Friday, March 20, 2009

The Spirit of a Man

If you want to get the kind of woman you
know you deserve, you can get this, you just
have to be open to the idea of doing things
DIFFERENTLY than you have done until

It has to do with how you live your LIFE,
your thoughts, your STYLE.

Never lose the sense of ADVENTURE that
you had as a kid. To be a real man, never
lose the PASSION you had naturally as

If you are not getting the results you want NOW,
then have to be open to the idea of
accepting the possibility that things are
NOT like what you think they are regarding
women. If it's not working, then you have

You have to be willing to SAY GOODBYE to
certain myths and I will explain below exactly
what they are.

The thing is, people don't like the idea of
doing things differently. Change seems
uncomfortable. Change seems like it's
IMPOSSIBLE, or it might seem to you
like it's the WRONG IDEA.

But eventually, NOT changing leads to

And there is one good thing about pain.
It sometimes is the ONLY thing that
forces us to be OPEN to CHANGE
for our own GOOD.

Us humans, we don't like change.
And there is a simple reason for this-
whatever we do all the time, we get
internally programmed to feel an
impulse to do MORE of!

This is how HABITS form.

The other phenomenon that happens
is that from doing it so much, we
get REALLY GOOD at doing that action
or thought, whether it's something
that helps yourself or hurts yourself!

And this includes the way you THINK.
When it comes to women, I'm willing
to bet you have certain beliefs and ideas
that are simply wrong- I know because
I used to have them myself and MOST GUYS
have these WRONG ideas, all planted into
our heads by our environment.

And whatever we think often enough,
including having misguided and screwed up
beliefs about women, we then get REALLY
CONVINCED of, which makes us even more
STUBBORN in thinking in these screwed-up
ways for even LONGER.

What you get familiar with doing, whatever it
is, is what you become congruent with, and it's
what you get more and more "in tune" with, it
becomes a part of you. You start to think
that it IS you, and that it IS the truth
about reality.

This is the essence of meditation, by the way-
gaining familiarity with something.

The concept sounds simple, but the mastery level
of this is INFINITELY COMPLEX, as you can
keep getting better with more practice.

Meditation means simply what you become
familiar with, (I learned this from
Sakyong Mipham, a cool guy I have
mentioned previously in my writings)
and most people, instead of 'meditating'
on the RIGHT THINGS, they 'meditate' or
focus their thoughts and emotions on all
the WRONG things.

And they do it over and over again,
hour after hour, day after day, year
after year.

NO WONDER it's so hard to CHANGE!
It's like hammering a nail deeper and deeper
into a wall and then expecting it to be easy
to pluck it out!

So the key is to START to REVERSE the process,
no matter how hard you might THINK it is,
because the truth is that it's NOT that hard, you

So you gotta take a little leap of faith here or
you'll never do it. Are you ready for the jump?
It's a different experience of reality on the other
side, if you can just make that JUMP.

The damn honest truth is that whatever you
focus on is what you will FEEL. If you
want to feel calm, then just focus your
mind on something CALM, like the number
1, or one blade of grass, and just calmly
allow your mind to focus on that one
blade of grass and enjoy it. Listen to
the sound of your own breathing-
air is still FREE and you can have
as much as you want, and if you
DIDN'T have it, man would you
suddenly appreciate it.

So, this is the FIRST step- learning
to CALM DOWN and just be more

But what do most guys do in the presence
of a woman they like? They think of all
the PAIN that they have gone through
in this area of their lives, whether it was
some rejection in the past, or whether it
was some obsession with some woman.
And after 'meditating' on these thoughts,
it's easy to start feeling that ALL women
are like this, and that this IS going to be
your reality forever, when in fact that
is simply NOT TRUE.

We often think that we have to act all serious
and tough and "badass" and play mind-games
and play tricks to get a woman to like us.
This though, is the OPPOSITE of the truth.

Recently, I saw a movie called Watchmen.
I had heard that this was a great film.

Unfortunately, it wasn't.

The movie was GROTESQUELY violent
and the sexuality and love scenes seemed
extremely immature, cheesy, and goofy,
and I'm sure this was unintentional.

Yet I suspect to the folks who made this movie
the two things seem very real to life- being really
angry and violent, and having a woman love you.
Of course, even though it's not true, they THINK
it's true, because of the pain they are experiencing.

What is going on here is the PAIN of the movie-writer
and director are being PROJECTED into their work-
as the brilliant author Eckhart Tolle would call it,
these are "pain bodies".

In reality having all this negative energy inside will
turn a woman OFF, especially a QUALITY woman.

I suggest if you want a quality woman, you
make sure you take a RUTHLESS stance on
the messages you allow into your mind, from
the media, from your friends, from ANYONE.
Don't let them poison your thoughts, your
attitude, your beliefs. You don't have to
cut yourself off from anyone like a cult,
just be AWARE of the effect of the
messages and input you allow into your

Remember, what you allow your mind to eat
and digest WILL affect you, and it will affect
the way you behave and feel. So if you are
stuffed full of negative thoughts about women,
then you will feel DEEPLY HARMFUL
emotions that will distort your perceptions
of what ALL women are thinking about you.

As Wayne Dyer has explained, you can only
squeeze JUICE out of an orange, nothing else.
You can't squeeze out of something what
isn't IN there to begin with! And so if you
are feeling HORRIBLE at the thought of
taking action with women, remember that
it's probably not women who are making
you feel this, it's actually you yourself.
Women can't squeeze reactions out of you
if the ingredients for the reactions aren't
in you in the first place.

So once you realize that no woman can
GIVE you happiness, and that no woman
can GIVE you pain, you start to realize
that it's YOU who gives yourself all this,
and that once you allow yourself to soar
and feel all the things you need, THEN
you can get the other things to ENHANCE
your state of emotions.

In the movie Watchmen, I couldn't believe
they were serious when one of the major
characters decides to spend his life with
a woman simply because she was the
first woman to ever initiate contact with
him! This was portrayed as a perfectly
understandable thing, when in reality
this is a sign of MASSIVE DESPERATION
that must ring true with millions of us
men on the planet. I used to be one
of those men. A man or woman should
not get a MEDAL for being a decent
human being, it should be something
that you expect.

And this comes from having solid self-esteem.
Though we hear this term a lot, it's actually a
precious commodity in our society.

But there was intense pain in the emotions of
the movie-makers, and so it translated into
grossly gratuitous levels of violence and
anger- and of course, the distorted message
of "if I could just kick enough people's asses,
then I could get any woman" type of thing
was going on subconsciously too.


And you have to get rid of it, because you are
what you think and do.

You know how everyone knows it's impossible to
create an electric car that's actually PRACTICAL?
Well that too is total hogwash. Chevrolet has
already rolled out a car that can go TOTALLY
on electricity for a full day's worth of typical
travel before needing to be recharged at night.
It's called the Volt, and it's coming out next

This is proof that sometimes PAIN is what
makes people wake UP up and CHANGE their
misguided beliefs, and they are able to not
only see the TRUTH, but to take MAJOR

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