Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How To Attract A Quality Woman

If you want to meet a quality woman,
and attract her for real, then what
you are about to read is CRUCIAL:

Ninety-nine percent of the time that
interactions don't work out between
a man and a woman, whether it is a
pick-up, a date, a relationship, or
a marriage, it all boils down to
FEAR poisoning the thought processes
rather than LOVE dominating the
thought processes.

And the crazy thing is that the fears
are based on LIES, while the love
stuff is actually based on TRUTH,
but almost NOBODY ever realizes this,
and they suffer the consequences of
failure to find the right person
for their life.

So let me explain what I mean:
If you are a man growing up in our culture,
you've probably been GORGED and
drowned growing up on all kinds of
'feminist' propaganda. I remember in
university being actually taught by
certain female professors how even
the very act of sex is in itself somehow
unfair and "male dominating"!!!!!!!!

The reality of course is that I absolutely
and completely believe that women
should be given fairness, equality
when it comes to votes, etc, however
the idea that men are all a bunch of
bastards that are just out to control
women is such a distortion of the
real truth, that I need to speak out
on it.

The truth is that feminism itself is a lie.
Feminism was never about women being
FEMININE, was it?

And the other irony is that feminism was
certainly also not about men being masculine.

The reality is that feminism wanted to create
ANDROGYNOUS humans, that supposedly
men and women could be the absolute same
if just they were given the same CULTURE
and environment.

This is a TOTAL LIE.
A lie that was promoted by a culture
that was fed by fear, fear of standing
up to some of the misguided teachings
of feminism.

And in fact, 99% of fears ARE lies.

The reality is that there IS a biological connection,
and I don't just mean the physical differences
between men and women- it goes far deeper,
into the actual hormones that affect the
EMOTIONS and the BRAIN itself.

There is a recent true story of a
boy who was born without the male
organ showing on the outside, so
the parents decided to go with
a surgery that removed it and
instead "made" the boy "female".

The parents had good intentions,
they were taught that it's all
about environment only. So they
brought up their boy as a girl,
gave him a girl's name, dressed
him in girl's clothes, the boy
LOOKED like a girl from the
outside from a theoretical

Anyway, the boy was depressed
as hell. He didn't know why.
In fact, he felt like he was
in the wrong body, he felt

Yes, he wanted to kill himself.

Then, his parents figured that
they owed it to him to tell him
the truth- that in fact he was
born a boy. They were afraid
as to what his reaction would
be, but guess what?

His reaction was RELIEF.
Relief that he was not CRAZY
for feeling that he was actually
a MAN.

The male dimension of who you
are is something to CELEBRATE,
not mourn or apologize for.

It's not an excuse to act like
an idiot either, as many men
do that as well.

But the bottom line is that women
are not the same and don't want
you to be the same as them, they
do not want you to act like
women, they want you to be a MAN.

And yet, how the heck are you supposed
to know this? After all, all you hear
from "official" sources is that women
want you to be IDENTICAL to them.

You also hear all this hogwash of
how all men were evil to women
before the invention of feminism,
which is totally not true.

The reality is that people have
always known what is right and
what is wrong, and there were
good men a long time ago and
there were messed up men a
long time ago, the exact
same as today.

In fact, a long time ago, women
could walk on the street at night
in most cities and never have to
fear for being mugged or raped.
It's more of an issue in today's
times, which are supposedly so
much more "enlightened."

The reality also is that there
has never been a time that so
many women are depressed and
on drugs for that as NOW.

And it's more women than men
that are on them.

In fact, you hear from supposedly
popular sources all about how women
want to be like men, just look at
things like Sex in The City,
or books or shows that pretend that
all guys are just DYING to meet older

The problem is that all this stuff is
spreading LIES.

It's not true, it doesn't help men or women
to spread LIES.

So where does all this stuff come from?

Women who are in fear, who want to
get their own issues out on men.

This then creates a fear virus which they plant
in men who will not trust women, and the
problem gets worse.

And yes, men are guilty of this fear stuff
as well, which they get out on women-
99% of guys who are always trying to
"score" with women and telling their friends
about it are doing so out of a fear of being
unworthy and out of a fear of actually being
truly intimate and vulnerable with a woman.

The truth is, that the answer to men and women
finding love with each other has nothing to do
with enhanced drugs for getting 'physical',
it has nothing to do with watching Sex in the City
(which by the way is not even written by
straight men or straight women - it's written
by a guy who is not straight) it has nothing to
do with one night stands, it has nothing to do
with being a player or pick up artist, it has
nothing to do with being or chasing cougars.

In fact, the media's obsession with all
that stuff is born from FEAR.

FEAR is the destroyer of love, including of
SELF-LOVE, aka self-esteem.

If you only realized the power of SELF-LOVE
and how when a woman feels this, she needs
NOTHING else, and she will never cheat on
you, and she will be a fun person to be around.
And of course, YOU must be free of the slavery
to fear as well, and that's how YOU will never
be tempted to cheat, it's how you will never
fear approaching a woman because you know
that she can never take anything or give you
anything ultimately anyway.

And when you can help a WOMAN see and
feel LIBERATED from all the total bullshit
fears of society, you will win her over in
a MICROSECOND, and you will win her
over for life. But to do this, you must be
STRONG as hell, you must resist the urge
to buy into the FEAR propagated by OTHERS-
whether it's pathetic women or pathetic men
who are trying to spread their OWN fears
to YOU.

The crazy truth is that "morality" has nothing
to do with being a "nice" guy. The truth is that
morality has nothing to do with religious
dogma or with ritual. Morality is simply
the way of the STRONG, the way of those
with WISDOM, the way of those with

And if you are seeking a woman who is
truly awesome, the kind of woman who
will never disrespect you, the kind of
woman who will never take you for
granted, the kind of woman who is fun
and upbeat to be around, then let me
say one thing:


You see, social proof is the most powerful
force, and most people can't withstand it,
so they get taken over by the various forms
of fear, whether those fears manifest themselves
in tv shows, books, stuff on billboards, or
whether it's in certain friends who have
too much negativity to spread, it's all
powerful stuff- and yet you must be
MORE POWERFUL than all of that.

When a woman sees that you are STILL
STRONG and still CLEAR about your
good principles, and that you will never
budge when it comes to matters of principle,
and when she sees that YOU are happy,
she will be obsessed with wanting to
know if you are for REAL, since so
few men or humans for that matter
seem to have this strength.

And as a man, it's the most important thing
you can offer a woman- INTERNAL

It's interesting, the most powerful and wise
men in the world all seem to GET this- they
tend to have really good principles and they
tend to be with a woman who is similar.

You don't have to think or agree with
everything Ronald Reagan did or said,
but the fact is, he was one of the most
popular presidents in the history of the
USA, and during much of his time
the country was actually NOT doing
well financially- and STILL people
were happy with him.

And guess what?
He ran a pretty clean personal record.
And his wife was pretty stellar as well.

Bill Gates, the guy who EARNED and now
gives away BILLIONS to help other countries
as well as his own, could have been with
any "celebrity" but he chose a great woman
he knew from his own company.

Notice too, how these women were
(or still are) ADORED by these men.
These men are not Neanderthals,
they are enlightened to the truth
about things in a way that the
majority of people will never

Notice, too, how when men veer off
from their principles, when they get
seduced by the 'dark side of the force'
and chase after the wrong types of
women, they eventually then lose the
great woman in their life. They
lose sight of what is important-
they end up neglecting those
things and subsequently ruin their
career, they ruin their health, they
ruin their relationships, everything.

Whether they are politicians, actors,
or anything else, it's the same
destructive ending every time.

Yes, being with the right woman
is crucial for life, and being
with the WRONG woman will RUIN
your life.

What makes us veer from the right path,
the path that we really want to take,
the path that leads to our own success?
What makes us end up SABOTAGING
ourselves? What makes us do the wrong

We see everyone ELSE doing the wrong
thing, and then we start to think that we
must be crazy if we don't do it too.

This is why you have to be deadly serious
careful about who you surround yourself
with, and what kinds of messages and
entertainment and books you read.

There is massive hypocrisy everywhere,
so be careful. There are a lot of men
and a lot of women who are the victims
of some messed up man or woman, and
instead of LEARNING from that pain,
they are simply spreading that pain to
the whole damn world.

So let me bring you the the solution:

If you want a great woman, if you
want to truly meet a QUALITY woman,
just remember to keep on being a
great man, a QUALITY man, using the
things I speak about here and in my
materials--no matter how INSANE the
rest of the world seems to be, no
matter how insane things seem.

I promise you, beneath the insanity,
EVERYONE, that includes every woman,
deep down actually knows the truth:
That love is the only thing that
really matters.

No amount of Sex in the City will
ever replace it. And watching that
horse crap will just push away the
right man.

Similarly, men who think it's all
about scoring will never attract
the right kind of woman.

And when you realize how all these
mistakes are the products of FEAR
entities in the mind, and that
all these fears were IMPLANTED
in our heads by OTHERS with fears,
you realize how you have INFINITE
power simply by NOT buying into
all that horse crap.

Therefore, don't taint yourself with
the poison fears that others try to
instill in you.

Every great woman out there is
DESPERATELY searching for
a great man, even more so now
in our crazy times- and that means
that if you UNDERSTAND THIS,
you will be in HIGH demand by
the QUALITY women out there,
you will have your choice.

If you want to get the FULL picture, then
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Sincerely your friend,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Real World Advice For Attracting A Quality Woman

In the real world, meeting quality women
and attracting them has nothing to do
with pick up lines or putting on an act-
what it DOES involve is REAL insight into
how the mind works, so let's get straight
to some tips you can use TODAY!


One of the most fantastic things is that you
can make almost ANYTHING work to
successfully start a conversation and get
a woman to want to chat with you, IF you
apply the right emotional filter to yourself.

What I mean by this, is that what you say
to a woman can be almost anything as long
as it comes from a place of ABUNDANCE
inside of you.

Think I'm exaggerating?
I'm not.

The reality is that there really are only two
possible driving forces behind every single
action that you or anyone else takes: And that
action is either coming from FEAR or it's
coming from LOVE.

Subconsciously, all humans can DETECT
where you are internally "coming from"
when you are chatting to them. Women
are especially good at detecting this.

So a woman can immediately TELL just
from the tone of your voice if you are coming
from a place of emotional ABUNDANCE
within yourself or if you are coming from
a place of SCARCITY.

If you feel scarcity, if you feel threatened,
if you feel you are a "total loser with women",
well then you will SHOW it in your tonality.

And humans tend to reflect back whatever
emotional state is being directed at them.
If you are feeling FEAR-related emotions,
you will make a woman feel fear as well,
and she will respond accordingly- she

So the first thing to do is to REALIZE that
it's YOU who is creating a lot of the results
that you are getting- it's not just the women
you are chatting to. It's YOU. They are
reflecting back to you what you are giving

One solution is to ALREADY BE IN STATE
long before you are chatting to a woman.

So BEFORE you even LEAVE the house,
you should already COMMIT yourself to
being in an emotional state of LOVE, of
GIVING, of ABUNDANCE, of security.

Practice this right NOW, in front of a
MIRROR. Say something like "hey, how're
you doin" and try packing in as much
as possible into you VOICE.

This is not the same as shouting
or yelling, it's about packing
the positive emotions into your
voice, CONSCIOUSLY doing this
at first, again and again, in
the mirror.

This will CHANGE the way you actually

Love has nothing to do with being needy.
REAL love has to do with GIVING.

So REAL love has to do with thinking of
how you ALREADY have TONS of

The truth is, you DO.
Everybody does.
The only thing that exists is LOVE and FEAR.
And you have a choice, everyone does.

If you choose fear, you will get BACK fear.
If you choose love, you will get that back as well.

Notice the expressions on your face CHANGE
in the mirror as you adopt a vocal tonality of
ABUNDANCE, of LOVE, in your voice
as you say even the simple words
"Hey, how're you doin".
This exercise is DECEPTIVELY simple-
it is simple but it is PROFOUND and
powerful as well, and it actually affects
you in a very COMPLEX way.

Say the word's "Hey, how're you doin"
over and over, looking in the mirror,
each time, trying to PACK IN MORE
remember that neediness is not love.
Neediness is taking, it is fear.

Take a look at your favorite singer as
they sing the lyrics to the emotional
Notice the expression on their faces,
notice the effect it has on YOU the

It COMPELS you to JOIN the state of
mind that THAT person is in.

So just make sure that whatever you say
comes from a place of LOVE inside,
and not of fear.

Practice saying things from this
emotional standpoint- you can say
anything, what counts is the
emotional place deep within that
it's coming from. So EVERYTHING
you say and do must be funneled
through this filter,and it will
then work.

The other cool thing, is that when
you do this, it actually changes
your BRAIN PATTERNS so that you
actually come up with cooler
THINGS to say as well, as
you'll see when you do this
in real life.

This gets me to point number TWO:


So what this means is that if you are only
half-assed about applying the above advice,
you will be STOMPED on because you
will not be making IMPACT on women,
rather women will be making all the
impact on YOU. And you will be subject
to whatever emotion they are feeling at
the moment- including the negative
emotion that YOU may be giving to

So again, you have to be in the right state
BEFORE the moment arises, you have to
be ready BEFORE you see a woman you
want to chat with.

If you wait till you see a woman you
want to chat with, the moment can
be gone before you know it.

So do the mirror exercise BEFORE leaving
in the morning. Listen to empowering music
and MOVE to it before leaving the house.
Motion creates EMOTION.


There are all kinds of humor, but the
kind that works to attract a woman
is the kind that conveys WHAT YOU
to show this is to simply EXAGGERATE
anything POSITIVE about yourself
to the EXTREME.

There is very fine line between arrogance
and confidence, and yet it is a crucial

Arrogance thinks that you are BETTER
than everyone else. Confidence thinks
you are AWESOME and invites others
TO JOIN YOU at the top.

So, for example, let's say you are making
an online profile, and you're working on
your opening statement- something like
"Warning: Magical Genie Within"

That would prompt a lot of women to say
"hmmmmm, I wonder what that might be"
as they imagine what magical man might
be out there for them...and they'd want
to open your profile and read it.

It's even easier when approaching women
in real life, because rather than just relying
on words, you have your voice, your body
language, your clothing and accessories,
and the ability to interact back and forth
with her.

So you can tell a woman who is eating
in a bookstore, "Excuse me, there is
special policy here on eating, there is
NO eating here" then pause, and say
"Unless you give me some" with a smile.

Again, the humor here comes from your
sense of entitlement and power, and yet
it is clearly a joke, it's clearly not arrogance,
it's just you feeling super duper comfortable
in your own skin- when you REALLY feel
powerful, you actually chill out and can
joke around with WARMTH rather than
nastyness in your humor. Your tone of
voice also plays a key role in delivering
this with love and confidence and security
rather than fear or arrogance.

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You will learn how to do all this in a way
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a fantastic girlfriend.

It's the only book that also shows how to
KEEP the connection and attraction burning
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How To Get Your Dream Girl

Since day one, I have always been consistent-
getting that dream woman- this is what it's
all about.

I'm talking about the kind of fantastic
woman who is a total package and would
make for an incredible girlfriend.

This is very different than just getting
numbers of drunk girls at bars and clubs.
This is about the REAL THING.

Whereas party girls are all about you
acting over the top, getting a quality
woman is all about you developing
deeper and deeper levels of connection,
starting from the light fluff stuff
and then working your way to a
deeper connection than anything she
has had with anyone before.

So let's cut straight to the chase on some
GOLDEN insights on how to get that dream woman.

Have you ever heard that EYE CONTACT is important?

Well, it is, but if you don't understand the REASON
for why it's important, then you will not do it properly,
and when it comes to attracting a woman, HOW you
do something counts just as much as WHAT you do.

So the problem is that many men have heard that eye
contact with a woman is important, but they have
been told it's because this shows CONFIDENCE,
it shows that you are not afraid, etc, etc, etc.

Well, this is only the TIP of the iceberg actually.

The FULL TRUTH is that a woman wants to be
for her superficial self. And the eyes are the
windows to the soul, so to speak. If you don't
look her in the eyes when you speak, you are
NEVER truly allowing yourself to see her
for who she is.

Before you think this is just a superficial thing,
think about this: Ever notice how hard it is to
LIE to someone when you are looking them
straight in the eyes?

There is a feeling of HONESTY when two people
are truly seeing "eye to eye" - this is why the
phrase "seeing eye to eye" to describe two people
in harmony, developed over the years.

So the reality is that by giving a woman eye contact,
and looking deep into her eyes, you are not just
SHOWING YOUR OWN value and confidence,
but you are also GIVING so much more as well.

See? You are actually GIVING in a way that

The OTHER element here that makes the eye
contact even MORE powerful is your ability to
be able to ABSORB the eye contact she is giving
YOU. When you feel unworthy, you tend to look
away, and yet that makes a woman feel that you
are somehow UNTRUSTWORTHY.

She is feeling "why is this guy looking away from me?"
and "What is he hiding?"

So lack of eye contact also disrupts the flow of
TRUST, which is sooo important in creating
that all important CONNECTION with a woman
so she can unleash her sexuality and let go with
you. Without that trust and connection, it's never
going to be a strong sexual connection, that's for
sure. She will be very limited, because she can't
truly let go of her inhibitions with you.

So, now that you understand the REAL reasons
for eye contact, you will do it not in a HARSH
way, but in a GIVING, and LOVING WAY.

Yes, this is TRULY the way of the confident,
MAN, the man who is flowing with ABUNDANCE
of charisma, confidence, who knows he has value.
THIS is the way to behave. Do NOT think of
eye contact just as some type of display of your
ability to show that you can confront her, eye
to eye. Instead, think of it as your ability to
show that you want to see DEEP INTO HER
IDENTITY, for who she really is.

Remember, emotions are not logical- and though
this looking into her eyes thing might not TOTALLY
seem logical, the reality is that it FEELS very
powerful, just think of how it feels when a woman
looks deep into YOUR eyes, and how hard it is
to not look away when she is sooooooo amazingly
beautiful, if you are not used to it. So get USED
to it, and start learning to keep eye contact.

If you are new to all this, practice when walking
on the street, keep eye contact with a woman,
and let HER be the first one to look away.

When you look into a woman's eyes, you make
her feel like you are looking into her for who
she really is, beyond just her body, and the
reality is that you will FEEL this way too,
so you really are helping BOTH of you
to see each other on an emotionally deep
level as well. So be a GIVER and do this.

In our crazy culture, we're conditioned to do
anything EXCEPT make eye contact, as if
was WRONG to develop this powerful of
an emotional connection to another person,
when in reality if we all did this we might
have a more CONNECTED society, but
you can take advantage of the fact that
no one ELSE does this and be the man who
is that much more SPECIAL and charismatic
with a woman because you are one of the
few men who actually DO make that eye

And here's ANOTHER important distinction
to make--the whole idea of making cocky
jokes with a woman, it's not necessary, and
when it DOES work, it ONLY works when
you are doing it through the FILTER of
being a GIVER, not a taker...A woman senses
this as TRUE confidence...

Let me give you an example- if I make fun
of a woman, I will do it in a way where it
is absolutely clear that what I am saying
CANNOT BE TRUE. So if she is an
A+ student and gorgeous, then I can tease
her for having no future, and she will
LAUGH and love it.

Because it shows that I am just playing with
her. But to actually say things that ENDANGER
a woman's sense of self-esteem is INSANE
and will ALWAYS lead to problems, because
even if a woman doesn't IMMEDIATELY
strike back at you for this, eventually she

And the few times she doesn't strike back at you?
That's because she has already determined that
the "tactic" was a result of insecurity and low
self-esteem, that the guy felt he needed to do
that, so she ignores it, makes the guy feel
like he said something brilliant or she ignores
it, (out of pity for the guy with low self esteem)
then goes on to another man and forgets
the guy with the insult forever.

Having to resort to insults to a woman to show
that you are not "under her thumb" would be
a very PRIMITIVE way of showing that she
is not controlling your thoughts or emotions
and that she is not "all that"...

This is why I am totally against the idea of
doing this, contrary to dating television shows
that suggest that these insults are the way to
get a woman's interest. This kind of info
is almost like a conspiracy, as it SOUNDS
interesting, but actually HARMS guys'
results with women.

And here's ANOTHER golden tip- the
whole idea of WOMEN TESTING MEN--
is completely misunderstood.

If women so naturally create tests, to determine
if you are "man enough", then does it make sense
to try to FAKE your way through her testing
system by learning "lines" or learning how
ACT arrogant or trying to be arrogant????
Well, that's what most "experts" suggest
You do, to act arrogant or to show you
are in power.

Do you really think that such a powerful primal
tool that has lasted for millions of years in a
woman's brain could so easily be overpowered??

NO, the REAL way to pass a woman's test is
to actually BE the man.. not how to PRETEND
to not be "under her spell" etc,

And how do you do this? You do this by
understanding first of all what REAL confidence is,
what the REAL reason behind all these
"attractive behaviors" is...so for example
the EYE contact for is not to so much to
show that you are NOT AFRAID of her,
but to show that you are confident enough
to want to TRULY UNDERSTAND her, that
you want to see her for who she really is...
and the eye contact is also extremely
impressive in a culture that says "no
eye contact" a culture that says you
should just "leave me ALONE..."
when deep down people CRAVE
a feeling of a special CONNECTION,
and almost NO ONE is getting that

So, when you actually DO all these things,
that are actually a form of GIVING, guess
what happens? You got it--a woman then
sees there is NO NEED to test you in the
FIRST place!!!!! If a woman is testing
You all the time, then either she is the
Wrong woman, or you are DOING things
to MAKE her need to test you!!!!!

And definitely, following the "give her
the arrogant behavior" and "sugar coated
insults" and other behaviors that show
untrustworthiness and shady character
will all make her feel the NEED to test
you for all sorts of things, from your
manliness to your sense of integrity
and honesty.

What you have just read is just a GLIMPSE
into a whole other dimension that you can
be living in with the woman of your dreams.

This isn't about immature pick-up lines.
It's about becoming a stronger man, and
showing that in your interaction with
her, from the moment you approach her
till long after physical intimacy as well.

If you want to get a fantastic woman,
and get started TONIGHT, then I suggest
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Be The Man, Not The Manipulator

I'm not sure if you have ever been hurt along the
way to trying to meet a fantastic woman, but if
you have, then I can share some awesome news
with you, and some really powerful tips for
getting a great woman.

Let's get right to it:


If a woman in the past treated you horribly, this
does not mean that all women are this way. In our
human desire to AVOID pain, we often learn the
WRONG lessons from the past.

So for example, if a woman mistreated us, then
we as men often try to get the 'upper hand' by
learning 'player' or 'pick up artist' tactics or
'control' tactics that boil down to things like
pretending you are not interested or even
being cold or cruel, or by alternating between
being 'hot' and 'cold', showing interest then
showing lack of interest, etc.

This same 'game' is often played by women who
have been hurt by men as well.

The bottom line is that these games boil down
to MANIPULATION. This is the very OPPOSITE
of being THE MAN, because "The Game' is the
product of INSECURITY and the product of

The key is to become a better MAN, not

All manipulative tactics ultimately results in
something called MUTUALLY ASSURED

So manipulating a woman will result in the
nuclear destruction of your relationship
or attraction between each other.

So too, a woman manipulating you will result
in MAD - Mutally Assured Destruction.

It's too bad that so many men and women
are ignorant of this, but the wise men and
women who appreciate this fact are able
to APPRECIATE the power of trust and
integrity and love, and no matter how
badly they have been hurt in the past,
they have learned that the answer is
NOT to manipulate each other- for
it always leads to MAD in the end.

You will find love again, you will find
a fantasic woman, but you must take
this giant step of maturity and emotional
growth and courage.

You must become THE MAN in the
most true and deep sense.


Of course, being good to a woman does not mean
that you should allow any woman to abuse you.

In fact, if you accept abuse, you have to take
responsibility for it, since no one but you allows
yourself to be abused. You have to be strong
enough to move ON from the wrong woman
so that you can find the RIGHT woman.

This leads me to my NEXT point:


The power of NO is actually the title of a book
as well. What it means is that you have to
realize that NO can often be a very POSITIVE

So, saying NO to the WRONG woman, means
the chance to say YES to the RIGHT woman.

If you say YES to the wrong woman, you are
going to be wasting your energy and focus
and this means you will be in effect saying
NO to the RIGHT woman.

So, learn to say NO to the things that are
NOT what you want.

Don't let WEAKNESS make you say YES
to the WRONG things. Saying yes to the
wrong things means you will be distracted
and not even SEE the opportunities for the
RIGHT things, the right woman, the right
life, etc.

This also includes YOUR development
as a man who is truly congruent and who
is strong, passionate about integrity, and
who is inspiring- so this means saying
NO to the WRONG types of music,
NO to the wrong types of MOVIES,
NO to the wrong types of MESSAGES.

If you bombard yourself with the message
that women are all a certain negative way,
that will filter your perception and make
you see things in a very distorted way.
So you can see how certain types of
music might not be productive.

But if you say NO to the pick up artist
messages, if you say NO to the manipulator
stuff, you are saying YES to being a
better MAN, the kind of man that attracts
a great WOMAN.

If you bombard yourself with messages
that say you are not worthy or that you
are not enough, you will FEEL that way,
so you can see how certain men's
magazines that try to constantly make you
feel insecure would only harm you.

On the other hand, by saying NO to this
stuff, you can then make CONSCIOUS
choices to see the RIGHT movies,
the right music, the right books,

I saw a FANTASTIC film at the theatre
called "Earth" and it was inspiring, it was
a documentary about nature and how
majestic the natural beauty of Earth
is, including the natural struggle of
how animals go about their daily

I'd way rather listen to "Scarborough
Fair" than 99% of what is on the
radio. I'm not telling you what
to watch or listen to or read, but
I am saying that YOU should
be conscious and make informed
decisions of what you take into
your mind- it's no different and
no less important than what you
take into your stomach as food.

It's the food of your MIND.

In life you will constantly have CHOICES,
but most people don't even REALIZE this.
They end up DOING things and ACCEPTING
things because they aren't even AWARE of
what is going on- for example, they have
no idea how harmful the wrong messages
and wrong entertainment and wrong
environments are.

But the reality is that no one is FORCING
you to do things, or accept things, or listen
to the wrong messages.

In religion, myth, and folklore, you ever
notice how there is a certain common thread,
which is that nobody MAKES you do
anything- sure there may be the "villain"
the "snake" the "seductress" etc, etc,
but the lesson they keep on trying to
hammer home is that it is WE ourselves
who must make the right decisions.

The fact that every culture on Earth and
every civilization has come up with very
similar stories and mythologies (see
Joseph Campbell's "The Hero With
A Thousand Faces") is a hint to a universal
truth: To live a better life, we have to learn
what to say NO to, and what to say YES to.

So, for example, any time you feel the temptation
to do something that goes against your principles
just to impress a woman, realize this is TEST
for YOURSELF- this is your chance to prove
to YOURSELF that you are the MAN.

Realize that doing ANYTHING that goes against
your principles, just to impress a woman, will
only attract the WRONG woman. And by
NOT giving into this, you will become even
STRONGER in the right ways, which will
make you stand out that much clearer from
all the other wrong guys when you might
the RIGHT woman.

She will see that you are absolutely clear on
your values and that you are exactly the kind
of man she has been looking for.

This leads to my next point:


To me, it's never been about dating tons of
women, or getting "notches" on bedposts.
It's always been about searching for that
super high quality, magical combination of
traits that makes for a great woman.

If you allow tons of the WRONG women
into your life, you will pollute your mind
and emotions and you will require a longer
emotional detox process to clean it all
up so you can be READY for the right

Too many guys are so focused on getting a woman
into bed, it's as if these women are already perfect
without even being checked out personality-wise.

When "checking out" a woman, don't just check
out her body, check out her personality and her
values. Check out how kind she is, check out
her compassion, check out her strength of values,
check out how disciplined she is, check out
how strongly she is committed to doing the
right thing, check out if she is willing to
be a true PARTNER or just looking for
you to do everything.

Check out how strongly she is able to
RESIST the pressure of the crazy values
preached by many people out there.

Dating is important, so that you PREVENT
yourself from getting into a relationship
with the wrong woman. Think of
dating as a SECURITY check where
you are SCREENING to prevent the
wrong woman or women from getting
into your MIND and your EMOTIONS.

Dating is about finding out who this woman
is INTERNALLY and emotionally.


There are all kinds of ways of getting into
the right emotional state so you can be
at your best when approaching a woman
and having a conversation with her.

The best way for you to get into the right
emotional state is to physically DO something,
because when your body MOVES, you actually
change your emotions. Motion creates emotion.

And to be even more precise, the best actions
to do are the things that you BELIEVE in.

So let's say you believe in charity, then
go out and FIND someone to give a buck
to. You will FEEL better and you will
also be CONGRUENT to the right values,
on a subconscious lever you will be showing
this stuff through tiny subtleties in your
demeanor. It's almost as if a woman will
be able to read your mind and know what
kind of person you are--all because you
will be in the congruent emotional state
to what you just DID recently.

If you believe in HEALTH and vitality,
you can go WORK OUT and approach
women after.

If you love music, then listen to your favourite
music and MOVE to it. It will change your
STATE, there is no way you can be in
a negative state when moving to music
you love. You don't have to even call
this 'dancing' what counts is the
inspires in you.

You can do all the above, you can do
something different, but the key is to
take PHYSICAL action and DO it.

Ever notice how the best singers don't just
say the words but truly put their heart and
soul into the song? They make the words
dance on their tongues, they make the
words soar with emotion into the air.
They aren't just trying to get the song
over with, they are milking every last
word and syllable and having pleasure
and fun with it.

And when you talk with a woman,
don't talk about things that you don't
care about- it will be lifeless and boring.
And don't fake it either- instead, talk
about positive things and fun things
that you really DO care about. And
even MORE importantly, LISTEN
with genuine INTEREST in wanting
to know more about this person
rather than just wanting to get this
person's number or anything else.


Too many guys are just trying to learn to
FAKE being a cool guy with women.

It's not about being anything with women,
it's about being the best MAN you can be.

So when I hear about guys who are learning
from "pick up artist" types who teach them
to pretend they are busy, i.e. "after you
get the woman's number, make sure you
tell her you can't meet her that night
because you have plans- this will show
her you have a life and that you are hard
to get" it really makes no sense, since
the truth is you really SHOULD be a
man with a plan, a man with things on
his plate, with meaningful goals.

This way, you never have to PRETEND
you are busy with things, and you also
actually DO have things to talk about
that you care about, that are positive
and interesting, and these things also
help give you perspectives that you
can lend to helping HER perspectives
widen as well.

So for example, if you are talking to
her about some book she is reading,
and she tells you something about
ancient history or the character in
the book or the story or whatever,
and thoughts that you can SHARE
with her as well on the very thing
she is talking about, and you can
also help her see that you UNDERSTAND
her and that you can relate to what
she is saying.

Learning 'pick up lines' and learning to
pretend things like the dating gurus and
pick up artists like to do, is no way to develop
a powerful connection and a powerful
attraction from a woman to you.


I say this because it's so easy to think
that you are LESS than you really are.

Forget about women for one sec- this
has to do with YOU, not women:

How would you behave and speak and
carry yourself if YOU knew you were

Would there be DOUBT in your voice?
Would there be weakness and apology
constantly in your voice?

How would you respect your own TIME
if you knew it was DAMN VALUABLE?

How would you WALK and hold yourself
if you knew you TRULY MATTERED on
this Earth?

Start walking, breathing, and making
DECISIONS in your life based on the
fact that you ARE worthy.

If you DON'T do this, you will NEVER
even GET to the point where you can
SEE just how MASSIVELY this affects
your actual RESULTS in the real world
in every way- in business, with women,
with friends, family, etc.

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Michael Marks

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Congruency And Dominance To Attract A Woman

Today, I'd like to share with you
two instantly applicable and powerful
insights regarding attracting a

The first is regarding something known

Ever notice how the best singers don't
always have the best voices, but they
always seem to TRULY BE singing from
the heart? They seem to TRULY be
emotionally engaged in whatever it
is they are singing?

This is an example of congruency.
Everything they are saying is also
backed up with body language and
tonality that is totally consistent
with the song.

One of the coolest things that you will
find extremely empowering is that you
DON'T have to pretend to be someone
else in order to attract a woman.

It doesn't matter if you are a party
animal, or a shy guy, you do NOT
have to try to adopt a character
or identity that is not you.

The key is to learn how to be truly
comfortable in your own skin.

99% of people are not this way,
they are the victims of endless
bad programming and bad conditioning
since childhood. So this 'being
comfortable in your own skin'
thing takes some know-how
if you are going to get it

At the very moment of approaching
a woman who is a stranger, most men
tend to do the very things that show
the OPPOSITE of who they really
are. This even happens with
women we might already know,
if we are attracted to them.

So, for example, a guy who is really
NOT into the pop culture will pretend
that he is a real know it all about
Britney Spears, Madonna.

Or a guy who is actually not into
money, but feels INSECURE about it,
will try to show a woman he knows
a lot about money.

Similarly, a guy who may not really
be into academic stuff will pretend
that he reads a lot when in reality
he doesn't.

Or a guy who is not into dance clubs
and lounges will pretend he is by
name-dropping all the "hot spots"
in the city, the local clubs, etc.

The reality is that it's far more
important to be congruent with
who you really are, as long as
that person is coming from a
place of warmth and confidence.

So, if you want to start a
conversation with a woman
at the local bookstore, then
try starting the conversation
with your genuine thoughts
about something relevant-
such as the book she is

Then, when she gives you her
response, you should respond
genuinely with your feelings
and thoughts about what she
said, as long as your thoughts
are coming from a place of
warmth and confidence.

A woman can detect the inconsistencies
and incongruencies in your demeanor,
which means she will know something
is "sketchy" or untrue about you
if you lie or pretend to be someone

On the other hand, if you are truly
congruent and consistent with your
real identity, and you are SECURE
with that identity, you will attract
her by showing her that you are
a man who doesn't need to play
games with her. This also gives
her the permission for HER to
be herself as well, and there
is nothing on earth like the
feeling of being yourself
and feeling GOOD about that.

I have always said that the
greatest gift you can give
a woman is greater self-esteem,
and by showing it in yourself
and by showing comfort in
your own identity, you help
inspire her to do the same.

I've had clients who have ranged
from extreme extroverts to extreme
introverts, and they have all done
well with women, by learning how
to unleash their true personalities
and getting rid of all the things
that we all do to BLOCK our identity
out of the fear that maybe that
identity isn't "cool" enough.

The irony is that BLOCKING our
identity is the very thing that
causes a woman's attraction to
shut DOWN.

So, from now on, I suggest you
take a conscious note of all
the things you tend to do in
conversations with a woman
that BLOCK what you really
feel and who you really are-
from showing off, from acting
too cool, from acting like
anybody that you're not.

And STOP doing those things.

So, stop talking too fast.
Stop trying to qualify yourself.

Start actually listening to her
rather than worrying if you
are coming across as cool or not.

Learn to be present in the moment.
All you have is the moment, nothing
else exists, so enjoy that moment,
and the next, and the next, etc.

The next key I want to discuss is DOMINANCE.

A lot of times you hear that women are attracted
to guys who are dominant. Most guys however,
misunderstand this and think it means being
a hard-ass.

The reality regarding this is that it has nothing
to do with that at all. It has to do with several
other things, though, and today I'll get into
ONE of those things, and that is the erotic
applications of this.

As you will see right now, being
dominant in the right way is actually
being KIND to a woman.

For better or for worse, the fact of the matter
is that women even today are still under the
influence of social programming, and even
though there is so much liberation, a lot of
women still feel guilty about sex, believe it
or not. Also, even if a woman has zero
guilt, what I am about to say enhances
attraction as well.

So, for example, let's say you meet a woman
in a dance club or a lounge or wherever,
even a coffee shop while in line. And you
begin a conversation with anything from
"Coffee is only the beginning of my
vices, how about you?" to teasing
her on the fancy bright pink martini she
has ordered and saying "You know that
drink would go better if you were wearing
pink shoes" The fact of the matter is,
at some time in the interaction, you
have to ESCALATE things. So for
example, you might have to get her
to sit down with you because it's
kind of silly to be standing there
blocking the line once you both
have your coffee or whatever drink
you both ordered.

Well, for many women, if you just ASK
her, "Would you like to sit with me over
there?" even a woman who may very well
have been feeling attraction for you, she
might now say "Ummm sorry, I have
to get going, but thanks."

Meanwhile, had you just said with DOMINANCE
the following statement rather than question:
"You need to take a break with the best,
come here and sit down for a sec" she
would have far more likely have not only
AGREED to do it, but also been
TURNED ON by the way you said it
with such dominance.

There are tons of reasons for this.
For one thing, it shows you are a man who
knows what he wants and has clarity. You
are showing that you aren't even considering
that she might say no, that you are so confident
that she will say yes. There are tons of
positive associations to this, it says you
are a winner, that you know what you
are doing, from survival in the wilderness
to having a fun romp in bed. It's all good

And, there is another level to all this as
well- and that is the fact that if a woman
has to lead the show in the beginning, she
feels guilty sometimes. Whereas if YOU
lead the show, she can feel that you were
just "being a man" being a "guy", etc,
as if it was a man's role only to do this
stuff. And perception is reality, so the
fact is, if you DON'T lead the show,
if you are NOT dominant in leading
things and escalating the interaction,
she will feel you are not a man, she
will feel guilty for leading the show
herself, etc.

The more you lead, the more she can
ENJOY the interaction and not worry
or feel guilty about it. Now, of course,
if a woman clearly says no to anything, then
you OF COURSE leave her alone. The idea
though is that you must take responsibility
for escalating the interaction, and for doing
it with dominance.

It's a far bigger turn on, and it allows her to
also feel GOOD about the whole thing rather
than worry about being perceived as a "slut",

As you have seen above, dominance is a
crucial element to being successful with
women, but it must be done RIGHT.

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