turn
to see you, and subconsciously she will
feel that you are not some wierdo who
spends his whole day just barging up
on women everywhere.

On top of this, you also want to make your
approach and interaction as LOW-KEY as
possible.  And what I mean by this, is that
you want to ELIMINATE anything from
the interaction that can make it seem in
any way NOT NORMAL.

So, you should be acting as if what you are
doing is the most NORMAL thing in the
world.  If you overcompensate for nerves
with talking too quietly (because you
don't want anyone to hear you do
this 'pick-up') or if you speak too loudly
because you are overcompensating out
of the fear of not seeming manly enough,
all that will do is make it all seem

If you come into the conversation with
too much of a party attitude, that will
seem out of place as well.

You have to not only calibrate for your environment,
(i.e. a bookstore being quiet and calm, versus
meeting on a loud train) but you have to also calibrate
your "pick-up" around the fact that this is NOT a club,
this is NOT a place designed for meeting.

So since she is not particularly expecting to be
approached at the bookstore, her GUARD is
a bit more on.

At the same time, however, if you DO calibrate
properly and you don't trip her "CREEPY GUY
WARNING ALARMS", well then now you
actually have a much STRONGER chance of
actually getting this woman than you would
at a club, because of the very fact that meeting
at a club is EASIER, and women may be
much more OPEN to chatting, but not
neccessarily that much more open to

Things balance out:
In a club, because it's normal to socialize there,
women will be OPEN to chatting.

However, they also give you LESS credit for
the mere fact you approached them to chat,
because that's what all the guys are doing
in the club. 

Mind you, most of the guys in the club are doing
it wrong, but most of them ARE trying to meet
women there.

So there's a bit of "inflation" when it comes to
making the approach in a club.  In a club,
you better do a REAL GOOD JOB because
there's a lot of guys doing the clubs.

Getting back to the bookstore example, you
would only turn to actually FACE her fully
once SHE is really facing you fully first.

This way, she feels more COMFORTABLE
and NOT creeped out by you, since you
are NOT coming on strong, and are thus
NOT putting her under any pressure.

By removing the pressure, you remove the
need for her to have to RESIST your
interaction with her.

In both cases though, whether you meet
a club or in a bookstore or cafe or anywhere
else that is "normal", it's crucial that you
LISTEN to whatever she says in her
response to what you said.

THIS gives you something to PING-PONG
off of, and to reply back to her based on
what SHE said.

By focusing on the PROCESS, and by
LISTENING to her, you become more
RELAXED plus you get to actually
get more INSIGHT into who she is,
so you can have better communication
with her.

And ultimately, the highest compliment
you can give a woman is when you
really understand her and you can
QUALIFY her for a particular character
trait or accomplishment of hers.

So if for example, she is courageous to
go into a field that is dominated by men,
or she is working on making the world
a better place, or even if she is just
the kind of person that is at peace with
herself and the world, all these things
are cool things to compliment her on-
IF you can back it up with evidence
based on what you have learned
about her.


A lot of guys want to know what's better,
to use a "canned" memorized opener to
start the conversation, or to just actually
find something SITUATIONAL, i.e.
about the SITUATION, the context
of the situation, i.e. if she is in the bookstore
reading in the international relations and
politics section, and you comment to her
how unusual it is to find a woman in
this section.

The truth is that it IS better to use a SPONTANEOUS
conversation starter that is about the SITUATION,
i.e. something she is doing, or something else
about her or even about the immediate environment
around her, this is always better because it
shows you are not using the same line on
every woman you meet.

Plus, because it IS real about the situation, you
actually WILL sound congruent to it, you won't
sound like a liar because you aren't lying.

Now, at the same time, I realize that sometimes
the act of approaching a woman who is a stranger

So, it's FINE to use something MEMORIZED.
Use a real true story that actually happened to
you, something interesting and hopefully upbeat,
or at least intriguing, to tell her, and then comment
on whatever SHE says as her REACTION to your

This gets the ball rolling in the right direction,
and you can playfully tease her on anything
she says back to you.

Just make sure to STOP the memorized speech
as soon as possible in the interaction.  Once she
is commenting on it to you, you really have the
conversation started and you don't really need
it anymore.

Plus, you will see as you go along that if you
keep on approaching women, using the
memorized story, you will be so calm
because you already KNOW what to
say to get things started, that you now
will finally be in the state of mind to
"SITUATIONAL" openers that you
could use instead as your conversation


Obviously, what you SAY does matter to a
degree. If it's interesting, captivating, etc.

But HOW you say it matters a TON.

Now, I'm especially talking about the very
OPENER, as once you are both in a deep
conversation, then you naturally tend to
speak about things in the right tonality
since you are so comfortable.

But the OPENER is a different story.
It's just an OPENER, so what you are
REALLY trying to get across is that
there is POTENTIAL here.

The most important things, therefore, are that
you are not a creep, that you are confident,
that you are in a good state of mind, that
you are masculine, that you are playful,

So, technically, you can EASILY get away
with even the supposedly "nice-guy" words
of "you are beautiful", if your voice tonality
suggested that you were stating this as a
matter of FACT rather than as a DESPERATE
you said those words.

In fact, you can say the words "you are
beautiful" in such a way to show flirtyness,
a sense of playfulness, confidence, and
even dominance. Dominance, because
you can say the words in such a way
that it is implied that because YOU
said the words, YOU feel that it is
it comes from YOU, a person of

Tonality is a MAJOR influencing factor,
and in fact, the use of tonality can allow
you to say something very HONEST
and even "nice" and make you NOT
come across as "needy" but rather
as a man who is CONFIDENT,
who is GENUINE, and who she
can let her own guard down with,
and she can let such a man IN.

Now, what you've just read, as detailed
as it is, is just the TIP of the ICEBERG.

I want to show you how to do all this MASTERFULLY,
by coaching you IN PERSON, in real time, on real women.

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I would have given ANYTHING to learn these
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ALL that came from NOT knowing the MASSIVE
ABUNDANCE of women that can be at one's fingertips,
if he just masters the SKILLS of how to meet and
attract women.

I was coming from a scarcity mentality, that really
DISTORTS not only one's emotions and perspectives,
but really RUINS one's life.

It's time to STOP the wasted energy, the wasted
time, the wasted emotions, and time to start getting
the ABUNDANCE with women into your life.

What's amazing also, is that once this area of your
life is taken care of, you tend to suddenly also
improve all your OTHER areas as well, because
now that you have broken through this barrier,
it makes you so confident that you know you
can take on the WORLD and that you will WIN.

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Michael Marks

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Monday, July 18, 2011

The 7 Secrets To Approaching Women

Approaching women seems tough, but
it doesn't have to be. What I'm going to
do here is share the most important
7 SECRETS with you for approaching
women. Screwing these up are the 7
most common causes for not attracting
a woman upon approaching her.

So, here are the 7 most common devastating
mistakes, as well as the RIGHT things to
do instead.


So, let's say you are already approaching
women and starting conversations, you
might notice that women will just be

You aren't seeing their eyes light up.

Keep in mind that this woman has no idea
who you are, she has no idea that you have
gone through a lot in this life, that you are
not only a good person, but a pretty cool
person as well. She knows NOTHING
about you.

And you can't start listing your resume there.
So the ONLY thing SHE can judge you on here
is the conversation she's having with you and
how it FEELS to her.

So, you have to get her into "FEELING" state
pretty darn fast.

Now, you do NOT want to overcompensate
with becoming a CLOWN or PERFORMER.
You should start the conversation with something
low-key, like if you were at a card store and you
were commenting on the choice of card she is
holding, i.e. a father's day card, and telling her
she must have a close relationship with her dad
to buy such a card, etc.

THEN however you want to UP the ante pretty
fast, to BUILD from there. You want to get
her FEELING damn good. So you might go
from there into something that is either very
INTERESTING, or something is very funny,
or something that truly raises her self-esteem
and makes her feel better about herself, you
can CHOOSE whatever fits best for your

So, for example, giving the example of the
woman at the card store, you can go humorous
by telling her that she's just trying to butter
up her dad so he can buy her a Jaguar, or
you can go into the "intriguing" and genuinely
meaningful compliment that raises her self-esteem
by speaking about how girls who get along well
with their dads tend to be the girls who have less
drama issues- and this would PROMPT a
response from her that was a lot more involved
on her part- it wouldn't just be her trying to
get rid of you, since now she is actually engaged
in something meaningful to her.

Also, you could COMBINE the above, and go
from humorous/funny, to the more serious and
intriguing and raising self-esteem style conversation.
COMBINING emotions is actually a VERY
powerful thing, - imagine if you get a woman
laughing, then feeling intrigued, and then feeling
better about herself, all within a span of just
a few MINUTES. You are going to be
MEMORABLE. You are going to be the
guy she wants to CALL, and all the other
guys that just ogled her or said trivial stuff
to her will not even be REMEMBERED.

If you aren't getting the conversation into
the right EMOTIONAL ZONE very
QUICKLY, it's no surprise that your
interactions aren't amounting to any


This is a huge one. Most guys are trying
so hard to show they are not interested,
because they are told by the "dating gurus"
and pick up artists that this will make the
woman more interested- so the guys end
up standing way too far from the women,
and talking from too much of a distance,
and the guys try to also avoid ANY type
of comment that might sound like they
are interested.

The truth is that although you shouldn't
give compliments for the sake of compliments,
you SHOULD reward a woman for the things
that she really EARNED.

The KEYWORD here though is EARNED.
If you give compliments or if you seek
rapport for things she didn't EARN,
you are behaving as an underling,
a needy desperate guy.

HOWEVER, once she has EARNED it,
it's an entirely different matter.

So if she is telling you things that you really
find worthy of respect or interest, well then
you actually MUST show and tell her this,
because it is actually a way of letting her know
that she stands OUT from the rest, that she is
NOT just another woman, that you are NOT
just looking at her from a superficial point
of view.


This is something that is a MAJOR factor
in screwing up attraction.

This often stems from not being present
in the moment, and being too caught up
in trying to achieve a certain outcome.
This pressure to achieve a certain outcome
is like a constant ALARM blaring in your
ear that prevents you from actually listening
properly and from FEELING what a woman
is actually feeling and trying to convey to you.

A lot of communication, in fact most of it,
is not in the words themselves, so if you are
ONLY listening to a woman's words, then
you are often missing the point.

Here's a helpful hint- most of the time,
a woman is just trying to feel good, like
all humans do. So rather than focusing
on how you can show off how smart
you are, instead think about how you

If she is talking about something a bit sad,
i.e. some tragedy or war, then don't show
off how much you know about that issue,
rather you should create RAPPORT to make
her feel understood, and then gently LEAD
the conversation to somewhere more

Look for the bright side of things, and
the reality is that if not for negative things,
there would BE no positive side, so if the
conversation is not going down the right
track, it's just another OPPORTUNITY
for you to create AWESOME emotions
where they didn't exist before, and that
makes you even cooler than every
other guy who couldn't do that.

A woman will not remember the details of
the conversation, she will only remember
how she FELT during it. So make it feel

Listen when she is speaking, listen for what
is the EMOTIONAL crux of what she is
saying, don't just be thinking of how you
can be the most cool guy to show how
you can give the most clever response.
The most clever response is the response
that simply FEELS good. You'll get
farther by NOT showing off then you
would by showing how clever and
"cool" you are. Don't put yourself
down of course, just don't make it
all about YOU. And that's how
she will remember YOU.


An interaction has natural stages,
you start off low key, you build
up steam and connect to each other,
and then you have to get her contact

Out of fear, most guys will just stay
in whatever stage they are in, because
it feels good to not be rejected- however,
if you don't PROGRESS the interaction
to getting her number, and from getting
her number, to getting the date, to
getting physical, to relationship, etc,
etc, then what is the point?

So often, guys will open up a conversation
with something low key, and the women
will be receptive, but then the guys
STAY in that zone the entire time
because it feels good to get that
validation and they don't want to risk
LOSING that sense of validation.

Which brings me to the motto:
"He who dares, wins."



If you are trying to meet a woman, then it's
CRUCIAL that she understands that there is
a sexual tension to the interaction.

So, the key to being more flirty and sexual
is being more PLAYFUL in your interaction,
combined with having a bit of a mischievous
glint in your eye.


This is a HUGE one. We all fear not being
accepted, because of whatever it is we are
insecure about. So what do we do? We
OVERCOMPENSATE for that insecurity,
and we don't even realize it. It usually
comes across as either being insecure
or what is worse, as being a JERK.

If you start a conversation by trying to
protect yourself against your fear, usually
it will work AGAINST you.

So, for example, let's say you are insecure
about how much money you earn. Well,
if you very early in a conversation said
something like "superficial things are so
over-rated, I would never be caught working
for a big corporation". If you're bald, if
you're short, if you're ANYTHING you
are insecure about- the reality is that it's
NOT an issue but if you START with
"hi, my name is Mac, would you date
a short guy?" then you clearly are showing
that this is a major obsession or fear.

Same with "Hi, I work for minimum wage,
but I LOVE my job" that also shows that
you are obsessed with the money issue since
it's the first thing you brought up.

Just be comfortable in your own skin, and
don't bring up the issue at all. There's
a lot more to you than you think, a lot
more to you than the things you are
insecure about.

This rule also applies for not trying to
explain anything about yourself or situation
that you think is not cool- so if you are renting
a car because your regular better car is at the
shop, don't say "this is just a rental- I have
a better car" just DON'T BRING IT UP,
otherwise it comes across as you feeling
inferior worth compared to what you
feel her worth is.

And when YOU feel your worth is low,
that is the ultimate litmus test to a woman
of your worth. YOU are the one who
has to know what you're worth. If you
don't feel it, how can she?


Now, the problem with this is that it is
the behavior of someone who feels that
he is going to get rejected.

So, if you just approached a woman, don't
start telling her within 30 seconds "man,
I'm so tired, I just got in from LA" or
"I'm so tired, I was up all night with
my agent on the phone closing a deal"
etc, etc.

It's OBVIOUS to her that you are throwing
around the words "LA" "AGENT" "closing
the deal", etc.

Well, those are 7 SUPER IMPORTANT
tips that you can now go out and apply
IMMEDIATELY, and you will notice
a MASSIVE difference, TODAY.

And yet, this cool info you just learned
is the proverbial TIP of the ICEBERG
of the REST of what I would love to
show you!

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Michael Marks

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Make Yourself Her Addiction

The truth is that if you want to attract
a woman, you have to be generating
an EMOTIONAL response from her.

an emotional stimulus, like an
addictive sound to music:

Emotions are addictive, that's a fact.
The human brain is hardwired to only
RESPOND to things that get it into

A lot of guys and supposed “experts”
oversimplify the real answer, they say
“be a jerk” or “kiss up” or “be normal”,
and all these things don’t work, especially
not with a woman who has many choices.

In fact, she’s probably met a LOT of that
already, so she’s DESENSITIZED to it.
She’s already seen a lot of jerks, she’s
already seen a lot of nice guys, and a lot
of normal guys. All no big deal to her.

This is similar to how rare it is to actually
go to a MOVIE that is truly COOL.

It has to be ORIGINAL.
It has to make you THINK.
It has to have moments of FUNNY.

And it has to all feel REAL, it can’t

So let me give you some tips on how to
ACCOMPLISH all this with a woman
you spot ANYWHERE out of the blue. 

When you first approach a woman, who
is a total stranger, and it’s not a club or
a party, the reality is that if she senses
you’re about to try to “pick her up”,
she may AUTOMATICALLY engage
her DEFENSES, since there are so
many creepy guys out there, and she
has no idea that you are different.

So, if you begin with anything less than
the demeanor of TOTAL AUTHORITY,
you will be VAPORIZED before you even

So, you must take on an air of authority, in 
your thoughts, mental headspace, body 
language, tonality, and even the words that
you use.

Your TONALITY is even more important
than the words, so for example if you DO
start with the words “Excuse me”, which I
don’t recommend, but if you DO, at least
make sure that your VOCAL TONALITY
is not suggesting an “excuse me” MENTALITY.

Remember, if you come across as giving her
a REASON to doubt you, in this kind of situation,
she WILL, because she’s been programmed by
social conditioning to be weary of guys, especially
if she is very attractive and has had a lot of this
happen to her before.


What I mean by this, is that you must decide to
chat with her about something that is likely SHE
will be interested in, and that YOU are interested
in as well.

And keep in mind, make sure this is a topic you are
an AUTHORITY on, or at least something you have
spent a lot of time researching or thinking about.

This way, you avoid coming across as sounding
FAKE or CONTRIVED. (Remember the problem
with movies that feel fake? It makes it impossible
to enjoy the film, because you can’t get yourself
to suspend your disbelief.)

Also, by being an AUTHORITY on something
that is INTERESTING or IMPORTANT to her,
you also INCREASE your STATUS.

This is a bit how if you might remember being
a kid, you automatically had a certain SENSE
that the MATH TEACHER was important,
because “math COUNTS”.

There’s a transfer of EMOTION from the
SUBJECT being discussed to the actual

Now, when it comes to meeting women,
you want to do the same thing, and that
is transfer as much emotional “STATUS”
leverage as possible to YOURSELF
from your authority on the topic of

So, for example, let’s say you see a woman
at a bookstore, or library, or almost anywhere,
and you are interested in human relationships,
romantic relationships, psychology, etc.

So you decide to go up to her and offer her
a genuine compliment, i.e. you see her reading
and you say:

“Hi, I was wondering about something, and
you seem like someone who is informed, who
reads, maybe articulate and intelligent?”


And you give a bit of a confident smirk, allowing
her a chance to RESPOND as you PAUSE.

This is IMPORTANT, allow her a chance
to actually RESPOND, so that you do NOT
come across as some rehearsed pick-up artist
who just has a memorized routine to say.

That’s again, part of the reason I say to choose
a topic that is mutually interesting and relevant.

Also, by PAUSING, and allowing her to respond,
you ensure that her brain is actually involved in
participating and engaging you.

So she might say “Thanks, yes, I like to think that I am…”

And you might continue with something like:

“Yes, I was wondering what you think the
most important thing IS in relationships???”

Now, do NOT pause at THIS point, because
the whole point here is to actually say something
INTERESTING rather than to be TAKING
from her before you GIVE.

And to really expect her to WANT to give
you any form of giving, including her opinion,
it makes WAY more sense to FIRST BE THE

So continue with:

“Everyone SEEMS to say the same thing when
it comes to relationships. You know, like everyone
seems to say HONESTY, TRUST, all that stuff.

But still, everyone seems to be screwing up.

So it can’t be because no one KNOWS what’s
important, right? It seems everyone says all
the right things, which proves they do know.

So what do you think the real issue is?”

So NOW, she might actually be ENGAGED in
this, because it’s actually interesting.

She might say something like this:

“Yeah, I would say, trust, attraction,

And then you would say something back like:

“Yeah, see that’s what I mean, that makes sense,
and people seem to all understand that, but still,
it seems most people keep screwing up, what
do you think it is?”

Now, at THIS point, you’re TRULY IN A
CONVERSATION, not just a polite “Hello
and goodbye.”

She might say back to you something like:

“Hmmm, maybe it’s because we tend to blame
the other person, rather than see what’s inside

Now, if she said something like THIS to you,
by the way, that would be really COOL, as it
would be showing you some of the signs of a true
QUALITY woman, which is humility and kindness.

And as you know, I'm THE guy who has been
concerned with helping guys find and DETECT
a quality woman ever since I first started
out, so this happens to be a particularly
effective way for also finding out if
a woman has the character you are seeking
as well.

In other words, if she has nothing to offer
on a topic like this, you can WEED HER OUT
this way as well!


And NOW, if she had a meaningful reply,
you can give her a more powerful and also
more genuine COMPLIMENT now, as she has
truly earned it, telling her that she really
seems to have the insight and the emotional
intelligence that’s extremely rare in our society.

What’s awesome here is that in this example
you have also demonstrated that YOU are
an authority on this as well, and that you
care about these things, and if you ALSO
are using the right tonality, and you dress
with some style, you are packing a pretty
powerful attractive punch.

And remember, this is all in the span of just
a few MOMENTS, so that’s pretty damn
awesome of a total stranger and you’re
looking pretty good now in her books.

At this point, it would be a pretty smooth
transition to getting her number, possibly
getting the instant date right then and there
if there is a coffee shop nearby, and if this
was at a party, you could easily now hang
out with her and vibe and chill out with
her and easily that could turn into some
wonderful intimacy on every level very
- emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Now, I gave this as an EXAMPLE because
I know that it’s sometimes hard to see concepts
only in abstract terms, but if this example is
not your personality, then definitely do not
use it. I have given tons of other examples
in the past, from commenting on the choice
of birthday card a woman is getting for her dad
in the card store, to seeing a woman filling
up her car at the gas station.

There’s a MILLION OPTIONS that you can
create especially for yourself once you have
these SKILLS and INSIGHTS that I teach
down solid.

The example above, of course, is pretty damn
solid and extremely realistic in the real world.

The keys are to choose a topic that is relevant
to the situation, that are mutually interesting
and compelling, and that you are an authority
on or that you at least have spent time researching
or that you at the VERY LEAST are genuinely
passionate about or interested in.

And to DELIVER this all with AUTHORITY
in your tonality as well, because you have to
realize that if a woman is attractive, she’s
ESPECIALLY conditioned to have her guard
up against most guys. She can’t afford to
screw up, especially not after she’s already
most likely made some mistakes with guys
in the past.

The other thing to remember is to actually

So you’re not really wanting her to give
her opinion right away before you have
contributed cool emotions to the situation
with your own thoughts first.

The initial pause is not to get her opinion,
it’s to make sure you are not coming across
like a desperate salesman.

Now, what you have read, as powerful as
it is, is just the BEGINNING.

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euphoria to intrigue to laughter and much MUCH

The reality is that EMOTIONS ARE ADDICTIVE,
so the MORE awesome emotions you SPARK in her,
the MORE addicted to you she will become.

That’s pure SCIENCE. Emotions ARE addictive.
You must become the most COMPELLING and
ADDICTIVE thing that’s “on” in her world.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Is The "Real World Bootcamp"?

The Real World Bootcamp is not a magic pill. It's non stop IMMERSION in the world of approaching women who are total strangers, with a very special twist: You're getting expert coaching, the result of over ten years experience, every step of the way. 

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The bootcamp makes you self-sufficient because it teaches you exactly what you need to do to optimize your approaches to women who are complete strangers, anywhere, so that you can maximise the chances of getting them attracted, connected, and wanting to know you more.

In 2 days, will you get the same results as a man who has been practicing after expert instruction for ten years? Ummm, no, but then again anyone who tells you otherwise probably is just looking to take your money. However, what you WILL have in common with the man who has practiced for ten years, is that you will finally know EXACTLY what to DO at every stage of the interaction, similar to how personal training in the gym shows you proper TECHNIQUE for all the different exercises.

So you might not be lifting a thousand pounds on your first workout, but because of the expert personal training, you now KNOW exactly what to do, PROPERLY, in order to get stronger. With continued PRACTICE, you will then be able to lift very heavy weights. WithOUT the expert instruction, one will never optimize their results, and will also likely get injured and then not be able to work out at all, possibly for years.

Just going out to the gym with no clue what you are doing can result in not only very little to no progress, but can actually result in making a guy WORSE OFF than had he never gone to the gym at all.

Similarly, going out to approach women without expert training can result in a lot of negative habits that actually push women AWAY, plus it can create negative emotional associations in your OWN mind with approaching, to the point that a guy never does it again, and misses out on the entire world of possibilities with all the women that are out there, all the women that he does not get to meet through rare "luck" situations.

This bootcamp teaches you how to open up thousands of opportunities that are available everyday with women if you have the training and the practice that you follow up the training with.

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Michael Marks

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How To Flirt And Tease Women EFFECTIVELY!

Effectively "teasing" a woman is one of the areas
of attraction that is most misunderstood and abused.

When done right, it's a great form of verbal sexual flirting
which helps lead the way for things to get physically sexual.

The sexual nature of it does not have to be OVERT,
it does not have to be GRAPHIC, it's the flirtatious
fun/playful/challenging vibes that are sexual.

But here's the problem where most guys go wrong:
A lot of people think that the tease is about saying
something slightly derogatory or slightly diminishing
to the woman's status.

i.e. A lot of guys think that teasing a woman in a way
that strikes attraction might be a comment like:

"You could never get me"'.

Listen, if a woman is SIZZLING GORGEOUS  HOT,
then the reality is that she knows MOST LIKELY

So a comment like the one above, rather than making
the woman feel "challenged", or making the woman
think that the guy is somehow "out of her league"
would ACTUALLY just draw MORE attention
to how the guy must REALLY feel that indeed
it is HE who feels so out of HER league, that
he felt the need to SAY this ridiculous comment.

And so, this actually ends up DIMINISHING
not the woman's status, but the GUY'S status.

Instead, what IS effective is saying something
to her that isn't such a massive jump from the
truth, but is still clearly a joke.

For example, interpreting something a woman
says or does in a way that serves as a compliment
to you, or even a mutual compliment.

i.e. If a woman makes eye contact with you,
and you return it, and you say to her,
"How did you get such good taste in men?"

You're saying something COOL about yourself, that is
actually not some kind of ridiculous statement, and is not
putting HER down, but puts YOU AAAAAAND HER up!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Learn To Attract Women By SEEING It LIVE

If you've been following my materials
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Well, there's only one thing even
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Learning through EXPERIENCING it all
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FASTEST speed.

This is because I am right there with you,
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Much like a driving instructor, I am right
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You are in the hands of someone who has
over EIGHT YEARS EXPERIENCE teaching men
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I've been doing this on my OWN for well
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That's eight years of making sure that
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My bootcamp work has been documented by
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I want to make one thing perfectly clear:
The field of human self-improvement is
truly about getting the EDGE.

When a great sprinter shaves off a
MILLISECOND from his race, that's
often the difference between

When a weightlifter adds 1 kilogram to his
lift, THAT is often the difference between

In science, sometimes DECADES go by, until
ONE last piece of research comes in, and
CHANGES everything. The light bulb was
USELESS, even though 99% of it was already
invented, until someone came up with the

My point is this: BOOTCAMP is not someplace
where I'm going to tell you the obvious
things that you already know.

BOOTCAMP is the place where you are going
to gain the EDGE.

And just like a great athlete TRAINS like
crazy to get that BIT of an edge, which
makes ALL the difference in the world
in his RESULTS, so too, the DIFFERENCE
between YOU and every OTHER guy only
needs to be SLIGHT, for you to WIN
with the women you want and for
the other guys to come in LAST.


And this is the BIG BUT!

It WILL take INTENSE training.
You will have a lot of FUN, but it will
also be INTENSE.

This is not for guys who just want
to be passive.

Come to bootcamp, and I will make sure
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Michael Marks

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Michael Marks

Sunday, July 3, 2011

How A "No Club" Dude Gets The Girl!


Hey Michael,

Just thought I should send you a message,
something interesting happened to me
two nights ago (Friday night). A friend
of mine was having a birthday party at
a club. He’s a decent guy, but I’m not
into the “clubbing” thing, and yet birthdays
are only once a year, and I figured it would
be rude not to attend.

The other thing is that after getting your
Warrior Within materials about a week ago,
I figured this might be a chance to practice,
even though you’ve made it pretty clear that
clubs aren’t usually the best place to find
a compatible great girl, especially if a guy
is not into drinking.

I don’t do clubs so I don’t have any “club gear”,
so for this party I figured I’d hit the mall and jazz
up the wardrobe a bit.

Without giving you a speech, I’ll just say that it
was a black, felt-like material for my shirt,
with a small blue embroidered design on the left
chest area, and one very thin, metallic-silvery stripe
that stretched down each sleeve. I saw it in the store
and knew this would rock.

By the way, this was the fourth store I went to,
the first three just didn’t have anything that
measured up!

Coupled it up with a pair of black jeans, an emblem
stylized buckled belt, and a pair of low cut black
boots. (All from separate stores!)

Now, at the store, trying them on, I honestly felt
that this was somehow morally wrong.

I know this sounds crazy, but I actually felt,
exactly like what the “hidden” guy describes
in your Warrior Within seminar. Remember
how you were both explaining how we as
humans begin to associate certain status with
certain ways of dressing, and that we actually
feel that we are not allowed to change groups,
to move up in status?

Well that’s how I felt, when I was trying
on these cool clothes. I felt like if I did
wear these, someone would come over
and say “Who do you think you are?
Don’t you realize you are not part of
the cool crowd? Go back where you
come from!”

The thing is, that I actually really loved
these new clothes! I just figured that I
wasn’t “cool” enough to wear them.
I have nothing in common with the
people who tend to usually wear the
‘cool’ clothing.

Mike, if it wasn’t for your coaching, I
would have never forced myself to
go along with all this.

So, there I am next, walking up to the
club, feeling like probably everyone
is saying “that guy is a faker, that guy
doesn’t belong with the cool people”.

This is also where your teachings on
“it’s okay to be freaked out” came in!

I just continued right on, feeling all
the anxieties and accepting it all, and
not trying to force myself to feel
all perfect before taking action- because
that perfect feeling will never come,
and thanks to you, I’m not waiting
around for it, I’m taking action now.

So there I am, inside the club, saying
happy birthday to the dude, hi to a few
friends, and then I noticed something.

*Girls were checking me out!*

This does not usually happen to me.
I’m not a bad looking guy, but I’m no model.

Could this Michael dude really have known
this was going to happen???

I felt very weird in the club, as I don’t drink,
and I don’t tend to fit the typical lifestyle of
the girls who tend to live the club life-you
know what I mean –the tanning, the drinking,
the smoking, the partying, the sleeping around,

But I remembered what you said, and that
the greatest form of ‘social proof’ begins
with the self- that I must claim my own
value and take every action forth that is
consistent with one who believes in their
value, even if I felt anxiety about it.

So I was at the bar, getting a juice,
when I hear this distinctly feminine

“I love your shirt!”

Was somebody talking to me?

I turn around and I see this physically perfect
little package of feminine gorgeousness has
stepped in beside me.

She was about 5”4 blond with brown
highlights and green eyes, wearing
a blue short dress, and what looked
like diamond studded heels.

Probably 24-25 years old.

Let me tell you what went through my mind:
*&^%! (I know you’ll have to censor that.)

This chick was hotter than anything I’ve
seen in months!

Here’s what I wanted to do, Michael:

I wanted to melt like butter and I
wanted to say nothing, just freaking
stand there and just take in all her
beauty and I would have been pretty
happy with that.

Seriously, it was that intense of an experience.

Pathetic? Maybe. True? Completely.

Still though, your words from the seminar echoed
in my mind:

“How nice is it really for me to be feeling this way?”

These feelings are all about me taking, I would
not be feeling this way if I felt I could give value.

And more importantly, I wasn’t thinking about
how to give.

And how just as I am enjoying her, she would probably
enjoy this interaction if I would live up to who I know
I can be.

So rather than melt, I instead became less selfish.

Rather than jumping for joy like a little boy,
I stayed pretty calm, partially because I
already knew that most of these girls would
have very little in common with me, and
are probably not what I’m looking for.

Rather than gushing at the compliment, I just
said “Thanks, and I know that’s not a line
you say to all the men”.

I’m not sure what came over me, with that
remark, as it was a cross between sarcasm
and the truth. I meant the thanks, but I
also figured to myself that yes the shirt
was cool, but that also this girl is so
beautiful that anything she says at first
is enough to bowl over most men,
and so I honestly was curious if she
was just drunk and playing around
or whether she really wanted to chat.

So there was a bit of sarcasm in my voice,
as if maybe indeed she did say that to all
the guys.

This turned out to be a great move, because
she immediately poked her finger into my
chest, smiling but a bit surprised, saying
“No, I don’t say that to all the guys!”

You know Michael, this got me thinking,
that it seems to me that maybe it’s a rare
thing for any man to challenge any beautiful
woman, because this woman really seemed
to react to my statement as if no man has
ever questioned her before.

And then I remembered that just a few
seconds before, I myself wanted to melt
like butter, and that’s with having your

So I can see how most men, it’s sheer biology,
the reaction the power of having a beautiful
woman right in your face.

And that’s the thing, Michael, this woman
being right in my face now, I could drink
in the flowery scent of her perfume, I
could just see her in my mind completely
naked, and again, for a second, there was
that old guilt as if I was doing something

But I pushed on, remembering your coaching
and remembering that these women WANT
me to see them otherwise they wouldn’t
‘dress to impress’ in a public place!

Then, I actually verbalized what was on my mind,
as I leaned into her and said something like:

“I have to tell you something- to be perfectly
honest with you, I’m not really into the club
scene! I’m here for a party!”

She responded with something like “It’s
interesting you say that, because I’m not
really a club girl!”

Now, this got a bit of a rise out of me,
because I was being honest, and just
wanted her to know that I’m not looking
for the old “shag for the night” thing,
but then it clicked that all I ended up
doing by this was actually “disqualifying”
her, by making her think that I thought
that she must be a club girl, and that
because I am not a club guy, she is
not right for me.

So this just raised the level of the challenge,
right Michael?

Now she was more into me, and trying to
tell me how she doesn’t take most guys
who she meets at clubs seriously, which
is why she rarely goes to clubs, but that
her friend from out of town came in and
there was nothing else to do that night.

I’m thinking to myself, that at this point,
just having a great conversation with
a gorgeous creature like this, is already
way better than sitting at home watching

And because I was already feeling like I
was “ahead” because of that, now my mood
really was picking up, because I was enjoying
myself and the enjoying the social stimulation
with this woman.

So then I playfully took her hands, and pulled
her into me, close. I said to her “You know,
if you’re trying to get my attention with all
this high class talk, it might be working.”

She goes, “Might?????”

So I told her “Well, I need to know what
you’re like!”

So then she pulls the final card up her sleeve,
Er, skirt, er, panties, er, you know what I mean:

She turns around, her back to me, and
then turns her face toward me and gives
this sultry look, as if she is about to get
all erotic.

Man, if it was not for your teachings,
I would have screwed this up so bad.

I would have totally gone for this, thinking
this is my open door.

But I knew what was really going on,
I knew that if I went for this, that if
she was the kind of woman that I
really do want, she would get turned
off immediately.

Thanks to you, I realized that this was
actually a built-in habit that a lot of
attractive women exhibit when they
sense that a man is not under their
control, especially a man that they
actually want.

So I just motioned “no” with my head,
and gave her the “come hither gesture”
that she should come over to me.

In a playful, but genuine voice, I told her:
“I’m sure that works with every other guy,
but no, with me, I really do want to know
what you’re like. I want to know what
will happen after the bed stuff.”

We ended up chatting for a good half-hour!
This letter would take too much time for
me to explain all the ways I connected to
her and vice versa, using your materials,
but I can tell you that the more she spoke,
the more I learned about her, and the more
I could connect to her and speak to her
about the things that matter to us.

I learned a ton about her, and indeed this
woman seems like she’s got a lot of
important traits that I am looking for
in a woman, besides the superficial.

And then, I took her to a sofa to sit down,
and held her hands as I looked deep in
her eyes, just like a good soap opera,
but I already knew it was on between us,
and we did some serious good old
fashioned kissing and making out.

I ended up leaving the club with her and
her friend, and we already have plans
to meet up Tuesday after her friend
leaves to go back to her hometown.

What was pretty cool before we
parted, was that her friend
came up to me and told me that
I better call her friend, and
that I better not take her
friend for granted.

I thought this was cute, because
it was as if they thought that
I must be some guy who has lots
of women around and might forget

But what clicked in my head when this
happened, is the realization that it's
this behavior and these ways of being
that create the massive abundance
of choices with women.

I realize that if I keep this up,
this is exactly what my situation
will be, and in fact I will have to
remind myself not to forget to call
up women.

None of this could have happened if
it wasn’t for your teachings. Had I
pushed for the sexual too fast, I would
have seemed like every other guy.
Had I worn boring clothing, I would
have not stood out and would have
not have made the same powerful
first impression. Had I tried to pretend
that I was a “club guy” she would
have ultimately found out I was
being dishonest, which would have
shown that I was insecure.

Instead, my behavior built attraction,
built intrigue, it built trust since I
clearly was not interested in forcing
anything to happen (ironically, this
ended up making it all happen), and it
allowed her to feel free to be herself since
I made sure to “lead the way” in this regard,
as you explain that we must do in order
for women to feel comfortable doing the

I know this is a long letter, but I wanted
to write to you because I myself can
hardly believe that all this almost never
happened and could have been just
another night watching TV.

Also, I think it’s important that your
readers understand that when you say
that your material is for getting a
great girlfriend, I actually think it
would work on any woman!

After this experience, I feel like
meeting even more women, everywhere now,
cafes, bookstores, and even going back to
the club (I know, I know, I should
be happy with what I already got! But
your program is like a new toy and I
want to try it out in many new situations!)
because I can already see how I would
apply it on any woman!

I think the important distinction with your
material is that it goes farther than is
required for women who are only looking for
a ‘one night stand’ or ‘friends with benefits'

In other words, it will work on all women,
but for men who are just looking for the
ONS or FWB, then they should still use
your materials, but they should tone
everything DOWN, since these women
are not looking for such a strong

Thanks again...

Jack T., Texas


Well, first of all congratulations on doing
so many things BANG ON perfect, and ALSO
thanks for sharing what you learned and
how you applied it.

It’s always fascinating to me, how on the
highest level of skill, what is really
happening is the most noble level of

For example, you really WERE trying to see
if this woman met your standards or not, and
this ended up triggering the challenge for her
and raising her attraction.

You also rewarded her at the perfect moment,
after she had earned it by trying to convince
you. You also made sure to use physical
contact, but in a non-creepy way, and holding
hands in a club is extremely innocent yet
still has sexual undertones.

I also LOVED how you remembered the
“final card” that is played by so many
women who are attractive, which is the
sexual innuendo/hint, etc, but is really
something that they expect to use to
DOMINATE THE interaction over the
man, or to throw him for a loop.

They don’t even do this to be bad.
It’s just a good feeling for a woman to
know she HAS the guy, (it's a good
feeling for a MOMENT for her, until
it sinks in a second later that
this guy should not have fallen
for pure lust -- at which point,
she is DISAPPOINTED that he DID
fall for it) and usually this
last card will do the trick for
these women.

Of course, when women see that every
guys falls for this, it’s not a cool
thing for the guy.

And again, this ultimately is NOT a game
when you don’t fall for it. Why SHOULD
a man suddenly now think that this woman
is now perfect, just because she flashed
a pseudo-promise of sexual goodies to come?

Pardon the unintentional pun, of course.

Also, there's nothing wrong with wanting
to meet a lot of women with your new
skills and 'powers'! You can use your
skills to meet and screen women for the
best ones, and if you like, choose the
best of the best from those women you
attracted, to be your girlfriend.

All in all GREAT stuff!

And if you’re reading this now, I want
you to understand that all this success
starts with a SINGLE step, and that
step leads to MORE momentum,
and MORE steps, each step helping
you gain more and more momentum
and skill to you start to improve at

What’s the first step?
Write down RIGHT NOW, all your fears
about approaching women, going out alone
toa party or club or bookstore or café
or anywhere else, to meet women.

For every fear you have about approaching
women, I want you to write down the

It might make you SHUDDER.
It might make you NAUSEOUS.

But, DO NOT try to butter up the image
and do not try to make it all feel good.

Of course, if it DOES feel good, that’s great.
If thinking about approaching women feels
great, then by all means, feel great.

But if it felt so awesome, you probably
would be doing it, right?

So I’m saying that the yucky feeling is OKAY.

In fact, if you spend enough time with
the actual FEAR, instead of RUNNING
from that fear, you will actually get
a HOLD over it- instead of IT holding

Now, write down ALL your excuses for
not approaching.

In fact, next time you see a woman you
want to approach, and you DON’T do it,
write down WHY you didn’t do it.

Not just the IMMEDIATE why of
“I felt freaked by it”, but the WHY you
felt freaked, what was the BIGGEST
concern underneath it all?

And then, for all the situations that you don’t
approach women, I want you to write a
you MUST approach.

in ADVANCE of the moment, or it will be
TOO LATE if you start only getting into state
once you see a woman you want to approach.

You need to be prepared to approach women

In fact, even if you feel FREAKED OUT,
go approach anyway.

Once you see a woman you want to approach,
you must be already PREPARED to QUASH
the excuses.

So have those “excuse-destroyers” ALREADY
FIGURED OUT, long in advance.

What you are reading is just the BEGINNING
of the success with women you can be having
on how to attract the women of your CHOICE,
I suggest you get my ‘Warrior Within’ program

This program will destroy your excuses, and
SOLUTIONS for meeting, attracting, and keeping
the women you WANT.

It’s at:

And if you haven’t yet downloaded my book,
‘Get A Great Girl’, do that now. This book
will give you a great foundation for meeting
and attracting quality women, and is the place
to start.

It’s at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, July 2, 2011

How To Get A QUALITY Woman For A Fantastic Relationship

For some reason, before "Get A Great Girl"
existed, the PICK UP ARTIST focus was on:




These days though, some of them
seem to ALSO be saying that what
they teach not only gets guys the
"playa" lifestyle, but ALSO gets

Now here's the thing:
I want everyone to be happy and successful.
Really, I do.
Happy people make a better world.

And I even think that the general "have
fun and be confident" message is cool
no matter what kind of interaction
or relationship a guy is seeking
with a woman or with many women.

But that's where it ends.
You can't mix oil and water, and you can't
mix player strategies with the strategies
for being the kind of man who attracts and
keeps a woman for a long term relationship.

Getting "L-A-I-D like a PLAYA!" has virtually
nothing to do with keeping a woman attracted
long term in a great relationship.

That's because the players are concerned
with immediate 'ACTION', and guys seeking
relationships are concerned with long

A woman looking for long term attraction
is concerned with far more things than a
woman who is just looking for immediate

Now, the reason for the existence of
'Get A Great Girl' is truly what it says-
a GREAT girl, the kind of woman who is
not only beautiful but is also a GREAT
person who does not play GAMES on you.

A woman who is HONESTY and LOYAL

And ALSO the kind of woman who is
still STRONG and WISE and who can
see a sleazeball from a mile away.

And also, she is a woman who is
playful and has that SPARK of
fun and vitality to her.

Getting a great girl is very DIFFERENT
from just trying to get "l-a-i-d" by
many different women.

It's different because the truth is,
that no matter WHAT you do on a first
approach to a woman, it will NOT BE
ENOUGH to get her, if she is a quality

She has TOO MUCH AT STAKE to make an
instant decision on whether this will
be the man for her.

When it comes to a real long term relationship,
there are MORE emotions that must be met,
including far deeper levels of trust and

See, this is part of why I am not limited
to the "pick up artist" view of attraction.

Pick up artists who are mostly concerned
with getting l-a-i-d by quantities of women
really tend to focus on a lot of nighttime
clubbing or other girls where they can
basically get physical fast.

This is not a sin or anything, as long
as both parties are being honest.

I've tried it myself. It can be fun if you're
in a certain stage, really, it's fine.

What's NOT cool though, is giving advice
to men and telling them that what works
to get physical fast with certain women
is the SAME thing as what it takes to
actually get and attract a great long
term girlfriend.

This is simply NOT THE CASE, because a woman
who is giving herself in a relationship is
giving FAR, FAR more of herself, her time,
her energy, her FUTURE, her EMOTIONS, when
it is something long term, perhaps a union
for life!

She needs to see the BIG PICTURE about a guy,
and although a FANTASTIC first impression is
IMPORTANT AS HECK, it's ALSO important that
the guy shows he indeed IS the man for her
over the course of the REAL "courtship"
which takes days, weeks, and months.

Even as a FIRST impression, the things you
want to convey if you are trying to attract
a woman who is looking for IMMEDIATE gratification
are very different than if you are looking
to attract a woman who is seeking the greater
picture long term.

And of course, ultimately, attracting a woman
long term is a WAY OF LIFE, the same way that
if you want to keep your PHYSIQUE, you can't stop
going to the gym.

So let me tell you:
First of all, you have to be SCREENING the
women you meet to make sure THEY are the
right women.

And when you DO meet a woman who IS the
right woman, you must not only behave
in a way that is ATTRACTIVE and sexy,
but you must ALSO show her that you are
TRUSTWORTHY, and that you have not been
corrupted by warped beliefs about all

You have to be unshakeable in your noble
convictions. You have to be a leader.
You have to be calm. You have to be
passionate. You have to stand apart
from the crowd, yet you have to be
able to DRAW the crowd in as well.

Another thing you need are THE FACTS.

You see, once guy KNOWS a woman is no good,
usually he has no problem passing her by and
going on to the next woman to find someone better.

But because guys are so brainwashed, they
actually end up accepting into their lives
the kind of women that actually end up
messing them up. All because the guy
believes the hogwash the woman says,
who herself is often just repeating the
brainwashed messages she has had
implanted into her.

The woman is treating him horribly,
but the guy still doesn't get it, because
she has robbed him of any self-esteem,
so he can't even SEE how badly she
is treating him. It's as if he thinks
that life with her is soooooooo
IMPORTANT that it's worth
selling his SOUL AND HIS
DIGNITY to her.

I get TONS of email from guys about
"this one special woman" that in reality
is probably not so special. And the reason
I say this is because usually the man is pining
over her and she has done nothing for him.
So what makes her so special?

I feel like SHAKING THE GUY out of his

This is why I say, "Get a GREAT girl!".

You have to get out of the "soup" of NEEDINESS
and jump into the other mode, which is more along
the lines of "I'm a man, and although I am a sexual
being, and although I fully understand the power of
a great relationship, and I can be the greatest guy on
earth in one, there's no way in hell I'm going to
settle for some woman who doesn't treat me as
I deserve and as well as I treat her."

Again, don't get me wrong:
It's GREAT to meet a woman who IS all
those good things, but the fact is, men are
being held HOSTAGE to a MYTH. The
MYTH that they NEED a woman's approval
so badly that they are wiling to be with the
WRONG woman.

And man, let me tell you something BIG:
SOME women are using this MYTH
to MILK guys for everything the guy has-
emotionally, financially, and taking all
the guy's TIME and ENERGY as well.

What these women are doing is PRETENDING
to be innocent and good, all the while
NOT being such a person. You see, it's
IMPORTANT for them to pretend, because
they know that a GOOD guy is not a STUPID
guy. They know that if the guy knew she
was no good, the guy WOULD in fact
dump her.

And not only would the guy dump her,
but he would then realize that a lot of
women are like this and he would
stop being such a target.

If all men did THIS, then you can bet your
assets that most women would be busting
their gut trying to EARN men's interest
rather than EXPECTING to get it for

Of course, there are ALSO a LOT of really
warped GUYS out there. In fact, this is one
reason why I DESPISED much of what was
being taught as "advice for men" out there, because
the advice made a lot of GOOD MEN think
that all women were nuts, and that therefore
ALL women MUST be dealt with in GAMES
and manipulation.

This, in turn, led to a lot of INNOCENT women
being hurt by INNOCENT men who were really
thinking that this was the only way to communicate
with women!

These innocent women then became just as embittered
as the men, and these women probably started to think
that all MEN were nuts, and probably starting to act
in MANIPULATIVE ways to more men, creating
yet MORE embittered men in a never ending


At the same time, you cannot rationalize away
a woman's bad behavior. Just like a woman
should not rationalize away a guy's bad
behavior. You have to recognize a problem
and not think it's going to change, because
it won't, not unless the person owns up to
it and changes it themselves.

So what I'm going to do right here is
give you a few TIPS on how to know
if you're with a quality woman or not.

Because really, if a woman is not treating
you right, there's no reason on earth to
be with her.

1. If you constantly feel bad around a
woman, and she constantly claims to
not have a clue about what she's doing
to make you feel that way, chances
are that in REALITY she knows
EXACTLY what she's doing.

If your self-esteem was high enough,
you'd see it from a million miles away,
but since she has hacked away your
self-esteem since you met her, you
can barely recognize when someone
is abusing you anymore.

WAKE UP, my friend, if this is happening
to YOU.

If you ACCEPT this into your life, all
you will do is activate cognitive dissonance
in your own head and start to believe that
in fact somehow she is WORTH the abuse,
and that you are NOT worth more than this.

2. Here's another thing to beware of:
Abusive women ACCUSING YOU of what in
fact is THEIR "Modus Operandi".

Dishonest people love to accuse others
of what THEY are doing themselves, to
deflect attention off of their own guilt.

When a woman is doing something wrong
to you, and she knows it, and you bring
it up with her, the number one tactic that
all abusers to their victims is accuse them
of the very thing THEY ARE DOING TO THE VICTIM.

So, for example, if she is dishonest, she
will accuse YOU of dishonesty. If she
is making you feel confusion, she will
accuse you of making her feeling
confusion. Etc, etc.

So, if you see this kind of thing going
on a lot, it's not some kind of coincidence,
it's very much a part of her METHOD.

3. INCONGRUENCIES in their behavior.

You know how I always talk about actually
BEING "The Man" rather than faking it?

How I focus on your ACTUAL development
instead of on memorizing a pick up line?

It's because if you aren't REAL, it shows

Similarly, if a woman isn't REALLY a
good person, it will SHOW no matter
WHAT she says about how great she
is as a person.

A lot of people lie to themselves and they
accept the excuses that another person
gives them, but ultimately, your GUT
tells you a lot about a person. Your
"gut" is really all the things you have
registered about the woman but that
you may not have formally recognized
or observed consciously.

Plus, if you look to see if she is consistent
or not, you will see if she is a good person
or not. Do her words really match her
behaviors? Forget about who she SAYS
she is "deep down". Does a good person
REALLY do and say the kind of things
she does and says?

By the way, words DO matter, they reflect
what's going on in her head. So words
AND actions count. But those words
really only count if the actions match

Regarding her behaviours, ask yourself,
"Would a good person do this"?

4. Do they only respond to CONSEQUENCES?
If a woman only responds to CONSEQUENCES,
she's no good.

You are not there to be her kindergarten teacher
teaching her how to be a decent human being
and giving her "hard lessons".

FORGET such a woman, even if she RESPONDS
to your consequences.

When I meet a woman, the best thing she can
have going for her is the vibes she gives off
in the department of human respect RIGHT
FROM THE GET GO. And of course, she
gets it in return.

Any woman who has to be "punished" in
order for her to behave, is a woman who simply
is trying to get away with AS MUCH AS SHE CAN.

It's a woman who KNOWS what
good behaviour is, but will only
do it from CONSEQUENCES,
not from her own natural desire
to be decent.

5. If the only reason you are with a
woman is because she says she wants
to be with you, it's NOT enough. Plenty
of women can want to be with you
but still have no desire to treat you
right. Some women want to be with
a guy because they feel they can
control him. Not cool at all.

Okay, so those are some important
red flags to watch out for with a
woman, but as always, it's CRUCIAL
to me to be as ACCURATE as possible
about how things work and what's
going on.

There ARE some QUALITY women out there,
but they are as rare as it is for a great woman
to meet a QUALITY GUY. It may damn well
be even HARDER for women to meet a guy
that really has his act together and is cool
and is still a GOOD guy.

And before you can even KNOW if a woman
is good or not, you're going to have to MEET
her and ATTRACT this woman.

And that means while you can't be NAÏVE,
you also can't go around with a chip on your
shoulder. A lot of guys will hear the things
I have to say above, such as how so many
women can be so horrible, and then feel
like acting like TOTAL A-HOLES to

But that's NOT going to work.

You can't have a chip on your shoulder, or
you will turn OFF even the women out
there who have great values and great

But at the same time, acting TOO smiley
makes you seen NAÏVE, as if you are
easy prey for a woman to take advantage
of. Not cool.

This is part of the reason why going into an
interaction TOO "smiley" makes a woman
figure that you are either naïve or crazy.
Especially when you approach a woman
in a low key environment, i.e. a bookstore
as opposed to a dance club. The overly
smiley approach can make you seem
pretentious as well.

But you can't go in with a chip on your
shoulder either. Your past experiences
with women, if not positive, still do
NOT equal your future experiences
or the CURRENT experience that
you are having in the pickup at
that moment.

If you're looking to meet women, one way to
be in the right frame of mind is to focus on the
vibe of the MOMENT and totally forget about
thoughts of "Is this going to be my WIFE" or
anything extreme like that, because those kind
of thoughts will ruin any spontaneity and rob
your interaction of the natural fun that it
would normally be.

AFTER the interaction is OVER, then
at THAT point you can go over what
happened and see if you think she
has potential.

But in the moment of the interaction,
go in with FUN.

It doesn't have to add up to anything
beyond the moment, and that attitude
actually makes it more likely for that
moment to be a GOOD one, leading to
ANOTHER good moment.

Which leads to the next step, such
as having a coffee together and finding
out more about each other, and laughing,
which leads to holding her hands, which
leads to kissing, which leads to making
out hardcore, which leads to sex, which
leads to more sex, which may lead to
a relationship, etc etc.

Get the picture?
Step by step, as opposed to worrying
about the massive and often emotionally
overwhelming goal.

And, if at any point, she raises RED
FLAGS in your mind, you can STOP the
"courtship" in its tracks.

And by the way, when you do the 'pickup',
NEVER qualify yourself. It's sooooo
sucky. Most of the time, what happens
is that you feel the PRESSURE to
show her you are COOL and that
you have value. So you give into
temptation and you try to show
her you are cool by mentioning
things about yourself as if you
are selling yourself to her.

But in addition to understanding these
'strategies', you yourself have to become
the kind of man that IS what a great woman
is looking for.

And the FIRST place that you have to focus on
is INSIDE yourself, the BELIEFS you have about

One of the MAJOR beliefs promoted by pick up
artists are that ALL women CHEAT.

Now, although it's important for guys who are
"nice guys" who are too naive and who think
all women are made from sugar and spice
(I myself used to think this, I used to think
that ALLwomen just really wanted to meet
a good guy) to WAKE UP TO THE REALITY
that there are many women who DO cheat,
it's important not to EXAGGERATE.

Believing that ALL women cheat pretty much
DESTROYS the chance of having any peace
of mind or any successful long term relationship.

If one believes that ALL women cheat, now even
the HONEST LOYAL WOMEN will be viewed
as the ENEMY who must be manipulated.

Since Get A Great Girl has been on the scene,
this message of "all women cheat" hasn't been
SHOUTED as loudly by them. It might be because
of my work, I can't prove it, but I think it
has something to do with it.

Before my work and Get A Great Girl came out,
where was ANYONE who was giving my message????
There was NO ONE, there was only the "nice guys"
advice, and the "pick up artist" advice, there
was nothing that really sought to see the
big picture for men who really wanted to
meet a great woman and keep her.

Who knows if this is a coincidence, but with
a quick search on google, you CAN prove that
the belief that 'ALL women cheat' is DEEP within
pick up artist history.

I myself got brainwashed by this belief,
and it wreaked havoc on my interactions
and relationships with women.

There was NO "attraction coach" dealing
with the TRUTH on how to get a girlfriend
for something LONG term. So I had to
learn it the hard way.

I was brainwashed to believe the lie that
"all women cheat", because it seemed to FIT
with all my experiences with women, but what
I didn't realize is that it only SEEMED this
way--not because it was REALITY--- but because I

Ultimately, my own anxieties and experiences
made me VULNERABLE to believing these lies.

And it didn't help that I really WAS with
a woman who was pretty abusive and deceptive,
but that did not mean that ALL women were
this way!!!

However, our early experiences, just like
OUR EMOTIONS and really make us think
that our first impression IS the truth
about ALL of that reality.

Guess what else, though?
Most pick up artists these days will like to
cover their tracks and their image, especially
to the newspaper or media, by saying that they
are just about "self-development", and they
will sprinkle in recommendations of some
genuinely awesome authors such as Wayne Dyer,
or other great thinkers.

This is kind of how tobacco used to advertise
and sponsor FITNESS and SPORTS events, to link
cigarrettes with all these good things. This
is now illegal in many places.

But with the "bait and switch" tactics of
fooling people, even the New York Times will
get fooled.

Most journalists at newspapers unfortunately tend to
be more concerned with selling papers or with
promoting their own agenda, than with journalistic

If you really DO want a great girlfriend
that is trustworthy as well as many other
good things, you simply CANNOT also believe
that all women are cheaters.

The belief that all women can be made
to cheat so easily will CORRUPT your
views on women and will make you feel
the need to PLAY GAMES on them.

These games will slowly RIP APART the fabric
of trust and playfulness that are so essential
in a healthy relationship.

This does NOT mean that all women are great!
Absolutely NOT!
That's why I created GET A GREAT GIRL, because
it's not only a METHOD, it's also a MISSION
to alert guys all over the world that they
should GET AWAY from the women who are abusing
them and move on to a BETTER woman!

Once the wrong woman gets a hold of your mind
and of your emotions, it can be TORTURE to
break free.

And then, once you finally do, you certainly
don't want to make the same mistake again,
and you certainly don't want to get caught
up with the WRONG woman.

Getting a fantastic LONG TERM girlfriend,
requires a VERY DIFFERENT approach than
being a player. In fact, it's two different

If you want a fantastic relationship, then you
need to meet the right woman. You also need
to have the right INFORMATION about how to
attract and KEEP a great woman.

That's where I come in, and that's where
my book Get A Great Girl comes in.

It's at:

The ADVANCED level, what I like to call
the "sequel" to that book, is my program
WARRIOR WITHIN, which can be found here:

By the way, I really did learn the hard way,
and I really do believe with all my heart that
the material I teach is essential for any
man who really does want to get a great girl,
for something long-lasting.


Michael Marks