Sunday, June 9, 2013

Serious Tips For Success With Women (From Attraction To Faithfulness)

Alright, there are MANY important things
I need to get to today regarding attracting
women and success with women in general, 
including selecting the right woman, so I will 
get straight to the CORE  of each of them.

1: The Internet And Meeting Women

You will notice that over the years I have
spent only a little time talking about internet
dating. The reason for this is because the
internet tends to attract the wrong women
and also because you have MORE power
in PERSON to show your body language,
your tonality, your sense of humor, and
to prove that you are “real” than when
you are on the internet.

Also, some guys tend to get tricked by the
convenience of the internet, thinking how
easy it would be to just meet women online.

Now, it COULD work, and I have met SOME
decent women off the internet in my own    
life, but overall I find that meeting women
by just approaching them DIRECTLY in
real life is a trillion times more efficient.

So if you aren’t already meeting women by
approaching them in person, it’s time to
definitely START. 


Human beings vary in their physical looks, and
this is obvious, but what is not so obvious even
though it is true is that human beings vary in
their methods of dealing with things.

To get right to the point, I’m talking about being

So, if you are the kind of person who is loyal
and who would never cheat, it is too easy for
you to think that this makes so much sense,
so why wouldn’t everyone feel this way.

So you have to start to look at women’s behaviors

If a woman’s eye wanders while you are dating her,
if her phone is blowing up with guy’s numbers while
you are dating her, if she admits she has had a PATTERN
of cheating in past relationships, (people can learn from
their mistake, but if they have a PATTERN OF MAKING
THE SAME MISTAKE, they are going to most likely
CONTINUE THE PATTERN) and if she shows irreverence
for loyalty in relationships, then I can pretty much
ASSURE YOU that she will CONTINUE to do this
in her FUTURE.

It has NOTHING to do with you.
You could be the BEST catch in the WORLD, and
if she has cheated in the past, she will most likely
cheat again, and this time, it will be with you.

Before you get into a serious relationship with a
woman, you have to OBSERVE her carefully and
you have to do this while NOT putting her under
any pressure.  You want to see what she is like
when she is being HERSELF. 

Get her feeling relaxed by NOT coming across as
JUDGEMENTAL.  You want to see the REAL her.


Now, after all that, I want to talk about something
really POSITIVE, because, after all, there are SOME
great women with great values out there, and this
is the whole point behind Get A Great Girl.

Also, what is awesome about the following tip is
you can use it to INCREASE a woman’s attraction
to you whether you have just met someone NEW or
whether you have been in a relationship for a long time.

What you do is, invite a woman in a casual way to
see you in an environment where you are getting

What I mean by this, is an environment where OTHER
people are clearly interested in you, like you, respect
you, etc.

It doesn’t just have to be an environment where
WOMEN are ogling you or giving you their attention.

The fact simply is, that the human mind is VERY
INFLUENCED by the power of what other people

So, for example, let’s say you have a group of friends
that think you are awesome, well it would be a good
idea to invite the woman you like out to a night where
she meets these friends who laugh at all your jokes,
who give full respect to you, etc, etc.

Or let’s say you for real are a public speaker, then
invite the woman out to see you speak! Let her
see how everyone is clapping for you, giving you
their undivided attention, etc.

If you happen to know everyone who works at a
certain restaurant, and they all give you special
attention, then take the woman you met to this

And there’s another touch to this as well.  When she
DOES SEE other women giving you their attention,
it DOES help spark her interest as well.

Now, the key here is NOT to raise jealousy, but just
to help get the SPARK going.

If you are in a long-term relationship, this can be
very important, but you have to be careful to know
where to draw the line.  You are NOT trying to
start a war of jealousy. 

But sometimes what happens in a long-term relationship
is that it gets too easy for each person to start to lose
appreciation for what they have.

When a couple sees OTHER people suddenly give more
attention to their partners, it sparks a desire for the actual
COUPLE to give more attention to each other.

The reason for this is SOCIAL PROOF.  We figure if
OTHER people like our partner so much, then actually
our partner IS even better than we realized.

Again, the key here is to use this wisely, and it can
work for both the man and the woman in the relationship,
the woman can do the same thing.
A little goes a long way.

By the way, there’s a tiny percentage of the human
population that does not need this, because they
appreciate things so much already.  (I happen to
be one of them, but I realize this is not the
majority of people.) 

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Michael Marks