Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How To INSTANTLY Make The Right Impression On Women

There IS a way to INSTANTLY make the right
impression on a woman. In fact, there is a way
to INSTANTLY let her know in the most powerful
way that you are everything she is attracted to
in a man.

The first thing to understand before I go further is this:

Every time you SPEAK to a woman, no matter
what words you say, it’s as if you just gave that
woman a ‘DNA sample’ of your entire personality,
and she subconsciously either RESPONDS with
attraction or she is getting REPELLED.

In that little bit of time that passed, she was

It’s because she is FEELING OUT YOUR
your body language, which includes way more
than the words you said!

In fact, the words are the least important thing!

What REALLY counts are the emotions she detects
in your TONALITY, and the expressions on your
face- and those emotions say EVERYTHING she
needs to know about you!

And all those expressions on your face
can actually be traced back to your
TONALITY, and controlled by your

For example, ever notice how even on the PHONE
you call tell if the other person is smiling, if they
are feeling confident, happy, upbeat, angry, dominant,
submissive, etc.

I’m going to show you how to unleash the right
combination of emotional states in yourself,
and in your voice, because if you can do this,
you will do INSANELY WELL with women.

The particular combination of emotional
states for attraction include feeling UPBEAT,
PLAYFUL- and almost all of them at ONCE.

If you can feel these things at ONCE,
simultaneously, you are ARMED
for massive success with women.

Now the other thing is that, for
example, things like learning
how to unleash effective humor
in any situation with women,
(something I’ll touch on below
s well), if you are IN the playful
STATE OF MIND, well that in
ITSELF will cause you to do many
without even THINKING!

Now, one of the most POWERFUL ways
I have discovered for getting INTO this
combination of states of mind, is to actually
layering in EACH emotion one by one, until
they are ALL present in your voice.

Let me prove to you how awesome this is:

It barely matters what you even SAY!

In fact:


Ever see a performance by a great actor
in a foreign language? You can totally
detect if he is charismatic or not even
if you don’t understand a word he
is saying.

If a woman SENSES all these emotions
present in your TONALITY, she is going

And yes, I DO MEAN even the most
insanely gorgeous feminine creatures,
yes I do.

This stuff is “field tested” in the real world.

Women DETECT the “DNA” of your
personality/identity subconsciously from
listening to your TONALITY.

Your voice is like a blueprint of your
current emotional state at that moment.

And yet, the first time you meet a woman
is going to make the BIGGEST impression
on her, so if you reveal to her the WRONG
“DNA” statement about your identity/personality,
she’s most likely going to think that’s who
you are ALWAYS.

All humans do this instinctively- first
impressions COUNT.

On the show “American Idol”, when
Andy Garcia made his first appearance
with a great version of a Paula Abdul
song, he created massive impact with

This first impression is what made everyone
IGNORE the fact that every week AFTER THAT,
his performances never matched his original.

In fact, people KEPT ON VOTING FOR HIM-
it took FOREVER for him to get voted OFF!

All because of the power of a FIRST impression.

By the way, I'm not knocking the guy, I think he
actually IS massively talented, and maybe the pressure
undermined his later performances.

What’s important to LEARN from here also,
is that when he DID sing well that first time on
the show with his performance of "Straight Up",
it wasn’t because his NATURAL VOICE was
BETTER or WORSE there, it was the same guy
with the same voice later and before!

The KEY to his success in that first performance

Which again is further proof of the
power of it’s not so much about the
words you are saying, it’s giving

Every great actor knows that even the WORST
line of dialogue can still sound pretty good if
performed with brilliant technique- which
really means that the TONALITY behind
the words is expressing all the right emotions.

And it doesn’t matter the actual PITCH
you were born with or if your voice is
naturally low or high, it’s the EMOTIONS

So coming across with the right
FIRST time you approach a
woman is MAJOR.

And if ON TOP of all this, you ALSO
manage to actually SAY some COOL
stuff that is funny, witty, intriguing, etc,
is going to come to you, absolutely.

It then takes everything to the NEXT
level, the level where women have to
actually control themselves not to act
too forward with you.

The reason it works is the same reason people
get addicted to anything- it’s because there is an
a source, that gives that feeling RIGHT AWAY.

So basically, because emotions are
catchy, a woman is getting to
feel turned ON, is getting to feel
LAUGHTER, is getting to feel
ADRENALINE from the fact you
are being dominant and manly,
and from the fact she is feeling
several other emotions from all
this as well—from talking to YOU.

When YOU are the source of
feeling this MULTI-PACK
a woman just wants more and
more of you.

Especially in a crazy world that is
always bombarding us with bad
news in the media and with a media
that likes to make people feel FEAR.

Meanwhile, YOU roll in and it’s

If you think of the strongest drives, they are all
related to EUPHORIA, the release of tons of
ENDORPHINS internally that just FEEL
AMAZING. So powerful are these feelings
that some people resort to DRUGS to feel
these emotions. They can become physically
and psychologically ADDICTIVE.

In experiments with mice, that were hooked
up to a wire that stimulated the sex regions
of their brain, they would keep on TAPPING
the button that stimulated this region,
they would keep on tapping it to get that
EUPHORIA. They wouldn't STOP tapping
it even when they were STARVING and
dying also of THIRST, even though they
had water and food available! They
just "sexed" themselves to DEATH!

Now, I know that actually sounds very morbid,
and it's sad what happened to those mice, but
it's a CRUCIAL lesson that we learn- we will
do ANYTHING for PLEASURE and that
FEELING GOOD is more important to us
logical things like food, shelter, and
life itself!!!

So the BOTTOM LINE in attraction, is PLEASURE.

Sex is only MEANINGFUL because it gives pleasure.
And, in FACT, the pleasure of sex depends on MANY
other factors besides the act itself- it depends on the
STATE you are already in BEFORE you engage in
it. If you are feeling emotionally shut down, then
sex won't feel like all that much either.

The question then is:
How do you make YOURSELF the source of PLEASURE?

And the answer to that is that you have to be able
to give women the only gift that REALLY counts:

Yes, I said INSANELY pleasurable.
Do you know how much PLEASURE you can pack
into almost ANYTHING? Any activity? Any where?

This stuff is INFINITE, there are INFINITE levels.

TONALITY is a major KEY to doing this right!
So are YOUR reactions to things!

This is about soooooo much more than
just "being nice" or "being not nice".

Most guys due to brainwashing of what life is
supposed to be end up get messed up at the very
FIRST level- the level of how he perceives himSELF
and his own life!

I got a letter from a client who was attempting
a pick-up of three girls at a subway train station-
he was getting them LAUGHING their heads off
talking about shows that women watch, when a
vagrant kicked my client's hockey stick onto
the tracks and started yelling at him.

Instead of getting PISSED, my client rolled
with the situation, laughed, then continued
the interaction, which only got the girls not
only attracted but also feeling more bonded
to him (they were actually trying to find ways
to get back the hockey stick!) and impressed
with the fact he was not shaken out of state and
sympathized with the guy.

Even though they had phones and paper and pens,
they ended up writing down their phone numbers
right on my client's hand, as an excuse to
touch him!

Ever see guys who get all angry in traffic and all
road raged? NOT cool, it shows that someone
ELSE is in control of their lives, and it also
simply creates a bad kind of atmosphere that
ruins any potential for feeling GOOD. It's NOT
pleasurable or cool. Imagine how cool it
would be if some dude was HONKING and
yelling like crazy at you and at others and
a chick was with you in your car -- and you
were TOTALLY COOL and calm and you
made a little joke to her like "somebody forgot
to take their laxative today".

What I want you to do is to adopt a totally NEW
FILTER for "REALITY". The truth is that
there are BILLIONS of things going on at any
time, so there is no "one" reality anyway--
you might as well choose the one that best
SERVES you and the reality of the chick
you are interacting with or picking up.
The reality that FEELS AWESOME.

So, as you can see, you ALSO convey this
through your behaviors AND your tonality.

And there’s MORE levels as well, such as
through the flair you use in your humor,
or the INTRIGUE you incorporate into
your conversations with women.

And, of course, when you are conveying
the right emotional states and feeling
them as well, your PLAYFUL comments
will never seem nasty, because the tone
of voice will make it CLEAR that it
is playful.

In fact, a professional actor I once
interviewed, who had over twenty years
experience, once explained how actors
will take the SAME LINE of dialogue
and practice saying it MANY DIFFERENT
WAYS, giving it completely different

How do they do this?

By changing up the TONALITY, changing
the emphasis, changing the timing, changing
the delivery, not changing the words!

The subtle intonations of the tonality of
your voice reveal a TON OF THINGS
about you to a woman.

Your tonality reveals whether you feel you
are desirable, and when YOU give off the
vibes that YOU feel that way, women feel
that everyone ELSE must also feel this way
about you, or how else could you possibly
feel this way so strongly???

The first form of "social proof" comes from the
proof that YOU convey about yourself from your
OWN feelings about yourself.

Your tonality also reveals whether you feel CONFIDENT,

All these things are ATTRACTIVE to women.

And of course, your tonality ALSO reveals
if you feel the OPPOSITE of all cool things
above as well! Things like feeling inferior,
feeling too serious all the time, feeling
submissive, and all the other emotional
states that will REPEL WOMEN instead
of attracting them!

That’s why psychologists say that the way you
deliver the words in your tonality and body language
are 90% of communication!

Now, the great news is that inside
you right now are ALL THE
just a question of bringing them
OUT – and you can do this by
CONSCIOUSLY layering in
each emotional state into your
voice, one at a time.

You can practice this right now-
let’s imagine you see a woman at
the supermarket, and you see her
looking at the packaged cashews,
and it's one of those packages that
has some happy character drawn
on it :

In your mind, you know you need to
make an approach NOW, she might
be gone in a second, and you also
know from my teaching and from
what I learned from Malcolm Gladwell
that if you have been studying and
practicing for a long time, then the
LESS TIME YOU WAIT, the better
you will do, because your SUBCONSCIOUS
actually is far wiser than you consciously know,
(because your mind has indeed been
thinking about approaching women
for a long time, and it has recorded
TONS of data into your brain,
you just can't ANALYZE or
RECALL it all consciously in
the moment).

Once you have studied my materials and
you have had lots of practice, the best thing
is to approach her RIGHT AWAY without
thinking about it.

So let's say you see her at the supermarket,
with those cashews, you should say the first
thing that comes to mind, which might be
something like this:

“Hey, those are REALLY GOOD,
I mean like REALLLLLY GOOD.”

PACK in the emotional JUICE
into the words “really good”.


The sentence is said not only with
DOMINANCE but the words
“realllllly good” are said with an
almost sexual/sensual sound- yeah
I know it sounds weird TO DESCRIBE
IN WRITING, but the fact is YES THIS

Is this a really ADVANCED sentence?
It is a long memorized PICK UP ROUTINE?


However, your TONALITY must give
and sexuality, and upbeatness, and you must
OWN this sentence tonality wise.

So, right now, you can practice that.

Then, say this and practice again, but this time
LAYER IN just a touch of MOCK SERIOUS,
into your tonality, to the degree it’s so serious
that there’s no way you could be TOTALLY
SERIOUS for real!

I know this might sound a bit strange,
but it’s the way it works in real life,
trust me.

She won’t even at FIRST totally consciously
realize you are joking, which is cool, because
so she will probably say:

“Really???? Are they really???”

And then a split second later, she might even
start to smile if it sinks in you’re joking, but
even if she DOESN’T get it yet, she will at
the very least get that you are chatting her
up with something a lot better than “Can
I have your number?” (“Can I have your number”
is just TAKING from her without GIVING)

You can then say “Actually, I never even
tried those! Did you really believe that!?”

This just sets up the VIBE for things to
be playful.

Here’s the other thing- the more attractive
a woman is, the HIGHER THE CHANCE
that she actually is SOCIALLY VERY
you’re doing it right.

In other words, she ENJOYS this kind
of playful conversation, and she will
most likely GO WITH IT, rather than
against it, so don’t be surprised if she
totally rolls with what you are saying
and she says:

“Yeah, but I don’t trust anything where
the food or the wrapper looks too fun!”

So at this point, she is already SETTING
THINGS UP FOR YOU, if you are
awake to what’s going on here, she is
giving you a TOPIC to talk about-
the topic now being FUN FOOD

Great comedy performers ALWAYS GO
WITH THE FLOW rather than against it.

So you can either just chill out and
let her talk or perhaps play a little more,
i.e. you can point to whatever is in your
cart that is CONSISTENT with the idea
of food that is too much FUN rather
than serious:

So for example you might notice
the colorful CEREAL BOXES
in your cart, and go “OH MAN,
I’M REALLY BAD, check out
all the COLORS I got goin’ on

Now, the incredible thing with
layering in the right EMOTIONS
into your tonality of voice, is that
these same EMOTIONS not only
reveal the right things about YOU,
but they also help you yourself
come up with COOL THINGS

This is because the way the
brain works is that when it’s
in a particular state of mind,
it will come up with all the things
that are CONSISTENT with that
emotion- or with those EMOTIONS!

So you will now suddenly be able
to magically come up with all the
CLASSY things to actually SAY
as well, making you even COOLER.

The right emotions are inside of you
right now, and you can call them UP
by CONSCIOUSLY infusing your
VOICE with them- it doesn’t matter
the voice you were born with, just
the EMOTIONS present in your

It’s CRUCIAL that you make this
process of meeting and approaching
women FUN for you, I like to compare
the whole thing a bit to SHERLOCK
HOLMES going into a situation like
this, where he is SEARCHING THE
ENVIRONMENT for things that he
can use IN the conversation, whether
it be things he has inferred or can
use to deduce other things, yet the
whole POINT here is that it’s all
in the name of FUN!

Here's another thing that's important to
creating PLEASURE even in the initial
pick-up: Show her that you don't have
any sexual hang-ups or issues.

So don't shy away from a dirty joke or
comment, as long as it's FUNNY and
not MEAN spirited!!!!

Don't shy away from having some sexual
topics in your conversation, as long as
it's all in the spirit of GOOD TIMES and
not in terms of being controlling, feeling
guilty or bad or not good enough (from
either a man or woman's perspective) or
anything like that.

And if you are reading this right now, and want to
MASTER these skills so that you can have the kind
of CHOICES with women that most men will NEVER
have, I suggest you get my Warrior Within program

This program is my most advanced and powerful
program on getting the cream-of-the-crop women,
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And if you haven't yet downloaded my book,
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This book is CRAMMED with great ways to
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fantastic women. In fact, I consider
this book to be part of the very FOUNDATION
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about getting massive results with women.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Charisma Is MADE, Not Born

Although there are many ways to meet women,
including building up your social circle, or
through going online, my personal favorite is
the good ol' fashioned PRIMAL style:


Does it always work?
Of course not, that's why MOST GUYS never DO it.

It's also why the guys who not only DO it,
but do it WELL, tend to get pretty awesome
results, ESPECIALLY if they do it a LOT.

To be blunt, it makes a pretty big statement
to a woman when you show her through this
kind of ACTION that you are DIFFERENT
from most men.

And hey, I'm NOT knocking the other ways
of meeting women, and in fact I've DONE
those ways as well, and they're totally
cool and fine!

But the thing is, the skills you get from
having to master REAL LIFE APPROACHES
end up making ALL THE OTHER WAYS seem

But the reverse is not true.
Being confident while behind a screen
on the internet does not mean you will
be feeling as confident actually making
a real life approach to a woman who is
a total stranger.

Being witty when in the company of your
FRIENDS who happen to have invited a couple
women they know to a party is not the same
as being able to be witty and empowered and
on the ball when you suddenly must do it
on CUE when you see a woman on the train
in middle of a bunch of total strangers.

See what I mean?

And if a guy DOES meet a great woman using ANY method,
well then that is AWESOME SUCCESS, because as long as
you get what you want it IS success.

I'm just saying that I PERSONALLY find the
idea of making approaches to women to be
quite the DRAMATIC experience, and also
I have seen how the skills involved in
making a successful approach in real life
HELP you in meeting and attracting women
in every OTHER method such as online or
through your social circle, etc.

Some people like video games, some people
like to play poker. I think approaching
women is awesome.

And, it's not only the END result that
I like, it's the RUSH, it somehow feels
like one of the few POSITIVE things that
we can still do as men and women that harkens
back to the GOOD ELEMENT of our ANCIENT

There's something very INSTINCTIVE in
humans that AWAKENS when you take this

When you approach a woman who is a total
stranger, you are entering into the
'FORBIDDEN ZONE' in a cool way, that
society STILL seems unable to "modernize"
and I LOVE THIS, it's one of the only
ways to get in touch with who we are
as humans in the most EVOLUTIONARY
yet POSITIVE sense.

No twitter, no tv, no computer,
no technology to cover up or
to diminish the RAW EXPERIENCE.

This is about MAN and WOMAN coming TOGETHER.

It's what we were all BORN to do!!!!

And the fact that most people DON'T do this,
is what makes it even cooler, not just for YOU,
but for the WOMAN as well.

You're giving the woman that rare chance
for HER to experience this adventure that
brings out her most instinctive drive.

Now, doing it right involves a few skills,
it doesn't have to take forever, but it
does take a few skills, and the truth is
in a few weeks most men could get the
basics and do TEN TIMES BETTER with
women than they could before- IF they
actually kept up the practice.

But most guys don't get to the point of
developing the SKILL because they don't
even APPROACH in the first place.

Which brings me to Albert Ellis:

"Legendary psychologist Albert Ellis pioneered the
"shame-attacking exercise" in 1933 at age 19, when
he decided to approach every woman who sat down
alone on a bench at the New York Botanical Garden.

"Thirty walked away immediately," he told the
New York Times. "I talked with the other 100, for
the first time in my life, no matter how anxious I was.
Nobody vomited and ran away. Nobody called the cops."

And Ellis learned he wouldn't die from rejection.
Of the first 130 women he went up to, he got only
one date, he said, but "with the second 100, I got
good and made a few dates"--and, eventually, got
to be "one of the best picker-uppers of women in
the United States."
- Psychology Today Magazine, by Erika Casriel

Now, this is a guy who had ZERO information on
pick-up, and strictly worked on GUTS alone.

When I started out, I had no one to really
learn from, so I had to do the same thing,
learning it all the HARD way. If I could go
back in time, I could help his results MASSIVELY
by letting him know GUARANTEED ways to get
into the conversation without getting shut down
so that he buys himself the required two or three
minutes to actually SPARK attraction.

I would teach him various ways to disarm her
and charm her that would at least give him a
fighting chance, ways to take her automatic
responses she gives all guys to shut them
down and slip right by those statements.

For example, if she says that she is in a rush,
then the best thing to say is to actually NOT
ask her for a favour for a second, but to actually
let her know that you're in a rush as well, (so that
she can relax and not feel this is going to take
forever). If she says anything that is defensive,
the best way to diffuse it is to use warm
humor (i.e. if she says that she doesn't talk to
guys because guys are jerks, you should say
something like "I agree! That's why I'm talking
to you and not them" with a smile.) because you
need to change her emotional state not even
TRY to engage her actual argument or her

If she's smiling, she's no longer going to WANT
to shut you down.

The fact of the matter is that there are MANY
factors involved in a successful pick-up, and
KNOWING these in advance will HELP you
get more consistent results.

And one factor IS getting over your anxiety, yet at the
same time, it's important to realize that a BIT of anxiety
and fear is actually a GOOD thing!

It can work in your favor. Ask any martial artist
or any performer of anything and they will tell
you that fear, when controlled, can actually
ENHANCE your performance. It can help
you stay alert and be on the ball. For example,
if you are interacting with a woman and
you start showing off without realizing it
and she starts to roll her eyes, it's GOOD
that you feel a bit of discomfort at this, as
PICK-UP PROPERLY and change gears
to showing that you are not full of yourself,
for example, by making a joke that is

i.e. You're accidentally showing off about your
prestigious education and you then see her roll
her eyes, so you then say something like
"And of course, I then got my PhD in useless facts,
as we all know we learned more about real life
outside school."

This actually shows that you are far cooler and also
far more understanding and that you have more
empathy as well, all in one swift move.

Again, normally you wouldn't have to engage in
self-deprecating behavior, but in such as situation
it would be the right thing to do and would actually
make you seem cooler.

Now, if you have suffered major abuse yourself (and
I know what that is like, so I am absolutely NOT
makng light of this) then the anxiety of a social
interaction may be overwhelming, in which case you
should first work on building UP your desensitivity
to your fears so that you can take the anxiety of
a social interaction.

If we never felt ANY discomfort in a social interaction,
then we'd think we were PERFECT and never adjust
our behavior to help make the other person feel the
good vibes, and our social life would then SUCK.

Also, don't try to be PERFECT.
Don't try to build Rome in one day, or you will
feel that much FARTHER from progress and
you will feel even MORE anxiety.

Instead, keep taking STEPS, gradually
taking bigger and bigger steps, and
taking on more and more 'daring'
approaches with women.

I put 'daring' in quotes because you
will eventually see that this is FUN.

But just take it STEP by STEP for now.

When you are first learning these skills, you should
each day push your envelope a little farther. Start by
chatting up the clerks at stores, then work to starting
conversations anywhere with anyone, then work to
short conversations with women you're interested
in, then longer conversations, then to first dates,
then to getting physical, etc, etc.


And if you don't believe me that great CHARISMA
is MADE and not BORN, let me give you some
examples from that same article:

"Conan O'Brien has said he knew that performing
live comedy was what he had to do because there
was nothing in the world that terrified him more.
But when he first debuted as host of NBC's Late Night
in 1993, ratings were abysmal and reviews were even
worse. Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales wrote
that O'Brien was "a living collage of annoying nervous
habits" and implored him to "get the heck off TV."
But he stuck it out, and years later, the critics ate
their words. Shales himself wrote that O'Brien became
"one of the greatest examples of a self-makeover in
television history"

Cool, isn't it.
By the way, Conan is happily married,
(a pretty cool feat in today's society) but
if he wasn't, I assure you, his confidence,
his humor, his wit, his rapport skills,
his social intelligence, would KICK ASS!

Here's some more:

"Comedic superstar Will Ferrell, who once
considered himself painfully shy, forced
himself to do crazy things in public. "In
college, I would push an overhead projector
across campus with my pants just low enough
to show my butt," Ferrell told People. "Then
my friend would incite the crowd to be like,
'Look at that idiot!' That's how I got over
being shy."

When I first started practicing, one of the
places I forced myself to go to were nightclubs.
I HATED it at first, and couldn't understand
how ANYONE could meet anyone in a place where
the music was so loud that you could barely
HEAR a word a woman said to you, plus it
was so dark, you could barely SEE anyone.

But, all these things are just ILLUSIONS,
they are NOT barriers at all, and learning
this helped me realize that ALL the "social
taboo of making approaches" was ALSO an

Once I started teaching, some people even thought
that I must have ALWAYS been this "nightclub" guy.
That was a real compliment, because nothing could
be further from the truth.

At one time, the idea of going to MARS seemed more
comfortable than going to a club.

Now, I STILL don't think that nightclubs are the
best place for meeting a long term girlfriend,
HOWEVER, it was still useful to see how the
ILLUSIONS of "challenges" of meeting women
in a nightclub were a total JOKE.

Please believe me, that most women DO enjoy
being approached, even if they DON'T show it.

The thing is, it really helps a lot if you
do it RIGHT.

This stuff CAN be learned and MASTERED to the
point that it becomes effortless and natural.

Again, getting back to the NIGHTCLUBS lesson for me:
Not only was I not interested in that type of environment,
but I had no clue how the heck you can have a conversation
with all that noise and all those distractions and how
you can go from that to having not only a conversation
but to getting a real interaction and taking it to
a physical level all very fast. There was a time
you couldn't pay me a million dollars to be in
that environment.

So, if I could get over that, I knew that normal
environments would feel VERY comfortable me.

That motivated me to get good at this stuff,
and the reality is that it does NOT take that long,
but it DOES take MASSIVE DESIRE to succeed.

So DON'T THINK FOR A SECOND that "picking up women"
is beyond your ability, or beyond your personality.

Don't think that your anxiety is a BLOCK, because
even THAT can be controlled.

YOU can be the guy that OTHERS will say, "He's
a NATURAL at this" because from their perspective,
you will have improved THAT MUCH that others will
think this must have ALWAYS been something you
were great at.

And if YOU want to learn the DEEPEST levels of how
to be successful at 'pick-up' and how to attract the kind
of woman you are really interested in, then I suggest
you take advantage of my programs.

Years ago, I was training guys to not rely
routines, even as a bestselling author had
written a book that swore by the value of
memorized routines for picking up a woman.

This same author now agrees with what I said
YEARS ago that routines are actually not
necessary and that is very possible and in
fact PREFERABLE to not rely on them.

I've never resorted to manipulation or
abuse of women and I have always been
repelled by that idea, as well as repelled
by the idea of guys selling their self-esteem
just to get any "action" from a woman, because
they refused to learn how to actually spark

I don't think I'm God, and I don't think I
have ALL the answers. However, I DO believe
that we must understand the deepest levels of
psychology and apply it to creating HARMONY
between men and women for a better world for
all of us. And we must learn from REAL
practice, as knowledge and theory without
practice is not enough.

This is about so much more than "getting action"
- it's about creating attraction on all levels
in the most powerful and meaningful way possible,
for the most lasting results with the kind of
woman you truly want in your life.

Somewhere, right this very moment, the
woman of your dreams is out there,
WISHING that you knew all this stuff
so that you could take effective action
and MEET her and enjoy life together!

So I suggest you take advantage of my
IN-DEPTH understanding on Earth of how
to SKYROCKET your results with women.

Make that reality happen NOW.

It's at:

This entire package for SKYROCKETING your
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door within DAYS.

And if you haven't yet downloaded my book,
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Tiramisu" Secrets To Pick-Up Women

I have a secret to picking up women
successfully, and it's called TIRAMISU.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking-
"Tiramisu? Isn't that a delicious PASTRY???"

You'll see what I mean as we go along.

Today I want to give you a whole new PARADIGM
on the whole topic of PICKING UP WOMEN!

You see, the term 'pick-up' isn't my favorite
term because it has been so misused and warped,
and it also reduces the experience to something
as trivial as picking up a bar of soap.

I instead prefer to think of the term 'pick-up'
in a very DIFFERENT way:

Pick UP, or rather RAISE UP, ELEVATE the

Turn the interaction into a mutual 'pick me up',
kind of like a great TIRAMISU!

In fact, that's what TIRAMISU means- 'pick me up'!
It's recipe is designed to make you FEEL elevated.

A lot of guys think that nice guys finish last.

The problem is that YES, if a guy is "nice" from a
place of NEEDINESS, he will finish last.

This is because at the end of the day, if the
'nice' behaviors are coming from NEEDINESS,
they really aren't nice at all, they're
actually DRAINING, they are "DRAG ME DOWN",
not a "PICK ME UP".

And "Drag Me Down" isn't NICE!
It's MEAN in fact!

Yes, women can ABSOLUTELY tell the difference
IMMEDIATELY in whether your "nice" behavior
to her is from NEEDINESS or from your sense

The needy kind of niceness makes a woman
feel PRESSURE, makes a woman feel that
there is something probably "wrong" with
this "deal" of niceness, etc.

Now of course, this doesn't mean to be
a jerk, either.

Instead, I want you to go TIRAMISU on women!
Be a REAL 'pick me UP'!

Make the experience of the interaction
with you even more of a "pick me up"
than this delicious commodity!

Behave with her as if you already have
EVERYTHING you could DREAM of and you
simply ENJOY sharing that FEELING of
abundance with her, you don't want
to HOARD that feeling, you want to

What's really wacky is that a lot of the
PICK UP ARTIST games involve ways of
SUBTLY putting a woman DOWN, to LOWER
her self-esteem!

THIS IS THE OPPOSITE of what you want to do,
and this "putting her down" is the reason
that pick up artist style interactions
do NOT lead to getting fantastic interactions
with women that result in real girlfriends!

A lot of the pick up artist style behavior
is more like picking **ON** women, not picking
UP women!

It's just another form of BULLYING.
And hey, I get it, I was hurt by the
wrong women too.

But this bully stuff is just a waste of
energy, instead it's SOOO much better to
move on from the wrong woman and just get
SUCCESS with other women!

Women of course DO want to be treated well,
but it has to be by someone who is a STRONG man.
I don't mean with huge muscles, although working
out is always nice, I mean that he is STRONG in
the sense of not NEEDING her, BUT WHO STILL

He has built a SECURE identity, has a secure
sense of humor, and he can LEAD the show
in the interaction with a woman.

And since so many guys are NOT this way, the
JERKS often win by DEFAULT simply because
jerks have no apology, they lead the show, go
for what they want, and don't seem needy at all,
and have a life of their own. Yet none of these
things are jerky--it's only the ABUSE that's
wrong, it's not the JERKY stuff they do that's
attractive, it's the MANLY stuff they do that's
attractive, and you can do that AND be a good
guy and do better with women than any jerk.

So let's say you are taking a walk and reach
a stoplight and the light is red and there is
a woman you'd like to talk to standing there
near you. The longer you WAIT to say something
the WEAKER you seem because it becomes
obvious after 30 seconds of silence that you
were THINKING of the perfect opener, and
that means you were making a BIG DEAL
about the fact she is there. Why is she
such a big deal relative to who YOU ARE?

Making a big deal about a woman might SEEM
to be nice, but it's not, what it really is doing
is making YOU seem to be LESS than her,
so what is so nice about telling a woman she
should be with a guy who is LESS worthy
than SHE is???

Wouldn't it be NICER to be the guy who is
JUST as desirable if not MORE, who is
STILL interested in her? Wouldn't that make
SOMETHING out of this too?

So, by starting the conversation RIGHT AWAY,
you are showing MORE VALUE about yourself,
more confidence in yourself, and this makes HER
feel better, as everyone wants MORE value in their
life, not less. You don't want a woman to be
NICE to you, you want her to WANT you.

You don't want her to have SYMPATHY, you
want her to feel ATTRACTION. So by relying
on being "nice" and submissive and coming across
as unworthy, you are relying on her SYMPATHY.
When you are coming across as VALUABLE,
you are triggering ATTRACTION.

So let's go through some common ways of
showing MORE value:


So let's go back to the example of the woman
at the traffic light standing beside you.

You already know that you have to say something
right away, right?

And you know that kissing up is not cool either.

And you know that showing an awesome state
of mind is very cool.

So whatever the situation is, there is a way to
respond that is very cool.

Let's say it's raining LIGHTLY, and you have
an umbrella and she doesn't. You could in a
PLAYFUL way say to her "poor you, I feel so
bad for you, but not THAT bad to give you my


If this is said with the right INTENT in your
voice, she will LAUGH because it's funny,
but she will also see that you are a cool guy
that is not NEEDING her so badly like
every OTHER guy. This is a sign of

This doesn't mean that later on when dating
her that you should not show her that you like
her- that's where a lot of guys make mistakes,
they don't realize that getting to know a
woman and the way you interact with her
is an evolving thing, it's not always the
same thing. And rewarding good behavior
is not the same as kissing up.

Let's say it's not raining, but you are both
waiting for the light. You can tease her
that she is JINXING the light to stay red
and not turn and that it must be her fault
because you are always at that light
and it never takes this long.


And no matter what she says back to you,
you USE what she says as FUEL for
responding BACK to her, like a ping-pong
game. So if she says "How could I be
jinxing the light?? Why would I do that?"

You can then playfully respond with:
"Oh of course, the cover-up, you're an
EXPERT at this, with an alibi and totally
looking innocent and everything!"


She might then say something like
"haha" and then you use THAT by
saying "Don't think that laughing will
get you off the hook! You're like
a super villain here, using your
psychic powers or whatever to
control the traffic lights!"


Another thing is that you have to know when
to SHIFT GEARS. Too often, if a guy GETS
to the point that the girl is laughing and having
a good time, he doesn't want to STOP doing
the playful stuff, but it's important to MOVE
the interaction AHEAD into the zone of
actually having a conversation where you
both share real opinions, perspectives, etc.

Otherwise, she will feel she never got to know
you at all, and that you are ONLY playful,
and perhaps don't have a "deeper" side to you.

So, again using this example, as the light changes,
and you are both crossing the street, you can
shift gears into more rapport and you can
playfully transition by asking her if she
works in the area and makes a ton of money
so she can take you out to fancy places, etc.

She can then tell you a bit about what she does,
whether she is in school and what she's studying,
or whether she works and what she does or
wants to do in the future as her job.

And this is where you must be 'picking up'
ON what she is saying!

Next time you think of the word pick up,
think of picking UP the vibes and mood,
and think of picking up ON what she is
saying- all this will lead to a successful

If you are listening well, you can then tell what
she is passionate about, i.e. teaching children,
and if you share any of her passions, or anything
related, i.e. let's say you work with children,
or let's say you respect great teachers,
you can then have a meaningful conversation,
plus you can chat about your passions, etc.


So many guys though make the mistake of talking
about themselves in a way that shows they are
VERY insecure. For example, as soon as the
woman asks what the guy does, the guy goes
on a whole serious long answer about his
job in a way where he thinks he is being
subtle about how cool or rich or prestigious
or smart he is, and it's obvious what he's
doing, and it looks insecure.

Instead, it's better to talk about the REASONS
you love what you do. And if you don't
love what you do, then focus your convo
on something else. Also, it's always a
fun and playful and cool thing to first
answer the question to what do you do
with something outrageous, simply
because it shows you are not a slave
to that question and that you don't
take yourself so seriously.

So your first answer to what you do could be
something like "I jump out of cakes
at birthday parties" or "you work at
Disneyland as the big bad wolf" etc.

Once you are having a real conversation
and you are in rapport with her, from THERE,
you can take her number or email or sometimes
even go straight for the INSTANT date right then
and there if there is a coffee shop, just tell her
this is a good convo and that you should
both continue it over a coffee! It's all up
to YOU, it's YOUR JOB as the MAN
and she EXPECTS you to do your job,
and the worst is that she declines, perhaps
because she is really busy and late for
work, and in that case you can still take her
number or email and contact her later.


The key is for you to be having the right
INTENT, and that is that you are not being
a jerk, you are simply being a MAN who
is in FULL control of his emotions around
a woman who is attractive and you are not
about to hand over your dignity and life and
emotional stability over to a woman just
because she is there.


Rather, you ENJOY the fact she is there, and
you ENJOY the moment with her, but you are
not WORRYING about her response-
that's NOT up to you, and you have
learned not to fear WOMEN'S reactions.

You must not be outcome dependent- rather
you must focus on how to enjoy that MOMENT.

It's not about showing her "who's boss" and
it's not about kissing up to her, it's about
you CONVEYING to her that you are in
a great state. And since most guys are in
a terrible state since she is so beautiful
that it makes them uncomfortable, it's
PARTICULARLY cool if you show
her that not only are you in a great state,
but also that you aren't NEEDY for her,
and yet you still may LIKE her all at
the same time.


Sometimes a woman will try to SHUT DOWN
your pick-up. This doesn't mean she hates you
or is mean or anything. Some women simply
feel it's their job to be a "good girl" by trying
to make it hard for you to get with her.

Embrace this fact, don't get pissed off about it,
but don't ACCEPT her frame either.

So on one hand, don't get pissed since
getting pissed off about it is EXACTLY
the reaction she has been told is the kind
of guy that just wants to take advantage of her.
So she will feel that you are fitting the stereotype
of a jerk, and feel that she did the right thing.

She expects you to UNDERSTAND that she
needs to act hard to get to be considered a
good girl, good woman, etc.

But at the same time, you can't accept what she
says either or you won't get anywhere, so if she
says something to you during the chat like "I'm really
busy with work, school, etc, I don't have time
to meet guys" don't say "ok".

Instead, PLAYFULLY REFRAME her statement
as a reason for why she SHOULD be chatting with

Tell her "Well then since you're so busy, clearly
you need a HEALTHY BREAK to be even
MORE productive. And what can be better than
chatting to a super cool guy like myself?"

Not only are you controlling the frame of the situation,
but you are also getting her laughing by this, changing
her internal state to make her even more receptive
to you.

If she says "My friends would kill me if they
found out I gave number to a guy on the
bus/streetcar/intersection (or whatever else)!"
You can then say "Well, then, all the more
reason to do it! You get to be the NAUGHTY
one who does whatever she wants, and it will
be our seeeecret shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"


And so by starting the conversation RIGHT
AWAY, by looking for the playful angle,
by not kissing up, by not being outcome
dependent, and following all the OTHER
tips above, you are massively increasing
the odds that you are going to GET the

If you notice, NOTHING mentioned above
has ANYTHING to do with being A JERK.

It has to do with CONVEYING WHO
YOU ARE, and what you are conveying
with these tips is that you are secure,
you are strong, you are fun to be with,
you are witty, you are not needy, and
that you are masculine.

NONE of these things are jerky or "fake".

However, we don't always FEEL all those
cool things, and we don't always know the
best way to CONVEY those things about

But what if there was a way to understand ourselves,
to understand the STRUCTURE of all emotions,
and to understand WOMEN and the PHASES
of the pick-up, so that you could CONSISTENTLY
be READY to take advantage of all the opportunities
to meet women all around you?

What if there was also a way to know what to do
BEYOND the pick-up, to KEEP a woman attracted?

Well now there is a way, and you can get the most
advanced level in my WARRIOR WITHIN program, that
can be shipped right to your door, anywhere in
the world.

This program is the most ADVANCED program on
becoming the kind of man that doesn't only
pick up women, but picks women UP in the
GREATER sense of the word as well, tiramisu
style, so that they want to KEEP ON being
with you.

It's at:

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, June 24, 2011

Revealing The Deeper Aspects Of Attraction

Today I'd like to give you some crucial
tips for attraction that actually DEFY
what is commonly "accepted knowledge".

And I'll prove it, too.

The first thing is that attraction is NOT
an "absolute" thing that exists in a vacuum,
but rather is affected by TONS of factors.

What humans DESIRE, in ALL things, depends
on MANY things that are TOTALLY made-up.

Cults, for example, have transformed highly
educated people into believing that their
souls are about to be taken to a comet to a
higher plane of existence and as such the
followers all committed suicide with a sense
of peace and pleasure.

In the 1960's oral sex was in many circles considered
a bigger deal than intercourse, and more taboo. A
couple of years ago, Britney kissing Madonna made
headlines, it was something that one wouldn't DREAM
would happen on mainstream tv.

Now those things are a joke, it would
never make the news.

In Africa, there are places where women put plates
in their lips and are considered more attractive
because of it.

In other places, if a woman does NOT have a
mustache, she must PAINT one on to look
more attractive.

Do you see what I'm saying?

This attraction stuff is massively influenced by
culture, and yet BIOLOGY is also a massive factor.

So for example, the woman with the big plate in
her lip if she acts desperate, will seem less
attractive even to those who normally would be
attracted to it.

Her behavior will affect her perceived level of worth.

Once you start to realize just how FLEXIBLE
this idea of attraction is, you actually have
made the FIRST step toward something
massive: Since attraction is NOT carved
in stone, YOU can USE this to your
advantage, by taking advantage of all
the VARIABLES that are actually
WITHIN your control.

And there are a LOT of variables that are
under your control, if you are willing to
LEARN the skills that you need to control
those variables.

And of course, it helps if you learn these
skills from someone who knows what they
are talking about.

So, for example, studies have shown it's hard
to dislike someone who has made you laugh.
So if you approach a woman who is a total
stranger, but get her laughing, she is now
MORE OPEN to being "picked up' by you.

And if you convey the attractive qualities
about yourself SIMULTANEOUSLY in your
humor, you are getting her not only RECEPTIVE
but also ATTRACTED.

But it's important to realize what effective
humor actually IS.

A lot of people think that humor is related mostly
to two things that don't seem to belong together,
but somehow do belong, or vice versa. In other
words, the incongruence, the theory goes, creates
a discomfort which is then relieved through laughter.


This is NOT what triggers laughter.
What triggers laughter is the SAME thing that
triggers ALL emotions on one level or another,
and that is SELFISHNESS.

The more we GAIN, the better we FEEL.

This is why the guy who suddenly finds out he won
the lottery starts laughing his head off.

Is this "funny"?
To HIM, it is!
It's better than funny, it's ECSTATIC, it's
ecstatic laughter.

There's a famous joke that people like to
use as an example of the "pacing" theory
of humor, where you have three examples,
or three individuals, and each one has their
own perspective, action, and the final one
is the "funny" one.

So for example, three guys land on an island.

They are captured by cannibals.
The cannibals tell each guy privately that he must
go his own separate way and find ten of some fruit
and return with it.

So the first guy comes back with ten apples.
The cannibals tell him he must put all ten in his
arse without making a face. After the first one,
the guy grimaces and they tell him they will kill

The second guy then returns with ten cherries.
He is told to do the same with all ten. He begins
and is on the ninth one when he starts laughing.

In heaven, the first guy asks the second guy,
"Why did you start laughing, you were almost

The second guy says "I saw the third dude returning
with Pineapples."

What makes this funny is not so much the pacing,
the fact he is the third one, or that it's
incongruent, but MOST OF ALL it's the fact
that from the SECOND GUY'S perspective, he
POOR BASTARD who is with the pineapples!!!

He is in the SUPERIOR position.
And since we see the visual from his perspective
as he says it, WE experience his emotion of
superiority, and we laugh.

And I'm here to tell you that it's ALL about
SUPERIORITY, EVERY emotion, every
shade of every emotion. This is why the
greatest acts of kindness come from you
and you feel VERY "RICH" IN THE MOST

And it's also why the worst nasty behavior
comes from people who feel very LOW

So, the key with effective humor, especially
since attraction is about feeling excellent
and conveying excellence and abundance
and superiority, (not "you're a loser, I'm
superior but rather "I have abundance,
excellence, in SPADES, and have a lot
to GIVE and am not needy or desperate")
is to highlight how YOU are this person.

AND, you must then, for attraction, ALSO
confirm HER worth to you.


So, when a guy with massive value, confirms
HER value, it makes HER FEEL SUPERIOR

In the entire field of "seduction" nobody has
talked about this. I know, because I was
inside of it, for years. All I heard was endless
talk about NEGATIVELY slamming women's egos,
memorized routines, or just "being confident",
OR slogans of "be manly" without explaining the
real HOW and WHY.

What it IS about is EFFECTIVELY giving a
woman confirming feedback about her own
value, but in order to do this, you must first
come across as someone who is desirable.

The problem is that most guys will say
"I want her to like me for who I am" but
if you believe you really have the value,
then it makes sense to learn the skills
and the insights to COMMUNICATE that value.

So for example, how strongly do think you show
your belief in your value if a woman doesn't
JUMP to do cartwheels for you right away,
and you act HURT or DISAPPOINTED or you get

It's amazing, I know that right now Arnold
Schwarzenegger is going through a hard time,
and people can come to all kinds of conclusions.

But let's for a second just examine the facts.
The facts are, this guy wasn't only looking
and acting like a winner when things were
GOOD for him.

In fact, if you ever check out his early days,
and you see his facial reaction to when he
LOST his first bodybuilding contest, you
will see ZERO look of disappointment in his
of seeing that some other guy won the contest,
a contest that takes gruelling months if not
years of training and dieting.

By the way, he never lost again, after that.

The test is not how one reacts when all is
great, but how one reacts when all is NOT
so great.

This is the same guy that took a name nobody
could pronounce and made it a household name.

The same guy that took a sport that was considered
"freaky" and helped make it a part of popular culture.

Oh yeah, and his behavior with women, from
day one, was FUN and DIRECT and not worrying
about their reactions to him.

What's also interesting is that not a single
woman complained about him until he ran
for governor. In other words, women loved
him, and it was all politics that tried to
defeat him.

And his reaction to all that stuff at the time?
He reacted PERFECTLY.
He said "Yeah, I did some stuff with women
that I regret".

BOOM, over.
He didn't act defensive.
He didn't act worried.
He just acknowledged it, and moved right on
to winning two more elections.

So I'm not saying the guy is a saint or perfect.
And nobody is perfect.
But I AM saying that this behavior WORKS.

If a woman doesn't jump up and down
to your approach, that's the PERFECT
chance to SHOW just how awesome you are,
by the way you REACT.

How strongly do you think you show your
belief in your value if you take the
words she said and spin them around in a way
that interprets her words as a compliment to you
and you are totally congruent with it?

So if a woman says something to you like
"I almost never date guys who live uptown"
and you say, "You know, I never date girls
who live downtown, this way I avoid the
psychos" it's a lot different than saying
"ohhh but it's only a short distance".

Saying "it's only a short distance implies that
your value is beneath hers, and so therefore
you are trying to EASE THE DISCOMFORT

But if you are the superior value, then there IS
no discomfort for her, in fact, she would even
be willing to EMBRACE with PLEASURE
some discomfort to get the HIGHER value,
which is you.

And, as you get better at this skill, you'll
instinctively say things like like "Oh, you
never date guys who live uptown because
they're so sexy that you end up staying
the whole night and then in the morning
it's a pain getting back home."

And of course, on TOP of the words, is the
tonality in which it's all being said. Your
voice is like the DNA to your thoughts
about yourself, your value, etc, and women
can read this DNA with billion per cent

With total honesty, I can tell you that all this
is the TIP of the ICEBERG of what I want to
show you. I know a lot of people may SAY
things like that, but I have a feeling you can
tell that in this case, it's actually the TRUTH.

You can MASSIVELY IMPROVE your life with
women, if you are willing to LEARN and are
willing to PRACTICE. It doesn't have to take
forever, but it does take commitment. 99% of
men will NOT do this, they will NOT undertake
this challenge.

I'd like to SHOW you how it all works in your
interactions with women - from walking right up
to her to getting her home to keeping her wild
for you long term.

And the best way I can do that is through
my WARRIOR WITHIN program. For around a
decade now, I've been obsessed with pushing
the envelope regarding what actually works
to successfully approach a woman, to then
attract this woman, and to then smoothly
progress the interaction to an intimate,
physical level that is mutually rewarding,
and then retain that passion as well.

Warrior Within is my ADVANCED program
that builds upon the material in my
book "Get A Great Girl".

Warrior Within is at:

And if you haven't yet downloaded my book,
'Get A Great Girl', then do that now at:

Have a great weekend!


Michael Marks

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Creating The Vibe And Passing The Tests


Hey Michael,

You know how when a pebble hits the water,
ripples wave out? Well, my story is a bunch
of ripples, the ripple effect if you will.

It's been a few months since I completed the
Real World Bootcamp with you, and I wanted
to let you know how things are going, feel free
to use this for your newsletter if you think
other guys can benefit from it.

I'm gonna be honest with you. I read
your site, last year, and figured, this
guy is funny. He goes out and teaches
guys how to get the chicks. I mean,
it sounds funny, you have to admit.

Every guy wants a girl, and the idea
of simply going to a guy to solve
this problem forever seems almost
like a fantasy. It seems too good
to be true.

Then I read your newsletters, and it
kinda made sense to me, on a logical
level, and even on an emotional level,
to a degree. Still, though, I was skeptical.
But I believed there had to be something
to what you were saying, since it made
so much sense. You have a way of
explaining things that simply is

Ripple ripple ripple.

So, at first, I just stuck to your
awesome free newsletters for a while.

It's amazing how for some reason, I
thought I would gain more by just
getting your free stuff. I used to
be proud of, it was part of my identity,
I thought it was "cool" and "funny",
and "alpha", but I realize now that
the way I was doing it anyway, it was
not cool because I was coming from
the "taker" perspective.

It was the opposite of what you so clearly
showed in Bootcamp, where I saw how you
were giving women awesome emotions in a
natural way that wasn't about needing
anything in return. Kind of like what
you were talking about with that woman
in that video recently.

And the effect that had on the women,
how they become giggly, happy, alive,

And I realized how ultimately, attraction is
really about what you are ***giving***,
but most guys probably will never learn

And, that not only does the "taking" attitude
repel others but it sends the wrong message
back to my own mind that I have to resort
to being creepy to get any value out of life,
which is pathetic. I have changed this area
of my life, I actually find I have more energy
in me with this attitude of emotional abundance,
in fact the neediness is our own illusion that
we create.

But for then, I just read your awesome free
newsletters for a while.

I didn't really "get" it totally, but I started
to slowly at least go through the motions.

I started to change what I wanted
from girls.

It wasn't that I changed internally so fast,
but my goal, from reading your newsletters,
had become "pumping up the vibe"
with chicks rather than on trying to get
them to mother me, give me compliments,
give me love, give me ***anything***.

I focused on leading the show with a
capital "L", leading the interaction, even
if I did not feel much "love" coming from
the chicks. When I say "love" I mean
that old fashioned kind of feeling of
the chick being really "nice".

That "love stuff" was what the old me
wanted, before even proceeding with
a girl at all. I wanted confirmation
up front. I wanted guarantees.
I wanted security. I wanted to
avoid all potential pain.

It would have made me feel "safe"
emotionally. That's what I used to
want, but I stopped focusing on that,
because clearly you suggested that
taking that path was all wrong and
that instead we must become stronger
versions of ourselves that lead the
whole show with a woman.

Anyway, I started to get some results. Met
one girl, did as you say, and got her through
the phases, and after we did get physical,
she DID start to warm up, it was as if she
was hiding her full personality before.

I ended up though reverting to my old self,
because I refused to believe in what you
wrote. I felt that I had kinda lucked out
on a great girl, and that it was not really
your stuff that helped me.

In fact, I felt like a bit of an a-hole
because she complained about some of
it. And she became super meltingly
warm while convincing me that she wanted
me to be "nicer". And I felt guilty, so I
did, and for a brief moment, (literally,
like hours only) she was this "mothering"
kind of love, she was sweet, loving,
telling me how much she loved me,
blah blah blah.

And then almost immediately after,
she started becoming colder to me.
Like the very next day.

Ripple ripple ripple.
For a second, I remembered some
of your advice, but my heart told
me no, don't do that. So I gave
in, and tried harder to give her
more of what she said she wanted.

But the problem got worse.
Well, we had some huge fights as I
got angry, and it was pretty much

It hurt, but I'm not going to waste your
time with a story I'm sure you've heard
and experienced a lot.

So after I finally got myself together again,
I figured, time to get your eBook.

Man, so clearly written, so easy to understand,
yet such a wonderful and MASSIVE paradigm
shift. It's like going back to the 60s in a way,
like Austin Powers almost, but in a real way:

Having an abundance of security, dominance,
fun, and even "love" but never ever turning
yourself into a woman by playing her game.

And training your mind to adapt
to this reality.

And man, you were right. Women
absolutely **will** test you.

Not to be cruel, not to be mean.
But to see if you are made of
"strong manly stuff".

The soft lovey stuff they do is sometimes nothing
but a test. I didn't want to believe you,
it's scary, because these super sweet
women, they will give you the "look"
of softness lovey dovey etc., they will
give you sex and be all warm over you
and be all loving, and you just want to
lose yourself totally in the haze of "p***y
heaven" to be blunt.

But I was smarter this time around,
I didn't give up my masculinity, emotional
frame, etc. Yes, I totally got the vibe down
of teasing coming from a frame of superiority,
and yes it **is** superiority, thank you for not
mincing words. And thank you also for
explaining that true superiority is never cruel.

How about sharing this with readers:
If women were **not** attracted to
superiority, if women were only so
warm and fuzzy, then why do they
test so ruthlessly?

Okay, so the Dating Wizard eBook helped
me to actually get results consistently,
but it was hard for me to like women
at all, as I basically saw the whole
thing as "stimulus and response"
and felt like all these chicks were
robots who simply responded when
I put in the right recipe of behavior
and gave me nothing when I veered
off course.

This would piss me off and I would
usually end up showing it and ruining

Ripple ripple ripple.

So then I figured your Bootcamp sounded
like it was fun. Intense, but fun. The way
you described things, and some of the
stuff that happened on bootcamp that
was in your newsletters, well I wanted
to be that way, I wanted to enjoy this
whole thing, enjoy the process, and not
feel like women are only these robots.

Eventually I made the call to you.
Signed up and came out to the next
available bootcamp a few weekends

One of the most important things I
experienced and internalized from
the bootcamp is that the "testing"
that women do is to be treated as
something good! It's a sign of
progress. The old version of myself
looked at it as a sign of will vs. will
and a confrontation before, but now
from actually experiencing it over
and over and over again in bootcamp,
and watching you, and then seeing
it happen again and again recently,
I realize that you were not acting,
that you truly ***were*** more
relaxed when chicks started doing
this stuff to you, and it finally sunk
in that this testing stuff has so many
purposes, including:

1. It's to make you go away, so they
can feel they did their job to not
be a "slut".

2. They do it to see if you can handle
them, because most guys are so insecure
around a woman who is hot, that the
guys are horrible to be around for all
kinds of reasons, i.e. he will call her
ten times a day, he will try to tell
her what to do, he will ask for her
approval for ridiculous things instead
of being the dominant masculine one,

3. And another thing that I learned on
bootcamp, from meeting so many girls,
is that some of these girls, as they revealed
to me later, they act like b*****s because
they have had bad experiences with other
guys who were "imposters" cool but who
also tore their heart apart, or dumped them,
etc., or some of them had just been through
a breakup and were getting out their anger,

But the fact of the matter is that it's still
only this type of "awesome vibes guy"
that actually attracts a girl like her in
the first place.

She knows that you have the power to
create attraction in her, and it kinda
makes her alert to the dangers of actually
falling for you, and she immediately
shows her angry/scared feelings.

And if you were not the kind of guy that
actually sparks this chemistry in her,
then she wouldn't do anything to you,
she'd just move on and dismiss you.

Of course, not all this is great behavior on
her part, but the fact is, the chick is not
necessarily like this all the time, she is
just in a bad mood at that moment, and if
you can let this stuff slide off your back
and actually **enhance** the good vibes,
while keeping the frame of your dominance
and superiority, her armor will often break
down for you and she will fall for you hard.

This truly is the real world, and I thank you
for opening my eyes to it.

Of course, there's a ton more I learned
from you in person, but even had I just
come and learned that, it would have
been worth it still, in fact worth ten
times time the price. It's simple-
there is simply no "bad" reaction
a woman can give a guy, if the guy
knows how to turn it around in his
favor. And so many many many
times, he can. I know I have.

This stuff changes the way I feel about
women. It makes me understand them
rather than view them as the opposition.
And that understanding shows me more
than ever that women want men who
are strong emotionally.

It's really important that guys are not
looking for someone to be their mom
when they are looking for women.
Yes, kindness is key, but don't expect
a woman to share her warmth with
you if she feels you are not a man
who can handle her.

So that sunk in to me.
Ripple ripple ripple.

And then after taking your Bootcamp,
I figured that being a cheapskate and
wanting something for nothing was
the dumbest thing I ever did, and even
when I did "get" I actually ended up
losing far more, because that attitude
of something for nothing sends the
message back to myself that I have
nothing to give and that I can only
get by screwing other people over,
which is horrifying for inner game.

So when your latest programs came out,
I didn't wait.

Having your latest home study programs available
relatively quickly (a month) after the bootcamp
was a lucky stroke for me, because there
was so much going on at bootcamp, that
even months after, there are still things
that I'm thinking about from back then,
things I'm still learning from: And
the programs prevent me from forgetting
anything that I learned and also has
even given me some new insights
into elevating my game as well -
even putting things from the bootcamp
into new perspectives.

I know this was a long letter, but hopefully
helps guys, especially the testing stuff.
Guys, believe me, handling tests from
women properly is probably the most
serious skill you can learn in this game.

Once you're past that, you're pretty much
if you don't do anything stupid and if
you can physically escalate and not
chicken out.

I guess what you teach isn't "funny" after
all. When it's fake, it's funny, when it's real,
it's awesome.

So thanks for the awesome experience.


Nathan L.

***MY REPLY***

Ahhh, the tests, the tests, yes.
First of all, thanks for that heartfelt,
honest letter and for the props as well.

Your letter also really hits home on
that super-important topic.

In a way, yes, handling tests is the most
important skill. I also want to say right
HERE that not ALL women test consciously,
and also men test as well, and most men aren't
aware of it.

ANOTHER thing I want to say is that
there are actually a lot of tests
that women do to see if you are a
JERK or not. Contrary to popular
belief, the tests are not all about
to see if you are only confident,
but also to see if you are two-faced,
genuine, etc.

You see, a lot of guys act "nice" until
they don't get what they want, and then
become total sleazebags in the blink of
an eye. In a way, this is not nice at
all of the guy, it was all just neediness.

REAL niceness is a very sexy thing, but
there are almost no GENUINE nice guys,
there are the rather needy clingy guys
and then there are emotionally empty
cold jerks. There are very few guys
who really have the complete spectrum.

For any guys who don't believe that
you can be a good guy and MOP UP THE
supposed "COMPETITION" of JERKS and
get the best, most sought after women
out there, and get them on fire for
you, allow me to prove it to you
in person through Bootcamp or my
upcoming Seminar.

ALSO, I want to say that the best way to pass
tests is to be of such stellar sexy character
that you don't even have to THINK about
what to do, you simply just do what comes
naturally, but this takes a certain amount of
DEVELOPMENT before you can be at this level.

Now, although learning to be playful, funny,
dominant, and learning how to dress right is
crucial as well, and actually is often a part of
getting through the tests, the fact is that this
area is where most guys stumble. Again, many
times it's not that the woman is consciously
testing, but that she is simply on a more secure
frame of reality (at least in this particular element
of her life called dating) than most guys are,
and when the guy encounters her reality, he
can't handle it, he sees it all through jaded
insecure perspectives that result in very
negative, insecure, and unattractive behaviors.

A lot of guys can get a little momentum,
perhaps even a number, (if it's real), but
when you successfully deal with the hardcore
"tests", or "women's realities" well then
what happens is that it's also almost as if
a girl can tell that other girls have "endorsed you",
since your ability to pass a test is proof itself of
your value. In other words, your secure behavior
is a sign that you already could easily have all
the women you could ever ask for, or perhaps
even better, the BEST quality woman that any
man can ask for.

That's how you actually end up in bed with her.

If you can't pass the "test" with her, she figures
you probably haven't passed the "test" with
any other girl either, and that you're probably
a bad choice.

This is especially with women who are
stereotypically "hot".

Most women will test, but for SURE a
hottie will. She's subconsciously learned
to create these tests as a way to control
the incessant flow of guys, OR what she
is doing is simply behaving in a way that
you would also behave if you were as secure,
but since most guys do not have the same
validation being given to them, they see
the worst possible interpretation of things
when they are interacting with women.

If you are dealing with a woman who
is hot, on a cold pickup, she will test
you. It's as simple as that. Whether
it's a nice soft test or hard-core
test, intentional or not, she WILL
do things that will TEST your sense
of security. Sometimes right off the
bat, sometimes later in the game.

And often, you can't blame her for what
she is doing, as long as she is not being
nasty or disrespectful. (There's never an
excuse for that, that's just a b***ch.)

This is the most CHALLENGING time
to control your own emotions. It's as
if NASA is putting the prototype of
into the big daddy of all wind tunnels and
the wind tunnel is now going to BLAST it

That machinery is your MIND, your EMOTIONS.
Those blasts are her TESTS.

Any insecurity you have may be HIT,
and it may be HIT HARD. It might

Can you TAKE IT????

And not only can you TAKE IT, but

Can you have fun with it?


Or do you feel "ahh forget this" and
WUSS out?

Can you STILL be playful?

And if she DOES go too far, can you
call her on her sh** in a way that clearly
shows she is socially retarded and that
you are still cool as a cucumber and
in fact still feeling good and playful
and that you could easily switch
to another girl not out of bitterness
but because your belief in your own
value is still intact?

Yes, it's very important stuff, this.

And if you COME OUT of the wind
tunnel, or her tests, and you are intact,
her attraction will skyrocket and you can
then just lead her easily, since she ALREADY
has been FUELED now, she just needs
you to guide the rest of the show, she
now has become a very willing participant.

Thanks, and there's a ton of other great stuff
in your letter, I'll let it speak for itself.


Hey man,

I have read quite a few of your articles.
They are realizations about women and
people that I began to develop in the past
year. My question for you: It seems like
the process that you promote is borderline
manipulative. This attitude of "superiority"
and being comfortable with your "self" is
completely antithetic to everything
about our terrestrial society.

In other words, if you always have to
think and be aware of everything, then
is it possible to truly meet your true love.

Or is it this attitude that allows for true
love to materialize?

Please address my question on manipulation.


Pompano Beach

***MY REPLY***

Hey man,

I always love a letter that has the word
terrestrial in it.

Okay, here's the deal, there IS a huge
amount of MANIPULATION involved
in this! There's a huge amount of
CONTROL involved in getting the
girls who are super fine-ass hot things.

Can you hear my evil laughter?

The only thing is, this CONTROL
stuff, is about learning to CONTROL

NOT about controlling the chick!!!!!

It's the opposite of "evil".

When you can conquer your OWN
emotions, you can get just about
any awesome chick you want.

and being DOMINANT, well you can't do
this if you are TAKING.

And the reality is that this "controlling the frame"
is really more of a concept that you must use
as a beginner to intermediate. At the advanced
level, honestly, you actually FEEL that there
IS NO BATTLE, because the truth is, there
ISN'T. But for most guys, it's impossible
to truly jump to this level on instinct, because
undoing YEARS AND YEARS of brainwashing
and insecurities cannot be undone in one second.

So, at first, it DOES seem like a battle of
controlling the frame, and it IS a battle,
a battle that you must confront in yourself,
because at first you keep on seeing and feeling
yourself as UNWORTHY, as UNABLE, as
in an inferior position of power.

You think chicks are stupid?
You can only be SUPERIOR if you are
GIVING her superior feelings, if SHE is
in a FUN and NOT malicious way .

Giving from the standpoint of VIBES.

And, and this is the BIG "and", when
you learn to CONTROL your own
emotions instead of being controlled
by FEAR, by SOCIETY, by women's
tests, and by anything ELSE, you
well. You are only THEN truly

It's...completely antithetical to being
manipulative! In fact, you no longer
have to even do much to control yourself
after a while, because it becomes quite
natural to be feeling the right states
after you finally get used to tossing away
all your dependencies on society's approval,
women's approval, etc.

You learn to not NEED those approvals,
which makes you far more able to GIVE OFF
awesome emotions to women and actually
anyone. So you don't NEED TO TAKE i.e.
you don't need them to give you anything.

Nope, YOU'RE the big giver, because
you are giving off great vibe without
needing some kind of contract from
them saying "I will give you good vibes
only if you in return give me your female
approval first. In fact, I NEED you to
give your approval first, in order for me
to feel like a man, to feel dignity, because
right now I feel like I am NOT a man,
not worthy, not desirable."

When you experience this for real, you see
that you are MAKING a woman's DAY
when you grow and develop these skills.
And you make her nights, too ;)

YES, this IS about superiority.
are making yourself BETTER in a way that
COUNTS to a woman. You are the SUPERIOR
value, plain and simple.

Does anyone actually think a woman wants

It takes WORK to be giving off superior
vibes. It takes growing as a person. Dare
I say it, it takes SKILLS.

It's far EASIER to be the inferior, approval
seeking, thumb-sucking, needy baby that
it sometimes seems our society wants men
to be.

And it's not about "faking it" because the
bottom line is making woman FEEL it.
If a woman is FEELING it from you, it's

Ultimately, this stuff is not even about the
CHICK, it's about who you BECOME.

And regarding this true love stuff, the truth
is that all this true love business is coming
at attraction totally from the wrong angle:

When most guys say "true love" they usually
mean something along the lines of a woman
who is going to be their mom or something.

We get these crazy ideas of what a girl is
supposed to be, this true love concept seems
to imply that she is going to be truly madly
deeply genuinely blah blah blah blah just
because we exist, just because we "need"
it. But that "needing" is actually the barrier
to "getting" it. We don't "need" it in
that desperate negative way.

A chick is not your mom.
Just like you are not her dad.
Her daddy, maybe, but not her dad. ;)

And the irony of course is that when
you DO become the kind of guy that
has developed these skills, these internal
dimensions of himself, you DO tend
to get these "true love" behaviors from
a girl. This true love stuff though is really
her TRULY LOVING the warmth and
power she is feeling emanating from

That's what it really is.

So when you are "attractive" in the sense
of all the things that learn from my materials
and programs, you then get the "loving
behavior" from chicks.

Do you know that when you go for a chick
who you feel is NOT attractive to you, that
THAT is the real manipulation? Yes, it
is, because what you are saying is that you
feel you don't have the value, so instead
you are going to try to get a freebie from
a chick who has no choice since she is
low value and inferior to you or at most
equal. (That's the message you are indirectly
giving her through all the subtleties in
your communication.)

"Hey chick, I'm not desirable, but then again
neither are you, so maybe you'll hang out
with me".

That doesn't sound nice and genuine and
giving to me.

You can't give when you have nothing
to give. Or when you feel that you have
nothing to give.

Teasing, for example, is not about making
her feel BAD, it's about making her feel
GOOD that she is with a guy who GETS
it. Who is confident enough in his value
and her value, who also knows how to
make things fun, to create the right amount
of sexual tension that can later be released
and thus more appreciated.

i.e. If I see a woman cleaning her car
frantically from the snow on it, and I
tease her that she missed a spot and
give her a hard time about it, she
GETS it that I am not there to TAKE
from her, not there to NEED from her,
but rather just there for the VIBE.

I'm giving off good vibes, and the very
FACT that I approached her says that
I'm giving, otherwise why the heck did
I approach her??????? Because I really
felt she missed a spot???????????????
Because I'm trying to make her feel

I'm not saying to base your choice of women
on society's magazines, I'm saying rather
to go for women you LIKE.

I've always gone for women I actually
LIKE, and I feel great about giving them
some "quality time" with me. It's a
two way giving street, and it's awesome
for all involved.

When you feel low value and go for women
you don't like, they feel the low value as
well, and that makes them feel worse, and
they've probably had that from a million
other guys with the same negative vibe,
it's no wonder so many chicks who are
not attractive on the outside are so miserable
on the inside as well.

In fact, I'm willing to bet that part of what
makes them not APPEAR as hot is the fact
they ACT so low self-esteem and miserable,
which translates into the way they behave, dress,
etc. And of course, low self-esteem people
feel the need to ruin OTHER'S self-esteem
as well, so often these chicks that you
thought you were "settling" for are actually
going to DESTROY your self-esteem
if you stay with them.

Don't get me wrong, not every girl who
is physically hot is high self esteem, not
at all. I'm just saying not to go for a girl
you feel is not attractive, because you
are then in very subtle but powerful way
communicating all the wrong things
about yourself, and communicating all
the worst messages to her, it's an insult
to both of you really.

This brings me to HUGE point:
Do you know what the highest sign of
SUPERIOR status is?

It's not needing ANY status.

Remember, the only point to any of this
"value" stuff is the value it gives

Everything I talk about is from the perspective
of FEELING that emotion called attraction
and other awesome emotions.

When YOU feel no need for having to have
STATUS, etc, then you create a world where
a woman can ALSO drop the need for status.

You see, the biggest thing that holds us all
back from feeling amazing and from feeling
as sexual as possible is brainwashing thoughts
of being not good enough in some way for
society. Almost everyone suffers from this,
including even the most beautiful of women.

But, people are social creatures.
They are affected by their human environment.
This is why people who are in a good mood
want to go to a party, and stay there, and
stay away from negative people, because they
know that the mere PRESENCE of party-pooopers
will AFFECT their own emotions as well, and
ruin things.

For some reason, girls who are hot know all
this intuitively. When you go into a group
of girls, and start the chat and the vibe,
the worst thing you can do is TRY too
hard, especially any kind of SHOWING

It's not just that you seem like an a-hole,
but it also ruins the vibe of FEELING
GREAT, because you are saying that

And that RUINS the vibe, because the truth
is NO ONE enjoys that concept, not even
Bill Gates, not even the biggest movie star,
not even the hottest supermodel. It's a
sucky idea. The idea of being a slave to
someone else's concept of value.

When people finally feel good for a moment,
and are free of that, the LAST thing they
who goes in and BREAKS the vibe by
being an INSECURE person.

So you see, insecurity can be a very SELFISH

Listen, the greatest sexual chemistry you
can feel happens when you feel you are
FREE of all that validation stuff, when
you FEEL as if you ALREADY ARE
validated internally. So that you don't
CARE about validation. You feel good,
and that's it, you don't need a "reason
of validation" for it.

CHICKS "get" this, especially the hot ones.

This is why so often the guys who are great
with women are not obsessed only with
LOOKS. Sure, we love women who are
hot, but we tend to also love women who
may not fall exactly into the category of
magazine hot, because we are way more
FREEE from the need for validation, so
our choices are based on how we feel,
and that's it. We trust ourselves, we
don't need society's approval to find
out if a girl is attractive to us or not.

And girls sense this, they LOVE it,
because we are our own men, we
are not slaves to the grind. And, it's
more....VALIDATING even to the
HOT ones, to see that they got our
interest because they know that being
hot is not enough for us, it's just a
good start.

When a woman feels free of the need for
herself to be validated, this actually frees
her to unleash her sexuality.

But you can't expect a woman to not need
all this validation stuff unless YOU YOURSELF
don't need it either. If YOU clearly don't
need it, you make HER feel comfortable
about not needing it either, thereby putting
her in a DELIRIOUSLY awesome state that allows

And if you STILL feel like a slave to the
validation grind, then at least take the
following frame until you get beyond
this stuff- the following frame was
something I took on early on, about ten
years ago, before I got this all
sorted out completely, but it was still
a big jump in the right direction:


I remember the FIRST TIME I told a
chick this, years ago, when I first
started to internalize a lot of the
TRUTH about this whole reality.

Whoah, she got a bit pissed at first, but
the thing is, I started to really believe it
by that point, so I didn't apologize for it.

She was like "No, the WOMAN makes the man".

And I was like, "Ummm, that's what everyone
SAYS, but my experience shows that's simply
not true." (Which was true, as I had learned
the hard way that a woman does not make
the man, and if you believe that she does,
you are weakening yourself.)

In retrospect, I realize that without trying to
play any game, I had flipped the frame, reversed
it totally, and stripped her of her power to
manipulate me with her "status".

And because I really believed it, I was congruent,
I felt that it was the MAN who made the woman,
so my self-esteem didn't depend on her, in fact
I felt that I was giving HER the bigger benefit,
but it was cool by me, I ENJOYED giving,
and I liked her anyway.

I only started to screw up later, when I started
to fall for the b.s. version of romance that
society preaches. Hey, I believe in romance,
but it ain't Valentine's Day style. It's more
like 9 1/2 weeks but without the psycho stuff.

Hey, it's AT LEAST as true as the
"woman makes the man" axiom.

In fact, I would say that in our society
today, more than ever, the RIGHT man
DEFINITELY makes the woman.

Use that for starters if you need to.

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