Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How Good Guys Can WIN With Women

One of the most MASSIVE realizations I had
when it came to women was that a lot of things
are not what they appear to be.

So, for example, have you ever tried for years to
be a "nice guy" with women and you never got
results? For example, a woman never calling
you back and that was all you wanted as a
"nice guy"- how to know how to get a woman
to call you back?

This kind of thing happens to MILLIONS of men,
so you are not alone.

However, the problem is that the answer is not
to become jerks or to try to act like pick up artists
or players. If this actually worked, the problem
would have been solved for all men a long time

There is a reason why both being a "nice guy" and
being an arrogant or cocky guy or being a player
BOTH don't work. It's because the best kind of
women are attracted to STRENGTH of character.

In fact, even women who are messed UP are often
ALSO attracted to strength of character as well!

Now, when a man takes on the act of being a player
or being arrogant or being a really slick pick up artist,
he is actually conveying MASSIVE insecurity.

A woman who is already confident, can smell this
insecurity from far away. She knows that a man who
is secure would not need to OVERDO things so much.

So we already know that the pick up artist stuff
doesn't work to get a great woman, and in fact
repels her.

So why does the "nice guy" stuff not work either?
Well, the reason is because the truth is that "nice guys"
actually are NOT that nice, as I will show you:

"Nice guys" are very MEAN to ONE person.
In fact, they are mean to one person VERY CLOSE
to them, the closest in fact: THEMSELVES.

People can argue till the cows come home
that good guys have good intentions, but
so will jerks also argue that they are
saints as well.

It's what you DO and how you live your LIFE
that counts. If you are weak and kiss up
and reward a woman who hasn't earned it,
you are no better than a jerk who
manipulates women.

Both types of guys are doing wrong actions
to satisfy some internal weakness.

So, for example, a man who keeps on calling a
woman who does not return his calls, or a man
who even spends too much time THINKING
about a woman who is not giving him HALF
the amount of energy that he is putting into
chasing her, well this man is very MEAN

He is MEAN to himself.
He is basically telling himself and saying that he
is NOT WORTH treating any BETTER than this.

Have you ever had a woman that you chased
really HARD, and that you thought was somehow
a SPECIAL person for some reason?

Usually, there IS no reason, we just FEEL that there
is, but these feelings are the result of BAD CONDITIONING.

They can be overcome.

Women ARE attracted to strength of character, AND
to goodness, but there is nothing strong and nothing
GOOD about being a guy who allows himself to
be abused, and even if he just doesn't respect himself

This is why I have decided to use the term "REINVENTING
THE GOOD GUY" so that we stop thinking of GOOD
as being something "nice" or weak, because in reality
GOODNESS is the result of STRENGTH, and it's
NEVER self-abusive or self-hurting.

So the RIGHT way to be thinking about being CONFIDENT
and CHARISMATIC is not to come to it from a "I AM
THE BOSS OVER A WOMAN" angle but rather from
true goodness, starting with being good to yourself.

And NOT from having to boss around a woman.
In fact, the whole "I have to CONTROL a woman" through
games, pick up artist tactics, or anything else always
ends up showing up to a woman as insecurity and
fear and looks very much like "wuss" behavior to her.

A woman can detect these fears and thoughts from
the way you behave, in the same way you can
often tell what your best friend is thinking or
feeling before they even tell you, simply because
you can tell and read his or her body language.

Well, women are good at reading body language
because even as children they spend more time
developing these skills whereas boys develop
other skills better. So it's really a waste of
time to try to fake it with a woman, it's
far better to actually DEVELOP the right
behaviors, and perspectives- this way a woman
KNOWS you are for real.

So, make sure to first have a firm belief in your
OWN value, not out of arrogance, but out of
being your own best FRIEND. A woman, on an
subconscious level, wants to see some PROOF
that you are valuable, and if YOU don't value
yourself, how can she feel you have value?

Not only that, but if you believe that good people
have value, if you REALLY believe that, then
why would you ever allow yourself to chase
after a woman who didn't show any particularly
great characteristics of her own?

When you stop obsessing with the superficial for
REAL, you really DO show that you value character,
and now two things happen- you suddenly find that
more women are attracted to you, (because you
are proving that there are other things of value
besides the superficial and that you are one of
those valuable people ) and you also find that you
really ARE less obsessed now with the superficial-
because actions become emotions, and your
new lifestyle has given you new perspectives
and new appreciation for the bigger picture.

Don't get me wrong, of course you will want and
you SHOULD want physical attraction in a woman,
but you will be in the right balance to truly be a cool
guy with all women. A MAN, not a boy playing
"pick up artist".

So the best combination is to be a GOOD guy with women,
but also to be a good guy to YOURSELF and never, EVER
do anything below your dignity to try to earn a woman's
approval - besides, chasing after her in itself is what will
destroy her attraction to you. It's like you are saying "I don't feel
I have value, but could YOU please treat me really well
out of PITY?"

And this is EXACTLY the kind of reaction that
is generated in a woman for a guy who is not
truly good, but is just "nice" in a weak sense-
she might feel PITY for him, but not ATTRACTION.

And you of course also end up ruining your own
"inner game" this way because your actions are
telling your brain that you are pathetic.

Now, I'd like to share a letter with you to show
just how powerful this stuff is, to the point that
you often don't even have to DO anything because
you are giving off all the millions of subtle signals
through your demeanor and values and beliefs.


Hi Michael, hope you're doing well.

A few ridiculously relevant things have popped up
in my life pretty much at the exact same time you've
released this new line of material. Great stuff so far...
haven't had time to finish the book yet, but it's the
next level for sure.

Quick background on me - most of my life, suffered
from all that brainwashing you talk about and was
extremely unsuccessful with women. After slowly
but surely letting you lead me out of that sh**hole
with your materials, this "inner game" stuff is sinking
in exponentially. There's evidence for this. over the
last year, I have been easily... a little too easily...
attracting women who are extremely hot. sometimes
it's obvious, other times, you just know from the
way they keep on acting around me.

anyways, as a result of my inner game getting
really tight thanks in no small part to you, I've been
getting lots of attention from hot girls without really
even doing anything "special" at all.... including this
girl at work has been hitting on me like crazy over
the past month.

Actually, more than hitting on me. whenever I walk
by, or whenever I interact with her, she ALWAYS has
to twist the topic into something that obviously states
how bad she wants to have sex with me (eg."I want
to have sex with you"). she laughs and jokes when
she says it, but that's what the subject matter leads
to all the time.

Now, in my humble opinion, this girl is OFF THE
CHARTS HOT, with a caveat: married with two kids.

anyways, this flirting thing continued, and my last
day at that site, she got my email in a very sneaky
way (pretended that her hotmail was down, and
while she got me to log onto mine to "see if it was
just her hotmail or all of hotmail that was messed
up", she snuck a peek at my email address and
emailed me that night).

ok, now I was like... whoa. I literally thought I
was just an outlet at work for some possible marital
dissatisfaction, and I didn't think she'd take it to the
next level. anyways, I still somehow gave her the
benefit of the doubt that she didn't really mean
business b/c I just couldn't believe people cheat this
easily and that people were this weak (even though
I was just as weak once but in another way).

I only responded to one out of every 3 or 4 of her
emails... just for fun really... and I thought it was
all benign until today... when in a brief email she
just said it: "so, are you into booty calls?".

This is when a revelation happened. My immediate
answer was "not with a married woman, thanks",
but I wasn't mean about it and felt terribly sorry
for her, so I padded her ego a bit.

don't get me wrong, "physiologically" I wanted to
have so much physical with her that I couldn't walk
for a while, but my standards and principles are
getting clearer. this time, mind won over body.
infidelity is something I just don't support at all.

anyways, realizing I had this clarity and the fact
that the decision was so easy and that I could care
less what anyone thought is the most empowering
thing ever. really. when I was weaker in the past,
even though I never believed in infidelity, I may
have thought about doing it out of sheer weakness
and lack of self value (that I better take what I can
get), or "man, people would think I'm such a loser
for passing this up".

not anymore. me: 1 insecurity: 0

But then, I started talking to friends about it, cuz
it kind of disturbed me. and maybe I really need
a wake up call, but what some of them said shocked
me. an acquaintance of mine told me, "man, what
are you doing? that's the safest sex out there.
married women are often the most discrete", and
this same person said he regularly has booty call
sex with married women, and even more routinely
takes home girls in the bar who have boyfriends".

although other people were not as extreme in their
opinions regarding this, they told me... "geez, maybe
I would have done it... and everybody seems to be
doing that these days anyway".

Even one of my best friends (and honestly Michael,
my best friends are people I am very proud of as
they really are awesome guys) said that when he
was younger he actually slept with a married woman
(he does regret it though).

Now, I know this has no effect on my principles, and
my principles stand, no matter what anyone says....
and I realize that those people who say "don't worry
no one will find out" don't get the freakin point at all
- it's not about getting away with it versus getting
caught, it's about selling your soul or not. but all
this new info about the world was truthfully

IN????? The value of marriage, or even relationships,
has plummetted this low???

Of course, not all men and women are like this, but
it's the trend that I find exceedingly disturbing now
that I'm truly awake to it. Most people get caught
up in the "*** ** *** ***" mentality to women that
you allude to (that show is a CLASSIC example of
those moron "experts", don't even get me started as
to how misleading I think that show is).

It's amazing that it's so easy to justify participation
in infidelity these days as just another honest sleazy
act by just saying to yourself "all's fair in love and war".

and I just can't see why so many people buy into it.
Sleeping with a married chick (or a chick with a boyfriend)
just isn't congruent with someone who perceives that he
has true inner value. If you know you have value, the
whole idea is absurd - analagous to eating off of someone
else's plate when you're at a buffet (you KNOW you
have unlimited food at the buffet, so why eat someone

But more important than that. This little incident
allowed me to reflect on the whole "how to get a great girl"
theme of yours, and totally made things clear.

You attract what you are, so if you want to attract a
scummy girl, do scummy things. If you don't want
a cheating girl in your life, or even better, if you
WANT a girl who vomits at the idea of cheating and
has kick ass values, she will likely value a guy that
has those values.

Plus, you become stronger yourself with every
hard/monumental decision you make in life because
each decision seems to add to the makeup of your
"juice", as you say, in the middle of an orange.
(that analogy where pressure on an orange will
bring out whatever juice is inside the orange).
that juice = the real YOU.

So the YOU that you are constructing with each
decision you make (whether by direct effect or by
the messages that the decision sends to your brain) will
ultimately be brought out at some point because
life's pressures always exist, and that great girl
at some time I believe WILL see that real you
and either love it or hate it. so better make a good
you with good cumulative decisions.

As well, I'm realizing that I actually value relationships
to a high degree. and I just realized that by making
decisions such as partipating in cheating (whether you
are the cheater or the one she is cheating with), you
REDUCE how much you value relationships/marriage
whether you are aware of it or not.

I learned this by the opposite effect, as after making
my decision, I noticed how my value for relationships
/marriage actually INCREASED. it just did.

I agree by leading in this way is a rare and special
form of attraction to a special woman that she is
likely not going to see much of in this ridiculous
world. when one day you put a ring on the finger
of that deserving woman, that ring means as much
as the decisions you've made in this regard up
until that day (ie, the promise of marriage has as
much value as the amount that you value marriage).

you'll know it, and I think, at least subconsciously,
so will she.

anyways, peace.

Robert T.

Awesome stuff. You illustrated so many points-
the first one is that as you escalate in your own
internal development, THAT is when you will
find that those who are not like you will suddenly
notice the change even more, and yet at the SAME
time, the reality also is that as you become
a MASTER, a woman like her will already
SENSE that she is barking up the wrong tree
and won't even TRY. Of course, the fact you
didn't give in to external social/cultural pressure
makes you that much CLOSER to that development.

Also, you have done something else very powerful
The fact that you have PROVEN to yourself that
you can stick to your values shows you that it IS
possible, and that there are women out there just
like you as well.

It's interesting how I noticed that all the people
and pick up experts who tried to scare the hell
out of everyone by saying that with their "skills"
they could get any woman to cheat, well guess
who were cheaters, and since they could not
trust themselves, of course they could not trust
women- so they go and label all women as

There are cheaters and there are people who won't
cheat for a billion dollars. When you are not naïve,
when you are intelligent and you are a person of
integrity, you are then able to also far easier detect
OTHERS who have the SAME level of integrity
and intelligence.

There actually ARE enough men and women with
great integrity and character, but until
you bring yourself up, you can't notice
them, the same way that if you aren't
conscious of say, a red Honda car, you
won't notice them, and then when you are,
you'll see lots of them.

Similarly, when you yourself have changed,
as you are doing right now, you will start
to notice them as well, because you will
gravitate towards different people,
who lead to others with similar values.

This is part of what Tony Robbins would
call "sensory acuity" - your senses and
your mind become super-attuned to where
to get what you want, because you have
BECOME the very same thing yourself.
You have already started the process,
as you have explained, you are
experiencing internal changes already
and have barely had the new book
for a week...

And of course, when a person is a cheater who has no
integrity, he will then hang out with similar types.
Hence, the pick up artist crowd that hangs out
at drunken clubs and parties till they are smashed
and vomiting over toilets. That is, as Bill Cosby
says, how some people "enjoy" their weekend
because they feel they "deserve" to enjoy this
type of "party".

The other thing of course is that a fantastic woman
who has HER act together will expect that this
test of character you went through should be
super EASY for you in the future. Because she
already has this stuff worked out in her mind
and she's not going to invest her fantastic
character and emotions in just any guy.

TRUST is key, and again, this is where the
pick up artist and the typical "dating guru"
culture really is not equipped to handle
this level of trust. Their stuff is designed
for parties, for emotionally low level
interactions, it's not designed for the kind
of interaction that can serve as a real foundation
for the future.

So now that you have passed THIS level, you
have now opened the doors to a far more ELITE
level woman- not just any girl, but a GREAT girl.

You already could have had all the booty calls
on earth, with women who are smoking hot,
and all without DOING anything, no pick
up artist games or gimmicks.

This is NOT a coincidence- it's a direct result of
your skyrocketing internal development that you
have applied from what you learned.

Way to go! And keep in touch as you continue
to improve!

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meet a fantastic woman that will cherish you forever,
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the future, and much MUCH more.

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Cherishing The "Real Thing"

In a world of often polluted entertainment
that poisons people's minds and distorts
our concepts of love and of sex as well,
I'd like to celebrate some of the the
GOOD stuff that's been made over the

Then there's the light stuff from
the 70's and 80s that beats
out "Sex and the City" any day!

And they say that you save the best for last:

THESE are the kinds of movies and shows we need, not
the utter mental/emotional pollution that's usually

The truth is that distorted concepts of
love and sex come from FEAR. When we
FEAR we will not have true love, we
then project those fears through
entertainment like "Sex and the City"
which shows every polluted, screwed-up
situation a human being could possibly
come up with regarding dating, and
what's worse is that they make it

Thankfully there are SOME film-makers
and producers out there who make
QUALITY and are passionate about that!
Passionate about showing love in its
REAL form, it's most GLORIOUS form.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Your Internal Power With Women

Success in attracting a woman boils down
to the MAGICAL emotions you are creating
within YOURSELF that you then instinctively
make HER feel as well, as a consequence.

The mistake that most guys make is that
they want to know how to make HER feel,
which puts all the focus OUTSIDE of
themselves instead of where it should be,
which is WITHIN ourselves.

When you focus OUTSIDE of yourself,
you're missing the boat in many ways:
For one thing, you're sending the wrong
message to your brain, that the value is
all OUTSIDE yourself. That will then
lower your confidence and charisma.

It's about conquering the INNER self
first, and not allowing yourself to
give into all the negative forces
that seek to DESTROY all that makes
your soul BURN with VITALITY and

In the words of Corey Hart, you
must "never surrender" even in
the darkest of times.

Second, when you focus outside yourself
rather than on the emotions within yourself,
you're ignoring the most powerful source
of your ability to attract a woman, and
that is the infinite positive emotions that
you can exude by focusing on your

So what are the emotions you need to feel
internally, and how do you GET these

These emotions can be almost ANYTHING,
as long as they are INTENSE and POSITIVE.
This, though, has nothing to do with acting
EXTREME. Extreme and over-compensating
type behaviors usually flow from feeling

The positive emotions I am talking about include
that feeling of being sexually alive, or feeling
UNSTOPPABLE, or feeling INSANE confidence,
if you felt insane levels of power within you, or
even if you are in a state of total emotional
liberation or intrigue, these emotions TAKE
OVER and change your brain's mode from
THINKING mode into INSTINCT mode.

This INSTINCT mode is known as "flow".

In this "flow" state, everything comes together
in your brain instinctively, you know what to
do, you know what to say. Now, to help you
along, there are training devices such as
having ideas on what to say, and that's
great, and I provide those as well as this
deeper info in my materials. COMBINING
those tools with THIS stuff is the ultimate

So for example, let's just say a woman you
are calling for a date says that she has friends
coming in this week so she can't meet you-
Well, if you are SURE you are the MAN, if
you FEEL it in your bones then you know she
IS missing out, so you tell her "your friends
want you to meet a real man like me" with a
smile, knowing full well that she will LIKE
this attitude in a man who is SERIOUS about
his own value.

This is similar to a guy who knows he is the
best candidate for a job not being deterred
because he heard that the place was not
hiring, or he heard that the place was really
AGAINST the idea of hiring outsiders, etc.

In other words, he KNOWS he is the best
value, so he goes in there knowing he is
GIVING more than taking. And when he
does, this impresses the employer
far MORE, it shows that in fact he IS
the one they have been looking for.

There's never a thought of wanting a
FAVOR from anyone here, and the same
thing applies with the difference in
your attitude between a guy who is
trying desperately or a guy who is
trying to give the WOMAN a chance,
not hoping that she will give HIM a

A woman LIKES this, it's attractive.
When she sees a man is truly
meaning that he is the real deal,
all without a shred of desperation,
it sets him apart from the rest.

See the difference?
It makes all the difference in the world.

This difference is what allows you to easily
"control the frame" because it truly is your
psychological frame, or perspective, of the
situation. Whoever believes in their frame
more, WINS, end of story.

So let me get to THINGS YOU CAN DO


When you see a woman you like
Don't just think of her as a person.
Think of her as a WOMAN.

REVEL in her beauty.

FORGET the politically correct hogwash.

The reality is that there is NOTHING to be
ashamed of for feeling sexual emotions, and
in fact FEELING THIS is GOOD for you
and for your success with a woman.

This is especially true if you're a "nice guy".
Nature is helping you here, if you just allow
It to help you.

When you are feeling sexual, your demeanor
improves, it becomes more masculine, your
voice tonality reflects your sexual state, and
it helps HER also go into a more sexual state
of mind.

It puts you in the right frame of mind to help
you become more resourceful to do all the
right things at the right moment know without
even TRYING.

Whatever STATE OF MIND you are in will
affect what you are doing. If you are in a
business state of mind, you will be good for
discussing Wall Street with some business
person. If you are in a sexual state, you
will be good for chatting up a woman you
are sexually interested in.

Now, of COURSE I think that there is MORE to
every woman than her sexuality.

What I'm saying though there is that when
you are trying to approach a woman you
are SEXUALLY interested in, for the sake
of DATING her and getting to be her MAN,
then you better be in the sexual state when
approaching her.

It's ironic that the very thing that can help us,
(this sexual state of mind, which she is helping
you be in simply by her PRESENCE there) is
the thing that we HOLD BACK on as men, so

We have been brainwashed to think
that this is somehow more attractive, to act
as if a woman was not a woman. It doesn't
make anybody happy, including women.

This doesn't mean that the TOPICS you
discuss with her should be sexual. No,
rather it means that your BODY LANGUAGE
will improve in the right way because of
your sexual state of mind.


The key to being in a great state when you
meet a woman is to try to KEEP YOUR
STATE pretty damn good all year round.
And the way to DO this is to start to MONITOR
and CHANGE the language you use to THINK
even to YOURSELF.

So, for example, stop thinking of women as
"obstacles" or as "targets" who need to be

This language creates a very REAL internal
feeling that women are somehow inherently

This is simply NOT true, although I'm
sure it often seems that way.

The reality is that just about every HUMAN BEING
is simply using whatever strategy they think works
best to SURVIVE. And some people have some
pretty destructive strategies, for others and them-
selves, and some people have fantastic ones that
help themselves and everyone else as well.

So learn to CATCH yourself using language that
creates a thought pattern of women being the

Also, catch yourself using language that BEATS UP
on yourself- it's AMAZING how many times we
will say things like "what an IDIOT I am" or
"how could I screw up like this???" or even
things like "mann, get OUT of this place,
these women are for SURE thinking I'm
a loser" etc, etc, etc.

The reality is that this language is WRONG,
it's NOT the truth, but we keep on using it
again and again. And it only REINFORCES
limiting results, it only holds you BACK.

Listen, when you go to a movie that is
INSPIRING, someone ELSE has put the
effort forth to try to help YOU for just
a few bucks in the price of the ticket.
But why won't WE be an even BETTER

Why can't you ALLOW YOURSELF to
take a COMPLIMENT from yourself?
Why can't you allow yourself to speak
to yourself in a language that may
CHALLENGE you, but only challenge
you to be your BEST, rather than just
BEAT yourself up all the time?

CHANGE the language you use with

In fact, use language with yourself that
creates FANTASTIC VISUALS as well.

So, for example, think to yourself not
just "I'm going to approach that woman"
but "I'm going to approach that woman
with the quiet calm and power of a
nuclear submarine" or "I'm going to
throw this fear of approaching women
into a special "MENTAL INCINERATOR"
and destroy that fear FOREVER- now
I honestly hope the WHOLE WORLD
is watching me on TV, because there
is no way I can 'screw up' as long as
I have been a MAN and taken serious
ACTION to chat to her."


You have to make a CHOICE about your life
with women and your state of mind in general
as well.

No matter what your CHALLENGE is, it
is going to be two totally DIFFERENT
emotional experiences, and two totally
DIFFERENT realities as well in terms
of RESULTS, depending on ONE thing:

Are you taking actions toward the SOLUTION?

Or are you continuing to just wallow in the

It doesn't MATTER how far gone you think
you are, it doesn't matter how horrible you
feel, the reality is that as SOON as you
you will feel MASSIVE CHANGE and you
will very soon start to see that your results
with women and your internal state is

The problem is that when we are in the wrong
state, it is almost PARALYZING. The
emotions of frustration and depression and
anger and fear are just like THICK SLUDGE
that gums up your entire works and makes
you feel like doing NOTHING towards
truly taking positive action to helping

And THAT IS the greatest tragedy of all,
when in reality there is so much potential
so close but it SEEMS like it's so far away.

The moment you take ACTION, even if
it's just one BABY step, you send an indirect,
but CRUCIAL message to your brain that
you are in CONTROL and this in itself
BOOSTS your self-esteem and it begins
to LIBERATE all the awesome emotions
within you that not only feel so good but
also attract women.

And of course that makes you take
FURTHER actions of the right kind
that get you further results, etc, etc.


One of the biggest mistakes you can do for
your "inner game" in general is to REPRESS
all the negative emotions we feel.

As men, we have been wrongly conditioned
to think the best thing to do is always to
SHUT DOWN our emotions.

Now, this doesn't mean to act like a cry-baby
or a clown.

What it does mean is that when you feel
tremendous negative emotions, including
fear of approaching a woman, calling a
woman, escalating physically, or you feel
that you don't have the VALUE it takes
for this woman or for any particular woman,
then the best thing you can do is FEEEEL
the emotions in the following way:

A: Don't judge the emotions. Just feel them.
If you are feeling cold, or hot, or if your
chest muscles feel tight, just FEEL the
feelings. Don't label them as fear or
anger or pain or good or bad or anything.

Just FEEL the emotional sensations for
what they actually ARE and nothing else.

If you do this, if you just let the feelings
HAPPEN, you will notice something
wonderful- these negative emotions will

They can't pass through you if you REPRESS
them. But if you just allow yourself to
RELAX, ironically enough, as you FEEL
these emotions without judging them,
they will then pass THROUGH you, allowing
you to be liberated again and allowing you
to unleash the infinite power of your inner
state to attract the women of your choice.

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Michael Marks