Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Attracting A Truly Great Woman

If you are looking to meet and attract a truly
great woman who is not only beautiful
but who would also be the kind of woman
who would make for a fantastic girlfriend,
wife, mother, and life-long supporter, this
is a particularly important newsletter for you.


The first thing I need to make absolutely
clear is that the POPULARITY of something
is not always a great indicator of that thing’s


So, the POPULAR ADVICE for men when it
comes to dating usually boils down to do
ANYTHING to try to get the woman, especially
to get her into bed.   

There are many problems with this approach.
First of all, it puts your MIND in the WRONG
place psychologically.  It puts ALL the value
on HER and none of it on your SELF.

So, even if the tactic involves PRETENDING
that you are high value, the fact is, that underneath
this charade, this game, this tactic, you would
actually feel INFERIOR worth to the woman
you are trying to attract, because, after all,
your mindset is all about how to get the woman
at all costs.

Ironically, this type of approach often ends up
REPELLING women, because women can
SENSE that lack of confidence even if the
guy is VERBALLY saying cocky remarks
or acting “hard to get” on the surface.


Women are better than men at reading body
language, and this may be because they have
more practice socializing in complex ways
at an earlier age than men, whereas boys
don’t tend to engage as much in those types
of behaviors as they do in things like sports
or other stereotypically “male” actions.

So, if a guy is FAKING his emotions, women
can SENSE it.


Also, if a guy is trying to get a QUALITY
woman, then it becomes even MORE important
to SCREEN a woman for the right values and

Now, there are some pick up artists that try to
PRETEND they are screening a woman, in order
to SEEM  as if they are NOT desperate for the
woman, but the TRUTH is, this is just a tactic,
they don’t REALLY care about screening, they
just want to get her into bed.

And again, the irony is that FAKING does not
work that well anyway EVEN FOR GUYS THAT
It is for THIS reason that guys who are only
concerned with the superficial would do much
better to be a lot more DIRECT while still showing
some class, as there are some women out there who
are looking for similar promiscuous adventures and
those women will be happy to meet a guy who is
honest and still showing some class.

But if you are looking for something a lot deeper
and a lot more long-term, if you are looking for
the kind of woman to be a true partner in the
deepest sense of the word, SCREENING becomes

It is important, first of all, so that you don’t waste
PRECIOUS TIME on the wrong women. 

You can EASILY screen out women in just a
brief conversation.  You can be on the lookout
for how she spends her time, including her free
time, you can be on the lookout for what kinds
of things she likes to talk about.


What is on a person’s MIND will often come
out in their CHATTING, if you just let them
feel COMFORTABLE with you.

This is why it is so important that you do NOT
tell a woman right away exactly what you are
looking for OR what you value or hate. 

Instead, just have a casual but interesting chat
that gets her emotionally pumped. When people
are emotional they tend to talk more because
they are FEELING the DESIRE to express themselves.


So don’t bore a woman to sleep.  Talk about
things that are INTRIGUING or INSPIRING. 
Or find something about her so that you can
give her a truly HONEST compliment on
besides her looks. 



There’s ANOTHER really important step to
getting a quality woman, and that is to stop
COMPROMISING with yourself on what
you define as GREAT VALUES in a woman.

I swear to it, I personally think that good guys
are living in the WORST TIME IN HISTORY
for finding quality women who are STELLAR
in the traits that are important for relationships,
for marriage, and for raising a family.

I also think that it’s probably pretty hard for
the few quality women who DO exist to find
the RIGHT men who have great values as well,
but since I’m not a woman, I can’t tell you for
sure what it’s like to be a woman who is truly
loyal and faithful and who is looking for a man
who is loyal and faithful.

I don’t think that anyone should be FORCED to
live a lifestyle in which they don’t believe. 
Family life is not for everyone.  Marriage is not
for everyone.  Relationships are not for everyone.
And in today’s current society, this is DOUBLY

However, when in the RIGHT relationship, MOST
people tend to report being happier than when they
were single, and most single people are also still
trying to find someone.


On a larger scale, a strong RELATIONSHIP is the
bedrock of a strong marriage.  A strong marriage
is a great FOUNDATION for bringing up children
in the right atmosphere. Well-adjusted CHILDREN
grow up into well-adjusted ADULTS.  Well adjusted
ADULTS create a HEALTHY SOCIETY.  A healthy
SOCIETY means a healthy COUNTRY.  A healthy
country can POSITIVELY affect the WORLD as

And the OPPOSITE is true as well.  A screwed-up
perception of how men and women should behave
will screw up EVERYTHING else.


Now, there were many things WRONG with society
back in 1950.  I won’t get into them here, as I’m sure
you can figure them out on your own.  But there were
SOME things that were definitely RIGHT.

And one of those things was the GENERAL VIEW
toward relationships. When a man courted a woman,
it MEANT something greater than just how to get
her into bed.  It reflected his desire to COMMIT to
her, to start a FAMILY with her.  It was not just
about the short-term physical.

And women, in general, were looking at men from
a more MATURE perspective.  Just like men, they
were also thinking about the long-term potential,
whether a man would be hard-working or lazy,
and whether he would be a good father, etc.

Not only this, but women were doing this when
they turned 18!  Women were not waiting till they
were twice that age to start thinking about the
important traits in a man. (And many women
today NEVER seem to think about it.) 

FAST FORWARD TO 2013, and you have the
following scenario that takes place amongst
SOME women who are SUPPOSED to be
ready for a life-long mature COMMITTMENT
and deep-seated love and RESPECT for their


And I'm not a hypocrite, I don't think that men
who are seriously in love with their future
wives, men who view marriage as sacred,
would think it is appropriate to be holding
stripper bachelor parties either.

Part of the problem is that many women have
abandoned their once PROUD role in society
as protectors of family values.  It used to be that
most women would SHUN the kinds of values that
degrade the deepest levels of connection between
men and women.

Today, however, some misguided women feel they have
made "progress" and gained "equality" by trying to
duplicate the behaviors of the most promiscuous men.     

In 1950, you had women in their PRIME
thinking CAREFULLY about how to find and get
a man who would be a great husband and father,
and you had women who VALUED their chastity,
who felt it was something SACRED to give to
a man...

But TODAY you have many women who are WAY PAST
THEIR PRIME, who STILL can’t put it together in
their heads that a man who is the kind of man who
has good values, who would be a good father, who
would be loyal, and a man who is STRONG enough
and SMART enough to be a great leader, would never
be STUPID enough to marry such a woman.


Again, THIS is the reason GET A GREAT GIRL
was born.  GET A GREAT GIRL would not be
NEEDED in 1950.  Everything I write about was
OBVIOUS back then.

So let me bring this full circle:
If you want a GREAT QUALITY WOMAN, you
better FORGET the popular advice.

If you want to get that RARE kind of woman, you
HAVE to stand APART from the masses.

And again, I do not believe in violence, and I
do not believe in preaching.  Do not try to
CONVINCE any woman who is messed up
on how to be a better woman. 

There are some wise women around.  These women
have a lot of courage to stand up for good values.

And these women standing up for good values aren't
just 90 year-old grannies.  These women standing up
for eternal values include women who are intelligent
and attractive university students who are right in the
THICK of this social pressure, and yet they are


I PROMISE YOU that there ARE still some
decent women around. But man oh MAN are
you going to have to be the MAN if you
are going to go after a quality woman.

You are going to meet a lot of the WRONG women
along the way.

What is even CRAZIER, is that with the CERTAINTY
and CONFIDENCE in the eternal and powerful values
that you possess, you will find a lot of these WRONG
women actually PURSUING you.

Resisting the urge to give in to the SHORT TERM
pleasure is part of the SEPARATING the men from
the boys, so to speak.  The weak men will give into
these wrong women because the desire for the physical
with them while STILL not having found the RIGHT
woman will be very strong. 

But giving in may very well make you LOSE some
of your CERTAINTY, some of your sense of DIRECTION,
some of your CONFIDENCE in your own values.

You are what you THINK AND DO.
So if you give into the wrong women, you will start to
RATIONALIZE and JUSTIFY to yourself all kinds of
nonsense, such as why you need to stay with this wrong

Meanwhile, the RIGHT WOMAN is out there waiting
as you spend all that time and energy and waste it
on the WRONG woman.  Wasting that time and
energy is something you should not do, because
meeting the RIGHT WOMAN may take a lot of energy
and time, but it is probably the MOST IMPORTANT
care of your health and in fact the wrong woman will
harm your health and the right woman will improve it.


Now, let me get down to the NITTY-GRITTY.
I HATE b.s.
I LOVE truth.

And the TRUTH is, that unless you have some special
connection to all the right women, you are going to have
to APPROACH WOMEN and chat with them and get
a sense of who they are.

I repeat:

You cannot expect miracles in the sense of you just
sitting at home or expecting women to just appear
out of thin air.  Also, women don’t tend to do the
approaching. This is because most women are
culturally conditioned to be less "pro-active" than
men when it comes to the INITIAL approach.

Women are told that being too assertive in the
initial approach will make them seem less

If a woman is interested in a man who is a total
stranger,  usually the most she feels she can do
is INDIRECTLY make herself more available,
i.e. hanging around a certain area for longer than
usual, etc.

And you can’t give yourself excuses, as excuses
won’t help.  If there are no women in one place,
go to another place where there are women.
Keep trying new places till you find places
where you can meet plenty of women. 
You must SOLDIER on, approaching woman
after woman even in situations that feel awkward. 

You have no idea how strong this makes you,
because what happens is that when an EASIER
approach situation comes later, you will JUMP
on it because you will have already had experience
doing so many approaches that were harder from


ANOTHER super-important  point is this:

Getting a phone number is all good and fine, but

What I mean by this is to actually take the
approach as far as possible.  If the chat is
going well, then after a few minutes suggest
that you go for a coffee right then and there,
especially if there is a coffee house nearby.

You have to remember that the woman is a
total stranger, and the more you get a chance
to connect with her, the LESS CHANCE that
later she will wonder just what the heck happened
earlier that day that made her give her number
to a total stranger. 

Sometimes a guy will have a great interaction with
a woman,  and the woman will happily give him
her real number, but then later on she will forget
some of the details and she will wonder how on
earth she gave her number to a total stranger.

However, if she has a really LONG chat with you,
she gets a much better perspective of who you are,
and this makes her feel that it is not weird for her
to meet up with you again.

This does NOT mean that getting a woman’s
phone number is not enough.  Many times, it
IS enough, because you can chat on the phone.

I’m just saying that it is even BETTER to try to
get the INSTANT DATE with her in that very
FIRST interaction you have with her.

The right woman IS out there, she is hoping to meet you.
She is NOT a typical woman from today’s society.
She is NOT impressed by the screwed up morals.
She has the ability to THINK CRITICALLY.
If you want to attract a woman who is able to
must show that you are the kind of MAN who is
RARE and who is ABOVE the stupidity that is
unfortunately so often POPULAR. 

If you are REALLY SERIOUS about mastering the
skills on how to approach women MOST EFFECTIVELY
then take a bootcamp with me.  Bootcamp is totally
private, one on one, and takes place completely in the
real world.  There are no simulators, just real women
in all types of places, and me beside you as your
most powerful coach who has trained in these skills
for over ten YEARS.

Bootcamp is at:

If you are looking for a woman for a serious relationship
who will treat you RIGHT and be LOYAL to you long-term,
you MUST BE PREPARED on how to go about doing all this.

If you JUST want the physical, this is the EASY part.
There are tons of promiscuous women who are not looking
to commit, every weekend at the clubs, bars, lounges, etc.

But if you want a quality woman who would make for
a great wife, mother, and partner for life, you

I seriously suggest you take a MASSIVE action for yourself
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Till next time,    
Michael Marks  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Greatest SECRET On Getting A Quality Woman

This is one of the most important
newsletters I have ever written on
the topic of getting a truly great
girlfriend who is the total package
inside and out.

In order to get a great woman, it is
imperative that a man become the
greatest version of himself as well.

The CHALLENGE, however, is that
almost the exact INSTANT that you
make the commitment to improving
yourself, you will be faced with a
barrage of situations that TEST your
COMMITMENT to truly improving

And the single GREATEST source of these
tests will usually come from SOCIAL PRESSURE.
So, for example, let’s say you decide to spend your
time NOT gossiping, and you happen to be having
dinner with friends one evening and one of them
or all of them are really going HEAVY on the
juicy gossip stuff.

Now, by the way, I am not judging people, as
people in general are only trying to do what
they think makes sense, and not everyone is
fortunate to have the right leadership and

Back to our example above, in this situation
you will feel the pressure to JOIN IN  and
be gossipy and to start focusing on other
people’s lives rather than how to improve
your own.

Or, let’s say, you decide to start exercising,
and the current group of friends you have  
never exercise, they will for example invite
you out to watch TV, eat junk food, or something
during the time you wanted to go exercise.

And the above examples are not even where
people INTENTIONALLY are trying to
screw you up because they are jealous
of you or they are feeling insecure because
they are too lazy to change and they want
you to be on the same “level” as them.

Then, of course, there is the general social
pressure to just “fit in” with society rather
than EXCEED the “average”, because
in general, people only like the average
person, since the person above average
raises jealousies and the person below
is someone people either feel sorry for
or sometimes mocked.

The SECOND you want to actually IMPROVE
yourself, you will be BOMBARDED with
these situations, and MOST PEOPLE will
then FAIL, because it is so damn HARD
to CHANGE one’s path because of the
power of MOMENTUM. 

As humans, we just don’t like to CHANGE.
And if we decide to change, it doesn’t take
MUCH for most people’s commitment to

And, as I said above, the greatest CULPRIT
is the power of SOCIAL PROOF to make
sure you don’t rise much above or below
the SOCIAL or societal average.

We are affected by SOCIAL PROOF because
of our HARD-WIRING.  This is BIOLOGY

It is important to understand that social proof
DOES have its uses.  For example, very often
in life, and in human history, making decisions
based on what the GROUP believed helped
individuals save TIME. 

So if for example, in ancient times, there was
a PATHWAY through the jungle that was
considered efficient or safe by the majority
of people, then it might very well save an
individual time to take that path rather than
search out every path or try to create a new

So over the course of human history, feeling
INFLUENCED by social proof usually was
a GOOD thing.

However, social proof can BACKFIRE, as
if the social group is WRONG about something,
an individual will still feel very INFLUENCED
and sometimes emotionally compelled to follow
the suggestion of the GROUP.

This is ONE of the reasons that taking a bootcamp
with me is SO powerful.  It is because you are
truly being taken into a completely different
SOCIAL FORCE than the ones you tend to
meet in regular life. 

Since I have dedicated YEARS of my life
toward the training of men in how to attract
and keep quality women, I am EXTREMELY
CONGRUENT to this in every way. 

When someone else is truly CONGRUENT to something,
you FEEL the social pressure effect of that trait on a
DEEP level and you can more easily INTERNALIZE
that trait for yourself. 

It’s not just a cerebral event; it is EMOTIONALLY

It sinks in DEEP and becomes INTERNALIZED.
You become CONFIDENT about the new behaviors.
Make no mistake about it, CONGRUENCY is

Congruency is so powerful, that you can go up
to a woman and tell her something like
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and actually have
it WORK if you are truly FEELING her
beauty in a way that is EMPOWERING
and ENERGIZING for you.

So the woman feels that you are not FAKING.
The woman can tell you mean BUSINESS.

Similarly, when you are in my Bootcamp, the
things I am telling you and teaching you
suddenly take on a whole new level of

That means that you are now being influenced
in a POSITIVE way through the POSITIVE
“social pressure” that you feel from me.

I myself experienced this a few times in my life,
when I met some rare individuals who were
true EXCEPTIONS in a POSITIVE way to the
GENERAL NORMS of society. 

The mere experience of BEING IN THAT
effect on me than ALL the specific strategies
that they taught me, put all together!  And
they taught me some GREAT strategies,
it is just that the EFFECT of INTERACTING
with these people was even GREATER than
the actual awesome strategies that they taught.

The power of SOCIAL PRESSURE is so great,
that every powerful group, company, or organization
on EARTH uses it to MASSIVE extremes. 

If you want to CHANGE yourself for the BETTER,
be prepared to BATTLE against the social forces
that want to INFLUENCE you to NOT improve
yourself mentally, physically, financially, etc.

Most people give UP and give IN.
Will you?

And here’s where it all comes full circle.
Most men want a woman who will treat them

A woman who is INTELLIGENT but who is
not arrogant or spoiled.

A woman who works HARD but who is not

A woman who is FAITHFUL but is not insecure.

A woman who is health conscious but not
addicted to the gym.   

A woman who is fun in bed but who is not

A woman who is friendly but not naïve.

If a woman is all these things, she is DAMN RARE.
She has REBELLED, so to speak, against the
social norms.

She can RESIST social proof, and probably in
fact has formed a POSITIVE social group of her
OWN, where the groups fuels each other with
POSITIVE social pressure, where they socially
proof healthy ideals and values.

And LIKE attracts LIKE.
The right kind of quality woman can DETECT
the INCONSISTENCIES in a man who is just
PRETENDING to be similar to her in order
to get her into bed.
She knows what the right values LOOK like
because she HAS them in HERSELF.     
The first thing you can do to change yourself
into the kind of man that quality women want
is to start choosing the RIGHT way to spend
your time, the RIGHT way to behave, the
RIGHT goals in your life.

I am not a preacher so I cannot tell you
what these RIGHT goals are for you, but
I can tell you that usually LAZINESS
make most people actually THINK that
the goals that take LESS work, the values
that take LESS discipline are the RIGHT
ones, when in fact they are usually the
WRONG ones.

Develop an attitude that does NOT look
for the easy way out.  Learn to see the
and HARD work.  Learn to appreciate
the result of SWEATING it out to
IMPROVE yourself.  Learn to enjoy
the PROCESS of self-improvement.

Be HAPPY to learn from good people
who are KIND when they want to teach
you something rather than just being

Learn to try to UNDERSTAND people
rather than dismiss them right away.
You will notice that even though I have
standards that are higher than the average
in society, I do not BLAME people so fast,
because blaming is very easy and it ignores
the reality that most people aren’t TRYING
to do the wrong thing. 

However, UNDERSTANDING people does
It does not mean accepting a woman who
mistreats you.

attitudes, when you SHOW on the EXTERNAL
side as well that you are LIVING these ideals,
you will notice a MASSIVE improvement in
your ability to detect the RIGHT kinds of
women QUICKLY as well as how to detect
and avoid the wrong types of women, AND
you will also start to attract the right kinds
of women with far greater ease than before.

This is because you will be CONVEYING
all these things through all the subtle
nuances in your tonality, your body language,
your vocabulary, the expressions on your
face, the way you are able to listen and
understand and connect and inspire, etc.

Now, this newsletter has drawn some of the
for your success.

It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and
put it all into ACTION.

The FASTEST way to get it all into action
is through BOOTCAMP, where I will
instruct you live as you approach women

Keep in mind BOOTCAMP is not only about
gaining CONFIDENCE, it is also about
gaining the know-how regarding how to
take action and approach women even in
all those "hard to approach" situations.

Learn more about what Bootcamp is and
when the next sessions are being held by
going HERE immediately:

You will LOVE what you GAIN from Bootcamp.
The experience is PRICELESS and it is
something most men will NEVER do, because
it requires the internal MOTIVATION to
get success BEYOND what is the average
social NORM for a man when it comes to
his success with women. 

Most men GIVE IN to the desire to just

You can REBEL against the FORCE of that
social pressure and EXCEED what is
the AVERAGE for most men.

And if you are still not SERIOUSLY
approaching women yet, you MUST download
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why Getting A Great GIRLFRIEND Seems So Tough For Most Men, And What To DO About It

Just a quick but MASSIVELY important
point I want to bring to your attention
today regarding meeting and attracting
a great quality girlfriend.

Over the past few generations, there
have been a LOT of changes in western
society regarding attitudes towards

On one hand, clearly it is horrifically wrong
and unjust that women at one point had few
rights at all.  Plain old WRONG.

On the other hand, it is ALSO wrong that
women have been told a LIE over the past
40 years.

Women have been told that they should NOT
commit to a serious relationship and that
they should put OFF having a family until
they are pretty much on the last GASP of
their ability to bear children.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule,
(and this is the reason for Get A GREAT Girl
in the first place) but this is a general TREND.

Women are told to focus on THEMSELVES.
Women are told that they should PARTY IT UP.
Women are told that they should get their

Women are told that COMMITTING to a man early
in their lives is a WASTE of their youth.

Women are told by commercials such as L'Oreal
that they "are worth it" simply for BEING women.

Women are told that feminism fought hard for them
to have CAREERS, and that having a family will just
STOP their careers, so they should put off having
a family till much later.

Women are told that serious relationships while they
are still young in their 20's is a MISTAKE, because
they are then missing out on the opportunity to
PARTY IT UP with lots of guys.

So the PROBLEM with all this is that women think
that somehow the MEN will be INTERESTED in them
still when they get into their late 30's and 40's,
because NO ONE told these women that the men who
were waiting for them all those years, the men
who were willing to commit to them all those years,
the men who were ignored all those years, would
somehow NOT get pissed off, would somehow NOT
women that were not only now on the scene, but for
some reason men seem to attract MORE of ALL
women IN GENERAL as men get into their 30's
and 40's compared to when these same men
were in their teens and twenties.

And after a man has gone through hell for
two decades with most women that he meets,
he kind of develops a hardened attitude
and finds out he does not NEED relationships
all that much anymore.  However, he IS still
interested in getting physical.

So, without a need for relationships as much,
and with more of an interest in the physical,
this makes the women in his own age group

Now, of COURSE there are exceptions.
Of COURSE there are some women out
there who were genuinely trying to meet
the right man for a real relationship,
women who were not brainwashed by society.

But these women are exceptions.
And this is why "Get A Great Girl" was born.
The fact is, society IS messed up.

The fact is, when a woman is YOUNG is when
she is most desirable and BIOLOGY and NATURE
prove this with fertility statistics. 

Regardless of what women's groups tell women
that they are "worth it", the fact is MEN
will tell the TRUTH by the ACTIONS and
PREFERENCES men make. 

If a woman REALLY wants to have leverage over
a man, if she REALLY wants to have his interest,
she will try to give him all her love while she
is still in the PLAYBOY age range, and not only
age range.

This is not me saying this, this is NATURE.

Women have been brainwashed that they can have
it ALL, they can have lots of promiscuous relationships,
that they can FLIRT with endless guys even when IN
a relationship with their supposed boyfriend, and they
have been told that they can have a career, and that they 
can put off having a family till they are old, they can reject
men who aren't absolutely PERFECT for two decades, and
they have been told they can also have the love of the alpha
quality man when these women suddenly decide to commit
in their late 30s and 40s'.

It is almost as if the idea of a woman giving her youth to
one man is an INSULT to the woman rather than an act
of LOVE.

And it ignores the REALITY that why on EARTH would
an alpha man ever WANT to give HIS love to a woman
who spent all her youth NOT committing to anyone?

Why would a man commit to a woman who was ONLY
willing to commit once she saw her own value PLUMMETING
like hell and only once she felt the PAIN/FEAR of ending up
with NO desirable man whatsoever?

So I can tell you one thing for sure: If you are looking
for a woman for a serious relationship who will treat
you RIGHT and be LOYAL to you long-term, you are going
into the WAR ZONE if you are not PREPARED on how to
go about doing all this.

If you JUST want the physical, this is the EASY part.
There are tons of promiscuous women who are not looking
to commit, every weekend at the clubs, bars, lounges, etc.

But if you want a quality woman who would make for
a great wife, mother, and partner for life, you

I have spent over a DECADE dedicated to the field
of attracting women, and have spent the last five years
ESPECIALLY dedicated to how to get the kind of
quality woman that would make for a great long term

I seriously suggest you take the BEST action for yourself
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Till next time,    
Michael Marks

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Conquering Fear And Attracting Women

When it comes to being successful with women,
conquering various FEARS becomes absolutely

For example, starting from the first step,
which is the actual APPROACH, if a guy
fears the approach, he will never meet
ENOUGH women in order to actually find
the RIGHT woman.

It is not enough to be able to SOMETIMES
approach women, but rather to approach
TONS and TONS of women. 

If a man wants to meet the right kind of
woman, the kind of woman he really wants,
it is not enough to just approach women
here and there.  Meeting the right woman
means the kind of woman who has the
right qualities on the outside AND
on the inside, i.e. regarding her
personality, her values, her kindness,
her loyalty, etc.

And quality women are not EVERYWHERE, it
takes some SEARCHING to find them. 

OVER the anxiety of approaching women, he is
simply asking for MIRACLES and depending on LUCK.

If you have approached a few women in the past,
and you think that counts as a serious effort,
it does NOT. 

It is not only because you must approach TONS of
women to find the right one, it is also because
it takes TONS of approaches to get GREAT at the
skill of all this as well.  

And the problem is that the FEAR that stands in
the way is a very SNEAKY thing. 

Fear never wants you to THINK that it is just
FEAR.  Instead, FEAR likes to TAKE OVER YOUR
LOGIC and actually DISTORT your thinking and
CONVINCE you why you should GIVE IN to your fear.

It will tell you things such as:


Of course, the terrible thing about fear is that
no matter HOW MANY TIMES one is shown that there
is nothing to fear, the mind that is fearful will
simply CREATE NEW fears.

So let's just say that a guy finally is SHOWN
proof of how pick up DOES work, he will then
say something like "It does not work for me".

If he is shown how it DOES work for him, he
will then say "But that woman that it worked
on is crazy".

If he is shown that the woman he got with
using the arts and skills of pick up is
not crazy, he will then later sabotage
himself by fearing something else, i.e.
that she is after his money even if she
is not.

By the way, I'm not saying that all women
are great, not at ALL.  In fact, I am saying
that meeting the RIGHT woman will in fact
take meeting MANY women, and in order to
SUCCEED, you must possess a clear VISION
of your goal and STICK to it and do NOT
let fear stop your persistence.

One of the things I also do is teach men
how to SPOT the right kinds of qualities
in women and how to quickly detect the
WRONG QUALITIES so you can prevent getting
yourself into a relationship with the
kind of women who would only make your
life miserable.

I do NOT believe in trying to CHANGE a woman,
especially not in trying to MAKE a woman learn
how to be a decent human being, or how to make
a woman VALUE something that you value.

Instead, I believe it is vital to DETECT
what kind of woman you are dealing with
as soon as possible, and if you detect
the woman is NOT right for your future,
to LET HER GO immediately and move on
to finding the NEXT woman.

Most men DO NOT DO THIS, especially if
a woman is beautiful.

They can't POSSIBLY let her go, so they
start to SACRIFICE their own IDEALS
regarding things like fidelity, loyalty,
and other high standards, and they
do this JUST because the woman is

Of course, when a man does this he erodes
his own self-esteem, and he slowly becomes
miserable and he also not only eventually
loses the woman because she loses interest
in a man that has no sense of self-respect,
but he ALSO finds it almost impossible to
meet OTHER women because the very fact
he sold his soul, so to speak, to some
woman who mistreated him, has now made
now starts to fail with ALL women.
It is a vicious cycle.
It can only be STOPPED with a giant
SELF-SLAP to the FACE, figuratively
speaking, and the realization that

But if one FEARS that he will NEVER get
the right woman, he will then settle on
the WRONG woman that treats him like
But you cannot live in FEAR.

One of the greatest things about Bootcamp is
that you are FORCED to take MASSIVE ACTION,
on TONS OF WOMEN, so there is simply no way for
you to live by FEAR.

You will then see the results in real life
in front of your very own eyes as you start
to actually notice IMMEDIATE improvements with
women that you are getting in real time.

You will see a RANGE of women, of various personalities
and looks, and you will EXPERIENCE the feeling of
conquering your fear again and again and again
and again, for 2 full days straight. 

Obviously, I ALSO teach you a TON of strategies
for increasing your actual SKILL as well, so
that you have the highest possible chance with
EVERY woman, and it is this combination of skill
AND confidence that really skyrockets your
results with women.

So I am keeping today's newsletter very
short, so that you will remember the
affect EVERY level of your success
with women, from the first approach
to her, all the way to getting physical,
all the way to being in a relationship:


Realize also that FEAR can be very subtle
as well.  It can tell you that you are too
tired every night and every day, for years
on end, as an excuse for why you can and
should not approach women.  Fear can even
give you a false sense of security, i.e.
it will tell you that "tomorrow" will be
the right day to approach women, and of
course "tomorrow" never comes, because
the fear will just find a NEW way to
stop you when "tomorrow" comes.

If you're sick and tired of just
DREAMING and THINKING about success
with women and you are ready to take
serious action to change your life
with women, then sign up for bootcamp

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, April 1, 2013

Love, Lust, And Your Success In Life

The whole reason I got into this field
had little to do with pure LUST.

It was actually the COMBINATION of love
AND lust, to be honest!

For any guy who just wants to get physical
with a woman who is attractive, the answer
is simple: Find promiscuous women.

What makes it even easier is that there
are PLACES especially designed for finding
promiscuous women, i.e. certain nightclubs,
and to make it even EASIER these women
INTENTIONALLY go to these places where
they know they will consume quantities of

So this kind of thing is not the best formula
for how to find the kind of woman that you can
truly build a LIFE together long-term.

This is why GET A GREAT GIRL was born.
My passion is not about just getting the
physical stuff.

I have always been attracted to something
GREATER, going back all the way to high school.

I wanted the TOTAL PACKAGE, a woman that
was attractive and who ALSO had all the right
personality traits for a great long term
relationship and who would be the right
kind of woman with whom to raise a family.

A woman who was kind, hard-working, loyal,
intelligent, health-conscious, etc.


Here's something else:
I've also known and observed for many years that
it is usually TRUE that behind every great man
is a great woman.

It is ALSO true that when a man SCREWS UP
his relationship with a quality woman and
then LOSES that quality woman, his whole
LIFE goes down the drain.

One of the latest examples is TIGER WOODS.

By the way, in my example of Tiger Woods,
it's important not to take this situation and
judge him since it is impossible to know for
sure the kind of pressure and temptation he
was facing.  The point of this example is simply
to show what happens when a man is no longer
with the right woman, the point is NOT to judge
him for what happened.

He is not alone in what occurred to him, and
in fact the same thing happens to millions of
men, albeit on a smaller level because they
are not so famous.

He reaches the top of his field BY FAR.
Behind the scenes is a great woman who
stands by his side and raises his kids.

Then, the temptation of other women and pure
lust takes over, even though his wife is

His wife finds out, is devastated, his relationship
is ruined, his career TANKS.

People think he will never recover because his
golf game DROPS so massively.

It takes some serious TIME, but then guess what?
He slowly comes BACK.

But guess what is MOST important to realize about
this?  He is not alone.  He is not screwing around.
He is in a serious relationship with what appears
to be a really dedicated woman who was prepared
to deal with all the hassle she would get from
dating him at this time.

It is NOT a coincidence that his success coincides
with the time he has HARMONY and LOVE rather than
CHAOS and LUST as the only ruling factors in his life.

The same thing happens time and again with all kinds
of men in all kinds of fields from politics to sports
to business and everything else.

If you're a heterosexual man, being with the
right WOMAN is usually a MUST.  There are
always exceptions to the rule, but in GENERAL
this is a FACT.

The reason for this is because the human mind
is COMPLEX.  It is not JUST seeking love, it
is not JUST seeking LUST. It is not just seeking
security, and it is not just seeking adventure
and some adrenaline-stimulating risk.  It is
not just seeking rapport and support, and it
is not just seeking challenge.

It seeks the right BALANCE of all these things.
And this is why it is so important to find the
RIGHT woman.

So let me bring this full circle:

If you are looking to attract a woman, and if
you are looking for love combined with lust
rather than just lust or just love, I suggest
you USE my attraction strategies, but that
you use them on the kind of women who ALSO
have the right characteristics for ensuring
success in a long term relationship.

This way, you are focusing your energies on
the RIGHT kind of woman, who already HAS
all the right personality traits, but you
are now making her ATTRACTED TO YOU, so that
she is not with you simply out of LOGIC
(i.e. that she wants to have a relationship
where no one cheats on each other) but
rather she is ALSO with you out of her
own LUST for you which you INCREASED
because you also know how to MAGNIFY
a woman's attraction to you.


The next thing I want to explain is how
important it is to actually go beyond
your comfort level if you want to GROW.

What I mean in particular is that if you
want to become the "alpha male", a term
that I have mixed feelings about since
the term has often been wrongly used
to describe a jerk, the fact is that
scientific studies have shown that
if you take on the BEHAVIORS and
BODY LANGUAGE of someone who is not
only POWERFUL but who is also CALM
under pressure, you will ALSO begin
to BECOME this way.

I do not just mean this in a poetic sense.
I am talking CHEMICALLY.

You will experience an INCREASE in testosterone,
the chemical that is the ESSENCE of masculinity,
while SIMULTANEOUSLY experiencing a DROP in
CORTISOL, the destructive chemical that is
often released when people experience STRESS.

So you will become the kind of man who is
ASSERTIVE and CONFIDENT and who rises to
the challenge, but who ALSO does not
HARM his HEALTH when he experiences these

There are plenty of men out there who are
very successful, but the CORTISOL they experience
from stress is destroying them.


If you want to succeed with women, it is
important that you realize a fundamental
difference in their views toward sex.

Men basically feel that ATTRACTION is reason
enough to have sex with someone.

Most women however do NOT feel that way.

For a woman, usually, there needs to be
something ELSE involved.  A REASON, if you will.     

In fact, that REASON itself becomes PART
of the attraction.

It is important to realize this. It explains
why even a SUPERMODEL of a guy will quickly
be forgotten by a woman if the guy does not
FOLLOW up with her quickly and take things
to the next level of connection, but a
MAN on the other hand will remember a
HOT WOMAN for YEARS after he met her
even if he only saw her ONCE for a few
moments, AND he would be ready in an
INSTANT to have sex with her the moment
he saw her AGAIN.

This is a HUGE difference between men and women.

So what this means is that you MUST learn
the skills of how to CONVEY a lot about
yourself through CONVERSATION.

And I don't mean telling a woman a list of your
accomplishments like a resume.  Rather, I mean
INDIRECTLY you communicate to her, and you
actually will do this most effectively through
your STATE OF MIND which manifests itself
in your body language and tonality and which
affects your decisions instinctively on what
to say.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, a woman responds to a man
with a sense of PURPOSE and a sense of GENUINE
interest in her.

Remember, women can read your emotions VERY
EASILY, easier than men can read women.

So, it is not important that you have to be
a millionaire or a billionaire, but rather
that you MUST have a strong sense of WHY
you are doing what you are doing with your

Women are all about sensing EMOTIONS, so if
your emotions are NAMBY PAMBY, she will pick
that up. If you are not REALLY interested
in her, she will pick that up as well.

Women are not super-powered.  They can't tell
whether a man is a nice person or not right
off the bat.  But they CAN tell whether that
man feels POWERFUL and feels MOTIVATED and
feels INTERESTED in them.

A woman MUST have THESE kinds of reasons
to have sex with a man. It is usually
NOT enough of a reason for a woman to have
sex with a man just because she finds him
attractive when she looks at him.


Finally, I want to end on one note:
If you don't put PRESSURE on yourself
to change, you are most likely NOT
going to change.

So, if you want to get good at attracting
women, and especially if you want to attract
a GREAT woman for a real relationship that
satisfies your love AND lust needs, you
MUST put pressure on yourself.

This is just one of the reasons my BOOTCAMP
is so important.  In BOOTCAMP, I will put
JUST the right amount of pressure on you.
I am not there to OVERWHELM your ability,
instead I am there to teach you and to also
PUSH YOU to what your REAL LIMIT really is.

Most people simply will NEVER push themselves
to their limit, it is human nature NOT to want
to work harder than we have to.

This is why throughout history, it has always
been NECESSITY that is the mother of GENIUS.
It was not VOLUNTARY INTEREST that was the
mother of genius.

When you take bootcamp with me, you will be
pushed to the point where you have no choice
but to GROW in skill.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks