Monday, December 30, 2013

An Important Message For Your Success In The New Year

Around this time of year, a lot of people make
New Year’s resolutions, and I thought I would
share with you some really important insights
on the truth about success, not only with women
but regarding just about EVERYTHING.

This way, you can take these insights and apply
them to your own life and make the very best not
only of any new resolutions but also for all your


One of the most insane things is that although we
hear that CONFIDENCE is essential for success
with women, it is also essential for success in just
about ANY goal.  This is why learning the skills
for success with women also help you with so
much else in life.

The problem though is that just TELLING someone
that confidence is the secret is not enough, because
some people are BORN with more confidence than
others.  But the good news is that confidence is similar
to building MUSCLE, in that if you work on it, you
can CULTIVATE it, you can make it grow.

In fact, confidence can be grown to HUGE proportions,
a trillion times bigger than any muscle!

Whatever it is you lack confidence in, the trick is to
START doing it, WITHOUT putting pressure on yourself,
even if you do it WITHOUT confidence.

Most people never get confident at anything because they
never do it often enough to get over the fear, and also they
do whatever that thing is that they lack confidence in, in
an environment of PRESSURE.

So, for example, if you want to approach women with
CONFIDENCE, then take off the PRESSURE by not
making the GOAL that she must be ecstatic from your
approach, but rather your GOAL is simply that YOU
did not give into your fear, that YOU went up and said
‘Hello, how are you doing?’ or some other casual
conversation opener. 

You can even make the goal just to say HI.


Then, once you do the goal WITHOUT pressure,
you can then SLOWLY start to add more pressure,
for example, try keeping the  conversation going
for two minutes, three minutes, four minutes, try
adding minutes to the conversation, try adding humor,
take ONE more step each day to add a BIT to the
pressure, just like adding a BIT of weight when you
are lifting weights.

But getting back to CONFIDENCE again, this way,
you will be improving your SKILL as well, which
of course will help you build even MORE confidence,
but also you will be getting DESENSITIZED to the
fear, simply because you have been doing the
thing (approaching women, talking to women) that
you fear so many times. 

Also, regarding CONFIDENCE, the reason it is so
important is because if you BELIEVE you can succeed,
then you are not going to SABOTAGE your success,
and again this applies to ALL goals.

But if you believe that really you DON’T have
what it takes to succeed, in other words if you lack
confidence, then you will not really give ALL YOU
HAVE toward achieving your goal.  You will waste
time, you will procrastinate, you will move slowly,
you will have other things to do that feel more important,
you will feel a lack of energy, etc, etc.

All that crap comes from the ROOT cause, which is
FEAR that really you won’t succeed.  Fear is such a
devil because it works subconsciously as well, and
does things like making you THINK you are tired
when you aren’t. (This doesn’t mean you don’t need
rest, it just means that when you lack confidence,
there is a general lack of energy for achieving the


The NEXT related idea regarding success I want
to share with you is about using TIME wisely.

The real truth is that TIME is more precious than
MONEY.  Even BILLIONAIRES would love to
have more TIME, and would happily spend like
crazy to get MORE time.  In fact, one of the biggest
reasons people WANT money is to save them time,
but it can’t CREATE time, it can just save it.

This idea is absolutely inextricably bound with success.
Not only must you have confidence for your goal, but
you must have TIME LIMITS for ALL your goals, and
ALL your tasks, even the MENIAL ones. 

I used to think this was a non-fun way to live life, but
the PROBLEM is time is SO PRECIOUS, that  there
is simply NO TIME for WASTING TIME.

So I learned from a man smarter than myself to use
a TIMER for EVERYTHING I do, big or small,
exciting or mundane.

Set the amount of time you think something SHOULD
take, and then set the timer and start working on it.

You’d be AMAZED at much time you will save
and you will realize how much time you were
wasting before. 

Again, time is so precious, and GOALS TAKE TIME.
So if you WASTE TIME, not only regarding your big
goal, but if you waste time on being inefficient on all
the small goals and tasks you must do everyday, you
will NOT achieve your biggest goals simply because
you won’t have enough TIME.

Now, you have to also stay calm during all this. And
the fact is, if you do this, you will be more calm because
you will realize how you are not wasting time.  I just
want to mention to stay calm, because I don’t want
you to burn out with stress.


A lot of people mention the idea of PICTURING your goal
in your head.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has spoken a great deal about
how he could SEE himself as successful in his various
endeavors from bodybuilding to acting to politics, and
how he took his confidence from one thing, e.g. bodybuilding,
to another, e.g. acting.

In the book and film The Secret, there is a great deal
of focus on practicing EXPERIENCING THE FEELINGS

So the important element in common is not just WANTING
Or WISHING to be successful, but actually SEEING
AND EXPERIENCING that success as if you ALREADY

You are ALREADY THERE in your mind, and LOVING IT.

In my opinion, this is not HOCUS-POCUS superstition.

Rather, the power of this is that it CHANGES you on a
deep level, subconsciously you STOP sabotaging yourself,
plus you are in such a positive state that OF COURSE you
keep on doing all the things that bring success, and ALSO
you start to BECOME like that version of yourself that you
want to BE, which ALSO helps ATTRACT people that
are on a SIMILAR wavelength that can HELP  you get to
that goal.

I can tell you that in my own life, every person I met that
was instrumental in making huge positive changes in my        
life was the result of me focusing on BEING and FEELING
the way I wanted to be in my GOAL version of myself and
my GOAL version of reality.  

It NEVER CAME from any “official” request, it
never came from “forcing” myself, it came from
me truly behaving the way I would if I was
“already there experiencing the joy of having
the goal”. 

And the crazy thing about all this is that this is actually
the EASIER way to live, because it is what your MIND
REALLLY WANTS anyway!   

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How To Attract A Woman INSTANTLY

When you see a woman  you would like
to approach, the moment of opportunity
is often just a few seconds, so it is
CRUCIAL to learn how to attract a

What you're about to read is
pure GOLD, so make sure you're
ready to fully digest this one.

The one thing everyone wants more of
is this thing known as “feeling good”.
The other thing that is pretty
INFINITE is the human want for
sexual things.

No one gets enough of those two things,
and anyone that can GIVE IT rules the world.

They really both fall under the
basic category of "feeling good",
they both boil down to the release
of endorphins into the bloodstream.

It’s the reason the ENTERTAINMENT
industry is a billion dollar industry.

And obviously, things like COCAINE.
It's all about FEELING AWESOME.

People will do anything to feel
awesome, unfortunately some people
even resort to drugs that will

Ask someone if they remember five
things they learned in college and
they’ll usually STRUGGLE and FAIL
to give you an INSTANT answer, but
ask them the last name of a singer
name Britney, and you’ll get INSTANT

Same thing if you ask the name of
the band called The Rolling ______ .

Now, when it comes to attracting a woman,
most guys tend to approach women and
they try to IMPRESS her by listing cool
things about themselves, or by sounding
important, etc.

None of this really fires off the FEELING
GOOD chemicals in her system, none of this
fires off ENDORPHINS. 

And this is especially true when a woman
is particularly attractive and has seen it
all before.

The worst sin is feeling needy, that actual
FEELING of insecurity and neediness is
a huge problem in itself, because it
makes it impossible for you to give
off the right vibes.

Neediness and insecurity are the
the fun vibes from surrounding
human beings.  They REPEL women.

So if you are feeling needy, the first thing
I must tell you is to SMACK YOURSELF
SILLY and not BEHAVE that way at least
when you are approaching and chatting up
a woman.

If you are feeling needy, at least don’t
ACT upon that neediness. 

This is the difference between a compliment
you give to a woman that comes from your
confidence and the kind of compliment
you give to a woman that comes from
feeling like “oh my god I better give her
a compliment and let her know my entire
emotions are at risk on whether she likes
me or not”.

So, for example, a compliment given
from CONFIDENCE might take the
following form:

Let’s say you’re at a supermarket, and
there’s a striking woman checking out
the cookies section.  So you roll up
to her, and you give her this serious
look, instead of this big toothy smile
that would look  like you’re a puddle
of wuss, that is totally needy for her.

So you give her this look, fake serious,
(which will make the humor have more
impact coming up, and this is important
because you don’t want to let on that
a joke is coming or you ruin the whole
thing) and you say:

“What do you think you’re doing?” 

Say it almost accusingly, as if she’s in
TROUBLE for something.

Don’t go psycho, just say it with a bit
of a “you’re in trouble” kind of vibe
to your voice. 

Then, she’ll say something like
“What do you mean?” and she’ll be
all serious.

Then you can say, “Well, you shouldn’t
be here.  There are no attractive women
in this area.  Not for at least 40 miles,
you shouldn’t be here, it’s not allowed.”

Now, remember, you say this all with
a mock serious face, which has way
more impact, because it takes her a
sec for her to get it, she won’t see
it coming. 

Now, when she smiles, don’t start
smiling and laughing, that will ruin it.

“Yeah, it’s dangerous in fact, you
shouldn’t even be here. Seriously.”

Now, at this point, and it’s just a
beginning, you’re at least showing:




This is a huge thing, by the way,
because by having the serious
expression and tonality, you
can get away with giving a
HUGE compliment that basically
is saying she is very attractive,
without at all seeming like you’re
week in the knees for her and
all needy.

But it’s not over yet, there’s more.
This is just an OPENING here.

You must COOK this INTERACTION till it’s
really heated UP.

So for example, at this point, you
could say “Hi, I’m Joe (or whatever your name is)
and extend your hand, and she will likely
do the same and tell you her name.

Give a firm handshake and solid
eye contact as you do this.

Then, time for some more fun:

For example, now that you’re both
in front of the cookies, you can say:

“You can tell a lot about a person
from what kind of junk food they
like. In your case, you love chocolate
cookies, and chocolate is sinful,
so you’re the kind of person that
really is going to enjoy life and
the kind of people that are definitely
going to party in hell, that’s my
type for sure.”

There are subtle undertones to all this.
The idea of being naughty and having
fun and being sinful, is giving her
permission to relax, and yet it’s
all being done in such an INNOCENT
way here, after all, we’re talking

Something like this is guaranteed to
get her responding, and agreeing, and
you want to be building a YES ladder
as soon as possible, the more things
she is truly saying YES to the better.

Now, I give this example on purpose
because you don’t have to be a party
animal to do this, you don’t have to
hang out at nightclubs, you don’t
have to even go outside your normal
environment, EVERYONE needs
to go basic shopping.

You can turn up the ante even more,
so for example, as you and her are
chatting, and reaching the checkout
aisle, you can tell the clerk that
this woman has been STALKING you
the entire time, and thank God that
now finally someone is here to see it,
to save you from the harassment
of this woman.

She’s going to smile at this, plus she’s
going to love the fact you are so not
needy for her, so confident, that you
are FOR SURE not going to be like
all the other guys she has met that
were so needy for her, that had no
MASCULINITY left, they gave
all their ‘mojo’ away to her, 
while YOU have it in SPADES.

Now, remember, this is all coming from
a place of CONFIDENCE, not maliciousness,
and not insecurity, there is a fine yet supremely
important difference between these things.

There are endless things you can
playfully tease her on as well, even
at the checkout counter.  For example,
let’s say you need bags and she has
her own environmentally friendly bag.

So you can pretend you are the evil
corporate guy and she is the hippie
saving the world, and that you’re
far too evil for a girl like her, (which
is again the opposite of most guys
trying to convince her of why they
are the right guy for her, out of neediness).

Then, let’s say she ends up needing one
extra bag so she needs an actual plastic
bag and has to buy one, (which is pretty
common because often we don’t perfectly
estimate how much stuff we’re going
to have), so then you can playfully
comment that you are already having
an evil influence on her, turning her
to your evil ways.

So, during this interaction she has had with
you, she has seen that you are gutsy, you
are funny, you are not afraid to give a
compliment, you are spontaneous, you
are social, and that you understand
the magical thing called “sexual tension”
and how to create it.

Most men have no clue what this even
is, and why women want it so badly.

And you will have done this all in
a very BRIEF amount of time, which
is all the more cool.

At THIS point, you can do whatever
you want, you can chat with her some
more, you can take her number, the
point is that you have TRIGGERED
HER EMOTIONS and shown that
you are a man in the right way.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
This material runs DEEP. It's about
the most PRIMAL elements of how women
respond to men that GIVE OFF THE

The things I described above are
MANIFESTATIONS of the traits of
MEN WHO SURVIVE, and therefore
ignite ATTRACTION in her on
a primal, sexual, level.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, December 2, 2013

How To Talk To Women To ATTRACT Them

There are some really important points
I need to share with you regarding how
to talk to women to attract them,  and
about getting physically intimate, and
in general what to know in order to
skyrocket women’s attraction to you.

The first thing gets right to the HEART of
attraction, which is that women are attracted
to men who are INSANELY confident,
ESPECIALLY about their ability to attract

If only men could understand just how true this is,
it would CHANGE their entire PERCEPTION
of what women respond to in men.

Instead, most men keep on trying to attract
women by thinking about the things that
MEN tend to respond to the most, which is

So men end up counting themselves OUT
of the race, or thinking that most women are
“out of their league”.  These disempowering
BELIEFS then end up creating the worst results,
and the bad results of course only CEMENT
these negative beliefs further.

Let me give you a PRIME example, which
comes from REAL LIFE.  
A man approaches a random beautiful woman
at a bar, online, at a party, a café, a bookstore,
or anywhere else.

The woman does not ignore him, but instead
says: "I believe I am out of your  age range."

So of course, if a man BELIEVES that women
are the same as men, he will take this at face
value, and QUIT.  He might even tell himself
that he will never do this kind of thing again.

He might take it as “proof” that women are
a certain way, etc, etc. etc.

HOWEVER, a comment such as that should

The BETTER way to respond is to respond from

For example:
"I don't believe it at all... The good thing is that
you know I'm experienced enough to handle you :)"

Within a fraction of a SECOND, her response to
THAT was:

“Ha I normally date older men anyways.”

By the way, that is from a REAL conversation
that ultimately led to a full-length conversation,
and ended up as a lot more than just a conversation
or a date.

And I can quote you hundreds more, not only
from my own experiences, but from the experiences
of hundreds of former clients and customers who
have used and applied my materials.

One of the funniest things is that I usually don’t
get invited to the actual weddings or even the
parties these guys make with their new girlfriends
or wives, because it would be a bit awkward
explaining who I am, e.g. “Ummmm this is the
guy that...”  But I do get thank-you notes : )

Within a fraction of a SECOND, what on the
SURFACE seemed to be a woman that was
trying to PUSH AWAY a certain kind of man
(in this case, older) turns into a woman actually
saying she PREFERS such men.

But the REAL point here is not age, the REAL

There’s just a certain way that women are
HARDWIRED that responds to men that

From Gloria Steinem to Jane Fonda, some of the
biggest FEMINISTS in the world who preached
how they would love a world where men tried
to act just like women, in REALITY these same
women ONLY fell in love with men who radiated

It’s NOT politically correct to say the TRUTH,
but the truth doesn’t care about political correctness.

By the way, regarding that conversation I was
quoting, I have seen so many relationships
and even MARRIAGES come about from
situations where the woman at first put up

Now, please don’t get me wrong.
If a woman REALLY says something like

What I am saying is that women are often
conditioned to NOT MAKE THEMSELVES
SO EASY, and ALSO they are conditioned to
try to see which men REALLY KNOW WHAT

won’t be DISCOURAGED by a remark that
doesn’t seem to initially show a woman doing
cartwheels of joy for your approach.

So whether you think you are too tall, too short,
or lacking money, fame, intelligence, looks,
prestige, connection, or ANYTHING ELSE,
is the REAL enemy.          

By the way, and this might seem a bit random,
I need to say something else here that it seems
no one else is saying.  I think the pick up artist
crowd does not want to get into this because it
might discourage some people from promiscuity,
but in my case, I don’t encourage promiscuity
anyway, I encourage finding the right woman,
i.e. A GREAT GIRL, hence the name of my

So what I need to say is that condoms are not
a perfect protection against all STIs and STDs.
I do not want to start a PANIC, and condoms
are GREAT compared to NOT  using them,
but condoms are so damn far from a total
protection package against ALL the STI’s
and STD’s out there that it’s not funny.

Condoms are a powerful protection against
the “big” stuff, but not everything.

The REASON that we don’t hear more about
this from the medical establishment is most
likely because they know that unfortunately
that if doctors were to make a global campaign
teaching that condoms are not perfect and
don’t protect against everything, then a whole

And THAT would be REALLY bad.
So, because so many people are ignorant and
lazy, that is likely why you don’t hear a lot
about all the DETAILS on the truth about

I had to share this with you, because if you
are a customer or are on my list, you are
not the typical guy out there, you are more
interested in knowing the full story, the full
details, the big picture, and you are not
into promiscuity and one night stands. 

In other words, you might appreciate it.
Also, my material is INSANELY powerful,
and you will probably end up with a
woman very QUICKLY if you use what
I am teaching you, and I want you
to be prepared.

There is nothing wrong with asking a woman
to get TESTED before you get to that level
of physical intimacy.  You can both get
tested together, and it will be a bonding

Don't be foolish, just because everyone else
out there is acting stupid.

In my Attraction Mastery Program, one
of the first things I mention is
speaking to a doctor about the
proper use of a condom.  

A lot of the pick up artist material out there
is all about finding some woman who will
agree to get physical FAST, so of course
these kind of women are more likely to
be promiscuous, short term thrill-seeking,
not thinking about long-term consequences,

This brings me back to my next point, which
is the REASON I focus so much on getting
yourself a QUALITY girlfriend, one GREAT

The WRONG woman will DESTROY you.

The RIGHT woman will IGNITE your soul,
will fill you with inspiration and motivation,
and make you a BETTER man.

What I am about to share with you is not made-up,
it is a real scientific study.   

Both groups of men seemed to be of average
artistic ability.  In other words, they were NOT

The first group consisted of several men, where
each man was asked to go into a room by himself,
and try to draw something.

The second group consisted of men who were
asked to do the SAME thing, but were FIRST
exposed to a beautiful woman who casually
and MILDLY flirted with them. 

Then, after the artwork was done, the artwork
was put up on a wall.  A professional was called
in to look at all the artwork, and INSTANTLY
he could tell which works seemed INSPIRED
and of IMPROVED quality, the works which
were full of life.

You guessed it, ALL THE WORKS done by
the men who had the beautiful woman flirt
with them showed SUPERIOR works than
the men who had no such inspiration.

The trick is to be with a woman who doesn’t
end up causing you MORE PROBLEMS than
its worth.  The trick is to be with a woman
that is not only attractive on the outside, but
who also is beautiful on the INSIDE.

And that is why I have spent over ten years
focused on teaching men all about getting
and keeping a QUALITY WOMAN.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks