Friday, December 7, 2012

Approaching Women Done RIGHT

Today, I'm going to share with you
some of the most powerful steps you
can take to attract a woman the moment
you see her, how to successfully get
into the conversation, and how to
detect the right women as well as
how to avoid the wrong women!

And, of course, how to avoid the
biggest mistakes that men tend
to make.


Rather, it’s about YOU enjoying a good
laugh, and bringing HER into this world
of fun. A world of fun that is YOUR

When you go in trying to MAKE her laugh,
it always ends up with you showing inferior
status, as if you’re the court jester trying
to entertain the king.

And that is a total attraction-destroyer.

On the other hand, when YOU are having a blast,
then you not only are actually funnier anyway,
but the vibes being given off by you all say
that you are the kind of guy that has everything
in life under control, and that life will be FUN
with you.

You also convey that you are clearly so comfortable
in your own skin that you can be in this mode even
with a woman who is a knockout.

So if I’m in line at the store, and a hottie is in
front of me with a bottle of water and celery,
and I pick up a candy bar and wave it in her
face and PRETEND as if the chocolate bar
is hypnotically saying “You want MEEEE,
I know you dooo- give into meeeeeeeeee”
the key is that it’s coming from a place where
I think it’s funny, not because I need to get her
to laugh.

And that makes it FUNNIER, because it
makes the DELIVERY of the words far

And that makes the delivery far more

If you are going to say something, you
have to go TOTALLY INTO IT, you
have to be consistent, congruent to
whatever it is you’re saying.

If you sound like you don’t really MEAN
what you are saying, it never works well.

This is why you can give the greatest
joke to someone to say and it will be
useless because he doesn't seem to
believe in the words he's saying.


All humor requires RISK.
Without SOME risk, humor is IMPOSSIBLE.

So by risk, I mean the risk that SOMEONE
will get offended.

The KEY however, is to have the emotional
and other forms of intelligence to see if the
risk is worth the PAYOFF.

So the key is to keep the risk SMALL, and
the payoff HIGH.

If you are going to tease a woman, only tease
her on things you know she has a high chance
of being CONFIDENT about.

So if she’s tall, you can tease her about being short.
If she’s a knockout, you can tease her about being
undesirable, etc.

If she’s witty, you can tease her about being dumb.


What this means, is that if you’re looking for a
QUALITY type of woman, a girlfriend that is
not all focused on only HERSELF, a woman
who is NOT a narcissist, then you want to
ABSOLUTELY AVOID the women who

The reason for this, is that in general, there is
an inverse relationship between the amount
of friends a woman has on Facebook and the
degree of her genuine friendliness.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? After all, the whole point
of Facebook is to get official “friends”, right?

And that’s EXACTLY the reason narcissists
gravitate toward it, because if they can get
lots of FRIENDS on FACEBOOK, they
can then APPEAR as POPULAR.

These types of women will go through
MASSIVE WORK just to engineer their
entire Facebook image, from the amount
of "friends" they have (whom will be
promptly dropped as soon as they have
been used by the narcissist woman),
to the particular quotes they use,
to the photos put on display, etc,
etc.) ALL so that they SEEM highly

Facebook allows people to create an artificial
FRONT, a MASK if you will. It’s kind of
similar having memorized pick up lines or
memorized routines that aren’t a real reflection
of one’s identity, but that are SUPPOSED to
show how “cool” or “funny” one is, etc, etc.

And we all know how pick up lines don’t
work on the best women.


As illustrated above, narcissists FEED
off of infinite attention and worship,
while QUALITY women tend to be less
obsessed about make-up, dressing to
the nines, and wearing clothing that
might be EXTREMELY uncomfortable but
they feel is worth it to get the

The irony is that real beauty is hard
to hide anyway, to the trained eye.

So if you're looking for the right
kind of woman, start screening OUT
the attention grabbers, and start
focusing more on the women who are
just as gorgeous but don't need to
ADVERTISE it as if it's going out
of style.

This behavior that is the OPPOSITE
OF SEEKING ATTENTION, is why, by the way,
a woman who is the kind of woman that
is looking for a GOOD MAN, for something
REAL, gets turned off IMMEDIATELY when she
senses the FAKE vibe, the cheesy lines,

Which leads me to the next point:


Yes, the VIBE when you START the conversation
or chat should be EXTREMELY LOW KEY.

It’s different in 30 seconds from that point, where
you can raise the energy level, you can do all
sorts of fun stuff.

But in general, in that FIRST MOMENT, if
you are about to talk to a woman in any
place besides a high energy location like
a music dance club, etc, you should keep

So you are putting ZERO pressure on her.

She should feel that she has the TOTAL

The TONE of your voice should be LOW KEY.

I didn’t say QUIET, but LOW KEY, NOT INTENSE.

Most guys when they approach a woman,
they go in feeling that there is this HUGE
thing at stake, and it SHOWS in their
facial expression and tonality.

But if you REALLY go in there to begin
showing that you are RELAXED and
showing WARMTH in your voice,
THAT is the way to show that you
are comfortable in your own skin,
and it also TAKES AWAY THE
PRESSURE on her.

And the BEST way to PREVENT

So the HIGHEST chances of her NOT
resisting your approach come from
REMOVING all pressure to begin with!

Once she is not RESISTANT to your
approach, now SHE can go into the mode
of focusing on how to get CLOSER to you
instead of how to get away.

Remember, all this happens within a few
seconds, and AFTER these few seconds,
you can THEN turn up the energy and
the vibe and the fun, because she now
is RECEPTIVE to it.

TIMING is critical here, just like it is in
so many other aspects of life.

Attraction is a bit of a paradox.
On one hand, when you do it right,
it sounds so simple.

But that's because so many things
have been internalized, that it's
kind of like learning to walk.

It really takes a lot of little
steps put together, but when done
right, it looks very easy.

Recently, I received a letter from a
man who has put a lot of the steps for
one particular "attraction situation"
together, and I've commented on his
letter to make the steps even clearer.


Dear Michael,

The past six months has been the most torturous
experience of my life. Last November, my
girlfriend broke up with me, and although we
were not getting along, I always expected that
we would work things out and never give up-
that’s the attitude that I thought we both had.

Michael, I felt like my world was ending-
there were moments that I could not physically
breathe, moments where I felt I was going to die
from sheer weakness. It’s like I was drained
of all zest, energy and desire for life.

Throughout this time, I had a sense of disbelief,
that “How on earth could she do this to me, how
could she give up on us”?

Then, about six weeks ago, late on another sleepless
night, I found your site on the internet, and read
every single article you have. It was painful
to read a lot of it, to be honest, as it was so
clear that I was doing everything wrong,
and if you were right, it meant I had to
start over again- the very way I understood
my reality and how to go about getting
and attracting the kind of woman I wanted.

I suppose that’s the only good thing about
hitting rock bottom, you’re more willing
to try anything.

So I went all out and decided to get your
Warrior Within DVDs. I went through half
the entire series in one night. For the
first time, so many painful memories
started to become beautiful to me, because
your breakdown of how attraction is created
and destroyed showed me what was really
happening all along, and the reasons why
as well.

More on that later, but I want to get to
the most important part of this letter,
which is how I applied your strategies for
breaking through my inner barriers on taking
action with women, and taking the kind of
action you suggest as well.

I currently work as a dishwasher in a restaurant,
that’s right a dishwasher, as I lost my previous
job that required my engineering degree as
well as years of experience, from not showing
up to work. Like I said before, the breakup
really destroyed me. So until I find another
job that uses my skills, I need to pay my
bills with whatever helps.

Anyway, there is a smoking hot waitress
who works at the restaurant, and until
I got your Warrior program, all I could
do was wish about her. Her name is
****, and she’s a mixed breed of
Mediterranean, French, and some other
stuff I can’t remember, except that she
is certainly one of the most exquisite
exotic creatures I have ever seen.

Guys are ogling her all the time, and
I see customers trying to flirt with her,
but now that I have your program, I
can see all the mistakes they’re making,
from trying to take advantage of the
fact they are “customers” and knowing
she won’t tell them off, to copying the
silly teases you hear about all the time
designed to lower her confidence.

Well, after another lonely night of having
nobody knocking at the door, nobody
calling on the phone, and getting pissed
off at looking at the same four walls,
I went through the section on your
DVDs called “Naming The Voices”.

That did it for me, it got me so angry
at those parts of my self, that I made
that brutal disconnection between my
better self and those internal voices,
and I just knew that no matter what,
the next day I would follow your advice.

Before I left the house in the morning,
I practiced the voice tonality as you
show until I got into 'state' as you
would call it.

I walked in for work as usual, and as I
entered, I saw **** serving a table, and
I sauntered over to her, and in my head
pops your voice reminding me not to be
nasty but to be childlike fun, and to
fully go along with whatever I decide to
do, to have full conviction in it and
not take off if she doesn't 'bite' right
away like you say most guys do.

So, I pointed alarmingly, to a button on the
top of her blouse, and made this gross face,
saying “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!
What Isssssss That???”

She laughs and says to me “This is a joke, right?”

I remember your words again: To treat the
joke with full conviction.

So I don’t stop.

I go: “Ewwwwwwwwwwww!
What Issss That?”

So this time, she looks down to her button,
and I do the silliest thing since I was 6
years old, just as you say about being
a kid with women, to allow them to
regress to that childhood playfulness-
and what I do is, I take my finger that
was right beside her top button and
flick her nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have to understand Michael, that
this girl is so intensely gorgeous, that
I see men come in everyday and easily
tip her way more than they would anyone
else, just in the hopes that this might
seriously get them some attention.

I see other guys just ogling her for
an entire hour as they eat, and not
say a word to her.

I hear other customers try to get all serious
with her about their serious accomplishments
and careers, from politicians to doctors.

And here I go, flicking this seriously hot babe’s
cute perfect nose in my Grade 2 style juvenile

My heartbeat was racing, as I figured I was
either about to get the biggest slap in the
face, berated, or fired (again!).

Her eyes widened and she looked like she
was going to kill me, and then said to me:

“Thank you for brightening up my day”-
and I wasn’t sure if she was being sarcastic
or not.

She then grabbed my shirt by the collar
and said to me, “You think you can mess
with me?”

I’m telling you Michael, I still wasn’t
sure if the police were gonna be beating
my ass shortly. But I decided to follow
your words to the letter, and stayed in
full conviction of this joke.

So I continued with: “No way, I want to
keep it clean! I hardly even know you!
You’d have to wine and dine me before
even thinking of getting there with me!”

And that’s when she cracked, man, that’s
when she totally cracked.

She starts laughing in disbelief, shaking
her head in disapproval, but it’s the kind
where you know she is enjoying every
bit of it.

So I told her that I had to get to work in
the back, and I also warned her to keep
a clean mind and clean thoughts and
not to think about getting dirty with me!
(This was brilliant of you by the way,
your work on obsessive thoughts and
how the worst way to get a thought
out of your mind is to tell the mind
to not think about it- and how this
creates the opposite effect! So by
telling her to make sure not to think
about it, she probably thought about
it the whole shift!)

Well what do you know, she ends up
in the back fifteen minutes later, telling
me that she’s never had a guy tell her
to be clean with him before, so I just
told her “There’s a first time for everything,
it looks like I’m going to be your first,
I hope it won’t hurt!”

She then starts asking me when my shift
is over, and at that point, thanks to your
materials, I realized the time for joking
was over, because she was clearly into
me, and you warned how guys lose women
by taking the jokes into the “clown zone”
where the guy seems to be a clown and
not serious about taking the interaction
to a real man-woman connection level.

So before I could even finish saying “at close –
“11 o-clock” she tells me that she is here till
then also and that she’d appreciate a nice
clean guy to walk her home.

Man, Michael, this girl knew when I finished,
she was just asking to as you say, set it up
as if she didn’t to make it look more like
“well since we both finish the same time
anyway he might as well walk me home”

What really makes me love this girl is that
she has no idea that in fact I have two degrees-
she sees me as the dishwasher dude who has
no qualms about it!

All I can tell you man, as a gentleman, is
that we had the greatest connection that
night and I’m still seeing her today.
I have no idea if this woman is “the one”
but she certainly is making my life better
and not giving me any headaches.

Maybe it’s because of her experiences
with men that she already knows that
not all that glitters is gold, or maybe
she just digs a guy who makes life
fun, even the small things.

And I owe it all to you, right down even
to the choice of humor, and of not being
nasty in my humor but instead just childlike
and playful, with a touch of naughty, allowing
her to regress to being a fun girl, which ironically
allows her to be a woman instead of a robot.

There’s one more thing I need to tell you
before ending this letter, which I wasn’t
planning on being so long!

I finally remembered something about
my ex, and it clicked in my head after
I was watching your Warrior Within
program yet again:

To make a long story short, this woman
unintentionally gave me plenty of clues
about her nature, as far back as the very first
date I ever had with her. But I decided
to disregard them, because verbally, she
assured me that she was “good old
fashioned faithful”.

I made the terrible error of believing words
as opposed to actions and subtle but ever
so meaningful body language cues, and on
top of that I believed “all women are messed
up so I might as well accept this one who
seems better than the others.”

If I had your Warrior Within program back
then, I would have never, ever gone on a
second date with that woman, and would
have spared myself the monstrous pain that
I created for myself by growing attached to

Your Warrior Within program did more than
just help me get this new woman, who knows
exactly who I really am and loves me for it,
and who, by the way, gives me no drama or
headaches, and treats me like I’m a king.

Your Warrior Within program has made
me grow as a man, because I am not
angry anymore toward my ex, as I can
now see the whole picture, including
the fact that in the future, I can take
responsibility for things because I
now know what to look for in a woman’s
behavior and how to see the signals
up front and fast.

I can’t blame my situation on women anymore.
It’s up to me to keep a woman, break up with
a woman, or go meet and attract a woman-
Warrior Within put the power back in my
hands, I am no longer a victim and never
will be again.

So all I can say is thanks, man, and I hope
other men in my situation realize that no
matter how much pain they may be in
over a woman, there is light at the end
of the tunnel if they are willing to learn
and take the responsibility of that learning
on themselves.

Jack H.
San Diego, CA

P.S. I just got a phone call for an interview
for something that uses my background a little
more! Maybe this woman sensed all this lol!


Thank you first of all for the kind words
and for sharing some of the ways you
are applying the material in Warrior Within.
Normally I don’t print such long letters,
but in your case I made an exception because
you gave us meaningful specific details of
your situation and what you did to attract
the new woman, all the way from changing
your ‘inner game’ and learning how all this
works and why it works, to the actual
‘external game’ of the words you said!

A few comments I’d like to make:


1. You probably aren’t even aware of this,
but the dishwasher job was not only NOT
holding you back, but because of the
attitude you displayed while SIMULTANEOUSLY
being the “dishwasher dude”, you came
across as, to be a bit blunt, a guy with

It’s no big deal to have some confidence
when you already ARE a supermodel and
a guy with lot of money who is famous and
socially proofed by a big crowd of girls
around him, and who is not feeling the
pain of a breakup.

And I have a feeling the 'emotional state'
exercises you did with tonality helped you
here as well, so that you came across with
full congruency on all levels, from body
language  to voice to all other mannerisms.

In particular, the section of the DVDs on
“NAME THE VOICE” that you mentioned
is especially important in OBLITERATING
the internal obstacles holding you back from
taking the right ACTIONS.  By actually
giving the EXCUSES in your head a NAME
and externalizing them from yourself, you
can become objective and realize how these
things are NOT you, these excuses are NOT
your friends, and these excuses are NOT
helping you.

Until we do this exercise, we can often believe
that our excuses for not taking action are good
excuses, since, after all, WE are the ones creating
the excuses and WE are the ones feeling the
emotional pull of those excuses—which is why
it’s so utterly important to realize that just because
our BRAIN is creating the excuse, doesn’t mean
it’s really in our best interest to give IN to those
excuses. So we have to externalize those excuses,
those voices, and realize that our excuses are NOT
who we REALLY are, even if it’s us who came up
with those excuses.  Those excuses are the WEAKEST
element of ourselves, not the BEST elements, and
we want to get RID of those excuses.

Learning how to get rid of those excuses as demonstrated
in the DVDs is CRUCIAL.


The STYLE of humor you used- it was NOT
arrogant, it was NOT a “clever put-down”
to "lower her confidence", it was innocent,

And regressing to CHILDHOOD is a
GREAT thing to do in a world that is
WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too serious and
especially regarding the whole sexual
connection between men and women,
where you have to consult a lawyer
before you are assured of sounding
politically correct to a woman!

The childhood regression allows her to
have FUN with you.

Another little subtlety by the way,
to the childlike behavior was the
that this achieved for you, and
thus "broke the ice" for both of
you this way, allowing her to
feel free to now playfully
get "angry" and get a little
physical with you as well.


You did this to just the RIGHT degree,
with the whole “messy but you want to
keep it CLEAN” comment which raised
the whole dynamic to a fun spicy
interaction between a man and a woman.

Notice how FIRST comes the playful,
the child-like behavior, and THEN
comes the splash of adult NAUGHTY.


Yes, man, this is SO important.
Especially for a woman who gets hit on
a lot, it just makes sense that she is
experienced enough and confident
enough to not just ‘bite the bait’
at first glance.

in any way, will MELT.

You FELT the temptation, the desire, to MELT.

Because of that state of mind, you start
to get distorted thoughts, like of the
POLICE coming to whup your butt
just because you liked a girl enough
to take some action!

But I know what you mean, I’ve been there!

Here’s something else about going ‘full conviction’
on your joke or playful approach:

It gives the woman, retroactively, something
cool to reflect on about you: So when you
left to get back to work, and she was there
by herself or with the customers, she was
probably reflecting in her mind “That
smart-alec knew ALL ALONG there
was nothing on my shirt, but he KEPT
ON GOING!! What a- what a-what a
damn bastardly and SEXY GUY!”

This is the kind of playful sexy 'bastard'
that is totally what women eat up and what
actually feels most LIBERATING for us
as men anyway!!!!


Yes, once she started to ask when you
finished work, and you knew she already
knew the answer anyway, it was super
clear what was going down, and you
not only RECOGNIZED THAT but
you appreciated how it was important
STUFF at that point, at least not for
that moment.

She was basically putting HERSELF out
there, and speaking in “woman code”
to you that she is up for taking this to
a higher level.

A lot of guys think that because they
are getting somewhere with the childlike
stuff and the naughty stuff, that they should
keep on doing it!

But that’s wrong, as it makes the woman
think that this guy doesn’t REALLY
“get it”, and that he is socially clueless
AND worst of all, that he might be a
some strange dude who actually JUST

Keeping up the childlike stuff or the playful
naughty stuff past the point of her showing
interest ends up making a guy look like
the Pee Wee Herman character, who is
funny but not a man.

This is also why I offer many avenues to spark
the dynamic besides using humor, such as using
the emotion of INTRIGUE, just to give a guy
more options to make things even easier.


I also loved the way you used the strategy of
keeping her thinking about you by telling her
to NOT think dirty thoughts of you!

It’s an awesome tool, because you’re in effect
acting “according to politically correct culture”
but actually achieving a very “politically incorrect”
goal, the kind that is reserved for an adult man
and woman who want to jump each other’s bones!

The more you say NOT to do it, the more
you are getting what you want, and also
allowing her to enjoy it without having to
appear as “politically incorrect.”

So by doing this you take the pressure off of her
and just allow her to enjoy thoughts of you.


By taking responsibility for your future
relationships and even partially for your
past, you actually EMPOWER yourself
because you are not a prisoner to someone
ELSE, to no woman, to no ex, to no one.

This is yet another trait that you probably
are CONVEYING in subtle ways to the
new woman you met from your attitudes
toward your future, your job, and your
relationships. It shows maturity and
these days, maturity is harder than ever
to find because of the fact that a lot of
people don’t end up taking on responsibilities
till later in life.

So by showing RESPONSIBILITY, you
are showing maturity.

My last comment to you, is that as awesome
as things are, I want them to STAY AWESOME
for you.

And to KEEP IT THAT WAY, you must REMAIN
the way you are, because the BIGGEST MISTAKE
that the guys who get results make, is they end up
thinking that they got the results because this
woman really just loves them.

And that’s ego screwing us up.
We forget that it’s our BEHAVIORS that got us there.

And what makes it REALLY easy to fall into the trap,
is that time makes us GROW ATTACHED to a woman,
and that BONDING can sometimes become so powerful,
that you get scared of losing it.

For example, she might say she is going out with
her friends, and you might get a slight tinge of
insecurity, i.e.“ Who are these friends?”

You must never give into that FEAR
as that fear will not get weaker with
each time you give into your fear,
it will only get stronger.

So for example, if you feel jealousy
and you try to control her, she will
not only become less loving and
less interested in you, but your
jealousy will only grow stronger
to the point it distorts everything.

I remember a great comic book story
with the character Daredevil, a super
hero who is blind but whose other
senses are all super-heightened.
One day, this being from another
world gives him back his site, as
a gift.

Daredevil grows SO ATTACHED to his
new found sight, to the point he knows
he may fall more in love with it than
with his dedicated mission to protect people.

So he makes the being from another
world take the “gift” back.

I know this sounds a bit extreme, but
you must CHERISH these BEHAVIORS
that keep you STRONG more than you
even cherish the affection and physical
rewards that any woman can give you.

The irony is that THIS is what women
fantasize about you, it’s what makes them
say “I miss hearing your voice, I can’t
stop thinking of you”.

And if you’re reading this right now, and
would like to get the kind of success with
women where women don’t just “agree”
to go out with you, but actually give
everything they’ve got and will FIGHT
against plenty of OTHER female competition
in order to be with you, then I suggest you
get my WARRIOR WITHIN program on DVD.

Warrior Within represents a quantum leap
forward in the field of attracting women.

You will learn more powerful and effective
strategies than you have ever experienced before
for sparking the deepest level of attraction in women.

You’ll discover how to ignite an entire ARRAY of
intoxicating emotions in women that will addict them
to you. Plus, inside this program I’ll show you how
to build the most powerful connection with women
so that women never “flake out” after first dates and
instead are contacting YOU wanting to meet up
again fast!

And you’ll also find the best ways to DETECT
quality women who won’t give you ‘drama’
or ‘headaches’. In addition, you will learn
fantastic new strategies that actually WORK
for obliterating all internal obstacles that are
preventing you from taking action with women,
and much, MUCH MORE.

It’s at:

To get a great introduction to my materials,
download my book, “The Dating Wizard”

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Abundance And Attracting A Knock-Out

Have you ever wondered why so many
women who are stunning and absolute
“knockouts” are with guys that don’t
seem “nice” to women?

It’s not because these women sit up at
night praying to meet a jerk.

And it’s not because these women enjoy
being mistreated.

It’s because, ironically enough, so called
“jerks” are actually GIVING HER a lot more
than most guys.

In fact, what these so called “jerk” guys
are giving is so powerful, and so rare, that
NOTHING else most other guys give can
EVER compare.

So what is this powerful thing these “jerks”
are giving these women?

It is a feeling of ABUNDANCE.

And the crazy thing is, there is NO WAY
to GIVE this feeling to a woman unless
it’s OOZING out of your OWN pores to the
point that you can’t HELP but give it away!

You have INFINITE AMOUNTS of it and so
you don’t even THINK of it as “giving” and
you don’t CARE about “getting back” this
feeling from her because you are already
BURSTING with it!

What do I mean by “abundance?”

What I mean is this:


This means you don’t NEED her or any
woman to VALIDATE you in order for
you to feel COMPLETE and POWERFUL.

And yet, what do MOST guys feel,
ESPECIALLY when they approach a
woman that the really like?

All of a sudden, the guys are depending
for dear life that the woman should LIKE

It’s not because of these guys “care” so
much about her, it’s because THEY WANT

And on TOP of this, suddenly there is
this feeling of being DRAINED of their

Most guys suddenly then feel even LESS
confident, LESS empowered, and they
WANT AND NEED her validation in order
to feel good and satisfied, or even to
just feel the way they felt BEFORE
they came in contact with her!

It’s the complete OPPOSITE of abundance.
It’s a feeling of LACKING.

To a woman, she ends up feeling DRAINED
by these “vibes of weakness”, as if SHE
must GIVE herself in order for these guys
to feel worth.

So all the free dinners offered to her, and
all the favors, and all the compliments,
all this does not come CLOSE to GIVING
when the OVERALL vibes being given
off are:


This then makes all the “nice” behavior
just seem like a TRICK to disguise what
is a BAD offer:

“Take me, because even though I’m not
of value, I give you nice behavior to
make you forget that I’m not of value”.

The reality is that it’s not that you can’t
be nice to a woman, that’s not the problem,
it’s that this NICE BEHAVIOR usually comes
from the WRONG PLACE internally.

Meanwhile, the “jerk” has done his homework
in life, or he’s just learned the lesson in life,
to work on HIMSELF internally to create the
most POWERFUL sense of SELF,

There is no “leak” in his steel safe
of self-esteem, there is no way
any woman can DRAIN this reservoir
of empowerment and emotional

Also, she is not required in order
for him to keep the reservoir
of his power at ‘full tank’. 

And that’s why he has no need to
‘kiss up’.  In fact, he actually has
no DESIRE to kiss up. 

He just has a desire to PLAY.

When you’re feeling playful, you
don’t feel like being aloof or cold,
or trying to trick a woman. 

Guys who REALLY understand this
are extremely rare.

And of course, you can imagine
just how POWERFUL it is for
a woman when a guy like THIS
decides to actually be WARM
with her:

It's CLEAR to a woman that it's
coming from a place of infinite
abundance, and not from a place
of needing to control her or
take from her. 

THAT'S why she melts for such
a man.

Remember, a woman “in demand” has
zero need for free dinners or favors,
and even if she DID, these wouldn’t
result in ATTRACTION.

And she's not "scared into submission"
by the malicious teasing or "hard to get"
obnoxious games/behavior of many men.

She's WAY too confident to be fooled
by that kind of behavior, and she
doesn't see the obnoxious behavior
as a sign of value or of guts, but
rather as a sign of over-compensation
and insecurity. 

What DOES ignite attraction is this
deep-rooted sense of ABUNDANCE.

The feeling of inner abundance has a very
PRIMAL effect on women.

On the deepest level, it says “I am
THRIVE and will help you REPRODUCE

In the same way that we as men are
affected by her first on a primal
ATTRACTION level, so too she is
affected by what appeals to HER
primal emotions.

This sense of abundance is the
KEY to appealing to all her primal

Let me give you an example:

If you are ALREADY feeling COMPLETE
and empowered and feeling UPBEAT
and feeling that in fact you have TOO
MUCH of these great emotions in you,
well then you feel that you need to

That means when you see a woman that
strikes your fancy, the first impulse
is not “How do I make sure that I WIN?”
but rather “LET’S HAVE ADULT FUN!”

By adult fun, I mean the entire joy
of flirting, building a connection, and
getting physical and intimate with

This is because you actually ENJOY
the process of the INTERACTION
itself, and you are not so focused
on how to make sure you don't 'lose'.

Rather, you are approaching her to
SHARE the vibes you already have
within you that are SCREAMING
to get out anyway.

These vibes are a combination of
feeling playful, feeling aroused,
feeling empowered, masculine,
and dominant.

Now, a lot of guys try to FAKE these
vibes by acting “hard to get” and
playing games on women.

However, this ends up coming across
as insecure, bitter, and jaded.

It chases the best kind of women away,
the kind that are not only attractive
but also have heart and soul as well.

I remember when I originally used to
see certain guys being so CAVALIER
and CASUAL with women, joking around
with women, even in high school:

I remember how this one guy who looked
like Pee-Wee Herman and spoke in the
same voice as well.

His pitch was Pee Wee Herman, but not
his TONALITY- his pitch was high but
his tone revealed empowerment.

He was smiling as he told this girl who
was one of the most attractive of
all the girls in the school, “Hey, how come
you don’t have the grouchy face today
like usual?”

I remember thinking that she was going
to chew him up and spit him out, but
instead, she MELTED and became warm
and was all over him.

Then I found out later that he ALREADY
had a pretty damn attractive girlfriend!

This was one of my first lessons that
only became clear to me years LATER.

His comments weren’t coming from being
BITTER, they were coming from ABUNDANCE.

He was GENUINELY being playful and didn’t
NEED her to be “into him”, he just was
being a MAN.

He felt the natural attraction for her
beauty, he wasn’t trying to get her
to be his girlfriend, he was NATURALLY
exuding his masculinity more than a lot
of the JOCKS in school ever could!

On the surface, he may have looked like
the LAST thing who’d have more choice
with girls than the school jocks.

However, once any woman INTERACTED with
him, they got sucked into the vortex of
his infinite and deeply ingrained sense
of ABUNDANCE and the fact that he was
ASLO a genuinely GOOD GUY, who actually
CARED about people.

THIS combo of 'abundance', mixed with being
genuinely caring, is a CRUCIAL KEY to unlocking
all the OTHER awesome behaviors that attract
the most incredible women.

It's because when you know that you can
do NO WRONG, it’s EASY to be funny, to
be playful, to be DARING, to be sexual,
to be dominant, AND to be GENIUNELY
giving from an emotional place.

There is NO DOWN SIDE, so there
is NO EMOTONAL RISK, since you are
ALREADY having TOO MUCH good stuff
going on internally – you are doing
this interaction for the JOY of it.

It's NOT for NEEDING her “reciprocation”.

In bootcamps, one of the amazing things
is that guys come in expecting it to be all
PAIN, but end up having a GREAT TIME.

Of course this leads to even BETTER
results with the girls they meet in
Allow me to go one step FURTHER and
make it even CLEARER how important
it is to be this way:

Recent studies have actually PROVEN that
women, and not JUST the attractive ones,
are VERY confident.

Imagine how much MORE confident the
really ATTRACTIVE ones are!

It is true that women have “issues”
in some areas of their lives, such
as their perception of their own bodies.

And even though in the corporate world,
men outnumber women when it comes to top
positions, it is a TERRIBLE MISTAKE TO

Men tend to think that because of those
issues, that women have LESS confidence
than men, and this results in men being

Meanwhile, today’s generation of women
are VERY confident, including SEXUALLY
very confident.

They just sometimes put on a SHOW that
they aren’t, in public, to prevent being
labeled as being “cheap”.

Now, imagine the DISASTER of coming
across as UNSURE, as WEAK, or as NEEDY,
with a woman who is even MORE confident
than your average woman because she
already GETS so much attention!

You MUST change your view of women,
AND you must CHANGE your internal
sense of what you NEED in order to

You must DESTROY the parts of you
that think you need a woman’s APPROVAL
in order to be  EMPOWERED, UPBEAT,

I know, it’s ironic, because when you
become THAT, you suddenly have all
the CHOICE in the world with women.

But it makes sense, because only THEN
do you become a true GIVER in the most
powerful sense of the word- GIVING THE

When you interact with a woman from
THIS place internally, she knows you
don’t NEED her, and that you are only
interacting with her because you ENJOY

She knows you won’t be CONTROLLING
or JEALOUS because you can only feel
those negative emotions when you
NEED her too much.

The irony is, that she will usually then
suddenly become jealous around YOU,
and start to feel insecure if other women
are giving YOU attention.

I think you can probably see how getting
these areas of your “game” developed to
the MAX is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL for getting
the kind of women that most men will NEVER

And if you want to meet and attract a
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This program is all about mastering ATTRACTION
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Till next time, BE THE MAN.

Michael Marks

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Attracting Women: Hit The "Sweet Spot" And More

The only thing I CARE about when it comes
to this thing called “how to attract women” is
getting guys RESULTS.  No mumbo-jumbo,
no hocus-pocus, no superstition.

It all must actually WORK.

So today, I’m going to share with you some
of the GREATEST points of all time regarding
how to attract women. Obviously, these are
going to be the BROAD strokes here, as it
would be impossible to put every detail in
one newsletter and that is the reason I have
my actual programs.

So let’s begin:


By the “sweet spot” I mean the right BLEND
of confidence mixed with kindness.

I often call this mixture the right "balance",
but a client referred to this mixture, or this right
balance I was describing, as "the sweet spot",
and I like the words "the sweet spot" as a term.  

And yes, KINDNESS is absolutely attractive to
women, WHEN it is blended with POWER.

If you just show kindness, you are kissing up.
If you just show power/dominance/confidence,
you are coming across as an insecure JERK.

When you BLEND kindness with power, you
become attractive and charismatic.

So, for example, telling a woman she has impeccable
taste in men is a playful way of giving her a compliment
and saying something cool about yourself.

Helping a woman who is looking for directions and then
playfully telling her you will bill her for the help, is
kind and confident.

If a woman gives YOU a compliment, i.e. she says
“You are pretty cool”, and you say, “I know” that
shows confidence.  If you then pull her into you
and kiss her, that shows affection on top of the

It’s this MIXING of confidence and kindness that
is VERY cool.

Most guys MISS the target.  They come in too
arrogant in their effort to show confidence, or
they come in too “nice” in their effort to show
kindness, caring, or affection.

Miss the mark, and get NOTHING.
Hit the mark, and you start a CHAIN REACTION
inside her mind that  results in a BURSTING FIRE

Here’s an analogy that came up from the same client
during a bootcamp when it “clicked” in his mind,
he said the following, and I paraphrase:

“It’s like that scene at the end of the original
Star Wars, when they blow up the death star.
Luke had to fire into a super NARROW area
and ONLY a direct hit in that super tight
area would work.”

Miss the target, and the Death Star is left

HIT the target, and the entire thing IGNITES
into a fireball of a billion glowing splinters.

It’s the same with women but in a positive

MISS the mark, and it’s pretty much NOTHING.   
But if you hit the “sweet spot” in their mind
with that combo of CONFIDENCE/POWER
mixed with KINDNESS, and it is quite
literally INSTANT attraction heat they
feel in the most primal sense for you.


What I mean by this is that APPROACHING
WOMEN for the goal of romance, sex, etc,
there is not even a QUESTION of whether it
is “worth it” or not to approach women!

Seriously, aside from having your HEALTH
and FOOD/SHELTER, I can’t think of anything
MORE rewarding than WOMEN.

And I don’t just mean the end product, I mean
that even the PROCESS itself is awesome.

Approaching women is a BLAST.
Let’s say you love football.
Would you ONLY play football if you knew
you were going to WIN every single game????

Or does a guy who LOVES football love ALL
his games, even if he doesn’t WIN them all?

That’s because to him football is EXCITING.

When you approach women, especially women
who are TOTAL STRANGERS, it is the most
exciting thing in the world, at least to the guys
I know and for myself as well.

I’ll tell you why:
Each time you approach a woman who is a total
stranger, you are INTERFERING with the
entire fabric of your UNIVERSE.

That woman may very well be the woman who
turns out to be your LOVER, and/or the mother 
of your children, or the woman who inspires you
to be all you can be.

But if you are not BOLD, you will just sit back
and let it all be, and NOTHING will happen,
an entire DIFFERENT future (possibly boring)
instead of the possibly AMAZING one you could
have had, IF you had taken action to approach her.

And it’s YOU who is changing your own destiny.
YOU are the one TAKING ACTION.

Part of being a MAN in just about every culture
on EARTH is being the one who takes the lead
when it comes to the human “mating”. 

Women ARE DEEPLY AFFECTED by a man’s
his INITIATIVE.  And they know full well
how INTIMIDATING it is for most men
to approach women who are total strangers.

the only way to MEET her as a stranger,  
but it ALSO sends the right message
because of the very fact it DOES take
guts to do it!

If you want to be successful at approaching
women, it is important to realize that the
approaches themselves are PART of the

Also, I’ve personally noticed that when I do
a lot of approaches, women can SENSE that
I have options.  And my clients report this
as well.  Women can often TELL that you
have options by sizing up your confidence
which shows up in all kinds of subtle
subconscious ways when you interact
with women.

And  when a woman knows you have
OPTIONS, she gets even MORE attracted.

And all this is because you DO the approaches.
So it’s NEVER a “waste” of time to approach
women, because the SKILL SET in itself
becomes something women RESPECT
and are ATTRACTED to in you.

Instead of being a man who HOPES that
he will get women, you are the man who


What is such a tragedy is that there is so little
TIME to make the right impression on a woman
who is a total stranger.

The GOOD PART of this however, is that if you
do it RIGHT, and you make the right impression,
that impression will STICK LIKE CRAZY GLUE!

In her mind, she knows NOTHING about you.
to create the PERFECT image.
She has NOTHING to contradict any positive
message you create about yourself. 

Soooooooooooo, what this means is if you
BEHAVE as if you already HAD her in your
palm, if you behave as if you have a billion
other options but you still are interested in her,

It’s also a great way to PREVENT coming across
as insecure or a jerk.

Plenty of guys THINK they are acting “confident”
by telling a woman OFF the first second the woman
does something they don’t like.

But if a guy is REALLY confident and secure, he
feels NO NEED to have to PROVE himself or
to insult her.  Instead, when a guy is super-secure
he often can see the REAL reasons a woman is
behaving a certain way.

What I mean by this is that it’s NORMAL for
a woman to be a bit CAUTIOUS when meeting
a man who is a total stranger.

A guy who is INSECURE will feel THREATENED
and possibly INSULTED by anything she does that
isn’t a clear sign of her INTEREST.

But a guy who is secure will NOT feel threatened
and is far more likely to respond to anything she
does in the most ATTRACTIVE way.

So for example, if a woman is asking a guy a lot
of questions about “does he pick up lots of women
in stores” or something like that, a SECURE guy
knows she is actually INTERESTED and she just
is trying to find out if HE is serious at all about
her or is she just “woman number one thousand”
to him.

So a secure guy will give a warm smile and possibly
joke to her that indeed she is number one thousand,
(just to get that out of the way since he knows she
is thinking it) and then in a CALM voice tone, say
“Actually, meeting the RIGHT person is what it’s
all about, right? We all meet people, but it’s about
meeting the right one.”

TRUST ME, the way you BEHAVE is worth a
TRILLION TIMES more than how much MONEY
you have, what you LOOK like, or how FAMOUS
you are, or whether you are a rockstar or not.

In fact, a client recently emailed me about a guy
who was a real rock star who really WAS great
with attracting chicks, he traded lives with
a dude who was a “regular guy” who was NOT
good at all at attracting chicks.

Somehow they managed to fool most strangers.
In other words, people thought the regular dude
WAS the rock star guy and they thought the rock star
guy was the regular dude.

Well, guess what happened? The guy who really
WAS the authentic rock star dude STILL did
awesome with chicks, even though he had NONE
of the “rock star” status.

And the guy who could NOT pull chicks beforehand
STILL couldn’t do well even WITH the “rock star”

That’s because the CHARISMA is what REALLY COUNTS.
You can’t just BUY the right behaviors, attitudes, feelings, etc.
You can’t just “adopt” them from someone else.

And if you DO convey the right behaviors, actions,
attitudes, feelings, etc, then NO ONE can somehow
make you UNDESIRABLE, no matter what they do.

You can see this all the time in real life. Take a look
at any ten random women who are hot, and you will
find out that MOST of these women are with guys
that SEEM ordinary until you actually INTERACT
with them.  
As you can tell, EVERYTHING you read here
comes from REAL WORLD experience.

And I can ACCELERATE your learning curve in
the real world of approaching women.  You can save
YEARS from learning it all the hard way, because
I can show you the DIRECT path instead of you
taking the trial-and-error path.

The trial-and-error path of trying to succeed with
women not only is INEFFICIENT, but it also can
DRAIN your motivation from going through
infinite FRUSTRATION.   

I seriously suggest you take my Real World Bootcamp
because I will PERSONALLY show you EVERYTHING
you need to know, and it will all be done for REAL.

That means the women you are approaching and
attracting have NO CLUE you are about to
approach them.  These are all real women who
are going about their day in their actual lives,
who are about to have their day ROCK because
of YOU.

The Real World Bootcamp is non-stop IMMERSION
in the world of approaching women who are total
strangers, with a very special twist:
You're getting expert coaching, the result of
over ten years experience from someone who has
been getting men RESULTS with women for all that
time, every step of the way. 

In the Real World Bootcamp, you learn how to
master the skills for successfully approaching
women right out of the blue, anywhere, who are
total strangers- and then ATTRACTING them.

The Bootcamp makes you self-sufficient because
it teaches you exactly what you need to do to
optimize your approaches to women who are complete
strangers, anywhere, so that you can maximize
the chances of getting them attracted, connected,
and wanting to know you more.

Think of a personal trainer at the gym: He shows 
you proper form, strategy, and technique.

WithOUT the expert  instruction, one will never
optimize their results, and will also likely get injured
and then not be able to work out at all, possibly for years.

Just going out to the gym with no clue what
you are doing can result in not only very little
to no progress, but it can actually result in
making a guy WORSE OFF than had he never gone
to the gym at all.

Similarly, going out to approach women without
expert training can result in a lot of negative
habits that actually push women AWAY, plus it
can create negative emotional associations in
your OWN mind with approaching, to the point
that a guy never does it again, and misses out
on the entire world of possibilities with all
the women that are out there, all the women
that he does not get to meet through rare
"luck" situations.

This bootcamp teaches you how to USE all those
opportunities that are available everyday when you
see women ANYWHERE, including the mall, the bus,
the cafe, the train, the park, the sidewalk, the library,
the post office, the grocery store, and absolutely

It's at:

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However, of all the elements for success with women,
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important element.

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Michael Marks

Friday, November 23, 2012

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Should You Smile When You Approach Women?

I want to share something very important
for your success when it comes to approaching
and attracting women who are total strangers.

There are a LOT of people out there who
that it is super important for men
to SMILE at women when the men approach
these women to chat them up.

There are ALSO a LOT of people out there
who SWEAR that smiling at women makes
the men seem weak, desperate, and not

It's because of these kinds of conflicting
views that I had to spend YEARS of my own
life actually GOING OUT THERE and approaching
thousands of women who were total strangers in
just about EVERY kind of situation and environment,
from seeing a woman on a frozen winter day
walking along the sidewalk, to approaching
women in malls and cafes, to approaching
women in bars and clubs and lounges,
to approaching women on public transit,
and even in places like hotel lobbies
and airports and tons of other places
as well.

So let me CLEAR UP this whole question on
whether men should smile or not when they
approach women.

There are two levels to this answer.
The first level goes DEEP:

There are literally hundreds of thousands of
SUBTLETIES that are implied in the varied
NUANCES of any human expression.

So, it is very possible to SMILE at a woman
in a way that STILL conveys confidence
and power and sensuality.

And yet, in a MICROSECOND, that smile
can transform into a smile that is soaking
with desperation and approval-seeking.

The best kind of smile FLOWS from being in the
right STATE of mind to begin with, a combination
of being upbeat, dominant, and a touch sensual.

That state of mind then MANIFESTS itself in the
perfect facial expressions and the perfect
inflections in your voice that communicate
indirectly to a woman that you indeed are

However, sometimes, it is very difficult for
a guy to FEEL that perfect state of mind,
so one TIP to help GET into that state of
mind is to not only CHANGE YOUR PHYSIOLOGY
and actually try to create the right
facial expressions, but to also practice
your VOICE TONALITIES as well, saying
even the most basic things but saying
them with your voice now INFUSING
confidence, upbeatness, and sensuality
into your words.

This is why, for example, a guy CAN say
something as simple as:

"How are you?"

And he can PACK those words with so much
of the right EMOTIONS that a woman can
get wet just from his delivery.

And before you think I am joking around,
try this out.

Try SLOWING down the delivery of your words.
Try adding some BREATH into the sound.

Think of how the PHYSICAL sensations are
often implied when a person speaks about
a certain FOOD they love, such as heavenly
hash ice cream, or sinfully rich chocolate,
etc, etc.

You can often HEAR the passion in their

This is often referred to as accessing
the KINESTHETIC state of mind, meaning
the FEELING state of mind.

The KINESETHETIC state is often accompanied
by SLOWER vocal delivery.

Now, all this so far has been the DEEP level.

There is a SIMPLER yet equally important level
to this whole question on whether to smile or not
when approaching women and chatting them up
for a pick up.

And this level boils down to one simple question:

So, if you are approaching a woman at a dance
club, or even a lounge, or at a party, the
whole POINT of being there in the first place
is to have a great time!

If a guy is in such a place and NOT HAVING
a great time, then why is he there?

Is he there ONLY to try to meet women but he
is really NOT enjoying the environment?

If so, that is NOT cool, because it's putting
the whole topic of picking up women.

Now, this might seem ironic, since the truth is,
if it were NOT for the social angle to these
party environments, no one would go, but it has
to be done in a way where meeting the opposite
sex is just a BYPRODUCT of having a great time
at the venue/party location.

Also, a guy forcing himself to do something that
is mostly not fun means he is not in a great state
of mind, and that in itself will weaken the success
of any approach he makes on women in the environment
where he is not having a good time.

So, in a PARTY venue, smiling makes a LOT of sense.
And it's the PARTY atmosphere that really is the
defining trait here, because for example, a guy
can be out on Saturday night NOT in the actual
club or lounge, but in the general vicinity of
the fun/club/party/entertainment district area

of town, and now ALL THESE ACTUAL locations
have become party atmospheres
, and a guy
can go approach a group of women walking along
the sidewalk as IF he were IN the club and
just start with a smile right away.

On the OTHER hand, if it is Monday in the
business part of town smack in middle of
the day
, and a guy sees a gorgeous woman
walking beside him, starting off with a
big party smile is NOT a good idea at ALL.

It seems OUT OF PLACE.

It also seems as if the guy is ASSUMING
he is already SOMEWHERE with her when
he is not, and this is not interpreted
as CONFIDENCE by a woman because it
becomes more an issue of SAFTEY

Now, as you know, I DO advise men to
NOT worry about coming across as
PSYCHO, and to MAKE the approaches
on total strangers.  I ALSO suggest
that a very SIMPLE way to not come
across as psycho is to NOT start
with this big smile that comes right
out of nowhere if the environment    
is NOT a party atmosphere, i.e.
like meeting on the sidewalk in
middle of a Monday.

This is ESPECIALLY true if a woman is
really attractive, because she has
probably seen quite a bit of strange
smiles, normal smiles, ogling eyes
on her, etc, etc.

So you want to AVOID flipping her
PROTECTION SWITCH, which is basically
her turning all her attention OFF
from any guy who just comes out of
the blue and comes up to her with
this big smile or perhaps even
ANY smile.

By NOT STARTING with a smile, you
help PREVENT telegraphing to her that
you have already fast-forwarded in
your mind to the part where you both
take your clothes off before she
even knew you EXISTED.

You don't want her thinking that, as most
women are not as immediately ready to jump
into the physical act as most men are.

By NOT smiling right away, or at least not
giving that party smile right away, you
are showing that you RESPECT THE PROCESS

It is what separates the boys from the men.

Get the conversation rolling first, with
something that MAKES SENSE for that
environment, whether it is looking for
directions or something else.

as your FUEL for THEN getting into flirty
mode, i.e. you can playfully tease her
on the directions she gave you, or you
can playfully tease her on something else.

You do not even have to playfully tease at all.
You can find something that is happening
in the immediate environment, such as
a particularly unique cafe or live music
venue or museum or anything else that is
compelling, and you can ask for directions
to it, and even if she doesn't know, it
gives you a chance to talk about it and
this now becomes a conversation topic
that is likely to get her asking you
about it as well.

You don't need to talk to a woman for
an hour to get her number. If you are
chatting her up for 10 minutes, that
can be a very strong conversation
leading to a number that is very real
and to a very real date where she is
looking forward to meeting you again.

Now, as you can see, the things I teach
and discuss are not just things I came
up with that sounded nice.  They come

THAT is how I learned the things that
I teach. 

That is also why men come from all over
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This is not theory or hypothesis.
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Attracting Women: Naughty, Psycho, Sexual

When it comes to success in approaching women 
who are total strangers, i.e. when it comes to "picking
up women" and attracting women who are total strangers,
there is ONE thing I need to make ABSOLUTELY CLEAR:


I have a strong feeling that it is THIS fear, the fear of
seeming “weird” or possibly even seeming like a PSYCHO,
that STOPS most men from approaching a woman somewhere
who is a total stranger, whether it’s on public transportation,
or on the sidewalk, or in a mall, or in a café, or just
about ANYWHERE else.

And I desperately want anyone reading this to
know that I truly understand this fear, for it used
to be the number one thing that screwed me up
when it came to approaching random but gorgeous
women in public.


One of the many reasons that it was so hard for me
to approach women the right way was because I had
been brainwashed not only by popular culture and
the general feminism and all the daytime talk shows
like Oprah that made it seem that all men were rapists,
women abusers, molesters, etc, etc, but I ALSO was
super-brainwashed by ANOTHER force:

This force was the effect of certain political
science courses I had taken in university, where
according to certain feminist professors, just
about EVERYthing in our society was ALL
aimed at subjugating women, including even
the very ACT of sex itself, was somehow
“anti-women” because somehow the woman
was made “passive” in this act, while the
man was the “active one” and the “aggressor”
in this act!

So, at the time, even though I was SURROUNDED
by gorgeous young women EVERYWHERE, I
was also kind of NEUTRALIZED by all this insane

I became SUPER CONCERNED with making sure
that any approach I made with women was super
politically correct, I made sure NOT to escalate
unless at least one TRILLION green lights were
present, which means that basically unless the
WOMAN was being aggressive about wanting
to push things, I would NEVER escalate.

And in general, women don't START aggressively.
So unless a guy really is a rock star or famous
celebrity or athlete, if he waits for some woman
to just come up to him and aggressively pursue
him, he is going to have very few options.

It happens, but just not often.  It happens sometimes
when a woman just really likes a guy for some reason
even she might not be aware of, without even knowing him.

You DON'T want to rely on this, you want to be ACTIVE about
attracting women and have access to the pool of MILLIONS
of attractive women out there.

THIS is a big problem that GOOD GUYS have.
Good guys are so concerned with RESPECTING
women, with not hurting women, that they end
up being SO CAREFUL to the point that they

And yet, if you, as a good guy, CONVEY the
sexual vibe, convey the masculinity, and you
convey the playfulness, then a woman will
be ECSTATIC about you, as you will  have
THE MAGIC COMBO of being a sexy
fun naughty guy
who ALSO has the vibes
of warmth and caring as well.   

It took me YEARS to realize that just about every
attractive girl on campus did NOT want any man
to actually BELIEVE in the “all men are rapists”
and did NOT want any man to approach them
in the politically correct way where  basically
NOTHING happens unless the WOMAN does all
the escalating, which goes against just about
EVERYTHING that is actually hard-wired into
female sexuality and female fantasy.

The TRUTH about female fantasy is that they
actually want men to behave like men!

So my point is this: The next time you see a woman
ANYWHERE that you would like to approach,
if the thing stopping you from taking action is
that you think it is somehow WEIRD for men
to approach women who are strangers, then
DEFINITELY go approach her anyway.

It is NOT weird.

Women WANT men to approach them, and the
thing that screws up most approaches that men
do on women has NOTHING to do with coming
across as a PSYCHO for making the approach.

Often, in fact, the thing that screws men up is
coming across as so CAUTIOUS that there is
no ZEST, no FUN, no LIFE to the interaction.

Instead, throw caution to the wind and have
some FUN with the interaction.  Infuse the
interaction with some sexuality, some spice,
some warmth, some excitement.

Let me give you an example of something
that I learned from a cool friend of mine
named Barry Kirkey, who himself adapted
it from a game by Howard Stern.

Now, the following game is slightly more adapted
for a party environment, but you can use it anywhere
by toning it down a bit.

So let’s say I’m walking into a lounge on a Saturday
night,  and I see TONS of gorgeous women, all of
whom are total strangers to me.

I might walk up to a woman I like, and tell her
“Hey, have you ever played the game F**K,

That is the point, the point is to NOT come across
as a boring, anti-septic, non-sexual person.

She will most likely ask:
“What is that???
I don’t know if that game is for me.”

Trust me, this game is WAY more for her
and she KNOWS it, this is just her way of   
showing she is not a tramp.

So I (or you, if you are playing the game with her)
explain to her:

What happens is you point to a woman, and I
tell you whether I would want to F**K her, 
marry her, or kill her, and then, you point
out two more women where again I tell you
what I would do, at which point we then switch 
the game up,  and **I** point to three guys and 
you tell me if you’d rather F**k them, marry them, 
or kill them.”

Now, this game is a GAME.
It’s not meant to be REAL.
But it can have some pretty DEEP impact
and do a lot of powerful things if you
play it right.

So, for example, if she points to a woman,
and I say IMMEDIATELY, “Oh her??? KILL, for sure.”

Now, you DON’T say this loud to offend anyone,
the point is that now the woman you are with will
probably say, “Why??? Why would you kill her so fast??”

And HERE is where it is FUNNY, and you show
that you have HIGH STANDARDS:

So I might reply that the reason is because I
can’t STAND her dress, or her purse, or her
choice of drink,
or ANYTHING super trivial
that is really NOT a real reason for wanting
to kill ANYONE.

The point here is to show that of course this has
NOTHING to do with violence, but to show through

In fact, the more trivial the reason for choosing “kill her”
the more this works.

On the other hand, if I genuinely see something
attractive about the PERSONALITY
of one of the
three women she points out, then I might very well
say I would MARRY that woman,
and when the
woman I’m playing the game with asks “why”,
(which she likely would ask, and if she doesn’t
ask, you can always volunteer the reason why
anyway) I (or you, if you are playing the game)
would EXPLAIN, that it’s because
you can see that the particular woman was
doing something you liked, for example:

-She was dressed tastefully not slutty.
-She was in middle of giving a compliment to her friend.
-She wasn’t rudely shoving through the crowd but instead was politely moving through.     
-Etc., etc., etc.

You could even LATER use this "marry" topic
as a way to sprinkle in a little more info
on the GOOD QUALITIES you seek in a woman,
all without getting TOO serious in the
conversation, as you can then playfully
go back to the more naughty elements of
the conversation, and then finally
just focus on chilling out together
without chatting much at all, which
is the final level before getting
all-out physical together.

The reasons you choose for your decisions in this game
are what create the humor and also what convey information
about YOUR cool character.   
Then, you flip the game, and YOU point out three guys,
and you can always learn more about her from HER
reasons for her decisions on whether to f, marry, or kill
the guy, PLUS you can tease her on her answers.

This gives her a chance to express her OWN sexuality
and her own preferences for what is important to her
in relationships as well, you are getting a woman to
lower her guard and be EXTREMELY revealing
sexually with you in terms of what turns her on, 
and if you ask the right questions and lead her
properly, you are also learning what makes her feel
loved as well, all of which is PURE GOLD that
you can use to attract her, seduce her, and make
her crazy in love with you.

And you can MODIFY this game so you can play
it anywhere, by changing the “f**k” to “sleep with”,
and you can change the “kill” to “punch” or “slap”,
etc ,etc.  And you can CERTAINLY play this game
after breaking the ice with something a little more
neutral like a comment on the magazine she is
reading or something else she is doing or something
else that is going on in the environment.

But overall, compare playing THIS GAME with
a woman you just met, with the TYPICAL approach
that a guy will do, if he even approaches her at all,
with the all-too-common, “So, you come here often?”

How much CHARACTER and personality does
that reveal, by just asking a woman “So, come
here often?” 

It reveals NOTHING, plus it’s BORING.

The fact of the matter is, men and women ARE
sexual.  We DO have passions, we DO want to
laugh, we DO want to have fun, we also have
things we can’t STAND, and it FEELS good
to be able to CONNECT with the opposite
sex in a way that is IMMEDIATELY
relevant!  It feels good not only for YOU,
but it feels good also for HER!

For once, she can talk about sexual things,
she can talk about passionate things, she      
can LAUGH, she can tell you the things
about a guy she can’t STAND, she can
do all this within MOMENTS with YOU,
a total stranger, because you have MADE
IT EASY for her to do so.

Plus, by doing all this, you IMMEDIATELY
convey that you are a man who UNDERSTANDS
women, who understands the whole sexual
, and that you are a guy who is so
comfortable with all this that clearly you
must have an abundance of choice of
women in your life.

And that in itself is attractive as well, since
it implies you are already “chosen” by
women; it gives you the all powerful
“social proof”.

On the OTHER HAND, if you are so worried
about not coming across as a psycho, you will
NEVER do any of this!!  You might not even make
any APPROACH to any woman whatsoever!

Trust me, just because most men do not do the
random approaches, does NOT mean that it
doesn’t work.

Let me PROVE it to you:
If a total STRANGER came up to you on the
street, with a huge CHUNK of PURE GOLD,
and told you he is GIVING it to you, and then
he gave it to you, and then he left, would you
somehow THROW OUT that gold????????

Would you say to yourself, “This isn’t TYPICAL,
this MUST be fake gold, so I am going to
throw it OUT”????????????????????????????

You would NOT do that.
You MIGHT be a bit skeptical, you might even
be suspicious, but you would WANT the gold
in case it IS gold, right?

It’s the EXACT SAME THING with approaching
women, but even EASIER because it’s not so
out of the ordinary as most guys think.

The truth is, especially with attractive women,
over the course of their lives they HAVE
been approached many times, and
attractive FRIENDS have been approached
many times, and between them and their
friends, they KNOW of several success stories
where the men and women ended up not only
hooking up, but often having great relationships
as well.

These women just don’t go AROUND telling
everyone that the men they met were total
strangers, but all their BEST friends know!

This is yet again another example of how some
guys are “inside” the circle of knowledge of
what REALLY goes on, and other guys are on
the “outside” and have no clue.  I used to be
on the outside, and it SUCKED.

And once you’re in, you realize how crazy it
is to be living on the outside in ignorance.   

However, just like the GOLD example, there
needs to be a certain amount of TRUST built
up in the interaction to OVERCOME the
perfectly normal CAUTIOUSNESS that
most women have regarding meeting men
who are total strangers.

THIS is a huge part of the ART of learning
how to successfully approach women, it’s
not just the act of approaching them, but also
the art of building up a connection, a sense
of trust as well.

But this is NOT that hard to learn, (stay tuned
to the end of this newsletter for more on how
to learn how to do this as well as learn the
ENTIRE "nitty gritty" of pick-up) and it CERTAINLY
is not a reason to let MILLIONS of gorgeous women
just slip through your fingers!

A woman having a bit of CAUTION is very
different from a woman not being OPEN to
the idea.

In fact, meeting the seductive mysterious stranger
is one of the BIGGEST FANTASIES  that women

Do the approach right, and you are catering
to her biggest desire,
and she is now rooting
for you and will do everything in HER power
to help you SUCCEED in picking her up!

For example, if she is around friends, she will
ask her friends for some privacy, or even
find a reason for you and her to move away
from her friends for more privacy.

So don’t let the fear of coming across as a
psycho stop you from making the approach,
and don’t let it stop you from making your
approach have a fun, sexual, intriguing
VIBE to it!

By incorporating some sexual vibe to your
conversation,  and by doing it playfully
as described in the example above, you are
allowing her to bridge into becoming sexual
with you in a very SMOOTH WAY.

It allows you to get closer to her without her
wondering what is going on.  She will KNOW
what is going on, she will KNOW the dynamic

It allows you to do things like graze your leg
against hers lightly if she is sitting across
from you in the next bar stool, it allows
you to touch her hair and compliment her
on how soft it is, without seeming creepy,
because you have already got her laughing
and having a good time and not feeling
like she needs to pretend that she is not
a sexual person with you.

Plus, another advantage of that game I
explained is that you can WALK AROUND
the location as you play and as you look
for people, and as you walk around, you
can ALSO find a great place for BOTH of
you to sit to then CONTINUE the chat
and continue to escalate the interaction
in a sexual way.

And that is just one fantastic example of a great
strategy applying the concept of being more sexual,
more playful, and leading the way in the pick-up.

So what you have just read, as you can tell,
comes from REAL WORLD experience.

This isn’t stuff I dreamed up that just sounds nice.
It’s what works to get men and women together
EFFECTIVELY, even if they were total strangers
when they met.  

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