Sunday, October 24, 2010


Fasten your seatbelts, because today you’re
in for something MAJOR.

There’s a ton of DEEP insights today that
have massive implications for improving
the way you go about meeting women,
attracting them, even the very way you
THINK about attraction itself.

As you know, Get A Great Girl is all about
getting the RARE kind of woman who is
not only beautiful, but also warm, and
genuinely FAITHFUL in mind and body.

If you’ve ever been with a woman that you
were REALLY attracted to, and then later
found out that she was being unfaithful,
you already know just how DEEP these
wounds penetrate, and how DISASTROUS
this is to your entire reality for
quite a long time, sometimes YEARS.

It’s even worse when it happens AGAIN,
and AGAIN.

This FAITHFUL thing is exceptionally rare
in the full sense of the world “faithful”
and it is the reason you never hear
about this from the “pick up artist” and
most of the “dating guru” community.

The reason they don’t talk about this is
because it’s EASIER to just focus on
getting “quick short term action” and
getting physical with a certain TYPE
of woman.

Now, I’m not even saying anything BAD
about promiscuous women, it’s totally
fine in my books as long as they are
HONEST about it, that’s all cool.

But the thing is, most guys out
there really DO want a girlfriend
who is also attractive and a fun
person to be around.

Even guys who want to “fool around”
STILL want to ALSO have their cake
and eat it too by having a girlfriend
that they usually lie to regarding
being faithful to her and fooling
around on the side with others.

Even guys who CHEAT would still hate
to find out that their GIRLFRIEND
was cheating on them.

So pretty much EVERY GUY wants a
girlfriend that is faithful and
that is attractive.

Now, the thing to REALIZE here is that
the very SAME thing that makes it
EASY to get “physical” with a lot of
women is the SAME reason it’s
RARE to get a woman who is SLOWER
to get physical and who is actually

The REASON is because, more than ever,

The reason for this is because YOUTH
drive the marketing efforts of most
companies, because most companies
know that if you can get people when
they are YOUNG, they will be customers
for LIFE.

However, the one thing that MOST YOUTH
(obviously there are exceptions, and you're
probably one of the exceptions if you're
here reading this!) do NOT understand
compared to older people is LONG TERM
THINKING and being more RATIONAL
compared to the two things that drive YOUTH:

1: Raging hormones.
2: Peer pressure.

In fact, these two things, raging hormones
and peer pressure, make up for the vast
majority of ALL advertising of ANYTHING.

Soap, beer, cars, clothing, magazines,
pretty much EVERYTHING.

The hormone component of these ads
are obvious, but the PEER pressure
stuff might seem less obvious.

However, the PEER pressure element is

Let me give you a prime example:

Facebook really provides you with nothing
special at all.

If Facebook evaporated today, NOTHING
would really change. It’s not like telephones
or cars or email, etc.

But Facebook has the most IMPORTANT
psychological element going for it:

It’s the “Social Network”, i.e.

As in “Oh my god, what if I am not shown
to be COOL on Facebook????”

It’s not a coincidence the guy who started
Facebook was in university at the time,
PARTY SCENE” and who is the coolest,
etc, etc.

It’s all about people wanting to show they
are cool to other people, and superficially
pretending to befriend others who are “cool”
to show that they themselves are also cool
as a byproduct.

Yes, it has other purposes too, but this is
really how it all started and is what the
underlying driving force behind it is.

And guess what?

The HORMONE component of this IS ALSO
at play, because so many people unfortunately
just want to know “the gossip” who is sleeping
with who, who is in a relationship, who is single,
etc, etc. And of course all this is on Facebook
in one way or another as well.

Never mind the billions of guys who all want
to be “friends” with whatever attractive female
it might happen to be on Facebook, as if they
wanted to be friends and not really just
want to sleep with her.

If nothing else, if they can get to be her
”friend”, it might help provide SOCIAL
PROOF for them to get OTHER women.

Or so they HOPE.
In other words, this is all part of SOCIAL
PROOF. Social proof means that if enough
other people are doing something, then
everyone else believes it is the right thing
to do. If enough other people say you
are cool, then most people will now think
you are cool as well, etc.

In fact, because so MANY youth are all
brainwashed, the sheer NUMBER of
them all have ALSO influenced EVERYONE
ELSE, from people in their 30s to people
in their 40s, 50s, 60's, etc.

So our entire SOCIETY has become more
wrapped up in the “GET PHYSICAL NOW”

This means sexually transmitted infections
and diseases have SKYROCKETED to the
point it’s almost NORMAL to have gotten
an STI these days!

And it also means that relationships breaking
up is practically EXPECTED amongst most

Let me tell you something even BIGGER:
It also means that because EMOTIONS
rule today with such MAJOR force, it
has resulted in a world where all the
we have made have almost become
USELESS, because the MINDSET is
so ruled by EMOTION that most
people can not tell FACT from FICTION.

Which means LIES can be spread ever
faster than ever before.

So, for example, GOOGLE is a great idea.
However, it’s also almost USELESS in

If you were to type in almost ANY subject
into Google, you would get about the
SAME amount of TRUTH and the SAME
amount of LIES as your RESULTS.

This is because, of course, there are
people out there making money from
the fact that most people would rather
PAY for LIES that fit into their raging
hormones perspective as well as their
distorted picture of the world.

Scientific social studies have proven
that people mostly do NOT listen
even when they TRY to listen, because
their perspectives are so ingrained, they
FILTER out anything that does not fit
in with the perspective they already

Now, imagine how much WORSE this
is in a world where emotion is actually
PRIZED over TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The exact same thing of course has
happened in the world of dating advice.

It doesn’t even matter that the various
pick up artists have been proven to
be full of it, because PROOF only
matters to LOGICAL people.

In the old days, people were brainwashed
by hardcore religion.

These days, people are allowed to indulge
in their OWN emotional illusions and no
one will make you seem uncool for being

Stupid is in style.

Now that you know that, I can explain
to you the MAIN thing about how to
get “physical quick” with a lot of women,
which is NOT the main point of this
newsletter, as you will see.

It’s just so you know what all the
“hoopla” REALLY boils down to:


This is pretty easy, just go out to a
nightclub and you’re guaranteed
LOTS of women hanging around.

Even better, they’re THERE to meet
guys in the first place!


This makes it even EASIER, since
after all, most of the women there
WANT to get physical, and the
alcohol SHUTS down the nasty
THINKING part of the brain.


She’s there to get physical and have
a good time, so make everything
about laughter and fun.


Even in the superficial world, it STILL
feels good to ALSO have SOME kind
of connection with a girl, so try to
find something in common that you
both share or even do something
together that bonds you, like
playing a silly game together.


The last thing she needs is a guy
who doesn’t “GET IT”, who doesn’t
understand that women are even more
physically aroused than men, that she
is their to get physical, and that she
still expects YOU to lead the show.

This means that you must escalate
towards getting physical and take
responsibility for it and make it
all as smooth as possible.

This is because for some weird reason in
our society, even promiscuous women
are expected to act a bit less promiscuous
than the men they sleep with. (Which
is REALLY stupid and just causes more
repression making these women even
MORE likely to be promiscuous!)

Now, the thing is, there’s nothing
EVIL about any of those things!

In fact, some of those things are good!

It’s just that it’s not ENOUGH for
attracting a woman who is much
MORE than just another woman
that is attractive.

In fact, if you DO happen to meet
a quality woman in a nightclub,
you have to be even MORE skilled
to show that you are NOT the typical
guy there.

And THIS is the reason I have written
ALL the above, it’s not a rant, it’s to
let you know just how RARE and how
DIFFERENT a genuine QUALITY woman

She is the kind of woman who is RESISTANT
to peer pressure, to "social proof", she is IMPERVIOUS
to these "Jedi Mind Tricks" - she is one strong
woman that is looking for a man even STRONGER.

If you want to attract a woman who is
far stronger to social pressure than most,
if you want a woman who is faithful,
a woman who is intelligent, who is not
into drugs or promiscuity, she needs
to see that YOU are THE MAN that
is stronger internally than most men.

Remember, SHE has SPLIT APART from
the MAJORITY of brainwashed society,
and that takes GUTS plus INTELLIGENCE.

So imagine a woman of that fortitude,
what kind of MAN she must be with,
he will have to be EVEN STRONGER
in his INDEPENDENCE from social
proof brainwashing than she is,
if she is to feel FEMININE in his

She needs to see REAL confidence,

And there needs to be a real connection
on a deep level, which means, if she
is a total stranger, you have to have
the SKILL to convey a LOT about yourself
in a BRIEF amount of time, doing very
LITTLE yet communicating a LOT.

And she needs to see your PERSPECTIVE
on life and whether it’s a COMPELLING
one or not. A weak sense of this perspective
will DEFINITELY chase away a fantastic
quality woman.

If you have all THAT, well THEN it’s
AWESOME to be able to meet her
and get all into the “FUN AND GAMES”
mentality, because now she feels SAFE
to go INTO that sexual mode with you
and just totally ENJOY it with you.

If a guy asks me if it’s worth it, to learn
how to detect and how to attract a rare
quality woman, the answer I give is simple:

Do you enjoy being betrayed?

Because if you hang out with the typical
woman who is attractive, and you try to
turn it into a long-term relationship, she will
most likely just try to use you or at best it
will be a short term thing.

So it’s not even a question of "if it’s
worth it or not" -  THERE'S NO

It’s learn how to get a GREAT girl, and
be the man she has been DREAMING of
all her life, or get no woman at all.

The wrong woman will cost you
a fortune, your emotions, your time,
and your health.

The wrong woman will DESTROY you.

On the other hand, the RIGHT woman
will make EVERYTHING feel a trillion
times more FUN.

What I’ve done over the past several
YEARS is focused only the things
that actually WORK for attracting a
RARE type of woman:

A woman that is not only attractive and
faithful, but a woman who also brings out
the BEST in you because she herself is
such a great person.


One of the first things is DETECTING
a quality woman in the first place!

And guess what?

The truth is that a woman reveals her
ENTIRE personality to you quite quickly,
without her even realizing it.

You can find out VERY QUICKLY if you
are dealing with a quality woman or not.

The trick to this is that you have to be

Yes, with SKILL.

This means your mind is not just passively
listening, but your mind is actually looking
for certain things or the absence of certain
things in what she is saying and doing.

Most people are not only lacking at this skill,
but when you ALSO account for the fact that
most men are so mesmerized by a woman’s
beauty, you realize most men can’t even HEAR
what she is REALLY saying because men’s
emotions keep putting a HALO FILTER
over everything she says, interpreting
it all to make her a better person
than she really is.

So for example, let’s say you meet
a woman, and she works in media/tv/
film/music/entertainment and she is talking
to you about her work and she is PROUD
to tell you how she gets clients to do what
SHE wants and how she makes them think
it is THEIR idea when it is really hers, so
that they will do what she wants, etc, etc.

Now, just about every guy would
think nothing of this. In fact, a lot
of guys might even be IMPRESSED!

Meanwhile, this is a time-bomb
waiting to happen.

This woman is telling you that she
enjoys MANIPULATING people.

She is telling you that HONESTY
is not IMPORTANT to her.

Now, this is actually a REAL example
that a man brought up during the live
taping of Warrior Within, about a horrific
woman who he initially thought was GREAT,
before she tore his heart to pieces with her

However, after making the insights from
this program, he was able to “trace back
the steps” to when he met her, and he
thought back to the things she originally
SAID and DID when he met her.

He then remembered the SPECIFICS of the
things she said, including the details above
about how she, in essence, enjoyed
manipulating people.

He realized how with these skills, he could have
FORESEEN all of this, and would have realized
right away that this woman was a TIMEBOMB
and the last thing on earth that any man
should get into a relationship with.

Most men would never detect the messages
a woman is unintentionally really saying
about herself- whether those messages
are positive or negative.

You can detect a woman’s personality,
through these SKILLS of sifting out
the IMPORTANT things from what
she is saying.

Again, this is a skill that is usually glossed
over as not important, meanwhile it’s

Not only does it tell you about the
woman, but if she is a great woman,
you can then use this knowledge of
her character to help understand
her and build a powerful CONNECTION.

She’s giving you all the INFORMATION
about herself so that you can actually
have a MEANINGFUL conversation to
her, that is not manipulative but based
on your real thoughts about her actual
identity- and if it’s an identity you
LIKE, you will be able to validate her
with a genuine compliment about her
actual core identity that you respect.

This forms a FAR DEEPER connection
than just “fluff talk” because it is about
you connecting to her CORE.

The ability to detect what kind of
woman you are dealing with is

In fact, the reason most people gloss
over this skill is for the very reason
they NEED this skill- they REFUSE
to believe they have anything they
really NEED to listen to or learn,
because they are SO CONVINCED
they already KNOW what they
need to know.

So this belief that they have, blocks out
ANY info that comes in regarding the
need to IMPROVE their listening skills!

And yet, what they know is REALLY
just the EMOTIONS they are feeling,
but they think it’s MORE than an
emotion, so if they feel ATTRACTION
to a girl, they also feel that this girl
must be “GOOD”.

In my Warrior Within program, we go
DEEP on this, and to be honest, just
this ALONE is worth the entire cost
of the program, as learning to detect
exactly WHAT kind of woman you are
dealing with RIGHT AWAY can save

Notice, by the way, that this woman
had NO CLUE she was revealing something
that is actually UNATTRACTIVE.

In fact, to HER, this IS an attractive thing,
that’s why she was showing off about it!

And most men would think the SAME.

This is why you want to learn these
skills that most men do NOT know.

Similarly, if a woman shows you that
she IS honest through the things she
is saying without even trying hard,
you can spot the RIGHT woman.

Remember, people reveal themselves
because they have no idea that their
negative behaviors ARE negative.

If they realized it, they would CHANGE.

And NO ONE can force them to realize
it unless THEY THEMSELVES are open
to changing and learning.

This is why I find it ludicrous that the
pick up artist crowd likes to pretend
that their advice ALSO works to get
ANY woman to become a girlfriend!

Complete and total b.s. unless by
“girlfriend” they mean cheating

Getting a GREAT girl, especially these days,
is truly an entirely different CATEGORY of skill,
and it does NOT mix with the TYPICAL 
concept of “success with women”.

And as powerful as this newsletter is,
it’s barely scratched the surface of
the FULL SPECTRUM on how to get a
quality woman. This newsletter just
touched the surface on DETECTING
a quality woman, and there is so
much more on this, plus all the
information on actually ATTRACTING
her as well.

Remember, a rare quality woman that is
APART from the majority of the masses
is very DIFFERENT in what attracts her
than all the other typical women.

If you’d like to get a fantastic woman
who would be a great girlfriend, the best
thing on earth you can do is get my
“Warrior Within” program on DVD.

You will learn not only how to “see” what
kind of woman you are dealing with,
which will save you immense time and
energy, but you will also learn the truth
on how to UNLEASH all the deepest levels
to your INNER GAME to attract her and
KEEP her as well.

This isn’t “lust-driven” confidence.

It’s about being the kind of man that
stands APART from the vast majority
of men, because his power comes
from WITHIN, not from “social proof”
or any other gimmick.

THIS is the kind of man such a woman
CRAVES, and this program will show
you all the REAL-LIFE ways of developing
these skills. This program is zero gimmicks,

She’s out there right now, looking for
the man who understands what’s in
this program. Let that man be YOU.

It’s at:

And if you haven’t yet downloaded my
book, “Get A Great Girl”, do that now.
This book serves as a fantastic foundation
for you to get a great girlfriend.

Download it immediately at:

For now, for tomorrow, for ALWAYS,

Michael Marks

P.S. You can check out all my programs at:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Stopping A Woman And Making Her YOURS

Ever wonder how to stop a gorgeous
woman walking on the sidewalk
beside you, even if she is with her

You're going to learn all that and
much more today, you'll even see
how one man got a woman so
attracted that she wrote her phone
number on his arm with her lipstick!

The following is just part of a massive
letter I received, so to save you time,
I'm going to "fast forward" straight to
the heart of the letter:


"...So I was really looking forward to your
new program, Warrior Within – as it
came out at the perfect time of me being
newly single again: And man, you
did not disappoint.

Within the first 15-20 minutes of the very
first DVD, I already got what I like to call a
“coolness” transfusion injected into my
system on what feels like a cellular level!

It was when you were explaining how
“who we are” is a total artificial
construct, and that in fact, we are
“asleep at the switch” when we are
thinking that our limits with women are
“who we really are”, and that we can’t be
whatever we WANT, on the deepest level.

I started to ask myself what were the
limitations that I was imposing on myself
as a result of thinking that, “This is simply
who I am!”. I realized that you hit the nail
on the head!!

For example, so far in the past, I’ve
still had to “pump myself up” to get into
state in order to make my successful
approaches with women, because it
wasn’t who I felt I “really was”, so
I needed to “pump” myself up to
“reach” that level that was not my
“normal, real” self.

All bollocks!!!!

So last night, which was Saturday night,
I was walking along the sidewalk downtown,
in middle of all the fun cafes, lounges, etc,
letting the evening take me where it may,
when three girls, dressed to the nines
clearly for a night on the town, were
walking the opposite direction,
toward me.

My heart set sail, Michael, at the sight
of one of them in particular, a woman who
looked like an exotic bond girl, she had
dark black hair and a slender, curvy shape,
and this tasteful shimmering jade skirt
that could not hide her gorgeous derriere.

Of course, the first thing that then went
through my mind was the fact that every
guy in a three block radius was looking
as well, and then I realized that allllllll
of these guys were not approaching
because they allllllllllll thought “it’s not
who they are” which of course as you
put it is total b.s.!!!

So then I simply thought of someone who
I thought *would* be perfectly at home
approaching her, and I thought of this
guy I used to know really well when I was
in the Reserves, who was not only a super
cool guy and would do this kind of thing,
but also I could trust this guy with my life.

So I took on the role of being him, I
“threw out” myself for the time being,
and walked into an identity I had never
allowed for myself, but because I was
just “pretending” to be this role, somehow
I gave myself permission to suddenly
be free!

Michael, what happened next was the
most exhilarating experience I have
ever had: Something came over me
that I had never felt before, a sense
of permission, entitlement, and power:

I stopped walking, and looked directly
at the girl I was interested in the most,
as she got within about 10 feet.

And I just said: “STOP.”

I put out my hand and said, “You.”

And the crazy thing, Michael, is that
inside of me, I knew they were going
to listen to every word I had to say,
because somehow through sheer
force of WILL, I was exuding a sense
of command and leadership – and
all wrapped up in a sense of fun.

I walked right up to the one that caught
my eye, and with an unwavering look,
looked straight into her blue eyes and
said, with COMMAND, “Where do you
think you’re going? I’m here.”

Then, her friends started to giggle but
she did not even look at them, and now
I know why- it was because I focused
and zeroed in on her exactly as you
said, as if the only two people who
existed in the universe at that moment
was me and her, and that’s it.

I was giving her my total focus, and all
the infinite vibes of power and sexuality.

She didn’t even giggle, she responded
very matter of factly, as if this was
the most normal thing in the world,
with what sounded like a Slavic accent,
“We are celebrating her (pointing to her
blonde friend) birthday! You’re late!”

For a split second, I couldn’t believe that
this insanity was working. It was like the
rules of the universe were up to me, and
I had no idea of exactly what the limits
and rules of this universe were!!!

And then I realized that the rules
are all up to me, and that I better
figure them out quick, as just like
you said, if your conviction is not
iron-clad, others will put their
beliefs in place of yours and create
your reality for you instead.

The best way to describe the feeling
was like the situation in that movie
Inception, where the ground bends
upward into the sky, and buildings are
hanging upside down, and all of reality
becomes freaky and unnerving, and also
cool as hell.

So I went WITH it, exactly as you also
explain in Warrior, and I told her “Of
course I’m late, I was busy preparing
and bringing the best present!”

“You brought a present????”

“Of course, the best present – I brought

And I made a gesture with my arms out,
palms facing up, presenting myself for
exactly who I am.

She went wide eyed and smiled, and I
could hardly stop myself from gazing at
her gorgeous smile and her lips, damn!

At this point, one of her friends said,
“She’s an awesome girl” as if she needed
help being “endorsed”!!!!!!!!!!

I swear to God man, to have women
trying to prove and endorse to you a
girl that already is a knockout, is kind
of crazy.

Now, I know that obviously I had no
clue about what kind of person she is,
but as an initial encounter, as you
explain, it’s all up to you at this stage.

And man, I never understood before
last night that this is a fantastic
positive thing- I used to think this was
a negative thing because it meant that
as men we had to do all the work- but
now I realize it means that as men we
get to create our reality and make that
reality happen!

Knowing the cardinal rule you explained
long ago, to always add to the vibe,
and especially in a fun place and time
like Saturday night, to make it more
upbeat, so I played with her friends
as well, telling them that I would
be willing to share myself with them
because it was a birthday, and gave
them all a group hug!

Of course, this gave me bonus points
because it meant I had approval of
the entire group, and the honest truth
is that I DID enjoy their friendliness,
it was not a “move” to manipulate them!

We ended up chatting on the sidewalk
for about ten minutes, talking about
the best places to celebrate, and then
I told the girl I was interested in that
I was interested in learning more about
her, to which she joked:

“What parts of me do you want to learn

And I knew this was a playful test,
where most guys would melt and either
get tongue-tied, or embarrassed.

I made sure to not sell my soul, and to
be honest about my thoughts.

So I said to her:
"I prefer to go from the inside out,
if I like you inside, then I’ll REALLY
like your outsides."

The crazy thing, Mike, is that this actually
had an awesome double meaning that was
sexual but also deep and non-superficial
as well! A shining example of what you
said about the power of brutal self
honesty and not “censoring” your own
thoughts but rather letting them fly
in the moment.

Her jaw dropped, and I stroked her
shoulder with my hand, looked
deep into her eyes, and said,
“what’s your number?”

She asked for my cell phone, which
I was not carrying. So she pulled out
her lipstick, grabbed my arm, and wrote
her number on the inside of my forearm,
and then one of her friends told me that I
better call her!!!!!

I hugged her and gave her a light kiss
on the neck ( I know this would not be
appropriate during daytime normal
approaches, but this environment
was more energy) and bid her friends

I texted her once later that evening,
telling her we should meet up the
next day. She replied within 15 minutes
and now I’m looking at a date with this
gorgeous creature tomorrow!

I can’t wait to put all the things into
action tomorrow that I learned from
Warrior Within about creating a powerful
and authentic connection!

Another thing I really love about your
programs is that they don't require
pick up lines, and it has nothing to
do with trying to play manipulative
mind games on women- it's about
generating so much attractive power
that a woman simply is drawn to you
no matter what.

Anyway, man, I’m going on and on.
All I want to say is one gigantic
thank you.

And allow me to say to your readers, that
any guy who doesn’t get this program has
no clue what he’s missing. Now I understand
what the guys on your site are talking about!

Troy R.,
Miami, FL.


Man, thank YOU for that incredibly detailed
account of what happened, and of course
thank you for the props on Warrior Within.

One of the things I really appreciate
is when guys actually explain HOW they
are using the materials. Obviously, I
appreciate positive words, but explaining
how you are using the materials is even
more helpful to other guys.

There were so many things you did right,
that I believe reading your letter twice is
excellent advice – it’s JAMMED with great
applications of the concepts you learned.

What I really loved was the way you kept
BUILDING on each thing you did, and how
a lot of this ends up happening when you
START THINGS RIGHT to begin with.

So for example, by going in STRONG and
COMMANDING, you then have a way more
ENERGIZED reception.

As a guy who LOVES great films myself,
I totally know what you mean with the
example you gave from Inception regarding
creating the dominating reality from your

In the same way that in dreams buildings can
hang upside down and the land can bend upward
defying gravity, you can also DEFY EVERYTHING
that men have been brainwashed to believe are
their "limits" with women.

it happens all in her MIND, no different than a DREAM:

When you START with COMMAND of your
reality, you can then CREATE the reality you
wish to have AROUND you, and because
your CONVICTION is so strong in it,
everyone else around you INSTINCTIVELY
gets swooped up into your reality.

This then makes a woman WANT to give
YOU conversational feedback that has
“spunk” and “fun” to it, like when she said
to you in a playful way that you were “late”
for the celebration- as if of COURSE you
WERE supposed to be there with her!!!

And then you followed the principle of
GOING with it perfectly by not saying
something like “I’m not late”:

Instead, you said that indeed of COURSE
you were late, because you were preparing
a great present!

And then for you to add the POWER touch
was icing on the cake, when made it clear
that this present was actually YOU.

This is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about.

The truth that is not even a secret is that
a woman WANTS to BELONG to
her man, but the keyword here is MAN.

Be that man, and she WANTS to be YOURS.

I also love the way you initially REALIZED
how YOU were the one limiting yourself
because of your beliefs of “who you are”
and how you allowed your REAL identity
to shine by pretending it’s someone else
who you DID give permission to be that
cool! That person is actually YOU!

Your letter has tons and tons of valuable
applications for attracting a woman in the
most powerful way, thanks for sending it in.


Hey Michael,

I just finished your Dating Wizard book!
I must tell you thanks for sharing your
knowledge with me.


But I know now what to do and how to
handle my new encounters! Man it’s crazy
how the media warps your brain to make
you think that you must act like the NICE GUY!

I feel a whole lot better after reading your
book. I have hope now and knowledge!
I just have a couple of questions I need
help with!

1. I’m 27 and a virgin(it is what it is) if things
get sexual how do I show that im still the MAN
and not look like a total noob?

2.If another man tries to challenge my
masculinity (in front of other women) by
let’s say, trying to make me look like a punk
so he looks like the alpha male.

3.What would be the best way to handle it?

4.What made me pull the trigger to buy
your great book was that I have a speed
dating event at this comic book convention
I’m going to this Friday. What section of
the book should I read again to better my
chances, and any tips you can give me?

And thank you Michael for helping and
showing me the way. I JUST WISH YOU

So thankful,

Paul K.
New York, NY


Thanks for the props on the book.

If things get sexual, you do not have
to say you are a virgin (even though
there's nothing wrong with it), and
also remember that FOREPLAY is a
huge part of making the sexual stuff
as powerful as possible, so that she
can be so insanely lustful for you
that you can't go wrong by the time
it comes for actual “deed”.

Also, I always like to remind people,
make sure to wear a condom properly.

Regarding if another guy tries to "tool'
you by challenging your masculinity or
anything like that, in my Attraction Mastery
Program on CD, I go into a full explanation
of the best way to handle it, but for now one
quick suggestion is to simply AGREE with
whatever the guy says:

This is a bit like “aikido” where you use
his force against him, because you aren’t
trying to counter him, and the more he
says things, the more he looks like he is
desperate for your attention, which
is the ultimate sign of being BENEATH
someone else, and is proof that he is
less cool than you.

Sometimes, you could even EXAGGERATE it,
so if he says you're a punk, you could say,
"Yeah, man, I'm a total punk, for sure, yeah".
..If he says you're a loser you say "I'm THE
BIGGEST LOSER, didn’t you see the show?"

This really drains the guy of any fuel and
also takes the guy by surprise so he is now
unsure of what the heck is going on!!!

In my Warrior Within program, you’ll learn
how to give off the vibes so that guys won’t
even think about doing this in the first place.

For the Speed Dating, the best thing to do
is get into CONVO with her and use “The Man's
Sense of Humor” as explained in the book, as
well as give her ONE meaningful compliment
but only if you can truly find something really
worth giving her a compliment for:

The reason for this is because there is so
little time in speed dating so you want to
show both sides of yourself-the challenging
fun side and the warm side.

Don't compliment her on her looks in a speed
dating event- it's too obvious and you need
the time to show other things about your


Well after reading your DATING WIZARD
I decided to try out the knowledge I’ve

I had a speed dating convention to go to
last Saturday but when I went to show up
the vendor told me they didn’t have a slot
for me!

I felt cheated because I found so much
useful knowledge in your book and the
event was tailor-made to meet women!

So as I’m going home I decide to take in
the scene (Times Square NY) and as I’m
sitting down chilling, two girls sit down
to relax.

Now I wasn’t even looking to start any convo
but I saw one of the girls eat a can of Pringles.

She was digging for crumbs from the can, so
I looked at her and motioned (in a joking way)
just tilt the can down your mouth so you can
get the crumbs! She laughed! So she finally
finished the can, then started reading the
nutrition facts label.

So I TEASED her and said you don’t read that
after you eat something! She really started
laughing then her friend jumped in on the fun
and asked where I was from.

I told them I was from around the area. In
turn they told me they where from Germany
and they work as nannys in Connecticut.

The convo went towards work and soon it
really became very friendly. After awhile I
noticed it was getting late and I had to go.

I didn’t ask for their emails because they
lived pretty far away. So I gave them both
a gentlemen kiss on the cheek and told them
goodbye nice meeting you.

As I was walking, it dawned on me that I
should have asked for the emails anyway
because even though we lived in different
states we could have setup something.

Who knows! I knew I messed up right there!

I know most of your write backs end with the
guys either getting the female, but I kind of
feel good about myself. I usually just sit there
and HOPE they notice me!

I knew your knowledge worked, but I thought
it was going to be hard for me to execute!

Well I know it’s in my best interest to
get the Actions For Attraction CD Set.
I need more knowledge and examples because
I’m so inexperienced in this realm.

I would like it if you critique my experience,
don’t hold nothing back!

I just got one question - the Actions For Attraction
CDs i see you have a box set and a monthly package.

Does the box set have less content than the monthly?

Also, I see you have a new program, Warrior Within,
do you suggest this for me instead?


Thanks for your follow up letter and showing
how FAST you can put the materials into action!

You don’t have to wait around forever to get
RESULTS from this, you can start putting it
all into action RIGHT AWAY!

To answer your question, Actions For
Attraction is a monthly CD with my
latest new insights on getting a great
girl, and the Actions For Attraction SET
is a collection of six super-powerful
CDs that were released since the
beginning of this monthly series.

And of course, as you realize now,
always go for the contact info –
you can always NOT follow up if
you prefer not to!

Regarding Warrior Within, I absolutely
do suggest this program IMMEDIATELY.

It's that important.

After that, I would then get Actions
For Attraction, as Actions is designed
to give you the EDGE and the advantage
over other men with women, but WARRIOR
WITHIN is designed to MAKE YOU

LEVELS, a level where women will sense it,
and feel massive attraction toward you before
you even speak a WORD.

And, of course, Warrior Within will also make
MORE effective for you, because you will see
these programs, including my books, through
an even more powerful "filter" than ever before,
as if you are seeing them for the very FIRST time.

This is because of all the NEW perspectives,
insights, and strategies that you will learn in
Warrior Within for attracting women.


I'm really looking forward to studying
Warrior Within! In the mean time, I'm
still learning new things from your
Attraction Mastery Program every time
I listen to it.

Also, I've been in an exclusive relationship
for over 1.5 years now, that started shortly
after reading your second book, “Get A
Great Girl”.

She is really cool and funny never played
a single game, and it couldn't have worked
out the way it did without reading your
book and weaning myself of some of the
crap that is out there.

In the past I repelled some really cool girls
that sensed that I'm naturally an awesome
guy, but got confused by the opposing
messages I subconsciously communicated
to them.

It's also helped me tremendously in other
social relationships: Your materials clearly
show how to make other people feel good,
and make them feel good about themselves.

But in the first place, they show you how
to make yourself feel good, the place where
it all starts and where true abundance is
created. The Ari Kizel interview and the
Barry Kirkey interview (in Actions
For Attraction) are simply fantastic
(almost as good as "George Carlin on
comedy ;)")

And the depth of information in your programs
is just staggering. One day I hope to interview
you regarding some of the processes behind
the creation of your programs and your
discoveries, but that's for a later day.

Looking forward to this new level, and
we'll keep in touch.

Will, The Netherlands

P.S. The people that attended your seminar
look really mature and smart, it makes
sense hehe


Thanks for the kind words, and it’s always
awesome to hear from guys that are with
a great girl, as to me, this is ultimately
what it’s all about.

And your letter is yet ANOTHER part of
the clearing up the confusion for all
good men out there who have been
brainwashed and who have actually
unfortunately chased away the RIGHT
women and attracted the WRONG
women from following the wrong

Thanks again.


Hello Michael. I think that I am
in deep trouble with my girlfriend.

The relationship goes for almost
3 years. It is a long distance
relationship. But for the past
6 months, I've been such a jerk
(that was before I found out
your material).

I stopped text messages, calls,
and less dates. And I did lots
of things that hurt her feelings.

I can list down all of them,
but to save your time, I’ll
make it short:

1-When we had a date, I usually
ended up being selfish and everything
was planned according to my plan.

I never asked what she wants to
buy or things she want to do
together when we hang out.

2-I was tested by her and I didn’t
even have a clue about it!!

And guess what? I failed.

There was one time she asked,‘’Do
I take this relationship seriously?’’
and I answered, ’I’m not serious
nor being playful’’.

I’m so shows her how
unconfident I am and that is so

3-When I have money problems, I
overcompensate it by telling her
all the time that I can’t afford
this and that. Being cheap is
also my weakness.

I let her spend a lot of her
money rather than using up my own.

At the end of this relationship,
she told me that she felt being
used by her own boyfriend.

4-I delayed her birthday gifts
several times, even forget to
wish her on the day.

She’s such a great girl. But I think
she can’t take it anymore and that
she's finding someone else while
still having me as her boyfriend.

I feel betrayed and disappointed
because she never told me about all
those things that hurt her (I swear
I didn’t know and I didn’t realize
that I constantly hurt her until it
is almost too late).

When I knew she have someone else
as her boyfriend, it’s like there’s
no second chance for me to redeem
myself back.

But most of all, I think all of my
actions backfired. It all come back
to me. All actions that I took lead
her to go further from me and she
doesn’t think twice to find someone
else who’s ready to love her.

After using your newsletters, there
are so much lessons that I’ve learnt.

I was being selfish, not a good
listener, not consistent in showing
that I love her and overcompensating
my insecurities.

And like you said, a girl won’t test
you unless you make them want to.

All of your materials are proven to

Michael, I need your advice about this
going-to-end-relationship. She was a
great girl and it’s hard for me to
go through a breakup.

Is there anything I could do/think
before meeting her up again and
facing her? Any actions or advice?

I understand if you don’t want to
help me out. But, please…I am lost
and I just don’t know what to do.

I need your guidance.

>>>MY REPLY<<<

First of all, I'm sorry it's taken
so long to get back to you, as there
are so many emails it's hard to reply
to all of them right away, even if
I were to spend all day on emails.

It sounds like you were really
were led astray, as I myself was,
and it's heart-breaking to hear how
to act like jerks because they think
it's the being a jerk part that is
attractive to a woman.

The best thing to do now is simply
to be one trillion percent honest
with her, and then allow her the
space she needs to process it all.

The reality is that most likely she
will be so pissed off she will be very
angry and try to get some form of even
with you, so you might want to just
move on and forget about it as hard
as that sounds.

If you do try to make it work with her,
be prepared for a flood of backlash
for a while, where you must stay calm
throughout it all, and if she doesn't get
over it, then you have to move on.

And definitely for the next woman
you meet, I suggest you start with
the "Get A Great Girl" book.

And if you're reading this right now
and want to be able to go RIGHT UP
to a woman and attract her in the most
powerful way INSTANTLY, then I suggest
you take advantage of my WARRIOR WITHIN
DVD Training Program NOW.

It's LOADED with TONS of powerful strategies
for attracting a woman upon first approach,
and for building the kind of supreme connection
with her that she knows happens only once
in a lifetime- and that will be with YOU.

It's at:

And if you haven't yet downloaded my book,
'Get A Great Girl', then do that now at:

Be cool,

Michael Marks

P.S. You can check out all my programs at:

Monday, October 4, 2010

Why Women Aren't Attracted To 'INNOCENT' Guys - And What To About It

Getting past certain old beliefs is
one of the keys to attracting an
amazing woman, but for most men,
these beliefs are rooted so deep,
they NEVER get past them- and
never get the woman they want.

It took me many years (and many women
that slipped through my fingers!) to realize
just how FREAKY POWERFUL you can
become if you can just get PAST these old
beliefs about what is "good" behavior to a
woman and what is "bad".

Allow me to share with you a recent email
that will show you exactly what I mean:


Hi Michael Marks,

I don’t know what the hell I’m doing wrong
but it seems that when I’m out and about,
I make eye contact with a female and I’m
not looking too hard, just an innocent look,
and for some reason they shoot a “OMG why
the hell is he looking at me?”,or the “What
the hell you looking at?” look!

I know I’m not an ugly guy so what am I
doing wrong and what books or CD's you
have that deal with this subject matter?

>>>MY REPLY<<<

First of all, thanks for sharing your story
and being so up front.

Guess what?

You keep thinking, like most men, that
this should not happen because you
are giving a look that is so “INNOCENT”.

However, the REASON this is happening
is actually BECAUSE your look was so

“Say WHAT Michael??????”

Stay with me here, and let’s look at all
this from the perspective of a woman
who is attractive, and has a lot of choice,
and ALSO has high standards in terms
of personality:

Every single time she steps out into the
public eye, ANYWHERE, guys are giving
her “innocent” looks.

The thing is, these looks, although quite
normal and an instinctive reaction from
most guys, are not exactly as “innocent”
as they seem.

For one thing, 99% of these “innocent”
looks would all like to do some very
naughty things with her.

And that’s still all fine and good, except,

And so, it’s kind of being DISHONEST!

So WHY is it that 99% of men are
being this way that is less than honest?

It's because of FEAR that it’s “inappropriate”
to be so honest.

It's because of FEAR that if she knows that
we are thinking NAUGHTY thoughts, then
she’s gonna get upset or something and
we’re going to lose her approval.

On a subconscious level, she can SENSE
all this.

And this is all a massive DESTROYER of

Instead of being a turn ON, it’s a turn OFF.

Again, this is where guys get confused about
why some JERKS do well with women.

It’s not the JERKINESS part of him, it’s the

There is no reason on earth why any GOOD
guy cannot or should not do this.

And in fact, the good guys who know this,
are the guys who get the BEST women,
because they are giving the ultimate
combination that ignites ATTRACTION
in a woman.

Try it as an experiment to prove what
I’m saying:

Try going out and getting RID of the
INNOCENT look when checking out
and approaching a woman, vs. the
“innocent” look.

You can still have a warm smile and not
look so antiseptic, so innocent, so sterile
of masculinity. Or you can even not smile
at all.

You can look “NOT SO INNOCENT” because
in fact, you really want to be a little more
NAUGHTY, right?

It’s was pretty mind-blowing for me to first
discover all this, but from a “certain point of
view”, to quote Obi Wan Kenobi, this is
actually more TRUE, more HONEST, more
SEXUAL, more MASCULINE, and more
ATTRACTIVE, and it also shows more

And it’s a billion times more of a TURN-ON
for her!

It’s really a form of FEAR that makes us
act all “squeaky anti-septic clean” around
women, mixed with a brainwashing that
tells us it’s “polite” to be this non-sexual

And of course, FEAR is not attractive to
a woman, and not believing you have the
VALUE is also not attractive either, and
acting non-sexual is also BORING.

And what really makes my blood boil is
when virtually the ONLY GUYS that get
this and understand it intuitively and
apply it and get any results are the

If only the GOOD GUYS would understand
this and apply it, good guys would RULE.

This is why in real life there are so few

(If you remember the guy from the movie
"American Pie" who just wants to get into
women’s pants using ANY means, his name
was "Stiffler.")

Stiffler has ZERO GUILT about ANYTHING
he does to get into women’s pants, even
if he DOES have to lie, but BOND is so
EXPLODING with confidence and self-esteem
that he EXPECTS women to want to be with
the REAL him no matter what.

This is why the Stiffler’s of the world at least
get some SHORT-TERM results, but of course
they never get to KEEP a woman attracted.

It’s the BOND combination of DEPTH, WARMTH,
that keeps a woman craving a man LONG TERM.

Now obviously, I am only interested in women
who are single, so James Bond isn't the perfect
example, but his BEHAVIORS in terms of
confidence and intelligence as demonstrated
in the tonality and body language by Daniel Craig
here are extremely useful for learning purposes.

You'll find this in the clip included below, where with
just one LOOK, and just a FEW words, in the right
tonality, he is communicating the following:

1. That he is totally comfortable with being sexual.
2. That he is also being classy, and rather than try to put her
down, he goes right with it, giving her a compliment that
she can't help but take the right way.

Also, notice how by saying LESS, he also conveys
MORE power, and it's clear he isn't "trying hard".

This is his "INNER WARRIOR" manifesting itself
naturally in his EXTERNAL expression, tonality,
and behavior.

This drives a woman into OVERHEATING,
often to the point of temporarily LEAVING
because she feels so attracted that she is scared
of her own emotions since they are more intense
than she has ever felt for any other man before. 

Of course, these emotions are ADDICTIVE,
and after temporarily leaving to "catch her breath",
a woman will quickly return with even MORE
desire and passion.

Finally, in the clip, also notice how his intelligence gives
him the insight to understand her on a deeper level
than most men would ever achieve, and how he
doesn't get fazed by her initial defensiveness:

This type of power of PERCEPTION to really
be able to "read" a woman, to know her inside
out from even the most subtle things she is saying,
is a SKILL. 

This skill is really a combination of two skills:

1. The ability to extract far more meaning
from what a woman is saying than 99%
of what most men are able to get from
listening to her.

2. It's also about the ability to understand
what her words, no matter what they are,
actually imply about HERSELF - which
is another skill that most men will NEVER

Now, there’s yet ANOTHER level to all this:

When you act or look all “innocent”, you
are actually making a woman feel LESS

This is because since you are acting so
“innocent”, she knows the only way this
could ever lead to the sexual is through
HER having to make it all happen, and
that is simply NOT the role that 99% of
women prefer.

She wants YOU to be THE MAN, and HER
to be THE WOMAN.

In her mind, a desirable woman does not
have to plead with a man to act masculine,
and does not have to tell him to have
confidence, and does not have to help him
to approach her, and to create sexual vibes,
and to have to make up for the lack of his
comfort with being sexual by HER being
overtly sexual, unless SHE feels she is a
tramp or desperate for attention!

By being THE MAN, and a little less “innocent”
(and you know that this is really not a
bad thing, as I explained above) you allow
her to fall into the role of being “the woman”
and you into the role of being “the man”
who just “made it all happen” so she feels
it wasn’t like she was this desperate tramp.

Women are still socially programmed to
feel awkward about being the ones to
LEAD the show when it comes to the
whole sexual thing.

By you behaving more as THE MAN, she
can be more of THE WOMAN.

And there’s yet ANOTHER level to all this:

When a guy checks her out looking “all
innocent”, it’s telling her that he feels he
isn’t good enough, because if he KNEW
HE WAS THE “REAL DEAL”, then he wouldn’t
need to cover his tracks, cover up his desire
to flirt, cover up his masculinity, etc.

So why on earth would a woman want
to get involved with a man who HIMSELF
thinks he’s not good enough? How is
SHE supposed to feel about him if
HE doesn’t feel he has value himself?

Notice how so much of this problem is
INTERNAL, it’s all part of the “inner game”.

In fact, even things like wearing COOL
CLOTHING and accessories, the reasons
they can help your success with women
are more to do with the MESSAGES being
sent to your mind and to hers about how
the clothing actually having such a great

For example, you might even be in
a store that has COOL clothing, but
you figure it’s not for you, because
you aren’t COOL ENOUGH to wear
that kind of clothing.

This, by the way, is one way that SEPARATES
different groups in society- the people who
feel COOL about themselves and the people
who DON’T.

And the irony is that it’s this self-fulfilling
prophecy, because if you haven’t ever been
wearing cool stuff, you start to feel that you
are not ALLOWED to, as if you simply don’t
have the RIGHT to be a cool guy.

So it’s not only the way it makes you LOOK,
it’s the MESSAGE you are giving off to yourself
and to women that says whether you do NOT
or whether you DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE

When you give yourself PERMISSION
to be THE MAN, the world of women
opens up at your feet.

Until then, the doors remain SHUT.

Try it- try going to the mall, to the
coolest clothing stores, and notice
how it even FEELS when you try on
clothing and accessories that are
“cooler” than you think is really

Your mind will say “this is not my thing.”

That is your MIND playing games on you.

WEAR it long enough, and you start to
think DIFFERENTLY of yourself

It’s not so much the clothes, it’s what the
clothes did to your MIND.

Ultimately, it’s all in the power of your MIND,
from being able to understand women's behavior
on the deepest level, to exuding infinite charisma,
these are the skills WITHIN.

It's your INTERNAL world that is calling the shots
 in the OUTER WORLD as well.

The VIBES that you are feeling inside of
yourself are actually being sent out in
your expressions, your voice tonality,
and in every subtlety of your mannerisms,
and because emotions and vibes are CATCHY,
she will feel the SAME emotions that YOU
feel, IF YOU feel them strong enough yourself.

If YOU throw her these vibes that are sexual
and playful and fun, these same emotions come
BACK to you from her, just like a BOOMERANG.

SHE WILL FALL INTO the SAME emotional frame
as well, if you do this right.

However, if you feel nervous and unsure,
she will then feel THAT way, and she
will quickly become nervous and just
want to get away as quick as she can.

What you want to do is give off the right vibes
of flirtatiousness, sexuality, masculinity,
and genuine connection. And if you would like
to learn the best way to do this so that women
MELT for you, I suggest you download my program,
"The Boomerang Effect", immediately.

This program works on women on a very PRIMAL
and sexual level that they can't control, and it works
in a way that women FANTASIZE about, because
it is so rare for women to meet men who can have
this intoxicating effect on them.

This important program is at:

How To Sexually Vibe And Attract Women To Turn Them From Strangers Into Girlfriends

Till next time,

Michael Marks