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Why Women Aren't Attracted To 'INNOCENT' Guys - And What To About It

Getting past certain old beliefs is
one of the keys to attracting an
amazing woman, but for most men,
these beliefs are rooted so deep,
they NEVER get past them- and
never get the woman they want.

It took me many years (and many women
that slipped through my fingers!) to realize
just how FREAKY POWERFUL you can
become if you can just get PAST these old
beliefs about what is "good" behavior to a
woman and what is "bad".

Allow me to share with you a recent email
that will show you exactly what I mean:


Hi Michael Marks,

I don’t know what the hell I’m doing wrong
but it seems that when I’m out and about,
I make eye contact with a female and I’m
not looking too hard, just an innocent look,
and for some reason they shoot a “OMG why
the hell is he looking at me?”,or the “What
the hell you looking at?” look!

I know I’m not an ugly guy so what am I
doing wrong and what books or CD's you
have that deal with this subject matter?

>>>MY REPLY<<<

First of all, thanks for sharing your story
and being so up front.

Guess what?

You keep thinking, like most men, that
this should not happen because you
are giving a look that is so “INNOCENT”.

However, the REASON this is happening
is actually BECAUSE your look was so

“Say WHAT Michael??????”

Stay with me here, and let’s look at all
this from the perspective of a woman
who is attractive, and has a lot of choice,
and ALSO has high standards in terms
of personality:

Every single time she steps out into the
public eye, ANYWHERE, guys are giving
her “innocent” looks.

The thing is, these looks, although quite
normal and an instinctive reaction from
most guys, are not exactly as “innocent”
as they seem.

For one thing, 99% of these “innocent”
looks would all like to do some very
naughty things with her.

And that’s still all fine and good, except,

And so, it’s kind of being DISHONEST!

So WHY is it that 99% of men are
being this way that is less than honest?

It's because of FEAR that it’s “inappropriate”
to be so honest.

It's because of FEAR that if she knows that
we are thinking NAUGHTY thoughts, then
she’s gonna get upset or something and
we’re going to lose her approval.

On a subconscious level, she can SENSE
all this.

And this is all a massive DESTROYER of

Instead of being a turn ON, it’s a turn OFF.

Again, this is where guys get confused about
why some JERKS do well with women.

It’s not the JERKINESS part of him, it’s the

There is no reason on earth why any GOOD
guy cannot or should not do this.

And in fact, the good guys who know this,
are the guys who get the BEST women,
because they are giving the ultimate
combination that ignites ATTRACTION
in a woman.

Try it as an experiment to prove what
I’m saying:

Try going out and getting RID of the
INNOCENT look when checking out
and approaching a woman, vs. the
“innocent” look.

You can still have a warm smile and not
look so antiseptic, so innocent, so sterile
of masculinity. Or you can even not smile
at all.

You can look “NOT SO INNOCENT” because
in fact, you really want to be a little more
NAUGHTY, right?

It’s was pretty mind-blowing for me to first
discover all this, but from a “certain point of
view”, to quote Obi Wan Kenobi, this is
actually more TRUE, more HONEST, more
SEXUAL, more MASCULINE, and more
ATTRACTIVE, and it also shows more

And it’s a billion times more of a TURN-ON
for her!

It’s really a form of FEAR that makes us
act all “squeaky anti-septic clean” around
women, mixed with a brainwashing that
tells us it’s “polite” to be this non-sexual

And of course, FEAR is not attractive to
a woman, and not believing you have the
VALUE is also not attractive either, and
acting non-sexual is also BORING.

And what really makes my blood boil is
when virtually the ONLY GUYS that get
this and understand it intuitively and
apply it and get any results are the

If only the GOOD GUYS would understand
this and apply it, good guys would RULE.

This is why in real life there are so few

(If you remember the guy from the movie
"American Pie" who just wants to get into
women’s pants using ANY means, his name
was "Stiffler.")

Stiffler has ZERO GUILT about ANYTHING
he does to get into women’s pants, even
if he DOES have to lie, but BOND is so
EXPLODING with confidence and self-esteem
that he EXPECTS women to want to be with
the REAL him no matter what.

This is why the Stiffler’s of the world at least
get some SHORT-TERM results, but of course
they never get to KEEP a woman attracted.

It’s the BOND combination of DEPTH, WARMTH,
that keeps a woman craving a man LONG TERM.

Now obviously, I am only interested in women
who are single, so James Bond isn't the perfect
example, but his BEHAVIORS in terms of
confidence and intelligence as demonstrated
in the tonality and body language by Daniel Craig
here are extremely useful for learning purposes.

You'll find this in the clip included below, where with
just one LOOK, and just a FEW words, in the right
tonality, he is communicating the following:

1. That he is totally comfortable with being sexual.
2. That he is also being classy, and rather than try to put her
down, he goes right with it, giving her a compliment that
she can't help but take the right way.

Also, notice how by saying LESS, he also conveys
MORE power, and it's clear he isn't "trying hard".

This is his "INNER WARRIOR" manifesting itself
naturally in his EXTERNAL expression, tonality,
and behavior.

This drives a woman into OVERHEATING,
often to the point of temporarily LEAVING
because she feels so attracted that she is scared
of her own emotions since they are more intense
than she has ever felt for any other man before. 

Of course, these emotions are ADDICTIVE,
and after temporarily leaving to "catch her breath",
a woman will quickly return with even MORE
desire and passion.

Finally, in the clip, also notice how his intelligence gives
him the insight to understand her on a deeper level
than most men would ever achieve, and how he
doesn't get fazed by her initial defensiveness:

This type of power of PERCEPTION to really
be able to "read" a woman, to know her inside
out from even the most subtle things she is saying,
is a SKILL. 

This skill is really a combination of two skills:

1. The ability to extract far more meaning
from what a woman is saying than 99%
of what most men are able to get from
listening to her.

2. It's also about the ability to understand
what her words, no matter what they are,
actually imply about HERSELF - which
is another skill that most men will NEVER

Now, there’s yet ANOTHER level to all this:

When you act or look all “innocent”, you
are actually making a woman feel LESS

This is because since you are acting so
“innocent”, she knows the only way this
could ever lead to the sexual is through
HER having to make it all happen, and
that is simply NOT the role that 99% of
women prefer.

She wants YOU to be THE MAN, and HER
to be THE WOMAN.

In her mind, a desirable woman does not
have to plead with a man to act masculine,
and does not have to tell him to have
confidence, and does not have to help him
to approach her, and to create sexual vibes,
and to have to make up for the lack of his
comfort with being sexual by HER being
overtly sexual, unless SHE feels she is a
tramp or desperate for attention!

By being THE MAN, and a little less “innocent”
(and you know that this is really not a
bad thing, as I explained above) you allow
her to fall into the role of being “the woman”
and you into the role of being “the man”
who just “made it all happen” so she feels
it wasn’t like she was this desperate tramp.

Women are still socially programmed to
feel awkward about being the ones to
LEAD the show when it comes to the
whole sexual thing.

By you behaving more as THE MAN, she
can be more of THE WOMAN.

And there’s yet ANOTHER level to all this:

When a guy checks her out looking “all
innocent”, it’s telling her that he feels he
isn’t good enough, because if he KNEW
HE WAS THE “REAL DEAL”, then he wouldn’t
need to cover his tracks, cover up his desire
to flirt, cover up his masculinity, etc.

So why on earth would a woman want
to get involved with a man who HIMSELF
thinks he’s not good enough? How is
SHE supposed to feel about him if
HE doesn’t feel he has value himself?

Notice how so much of this problem is
INTERNAL, it’s all part of the “inner game”.

In fact, even things like wearing COOL
CLOTHING and accessories, the reasons
they can help your success with women
are more to do with the MESSAGES being
sent to your mind and to hers about how
the clothing actually having such a great

For example, you might even be in
a store that has COOL clothing, but
you figure it’s not for you, because
you aren’t COOL ENOUGH to wear
that kind of clothing.

This, by the way, is one way that SEPARATES
different groups in society- the people who
feel COOL about themselves and the people
who DON’T.

And the irony is that it’s this self-fulfilling
prophecy, because if you haven’t ever been
wearing cool stuff, you start to feel that you
are not ALLOWED to, as if you simply don’t
have the RIGHT to be a cool guy.

So it’s not only the way it makes you LOOK,
it’s the MESSAGE you are giving off to yourself
and to women that says whether you do NOT
or whether you DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE

When you give yourself PERMISSION
to be THE MAN, the world of women
opens up at your feet.

Until then, the doors remain SHUT.

Try it- try going to the mall, to the
coolest clothing stores, and notice
how it even FEELS when you try on
clothing and accessories that are
“cooler” than you think is really

Your mind will say “this is not my thing.”

That is your MIND playing games on you.

WEAR it long enough, and you start to
think DIFFERENTLY of yourself

It’s not so much the clothes, it’s what the
clothes did to your MIND.

Ultimately, it’s all in the power of your MIND,
from being able to understand women's behavior
on the deepest level, to exuding infinite charisma,
these are the skills WITHIN.

It's your INTERNAL world that is calling the shots
 in the OUTER WORLD as well.

The VIBES that you are feeling inside of
yourself are actually being sent out in
your expressions, your voice tonality,
and in every subtlety of your mannerisms,
and because emotions and vibes are CATCHY,
she will feel the SAME emotions that YOU
feel, IF YOU feel them strong enough yourself.

If YOU throw her these vibes that are sexual
and playful and fun, these same emotions come
BACK to you from her, just like a BOOMERANG.

SHE WILL FALL INTO the SAME emotional frame
as well, if you do this right.

However, if you feel nervous and unsure,
she will then feel THAT way, and she
will quickly become nervous and just
want to get away as quick as she can.

What you want to do is give off the right vibes
of flirtatiousness, sexuality, masculinity,
and genuine connection. And if you would like
to learn the best way to do this so that women
MELT for you, I suggest you download my program,
"The Boomerang Effect", immediately.

This program works on women on a very PRIMAL
and sexual level that they can't control, and it works
in a way that women FANTASIZE about, because
it is so rare for women to meet men who can have
this intoxicating effect on them.

This important program is at:

How To Sexually Vibe And Attract Women To Turn Them From Strangers Into Girlfriends

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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