Saturday, April 30, 2011

Unmasking The Biggest Truth Of All About Women

Get ready for the MOTHERLOAD of
truths when it comes to understanding
the "chemistry" aka ATTRACTION that a
woman feels for a man.

1. The REALITY is, that as a result of culture,
(and possibly biology) men and women are
DIFFERENT in what gives them SELF-ESTEEM.

2. Our desire for SELF-ESTEEM is by FAR
(I’m talking LIGHT YEARS) our greatest
psychological desire, and is the REAL root
behind ANY attraction to ANYTHING.
(aside from wanting food, water, air, shelter,
etc. for physical survival).

3. Men and women have been brainwashed to
believe that self-worth is REALLY based on
getting the sexual interest of at least one person
of the opposite gender who society considers the
“best”. That is why we tend to go to EXTREMES
to accomplish this, even though it makes no sense,
as no matter WHAT anyone else thinks of you,
you are still the exact same YOU.

These three points are KEY to understanding how
to attract any woman, as you will soon see.

I could go on about differences between men and
women, but I want to focus on a REAL BIG ONE.

The MOTHER principle, so to speak, which is:

(which is what women are attracted to in men)
(which is what men are attracted to in women)

For most men, they want a SEXY LOOKING
woman who will be GOOD to them. A woman
who is the CURRENT version of sexy.

A woman’s LOOKS are basically her social value.
Sad to say, but true for the most part, not including
her immediate family and friends.

Men want this from women so that men can feel
GOOD about themselves.

Men want this because they are BRAINWASHED.
Of course they are brainwashed.
You didn’t know this?

Hey, look at the women considered sexy a few
generations ago. Look at the women considered
sexy at the time of the Titanic. And go back
even further.

Our BIOLOGY cannot POSSIBLY have changed
in SO LITTLE TIME. Evolution does not work
that fast. (Evolution DOES have a DIFFERENT role
in attraction, but this is another topic.)

The women that were sexy THEN would NEVER
be featured on a fashion runway today or in a
magazine today.

So you see, BASICALLY, men have been
brainwashed to BELIEVE that SELF-WORTH
comes from having the exclusive sexual interest
of a woman who resembles the general trend of
what is considered a SEXY LOOKING WOMAN.

That is what is considered the PROOF to a
guy that he is “superior” and that he is “allowed”
to then feel self-esteem.

That’s what the CULTURE keeps on telling men.

It’s got NOTHING to do with sex.
It’s got EVERYTHING to do with validation
and the need to achieve self-esteem.

If it was just about sex, then guys could be
happy with sexing any woman. If it was just
about LOVE, then guys would be happy with the
love of a culturally-considered “ugly” woman.

So you see it’s not about love.
And it’s NOT about sex.

It IS about validation.

Guys are brought up to believe that the SUPERIOR
guy gets a CULTURALLY LABELED SEXY woman, (as long
as she has the waist-to-hip ratio of .7 that in
fact is 'HARDWIRED' into the male brain's sense
of female beauty - but remember, this is a RATIO,
it has nothing to do with being really slim or not.)

So if he DOESN’T get this woman, or women,
(most guys just want the one sexy woman but
some want more) he feels INFERIOR.

*Kaput* to his self-esteem.

He will do ANYTHING to get this kind of sexy
woman, because his SELF-WORTH has been
made to DEPEND on it.

Isn’t it freaky to realize what is going on here?
Guys killing themselves over an ARBITRARY thing.

Understanding this requires understanding the
DIFFERENCE here in how men are socialized
vs. how women are socialized.

So for MEN it works like this:

MEN are brainwashed to want a woman
who is socially labeled as HOT.

But it has NOTHING to do with sex or love.
It has EVERYTHING to do with SELF-WORTH.

And once SELF-WORTH is brought into the
equation, you could attach self worth to ANYTHING.
Including to shape what you consider sexy.


You can AFFECT an entire NATION by
raising their feelings of SELF-WORTH.
It is pretty common knowledge now that
Ronald Reagan’s economic policies of
trickle down wealth from the rich to the
poor were a FAILURE, but yet the poor
class LOVED him still because he RAISED
the spirits of the NATION. He made
an entire country feel PROUD.

People want to feel good about themselves,
period. Not just good folks. Even criminals
try to RATIONALIZE to themselves why
they are actually worthy people.

Marketing is ALL ABOUT attaching feelings of
SELF-WORTH to arbitrary products/services.
That's how cigarrettes got sold, because
they certainly weren't sold because they
made people cough and gave them horrible

EMOTIONS always tend to triumph over LOGIC.

And the emotion of SELF-ESTEEM is the most
POWERFUL of all emotions.

Self-worth is so powerful that if our culture decided
that WOMEN with more fat on them were sexier
and that superior guys should get these women,
I SWEAR that slim women would lose all appeal.
Actually, this DID happen already in history.

Why am I harping on about this?
Because I want you to see how ridiculous we are
before you start laughing at how ridiculous women
are, as I am about to now explain:

CULTURALLY, women are brainwashed to believe
that self-worth requires getting a MAN that society
deems is SUPERIOR. And society basically says
that for men, looks are PART of his social status,
but not even CLOSE to being the whole thing as
it is for women.

Now, don’t get me WRONG here.
Women are NOT stupid.
It’s not like they can’t RECOGNIZE a “good-looking”
guy, it's not like women don't have their own
version of strip-clubs, etc - HOWEVER, it is
about it as men do regarding women.

For example, there are probably DOZENS of
strip clubs in any major city for straight men,
and probably just one or two for straight women,
and all this is WITH a society where women
are so liberated that a show like Sex and
The City doesn't even raise eyebrows, and
Lady Gaga's craziest antics are now a bore.

So we know that if women WANTED more
things like strip clubs or whatever,
they would HAVE them, there is NO
stigma or repression or anything
like that anymore.

It’s not a woman's PRIORITY in her life.

This does NOT make women more moral at all.
It just means that women have something ELSE
that they care about as their PRIORITY:


All these things are basically the same thing.

Why do girls genuinely FANTASIZE about becoming
a PRINCESS instead of just winning the lottery?

The answer is because one of these things
gives a FEEEEEELING, and the other is just
a dry logical fact.

Just think of how the recent Royal Wedding
is just about every girl's fantasy, but
it's not ANY guy's fantasy.

Women are so massively conscious about what
people think of them. I can remember every
girl I’ve ever known or dated, they were
ALL like this. The only difference is that
the GOOD girls had some LOGIC to counter this
emotion, whereas most girls just give in to
the emotional pressure.

The good news is that any guy can GIVE
a woman the FEELINGS she craves, the
feelings of being with a man who is
her "Knight" or "Prince" or, to be
blunt as I've said since day one,
her MAN.

The more you behave as THE MAN, the
more she feels like THE WOMAN.

This polarity makes her feel protected,
makes her feel desirable, makes her
feel WORTHY.

And it's your BEHAVIOR that is most
responsible for giving her these

In fact, even if a guy HAS a high status
"job" in society, and even if he IS a
prince or king in FACT, he has to make
sure that he does not SCREW IT UP with
that he is LOW STATUS.

So you want to be conveying things about
you that reflect HIGH STATUS without being
arrogant or a jerk, and here are just a
FEW examples:

Emotionally in control.
Not an ass-kisser.
Confident humor.
Comfort with women.

And here's one of the BIGGEST
signs of having high status:

Being comfortable NOT reacting to everything
around you i.e. not feeling the need to qualify
yourself/defend yourself/seek approval.

Notice how when one feels INSECURE
and LOW STATUS, they need to REACT
a lot to everything or anything
anyone says, and they also tend
to seek approval a lot.

The cool thing about these behaviors are
that they are actually HEALTHY ways to
BE! So this is not like you are turning
yourself into something "fake" or "bad"
but rather you are becoming the man
you were BORN to be, minus all the
stuff that brings you down!

When you show the right behaviors,
you exude the VIBE that gets women
feeling excited about you in the
particular way that WOMEN get turned
on about MEN.

There's not point trying to RUN away
from these facts, and the way women
get attracted to men is no more insane
than the way men also are affected by
culture in terms of what men are
attracted to in women.

On the deepest levels, this all has
almost nothing to do with the physical
and EVERYTHING to do with the psychological.

Here's more proof:
Most guys would rather KNOW that a woman who
was “attractive” WANTED THEM, even if it meant
NOT having sex, rather than HAVING SEX with
a woman who was “not attractive”.

It just FEELS good for him to have

The guy feels like a WINNER because
she WANTS him.

Same thing with a woman.
She gets the guy who behaves in the
ATTRACTIVE WAYS, and now she feels
fantastic, and THIS now connects
to the sex part of her brain.

The IRONY of it all is that good guys
spend so much energy trying to PLEASE women,
that they make women “the prize” and in
the process they make it clear to women
that it's WOMEN who are the "PRIZE"
and that it's the men who are WORTHLESS
without this "PRIZE"-- SO THEREFORE

Now, none of this happens CONSCIOUSLY,
as I said right at the beginning.
This is a FEELING that she is getting
on a subconscious level, the same
way you don't THINK that your body
needs the chemical breakdown of
vitamins and nutrients when you
are hungry but rather you might just
be thinking PIZZA or whatever it is
that you FEEL on a primal deep level.

And for the greatest success with
women, you don't want to just be
(your "outer game" so to speak) but
ALSO you want to be changing your

My 'Warrior Within' DVD Set will show
you BOTH, in depth and with total clarity,
and on TOP of this, it will ALSO show you
TONS of crucial insights for HONING your
edge when it comes to making that initial
approach to a woman, skyrocketing your
sense of confident humor, getting physical,
AND it will also show you how to BUILD A
AND TRUST with a woman:

Once a woman feels this level of TRUST,
she becomes a lot more relaxed about her
AROUND YOU, which is the ultimate goal and
the highest level of attraction.

My Warrior Within DVD Set will show you
EXACTLY HOW to do all this, and it's at:

So many guys try to do things the
OPPOSITE way, they try get a woman
to BELIEVE in them, so that they can
get the SELF-ESTEEM they need to
succeed in life.

I used to be like this, and I all I got was
MASSIVE ABUSE from women. I wanted
a woman to believe in me so badly, I knew
I had so much to offer in so many different
creative endeavors, but I was too depressed
to unleash my power and potential because
I wanted approval from an attractive woman.
And of course, that never works, that just
pushes women away because it looks needy.

Until I got to the point that I stopped WANTING
affection from women that were attractive,
because I actually believed that attractive women
were NOT affectionate. So I started treating them
the way I felt about them, which was that they
weren’t very good people. I didn’t smile at them,
I didn’t try to make them feel good, I didn’t
do anything nice for them, I just basically
tried to give them a hard time, teasing them
the way I would to someone I didn’t think
was above me. I would stop asking women
things, and just start basically being more
in control, like telling a woman to come
with me instead of asking her, etc etc.

And it was NUTS.
Because women started responding like CRAZY.
I would tell women on the first date that I thought
things wouldn’t work out because her personality
wasn’t right for me (and I meant it) and I would
get them protesting that I should call them.

All this stuff that I was learning REALLY pissed
me off, because it confirmed what every jerk
had told me since day one, that women who
are attractive have to be treated badly.

I wanted the DISNEY ROMANCE!!!!!!
I wanted the NICE girl who liked me because of
all the GOOD things about me.

The fact that I cared about the homeless, etc.
It would never happen that way.

Women want the SUPERIOR guy, and that’s it.

It was around that time that I started to make
this whole thing the focus of my life, and I
learned how to be successful with women withOUT
being abusive - as I learned that it wasn't
the ABUSE that was attractive, it was the
VIBES OF POWER being sent out.

In fact, even WARMTH can be expressed
in a way that exudes power as well,
and this is essential if you want
to keep a woman around long-term.

You have to remember, it’s a DIFFERENT
perspective that women have of what is
desirable in a man, than what MEN want
in a woman. For all kinds of reasons.

As a GUY, you have to remember that women
are NOT the same and so you have to know
what WOMEN consider worthy, not what
YOU would think women want.

And if you would like to get your choice of the
very best women on the planet, I recommend you
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To get the BEST women on earth, you want
to project AWESOME DRAMA, awesome emotions,
joy, laughter, power, sensuality in EVERY
move you make.

Does your body language project WEAKNESS?
Do your inner beliefs, which are projected through
everything you do, project DULLNESS? INFERIORITY?
Does your sense of humor only put you down?
Does your communication imply BITTERNESS?

inside and out, for the ULTIMATE success
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Only 1% Of Men Know This About Women

You are about to learn what only
1% of men know about women. So
powerful is what you are about
to learn, that women tend to use
this as a way to IMMEDIATELY
screen out men who DON'T know it,
and let IN the men who DO.

So here we go:

One of the greatest MISTAKES that
guys make when it comes to chatting
to a new woman is how to interpret
and respond to her comments about
female and male sexuality.

So, for example, a woman might say something
like "all men are dogs".

Or, even more powerful, a woman might say to
you, "men are more sexual than women", and
she may say this with a totally honest and
serious face.

You'd think for SURE she must MEAN it.

And yet, I can tell you, with 100% ACCURACY,
that she does NOT mean this at ALL.

So, it's no wonder that so many guys are facing
such huge obstacles in getting success with

I'm going to "decode" to you what a woman
REALLY means in a statement such as
"men are more sexual than women".

What she REALLY means by this statement is
she is actually TESTING to see what your
response will be. She is TESTING to see
if you know what she REALLY means.

If you know what she REALLY means, and
you indicate that by your response, you are
now one MASSIVE step closer to being
with her.

If you DON'T know what she really means,
and you indicate you don't know by your
response, you are now one massive step
FURTHER AWAY from her.

When a woman says a statement such as
"men are more sexual than women" what
she is REALLY doing is repeating the
BULLSHIT of society's teachings to you,
to see if you KNOW that this is bullshit.

If you AGREE with her statement that "men
are more sexual than women", then you
have shown her that you are part of the
MEN on this subject.

I know this is strong language, but it's the
truth, about how she will feel about you.

And, on the other hand, if you DISAGREE
with her statement, and you actually let
her know that women are just as sexual if
not more, then you have actually now
PROGRESSED to a higher level with
her and are actually way closer to getting
physical as well of course.

The reason for all this is that women have
for a long, LONG time.

Now, don't get me wrong, I also believe that
THESE DAYS especially, it's GOOD MEN
who are often being MISTREATED. And
it's GOOD MEN that are suffering from
not being "in the know" as to what's going
on as well. This is a big part of why I
do what I do, to help the good guys of
this world.

But all that does not take away from the
FACT that women have been MASSIVELY
misunderstood for a LOOOOOONG TIME,
and massively MISTREATED for a long

One of the MAJOR ways, among MANY,
that women were mistreated and misunderstood
has to do with the way men perceived female
sexuality. For a long time, it was believed
that women only had sex with men for
MEN'S pleasure!!!!

That's CRAZY, but it's the TRUTH.
They didn't even know that women had orgasms!

Women who WERE "overly" sexual were seen
as evil, as "sluts", as somehow being "SICK"
or deviant or threatening in some way.

And the worst rung on the totem pole of society,
the lowest of status, was to be perceived as a "slut",
whereas in some cultures men were often hailed as
"studs" for being the exact same way.

Our knowledge of female sexuality was pathetic
until just very recently.

On top of that, you have the fact that women
weren't allowed to vote until recently, were
considered unable to do a lot of specific
mental tasks, and all of that has been shown
to be hogwash.

So, now, put yourself in the position of a woman
who KNOWS the TRUTH about all women, and
yet is living in a society where there are still a
lot of men who are not only ignorant about
women, but who also view her sexuality as
threatening or evil or who view women as
being somehow less than men in terms of
rights, etc.

So, if you were a woman, you would WANT
the guy you were chatting to. You would want
to know if he IS or IS NOT the kind of guy that is
female sexuality, that would make her feel
good and accepted, a guy that already is
comfortable with her as she really is or not,etc.

So the way to do that is not to ASK HIM
directly, because first of all that might
frighten him and scare him off, or
second of all it might CLUE HIM IN
and allow him to FAKE the correct answer.

The best way for a woman to know what the
guy REALLY believes, what the guy REALLY
feels, is for her to PRETEND to be the version
of women that most MEN believe women are,
the version of women that men have been
brainwashed to believe by an ignorant
history and culture.

That way, if the guy DOES believe in all that
ignorance, and she is pretending to be all that
stuff, then he will not be threatened, and he
will accept her. But most of all, this tells
the woman that this guy is NOT cool.

Now, if the guy DISAGREES with her, then
she knows that FOR SURE this guy REALLY
BELIEVES it, he is clearly not arguing with
her to GAIN points, right????????? He
can only be arguing with her because he
REALLY BELIEVES in what he is saying.

So she NOW will know that this guy does
NOT believe in the hogwash lies about women
that have pervaded male society throughout
the years.

Pretty smart of women, huh?

But I'm not finished there, either.

It's not enough that he disagrees with her.
He can STILL be agreeing, and be better
than MOST guys, but he's still not in the
that special 1% zone, that is part of the
"INNER CIRCLE" that I will describe
more below.

He should actually be LAUGHING and be
TOTALLY relaxed even as he disagrees.

You want to know why?
It's because, if you are REALLY the guy
who knows all this stuff, this is GRADE
ONE LEVEL STUFF, super easy stuff
that you should know if you have had
any real experience with women.

Making a big deal about it means you
aren't yet really COMFORTABLE
with it all, it means you still feel
threatened by it. It means you don't
realize she is just giving you a quick
"routine" security check to make
sure you're not one of the many
ignorant men out there.

It should be something you understand,
and EXPECT and sympathize with.

She EXPECTS that you SHOULD know
this stuff if you have been successful
with women, since it's the only way
TO actually be successful with women.

All she is doing is screening you very quickly
by this, it's a COMMON thing for her to do to
screen guys, she HAS to do this, and the more
RELAXED you are when disagreeing with her
on this, the more she can tell that YOU are
ALREADY on the "INSIDE", part of the

So for example, you chuckle lightly, and say
"riiight, that's funny" and then you give her the
"wink" and you playfully say, "Sounds like
you've met the wrong guys then- such a shame!".

Get the picture here?

So, you want to know who's on the "inside"?
Who does this "inner circle" include?
It includes ALL WOMEN, and 1% of MEN.

If you make a big deal about the whole thing,
then even if you argue with her, it shows you
are still very NEW to the "inner circle".

It's much cooler if you've been here for a while.

So, the coolest thing to do is to view such a
"test" by a woman as actually her simply
sending you one half the code, and seeing
if you have the matching numbers on your
side. If you do, then you are in. If you
don't, then you're out.

It's as simple and easy as that, if you are
on the INSIDE.

If you're on the OUTSIDE, you'll never
know and can beat your head against the
wall forever trying to figure it out and
it still won't help.

And I promise you, this is just ONE massively
important nugget of wisdom that you MUST
know if you want to actually GET THE GIRL
instead of just hoping for it.

There is a whole MOUNTAIN of wisdom that
I'd like to share with you.

The best way to do THAT is to devour what
you will learn in this special program:

This is a very IN-DEPTH program that
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quality women on the PLANET.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, April 25, 2011

Detecting And Attracting Quality Women

Getting a great girl involves detecting and
attracting quality women, and you will
probably have to approach several women
to get the right one for you.

In doing bootcamps over the years, I've
experienced and taught the most effective
ways to spark attraction in women, plus I've
learned how to detect a quality woman.

I've also seen some of the most common
mistakes that men make, and the interesting
thing is that these mistakes are pretty
universal, I used to do the same thing,
and it seems EVERY guy makes these
same mistakes!

So today, I'm going to share with you
some of the most powerful steps you
can take to attract a woman the moment
you see her, how to successfully get
into the conversation, and how to
detect the right women as well as
how to avoid the wrong women!

And, of course, how to avoid the
biggest mistakes that men tend
to make.


Rather, it’s about YOU enjoying a good
laugh, and bringing HER into this world
of fun. A world of fun that is YOUR

When you go in trying to MAKE her laugh,
it always ends up with you showing inferior
status, as if you’re the court jester trying
to entertain the king.

And that is a total attraction-destroyer.

On the other hand, when YOU are having a blast,
then you not only are actually funnier anyway,
but the vibes being given off by you all say
that you are the kind of guy that has everything
in life under control, and that life will be FUN
with you.

You also convey that you are clearly so comfortable
in your own skin that you can be in this mode even
with a woman who is a knockout.

So if I’m in line at the store, and a hottie is in
front of me with a bottle of water and celery,
and I pick up a candy bar and wave it in her
face and PRETEND as if the chocolate bar
is hypnotically saying “You want MEEEE,
I know you dooo- give into meeeeeeeeee”
the key is that it’s coming from a place where
I think it’s funny, not because I need to get her
to laugh.

And that makes it FUNNIER, because it
makes the DELIVERY of the words far

And that makes the delivery far more

If you are going to say something, you
have to go TOTALLY INTO IT, you
have to be consistent, congruent to
whatever it is you’re saying.

If you sound like you don’t really MEAN
what you are saying, it never works well.

This is why you can give the greatest
joke to someone to say and it will be
useless because he doesn't seem to
believe in the words he's saying.


All humor requires RISK.
Without SOME risk, humor is IMPOSSIBLE.

So by risk, I mean the risk that SOMEONE
will get offended.

The KEY however, is to have the emotional
and other forms of intelligence to see if the
risk is worth the PAYOFF.

So the key is to keep the risk SMALL, and
the payoff HIGH.

If you are going to tease a woman, only tease
her on things you know she has a high chance
of being CONFIDENT about.

So if she’s tall, you can tease her about being short.
If she’s a knockout, you can tease her about being
undesirable, etc.

If she’s witty, you can tease her about being dumb.


What this means, is that if you’re looking for a
QUALITY type of woman, a girlfriend that is
not all focused on only HERSELF, a woman
who is NOT a narcisst, then you want to
ABSOLUTELY AVOID the women who
have TONS of “FRIENDS” ON their

What do I mean by "tons"?
I mean more than one person can truly
connect with on a genuine level.

So when it starts hitting the HUNDREDS
or THOUSANDS, it's time to be cautious.

Remember, I'm talking not about their
COMPANY if they have one, but their
PERSONAL page on Facebook.

Humans were designed to basically live
day-to-day in TRIBES.

On a psychological level, we are still
HARDWIRED this way.

One person can indeed have meaningful
communication on a regular basis with
about a TRIBE sized group. 


So why all the caution?

The reason is that in general, there is an inverse
relationship between the amount of so called
"friends" a woman has on facebook and the
degree of her genuine friendliness.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? After all, the whole point
of Facebook is to get official “friends”, right?

And that’s EXACTLY the reason narcissists
gravitate toward it, because if they can get
lots of FRIENDS on FACEBOOK, they
can then APPEAR as POPULAR.

These types of women will go through
MASSIVE WORK just to engineer their
entire Facebook image, from the amount
of "friends" they have (whom will be
promptly dropped as soon as they have
been used by the narcissist woman),
to the particular quotes they use,
to the photos put on display, etc,
etc.) ALL so that they SEEM highly

Facebook allows people to create an artificial
FRONT, a MASK if you will. It’s kind of
similar to the whole Pick Up Artist vibe
of having memorized pick up lines or
memorized routines that aren’t a real reflection
of one’s identity, but that are SUPPOSED to
show how “cool” or “funny” one is, etc, etc.


As illustrated above, narcissists FEED
off of infinite attention and worship,
while QUALITY women tend to be less
obsessed about make-up, dressing to
the nines, and wearing clothing that
might be EXTREMELY uncomfortable but
they feel is worth it to get the

The irony is that real beauty is hard
to hide anyway, to the trained eye.

So if you're looking for the right
kind of woman, start screening OUT
the attention grabbers, and start
focusing more on the women who are
just as gorgeous but don't need to
ADVERTISE it as if it's going out
of style.

This behavior that is the OPPOSITE
OF SEEKING ATTENION, is why, by the way,
a woman who is the kind of woman that
is looking for a GOOD MAN, for something
REAL, gets turned off IMMEDIATELY when she
senses the FAKE vibe, the cheesy lines,

Which leads me to the next point:


Yes, the VIBE when you START the conversation
or chat should be EXTREMELY LOW KEY.

It’s different in 30 seconds from that point, or
even 5 seconds from that point, where you can
raise the energy level, joke around, talk about
something intriguing, etc, you can do all sorts of

And even then, say LESS, and focus
more on LISTENING to what she says in
RESPONSE to you.

Why is this? It's because THIS will give you
the chance to actually have meaningful things
to say BACK to her so you can truly CONNECT
with her.  She is revealing herself to you as
she talks to you, so the more she speaks,
the more meaningful your response can be.

But in general, in that FIRST MOMENT, if
you are about to talk to a woman in any
place besides a high energy location like
a music dance club, etc, you should keep

That FIRST MOMENT is NOT the time
to be worrying about how to seem COOL

In fact, the irony is that the ABSENCE of
all that stuff is what in fact IS cool.

So you are putting ZERO pressure on her.

She should feel that she has the TOTAL

The TONE of your voice should be LOW KEY.

I didn’t say QUIET, but that your voice tonality

Most guys when they approach a woman,
they go in feeling that there is this HUGE
thing at stake, and it SHOWS in their
facial expression and tonality.

But if you REALLY go in there to begin
showing that you are RELAXED and
showing WARMTH in your voice,
THAT is the way to show that you
are comfortable in your own skin,
and it also TAKES AWAY THE
PRESSURE on her.

And the BEST way to PREVENT

So the HIGHEST chances of her NOT
resisting your approach come from
REMOVING all pressure to begin with!

Once she is not RESISTANT to your
approach, now SHE can go into the mode
of focusing on how to get CLOSER to you
instead of how to get away.

Remember, all this happens within a few
seconds, and AFTER these few seconds,
you can THEN turn up the energy and
the vibe and the fun, because she now
is RECEPTIVE to it.

TIMING is critical here, just like it is in
so many other aspects of life.

What you’ve just read, as powerful and true
as it is, is just a SAMPLE of the crucial
information you will find in my WARRIOR

Warrior Within is my most ADVANCED program
on mastering the DEEPER elements of success
with women, especially getting a quality woman.

Mastering the DEEPER level means you will be able
to instinctively see the "matrix" in every interaction
you are having with women- from first seeing her
to getting under the covers, and even into a relationship.

You will know all the options, the best decision to make,
the reason she is doing what she doing, etc.  And you
will be able to do all this on a very natural, instinctive
level that you UNDERSTAND as opposed to just
robotically doing attraction tactics.  

Actions For Attraction focuses on the more
IMMEDIATE actions you can take right away
when approaching women. There is an ‘Actions’
CD Set, plus a new ‘Actions’ CD every MONTH.

For TOTAL success, I highly recommend BOTH.

Warrior Within is HERE:

To get my Actions For Attraction CD SET, go HERE:

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Attraction Facts

Today, there’s a lot I want to share
with you about the facts of what
actually works to attract a woman.

However, before I do that, I need
to get something out of the way,
and it’s about the importance of
facts vs. lies.

If you were to enter a bookstore right now,
and you were to check out just about any
topic that involves advice, you’ll notice
one thing immediately:

There’s a heck of a lot of supposed ‘experts’
on certain topics, such as how to get women,
how to be a good parent, how to get fit, how
to get rich, etc, etc, etc.

If you start to think about it, the subjects that
have tons of different books written about them
tend to have three things in common:

1. Opinions
They’re about opinions, yet they’re all
stated as if they are facts.

2. Most People Don’t See The Lies
(So The Authors Aren’t Ridiculed)

Even though these books are presented
as facts and the authors act all “authoritative”
(now we know where that word comes from)
the reality is that even if they are proven
wrong, they don’t have to be accountable
for saying these lies and distortions,
and they also know that they won’t be
ridiculed by society for saying endless
stuff that is not true.

That’s because most people are confused

3. The Topics Are Emotional Ones

In fact, the topics are so loaded with painful
emotion as well as euphoria, and the marketers
tend to add fuel to the emotional fire, to the
point that many, many people (and I don’t blame
human nature for being human) will flock to the
lies rather than the truth since the lies tend to
appeal to their sense of gaining pleasure or
preventing more pain.

And when I say lies, I mean lies.
So, for example, an “expert” will go on record
and say the BEST way to be healthy and fit is
to eat lots of fat! He will PROMISE this is
the way, to eat endless fat as long as you
avoid carbs.

One day, carbs are GREAT.
The next day, another expert PROMISES
they are TERRIBLE. Sometimes, it’s
even the SAME “expert”, who has finished
selling his books on the old advice, and now
needs a new angle.

When it comes to parenting advice,
one day the experts tell us, ‘DON’T
TRY TO STIMULATE a child too early,
his infant mind is growing so fast
that stimulation is traumatic and

But then the experts say…NOPE,

It’s so obvious that they can’t all be RIGHT!

Lies can be extreme, they can be anything that
works to get one’s attention.

The same thing happens in the dating field.
"Be a nice guy" was what women experts told men.
"Be a player" was what pick up artists told men.

are what catch attention.

TRUTH, though, can only be itself.
Sometimes it’s emotional, sometimes it’s not.

Now, let’s take a trip to the other side of
this universe, allllllll the way to the
land of facts, truth, science, and evidence.

By the way, I love emotional stuff, I just think
that it needs to be applied to the truth, not to
promote lies.

In the land of evidence, facts, truth, science,
math, etc, there isn’t nearly the same market
or audience.

Have you heard of the latest bestselling math book?
How about the New York Times bestseller,
Grade 12 Science by Houghton Mifflin?

I haven’t heard about it either.

See, when it comes to areas that most
people don’t get emotional about, and where
telling lies like 2+2=5 will get the author
instantly ridiculed, and where the truth on
the subject isn’t all that emotional, there
isn’t the same amount of books or material
being published.

Here’s the other thing:

Dealing with the truth often requires some
real work, which is a lot harder to get excited
about than the idea of getting a knockout of
a woman to want to jump you because you
said the right thing to her.

The bottom line:
Truth doesn’t sell, unless it’s dramatic.

Truth usually only becomes dramatic when
the lies finally start to cave in on a mass

When people thought the world was flat, for
thousands of years, and then finally they
heard the world was round, that was probably
pretty dramatic.

So, when I say, for example, that my Warrior
Within program will show you things like the
most scientific, statistically-tested method for
obliterating approach anxiety, I mean it, and
it’s the truth.

In fact, what I learned from an incredible friend
about overcoming approach anxiety is so important,
and no dating guru had ever spoken a word about it
before me, that the truth is this single thing alone
is more effective and actually backed up by science
than the entire “seduction dating advice” has ever
offered since day one.

But because I don’t dress it up as THIS IS THE
folks just let this gold pass them by.

When I say that, for example, in my Actions
For Attraction CD Set, I interview a man who
I personally witnessed in real life as being
not only a professional comedian, but also
fantastic with women, and has truly combined
the two things and is a golden interview
for learning how to be funnier and more
effective at the same time with women,
I mean it.

But due to fact that lies have inflated the
promises that everyone gives or implies,
I would need to say something like

The real truth, is that everything matters,
and everything counts. It’s all this TOGETHER
that makes the results.

Including something called social intelligence,
which is the ability to detect the “emotional vibe
requirements” of the situation:

Let me give an example:
Seth McFarlane, creator of family guy, recently
was at a comedy roast of Donald Trump. There
were several other people there, including a
striking woman who was a sharp comedian

Seth introduced her by teasing her in the following
way: “She’s got the body of a crack wh*re, and
the razor sharp wit of (pause)…a crack wh*re.”

She was LAUGHING out of her seat so hard.

The reason it was so funny and not hurtful, is
because first of all, the comment about her
body and the crack ***** is not an insult
since the point is that she’s slim and not fat.

Second, the comment about her razor sharp
wit being NOT sharp is so OBVIOUSLY
not true since after all she IS a professional
comedian, whose very career is reliant on
her wit. It’s obviously not true, and also
even if it WAS true, it’s the kind of thing
that someone in her position is clearly
insulated against or would never have
been in that line of work (that is all about
this type joking behavior) to begin with.

The proof is that she was laughing DEEP,
She was not just giving a superficial polite

In many ways, he gave her a compliment and
also he conveyed social intelligence by showing
that he was not afraid to ACKNOWLEDGE
her fantastic looks, which are so much a clear
part of her identity, but at the same time he
showed that she was part of the group and
that her looks would not make her somehow
“beyond the comfortable reach” of anyone.

He made her comfortable, he made everyone
comfortable, he made her laugh, he made
everyone laugh.

If ever there was a right time to say this,
everyone was….Winning! ?

I’m sure you can see that this interacting
with women stuff actually DOES have
a science behind it.

So, let me share with you some more FACTS
on what actually HELPS to attract women:


Worried about the right pick-up lines?
Forget that, focus on your voice instead.

In fact, the less “try hard” your opening words
are to a woman you meet, the more cool you
will be, the more trust you will make her feel,
and the more you will be conveying that you
are comfortable in your own skin - IF your
words are delivered with the right TONALITY.

Tonality, and by this I don’t mean whether
your voice is more like Darth Vader or
Mickey Mouse, but rather that your voice is

One great mix of emotions to be present
in your voice is UPBEATNESS, mixed

You can be asking for something as simple
as THE TIME, but if your voice shows these
emotions, it’s going to do far more for you
than the most “clever” speech or line that
you could give delivered with the wrong
emotions in your voice.

The great thing about this is that it’s not
an act! You can’t PUT THESE EMOTIONS
INTO YOUR VOICE without actually

So this brings you another benefit as well!

It puts you in the PERFECT COMBINATION
OF EMOTIONAL STATES so that you can
now also ACCESS those parts of your mind
to now SAY all the right things that are

As you might guess, it’s a lot easier to be
FUNNY when you are actually FEELING

It’s a lot easier to be DOMINANT with a
woman when you are FEELING dominant!

So this strategy with using your voice is
applying the science of PHYSIOLOGY
in your FAVOR!!!

The mind and body work together, and
this is a great way to put that truth to


Listen, if you really want results with
women, it means you have to change
what you are doing right now.

Well, the problem with change is that
for a LIFETIME now, you’ve been getting
the WRONG advice from within- and by

Let’s fact it, if we all felt GREAT about
approaching women, we’d all do it.

Because we feel all kinds of NEGATIVE
emotions and fears, we DON’T do it.


Plaster your walls with messages and signs
and posters, and make voice recordings that
play in the background, even while you sleep,
BIG RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember, you must counter a LIFETIME

As cool as this is, this is honestly just scratching
the surface, I seriously suggest you get my
Warrior Within program and my Actions For
Attraction CD Set to get the big picture.


Screw positive thinking! Positive thinking
is MUCH MORE POSITIVE when you can
deal internally with the WORST CASE SCENARIO.

In fact, by NOT being able to internally deal
with the worst case scenario, we tend to
be much more fearful of taking the positive
action, because, after all, we will think

The key is to learn how to CONQUER
this internal crap so that indeed we CAN
become the positive thinking person!

Again, I promise you, in my programs,
you will learn the details on HOW to do this!


What I mean by this, is that the vast majority
of people, even good people, don’t realize
how they are not really listening to what
a person is saying. They are not trying to
NOT listen, they just aren’t aware of
how their own emotions are FILTERING
the message that is coming in from
another. And this has BIG TIME ramifications
when chatting and interacting with women.

Part of the reason many women say that it’s so
hard to find a man they can CONNECT with,
is that they are forgetting all the men that
CAN connect with them that they aren’t
attracted to (that’s me being honest again)
but the OTHER reason is that even when
a man DOES attract a woman, he often
LOSES her attraction within MINUTES
when she says something to him, and
he distorts her message without even

Here’s one way to avoid this problem:
If you sense that you are getting emotional
about something, especially if it’s negative,
ask yourself what is it that you both AGREE
ON and see if you can work your way from
THAT POINT to getting less emotional, and
see if NOW you understand her in a different

This doesn’t mean to brainwash yourself
into agreeing with her, not at all. What
it means is that you now actually
UNDERSTAND what she is saying,
and a woman would much rather have
a man who UNDERSTANDS her than
agrees with her on everything.

And if you’re reading this right now, I can
absolutely assure you that there is a whole
UNIVERSE of crucial information on the
topic of getting a fantastic quality girlfriend,
and that universe can be found in my
program called WARRIOR WITHIN.

It’s at:

I also suggest, if you haven’t already
been getting my Actions For Attraction
series since day one, that you go HERE

By the way, if you’re still reading this,
and wondering, “Hmmm, should I really
get this material? Is it REALLY useful?
like to share another fact with you:

Years ago, a book came out, called THE GAME.
It was a huge hit, which for a lot of people
was the same thing as being proof that it
was the way to go to attract women.

It pretty much summed up the popular dating guru
and pick up artist “strategies” for how to get

There was a MASSIVE focus on pick up lines,
memorized routines, how to come across as
hard-to-get so that a woman should value
the guy more, etc, etc, etc.

It was also SWORN by the endless streams
of followers as the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

Fast forward a few years, and now
the information in that book is
considered ANTIQUATED, pick up
lines are NOT "cool", and memorized
routines are NOT considered "cool"
now even by ANYONE'S standard.

Hmmm, what happened to all those
methods as being the BIBLE OF TRUTH

Wasn’t it POPULAR?
Wasn’t the fact it was so POPULAR a
form of proof that it must be TRUE????

At that same time, a lot of MY material was
mocked by a lot of "experts" and followers
of these "experts", who never TRIED my

Meanwhile, the guys who DID use my
programs were getting such fantastic
results with women, that eventually
the entire "dating guru" field had

Some of them, on the surface, even
seem a bit like me. That's because
they spend a lot of their time reading
and taking my material, but then,
they distort the whole thing, by
inserting HOGWASH to make it
"more commercial".

This distortion from the outset
is even worse than "broken radio",
where by the time you finally get the
message, it's so distorted, it doesn't
represent the truth of the original
information anymore. That's because
they are intentionally distorting
the material from the first moment
they take it, in order to sell more.

If you are genuinely interested in
getting a quality woman for a fantastic
relationship, come to the source,
where the info is legit:

By the way, the reason I never promoted
the "games" style approach to attracting
a woman is not only because it usually
doesn't work, but in those rare times
when it DOES work, what it does is
it attracts a woman not to YOU, but
to the GAME you've played on her.

in order to keep her.

Also, I noticed that the "games" style
approach to attracting women tends
to bring out the "games" and the worst
behavior in women, which should come
as no surprise considering that women
aren't so stupid, so when they see they
are being "gamed" they tend to give
"games" back.

And of course, eventually, the real you
always ends up showing, so the game
always ends up a total loss for everyone
pretty quickly.

This is why my programs are about
learning things that actually have value
for REAL, as opposed to it being a
trick, a game, or an act.

I was never interested in being a
dancing monkey for ANYONE, including
any woman. In fact, the very idea
revolted me from any woman that
was of that type who could even
go for that kind of guy.

By the way, I also learned a lot of
these things the hard way. At one
point, I myself was brainwashed by
the dating guru advice, and it
really screwed up my relationships
with the very best women I had

In fact, the more that a woman was
the kind of woman that was a genuine
person who valued loyalty, who was
a fun person who didn't play games
herself, the MORE repulsed she
would be by the "games" promoted
by so called experts and dating gurus.

It took me YEARS to learn what I now
teach, and to organize it all into
effective programs that actually work.

Hence, the birth of Get a GREAT Girl.

To me, it's ALL about quality.

If you’re looking for a true quality woman,
the kind of woman who would be a fantastic
girlfriend, go here IMMEDIATELY:

And don't forget to also check out my
Actions For Attraction CD Set, at:

To find out about ALL my programs,
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, April 15, 2011

7 Ways To Get A Great Girl

Rather than the cheesy "player" style
interactions that actually push quality
women away, here are 7 classy ways to
approach and attract quality women:


This means that your message is saying something
cool about BOTH of you- the woman AND yourself.

For example, let’s say you are chatting with a
woman you just met, and you tell her that you
can see she has great taste in men. This is
saying something positive to her, but it’s
also pretty damn confident of yourself to
say this as well, and it’s funny too.

So you’ve done 3 things at once, all in a span
of just a few seconds and few words.

This is similar to, before kissing a woman, telling
her that you can tell a lot about a woman from the
way she kisses. When she asks “what do you mean”
you say, “Well, for example, you can tell if she
is really passionately into you, or if it’s just about
the money.” Then, you proceed to kiss her, and
when you pull away, you give her a mischeavous
grin and say “Definitely, you’re not about the

So again, you’ve said something cool about her,
and about yourself.


This is a big one too. As soon as you play even
a BIT of the “head games” with a woman, or as
soon as you ACCEPT even a bit of this, it’s
the beginning of the end of the whole connection.

The single greatest factor behind ALL these
head games is INSECURITY. Giving into it,
whether you decide to give her a taste of her
own medicine, or you accept it from her, it
all just FEEDS more of this insecurity.

There is no way to WIN with someone who
plays these games, the only way to WIN is
to get the heck out.

In my relationships, I NEVER play any games.
There’s nothing like the TRUST that is built
upon this foundation. And any woman who
doesn’t APPRECIATE this is going to be
a serious problem that you are best off
AVOIDING to begin with.

I learned these lessons the hard way, I used to
try all the “pick up artist” tactics and it wreaked
HAVOC with my relationships, it ruined everything.

And of course, the flip side to all this, is that
the lack of games is INSTANTLY appreciated
by the RIGHT kinds of women, because they
know how RARE this is.

And it’s understood by these women as a sign
of your STRENGTH, because all games are
a sign of insecurity, and the lack of games is
a sign of massive strength and conviction in


I personally prefer to meet women in the
real world from regular life, but if you are
doing online dating, then make sure to
keep your initial email BRIEF but PERSONAL.

Think about it from her perspective:
If she’s an attractive woman, she probably gets
TOO MANY emails from guys, including a lot
of desperate guys.

She DOES want to meet the right guy, but the
first signal that goes off in her head from a
huge long email from some random guy is
that this guy is somehow desperate and can’t
meet women in real life, so he’s putting all
his eggs in one basket.

The other problem is when the email he sends
is not PERSONALIZED at all. It doesn’t
indicate anything unique about his personality and
it doesn’t indicate he actually read her profile
at all either. By the way, don’t spend TOO
much time reading her profile unless it
really stands out herself, chances are she
said things like she enjoys travelling, and
other things that every single girl on the
planet says, that don’t indicate anything
really important about her individuality.

And when I say to indicate your personality,
that means to create the FEELING of
what you are, don’t just say you’re a
funny guy, if you are funny, then make
a damn good joke. If you are a very
creative guy, then make your email
creative, don’t just send a generic
email. From your subject line to t

For example, you can write something as
a joke, and say you were just released from
jail and not interested in re-hooking up with
your ex-wives and your 30 grand-kids, and
then say “just kidding”, before you get into
who you really are, etc.


This is another thing that seems to defy normal
logic. I’m not saying you have to sleep with women
right away, (in fact, I advise AGAINST it) but
rather the key is not to think” Hmmm, I know
this girl, I’ll chat to her for a few weeks, then
ask for her number, then, wait a week, then
call her, then maybe talk some more for a
few months, then maybe get to bed, then
maybe a relationship, etc, etc.

Reality doesn’t work like that.
It’s based on MOMENTUM.
So if you like a woman, GO FOR IT NOW,
get her number, go our for coffee THIS
WEEK, and if you like her and you share
things in common on a deep level, then
go to the next level.

If you meet a woman at a party, don’t think
“I chatted to her for a few minutes, so let’s
not ruin this, I’ll come back later for her
and then I’ll ask for her number”.

If you like her and she likes you, then get
her number NOW. If you’re on a date
with her, and the vibe is great, then don’t
wait till LATER to kiss her, you can kiss
her NOW.

Keep in mind, all this is coming NOT from
a needy sense, but from a sense of CONFIDENCE.

If you are truly delaying something because
you KNOW it will be better if you wait, that’s
one thing, but 99% of the time, I see guys
HESITATING out of lack of belief, rather
than out of a true sense of making greater
impact by perfect timing.


To make things EASIER on ourselves, and to
spare ourselves from having to feel like we
need to take action, we LIE to ourselves by
painting things as black and white.

For example: “That party is stupid. House
parties are stupid. I’m not going to that
party, you can’t meet ANYONE there.”

Those kinds of statements, based on generalizations,
will prevent you from meeting and attracting the
women you want.

If you go to the bookstore one day and there
weren’t a lot of women there, that doesn’t mean
you can’t meet women at the bookstore- it might
mean that you went to the WRONG bookstore
in a deserted area of town, or that you went at
the wrong time. Because you absolutely can
meet women at the bookstore. But telling
ourselves lies is a great way to rationalize
why we aren’t doing anything to actually
take ACTION.

Things are also not always black and white
in your interactions with a woman – if she
said something that hurt your feelings, maybe
it’s not exactly like you think. Maybe it is,
but maybe it’s not. So remember, emotions
are dangerous, and when we feel we might
be hurt, we take ACTION to prevent that

That’s what emotions do- they prompt us
to take ACTION.

Think about it- almost every time you actually
TAKE any action, it’s EMOTIONALLY
fueled. Watching TV, feels good. Feeling
hungry? You go eat. Tired? You want to
go sleep. Feeling horny? You want sex.
Feeling like you might get REJECTED?
Then you make sure to take the action
that will SPARE you that rejection,
and the action that will spare you that
rejection is saying things like:
“All women are gold-diggers”
“You can’t meet women anywhere”
“It’s all a waste of time”.

That way, you can make sure to never
take any action and be spared any
emotional pain.

So beware of how emotions are leading to
BLACK AND WHITE thinking, because
it’s one of the silent DESTROYERS, since
we don’t even realize we are brainwashing
ourselves and telling lies to ourselves.


The first thing besides your picture they’ll
see, and if you have no pic then it’s DEFINITELY
the first thing they’ll see, is your online NAME.

So you need to stand out in a cool way.

One trick is to think of some good music albums
that haven’t been OVERPLAYED recently
in pop culture, and then be a bit creative with

So for example:

You might take that and go serious with that,
and follow with a profile that is all about
being yourself and being comfortable with
who you are and how you want a woman who
is the same, or you might take a comedic
route if that is your nature and jokingly


And then proceed to have a quick, but funny profile
saying what a hillbilly you are, that totally shows
you are NOT trying to qualify yourself, which
will get a lot of women laughing.

Then, after the playful bit, you might have a
few brief but powerful sentences that actually
gets down to business with what you like
and what you don’t. i.e. You might say that
the one thing that IS required is HONESTY.
That you learned in hillbilly school that
being HONEST is the one thing that counts,
in between sessions of eating mud-pies.


Natural primal communication is actually quite

And the kind of communication that sparks attraction
and emotion often stems from allowing her to
enter this CHILD-LIKE STATE.

When we are in all ADULT AND FORMAL mode,
we BLOCK ourselves from actually feeling GOOD.

We’re in LOGICAL mode.

But when you start to chat about FUN stuff that
links back to CHILDHOOD, it’s an INNOCENT
way to actually get her to be more of an ADULT
in a flirty sense.

Devious, huh?
But all in a good way, when done responsibly.

You have to understand that you are trying to
achieve a lot in a little time with a woman who
is a total stranger, and to bypass all the logic
barriers that are normally in place.

So, for example, asking her who she’d rather
marry, Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble,
and to give you the reasons why, or chatting
with her in the supermarket about how you
two can steal the cereal boxes and get all
the toys inside, will get her imagination
and mind into a more PLAYFUL state
and instead of looking at you as the next
pyscho, you are now both playing.

And the reality is that great sexual chemistry
is very much linked to playing as well, even
when it gets aggressive, it’s like aggressive
playing. It’s saying the heck with all the
“serious” stuff of the world and let’s just
enjoy and relax what comes naturally.

Of course, I get into all this on a way
deeper level in my materials.

In fact, you could playfully say to a woman
that if she doesn’t know who Cookie Monster
is, or if she doesn’t watch Sesame Street,
that she’s too advanced for you.

This is a heck of a lot cooler than what
most guys do, trying so damn hard to
show how “cool” they are and how much
money they make, and what societies
they belong to, etc.

The great thing about being playful is
that it allows you to say things that are
true and yet not have to be completely
taken seriously. So it keeps the vibe
fun and honest rather than formal and

And if you want get the FULL PICTURE to
truly MASTER the skill of attracting
quality women, then I suggest you get
your hands on my WARRIOR WITHIN DVD SET
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Attracting the RIGHT woman in the first
place is SO important, as EVERYTHING goes
so much smoother than trying to FIX all
the PROBLEMS that come from getting
the WRONG woman.

From having far more exciting times
in bed, to having far more connection,
fun, intimacy, and loyalty, to also
being able to avoid all the 'drama'
and instead have smooth sailing,
getting a GREAT girl in the first
place is KEY.

is the BEST way to go about
getting yourself a GREAT girl
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why Women Are NOT Attracted To "Equals"- And What To DO About It!

Women don't want a man who is their EQUAL.

You want to know the reason for this?

Not only is it because women want a man
who is more dominant than them, but also
because it's human nature to only get
EXCITED when we are getting MORE
than what is "FAIR".

No woman, and no man, feels EXCITED about
attracting what they expect they already SHOULD


When was the last time you got EXCITED
about a girl you felt was EASY for you
to get, because you could get LOTS of
girls like her?

See what I mean?

This is why, she must be feeling that
you are BETTER than she DESERVES.

Now, keep in mind, that most men, when
they approach women, don't even come
across as EQUALS, (never mind SUPERIOR value)
as they kiss up and HOPE to God that the
woman will LIKE them.

More on superior value in a moment.

Now, for being 'THE MAN': 'The Man' is a
term I use to refer to a combination of
virtue, superiority and masculinity,
and it relates to every single aspect
of your interactions with a woman, from
the moment you meet her till your last
moment on earth with her.

In the last few decades, there has been a gradual
EROSION of masculinity from men’s behaviour,
which all started because men were made to feel
GUILTY about being men and even having
sexual desire.

On TOP of that, women were SIMULTANEOUSLY
told to “use girl power” etc., etc., and to have “fun”,
etc., etc., but GUYS were DEAF to this, because of
the GUILT they were fed. It was as if men IGNORED
this and only listened to the “boo hoo women are
being treated so badly” stories.

Now there is no one person or movement to blame,

it’s far more complex than that, because a lot of
these things (feminism) STARTED with good intentions
but then went COMPLETELY WRONG. Kind of like

The thing is, at least a long time ago,
men were getting BALANCE in RETURN
for treating a woman "like a lady".

A man gave to a woman, and a woman
gave back to a man.

It's only human nature, though, to
become spoiled if there is no reason
NOT to become spoiled.

So if a woman gets plenty from NOT
giving back to a guy, why would she
start to give back to him?

It seems as if guys have forgotten
that these days, guys get NOTHING in
return for GIVING away their affection
or anything else so freely, especially
to women who are stunning.

Because no one has TOLD guys to change
their strategy, guys still believe that the
old strategy makes sense even though
guys still refuse to change their deep rooted belief
that the way to succeed with women is to kiss up.

When you BELIEVE in something, then
ALL EVIDENCE to the contrary won’t mean
jack sh*&, because your mind will just find a
way to interpret it according to your perspective
of the world.

So guys basically DIDN’T BELIEVE all the
REALITIES that were REALLY happening
with women, whether it was women having
bachelorette parties that would put Hugh
Hefner to shame, whether it was women
cheating, etc.

Guys just kept on treating women not only
as EQUALS, but as SUPERIORS. Yes,
SUPERIORS, because given the fact
that women were now (post 1950’s) doing
for men, and yet men were STILL kissing
up to women MORE AND MORE, well,
THAT in fact is a definite SUPERIORITY
for women.

And like I always say, superiority is the
essence of attraction.

This is a FACT.
We don't just want "equal" to what we
give, human nature is to want MORE.

THAT'S when we feel great, when we
get MORE than we expect.

And the INSANITY of all this, is that it’s
all based on nothing TANGIBLE. It’s
just based on ASSUMPTIONS which
came to hold the power of BELIEFS.

And in fact, it’s based on WRONG
assumption and wrong beliefs. Like the
idea that men are somehow animals, and women
saints. Or that women are morally superior
to men. Or that women don’t like sex. Or
that somehow a man “should” show a woman
that HE is a good man, before SHE shows
him she is a good woman.

All that stuff came from a time when women
today, and turns men into SITTING DUCKS
just waiting to be taken advantage of and

I seriously can’t understand how this isn’t

My guess is that the only reason there isn’t some
MEN’S liberation movement is because men
are concerned it will sound pathetic.  This
is DEFINITELY the reason most men
tend to stay silent even when they are
being abused by women.

MEN are SUPPOSED to already be dominant,
so as men, as a gender, we feel this pressure
to not SHARE our pain or REPORT it because
there's this perception that men don't get
these problems, when in fact as a gender
we DO.

Hey, here's one strategy for taking ACTION
if you are currently not approaching women
and you WANT to be able to approach:


Do this right now.

Yes, NAME the voice within you that is
always telling you NOT TO APPROACH.

Whatever that voice is saying, give it a NAME.

So if the voice inside you is saying "Don't
do it, she will NOT want to be approached,
and she will get UPSET, and so therefore
I am trying to protect you from her getting
UPSET at you"...then call this voice the

The key here, is by giving this voice a name,
you start to realize this is not YOU, it's
something ELSE, it's not Jim, Bob, or
Harry, or Mark, or whatever your name

Now, the next step, is, for you to
SPEAK to this voice, and tell it
something like:
"Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me,
but I'm going to TAKE ACTION ANYWAY".

You can even get PISSED OFF at the voice,
and tell it "LISTEN, I HEARD YOU, AND

The key here is that all this helps you REALIZE
it's not YOU, it's just one tiny PART of who
you are, that is actually in CONFLICT with
the GREATER PART of who you are
that knows you SHOULD approach because
the truth is that most women will NOT
get upset, and that you will only GET
BETTER at this from taking action,
and that in fact REBELLING AGAINST

By the way, this is just a super-condensed
version of this exercise that you will learn
in FULL DETAIL in my Warrior Within

Here's another crucial tip:
Power and Value are not conveyed by acting like
a jerk, or by acting cold or hard-to-get.

All those things arevery ARTIFICIAL and inneffective
way of TRYING HARD to appear to be "in demand".

Trying hard itself is UNCOOL and unattractive, and
to be honest, is plain hard work and not fun!

The REAL ANSWER is to UNLEASH the inner
INFINITE POWER vibes that are already
IN you, that make you EMPOWERED, FUN,

In fact, if a guy comes across as ANGRY
at women, or angry about things, he is
not only showing that obviously he is not
GETTING results with women, (which is
in a way showing lack of value on a
subconscious level) he he is also
so attractive to women and that are
so important to escalating the interaction
to a more sensual level.

The bottom line is that women are KICKING GUYS’S
asses today like never before!!!!!!!

And like I said, it’s all the result of men THINKING
it has to be this way and continuing their behaviors.

By the way, a quick tip:

The FASTEST way for CHANGING the way women
percieve you upon the first approach, and for changing
the way you FEEL internally, is to start taking small
social risks and get pumped from the ADRENALINE
of that risk!

You must take a certain amount of RISK in your VERBAL

This applies to everything, including your humor:

You can't be FUNNY or PLAYFUL or witty

ALL great humor ALWAYS involves some
RISK, that it might not be taken the
right way, but that is why you learn
how to use humor WISELY:

For example, always have something REDEEMING
built into your humor, even as it might also be a bit
TEASING in a non-malicious way.

So, for example, if you meet a knockout,
and you wave a chocolate bar in front
of her face, and tell her:

"I bet you haven't eaten one of these in a loooong

Then, you PAUSE...and say:

"I mean that you haven't eaten one without
throwing it up!!"

Now, that's FUNNY but it also takes
a RISK, however MOST women will GET
it that this is ALL a comment that really
is based on the fact she is in GREAT SHAPE
and slim.

Which, in our society, is a compliment,
for better or for worse. So you haven't
REALLY lowered her status, in a way
you've confirmed that she indeed IS
high status, but you've also poked fun
at her at the same time.

THAT is effective humor.

So the idea here is that clearly you
are joking, and it's still still a
compliment, because it could not
be said to a woman who seemed out
of shape.

You have to adjust your humor depending
on the degree of confidence you feel the
woman would have about the thing you
are joking about with her.

If a guy said this to a woman who was
NOT in shape, it would be plain MEAN
and show that he has zero social intelligence,
and social intelligence is MASSIVELY
important in getting ANY woman.

This is humor must be adjusted depending on
who is the recipient.

And yet most men are all so obsessed
with making sure they are "NOT OFFENDING"

If you play it totally SAFE, you can't even
be INTRIGUING, because you might
worry that she will find what you are
talking about to NOT be intriguing!

In the same way that jet-skiing, white water
rafting, and even riding a BICYCLE the
first time was taking A RISK but was

Yes, YOU must be having a great time
AS you do the approaches to women, AS
you escalate the interaction, as you
get physical, etc, etc.

So here's a strategy to try out
next time you are about to approach
a woman:


And imagine she keeps on shaking her
booty at you, trying so hard to get
your attention because she is afraid
to lose it!!!

How would you feel INTERNALLY if THIS
was the situation?

Would you not be LAUGHING???
Would you not be SMILING???
Would you not be feeling a lot BETTER
about the idea of being playful?

Imagine how YOU would be feeling IF
that was what just happened.

THIS "vibe" is what must be inside of you.
THIS is what we develop as well in my
program "Warrior Within".

It's crucial that you don't take the
facts of the situation to become
ANGRY with women, but rather to become
FUN and empowered and sensual and
intriguing, which is MUCH EASIER
to do when you ARE feeling those
vibes of empowerment.

Women can't HELP but feel attraction
to these vibes.

Society is NOT going to change overnight.
But YOU can make things change for YOURSELF,
by USURPING almost every single thing that women's
"empowering movements" are doing AND using it

Women act standoffish to your approach?
The only reason they are doing that is because
you are approaching them in a way that makes
them feel as if YOU are worthless and as if
THEY are superior, OR it's happening because
humans feel what others are feeling, and if
you are really nervous, you are making her
nervous as well.

ALL this changes when you start RECLAIMING

Attraction is about PERCEPTION.
Women tend to THINK they are the ones with the power.
So they act that way, and most guys get SWALLOWED
up into that frame, thereby REINFORCING women’s
self-concepts and DESTROYING their (men’s) OWN
self concepts as men get SHOT DOWN over and over

This whole PERCEPTION has to change in your mind.

Your whole "GUT FEELING" about who really has the power,
has to CHANGE in your mind. Otherwise, this feeling will
keep on showing through your body language, and women
will DETECT it and feel that THEY are superior to you, and
that you are just not worth their time.

You have to get the SKILLS to EFFECTIVELY
send the message that you are worth MORE
than them.


Human nature is to want more.

This is why you need to have the SKILLS

This doesn’t mean acting like a jerk.

In fact, it means acting INSANELY COMFORTABLE
and INSANELY CONFIDENT, and in certain
environments like clubs, it means that you also have
to start off very PLAYFUL, otherwise you obviously
are desperate, because if you are not in a good mood
in a club, where you are supposed to be happy, you
are obviously only there to meet women, and apparently
not being successful since you are not happy and playful,
which means LOSER).

Remember, if you REALLY knew you were desired,
if you REALLY knew you had the worth, THAT’S
how you would feel.

If you want to CHANGE your life, this INSANITY of
even THINKING that women have all the power must
stop. Your THOUGHTS are given CONCRETE FORM
in your behaviours, and women WILL detect them
the same way anyone can detect desperation or
someone who is not comfortable.

Now, there’s more to it than just this, for example,
understanding how to not make a woman feel
slutty, but even THAT becomes less of a problem
when you come across as being DESIRABLE
because if you are DESIRABLE, then a woman
feels she is with a “worthy” guy and that she
is not “cheap” for being with you.

See what I mean?
Superior Intrinsic Value RULES.

And when it comes to attraction, behaving in
a MASCULINE way, i.e. leading the interaction,
not getting overly emotional, being cool and
laid back, and showing DOMINANCE, is
BIG TIME VALUE in her sexual desire
department of her brain.

I was at the bookstore yesterday and I couldn’t
BELIEVE how they are STILL selling books
in the relationships section telling men how to
KISS UP even MORE than they are already doing.

Do you know who needs to read those kinds of
books about how to treat women better?
The complete PSYCHOS, the TOTAL jerk-offs,
the real scum of society.

Aside from them, really, I don’t think any
guy is going to get anything but ANGUISH
from applying the advice in those “how to
kiss up even more to women” books.

Women don’t even WANT that type of guy
as it makes them feel like they are with some
kind of emasculated man. Most women
deep down want to feel sexually that they
are with a guy with a dominant personality
otherwise it makes THEM, the women,
in charge of leading things to sex and
that’s going to really ruin the chemistry.

Of course, women can’t come out and say
this on national tv or it will sound like they
are against equal rights, which they aren’t

Being a dominant man is the ONLY choice.
It was always the only choice, but nowadays,
due to women, especially attractive ones, having
MORE power than ever, it’s become even
MORE important that men start RECLAIMING
their own personal worth and SHOWING IT
through everything they do.


You will be PERCEIVED by how you behave,
the same way MEN have perceived WOMEN
to be superior SIMPLY by the way women

You don’t be silly about thinking about any OTHER
option. There is NO other option but to be
masculine, to lead the show, to be THE MAN.

And guess what?

It’s not ENOUGH just that YOU know that you
are not kissing up. SHE must know it too.

She must know that FAILURE on her part to
treat you right will lead to a very quick
goodbye from you.

And you have to be PREPARED for all
if a woman knows that you only like “good”
girls, a girl who is not a good girl will do her
BEST to ACT like a good girl to GET YOU.

Even though she might really be the kind of
girl who would make even Satan cringe.

So you must learn how to detect a TRUE

quality woman apart from the fakers.

On one hand, because you had STANDARDS,
she saw that you don’t just go for anything.

Your high standards show you are obviously
certain DESIRE for you. And she was prepared
to do what is necessary to get you.

But once she “gets” you, if you make her feel
that she HAS you for sure no matter what, she
will start to SLIDE in her treatment of you,
and you might start to rationalize it, you might
try to defend her actions since she is a “good”

But if you FALL for that BRILLIANT
DISGUSE, well, then, that’s exactly what
she wants. (of course, if a woman really
is wack job, don't even try to use these
skills to attract her, just say goodbye
as soon as you find out she is an abusive

You must learn to avoid women who are
NARCISSISTS and who love to get
artificial "friends" on facebook to make
them look like they are so in demand,
but who in reality once they knew her
in person well enough would run like
hell from her.

where most women have been brainwashed to
believe they are superior.

Any OTHER type of strategy, other type of option,
just about ALWAYS leads to break-ups, women
who can’t commit, getting taken advantage of
emotionally and financially, heartbreak, no sex,
plummeting self-esteem, and tons of other
fun stuff.

The crazy thing is, when you LEARN these
skills, you are suddenly INFUSED with so
much power that you can EASILY reverse
ALL THIS STUFF, to the point that if you
wanted to, you could easily do all that nasty stuff
to women, but you really WON’T WANT TO
because you’ll be TOO BUSY WITH THE

You’ll FEEL SORRY for the women that
did that creepy stuff, because the truth is
that the most SEXY women who are
CONFIDENT NEVER do that nasty stuff,
because when you are REALLY secure,
you might not be ATTRACTED to someone
but you have no need to be ABUSIVE.

Only INSECURE people are abusive,
because their insecurity and pain makes
them want YOU to also be in pain.

Most women are not like that.
Most women are simply in the category of
being SPOILED by society.

Human behavior works on INCENTIVES.
When a woman who is attractive thinks she
can get away with doing less, she will.

On the other hand, when a woman knows
the only way to get the man of her dreams
is to treat him RIGHT, she will do exactly
that. And when you attract her, you become
the man of her dreams.

Does this mean that all those other women are bad?
Not really, not anymore than a child who is spoiled.
The child is not “bad” or “evil”, just spoiled.
The child needs to learn.

Women need to learn that you are not like all
the other guys who will KEEP ON KISSING UP
to women even though women have moved
BEYOND “working in the kitchen barefoot
and pregnant”. Hey, in those days, a man
had some room to err because he had
a certain amount of AUTOMATIC respect
from women, just from being born a
male in that society and era.

And in fact, there WERE some screwed
up things against women in those days that
were just not right. Like women not even
being allowed to vote.

But women have come a long long way, and
men have GONE BACKWARDS a long long
way, and that is just as evil. Especially since
it’s always the good but ignorant guys that
don’t want to cause “problems”, and the jerks
who couldn’t give a rat’s ass, thereby giving the
jerks an advantage since the jerk doesn’t care
about women’s rights or issues and therefore
will take as much as he can, and this often
is misinterpreted by women as a sign of his
superior VALUE.

So, you don’t have to be a jerk, but you sure
as heck have to know how to still come across
as having superior VALUE.

Sometimes I think the BIGGEST INTERNAL
obstacle to learning how to behave in the
right way comes because we have this
“inner conflict” that says that being “The Man”
is “not nice”, as if maybe it’s something
your mother wouldn’t approve of, as you
respect your mom, who is a woman, and
you want to treat her well.

But you have to remember that “women” in general
are NOT your MOM. You are not trying to
ATTRACT your mom!

That might SOUND a bit funny, obvious, or strange,

You see, as a child, for most of us, our MOTHER
gave us a lot of crucial things we needed for LIFE.
Love, support, nurturing, making us feel good, etc.
God bless mothers.

And we kind of take this image of women
from our mom.

But when you are trying to attract a woman,
you have to remember this is not your MOM.

It’s a whole new sexual dynamic going on.

When it comes to attracting a woman, a woman
doesn’t NATURALLY give a DAMN about you
any more than she might about the next guy.

That might sound harsh, but it’s true.
For some reason we keep thinking that women
are “nice” and that we should treat them “nice”.

Look, I’m totally against any kind of ABUSE.
But it’s not ABUSE to communicate with women on
the ONLY terms that women can understand in
a society where MOST women who are attractive
have been very spoiled. (it’s a little different
if you happen to live in a VERY male-dominated
society, of course.)

The only way a woman will give a damn about
you (beyond the feeling sorry kind of caring)
is if she is ATTRACTED to you.

And what ATTRACTS a woman is about more
than what made you a good son, and about
more than what your mother likes about you.

This is not as easy as it might sound, because
it requires you to behave in ways that you might
think your MOM does not approve of. (the truth
is, your mom probably WANTS you to succeed
with women, so she probably deep down DOES
approve, but it would be really weird if your mom
had to tell you what turns HER on, if she was
even aware of it!)

Now, there is one more factor to keep in mind:
Just because all women who are attractive tend
to get worshipped by men, does not mean that
all women who are attractive are messed up.

There are great women out there, who would
be totally honest and loyal to any man that
they date, the key with these women though
is that you must still be BURSTING with
empowerment. You must still be oozing
all the right things from within.

The difference with a great woman, though,
is that she is not turned on by the "player"
facade. She wants THE MAN, not the PLAYER.

She is ALSO massively different in that
she requires more than just ATTRACTION,
she also wants a level of CONNECTION
and INTIMACY that most men simply
have never learned how to create.

So if you would like to get the FULL PICTURE,
to learn EXACTLY how to go about approaching
women to take things from that very first moment
of walking up to her, all the way to making
the ultimate connection and intimacy, all the
way to the bedroom and beyond, and even
where to find the RIGHT women, and how to
keep things running smoothly to prevent
“drama”, then I seriously suggest you get my
Warrior Within Program on DVD IMMEDIATELY.

What you read in these newsletters is just the
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life-changing program.

This program goes DEEP and it WILL SKYROCKET
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