Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Warrior Within You

For many years, since even before
Neil Strauss published "The Game",
I was out there explaining that if
you are looking for a QUALITY woman,
for a great relationship, all the
stereotypical dating guru and
pick up artist advice will only

I explained that you must take a
very DIFFERENT approach with an
amazing woman who is beautiful
inside and out.

As you may already know, it turns
out that now they are forced to
admit that everything they taught
was WRONG, and that in fact what
I said was RIGHT. It took YEARS
for the full damage of their
"advice" to become evident.

In the form of THOUSANDS of men who
ended up with break-ups, finding
out that the women cheated on them,
etc, etc.

The pain of this is a million times
WORSE in the cases where men had
actually met QUALITY women but
caused them to LEAVE as a result
of those tactics.

Let's go to the FLIP side of all that:
A woman that would NEVER cheat.
A woman that you could TRUST.
A woman that is gorgeous.
A woman that is intelligent.
A woman that is warm and fun.

Do you think a woman like that
wants a PLAYER?????????????

There’s a saying that “a good man is
hard to find” and there’s a reason
that saying has become part of our
everyday language.

It’s because the very BEST women have already
had countless guys try just about every “game”
in the book to get them, making these women
very experienced at detecting the WRONG men.

When it comes to attracting the most amazing
women, the ones who are beautiful inside AND out,
and who are loyal, warm, intelligent, and full
of life, it’s a completely different UNIVERSE
than just attracting any woman.

It requires a crucial INTERNAL shift in your
ENTIRE outlook on attraction, and it requires
a critical set of skills and advanced insights to
MAKE this shift.

Everything I've ever taught you now goes
to the NEXT level in your success with
the most amazing women, and it's all here:

If you're looking for the kind of woman who
is incredibly beautiful on the inside AND on the
outside, and who would also be a fantastic
girlfriend for a great long-term relationship,
then it's of paramount important to realize
one thing:

Standard dating advice out there only makes you
seem like yet ANOTHER insecure “player” trying
to impress her with his “too cool for school” act,
and who arrogantly thinks he is going to “score”
with her.

So that immediately causes her to engage in
what I like to call “AUTO-SHUTDOWN” where
her attraction switches are now OFF and it’s
just a matter of how quickly she can smoothly
eject out of there.

And not only must a man immediately stand out
from the pack, but he must actually be able to
CONTINUE to show superior inner strength as
a part of his identity, if he wants to actually
KEEP such a woman.

The good news is that there is a WAY of
actually BECOMING this kind of man, so
that you don’t have to put on an ACT, ever.

And what’s even BETTER is that a lot of
this internal SHIFT comes from unleashing
your core self that is ALREADY deep within
you, and has been SCREAMING for years to
be FREE so it can revel in its own power, if
you could just learn the combination to
unlocking it.

You’ve probably heard me mention my new
program, Warrior Within, before. It’s my
most POWERFUL program, by far, EVER.

It's also my first-ever program on DVD,
because I wanted to ensure that you get
the feeling of actually BEING at the
program, and FILMING it was the only
way to do that.

It’s taken YEARS to create, organize, and
complete, and it’s finally READY.

This program is about learning to harness
the power that is already IN you, that is
your REAL identity that you have been
REPRESSING, and allowing it to TAKE
and where it will not only attract the
most amazing women, but will also
do it with EASE.

It's the NEXT LEVEL.

But the only way for you to see for yourself,
is to TRY IT OUT.

And the great news is that you can try it now at
my risk. Try it now for 30 days.

If for some wacky reason it doesn't change your
LIFE (though I’m certain it will), just send it
back and I’ll refund everything you paid.

No worries, and no hard feelings.

There’s zero risk to you.

As you already know, an amazing woman who is
a “10” inside and out, makes your entire LIFE
more fulfilling. So claim your set of
Warrior Within IMMEDIATELY at:


Michael Marks

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