Friday, March 27, 2015

A Major Secret For Skyrocketing Your Success With Women

Get ready for something VERY important that
will make a MASSIVE difference in your success
with women.

The most important part of one’s success
with women is the strength of one’s mindset-
often known as one’s “internal game” as opposed
to learning superficial tactics.

And from all the aspects of this “internal game”
the hardest one for most guys to get is BELIEF,
having the belief that you CAN get the results
you want, and in general having powerful beliefs
about yourself, your ability to attract women,

Now, here’s what you need to know:
Human beings are hardwired to actually have

A long time ago, human beings really WERE
faced with tons of IMMEDIATE threats that
they HAD TO WORRY ABOUT and had to be
so-called “pessimistic” about – it wasn’t
pessimism though, it was realism.

Today, although humanity faces all kinds of
existential threats, the fact of the matter is that
on a day-to-day basis, having this pessimistic
attitude not only does not serve us, it actually
DESTROYS our chances of success with women
and with most other things, since it is not
accurately reflecting the reality.

This is part of the reason advertisers GROSSLY
EXAGGERATE the claims about their products
and services – it is because people are so
pessimistic that the result is if a product claims
to be a trillion times better than it is, people’s
pessimism clicks in and figures that it is worth
FAR LESS than the claim, but still worth far more
than they would think it was worth if the advertiser
just said the TRUTH.

Let me say something that is NOT an exaggeration,


And if you are thinking or feeling that way, then you
are TOTALLY in the wrong MENTAL ZONE.

If you think that way, then YOUR MIND HAS GOT YOU

For now, allow me to say two more things:


just take the ACTIONS that you WOULD take IF
you DID feel confident.

ACTION is a HUGELY powerful tool, so even if
you THINK AND FEEL you aren't going to succeed,
you can still force yourself to take the ACTIONS-
ACTIONS will have a HUGE effect on your MIND.

It's better to take the right ACTIONS, than it is
to try to TALK YOURSELF into a state of confidence.

So if there is a woman you want to talk to,
DO IT.  Don't even ARGUE with yourself or
try so hard to convince yourself why it's
all going to be so great, just TAKE THE
SAME ACTIONS that you would take if you
did NOT give IN to the fear.

Chances are, like all human beings, you are
a victim of your own hard-wiring to be pessimistic
about everything, including your ability to attract

Don't put energy into trying to CONVINCE
yourself of why you are so awesome with
women, if in fact you feel the opposite-
trying to convince yourself that something
is true, when deep down you believe it is false,
can actually be counter productive as
your negative feelings may then just start
to try even harder to convince you to
give in to their negative perspectives.

Just focus on taking ACTION with women-
and THAT will then improve your perspective-
if you STICK with it. You can't just do it once.
You must immerse yourself in action.

In my live training, I show you the detailed,
step-by-step PROPER way to go about transforming
your mindset with women PROPERLY, and I
even customize it for your particular needs.

A negative perspective will SOUR everything-
you can have the most gorgeous woman in
the world eating out of your hand, and if you
are engulfed in the darkness of pessimism,
you will think she doesn’t really like you,
or you will think that you won’t be able
to keep her interested, or some other
thoughts that belittle your own success.

The CHALLENGE for most men is HOW
to EFFECTIVELY change their beliefs, their
states of mind, when it comes to this area
of their lives.

And in this newsletter, I have touched on the
REAL SOLUTION, and I promise you this is just
the tip of the iceberg of what you will learn in
my programs.

This is why taking a bootcamp with me is
so powerful.

The results of bootcamp training means that you will
get BETTER results with women, which means
you will start to feed your brain POSITIVE
FEEDBACK about your abilities with women,
instead of having to just act it.

Not only will you get to see powerful results
from your interactions with women happening
right before your eyes in real time, but I also
draw from an extensive array of PROVEN strategies
to help you SKYROCKET your “INTERNAL GAME”
as well - strategies that are far more effective
than just telling you to 'think positive'.

Plus, of course, I’ll also share with you VITAL
insights on women – these insights are going
to help you along every step of the way,
all the way to a relationship if you so desire.

Over the course of 13 years, I have helped
all kinds of men succeed with women- men
who vary in every way you can imagine-
so whatever your challenge is, chances are
that I’ve already found the SOLUTIONS for
for you before we’ve even met.

And of course, on top of all this deep-level
internal change, there is also the SKILL
of the actual 'approach' that I will teach you,
and that I have honed over 13 years.

I have helped thousands of men around
the globe, and some of these men have
even invited me to meet their girlfriends,
and invited me to their weddings with
the women they met through the skills
they learned from me.

Again, what I teach is not at ALL what you
have typically heard from positive thinking,
I assure you of this. What I teach is based
on EVIDENCE and RESEARCH that I have
personally used myself and have used
to help thousands of other men.

Bootcamp is at:

If you would like an immediate course on

That program is an EXCELLENT program for getting
rid of all EXCUSES and for ENSURING you take action-
it’s a vital program on its own, and it’s also an excellent
program to take before Bootcamp.

This program is NOT the stereotypical positive thinking
AT ALL- the RESULTS, however, absolutely DO lead to a

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Finding The RIGHT Woman

Several years ago, when I first started out, I proved
how not only do men not need pick up lines to
approach women, but how men actually do better
with women by not using pick up lines and by
actually drawing on developed confidence and
on understanding important truths about women
that most men never learn.

In the beginning, this idea was hotly contested,
a lot of guys, including some so-called 'experts',
said this was impossible – even though my clients
were proving it in front of their own eyes week
after week in my bootcamps. Today, however, it
is taken as a matter of fact.

We are currently in the next revolutionary phase.
That phase is the truth about how important it
is to meet the right woman.

And once again, most people won’t tell you
about this, because they either don’t know,
or they don’t want you to know.

Within this field of how to approach women,
there is a certain PARADIGM of the reality
that most accept, but that I do not.

That paradigm, or perspective of reality,
is that although there are some differences
amongst women not only in looks but also in
personality, these differences are not so huge
as to change the entire way you should approach
the question on how to get a girlfriend, if you
want to get a girlfriend.

So, for example, in their perspective, if a
woman isn’t treating you right, the solution
is simple- have a hundred more women that
you can call up or meet, etc, etc.

This way, supposedly, you won’t care one way
or another, you will be in such a state of abundance
that you won’t give a damn, and this state of
indifference is attractive to women.

Now, there is SOME truth to the general idea
of that- by having options, you won’t feel the
need to stick around a woman who isn’t
showing enough interest.

And it is true that not being DESPERATE is

The problem, though, is that there are
SUBTLETIES to reality, and most people can’t
tolerate SUBTLETIES OR NUANCES, they want
SIMPLICITY rather than truth.

So while indeed you should definitely have
options with women, the fact is that if you
aren’t REALLY CAREFUL, and if you live in
the western world, most of those so called
“options” are going to turn out to be ALL THE SAME
when it boils right down to it:

There is a REASON you don’t tend to find
guys learning the skills of how to approach
women in certain parts of the world, like
South America, certain parts of Europe,
certain parts of Asia, and certain countries
outside those continents as well.

It’s because FEMINISM hasn’t warped the
perspectives of men and women there.  

The men haven’t been brainwashed to
REPRESS their masculinity. The men
behave like men, and women are ATTRACTED
to it.

The women haven’t been brainwashed to think
they are supposed to repress their FEMININITY,
and men are attracted to THAT.

Until a man has been DE-BRAINWASHED, it’s hard
for a man to realize just HOW MASSIVELY
REPRESSED he has been, which is why one of
the KEY ELEMENTS that forms the foundations
for all my teachings is RESTORING the masculine
side of yourself- it’s right there page after page
in my first book – THE DATING WIZARD.   

Does that mean that all the women OUTSIDE
the west are perfect? Of course not, there are still
compatibility issues and individual differences.

Just like there are SOME women in North America
and Western Europe and in other countries
who are not brainwashed by feminism –
and, in fact, part of what I teach is how to
SPOT and DETECT these kinds of women.

But in general, there is a HUGE problem in
the countries where feminism has warped
the perspectives, where men have been
made to think it’s wrong to even APPROACH
a woman, where men think they have to
act like ROBOTS around women, and where
women think it’s NORMAL that men have
to be brought up from birth being given
a double standard – the LIE that men are
somehow born less moral than women,
and that everything in society is somehow
some form of control against women,
with the result being that even the basic
notion of family is being rejected by
many women.

So, the answer to dealing with a woman that
is not respecting you is NOT to get a dozen,
a hundred, or a thousand MORE options

In fact, if you do adopt that approach, all
you will do is EMBITTER yourself against
all women, and that will REALLY ruin your
vibe with ALL women, including the ones
that really wish to respect you and who
have a healthy perspective on men, knowing
that there is no monopoly on morality by
either gender.

By the way, just in case you aren’t
aware, feminism is actually not what
it sounds like.  The name sounds like
it is about equality for women.

And that is part of the nasty trick being
played- a NAME can be the opposite of
what it really is.

So, for example, statistics about men
being abused by women are conveniently
not mentioned by feminists, while at the
same time feminists will fabricate or exaggerate
claims of male abuse of women.

I’m speaking about western society, by the way.

Feminists do very little for women outside of
western society, which might make one wonder
why that is. Meanwhile, there are more women
than men in western universities, and more men
than women die of suicide in western society,
and the stats also prove that when society is
engineered to try to make things as politically
correct as possible, such as in SWEDEN, women
DOMINATED areas of work, such as nursing.

So, this is why the answer to how to deal with
a woman that is not treating you well is not
just to find MORE women, but rather to find
more of the RIGHT women, and that requires
you to be SELECTIVE and to learn how to
SCREEN for the right woman.

In my bootcamp, I’m going to teach you BOTH
skills- the skill of the APPROACH, and also the
skill of the SCREEN- how to screen women and
how to detect their perspective and values,
QUICKLY, so that you don’t waste your time
on the wrong women, and so that you don’t
drain your emotions and energy on the wrong

The more successful you become with attracting
women, the more you truly appreciate how
important it is to SCREEN for the RIGHT WOMAN.

That is why I developed GET A GREAT GIRL,
and not how to get “ALL THE GIRLS.”

Now, doing this, takes a man who can understand
NUANCES, who can appreciate the TRUTH.

Most people, men and women, find this very
HARD to do. As human beings we want to keep
it simple, we want to just use our primal emotions,
and not our deep thinking skills.

This is why the basic sign outside a men’s
establishment saying “GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!”
is just as effective today as it was thousands
of years ago.

But make no mistake about it:
More than ever, it truly IS about finding a
great woman, ESPECIALLY if you live in a
typical western country today.

There are three paths you can take.

You can try to learn the skills of how to
approach women anywhere, and how to
SCREEN for the right woman, all on your own.

This will likely take years if you try to learn it all
by yourself.
The next best thing to do is to learn from
my books and programs.

I would get them all, all of them together
add up to a few hundred bucks- it’s ridiculous
how cost-effective these are.

The FASTEST way to learn is to learn from
me in PERSON – through my BOOTCAMP

I’ll take care of EVERYTHING you need to learn,
in one weekend. You will need to practice
what you learned in bootcamp, but you will
have covered EVERYTHING you need to know.

Bootcamp is at:

To find out about all my home-study programs,
go here:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Beginner’s Mindset and The Happy Attractor

today regarding the truth about attracting women.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, though,
there is something I need to tell you.

ACCURACY is important to me.
Not screwing guys up is important to me.

It is for this reason, that when I started out
in this field, I didn’t call myself the best
in the world.

After all, had I actually MET every guy in the
world, and truly compared myself to him?

That would be impossible, and so it would
be impossible to verify whether I was for
sure the best on the planet earth at this stuff.

It’s interesting, there have been studies showing
that the more QUALIFIED someone TRULY IS,
the less they actually tend to overestimate
their ability, and in fact they UNDERESTIMATE
their true value, their true ability, their true

On the other hand, those who actually are the
farthest from competent tend to OVERESTIMATE
their value, their proficiency at their skill, etc.

Allow me to explain to you one of the most
important guiding points of my life- it is called

At first glance, this might sound bad.
Beginner’s mindset?
Isn’t that a sign of low-self esteem?


What it means, is that when you have the
“Beginner’s Mindset”, you NEVER stop learning.

You never take the attitude that you are already
so great, so perfect, that you don’t need to learn
as MUCH as possible.

And the truth is, all the best experts at anything
tend to LIVE by this attitude.

Speak to the greatest champion weightlifters or
bodybuilders, and they will usually tell you that
they are STILL learning things about the bench-press
or squat or some other exercise.

Speak to the greatest martial artist, and they will
usually display an attitude of humility regarding
their own skill, and be hungry to learn MORE.

In one of the greatest Rocky films, Rocky III,
we are introduced to the concept of the
EYE OF THE TIGER, the concept to “stay
hungry” to keep on DEVELOPING, to keep
wanting to get BETTER.

In the film, Apollo takes Rocky away from his
rich environment that he acquired from success,
and takes him back to a far more ROUGH training
area, far more close to his EARLY DAYS, where
all the other guys ALSO have the EYE OF THE TIGER.

NONE OF THEM feel they are already so perfect
that they don’t need to TRAIN HARD, TO LEARN,


Similarly, if you are learning how to play music,
but you start to feel you are so perfect, and you
start to feel so much like an expert, you then
LOSE the HUNGER, the desire, to KEEP ON

A bit of INSECURITY keeps you pushing yourself
to be your BEST.

I remember hearing some of the most famous and successful
film directors, including James Cameron (AVATAR) and
Steven Spielberg (JURASSIC PARK), and they mentioned
that they STILL feel some fear when they step on the set
of a new film they are making.

They also take on projects that challenge them in
new ways they haven’t been challenged by before.


And the thing is, I wasn’t TRYING to have the
beginner’s mindset as a path to excellence, it
was the GENUINE way I always felt. I NEVER
felt satisfied with what I learned, I always
wanted more, I never felt I knew as much as
these guys who kept saying they were the
best in the world and that they were a hundred
times better than anybody else- in fact, when
I heard that stuff from them, I figured I must

This attitude of obsession in trying to learn, in
trying to improve, in trying to be accurate, is
why my work never ends, and never stops
developing, and why I never stop learning from

It is also why it is a good idea to get personal
live coaching from me, because you are then
getting the absolute, most up-to-date developments
from my work, whether it is in how to approach
and attract women, or how to solve relationship issues
or how to detect a quality woman.

And make no mistake about it- my work is still
developing.  Although from day ONE, I have known
that the crucial issue is how men have been taught
to go against their own masculine instincts due to
the things they have been learning from a culture
that attacks masculinity and attacks men for being
men, in recent months thanks to the help of an
incredible friend of mine, it has become clear to
me that there is a very clear SOURCE of this problem.
Knowing the source, means knowing how to
avoid the problem.

So, not only is it important to CHERISH AND
CONVEY your masculinity, in all the ways you
will find in my materials and programs, but it
is also important to AVOID the women who
have been CONFUSED by feminism – confused
because on one hand, they are indeed attracted
to the men who convey masculinity, but they
STILL are also confused how to respect a
RELATIONSHIP, because feminism has taught
them perverted values- including arrogance,
promiscuity, and that career is more important
than family- in essence, it explains the destruction
of the family unit in our times.

Most men may very well have the desire for
infinite women, but they have an even stronger
desire for a good woman, and are willing to make
the trade-off.

Most men are looking for something more than
a woman who is willing to have sex with them,
but who is already off to the next dude before
she has even finished giving the guy her number.

One of the reasons the pick-up artist movement
has taken off is because they have discovered how
easy it is to get women to get physical- but this has
nothing to do with getting a woman to be the right
one for a relationship.  It has to do with the simple
fact that there are more promiscuous women than
ever, and since women tend to be the gate-keepers
on this, if women are promiscuous, then OF COURSE
most men will just line up for it.

Most people are weak.

They don’t want to accept the reality that maybe
finding the right person might require some CHANGES
in their lives, like having to be far more careful when
screening a woman for her values, and like having to
possibly do more searching, or having the strength
to TURN DOWN some women, even if they are
attractive, if they are not right for your values.

But you need to remember one thing:
The wrong woman will RUIN you faster
than any other force on earth, and the
short-term excitement she offers you
will not be worth the CYCLONE of
emotional destruction you face if you
end up thinking you can “make her”
see the light.

So, if you want advice from someone who
is NEVER satisfied with the progress he has
made, with someone who KEEPS ON STRIVING
to improve and to be as ACCURATE as possible,
then I do suggest you contact me.

I don’t guarantee you perfection, but I do
guarantee you that I will give you my absolute
best, that is based on over ten YEARS of relentless
obsession in this field.

Okay, onto the ADVICE part of this newsletter:

Have you ever wondered why a guy will
suddenly do better with ALL women
once he GETS a woman interested in him?

Maybe you thought that this is because
he suddenly now has CONFIDENCE.

This is true, but it actually goes DEEPER
than this.

What has happened is that he is also
HAPPIER (and confidence is PART of
being happy), and it is THAT EMOTION
that is a BIG part of what I am talking
about when I talk about the COMBINATION
of emotions that form the “magic mix”
to attract women.

One of the craziest ironies is that we are
living in a time that emphasizes the
INDIVIDUAL’S happiness.  So each
person is really busy focusing on themselves,
their career, their personal lives, etc.

As opposed to a long time ago when it
was all about getting married young,      
and focusing on love of family, country,
religion, etc.

And yet, people are no happier now that
they get to focus on themselves so much.

The reason is because HAPPINESS is
all about the EFFORT one puts into
doing the DEEP INNER WORK on
himself or herself.  And unfortunately,
people THINK that a good life is a life
where they don’t have to expend EFFORT,
and unfortunately people simply DON’T
BELIEVE the truth which is that a huge
portion of happiness comes from working
on one’s attitude.

The happier you are, the more POSITIVE
an experience a woman is going to have
when around you.

The following quote comes from:

“Psychologists have carried out substantial research over the past several decades trying to understand the secrets of why some couples are able to stay together and others are not.

For instance, John Gottman, Ph.D., at the University of Washington, has studied over 2,000  couples, and he has had remarkable success in predicting which couples will make it and which  will not. Contrary to popular wisdom, one of his findings is that increased sex does not necessarily improve a relationship. 

He also found that financial problems do not always imply trouble for a couple. 

One of Gottman’s major findings is that couples who fight are not necessarily on the road to a breakup. In fact, frequency and intensity of fights do not correlate with marriage (dis)satisfaction.

Gottman makes the point that arguments may be constructive in building a long-term relationship because they help us to clarify our needs and increase mutual respect between partners. But whether the arguments will lead to a breakup or not depends on how the couple resolves conflicts.

Couples counseling or marital counseling is not necessary to learn these but it is helpful in avoiding common pitfalls while developing and practicing new skills.

Ratios Predicting Successful Marriages/Relationships – 5:1 during conflict, 20:1 otherwise.

One finding to emerge from the research is that couples are likely to succeed if they have a healthy balance between positive and negative interactions.

In fact, strong relationships have a five to one ratio– five parts positive interaction to one part negative while discussing a conflict. Couples who break up, on the other hand, tend to have more negative than positive interactions.

For successful, contented couples, the ratio of positive to negative interactions when not in a conflict discussion averages 20:1.

Our ability to draw on the good will and positive experiences during a conflict maintains respect, trust, and connection during conflict, seeing us through to a resolution or at least to an agreement to carry us through until the issue comes up again.”

So, that’s a 5 to 1 ratio when IN CONFLICT,
so that even when in conflict, the ratio of
positive to negative massively must be on
the side of the positive.

And when NOT in conflict, the ratio of
positive to negative is TWENTY to ONE!!!!

There is no way on EARTH that a guy can
do this if he is not ALREADY in a GOOD MOOD.

If you are constantly in a negative frame of mind,
it will DISTORT your perception of everything,
and it will lead to ENDLESS conflict with the
woman you meet, no matter how good she is.  

There is a great book, called The How
of Happiness
, that I suggest everyone
read. It is one of the ONLY books on this
topic that is not full of gimmicks but rather
has taken the SCIENTIFIC METHOD to
its approach. 

I was delighted to find out how INSANELY
MUCH it has in common with some of my
own content, because for example,  
I explain how you don’t have to be a
JERK to show you are tough, or to attract
women,  and you don’t have to manipulate
women to get them interested in you, and
that in fact the better you are able to
the easier it will be to attract women.

The reason why this is, is because people
want to feel RELAXED around others,
they want to feel GOOD.

A lot of guys mistake this with KISSING
UP to a woman, but KISSING UP TO
A WOMAN is actually doing the opposite
because it reeks of DESPERATION.

The fact is, when a guy is really worshiping
a woman out of a scarcity mentality, out of
desperation, out of fear of not being able
to find another woman, out of fear of thinking
that SHE is the sole provider of his self-esteem
and happiness, he is ACTUALLY giving off
a horrifyingly REPULSIVE “vibe” where
a woman can FEEL all those negative emotions
in him- those emotions can be DETECTED,
and they don’t feel good to be around.

On the OTHER HAND, when a man can
STILL be good to a woman, but it’s all
coming from a sense of HIS OWN HAPPINESS,
his own calm, and NOT his DESPERATION
for her, or his need for her, THEN a woman
LIGHTS UP around him.

Now, the thing is, when FIRST approaching
a woman, in a non party environment, you CAN’T
just go up to her in TOTAL EXTREME HAPPY
mode on the surface, or she will think you are nuts.

And this is where a lot of guys get mixed up
and confused.

You can’t just go up to a woman in the
bookstore and be fully REVEALING that

The reason is that people like that are SO RARE,
that a woman will just think something is wrong
with you.

So, in that FIRST MOMENT, just be DEAD
SERIOUS in your expression on your face.

Not angry.  Just stoic.  Showing no emotion.

Say whatever it is that you are going to say,
as your conversation opener, in that super
stoic-style tonality.

BUT THEN, once she is starting to TALK
to you, you should THEN reveal and unleash

Take the conversation to the most inspiring
place, the funniest place, the most meaningful
place, the kindest place, the most interesting

Man, you do this, and you are going to
have so many women at your fingertips,
you are going to need a new program from

We are brainwashed to think that acting mean,
tough, negative, etc, is somehow “cool”, that
being depressed is stylish, while being happy
is cheesy and for idiots.


It’s EASY to get depressed, to be negative,
to be pessimistic. THAT is why so many
people frame it as COOL, because they
HAVE BEEN DUPED by their own
negative emotions to think that negativity
IS the right emotion.

But it ain’t.
In fact, if you ever see a knockout of a woman
who is constantly single, it just might be because
she is a really negative person, so she drives away
any normal guy, and she herself is repulsed by the
negative desperate guys.

Negativity IS REALLY A REPULSOR, even
if a woman is gorgeous on the outside, and
even if a guy has EVERYTHING ELSE
going on for him on the outside. 

Also, it is VITAL to realize, and this
is pointed out in The How of Happiness,
that one's EXTERNAL circumstances ONLY
account for 10 percent of one's sense
of happiness.

Yup, 10 percent.
This is why it is so important, if you
want to KEEP a woman attracted to you,
that you learn how to STAY happy in
general, otherwise when the initial
excitement you felt from getting her
wears off, your happiness will go away.

If your entire sense of happiness
depends on her and if you think
that without her, life will be
pointless, you won't be happy,
and THAT will definitely push
her away.      

On the other hand, if you learn how
to be deeply positive in your own way,
and feel a deep sense of meaning in
your life, then you will actually
enjoy her more, because you are
not expecting her to be the source
of all your positive emotions,
and of course this superior state
of mind that you are in will

So, let me give you some tips for CHANGING


What I mean by this, is FIND A NEW
perspective on things that you think
about yourself or your life.

So, if you think you are too old for
a woman, just remember that most
women complain that the guys they
meet are emotionally immature, and
that tons of women CRAVE older men.

If you think you are too young for a woman,
just remember how IMPRESSIVE it will
be if you show that you actually HAVE
the maturity of an older man WHILE ALSO
being super young.

If you think you are too short, just
think about how the vast majority of
heart throbs in Hollywood are actually
shorter than average.

If you think you are too tall, just remember
that plenty of women will find themselves
feeling very feminine in your presence
and crave that masculine polar opposite
feeling that you will give her.

If you think that you are not rich enough,
remember that money does not PHYSICALLY
attract a woman, so you can easier know if a
woman that is with you is genuinely attracted
to you or not.    

There is ALWAYS another perspective,
but it is up to YOU to put the ENERGY
into FEELING that perspective.

I can tell you that most people simply
to actually doing ANY reframing
in their mind.


It is like going to the gym and expecting
on the bench press machine or STANDING
with the squat bar on you, and the author
of that book gives a similar analogy.


Rick Hanson, Ph.D., psychologist and Senior
Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley,
has done great work on this important topic.

In a nutshell, it is crucial to remember that our
minds play a TRICK on us:  The human mind
tends to be more PESSIMISTIC than the reality
of most people actually warrants.

The reason for this is because a LONG TIME
AGO, when humanity was out on the Serengeti,
it actually DID make sense to have this attitude,
there really WERE that many immediate dangers,
so it WAS helpful to instinctively be that pessimistic.

But this hard-wiring no longer helps us.

So, be being AWARE that the human mind automatically   
latches onto the NEGATIVE perspective very easily,
you can help CATCH yourself when this happens to you.

This leads to step THREE:


Hanson also explains how we as humans tend to
DISMISS good things that happen to us, rather than
SAVOR them.

By SAVORING the good things that happen to us,
no matter how small, we actually INCREASE
our ENJOYMENT of ALL the good things that
happen to us, so we start to really be able to

And all this not only feels good, and not only
makes women want to be around you a whole
lot more, and not only makes you far more
resourceful in turning any negative into a
positive, but you also are actually far more
CONSISTENT with reality- the hard-wiring
towards negativity is the REAL distortion.


Happiness can take many forms. Having a
sense of MEANING, for example, from something
or from some work that you do, from having
a hobby or a friendship – it can be different things
for different people -  the bottom line is that a
sense of meaning often gives people a very deep
and peaceful feeling even if that thing requires
a lot of work.

A sense of meaning also often gives you far more
energy for life as well.


As a former personal trainer, I can tell you that
EXERCISE is inextricably bound with your sense
of happiness and inner peace in a most PRIMAL

The human body and mind are connected.
The body and mind were meant to work hard.

So, you MUST have exercise built into every day.

The biggest reason most people don’t exercise
is because they are too tired or they don’t have

So here is what you should do if you are not
exercising and if those are the reasons why:

First of all, part of the reason you are tired is,
IRONICALLY, because you are not exercising.

Now, I am absolutely not saying that you should
go for some HARD-CORE workout if you are not  
getting enough sleep- which by the way, is also
important- get enough sleep- but my point is
that even a LITTLE exercise is A TRILLION TIMES
BETTER than no exercise.

Take a brisk walk around the block.
Go on a stationary bike.
Do some pushups, some standing squats.

Do SOMETHING- you will QUICKLY see how
MASSIVE of an effect this has on your sense
of inner peace, happiness, and you will see
how this improves your energy levels.


The very ACT of doing this sends a
DIRECT SIGNAL to your brain that
YOU are living in ABUNDANCE,
that you are ABLE to do GOOD
for others.

It makes you feel POWERFUL and it
makes you feel GOOD.

It is a GREAT thing to do for your own

This is why I don’t like it when guys
say nasty things about women who
aren’t physically attractive, or who
will be rude or give the cold shoulder
to them.

It suggests a very DESPERATE state
of mind to one’s SELF, never mind that
is is kind of cruel.

Your MIND follows your ACTIONS.
Take the ACTIONS of a man who believes
he’s got it all, and the EMOTIONS of a man
that “has it all” then come as well.

This gets me to number seven:


doing things like SMILING actually DO
change your OWN emotions.

Now, like I said before, don’t START
your approach to a woman with a big
smile, but for your OWN self, in general,
YOURSELF, and then, of course, what
will happen is that your smile even when
around women will be the smile that
is from feeling good and not from
kissing up.

Don’t be like the masses who say and
think that this stuff is CHEESY.  

The very fact they think it is CHEESY
is why so FEW people MASTER these
skills even though they ARE THE VERY

Now, these are just SEVEN tips, and yet
they are just the tip of the iceberg of
what I can show you, ESPECIALLY as they
relate to approaching women, attracting
women, getting over fears, creating a
deep connection with women, and much,
much more.

Remember, when a woman experiences
what life is like with you in just a few
MINUTES of her first interaction with you,
as she goes back to her regular life and her
regular social circle and keeps comparing
how much better she felt around YOU than
around ANYONE else.

And she will want you then more than EVER.

It all boils down to what is going on INSIDE
of you; it is about being the MASTER of
the internal emotions, especially as they
relate to interacting and attracting women.

And if you are reading this right now, and
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b.s. but rather someone who has a BURNING
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Michael Marks